Armour Skills

Armour skills and superior armour do stack. e.g. If you are just in furs (AC1), the max you can have is Specialisation, bringing you to AC2. If you have superior furs (AC2), the max you can have is Expertise, bringing you to AC4.

Before you can buy Combination, you must have Expertise in both armour types. Note, you can buy expertise for furs etc. in order to combine them, but the furs will still count as having only Specialisation (AC2).

Before you can buy Enhanced Combination, you must have Mastery in both armour types and you MUST learn Enhanced Combination for a specific armour combination (unlike Combination).

You can combine two layers of the same type of armour, i.e furs combined with furs or leather combined with leather. Hence the best armour possible is plate combined with plate.
You CANNOT combine more than 2 layers!

Dexterity penalty for armour only affects the base armour (including any bonus from it being superior). Buying Specialisation, Expertise etc. does not increase the dexterity penalty.

Bind Wounds

Bind Wounds cannot be used to stop damage from a throat slit.


Dexterity skills are always effective as long as the character is aware of the attack. It doesn't matter if the player is being struck repeatedly with a dagger in the real world, in the game world all of those blows may be missing completely or barely scratching him.
Dexterity reduces the damage from an attack if you are aware of the attack. A character with his back turned cannot use his Dexterity and this is where All Round Sight becomes useful. In particular, it is not sufficient to be aware of being attacked, the character must be aware of the individual attacks.
Now, by the letter of the rules, this should mean that Dexterity doesn't work when its dark. However, we give the players some leeway here as otherwise we end up with arguments about how dark it needs to be before you can't see a sword.
So basically, if you are attacked from behind your Dexterity doesn't count. Other times when Dexterity doesn't count is left to player honesty.

Enhance Life

When buying life, always round UP body fractions. For example:
30 life = 10 body on arms/legs/head and 20 body on chest.
31 life = 11 body on arms/legs/head and 21 body on chest.
32 life = 11 body on arms/legs/head and 22 body on chest.
33 life = 11 body on arms/legs/head and 22 body on chest.

Life damage is limited to the point where the location is destroyed (severed/crushed).
e.g. An uninjured un-armoured mage has 27 life (9 body points on each limb). He is hit for Sharp 25 on the arm. This takes the arm to -10 and does 19 points of life damage.

If a blow hits a real-life location that has been destroyed in-game it's really down to the player being hit to "play fair" and take the blow on his Body if he believes it would have struck there and NOT just ignore the hit.

Manufacturing Skills

Make Leather Armour can also be used to make fur armour (and hence Make Superior Leather Armour can also be used to make superior fur armour).
Make Metal Armour can be used to make shields (and hence Make Superior Metal Armour can be used to make superior shields).

The time taken to create normal weapons is equal to the weapon's maximum damage in man-days. This is doubled for superior weapons. Thus a normal sword will take 4 man-days to make and a superior sword will take 10 man-days to make. A normal bastard sword will take the same as a normal 2H sword i.e. 7 man-days.

The time taken to create normal armour is equal to the armour points in man-weeks per location. This is doubled for superior armour. Thus normal plate mail will take 6 man-weeks per location to make and superior plate mail will take 14 man-weeks per location to make.

Set Broken Bone

1. You have a broken limb. You fall to the ground in pain and can't move, fight or cast.
2. You have a broken head/chest. You are unconcious.

3. You have a broken limb, which is set with the skill Set Broken Bone (but no 20 healing).
4. You have a broken head/chest, which is set with the skill Set Broken Bone (but no 20 healing).
In these cases, the character's location is still broken but strapped up enough to remove the extreme pain (nagging ache only). The character can only perform 'light' activity such as moving slowly, carrying light objects, etc. In particular, he cannot fight, cast spells, move faster than a walk (and if the leg is broken he'll have a limp).
If the character does more than light activity, the setting is undone.

5. You have a broken limb, and given healing (if possible) to take it above 0.
6. You have a broken head/chest, and given healing (if possible) to take it above 0.
In these cases, the healing is enough to remove the extreme pain (nagging ache only). However, the location is still broken and floppy, using the location is impossible. If the head or chest, the character remains unconcious.

7. You have a broken limb, which is set with the skill Set Broken Bone and given healing (if possible) to take it above 0, but not heal the bone.
8. You have a broken head/chest, which is set with the skill Set Broken Bone and given healing (if possible) to take it above 0, but not heal the bone.
As 3/4 above. The healing won't have any extra effect, except to stop the location being chopped off if hit again.

Throat Slit

A throat slit does not take place if you are just bruised by the attack (though you still take the bruising damage).
A throat slit does not take place from power damage (though you still take the power damage to the head).
No Undead (Skeletons, Zombies, Shadows, Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, Death Knights, Lichs) can be throat slit.

Weapon Skills

Pathfinders - Get for a specific 1H or throwing weapon - Weapon Prof...Advanced Mastery at 1/2 cost.
Wardens - Get for a specific 1H, 2H, throwing or missile weapon - Weapon Prof...Advanced Mastery at 1/2 cost.
Archers - Get for a missile weapon skill - Weapon Prof ...Legendary Mastery, Disarm Prof ...Disarm Mastery, Subdue Prof ...Subdue Mastery and Knockback, Piercing, Swift, Through etc. all at 1/2 cost.
Temple of Might - Get for all 1H, 2H, throwing & missile weapon skills - Weapon Prof ...Legendary Mastery, Knockback at 2/3 cost.
Gladiators - Get for all 1H & 2H weapon skills - Weapon Prof ...Legendary Mastery, Disarm Prof ...Disarm Mastery, Subdue Prof ...Subdue Mastery and Knockback, Piercing, Swift, Through etc. all at 1/2 cost.
Bladesingers - Get for either 1H or 2H weapon skills - Weapon Prof ...Legendary Mastery, Disarm Prof ...Disarm Mastery, Subdue Prof ...Subdue Mastery and Knockback, Piercing, Swift, Through etc. all at 1/2 cost.

