Versus (02/10/2005)

Rains' Report

*As usual, Rain sits in meditation somewhere*

My ancestors, 

Strange things happened in the last few days. First of all we followed some plane jumping bandits to a sub-plane of chaos. 
That was lovely, Biscuit should have seen that. We defeated lots of demons and some demonologists who made this plane their 

Since somebody was clever (it was one of the might priests, i cant remember which one; honored guests) and killed the person 
who upheld the portal we came from, the portal closed and we were trapped. After wandering around aimlessly and contributing 
to the general chaos of the plane, we found a creature looking like an elf. Sort of anyway, possibly some kind of obscure 
half demon elf thingy. 

Good thing I reached him first (he calls himself number 29, an incredibly boring name for a chaos-thingy), before Xensharn or 
Interfector could reach him. He claimed to have created this plane by his thoughts, and could also send us home. However, the 
master demon nicked his sword, and without it he couldn't do anything. 

So, once we dealt with the master demons minions, we had to answer some annoying riddles. I hate riddles, especially if the 
silly demon gets the question wrong. But luckily G'Mords nasty cough saved us. Eventually we got the stupid sword (which 
Interfector tried to nick straight away). He seemed to like the plane of chaos so much that he also attempted to give the 
wrong sword to 29. 

Once we returned the sword, we had the minor formality left to kill an exact duplicate of ourselves. These fights had to be 
one on one, with no interference allowed. 

Watching G'Mord fight himself was... part amusing, part embarrassing. After seeing G'Mord win once, I decided I can't take 
more of this and requested to be next. Once 29 created my duplicate I had to fight myself, something I did not look forward 
to at all. However I managed to win, sort of, and jumped into the portal created by the remains of my replica. 

In closing, my ancestors, the spirits somehow tell me that G'Mord has won three times!

I need a holiday, one without plane hopping...

Avant-Garde: Training I - The Enclosure (09/10/2005)

Juilin's Report

*A letter, run out of the outpost and directly to House Fortrayre almost immediately upon Juilin's return to the temple.* 

Temple of Freedom 
Van Heusen Outpost 

10th October 


That, I have to confess, was one of the more interesting few hours I have spent in my life. I now know what Alli was going on 
about and have to agree she was right - I should have been doing this long ago. However, if you see her before I do, perhaps 
you might ask her precisely which of her highly singular brands of cobblers she spun to her colleague and my commanding 
officer - it seems there may be more where the lone iffy remark I received came from. 
I can't divulge a great deal about today's training - confidentiality probably precludes it - but I did get to intimately 
study more than one type of being that I have previously only read about. Given their reputation and heritage, I cannot say 
that a little reeducative slaughter on our part did not feel gratifying. When the Guard Captain tells us who I should be 
sending my reports to, I'm sure you'll be able to read about them when they're filed if you want. 
Grandad's sword, by the way, drew several impressed looks and still feels as light as a feather in my hands - it's still got 
it after all these years. 

I'm heading off for evening prayers now, so I'll bring this to a close. Say hello to mother, and Meri if you see her before I 
do - give them both my love. Whatever you give to Alli on my behalf, kindly ensure it makes her scream my name in anger, 
despair and rage the way we all know and love... 
Not really. She was spot on with her opinion of the Lieutenant, and I'm sure she wouldn't have divulged anything too 
ridiculous - at least I hope not. 

Until next time, 

Duellin' J 

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
Temple of Freedom 
115th Avant-Garde


Report Submitted By: Juilin Fortrayre 
On The Date Of: 10th October 
On Subject Of: 115th Avant-Garde, Training Mission No.1 
On The Date Of (If Appropriate): 9th October 
LKi/c: Tobin Whitt 

Well, that was quite exhilarating. 

As per the wish of the newly formed 115th Avant-Garde, those of us who had signed up for it attended the first training 
mission yesterday, amid skies unusually clear for this time of year. 
The brief was a simple demonstrative walkthrough of the kind of creatures that regular patrols were likely to face - I would 
assume the next couple will be largely the same. The three types of creatures in evidence were goblins, orcs and undead, kept 
in their positions by the use of magical barriers. 

I must point out at this juncture that I am making the following assumptions: 

a) In the case of the first two types mentioned below, the creatures have either entered into this arrangement of their own 
free will, or are convicted criminals sentenced to death for proven crimes against the Barony. 

b) The undead have been recently retrieved from a necromancer or other such individual, and the putting of them in place for 
our training did not serve to lengthen their torment by any significant amount. Releasing them from their torment was a 
saddening joy, but one I hope was not overdue.

c) You are aware of these arrangements as the Temple Representative to the 115th Avant-Garde, and it has been cleared as an 
acceptable course of action by the Temple overall. 

If you are not aware of this arrangement, it would suggest that the Temple as a whole is not either and I would request that 
we arrange for someone higher up to be informed. If the creatures were captured (or heavens forbid, created) solely for the 
purpose of showing us how to kill them, something has gone seriously wrong and somebody needs to bounce. You will have the 
backup of me and, I am sure, the two other Seekers present on the mission. 

The report continues with those assumptions being held to. 

The goblins were, I am pleased to say, precisely the way we had been taught. Small, green, obnoxious, and tending towards 
anarchic mischief rather than any sense of fun. I was on the lookout for the tenets of Freedom to be displayed by them, but 
it appeared that this group at least were only interested in causing us harm and impedance. 
The orcs were quite powerful, and highly aggravated, and were dealt with by use of formation. Truly, I had never thought that 
actually being part of a pattern, and not even a pretty one at that, could actually be so useful. I felt slightly 
constrained, but I was on a military patrol, after all. 
The druid present on the mission died during one of the fights, a shocking lack of awareness being displayed by myself and 
the rest of the party in letting him get into the situation in the first place. My apologies and condolences go out to his 
family and I wish him a speedy retrieval and release back to life. 
The undead were a pitiful sight. Skeletal and zombified versions only were present, with no sign of how they were created. 
They were held in primed stasis, one hit releasing them all. Their reactions were once again by the book - skeletons quick 
and immune to bladed weapons, zombies slow and affected by all. Quite powerful in their numbers, they had us on the run for 
quite a while and had it not been for the intervention of our supervisor (Pf. Lt. Jusa Natayelle, your corresponding number 
as 115AG representative) and her abilities with healing from the paths of both life and order, we would have been in severe 
danger. We wasted as little time as possible in setting their souls free, and I can only hope they found their respective 
ways home. 

The end of the encounter with the undead was punctuated with the arrival of another Pathfinder (a Corporal, but sorry, didn't 
catch his name), who reported the Church of Chaos to be in operation in the area. According to the Pathfinder, they wished to 
bring down the magical barrier enclosing the creatures we had fought, releasing them into the Barony proper. This suggests 
that they were under the impression that the creatures were imprisoned there, and is further cause for at least investigation 
if not worry. 
The Church members were not powerful, merely numerous, and attacked us with the destructive and detrimental portions of 
Chaos. Curses, bodily corruption, dispels and destruction up to the level of those whose faith has opened the second or third 
circle of blessings to them. The majority of them appeared simply to be there to cause destruction with their ceremony. Only 
the leader (who was arrested for his crimes and is being questioned at a currently unknown location - maybe you could find 
out from the military?) displayed any actual purpose in his actions. It may be that this is some independent part of the 
Church - the actual purpose was not as purely destructive as would be expected from a suspected Church-driven act - though 
the chaos that would be caused by the large numbers of goblins, orcs and undead clanking round the Barony might seem a worthy 
cause to receive patronage for higher up. An interesting set of possibilities for further investigation, maybe...

The party consisted of twenty-one members (plus the Lieutenant who, as per her brief I would expect, took minimal part in the 
action and left the job to us). There were representatives of the guilds of Guards and Pathfinders, the Temples of Might, 
Justice, Balance and Freedom (three of us, I am pleased to say), the Tower of Fire, the Paladins of the North and a local 
grove of Druids. 
The overall performance was most impressive - particularly notable contributions coming from the following people: 
Guard Marcus Avery: I am damned certain we have ourselves a potential recruit here. He looked at what was present on the 
patrol and decided that there were a great deal of us who would not respond well to receiving orders (I had tried to prepare
myself for it, but the concept seems so restrictive it is a serious trouble). To that end, I don't think any of us in that 
situation received an order all day - instead we received polite requests with the reasoning that he probably knew how to 
keep us safe in these situations better than we did. I was delighted to have been given the chance to do as I was told of my 
own volition, and found that in the vast majority of situations the requests I received turned out to be for the most 
reasonable and successful course of action. 
Pathfinders Prospera and Jimmy: Purely on the bases of their skills rather than their attitude. On several occasions, I 
realised that one or both of them were looking in directions everyone else wasn't. This is surely a good thing for a 
Pathfinder to be doing, and I felt safer because of it. It should be noted, however, that Jimmy appeared almost 
ostentatiously indifferent to his party members, and Prospera displayed an unwilling regard for her own safety, and a lack of 
one for the deaths of our enemies. Maybe leaning towards balance or might is becoming more popular in this day and age - 
their loss entirely. 
Marshal Nathaniel: Picked me up off the floor at the expense of his own consciousness. I owe the man a major drinking 
session in the Temple bar and we'll leave it at that. 

