02/12/2000 16/12/2000 Steve Circle Of Death 1
02/12/2002 20/12/2002 PaulW Circle Of Death 2

Circle Of Death 1


04/12/2000 Blue Kills Yellow
Mr Yellow died peacefully in his sleep last night after a slow acting poison was introduced into his system by Mr Blue.
Points: Blue, 20 for the kill and +5 for an inventive form of attack, removing the concerns about witnesses.
05/12/2000 Green Kills Ultra-Viole(n)t
Mr Ultra-viole(n)t was inhumed yesterday evening by multiple gunshot wounds to the head, delivered by Mr Green. His last words, amazingly gasped out despite all evidence that he should have been stone dead, were: "You could at least have killed me in an interesting way!"
Points: Green, 20 for the kill.
07/12/2000 Brown Kills Blue
Mr Blue was killed this morning by Mr Brown, who applied a hatchet at high velocity to the back of his head. Early Police reports .....suggest that there was a ritual element to this kill. Our investigators have managed to discover that Mr Blue was crucified to his front door, with PAX written in his own blood on the wall above his head and his body heavily mutilated by multiple axe wounds. The assassins bureau will turn a blind eye to such behaviour as long as it doesn't interfere with the individuals work.
Points: Brown, 20 for the kill.
07/12/2000 Brown Kills Red
Mr was found dead in one of the university car parks yesterday evening. His body was crucified to the ground and severally sliced, his head had been hacked off and the word PAX written in blood on a stop sign at the top of his body. The police have ruled out natural causes and the assassins bureau is attributing this to Mr Brown. Points: Bown, 20 for the kill and +5 for Exceptional Deception used in a Kill.
07/12/2000 Pink Kills Pink
Mr Pink committed suicide yesterday, dying by a single gunshot wound to the head.
10/12/2000 Aquamarine Kills Brown
Mr Brown was shot yesterday in the JCR by Mr Aquamarine. As a result a heart monitor rigged bomb in Mr Browns bag detonated, destroying the JCR and all it's occupants. The assassins bureau approves of counter-assassination but feels this was excessive and brutal towards bystanders. Consequently, Mr Brown merely has the satisfaction of slaying his assassin. Also, any future use of such a large device will be punished by minus points, depending on surrounding casualties.
Points: Aquamarine, 20 for the kill.
12/12/2000 Purple Kills Green
Mr Green was shot on tuesday night by Mr Purple.
Points: Purple, 20 for the kill and 40 for sole survivor.


Purple (Greg Page)60
Brown (Ludwig Kayser)45
Blue (Marcus Olliver)25
Aquamarine (Phil Waring)20
Green (Alex Towers)20
Red (Warren Jones)0
Ultra-Viole(n)t (Marc Davies)0
Pink (?)0
Yellow (James Adamson)0

Circle Of Death 2


02/12/2002 Violet Kills Orange
Mr Orange departed this life at about 11.15PM today, Monday 2nd December, with the assistance of a toxin introduced to his system by Mr Violet. There were witnesses to Mr Orange's demise, but nothing to link his departure to Mr Violet.
03/12/2002 Pink Kills Cobalt-Blue
Mr Cobalt-Blue died today, Tuesday 3rd December from a poison dart administered by Mr Pink. Mr Pink's report follows:
Mr Pink has assasinated Mr Cobalt-Blue. Mr Cobalt-Blue opened his door, said, "Hello! How are you? Oh bollocks." and died from a tiny dart in the neck. Official press report follows:
At lunchtime today, the cleaners discovered a neatly arranged corpse surrounded by flowers in a darkened room at the top of *address removed*. The cause of death appeared to be heart attack, but the suspicious circumstances of the death suggest otherwise. There were no witnesses.
04/12/2002 Black Kills Aquamarine
Mr Aquamarine left this valley of tears at 2.00PM today, December 4th, with the aid of a contact poison provided by Mr Black. Mr Black's report follows:
Hi, Mr Aquamarine died at 2 o'clock on 4 East 2.59 by chococolate inhalation. He ate a piece of twix covered in contact poison, he smiled and died, there were no witnesses at all. Prior to use of the poison, I took the antidote so wouldn't kil myself when applying it to the chocolate.
05/12/2002 Pink Kills Green
Mr Pink reports this on the unfortunate demise of Mr Green today, Thursday 5th December:

Es brillig war. Die schlichten Toven
wirrten und wimmelten im Waben;
und aller-mümsige Burggoven
der Herr Grün ermordet ist.