Throwing Proficiency...Advanced Mastery MUST be taken for a specific weapon e.g. dagger, axe, rock etc.
Strength can be used with thrown weapons in exactly the same way as for melee weapons.

The following can be added to Subdue damage:
Strength - Yes, but it is halved.
Weapon Quality (e.g. superior, masterwork etc.) - Yes.
Normal damage weapon enhancing spells/miracles (e.g. Strengthen/Blade Sharp) - Yes.
Favoured/Chosen Weapon - Yes.
Other Advanced Skills (e.g. Swift, Piercing, Undodgeable, Through & Truestrike) - Yes, but you must buy the skill seperately (e.g. Swift - Sword - Subdue, instead of just Swift - Sword).

Advanced Weapon Skills

Truestrike ignores the following:
A necromancers 'Immunity to Normal Damage' spell - Yes.
An undeads 'Immunity to Normal Damage' power - Yes.
An undeads 'Incorporeal' power - Yes.
A skeletons 'Immune to Sharp Weapons' - Yes.
An earth mages 'Metal Immunity' spell - Yes.
An earth mages 'Endurance' spell - No.
A light mages 'Mirror Image' spell - No.
A tree druids 'Wood Immunity' miracle - Yes.
A weather druids 'Cloud Form' miracle - Yes.

Favoured/Chosen Weapon does not allow you to add extra damage from weapon enhancing spells/miracles (e.g. if you have a sword doing base damage 4, Favoured Weapon allows you to do base damage 5, the most you can cast on it is still a Strengthen 4/ Blade Sharp 4).
Also you must specify the style as well as the weapon when choosing this skill e.g. for Uklors Revenge an Axe/Mace weapon, you must state Chosen Weapon - Uklors Revenge - Mace. Or for Lightblighter a bastard sword, you must state Chosen Weapon - Lightblighter - 2H (Note you can still only buy this skill ONCE, so cannot have it for both Axe & Maxe or 1H & 2H).

Monster/Character Points

Changing Class

Each change counts as a +1 cost increase, even if you do several changes at once.
e.g. Changing from Mage to Warrior (+1 cost), waiting for 100 CPs, changing School (+1 cost, +2 total), waiting for 100 CPs, changing Path (+1 cost, +3 total). Is the same as changing straight from Mage (Water/Life) to Warrior (Earth/Order) (+3 cost).

Half Cost Skills

When buying half cost skills, always round DOWN, so if your buying a skill which normally costs 3 CPs, at half cost, you buy it at 1 CP (a skill that normally costs 1 CP, still costs 1 CP at half cost!), even if buying several skills at once.
E.g. A human scout buys Recognise Creature 1 (3 CPs) and Recognise Smell 1 (3 CPs) for a total of 6 CPs. If he was a member of the Pathfinders he would get both of these skills at half cost and hence only spend a total of 2 CPs!

Monster Points

Spending Monster Points (MP) in order to gain Character Points (CP) is done at the following conversion ratios:
Character RankConversion Ratio
2.1 - 10 1 MP = 1 CP
10.1 - 20 2 MP = 1 CP
20.1 - 30 3 MP = 1 CP
30.1 - 40 4 MP = 1 CP
40.1 - 50 5 MP = 1 CP
50.1 - 60 6 MP = 1 CP
60.1 - 70 7 MP = 1 CP
70.1 - 80 8 MP = 1 CP
80.1 - 90 9 MP = 1 CP
90.1 - 10010 MP = 1 CP
With the proviso that you cannot spend more than 30 MPs on a character between games.
Generally you will be allowed to start a new character between rank 2 and rank 10 (spending MPs as appropriate).


You CANNOT multiclass the same classes e.g. you cannot multiclass Mage (Fire) with Mage (Earth)!


When calculating the costs for Enhance Life, Enhance Mana & Improve Standing add the +1 threshold cost before applying any guild benefits.
e.g. Enhance Mana usually costs 3 points for a human priest. A Temple of Freedom priest chooses to buy it at half cost. So when they buy their first 60 Mana it costs 1 point (3 halved, rounded down). Next 60 costs 2 (4 halved, rounded down). Next 60 costs 2 (5 halved, rounded down).

Magic & Religion

Learning Spells/Miracles

Before you can learn a new spell/miracle you MUST have learnt all lower level versions of it (i.e. in order to learn Fire Dart 4, you must have already learnt Fire Dart 2).

In order to learn spells/miracles you need to be of at least the following rank:
Character RankSpell/Miracle Level (instant cast)Spell/Miracle Level (ritual)
You have to have already spent your CPs to take you up to these ranks as well, so for example you can only request a level 5 spell/miracle if you have already spent at least 150 CPs on other skills for that character. So, if a level 5 spell costs you 12 CPs, then you must be at least rank 16.2 before you can actually cast a level 5 spell.

Also for high-level spells/miracles (level 5 or greater):
- For instant casts you must request the individual spell/miracle from the character ref.
- For rituals you must request the ritual level from the character ref.
(you may/may not be given it, dependant upon your characters status/attitude etc.)