There were no particularly weak performances - our shield wall and rear guard (which, would you believe, I was put in charge 
of) functioned well in their roles, rarely if ever letting things through to attack the non-combatants. The mage (who's name 
currently escapes me, addendum to follow) was kept well guarded and displayed versatility even at this formative stage in his 
career, and the Druid (named Bramble) gave of his own soul for the mission's success - there can of course be no higher 
sacrifice towards such an end. 
The only question I would raise over the entire party was (not particularly surprisingly) that of the representative of the 
Temple of Might, named Sarevok. He displayed the ability to manipulate the undead, and a taste for necrophilia claimed to be 
popular in the Temple at the moment. If this is true, it takes doing as you wish way past the nth degree and I would beg that 
questions at least are asked. 

With the exception of the name of the mage to follow, this concludes the report to the best of my knowledge. I remain 
available, of course, to discuss any matters arising from it and any questions people may to ask on its subjects.

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
115th Avant-Garde 

Jimmy's Report

*Jimmy sits down in the small office he occupies in the keep. Taking quill and parchment he composes his report* 

Intelligence report one 

Away from barony centers of population the training facility functions to train recruits. CXVAG designated to train there. 

Party compostition:
21 individuals under direct control of accompanying PLt, bringing total personel presence to 22. Guilds represented Guards, 
Pathfinders, Wardens, Paladins of the North, temples of Freedom, Justice, Balance, Might and Tower of Fire. Also a druid 

Under orders of GCpt Elwood, complete CXVAG training to satisfaction of PLt. 
Later objective set, defeat forces from the temple of Chaos.

Training completed to standard by all patrol.
Deaths - 1; druid named Bramble.
Temple of Chaos forces defeated - 1 arrest; will go to Temple of Justice to ascertain any immediate threat. They were 
conducting a ritual to lower containment walls of the training facility. Ritual was stopped.

Temple of Freedom representatives did not seem to be bothered by killing these captive creatures. It is good that they listen 
to the barony, but the unusual behaviour is worrying. Will keep an eye on them. 

Intelligence on problem groups: 
Temple of Chaos - Present, attempted to disrupt training facility. No indication whether this was a guild move, or individual 
project. Captured individual was the 'leader' of the chaos followers, he is to be questioned. 
Temple of Anarchy - No indication of forces.
Temple of Balance - 1 member, non combatant, male. No indication of questionable behaviour. May not have met Guardian Lomax, 
maybe it should stay that way if my reports are accurate.
Temple of Death - No indication of forces.
Brethren - No indication of forces.
Darkblades - No indication of forces.
SOC - No indication of forces.

Training programme successful. Effective from early indications. If the Temple of Freedom as a whole find out there may be 
hell to pay. Possible problems from temples of Life and Justice. 
Temple of Chaos leaders probably didn't have a hand in the attack on the facility, only low level operatives were present. 
Most insane.

Contacts made:

Squire James 
Attached to Pathfinders, CXVAG

Sarevok's Report

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Training Mission 
On The Date Of: 9th October 
Composed: 10th October 

High Master Fornax, 

Accept my report on training exercises for the Avant-Guarde. 

I was initially dismayed with the makeup of our party. With so many freedom-aligned factions within the party, I was 
concerned that our unit would break up into a chaotic mess in the face of the enemy. Indeed, in the first encounter, this 
happened. I was sorely tempted to charge the pathetic goblins that taunted us from a distance. Having received a direct order 
to remain in the proximity of the non-combatants, however, I remained as close as I could to the defensive line. Having 
dispatched several of the pathetic green skins, I experimented with my powers of fear. As expected, the goblin fled for his 
life from my terrifying visage, and I did not have to waste my time dismembering him. 

I was pleasantly surprised in our next encounter to find that the unit held cohesion much better. Even those with alignments
close to chaos managed to follow orders (although the Guard Captain phrased most of these as 'requests.') I was also pleased 
to find that Might and Order were well respected amongst the guards, with whom I had been placed for matters of combat, and 
even one amongst the pathfinders. 

After the second combat I was placed permanently amongst the guards for the marching order, as befitting a priest of Might. I 
was therefore able to converse with them about our main principles, and advise them in their actions. 

We next came upon Orcs. These were much as they had been described to me at the temple, and fought much like those I have 
faced in training exercises. I am ashamed to report that at this point I received my first notable injury, made all the more 
painful by the fact that the party's order priest healed me immediately afterwards. I quickly gave the gift of death to my 
axe-wielding assailant, and when I turned, the order priest had moved on. The next encounters were similar, and I made use of 
my abilities to punish the Orcs in any way I could. I also saw fit to heal a guard and a pathfinder, they both fought 
valiantly and held their posts in the face of multiple adversaries at my side, and I felt them worthy. 

The most exhilarating encounter was with the Undead. Bound still until we attacked, they stood, Death suspended in front of 
my eyes. It was fascinating to watch how their deceased bodies moved, reanimated by some unseen force. I immediately bound 
one to my will, and it was... exhilarating. The power I commanded was doubly useful, as I had no blunt weapon with which to 
kill the skeletons present, and the one I commanded was armed with two maces. I soon took another, and used them both to 
smite down my enemies. It was difficult, they were exceedingly literal in their obedience, and I clearly need more practice 
if I am to use them efficiently. This subject fascinates me, and I would much like to learn more. Perhaps there are tomes at 
the Temple that might be of use to me? 

After the battle, the Captain ordered me healed. I still maintain that I could have made the rest of the day without falling, 
but he was very specific in his wording. During our rest time, I had discussion with those from outside our priesthood. They 
were insufferable in their beliefs of equality and balance; they truly are inferior in their understanding. I am afraid I 
could not resist ending their conversation in the crudest manner, and it was most pleasing to see the face of even the 
balanced aligned when I suggested... alternative carnal practices. 

Finally, we faced real combat in the guise of Chaos followers. They attempted to drain me of standing, so I wasted no time in 
taking up my sword and taking the fight to them. They managed to introduce Chaos to our ranks, and we lost cohesion. I 
ordered as many as I could to stand by me and cleave our way through the enemy, and we took a flank. We also came across an 
enemy leader, strong in the ways of Chaos magic. I charged him down four separate times, and had three weapons destroyed in 
my hands. The final time he was taken by a group of party members, and captured. I would be very interested to learn whether
they were working under orders of the Temple of Chaos. Their motivation appeared to be the freedom of the creatures we were 
using for training. How typically short sighted. We needed them for training, so we used them, and then killed them, as it 
should be. 

Yours dutifully, 
Master Sarevok

Arthur's Report

Report to the Marshal-in-charge. 

From Marshal A. Murphys 

Re: The Training Mission. 

It all seems a little strange now. Looking back, I'm surprised by the lack of education and experience of those volunteers to 
the Avant-garde. My childhood memories are of my Uncles defending the village from Goblins, Orcs and undead, until the Guards 
could arrive. Well, I suppose they do now. 
I'm not even sure if some of them had seen a dead body before. Strange. I must have seen hundreds since I came to the Temple. 
Oh. Bramble. I'm terribly sorry, but could the body of the brave druid be moved to near the front of the queue? He was quite 
effective, if unarmoured. 

While, after a few of the training fights, the group ran dry of miraclous power for healing, I will restrain from asking for 
more trainee Marshals. I think that between myself, Marshal Nathaniel, Guardian Saldor, Seekers Jules and Jysell (and another 
one, whose name I never heard) and the Wardens and the Paladin (whose name was probably mentioned) we should have it covered 
(as long as there aren't another bunch of recruits!) the one thing we could have done with is another Mage or two. Some of 
this new Light Magic perhaps? Anyway. 

The most important thing, I suppose is the follower of Chaos we captured. He was (possibly) the mastermind behind the 
attempted attack on the training faciliities. I would ask a certain amount of leniency in his punishment. His motives were
rooted in the beliefs of Freedom as much as the beliefs of Chaos and anarchy. It is possible that he may become a useful 
member of the Barony. 

I hope to have better news soon. 

Marcus' Report

FAO: Guard Captain Elwood 
Report of Guard Marcus Avery, 115th Avant-Garde 


A training mission was completed successfully on the 9th inst. under the over-all direction of Pathfinder Lieutenant 
Natayelle. I volunteered to lead the new recruits through the mission. 

One patrol-member died. On average the patrol performed to expectation. The mission objectives were completed. The unexpected 
addition of a Chaos ritual to the training exercise was dealt with successfully. 


1. Death of Druid Bramble 

I regret to inform you that one member of the patrol, Druid Bramble, died during the mission. I take full responsibility for
the failure of co-ordination which led to his death. 

2. Course of Scheduled Events 

The patrol marched through a series of enclosures containing varying numbers and strengths of enemy, with orders from Lt. 
Natayelle to seek out and destroy all denizens. 