Bewahre doch vor Herr Rosa!
der Herr Rosa, der einschnürt! Krallen kratzen!
bewahr' vor Jubjub Vogel, vor
frumiösen Banderschnätzchen.
05/12/2002 Violet Kills Yellow
Mr Yellow discovered that human life is a fragile thing today, with the assisstance of Mr Violet. Mr Yellow left his house to go to work at 6:40AM today (Thursday 5th December). He had barely walked 50 yards when he was startled by the words "Good day, Mr Yellow" coming from a dark side ally. Shortly afterwards a muffled gunshot freed him from his miserable existence.
Mr Violet proceeded to arrange the client's body to look as though Yellow had been attacked and shot by a gang. The general paranoia in the Walcot street area is expected to rise. There were no witnesses to Yellow's sudden and precipitated departure from this plane of existence.
05/12/2002 Violet Kills Purple
Mr Purple died with the aid of Mr Violet today, December 5th. Press report follows:
The residents of one flat in Bath returned home from their business today to find the body of one Mr Purple lying sprawled on the floor of their Kitchen. In his cold lifeless fingers lay a letter wishing him a plesant afterlife, signed by V. It was later found to contain a considerable amount of contact poison. The flat was empty, so there were no witnesses.
May I take this opportunity to remind you of the use of caution - 'A man who is tired of checking for poison in his shaving-soap is tired of life'.
06/12/2002 Silver Kills Silver
Mr Silver committed suicide today (December 6th). Taking a pistol to his forehead, he left the world. Early indications point to paranoia and suicide.
09/12/2002 Red Kills Cyan
Mr Red dispatched Mr Cyan today. I really can not encouragge the lack of refinement, but Mr Red's methods were certainly effective. Mr Red writes:
In a terrifying attack, a masked Mr Red shot Mr Cyan at close range at 14:50 hours, 09/12/02. There were three witnesses to the attack, who saw only a masked figure shoot Mr Cyan and leave the room as silently as he entered.
10/12/2002 Pink Kills Red;Pink Kills Bystander
Goodday gentlemen, I regret that it took so long for this to be passed on to you, and regret more the messages I have not replied to as rapidly as might be desired.
Mister Pink Killed Mr Red two days ago, on Tuesday December 10th. Sir, I respectfully submit my report:
According to the Instructions which I had Received, I Proceeded on the evening of the 10th of December in the Year of our Lord 1874 to the Address. I had Prepared for I knew not what Eventualities might Befall. It was a Cold night and I was Afraid for my hands would be Stiff.
On Arriving at the Address, I Rang the Bell but the Person who answered did not match the picture with which I had previously Prepared myself. I Asked to Deliver my Package to Mr Red by the Name which I had Previously Discovered through Careful Study.
I heard then a certain Commotion inside from which I understand the Arrival of Mr Red, the Handing Over of the Package, the Discussion as to the Trustworthiness of the Package, the Handing Back of the Package, and eventually the accomplice Left the House to Open the Package in Safety.
The Accomplice put a Hand into the Package and was was then Bitten by the Poisonous Spider inside the Package and Died.
Having Ascertained by my Careful Study that the Address was home to only Two Residents, I knew myself to be free to Enter the Address past the Corpse and Shoot Mr Red using a Poison Dart. Mr Red then Died.
Sir, I Submit my Report this 10th of December. I Apologise Humbly for the Unfortunate Death of the Accomplice, but I Respectfully Submit in my Defence that the Accomplice knew the Risks of opening a Suspect Package at the Beginning.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Pink.
12/12/2002 Mr Indigo Open-Listed
Good day gentlemen, Mr Violet reports that an attempt was made on his life earlier today which had the most severe side effects.
It appears that Mr Indigo, in an attempt to prevent Mr Violet from avoiding contact poison has smeared the envelope liberally with the stuff. The trail of dead postal workers and Mr Violet's household staff that this envelope has left in its wake is the very anthisys of discrete. To show my most extreme displeasure in this lack of consideration for the daily lives of people who were not your client, I have added Mr Indigo to your client lists, Mr Indigo is also known as Demelza Tuxford.
Mr Wady.
20/12/2002 Violet Kills Violet
The stress of packing got to Mr Violet earlier today, and he terminated his sorry existance by mistakenly eating what turned out to be his food poison. Silly bugger.
Mr Wady.
20/12/2002 Crimson Kills Golden-Brown
Mr. Wady, At 6:30PM today (Friday 20th of December) I successfully assassinated my target (Mr Golden-Brown). Mr Golden-Brown was busily packing away his abode today, when I entered the room, producing a 5 inch bladed knife. "Merry Christmas" were the last words Mr Golden-Brown heard before his untimely death. The target was swiftly dispatched by a knife wound from the neck to the left shoulder. Although the method wasnt elegant or original, it was certainly effective.
Merry Christmas Mr. Wady, I hope that this shall continue, and I'm looking forward to my next target.
Sincerely Mr. Crimson


Despite Mr Violet having more kills, Mr Pink is declared winner of an otherwise lackluture game.
Enforcers: Mr White (Alex Towers), Mr Grey (Adrian Cooper) & Mr Blue-Black (Ryan Ladd).

Pink (Ben Mankin)
Violet (Milena Popova)
Green (Elizabeth Gould)
Cobalt-Blue (John Andrew Burt)
Orange (Rae Hall)
Yellow (Ailsa Bown)
Black (Dominic DeCesare)
Aquamarine (Luke Gimblett)
Purple (David Bell)
Silver (David Heath)
Red (Claire Reece)
Cyan (Peter Bowley)
Indigo (Demelza Tuxford)
Crimson (James Smith)
Golden-Brown (Adam Parsons)
Blue (Rupert Jabelman)
Magenta (Shaun Gibson)