Guild aligned characters can only learn high-level spells/miracles that they are allowed to in their 'Advanced Training' section, they will be taught these by their guild (N.B. you must still ask permission from the character ref to learn these).
Non guild aligned characters can learn any high-level spells/miracles that their school/path allows, but the process isn't quite as easy. They must find a PC/NPC willing to teach it to them OR research it via rituals, using the standard rules for creating a new ritual and refining it into an instant cast if this is desired (N.B. you must still ask permission from the character ref to teach another PC a spell/miracle as your Guild has to give permission for you to teach it, else you may be ejected from your Guild otherwise).

Advanced Magic/Religious Skills

If a spell exists already, then you don't have to learn the enhanced version (e.g. to learn Entangle(R) extended to 40', you just need to know Entangle(R), you don't have to learn Entangle(T) extended to range).

Beneficial Spells/Miracles

You have to be willing to have a beneficial spell/miracle cast on you. However, if you can't actively resist a beneficial spell/miracle, then it can always be cast on you. So, in the case of a corpse, which can't actively resist due to being dead, you could put say a Spell Immunity 'Bless' on it or an unconcious body cannot resist healing etc.

Casting Down Spells/Miracles

You can cast down a spell to increase its duration. For example:
- You CAN cast a Harden 3 (lvl3) as a Harden 2 (lvl2) for 1 hour or a Harden 1 (lvl1) for 4 hours.
- You CAN cast a Triple Strength (lvl6) as a Double Strength (lvl4) for 1 hour or a Strength (lvl2) for 4 hours.
- You CAN cast a Fear 4 (lvl7) as a Fear 3 (lvl5) for 1 hour or a Fear 2 (lvl3) for 4 hours.
- You CAN cast a Mass Fear 4 (lvl10) as a Mass Fear 3 (lvl8) for 1 hour or a Mass Fear 2 (lvl6) for 4 hours.
- You CANNOT cast a Fear 4 (lvl7) as a Mass Fear 2 (lvl6) for 1 hour!
- You CAN cast a Triple Grip [T] (lvl5) as a Double Grip [T] (lvl3) for 1 hour or a Grip [T] (lvl1) for 4 hours.
- You CANNOT cast a Double Grip [T] (lvl3) as a Grip [R] (lvl2) for 1 hour!

Mass Spells/Miracles

Currently beneficial Mass effects can be targeted, offensive ones CANNOT.
e.g. Mass Heal Life 4 can be targeted just on allies, but Mass Drain Life 4 will hit everyone in the area.


Your Mana/Standing returns to its maximum level, minus any required to cast any spells/miracles that are still in effect.
So, if a character has 50 mana, and casts an Ice Blade 4 as an Ice Blade 2 for 4 hours, requiring 5 mana, his current maximum will be 45. The character can decide to cancel the Ice Blade before meditating, but if he doesn't then he will only return to his current maximum of 45.
Extension/Extend count as still being in effect if the spell they extended is still in effect. So, if instead the character casts Ice Blade 2 (3 mana) and Extension 3 (4 mana), his maximum Mana will be 43 until the spells either run out, is cancelled or dispelled.
If you cast Cure Disease 5 as Disease Resistance 1, then it counts as still being in effect for the whole 24 hours and the character will not recover the standing for it.


Multicast is a method for simultaneously casting two separate spells. So, though you're effectively performing one casting, you are actually casting both spells. This means that:
- The number of vocals is equal to the sum of the 2 spells in the multicast.
- The life damage from each is counted separately against your talisman.

Multiple Spells/Miracles

You can have multiple castings of the same spell running on the same target, as long as they are of a different level. e.g. You cast Ice Blade 3, as an Ice Blade 2 for an hour on your sword, doing Ice 2's. If after 20 minutes you realise you need to be doing more damage briefly, you can cast an Ice Blade 3 on the sword, doing Ice 3's for 15 minutes. After that it will revert back to doing Ice 2's for the next 25 minutes. Note that if the Ice Blade 3 is dispelled, the sword will not be doing any Ice damage for the next 15 minutes. Also if you try to cast a Fire Blade on it (irrespective of its level) or another Ice Blade 2, the spell will bounce (though the Mana is sill used).


When creating rituals you only have to specify the number of sacrifices, not their identities. However, sacrifices can only be used to absorb casting damage, they CANNOT contribute Mana or Standing to the ritual.

Work with Cabal/Conclave limits Magic/Ceremony Ritual skill when working with others. For example:
Character A has General Ritual 8. Character A learns Join Cabal General Tower and Work with Cabal 2 and is met by Character B who also has Join Cabal General Tower but no Ritual Magic.
- The highest level of ritual that Character A can cast on his own is 8.
- The highest level of ritual that Character A + Character B can cast is the sum of their Work with Cabal skills, which is 2 + 0 = 2. This ritual must be specifically created for Character A and Character B to perform. Though Character B doesn't add any skill to the ritual, he can still provide Mana and also take damage.

Rituals DO cost Mana!


Basically the simple rule of thumb is that you can only learn runes for the school/path/sect that you can cast from (e.g. a Pyromancer can learn Fire, Earth, Air, Light & General runes, but not Water, unless he was a member of the Circle). Priests are slightly different in that they can learn runes of the paths closest to their own, but not diagonally related (e.g. A priest of Order, can learn Justice, Balance and Might runes.
The major exception to this are people belonging to the Temple of Freedom, who can learn any runes, providing they can find appropriate reference material to learn the runes from or someone to teach them.