2.1 Goblins 

The patrol tended to scatter in open-field engagements throughout the day. In this case the enemy were of poor quality and no 
serious damage was done, however, I had to shout a bit. The second and third encounters with goblins proceeded in a more 
organised fashion. A standard marching order was established to protect the non-combatants. 

2.2 Orcs 

The patrol learned from experience and took tactical direction against the more dangerous and more cunning orc forces. In the 
open field, the Guards present and certain others with polearms formed an anvil which advanced into the enemy while the light 
fighters and Pathfinders skirmished the flanks and drove the enemy under. The formation of engagements in closer quarters was 
a little more confused, particularly as I was forced on several occasions to detach elements of the patrol to operate 
independently against small but annoying units of the enemy who were attempting flanking or encircling movements. When forced 
to assault a heavily defended and semi-fortified position, I'm glad to report that the core fighters of the patrol handled the 
assault admirably, maintaining both discipline and forward advancement in the face of heavy oppostion. 

2.2.1 Orcs with casters 

A large group of orcs surrounding at least one Shaman and an orc champion gave us rather more trouble. They chose their 
ground well, drawing us into a two-pronged assault on a static and heavily-armed opponent in treacherous footing. The patrol 
performed very well under sustained and serious pressure, though several members fell in the combat and were restored to 
action by the clergy. After engagement with the enemy the initial fighting order dissolved, and the troop improvised well in 
the face of the enemy. 

2.3 Undead 

We fought a very large force of undead in a fairly controlled environment. A strategy was designed by Marshal Arthur Murphys, 
Master Sarevok of the Temple of Might and Pathfinders Jimmy and Dem, along with myself. This was executed with limited 
success. My intention to allow the party to make a tactical withdrawl to a position of strength failed, and in the melee 
fighting that developed I regret to report that Druid Bramble died. 

3. Course of Unscheduled Events 

Lt. Natayelle informed me after we had recovered a little from the combat with the undead that Chaos followers were 
performing a ritual to destroy the magical boundaries of the training grounds. We were instructed to prevent the ritual from 
finishing and to destroy the Chaos incursion. As a result, less time was taken over healing and restoration of the party than 
we might have wished. 

On arrival, after a short, dark and unpleasant scramble through hostile ground, we discovered a group of what appeared to be 
servants of Chaos. They were fairly well armed and equipped to destroy our weapons through arcane means. As none of the 
clergy present in the patrol were able to protect our weapons, when we entered combat we found ourselves fighting a 
metaphorically uphill battle. 

Once more the patrol was imbroiled in open-field skirmishing with little or no formation possible. The patrol performed very 
well under pressure, watching one anothers' backs with commendable attention. The Chaos followers were destroyed. I am 
pleased to report that the one who seemed to be in charge was captured by members of the patrol acting on their own 
initiative and was returned to the Temple of Justice for examination. 

4. Special Mentions 

4.1 Master Sarevok of the Temple of Might 

Master Sarevok performed competently and with courage in all engagements with enemies. He recognised the authority of myself 
as appointed commander of the mission when necessary. This commendation is for his performance in the Undead enclosure, where 
his ability to control two of the more dangerous creatures and turn them against their companions was invaluable. 

4.2 Pathfinder Jimmy 

And, in addition, the other three pathfinders present. Pathfinder Jimmy performed his duties, as both a forward scout and as 
a skirmish fighter, impeccably throughout the day and provided a sense of cohesion and leadership for the scout contingent. 

4.3 Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 

Seeker Juilin performed admirably guiding the other armed clergy and independent light-fighters when my attentions were 
diverted by frontline combat. He and his fellows among the clergy performed beyond expectation. A commendation also to 
another Seeker present, carrying a spear and dressed in green; I regret to report that I did not record her name. 

4.4 Marshal Murphys and the other healing priests 

Both representatives of the Temple of Justice, and all the Seekers in the patrol, pushed themselves beyond their limits to 
keep the party on their feet and in fighting condition. I, and every other front-liner there, owe my life to their running 
repairs during certain combats. 

5. Other Matters 

5.1 I regret to inform the Captain that I failed to correctly prepare for the delegation of tactical control to me by the 
Lieutenant. I will ensure I am better able if the situation occurs again. 

5.2 I do not know if we succeeded in executing the mission paramaters provided by the Lieutenant with regard to the Chaos 
priests. I spent a good deal of the broken field combat with the servants of Chaos looking for a ritual circle, chanting 
priests or anything similar. I could not find any evidence that such a ritual had been in progress and therefore cannot in 
good conscience report that we prevented it. 

Dispatched on the 11th September by Guard Marcus Avery, 115th Avant-Garde 

Avant-Garde: Training II - The Escort (16/10/2005)

Tanner's Report

FAO Warden Lieutenant Darkforge 
Report of Warden Flint Tanner, 115th Avant-Garde 

Instruction and associated orders: 

Patrol group to accompany High Wizard Pilgrim from briefing point to Tower training facility. During escort, patrol are 
ordered to: 
1) Ensure no harm comes to High Wizard Pilgrim. 
2) To treat High Wizard Pilgrim as if he were an unarmed, powerless individual. 
3) To obey the orders and directives of Guard Sallicia (regret uncertainty to exact lettering of name), as patrol commander. 

Guard Sallicia did not appoint a secondary commander. 
The patrol were informed that High Wizard Pilgrim would be utilising powerful magics to ensure his own safety, however if he 
was forced to seek refuge in the earth or strike out aggressively then we would have failed the escort mission. 

Issued Standing Order: 

To secure High Wizard Pilgrim's safety as a personal bodyguard, alongside Seeker Juilin (regret uncertainty to exact 
lettering of name). Role was extended to entire mage group, consisting of two additional mages, both proposed to be Tower 
Fire mages and a Guardian of the Temple of Balance, all unarmed, however primary focus was to the protection of High Wizard 

Confrontations Initiated: 

1) Unidentified Human Individuals Engaged In Non Approved Activity: 
Individuals dispatched via requirements of patrol law, at the direction of the Defenders. Threat to High Wizard Pilgrim 

2) Goblins, Tree, Engaged In Active Assault On Patrol: 
Capacity to move suddenly from tree to tree created threatening circumstances, with several patrol members placed in 
difficult circumstances. Threat to High Wizard Pilgrim low and enforced to non-existent. 

3) Wolves, Starved, Engaged In Hunting Activity: 
Small numbers and lack of cohesive strategy ensured swift dispatch. Threat to High Wizard Pilgrim negligable. 

4) Man, Black Clad(BC), Engaged In Assasination Activity: 
Sole individual prevented direct assault, however succeeded in cutting down two Pathfinders during confusion created by 
goblins, tree. Later, discovered the bodies of two human individuals, identities unknown, with throats cut. Only actions of 
Man, BC, matched this method of destruction. Man, BC, then approached party and High Wizard Pilgrim advanced to meet him for 
personal reasons, with bodyguards. Man, BC, presented High Wizard Pilgrim with a card identifying him as a "SOC Operative", 
reportedly a branch of the Pathfinders, and informed him that as a trained assassin he had now been slain by method of 
wargame, through the use of magical devices of freezing and his throat being cut. Had he possessed five such items and had 
High Wizard Pilgrim been a defenceless individual, he would have been successful. Threat to High Wizard Pilgrim total.
Mission Failure. 

5) Druids, Grove, Engaged In Encouraging Nature's Chaos: 
Patrol was approached by a group of humans claiming to be druids of the forest. They denied alliance with the goblins, tree, 
encountered prior to this instance. They proceeded to offer healing to any willing to divest themselves of metal and to 
mingle with the patrol. Threat to High Wizard Pilgrim very high, however druids turned out to be what they claimed to be, 
reducing threat to minor. 

Primary Training mission was concluded. 

Patrol completed secondary mission for Pathfinder branch, retrieving scrolls from a nearby camp of human individuals engaged
in non-sanctioned activity. Alternative theory for slain humans, two of, that they had been slain by these individuals, 
supported by discovery of their scrolls within camp. 

In service of King, Prince-Regent and Baron 

Warden Tanner 

Juilin's Report

Report Submitted By: Juilin Fortrayre 
On The Date Of: 18th October 
On Subject Of: 115th Avant-Garde, Training Mission No.2 
On The Date Of (If Appropriate): 17th October 
LKi/c: Tobin Whitt 

Before we go any further, I wish to point out in the most vehement terms that I claim the SOC division of the Pathfinders 
Guild to be a gaggle of recalcitrant fuckwits who would have considerable trouble locating their oversized arses during a 
diarrhoea attack. 

Now I've got that out of the way, to the mission. 

The second training mission the 115th Avant-Garde assigned to us was the escort of a supposedly vulnerable living cargo to a
destination in the forest. In truth, the vulnerable living cargo was none other than High Wizard Pilgrim, considerably better 
at dealing with matters than anything we could have done, so in broad terms there was very little danger to him whatsoever. 
He was there to decide whether or not we had guarded him acceptably. He appeared to be reluctant to take his part in the 
operation, as if it had been forced upon him against his will. Once again, he seems to have been the victim of turnabout and 
had a heavy-handed set of orders land on him from a great height (I refer you to the few reports that became public after the 
failed Sca'ara Fo'uld venture - they proved very interesting reading at the time, and I'd always wanted to meet people from 
said venture, if for no other reason than to confirm that some of the claims made about that time were true).

Placed in command, Guard Silicia again made the good call of issuing orders where necessary and requests where anything else 
would have been met with distaste. She made myself and a Warden named Tanner responsible for Pilgrim's immediate safety, and 
we remained so for the rest of the day, up until he was successfully delivered to his destination. 

The main enemies faced on this mission were human bandits and tree goblins. Other encounters involved a grove of druids, a 
complete arse brandishing an SOC get out of being stabbed in the face free card (explanation in most acceptable detail to 
follow), and your colleague from the Temple of Justice, Flynn Medar. I confess, however, that due to my position guarding 
Pilgrim I remained at a distance from most of the combat, only swinging Callan's blade with intent once before the final 
encounter of the day. 

Almost immediately upon setting out, we happened upon the first of many troops of bandits. They claimed that we were 
trespassing on their lands and seemed to wish to attack us, but our sheer size as a patrol group put them off. Or maybe it 
was because they were so embarrassed to be around someone so blatantly more attractive than they were. Or maybe not. 
They appeared to be no more than common ruffians, making a living by stealing other people's possessions. No magical or 
miraculous power was observed, but confirmation from one of those nearer the action may possibly be worth it if you are 
interested. It should be noted that Pathfinder Jimmy displayed an unusually powerful desire to find out who sent them (as if 
anyone actually did), and persisted in trying to capture one of them alive. Upon achieving this feat, he and several others, 
including more or less the entirety of the scout crew (Pathfinders Prospera, Annerie and a gentleman who was more distinctive 
in his dress and actions than his nomenclature) proceeded to torture the individual for the information. This sick practice 
was stopped quickly by Guard Silicia when she realised that no information would come of it - it seems that maybe I was a 
little swift to praise the pathfinder crew last week if this is to be their standard practice. Any further grim actions will 
be reported to you to do with as you see fit. Pilgrim was kept a long way from the action, despite his obvious wish to get 
his hands dirty. 

The encounter with the bandits was extremely sapping of our strength, and those of us with magical or blessed power needed to 
recuperate. There was a village outpost on the route, so we stopped there. I would not mention this if it were not for the 
fact that some of them seemed to experimenting with unrefined substances as a means of forgetting about the bandits for a 
while, and one had become locked into a bad trip. The forest technique put him to sleep, and I suggested to his friends that 
he comes here if he wants that sort of thing - we are surely the safest source of it in the known world. 

Upon entering a large forest that contained our destination, we were assailed by tree goblins, being their usual annoying, 
green selves. They displayed the expected skills, and unwillingness to do anything but taunt except when in overwhelming 
majority. However, their numbers drove us along the specified path in a direct, if sporadic manner. Pilgrim was never in any
real danger. At this time, a being clad in black was noted shadowing us along our right flank. Pilgrim immediately became 
agitated, thinking it to be a member of the now vilified Hassani Scorpions that caused his first year of patrols such 
problems. Receiving information on their abilities from him and picking up his vibes, we were put on even greater edge than 
before, and tried to move quickly through the forest. The goblins, however, had other ideas - they managed to string us out 
along the path quite well, if not in a manner that was any danger to Pilgrim. 

We finally managed to get through, after a brief and negligible encounter with some wolves, and happened upon two bodies - 
one with its throat cut, the other stabbed in the back. Pilgrim became even more agitated, thinking it to be the work of the
black-clad man, and the matter (for his sake, at least) was not helped by the appearance some local druids from a grove not 
far off. To us, however, they were highly amenable, and were willing to offer healing from the trees if we removed our metal. 
Fair exchange was considered, and I and a number of others agreed. Tree Healing is something I had wished to experience for 
quite some time, and I am now very glad to say I have. Sick as I now consider him, the skills of Jimmy remain completely 
unquestioned, as he managed to track down the black clad man of almost entirely his own volition. Having finished our 
healing, Pilgrim, Tanner and I quickly made our way to where he had been surrounded. He surrendered to us, brandishing an SOC 
card to stop us from attacking him. We took him back to the area outside the grove, whereupon he gave Pilgrim another card 
and told him he was dead. Apparently, this was a wargame. The fact that he was surrounded by a patrol, and Pilgrim was backed 
by two large men in armour with big swords seemed to preclude the fact that he could hand his target a card and call him 
dead. I call this a crock of shit, citing the fact that our brief was protect him from real threats, rather than facsimile 
ones, and the fact that he is still alive, breathing and vital as reasons why the SOC operative is talking out of his arse. 
Make of that what you will, though if you wish, please feel free to forward this on to the Guards, Pathfinders, Temple of 
Justice and the SOC with my compliments as to the latter's strategy. After it had been established that the SOC operative was 
not responsible for the two dead bodies, we were required to reconsider the threat of bandits in the area. A quick push 
onward brought us to the rendezvous where Pilgrim left us to join Marshal Flynn Medar, and we were sent back down the hill 
we had climbed out of the forest to deal with the bandits as best we could. 

The ensuing combat took the form of a broken running battle across the hillside, after the order had been given by Guard 
Silicia to engage at will. Several small freeform groups (very pleasing to see) formed and reformed as necessary to confront 
whatever arrangement of bandits presented themselves. Some escaped into the forest, but a good few were dispatched and at 
least one was captured - though it appears that he managed to get up and walk away when his guards weren't looking. I offer 
no comment whatsoever - I was elsewhere at the time so cannot say whether or not this was incompetence or bad luck. 

After dealing with the threat to the best of our ability, we were stood down and sent home for debriefing. 

Notable or exceptional/ly poor performances from party members: 
Guard Silicia was, I believe, in command for the first time, and though she suffered from brief bouts of indecision, made a 
very good go of it. She recognised the difference between orders and requests, and made the right ones to each member of the 
party. I would suggest that no-one need worry about incompetence when they are under her command. 
Warden Tanner, my partner in bodyguarding Pilgrim, did the job better than I can ever hope to. He is strongly blessed with 
the powers of Order for a warrior, and though he can be frightfully strait-laced at times, acted with the discipline of 
someone who is following his own calling in life with such dedication as he knows how. Good luck to the man, boring as I may 
find his choice. 
Pathfinder Jimmy tortured someone. Flat out. He was also, however, continually roving around ahead, behind and to the sides 
of the party, acting as a pair of very mobile eyes and ears. I cannot fault his pathfinding. His taste, however, is another 
matter entirely. 
The Temple of Balance are never to be issued with anything Caledonian ever again. A single swig of Jorael's regular premium 
had Guardian Saldor on the floor and singing like a child. Errollisi and Mithaniel in tandem forbid that anyone should ever 
have to deal with him in that state again. 

I conclude that Pilgrim was kept safe, despite gross underhandedness from that rookery that calls itself a Military 
Intelligence division, and the bandit threat in the area has been diminished if not stamped out entirely. I will be 
submitting a research request to you during the week, and remain as always able to discuss any topic covered in this report 
with you at greater length if you require.

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
115th Avant-Garde 

Saldor's Report

To: Guardian Parity, Temple of Balance 

Hello there Guardian Parity. I've managed to get out into the world a bit... It's a fascinating if slightly scary place. I 
was hoping to gain the protection of a band of adventurers, and a nice recruiting sergeant said that a brave fellow like me 
would do very well in the Avant-Garde. Apparently there must have been some form of administrative error, because they say 
that I've joined! 

I've been out twice, and several people have tried to hurt us. I don't know exactly what is going on a lot of the time but I 
have been using the power you gave me to good effect to heal the poor fellows who get injured. I've been doing a spot of 
reading too and have discovered a few arcane truths in different aspects of the equilibriums of this plane. 

I feel it my duty to report that there is a lack of chaos within the barony control that I feel uncomfortable with. I only 
wanted to quiet an annoying little peasant girl and they picked me up by my hair! It was some mage I think, and I didn't know 
what to think... other than that he seemed quite an amiable chap. 

I've been thinking that it might be a good idea to learn how to use a weapon... a nice man showed me how to swing a sword I 
think, but after that the last mission is a bit hazy. I'm sure it will all come back to me eventually; anyway they say it was 
all a success so that's nice. 

I must go now, I've got a bit of reading to catch up on. 

Guardian Saldor 

Anneri's Report

Report of Mission dated 16 October 2005

To the Pathfinder Lieutenant 

Objectives: To escort the High Mage Pilgrim to a rendezvous. Further orders received to take care of a bandit problem in the 
area as witnessed after our mission began. 

Outline: We first encountered a large group of bandits who had taken the land for themselves. After a lengthy battle with 
them, we killed them, capturing one and questioning him thoroughly. A small number of the party attempted to torture him for 
information, however with none forthcoming he was quickly dispatched. We proceeded on to a nearby village where we found the
man who eventually confessed to being the ringleader of the group we had just dispatched. He had taken over the village and 
was threatening and harming the villagers. The justice priest who was with us pronounced his judgement; the body of the man 
lies somewhere near the village. 