For mages/druids, any low level (up to 4) spell/miracle can be written in general druidic/magic runes or its specific school/sect runes. But any high level spell must be written in its corresponding school/sect runes.
For priests, any miracle must be written in the casters path runes.
e.g. A Justice priest would write the Bless miracle in Justice runes.
A Life priest would write the Bless miracle in Life runes.


Generally you can take schools in any order you wish, but after taking an elemental list, you automatically take its two nearest elements as your following schools and can never learn its opposite (unless you are a member of the Circle).
e.g. a Pyromancer takes Fire +0, Air +1 & Earth +1, Light +2
He cannot take Fire +0, Light +1, Air +2 & Earth +2!
He also cannot take Fire +0, Air +1 & Earth +1, Water +2! ...unless he was a member of the Circle.
e.g. a Wizard takes General +0, Light +1, Earth +2, Fire +3 & Water +3
e.g. a Photomancer takes Light +0, Earth +1, Fire +2 & Water +2, General +3


If you sleep for at least 4 hours, you will recover all of your mana/standing. You will also recover all life and body points (for all locations 'present').

Talismans & Holy Symbols

Talismans & Holy Symbols start at level 1.

You can improve an existing Talisman/Holy Symbol when you learn the next level of Create Talisman/Create Holy Symbol, you don't have to create a brand new one. You only loose a Death Threshold when you create your 3rd new Talisman/Holy Symbol e.g. if your one had been lost/stolen etc.

Talismans & Holy Symbols cannot be used by other people.

Touch Spells/Miracles

Touch spells/miracles require that the target be touched within 30 seconds or the effect is lost. If another spell/miracle is cast before the touch spell/miracle has been released then the touch spell/miracle is lost (this includes using items).

If you do a normal attack whilst also releasing a Touch spell/miracle then that spell/miracle CAN be dodged.
e.g. If you have Claw Hands 4 running and cast Rust(T). Then you can either just call 'Rust' (this is analogous to casting the Rust without having Claw Hands) or you can call 'Claw 4 Rust', but if the Claw 4 is dodged, the Rust is also dodged.

Spells & Miracles

Type Blade & Unholy Strike

Ice/Flame/Chaos Blade etc. effects the 'hurting' part of the weapon.
E.g. a Flame Blade on a sword covers the blade and not the hilt.
E.g. a Flame Blade on a spear covers both the spearhead and the blunt end, but not the bit in the middle (and so the blunt end does get destroyed when the spell ends).
E.g. a Flame Blade on a mace does not effect the shaft, only the macehead.
N.B. Even the parts of the weapon that don't have obvious fire/ice/unholy etc. on them are still protected!
Despite the name of the spell, all Blade spells/miracles can be cast on any type of weapon.
Ice/Flame/Chaos Blade etc. cannot be cast on shields.
Ice/Flame/Chaos Blade etc. cannot be used on claws.
Chaos Blade does not protect a weapon! (N.B. If a weapon with a Chaos Blade on is destroyed, and the weapon is subsequently mended, the Chaos Blade will still be on it, if it hasn't run out).

Path Dispel

The Dispel miracles also dispel miracles from adjacent paths (e.g. Dispel Chaos will dispel Chaos, Anarchy, Freedom & Balance miracles).

School Form

These have the requirements of "The total levels of all their spells minus the total levels of all spells from other Schools must exceed 100."
This doesn't work with rituals. The idea of the Form spells is that the caster is so steeped in the essence of Fire/Air/..., that it permeates his body to a certain degree. Rituals distance a character from the elements so that this does not happen and thus the caster cannot cast the Form spells.


Bless cannot be cast on shields or other items.

Claw Hand

Once 'on', you cannot turn Claw Hand 'off' without cancelling the spell.
You cannot do Throat Slit with claws.


You must learn Suggestion 2 before you can learn Charm 1 etc.

Cloud Form

While in Cloud Form, you:
- CAN speak at a whisper.
- CAN use Eye Of the Storm to gain normal & power protection (which stacks) and can do power damage with hand attacks.
- CAN be touched and touch anyone (but not do any normal damage) and hence can use 'touch' miracles.
- CAN be healed (and use Tree Heal).


Darksight can see through Invisibility and Mirror Image.

Death Resistance

Death Resistance does not allow you to pass through a Life Ward.


Demoralise does decrease magical/miraculous Dexterity enhancements.

Detect Undead

Both the Life & Death versions of this miracle have a range of 20'.


The Dexterity miracle/spell enhances your natural dexterity, so if you're not moving it doesn't work. i.e. if your paralysed or frozen, it will not help.
Also the Dexterity miracle/spell does not grant you All Round Sight!, this must be bought seperately.
But Dexterity is great in that it is not considered an armouring miracle, in that it does stack with physical armour and spells/miracles like Harden and Iron Skin, but you must take into account the dexterity penalty, which may not actually make the dexterity gained useful.

Discern Chaos

Demons (assuming they are based on Chaos) will also glow.

Discern Death

Undead will also glow.

Drain Life

This cannot take you below 0 life.

Elemental Protection

Elemental Protection obeys all the normal rules for "Armouring Spells and Miracles". That is, only the best protection is counted for any attack. So, "Elemental Protection - Metal" doesn't stack with armour.


Endurance does absorb casting damage.
The Warlock list version of Endurance is slightly better than the Earth list version.