After assuring the villagers they were now safe, we continued forward to meet some tree goblins, who insisted they needed to
take us prisoner to 'show the Druids that they had not killed anyone'. Their ability to tree blink made keeping them away 
from High Mage Pilgrim rather tricky as the trees lined the sides of the path quite closely, however Seeker Julin and the 
Order priest Tanner protected him very adequately. After a long standing fight with many of the goblins still in evidence, we 
retreated down the path, protecting the rear and the sides from attack. We eventually beat them all off, only to stumble into 
a pack of wolves. The wolves attacked, and we beat them off with relative ease. 

During this time, Pathfinder Jimmy noticed the presence of a black clad man who seemed to be watching us from a distance. We 
therefore maintained a solid perimeter to keep an eye for him. When High Mage Pilgrim learned about him, he reinforced our 
danger with information about a group of black clad men called Scorpions who would freeze and throat slit people. When we 
received this information, we had just found a pair of dead bodies, one who had been stabbed in the back and the other throat 
slit. I can only assume these were the bodies the druids were blaming on the goblins. 

The druids themselves we met directly after finding the bodies, and they accused us of harming the forest by killing the 
wolves which had attacked us. They were very hostile at first, however becoming kinder as time went on, and offered to heal 
many of us, as well as providing us with other protections. 

Pathfinder Jimmy somehow managed to find the black clad man and bring him to us, and once he was surrounded by us, he 
proffered a card stating he was SOC and went on to say he was on some kind of wargame to kill High Mage Pilgrim. He then gave 
the high mage a card saying he was dead; something which is utterly ridiculous since he was in our custody and would have had 
no way of getting to the high mage without our knowledge and therefore ability to stop it. We let him go and continued on our 

Taking our leave of the druids, we delivered High Mage Pilgrim, and received our orders to take out the remaining bandits and 
recover some scrolls they had stolen from the bodies (who turned out to be merchants). We engaged the enemy in a long, drawn 
out skirmish in the woods, and I believe the scrolls were taken. I am unsure about the final outcome of the battle, as I was 
knocked unconscious during the fighting. I can only assume that all of the bandits were killed or taken and the party found 
their way back to the Barony easily, finding me and bringing me with them, as I woke up here. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar 

Sarevok's Report

*When opened, the report has an additional note pinned to it, reading...*

Apologies High Master, it seems that my report was delayed on its way to delivery. I am now seeing to it personally, and 
again apologise profusely for its delay. 

*The report follows...*

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Training Mission: Protect the High Mage Pilgrim as though he were a non-combatant. 
On The Date Of: 16th October 
Composed: 17th October 

High Master Fornax, 

FOOLS! IDIOTS! INCOMPETENTS! I cannot express my anger at the actions of my so-called comrades in this mission.

As is our mandate, I obeyed orders to the word, and did my best to bring coherence and order to a chaotic party. However I 
must object to the company I travel with, and the decisions made. 

My first point of contention was a challenge to single combat. Naturally, when two foolish bandits challenged us to single 
combat, I stepped forward, and demanded that I would be the one to bring death to them. However, Guard Salacia, who was in 
command of the mission, countermanded me. Not only was I denied the right to best them on my own; they were instead chased 
off by at least four others in the party. I respectfully informed my 'superior' of this error in judgement after the event, 
but was again shut down. 

*Here the report spans two pages, and the next paragraph appears to have been added in after the initial report was written, 
by the same hand*

It should be noted that in other respects Guard Salacia performed adequately, and with a measure of success, if not with the 
same actions that I would have liked. 

We were further thrown into chaos when we were attacked by tree goblins. These creatures fractured the party, flitting from 
tree to tree by some inherent magic. I soon noticed that no matter the beatings they took, when they emerged from a different 
tree, their wounds were closing faster than we could inflict them, and ordered the party to keep moving, and get through in 
pursuit of out mission. Our party was so split however, that confusion reigned, and I even came upon opposite orders coming 
in the other direction. Eventually, however, we made it clear of the confusion, and reformed further down the path. 

It was at this point that I became aware of reports of a black clad man stalking the forest, but little could be discovered 
of his identity at this time. 

We would soon, however, come upon two dead merchants, slaughtered by slit throats and backstab wounds. In the same place we 
came across druids, who were most concerned about our actions, and the arrival of metal into their woods. They engaged in 
debate with our leaders, and philosophical musings on power with the party in general, but this held little interest in me, 
they were obviously simply relics of a flawed belief system. I instead spent the time resting, and inspecting the bodies. 

I noted that the wounds appeared to do little structural damage to the body, instead bleeding the victim to death. The bodies 
looked fit enough to move about as though alive, all the skeletal system and muscle-tissue seemed intact. Given that 
necromancers can animate skeletons, zombies and other hideous undead, I cannot help but speculate on what powers could 
motivate the recently deceased...

As the party began to mobilise, ready to move on, an unexpected event occurred. The black clad man was located and captured 
by the joint work of our pathfinders and rear guard. He displayed an SOC card, and explained he was in the service of the 
Barony. Still distrustful, he was led into the group and held under guard. He then saw fit to announce that he could have 
killed Pilgrim, despite the face that the High mage was flanked by two men with large swords, and that the operative had 
several party members with weapons levelled behind his back, not to mention my hand on his shoulder. (I have been practicing
my abilities to drain the life from a target, and am pleased to announce excellent results.) Needless to say, we disarmed 
him, and frogmarched him to our destination. 

I am confident in saying that the High Mage was in no real danger at any point, despite the underhand efforts of the SOC 
operative. Saying that he could have had an item to kill Pilgrim was senseless, as we could have taken him down long before 
he could have said the activation words. I would also point out that if such a hypothetical item did exist, why not make it 
ranged and kill from afar? His arguments were circular. 

After Pilgrim was at his destination, we were given endurance and sent back into the woodland to search for scrolls, which 
had apparently been stolen from the merchants that we had found dead. 

Again, the mission descended to the level of a farce. We were left running around in the dark, assaulted from all sides by a
cowardly enemy who seemed intent on causing our disarray. I soon tired of this charade and personally captured, then disarmed 
one of the bandits. I seized the man, and ordered him to take me to his camp. I acquired backup on the way in the form of a 
guard and a priest, and we were led to his camp, while I kept a firm hand on our prisoner. I searched their bags, after 
clearing the area, and found the scrolls we required. Unfortunately our party was scattered, and even after informing our 
leader, there still appeared to be no cohesion to the operation. Further chaos was brought to the already laughable situation 
as our balance priest became intoxicated, and completely useless to the cause. I took it upon myself to gather the party, 
since I had captured our objectives, and we were ready to leave. I ordered the two who were with me when I captured our 
prisoner to guard him, and even to kill him if he moved, and set off. Eventually the party was reformed, and we were able to 
leave, however, I was to find later that our prisoner had WALKED OFF! Apparently these fools are SO averse to order they 
cannot even perform menial, mission critical tasks. 

I cannot overstate my irritation at the events of this mission. Despite being a success, I felt it could be handled with much 
greater efficiency. 

I do thank you for your continued support, but I must again express my exasperation with those whom I am forced to work. I 
also resubmit my request for reading materials re the psyche and controlling undead constructs.

Yours dutifully, 
Master Sarevok 

Jimmy's Report

*Jimmy sits down in the small office he occupies in the keep. Taking quill and parchment he composes his report* 

Intelligence report two  

High Wizard Pilgrim, hero of the Scarab wars, earth mage (see attached files). The woods (gives location) are filled with 
Tree Goblins. Also signs of druids and bandits. 

Under orders of GCpt Elwood, complete CXVAG escort training to satisfaction. 
Later objective set, defeat bandits in the area and retieve scrolls. 

Training completed to standard by all patrol. 
Deaths - 2; Merchant Guild members found dead on path. Killed by bandits with belongings removed. These were later recovered 
by party. I personally took both bodies to ToJ for resurrection.
Escort mission success. One would-be assassin (SOC member, see later) was foiled. Bandits defeated and scrolls retrieved. 

SOC involvement in Barony patrol training. (see later) 

Intelligence on problem groups: 
Temple of Chaos - No indication of forces.
Temple of Anarchy - No indication of forces.
Temple of Balance - Guardian Saldor, Freedom Priest Juilin Fortrayre got him drunk. He break easily under pressure. 
Potentially a good informant, but a weak one also. Will continue to observe. 
Temple of Death - No indication of forces.
Brethren - No indication of forces.
Darkblades - No indication of forces.
SOC: 1 member. Corporal Snide. He was captured by the skill of the party. Although the guards willingness to allow him to 
approach our ward is worrying. No harm done.

SOC should not be allowed to be involved in training exercises. Possibly a barony controlled area releasing barony personel 
to engage party. Throw down weapons when 'defeated'.

Contacts made: 
Neil O'Grady in the Merchants Guild, should provide useful information on goings on. Trying to fit in weekly/biweekly poker 
games. Will give more detail when I get to know him. Starting small.