Enervate/Permanent Enervate

This can be cured by casting Revive or (Dispel 6 - Enervate, Dispel 10 - Permanent Enervate).
For the purposes of Permanent Enervate, your max life is always halved. Even if you buy more life after being enervated, your new max life is halved (e.g. If you have 30 life, are permanent enervated, giving you effectively 15 life for ever. If you subsequently buy 6 more life, you are effectively on 18 life for ever).

Enhance Undead

You can only have one Enhance Undead running on an undead at a time. If an undead has an Enhance Undead 2 running on it (giving it an extra 20 CPs) you cannot cast another Enhance Undead 2 on it. You can cast an Enhance Undead 4 on it, whereby it gains another 20 CPs (not 40!).

Life Resistance

Life Resistance does not allow you to pass through a Death Ward.

Life Shields

Life Shield does not prevent casting damage.
Life Shield does not stack with physical armour. However, it does provide protection from power damage (not just Drain Life/ Unholy Word), assuming there isn't a more effective spell/miracle working.
For example, consider a character in Banded armour (5 points of normal armour), Bless 5 and Life Shield 1:
- When fighting an Orc doing 8 points of normal damage, he takes:
Power Damage - Body: 0 Life: 0, Normal Damage - Body: 3 Life: 3.
- When fighting a Skeleton doing 8 points of normal damage, he takes:
Power Damage - Body: 0 Life: 0, Normal Damage - Body: 1 Life: 1.
N.B. The Bless provides 10 points of normal armour, so he just takes brusing damage.
- When fighting an Elf doing 5 points of normal damage and 3 points of power damage, he takes:
Power Damage - Body: 3 Life: 2, Normal Damage - Body: 0 Life: 0.
N.B. No bruising damage is taken from the normal damage, since he takes actual damage from the power damage.
For example, consider a character in Studded Leather armour (2 points of normal armour) and Life Shield 3:
- When fighting an Elf doing 4 points of normal damage, he takes:
Power Damage - Body: 0 Life: 0, Normal Damage - Body: 2 Life: 1.
For example, consider a character in Plate armour (6 points of normal armour), 5 points of paladin normal & power protection (stackable) and Life Shield 1:
- When fighting an Elf doing 10 points of normal damage and 6 points of power damage, he takes:
Power Damage - Body: 1 Life: 0, Normal Damage - Body: 0 Life: 1.
N.B. Bruising life damage is taken from the normal damage, since he didn't take any actual life damage from the power damage.

Metal Immunity

If the Metal Immunity reduces the damage you take to zero, you take no bruising damage.

Mighty Blow

This stacks with Backstab, Piercing, Through, Swift, Undodgeable & True Strike. It does NOT stack with Throat Slit!

Poison Touch

If attached to a normal damage call e.g. '10 Poison Touch Harm 8', you will not take the poison if you are just bruised by the normal damage. Otherwise if it is just a straight 'Poison Touch Harm 8' you will always take the poison if touched.
The poison affects you at the end of every subsequent hour and has a duration of 24 / (Toughness + 1) hours.
If affected by a damaging poision you can prevent the damage with Toughness, Life Shield & Endurance. Though in each of these cases the effect must be running for the full hour, you cannot just cast it up at the end of the hour! any remaining damage will be spread evenly throughout your body ...the specifics of which are explained in the rules.

Raise Dead/Resurrection

Your soul can resist Raise Dead/Resurrection and hence not be brought back to life.


Is counted as 'time in'. The player must walk to the recall point, up to the maximum distance allowed.


This anarchy miracle targets the attack, not the character making the attack. So for example:
- You can have Spell Immunity (Ice Dart), hit the enemy with an Ice Dart and 'no effect' the Retribution.
- You cannot 'no effect' a Retribution if you have a Death/Chaos Resistance running (unless the original attack would also be stopped by Death/Chaos Resistance).
- You cannot Spell Immunity (Retribution) and 'no effect' all different kinds of attack made through the Retribution.
- Retribution does not bypass Mirror Image, unless the original spell/miracle also bypasses Mirror Image i.e. The target of the Retribution is treated as having the original spell/miracle cast directly at him.

Dark Bless and Retribution/Reflection do work together e.g.
Anarchy Priest 1 and Anarchy Priest 2 both cast up Dark Bless 5, Retribution 2 and go at each other with 2H swords (base damage 7):
Anarchy Priest 1 Hits Anarchy Priest 2 in the chest with the sword calling 12.
Anarchy Priest 2 Takes 17, and calls Retribution 17 chest.
Anarchy Priest 1 Takes 22 and calls Retribution 22 chest.
Anarchy Priest 2 Takes 27 and calls Retribution 27 chest.
Anarchy Priest 1 Takes 32 and calls Retribution 32 chest.

In the rules it states that you have 3 seconds to Retribute/Reflect/Deflect the attack on you. You CAN still Retribute/Reflect/Deflect the attack if you are killed/made unconcious by the attack, but you must do it immediately i.e. no falling over dead, then going "Oh wait, Deflect" and standing up again. Basically, if you've made the decision that you've died, then it's too late.

Shrivel/Pemanent Shrivel

This can be cured by casting Restore or (Dispel 6 - Shrivel, Dispel 10 - Permanent Shrivel).


The damage taken from breaking out of Slow can only be prevented by Endurance and Life Shield.

Speak With Dead

The dead body must tell the truth, though it doesn't have to volunteer any additional information not directly addressed by the question. For example, a Priest asks "What killed you?" and the answer could be "A Goblin", but the fact that the Goblin stabbed him while 2 Trolls held him down does not have to be revealed.
This miracle does not work on a dead body with no death thresholds left.

Spell Immunity

Spell Immunity provides immunity to spells/miracles. It doesn't provide immunity to spell-like effects (e.g. a Shadows 'Weakness').
Spell Immunity to a spell/miracle provides immunity to all spells/miracles in the same chain:
- Spell Immunity (Water-Ice Dart) gives you immunity to Ice Dart 2, Ice Dart 4, Ice Dart 6, Ice Dart 8, Ice Dart 10 etc.
- Spell Immunity (Fire-Flash) gives you immunity to Flash, Flare.
- Spell Immunity (Earth-Grip) gives you immunity to Grip, Douple Grip, Triple Grip etc.
Note though that it does not give you immunity to any spells/miracles which use a spell/miracle you have an immunity to as a prerequisite:
- Spell Immunity (Death-Drain Life) gives you immunity to Drain Life 4, Drain Life 8, Drain Life 14, Drain Life 20 etc., it does NOT give you immunity to Enervate.
- Spell Immunity (Water-Command) gives you immunity to Command 1, Command 2, Mass Command 1 etc., it does NOT give you immunity to Suggestion & Charm.
It also only gives you immunity to spells/miracles in the same chain AND in the specified list, even if the names of the spells/miracles are the same:
- Spell Immunity (Fire-Flash) gives you immunity to Flash, Flare from the Fire list, it does NOT give you immunity to Flash, Flare from the Light list.
- Spell Immunity (Druidic Earth-Grip) gives you immunity to Grip, Douple Grip, Triple Grip etc. from the Druidic Earth list, it does NOT give you immunity to Grip, Douple Grip, Triple Grip etc. from the Earth list.

Spell Immunity will not stop you being effected by a spell that has already been cast on you.
e.g. If you are in a Grip, casting Spell Immunity (Earth-Grip) will NOT release you from it.

Spell Immunity only gives you immunity to spells/miracles that directly affect you.
e.g. Spell Immunity (Air-Gust of Wind) will NOT stop you being affected by a Gust of Wind spell.

Spell Immunity is effective against Mass effects.
e.g. Spell Immunity (Chaos-Harm) gives you immunity to Harm 4 and Mass Harm 4.

Spell Prime

You cannot use in-game mechanics when stating the conditions for Spell Primes e.g. you cannot say "when Im on 12 life" or "when Im hit be a Fire Dart 2", you could though use "when Im unconcious" or "when Im burnt".
A condition should also be third-party visible and reasonably obvious. It also shouldn't be subjective, e.g. you cannot say "when Im in touching distance of an enemy", but you could say "when I touch a person" or "when I touch an orc" etc.

Steal Life

This cannot take you below 0 life.

Storm Hand

Once 'on', you cannot turn Storm Hands 'off' without cancelling the spell. Hence if you were to touch a friend, you would harm them.


Strengthen can be combined with armour, since Strengthen isn't an armouring enchantment, as it effects items. You can also have layers of Strengthen stacked (e.g studded leather with a Strengthen on and then plate on top with a Strengthen on).


You must learn Command 2 before you can learn Suggestion 1 etc.

Summon Undead Servant

Only Skeletons or Zombies can be created with this miracle. When summoned into a target body, its used to manufacture the Undead Servant's normal body, so if an Undead Servant is a Rank 2 Orc Skeleton and its summoned into a Troll's body, you'll still end up with a Rank 2 Orc Skeleton (and bits of Troll body left over).
If the Undead Servant is 'killed', it can be summoned again on full 'life' by re-casting the spell.

Turn Undead

Only Turn Undead 3 can be cast as Destroy Undead 1. Turn Undead 1 & 2 CANNOT be, even with Willpower/Holy Symbol included.

Wall Of Air

Wall Of Air (n) just reduces the normal damage of the attack by 2n.
So assuming your attacking a foe, who is behind a Wall Of Air 2:
If you hit him for 10 he will take 6.
If you hit him for piercing 10 he will take piercing 6.
If you hit him for swift 10 he will take swift 6.
If you hit him for through 10 he will take through 6. etc.

Will To Live

Will To Live stacks with Enhance Will for determining a characters Death Threshold.

Wood Immunity

See Metal Immunity.



Druids can take dark or elemental as a primary or secondary sect (though obviously dark can only be taken by NPCs). If they take them as a primary, then after acolyte status:
Elemental druids - can learn an elemental spell list (e.g. Water) which forms part of their Elemental druid list (but at +1 cost).
Dark druids - can learn Death miracles which form part of their Dark druid list (but at +1 cost).
Both can then go on to learn a secondary sect (e.g. Animal/Tree/Weather) at +1 cost.

Lay-druids can only learn a primary sect. They cannot learn general sect or a secondary sect. They also cannot advance more than acolyte level (and so do not gain Tree druids Plant Walk ability, Elemental druids elemental list, Dark druids death miracles etc.)

You can only learn druidic rituals for your primary sect and it counts as 2 principles. e.g. a Tree druid learns Religious Ceremony (Tree), this gives him Religious Ceremony (Tree) & Religious Ceremony (General) he can never learn Religious Ceremony (Animal) or any other sect.
N.B. Lay-druids must still learn druidic ceremony for 2 priniciples, even though they cannot learn general!

Druidic darts behave like spell darts, so they can be dodged.

Druids & lay-druids cannot join any guilds.