Squire James 
Attached to Pathfinders, CXVAG 

Avant-Garde: Training III - The Rebel Threat (23/10/2005)

Anneri's Report

Report of Mission dated 23 October 2005 

To the Pathfinder Lieutenant 

Orders to free a group of hostages and eliminate the terrorists responsible partly successful. One barony citizen killed, two 
escaped criminals to report. 

The day started with a skirmish with a necromancer and a group of skeletons. One skeleton followed Pathfinder Jimmy as he 
came out to report the intelligence and we dispatched him with relative ease. Following concerns that the skeleton might 
rise, I stayed to watch and make sure it did not and attack from the rear. Following the completion of the fight and 
receiving orders to move out, we all continued forward. 

We next encountered a village where a self proclaimed entrepreneur was cheating the villagers out of everything they owed 
through a simple gambling game. We ascertained that he was definitely cheating through the use of magic cups, arrested him, 
and got the villagers back their possessions. Scouting on ahead alerted us to a group of hostiles, who we held a pitched 
battle with. They refused to tell us who they were, but a short time later we came upon another group who identified 
themselves as the Eagles 27th, a declared enemy of the 17th Draken who we were going to negotiate with. They attempted to 
kill us to prevent us from doing this. After finding out why they wanted to kill us and that there were more groups from the
same faction further along, we successfully negotiated with them to help us deal with the ultimate threat. 

Having ascertained that the 17th wanted their leader back in exchange for the hostages, we secured his release, escorted him
back, and carried out the exchange. Unfortunately, they had substituted some of their own number for the true captives, and 
we were attacked as we went to free them. One of them ran for it, and the rest stood and fought; Seeker Juilin chased after 
the one who ran, followed by myself. The criminal managed to stop Juilin and get away before I was able to catch up, so I 
took precautions to make sure Juilin would not die and returned with him. We managed to kill all but one other of the 17th 
and rescue the true captives. In the process, one of them had their throat slit before we were able to locate them and secure 
their release. One took Pathfinder Jimmy hostage to flee. As I went to help him, he assured me she would release him after 
an hour, that she was just using this as a head start to get away. As he had a knife to his throat at the time, I felt there
was nothing I could do to help. After ensuring all the hostages were free, we immediately set out to search for Pathfinder 
Jimmy, and found him about a half hour later. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar

Solymer's Report

Dear Anansi, 
I hope this letter reaches you, give my regards to the rest of the group especially Mialee and Trok. I had my first encounter 
with the Hassani or something like that the other day bunch of weirdo anarchists if you ask me. Turns out they took some 
people hostage so we had to get them their leader back and then eradicate them, no need to tell you that this didnt get me 
feeling to good although that may have been the weather. We made our way through the forest and fought some Hassani Eagles, 
so refreshing to meet people with such proper accents. Unfortunatly we still had to kill some of them which was incredibly
annoying as we later allied with them but I was able to help out and use the powers of chaos to hurt one of them even if my 
leg is still sore. We eventually gave them their captain and the pshycos used their own mages as the hostages to hurt us 
(annoying and painful but clever if slightly odd as it seems to organized for anarchists but ho hum). The battle was bloody, 
but thanks to the two fire mages Ekmet (an elf but he seems ok) and the one who wears rags as he helped kill a dragon in one, 
we were able to defeat most of them once the Hassani Eagles joined in. There was a odd bit when we were attacked by a priest 
of chaos who I told to go away and he did after he destroyed my mace (dont worry I will get it fixed I wont lose my gift from 
you lot). The problem was at the end when one of our pathfinders got caught and was used as a hostage and while everyone was
trying to get a plan or was complaining about it, they got away. It was a bad blow for the group especially for the other 
freedom priest but he seems more experienced so I wont say anything but I see that it was his choice and we cant stop it, 
but it should have been ours to get him back. Oh there was one other thing we were attacked by orcs who had a necromancer 
with them and skeletons, it was an odd battle, but it was odd as the necromancer had no amulets or recognisable way of 
knowing who he was. Have you found any word on the patrols of the thorn knights and also I have some spare time coming up so 
I will research on the possible location of the final part, ok, write to you soon.
Seeker Solymer

Anders' Report

Hi boss. 

So, yeah. Went out with the patrol group to make a hostage exchange with the 19th Hassani - their (current) boss for the 
people who'd been manning a trading post in the area. 

Interesting collection of groups encountered along the way. First we ran into a necromancer, some skeletons and a few orcs. 
Between us, Pathfinder Jimmy and I ran down the necromancer while the party dealt with the skeletons, then the orcs got 
blatted too. One made the mistake of leaving his back exposed, so I removed it. 

Next we came upon a village - Birchwood or Beechwood or something. The villagers didn't seem too clear on the matter. I think 
they were having problems with a local grifter, but the rest of the party dealt with him whilst myself and Pathfinder Anneri 
scouted out the path ahead. We found a group of humans - whether they were Hassani or just local bandits, I'm still not 
entirely clear. But it didn't take long to dispatch them, at least once I'd relieved a few of them of their shields or 
swords. Three kills in that run. 

Further into the forest we came across another Hassani unit, the 27th Eagles. They seem to follow the Path of Justice, and 
took umbrage at the fact that we were planning to make a deal with the 19th. They attacked us, but we were able to kill them 
all eventually. A couple of kills in that batch, and maybe an assist or two as well. 

We continued along the path we were following and eventually found another group of Eagles. This group were more ready to 
talk, and we managed to persuade them to take us to their leaders. Arthur then managed to negotiate a mutual assistance 
treaty once the full extent of the situation had been explained. This turned out to have been a very wise move indeed. 

From there, we proceeded to the location that the 19th appeared to have taken as a camp. Very quickly, they announced that 
they wanted a straight exchange - their leader for the hostages. So, off we went to the prison camp, and acquired the 
prisoner. I'm not entirely sure why the Guards at the camp, once their one and only prisoner was released, failed to come to 
our aid against the 19th, despite our telling them that Barony citizens were in danger. I don't wish to allege cowardice 
without good cause, but I can't see that they would have had any other urgent business to attend to, and weren't even aware 
that we would be arriving. 

Anyway, having collected the leader of the 19th, we escorted him back to the rest of his company. The hostage exchange took 
place - except that the "hostages" that were handed over to us turned out to be members of the 19th, who promptly laid into 
us with spells. I managed to kill one of them, and I believe that two of the others were killed by other party members, with 
the fourth deserting his companions and running off into the forest. 

At this point, the rest of the 19th pressed the attack, and we were forced to fight back in a less than strategic position. 
Although we gave as good as we got, the Drakken had superior numbers, and it would not have gone well for us if the Eagles 
had not chosen that moment to reinforce our line. With their aid, the Drakken broke and we were able to take the fight to 
them. The extra support meant that I was able to break from the line and go after the 19th's leader, and managed to kill him 
in short order. We mopped up the rest of the 19th in the immediate area, and then moved further into the valley they had been 
using as a base. At the end of the valley, I discovered that a remaining member of the 19th had been left guarding the real 
hostages; one had been killed, but Pathfinder Jimmy had managed to negotiate the release of the remaining three by offering 
himself in exchange. 

The remaining Drakken negotiated with Arthur to allow her one hour's head start, at which point she would release Jimmy, and 
so she set off. Having already seen how trustworthy the Drakken were, I made the decision to follow at enough of a distance 
that I would not be spotted, but close enough that I might be able to assist Jimmy if it came to it. After an hour, the 
Drakken stopped and began to untie Jimmy. I am ashamed to report that I timed my attack badly, and revealed my presence too 
soon. I backed off when the Drakken put her knife to Jimmy's throat, and was forced to destroy my own daggers in order to 
secure his release. Unarmed, and having used up my god's blessing for the day, I regret that I was unable to do anything to 
stop the Drakken's escape. 

We quickly rejoined the rest of the party, and then returned to the keep. 

Pathfinder Phillip Anders 

Juilin's Report

Report Submitted By: Juilin Fortrayre 
On The Date Of: 25th October
On Subject Of: 115th Avant-Garde, Training Mission No.3 
On The Date Of (If Appropriate): 23rd October
LKi/c: Tobin Whitt

This has taken me forever to get round to, for which I apologise. Monday was spent under the table after a (non-dangerous) 
Sunday evening I would rather not discuss just yet. However, may I make an official request to be informed when Trellin 
Antar will next be entertaining company in the dining hall, so I may repay his gracious favour waiting my table? 

The third, and apparently final, training mission to be undertaken by Training Group B of the 115th Avant-Garde involved the 
party being sent into a live, unplanned situation and seeing how they deal with it - obviously the powers that be very 
sensibly decided that the best way of our finding out how a real mission worked was to send us on one. We were briefed to 
make contact with the known anarchic 19th Hassani Draken, and negotiate the return of hostages that they had taken in 
retaliation to the Barony's capture of their leader. After securing a deal with the Draken, we were to have the leader 
paroled into our custody, effect an exchange and depart, only to return later with superior numbers and wipe them all out. 
The level of personal satisfaction on this mission was going to be high, given that we were arranging for the liberation of 
not one but two sets of prisoners, and also killing enslavers of the innocent (the fact that the Barony claimed a military 
prisoner of sorts was dubious, but it has to be assumed you were aware of his incarceration and impending freedom). 

Humans formed the main bulk of what was observed this week, but there were examples of orcs and undead - in tandem, no less -
on display as well. 

Warden Durain assumed command of the party this week, and led from the front from the start. I was detailed to protect the 
non-combatants again (a pair of Fire Mages named Ekmet and Kiloe), though their intimate involvement in fights meant that 
they never remained particularly non-combatant for long. It seems they are becoming freer with their power as their 
self-belief grows. The first mission encounter consisted of orcs, seemingly imbued with the power of death, a human 
necromancer who appeared to be on good terms with them, and his selection of undead. The undead were sent on their way with 
the minimum of hesitation (particular kudos to my colleague Solymer, who has persuaded his patron deity to use their power 
through him to instantly set them free), and attention was turned to the necromancer and orcs. The orcish contingent fought 
well, constantly getting tighter and selling themselves very dearly. I wish they had simply surrendered - Durain would 
probably have been willing to arrest them and hire them into the Barony's service as guards. They eventually fell, however, 
at the same time as Pathfinders Jimmy and Anders (the colourful gentlemen from last week) managed to locate the necromancers 
back. Enough said - I still have issues with Anders chosen methods, but I cannot deny that they work. 

Further on in a small hamlet, we discovered a confidence trickster playing upon his victims like a violin. After Jimmy worked 
out that he was in fact cheating in a very simple cup-and-ball game, he and I devised a plan to play the trickster at his own 
game. The axiom of never trying to bullshit a bullshitter was on our side and we foiled his game, securing the return of 
property, real estate and even people (Gemini forbid) that had been lost as bets. Jimmy and I were on the point of stripping 
the shirt off the tricksters back and sending him off Baronyward when he was killed by Marshal Arthur, seemingly for having 
been cheating. Jimmy and I pointed out that this was precisely what we were doing as well, but he didn't try to kill us. 

While we were dealing with that, the other Pathfinders (Anders and Anneri) happened upon people who claimed to be outraged 
that we were dealing with the 19th Draken and attacked the party. It became apparent later that these were the 27th Hassani 
Eagles, Justice-bound sworn enemies of the 19th Draken and wishing to avoid the party setting their leader free. Though we 
had no quarrel with them, we were forced to dispatch two of their parties in short order in nothing more than self-defence. 
They considered our deaths or theirs preferable to his release, and at the time there seemed no way of stopping them carrying 
out one or the other. It was a dark moment. 

After regaining power from our deities, we attempted to decide upon a way the Eagles could help us without contravening their 
code of honour. It was suggested that they weren't aware we were planning on returning and waylaying the entire faction later 
on, and we put this to them when we next encountered a war party. Thankfully, they saw the point of our releasing the Draken 
leader and asked us to meet with theirs. A brief discussion between Arthur and Eagles leader, witnessed by myself, Durain and 
other Eagles officials, ended in our agreeing on a mutually beneficial arrangement, by which we agreed to help each other if 
the Draken attacked us. We would make the transfer, the Eagles would then attack the Draken as they had their leader back, 
the Draken would respond and lo! We would pile in to the Eagles aid and together dispatch the entire faction. All very 
underhand - I was impressed. 

The first part of the meeting with the Draken went as planned (yes, the way I put that has connotations for later) - they 
demanded the return of their leader in exchange for hostages being held on the ground, knives to their throats. We 
immediately departed for the stockade where the leader was being held, securing his release with the notice Durain had been 
given at the beginning of the mission. He was low in miraculous power (the Gemini alone know who granted him even that), but 
claimed to be a warrior. We engaged in wordplay as a means of passing the time on the way back, and he seemed to be following 
a very ordered line of conversation for one claimed to be an anarchist. Still, we'd all had enough of him by the time we got 
back to the Draken encampment, and proceeded to make the switch without hesitation. 

Which is where we should have been paying attention. 

As the hostages approached us and passed our line, we moved to cut their bonds and to our great surprise found that there 
weren't any. Matters got worse when the 'hostages' started throwing air magic at us and ran off, combined with an attack from 
the remaining Draken. Having been well and truly amateured by these people, obviously all part of the Draken, we set off to 
try to capture or kill them before they got away, achieving only partial success. The ensuing mass combat was nasty, and I 
feared the worst up until the Eagles, true to their word having altered plans slightly on the fly, piled in to help us. 
Together we turned the tide and killed the remaining anarchists, but the location of the actual hostages remained a mystery. 

They were located by Anders and Jimmy, working in tandem again. One had been killed, though the others were swapped for Jimmy 
being taken into captivity instead, despite my attempts to make her take me instead. Anders followed the anarchist and Jimmy 
as she made her escape, supposedly setting him free an hour later as agreed to allow her to make a getaway at some distance 
from the party. We found him soon after the agreed time, making haste back in the direction he had come. With the party once 
again intact, we headed home. 

Ig/noble Performances: 

Pathfinder Anneri - I must make a personal citation for, as without her sheer bloody-minded determination I would be lying 
dead in a pool of my own blood. During the beginning of the combat with the false hostages, I chased one who persisted in 
throwing bolts of air at my head. This was eventually enough to cause grevious wounds and for me to lose consciousness, 
bleeding to death. Anneri had been following, and found me soon after the hostages escape. I'm not sure how a slim elven 
woman found the strength to drag my deadweight and metal-armoured carcass back over quite some distance to the party healers, 
but I would not be alive today if she had not done so. I would be grateful if you would pass on my official citation of her 
valour to those who would take note of it. 

Pathfinders Jimmy and Anders - Are turning into something of a distasteful yet hideously effective double-team. Consistent 
roving and appearing from nowhere to attack the enemy's rear marks them out as people I would much rather have on my side 
than theirs. Jimmy especially seems to be highly intelligent in matters of subtlety and problem solving - I often wonder why 
he chose the military as a career. 

Marshal Arthur - Seems to be showing a reluctance to accept other people's ways. When the lone remaining anarchist took 
Jimmy as a hostage, I offered myself in his place, but the anarchist seemed to prefer him. Arthur seemed to think that the 
fact he had given his word as a Marshal on the matter somehow precluded my life's calling to protect people from this sort 
of thing. I tried to explain this and he didn't listen - I can't say I am angry with him, just disappointed. He seems to 
ignore my vocation a great deal in a way that others at least acknowledge, and I would suggest that he does not have just 
cause to accuse me of the same thing. The calling of Justice is one of the strongest in existence, it shall never be denied 
- but does it give Marshals the right to stamp all over other people's life's work? 

I conclude that the anarchist threat in the area has been neutralised, and many captives have been set free. A research 
request will be coming in to you this week, and I remain as always able to discuss any topic covered in this report with you 
at greater length if you require. 

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
115th Avant Garde 

Jimmy's Report

*Jimmy sits down in the small office he occupies in the keep. Taking quill and parchment he composes his report* 

Intelligence report three

Hassani 19th company, Drakens, have taken prisoner civilians. Barony forces have captured their current leader. Drakens 
request parle.

Under orders of Mshl Medar, negotiate with Drakens for prisoner release. Expected terms were release of Hassani 19th's 
leader, thus authority to do so was given. 

3 living civilians returned, 1 corpse for ToJ. 
Deaths - 1; Explained to me by a rather insane, if not friendly at times, woman to have annoyed her to the point of 
warrenting his death. Suspect to be interviewed to see if he was, indeed, that annoying. 
Negotiation with Hassani 27th 'Eagles' provides a good link to friendly Hassani forces and possible intelligence to other 
groups. I would have pursued this if I had not talked to them earlier under the guise of an ignorant traveller. I removed 
myself from negotiations to make certain I did not strain them further. 

Gambling problems in village of Duckspond and who made certain items I confiscated from a con man in the village. (Ref: File 

Intelligence on problem groups: 
Temple of Chaos - No indication of forces.
Temple of Anarchy - No indication of forces.
Temple of Balance - No indication of forces.
Temple of Death - No indication of forces.
Brethren - No indication of forces.
Darkblades - No indication of forces.
SOC - No indication of forces.
Hassani - Contact with 19th(Draken) [hostile] and 27th(Eagles) [friendly].

Training seems to have hardened some of the recruits. Not enough initiative shown at times, with notable exceptions however;
Fortrayre, Juilin (ToF) - Clever, does what needs to be done. Too life aligned to do everything that needs doing, but a very
intelligent man. 
Anders, Phillip (Ptdr) - Dagger wielder of extreme efficiency. 
Anneri (Ptdr) - Clever, quick and cunning. Good traits in a woman, and deadly ones if they are that way inclined.

Contacts made: 
Friendly girl in Duckspond, daughter of headman. Will make more liasons with her in the near future. 