Druids can change class as normal to warrior, priest, mage or scout. If changing to a warrior or scout you become a lay-druid. If changing to a priest, its exactly the same as changing path as a priest i.e. you would loose any miracles and any other abilities, powers or favours from the Path of Nature. You can even change to a mage, though this might be frowned upon by other druids. However, as with all religious skills, the Path of Nature may withdraw the miracles if you misbehave. An ex-druid mage who abuses nature will certainly be punished.
Druids have a general mistrust of mages because most mages have a poor attitude (from their point of view). A mage who acts in harmony with nature, not viewing it as a servant and giving the elements the respect that the druids believe is due, could eventually be considered a friend by druids who know him.

Druids CANNOT learn Hunter miracles.

Witch Doctors/Shamans

Witch Doctors can only cast from ONE school.
Witch Doctors can change schools (equivalent to changing class) but suffer the following effects:
- The Witch Doctor immediately loses his Fetch from his previous School (and any CPs spent on it) and gains a basic Fetch for the new School.
- The Witch Doctor immediately loses his ability to cast rituals from the previous School.

You CAN transfer mana between yourself and your Fetch using Mana Gift.
Others CAN drain/steal mana from your Fetch using Drain/Steal Mana.

You CANNOT buy a spell slot greater than level 10 for your Fetch.

When you borrow your Fetch's toughness, you do NOT gain protection from power attacks like your Fetch gets.

Shamans CAN learn instant cast miracles.

You CAN transfer standing between yourself and your Spirit Guide using Path Gift.
Others CAN drain standing from your Spirit Guide using Path Lace.

Witch Doctors/Shamans do not get the extra life/increased threshold like Barbarian Warriors do.

When a Fetch/Spirit Guide intercepts a power attack, use the Fetch/Spirit Guides power protection, not yours.
E.g. if a Witch Doctor is in 2 power protection and his Fetch has 3 Toughness (effectively 3 power protection). The Witch Doctor is then hit for power 6, but has directed his Fetch to take the damage, the Fetch would take 3 points of damage.
N.B. Fetches can intercept all forms of power damage, Spirit Guides can only intercept miraculous power damage.

The casting penalty for wearing metal armour applies to Witch Doctors, even if its their fetch 'casting' the spell.



Bladesingers MUST learn Spellsword as their first school (they CANNOT learn general as their first school!).
They can then only learn general.

Bladesingers CANNOT join the Tower/Circle, because they belong to the Bladesingers and you cannot belong to more than one guild at a time.

Leaving the Bladesingers is frowned upon and may get you killed. Also teaching a non-Bladesinger a Spellsword spell will mean you will be hunted down and killed, as will the recipient(s). Elves aren't always 'nice people' :>)

Bladesinger items are carefully controlled by the Bladesingers. Any items made are usually for personal use only, or to be used by another Bladesinger. Very occasionally, an important elf who is being guarded by a Bladesinger will be given a charged or one use item, but this is only allowed if the guild leaders agree.


You keep the Join Cabal 0 (Circle) skill if you were to leave the cirlce. However it is very unlikely that any other current Circle mage would work with you and he would probably be in trouble with his guild if he did.

A circle mage MUST learn at least 2 schools. Hence you must start with several 'balanced' spell lists, at least two. The only exception is if a character knows only one spell, the second one must, however, be from another list.

If you play a Light or General Circle mage, then you can balance with either Light, General or an Elemental school. Though remember if you take an elemental school, the following schools you take must be the nearest elemental lists (as specified in 'Schools' above).


Buying a commission as an officer always costs a minimum of the rank desired. E.g. to buy a commission as a Rank 45 Lieutenant costs 45 groats (note you can also buy a commission as a rank 60 Lieutenant for 60 groats), to subsequently advance to a rank 75 Captain would cost an additional 75 groats (or 100 groats to be a rank 100 Captain). Note that this is all regardless of your actual rank (becoming a rank 45 Lieutenant costs 45 groats whether you are a rank 2 character or a rank 80 character!).


Guards get ALL armour skills (Specialisation, Expertise & Mastery) AND Combination/Enhance Combination at half-cost.


The Archers guild don't have the same restrictions as druids for learning miracles of the Path of Nature, thus any race can learn Hunter miracles and you can use metal weapons if you wish.

If an Archer has learnt Hunter miracles he CANNOT learn Life/Death/Order/Chaos etc. miracles.
N.B. Archers can change paths in the same ways as priests i.e. if you had Hunter miracles (Path of Nature) and changed to Life miracles (Path of Life), you would loose all Hunter miracles (and your druid sect miracles, if you'd taken any).
The Hunter list counts as 2 principles, irrespective of wether you learn a druidic sect or not.
E.g. an Archer learns Religious Ceremony (Hunter) & Religious Ceremony (a druidic sect).


The warden bonus 'half cost defensive spells/miracles' only applies to spells/miracles that defend DIRECTLY against damage.
In the spell description, these are marked by having a 'D' in the type (e.g. Fire Skin, Iron Skin, Storm Skin, Wall of Air, Harden, Life Shield & Bless).


The guild description reads: "never allow spells or miracles which enhance their natural fighting abilities to be cast on them."
As an example, Strengthen 0 enchances their natural fighting abilities, as does Float.
Basically, the restriction on Gladiators goes beyond simply boosting them to do more damage with their attacks or gain greater protection. The only help that a Gladiator will grudgingly accept is healing and even then a well played Gladiator in the middle of a fight will never ask for it and may even be angry at the healer who's butted in.

When used to perform power damage, Gladiator points do not protect a weapon, but can be added to any and every attack. Thus a disarmed Gladiator can take up another weapon and do power damage with it without needing to expend another point. This includes fist attacks.


Humact Rec Undead gives the Rank of the undead, not the Willpower.


Illuminati MUST learn light as their first school (they CANNOT learn general as their first school!).
They can then go on to learn other schools as per the rules given on schools above.


A Paladins dedicated weapon bonus can be applied to bows, in which case each arrow fired from the bow has the appropiate blessing (Bless or Strengthen). Note that as soon as the arrow has been fired and hit a target the blessing disappears so your blessed arrows cannot be used by other people!
Note though that a Paladin using a missile weapon is not particularly honourable, so you may incur negative points if you are not seen to be acting chivalrously and defending the weak from the strong.

Paladins 'Aura of Courage' ability:
- Does not stack with the Courage miracle.
- Does not stack with Willpower increasing spells/miracles (e.g. Enhance Will).
- Cannot be dispelled.
- It is considered miraculous, though not necessarily a miracle. So it is up to Gladiators individual beliefs as to wether they accept it or reject it. Its sort of in the same category as healing.

Temple of Freedom

You can use the the half-cost skill bonus on medical/manufacture/magic skills every 10 ranks on a skill bought with the library bonus of access to a restricted skill at double cost, so effectively getting it at normal cost.


You keep the Join Cabal 0 (Tower School) skill if you were to leave the towers. However it is very unlikely that any other current Tower mage would work with you and he would probably be in trouble with his guild if he did.



The power armour provided by Troll Skin does not stack with any other power armour, neither does it stack with another layer of Troll Skin.


Shields can ONLY be broken by normal damage ...not power damage.

Melee Weapons

The underlying rule is that weapon skills cover the basic weapon style that would be used for a weapon.
Using the blunt end of a spear with the Spear skill is reasonable, as spear fighting typically involves both ends. Note that the blunt end has a base damage of 6 (it behaves like a Staff).
Using an axe-hammer weapon would require its own skill, and would not allow you to use axes or hammers on their own.
Using a bastard sword requires both 1H and 2H skills to be developed separately, as the styles used are different enough that one skill won't cover it.

You CANNOT learn higher than fist specialisation.

You CAN theoretically wear guantlets to do 'hard' (does bruising) damage with fists, however this should not be done due to safety reasons. Also you would not be able to cast spells/miracles whilst wearing them, as it would be the same as holding a weapon.
Similarly, you CAN learn claw use at 1H Weapon costs, to wear and attack with a clawed glove. The base damage of this is 2 as for normal animal claws.

Missile Weapons

You CAN have superior/masterwork/legendary bows/crossbows.
You CAN have superior/masterwork/legendary arrows/quarrels.
When combining the two you take the best bonus (they do not stack).

Once a superior/masterwork/legendary arrow/quarrel has been fired it is lost/broken.

You CAN have single-strengthened/double-strengthened/triple-strengthened bows/crossbows.
N.B. The maximum extra strength damage you can apply to bows/crossbows is exactly the same as for melee weapons, namely double the base damage of the weapon.
N.B. You CANNOT use a higher strength bow than your strength e.g. a character with Strength cannot use a double-strength bow.

You CAN have a strengthened & quality bow/crossbow. Though it will be considerably more expensive!

Magic Items

You CAN make items with multicasts in them. For the purpose of item creation, treat the multicast as a single spell/miracle with a level equal to the sum of the levels in the multicast.

You CANNOT make items with spell/miracle masteries in them.

You CAN make items with spell/miracles of greater than level 10 in them.

You CAN downcast spells/miracles into items e.g. you can put a Flame Blade 4 into an item as a Flame Blade 3 for an hour and that is how it will be 'cast' when activated (For the purpose of item creation though it is still the level of a Flame Blade 4!).
You CANNOT downcast spells/miracles when activating an item e.g. if an item contains a Flame Blame 4, when activating it you cannot 'cast' it as a Flame Blade 3 for an hour.
You CAN put an extended spell/miracle in an item, but this takes 2 slots, one for the spell/miracle and the other for the Extend/Extension. You can then also 'cast' them together or seperately (N.B. if you cast them seperately, the Extend/Extension obeys the standard rules for different caster etc. and can only be used for spells/miracles cast on the magic item itself).

Talismans/Holy Symbols CANNOT be used as magic items.
Ritual Focuses CANNOT be used as magic items.

Mana put into items does count towards your threshold e.g. a Human Mage with 42 mana and 20 mana in items who has normally been buying mana at 1 CP, would buy his next point of mana at 2 CPs.

Scrolls follow the same rules for vocals as casting the spell/miracle. So, you need at least the same number of words as the equivalent spell/miracle on the scroll, which must be read out to cast it. You cannot just say "Item do thy work" like other magic items.

In order to regain the mana/standing from a magic item you must discharge (for potions, single use) or destroy (for charged, daily, permenant) the item. When a magic item is destroyed, its mana/standing won't be returned to you until after the Degradation Time Interval has expired. Note that the mana/standing is still returned to the creator even if the magic item is not in their posession when it is destroyed.

In order to use a Scroll, you must be able to read the runes it is written in AND be able to cast from that school/path/sect.
e.g. If a Life priest through some hero ability knew death runes (not usually possible), he still wouldn't be able to use a Summon Undead Servant 1 scroll, since he cannot cast death miracles.