Squire James 
Attached to Pathfinders, CXVAG 

Avant-Garde: Aliens (30/10/2005)

Castlemaine's Report

To: Marshal Flynn Medar 

Well, that was a steaming pile of croc-dung wasn't it. As you know, we were sent out to investigate the disappearance of the 
villagers from the three unnamed villages. The fact that another patrol had gone missing in that area was seen as "something 
that just happens" and not to worry about it. Great. A well armed Barony patrol goes in, goes missing, so we get to go in, 
and potentially go missing. I wonder if we had not come back whether we would have been seen as "Something that happens"?

Anyway, that aside, the party faced two main threats today. The first threat was these weird lizardy-reptiley things. No clue 
as to what they were, although they went down pretty easily. The main problem with them though was these face-hugging things. 
One jumped on the Celtic Barbarian, and another jumped on to his mate Angus. Our attempts to get rid of these things resulted 
in them bleeding acid all over the Barbarians, and their heads quickly dissolved. A third one jumped on the face of Fazer 
McFadden soon afterwards, but we managed to stop half the party trying to hurt it so it didn't bleed all over him. This one 
fell off his face after about 15 minutes or so, but had put something in his belly as a few hours later it burst out from his 
stomach. One of these things had also taken a couple of the patrol that had gone missing as we had found them earlier, still 
alive, but they too died once these little mini-lizardy-reptiley things burst out from their stomachs. I couldn't tell you if 
the threat these posed is gone for good, but we did kill their Queen apparently, so we can but hope. Still, the little 
buggers that burst out of the stomachs we never caught up with. 

We were assisted in killing the lizardy-reptiley things by a unknown group of rock-hard blokes who didn't speak our language. 
One of them decided that I should fight him in a honour duel and proceeded to hand me my backside in short order. Warden 
Nathaniel then tried, and had his handed to him as well, quicker than I had mine handed to me. Guard Simon then took on the 
bloke, and did well enough to earn his respect. They didn't seem too talkative, but they managed to remove the beings from 
inside Warden Nathaniel and Daman the Shaman. Their hunter-bloke then came with us to kill the Queen. According to their 
leader bloke, all the villagers were dead, having had lizardy beasties burst out from their stomachs. 

The second main threat faced by the party was the party themselves. Twice I had to jump between party members as they tried 
to beat each other up. Firstly Guardian Saldor removed a stone from Angus' Ritual Circle, so Angus belted him one with his 
sword. I reminded Angus not to do that again, else I would have to arrest him and it would get messy from there on in. I also 
spoke with Saldor about not being stupid. I suggest that the Guardian's get Saldor to sit and watch a load of rituals take 
place so that he can recognise them in future. Secondly, upon being woken by Fazer, Warden Nathaniel then decided to attack 
Fazer right in the middle of the party. Again, I jumped into the middle of them, and spoke to them both. Daman MacGoogle, the 
Shaman, needs to be reminded that he is not to threaten to kill elves or mages unless they are proven to be enemies of the 
party, and also that when out on Patrol when he is asked to do something he needs to do it rather than try to drive inroads 
into the party and trying to split it down the middle. 

The group as a whole needs to work together. If stuff brews in the middle, then more than just me needs to jump inbetween 
them to sort it out. Much as I am new to this patrolling thing, that group wanted to get itself killed out there. 

Finally, report gobbo hassling at Farmer Jones' place. Apparently, gobbo's had got his daughter, although some weird bloke 
dressed in Red and Black turned up to protect her. He didn't give me his name although he had long black hair, and seemed to 
be searching for Humbold. 

Also, the other patrol was located. Marshal Ghimpe and Wizard Airian's bodies have been taken through for resurrection along 
with Fazer (at least, I made sure they got back and to the temple) whilst a patrol will need to be sent to get the bodies of 
the rest. They are currently suspended from trees, headless and skinless. I don't really want to go back their myself, but 
will if you need me to. 

Report given to me by Wizard Airian: 
They went to the Villages. There was no-one there. There were signs of fights, but no bodies. These looked as though they had 
all been dragged into the woods. They went following the trails. Scout could sense that something was following them but they 
couldn't see it. They could not tell what was dragging the bodies. Scout went missing, but they found him a bit later without 
a head. Then something attacked their group really quickly. The Guards and Wardens were dropped instantly and Airian had his 
arm cut off. Marshal Ghimpe fixed it as best he could. Airian died at this point in his report as a reptilian thing burst 
from his stomach. Marshal Ghimpe gave a similar report. 

Marshal Castlemaine Forecks

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Tally ho old man! Just a quick combat report on the mission. 

The first bandits that we encountered was a bunch of goblins - swarms of the sods! After a jolly old dogfight we were 
victorious and headed for the first village, stopping only for a short time to rescue a villager family. We got to the first 
two villages to find them deserted. We also rescued an elf of some description from more goblins. His rescue was only 
temporary, however, since some bally thing exploded out of his chest! 

Some rather strange beasts appeared once we had passed the second village. Sort of clinging to trees until we had passed when 
we got bounced by them. Seemed to bleed acid of a sort, too. We got the dickens of a fright when two of the highlander 
chappies got some spider thing stuck to their faces. Unfortunately for them, these 'face-huggers' as we called them bled acid 
when killed and what was left afterwards was a bally mess. 

Fazer, another Highlander bought it when another one attached itself to his face. They seemed to lay something in his chest 
and it later got him. 

More of the lizard bounders were met later as well as some 'eggs' out of which the face-huggers seemed to emerge. 

When the fighting turned to night combat I took on the Might Pathfinder as a wingman. Must remember that not all Might people 
are bad, although she didn't seem too enthusiastic when I mentioned my alignment. Still, needs must when the blighters are 
closing on your six! 

The missing patrol turned up, albeit slightly shorter than before. They can be found close to the third village. Found some 
other chappies later on that attacked the first lot and we formed a rudimentary alliance. After a few quick combats and a 
good old talk we were sent after the 'queen' of these cads. The dogfight of the day was with this queen, viscous little 
blighter that she was! With the queen killed, we headed home for tea and medals.

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads

Asharu's Report

Report of Warden Asharu to Warden Lieutenant Darkforge:

Sir I write to you concerning the patrol on the 30th of this Month. The party did not hold together well and as such my 
powers were unable to be used in the most successful way. Warden Durain did his best at holding the party together however 
there was much disorder as a result of the party's composition. None of the Guards were of officer material and would not 
have been suitable to lead the mission. I am unsure of Captain Loukakis' role but he was very successful in helping maintain
party order through sensible advice to Warden Durain. Marshal Castlemaine took control of the party on a number of occasions 
and was reasonably successful however I have concerns that priests leading the party may lead to their beliefs being placed 
prior to the aim of the mission and the safety of the party. On one occasion Warden took action of vengeance against another 
of the party as a result of his beliefs. I also bring note to Saldor who was entirely unsuited to military action his 
presence merely aggravated others and hampered our progress. I offer praise to the clansmen who were highly useful warriors 
and I suggest that allowing them to act as a semi autonomous unit within missions would prevent any possible conflict with 
the magi.


Entry in the diary of Asharu of the House of the Rising Wind. 

I have yet to find my charge and the recent mission, my first in this land, proved to be a steep learning curve. My powers 
were largely unhelpful in protecting the mortals and merely aided in protecting myself. I must partially blame myself for the 
mortals deaths, for the meanings of the runes remain far from me. As I study the words of the ancient text I find it 
difficult to find the meaning and harness the power of the wind. The mortals who I felt the strongest call to were the 
clansmen of the north whose closeness to our former lords makes them distrustful of us. Their purity and clear-thinking 
nature shows me why we endured the lords' wrath to protect them. But even now the lords mock us, I needed help and they gave 
the humans power to heal me. I shall be more careful next time I do not want to be at the their mercy for the past has shown 
they have none.

Saldor's Report

To: Guardian Lomax, 115th Avant-Guarde 

I apologise for the delay in my report, but it took me so long to recover from the events of the last mission. I think I may 
have blocked out a lot of what happened because it was so terrifying, but on the whole think I did rather well. I kept a lot
of people from bleeding to death and most of the time showed the utmost bravery in the face of incredible danger. 

I was confused by how the party acted when we were fearlessly, all of us, killing the queen. She appeared to make some sort 
of noise, or something, and they all backed away from her. I don't know what the problem was! On the up-side, there was a 
definite indication of equilibrium between these aliens and the masked humanoidy things we encountered... predators I think 
the Freedom bafoons are calling them. 

Anyway I must dash, my bath is nearly ready! 

Guardian Saldor 

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Hi, its Solymer, sorry I havent written to you about what happened on the last mission but I have been suffering from a 
splitting hangover and had to find my way back to the temple after waking up halfway up a tree in the middle of nowhere.
Anyway back to the mission I am saddend to say that 3 members of the group were killed and so due to my believe that a life 
should be celebrated and not mourned I am slightly worst for wear. 

On to the mission we started of on a mission to find some people from a village and also a missing squad. To begin with we 
faced some goblins in which I had my first taste of a justice priests sense of human and I would rather face 100 orcs than 
face another one of those terrible puns!! We then eventually ran into a surviving wizard who gave his tale and then 
something happened which resulted in a creature emerging from his stomach and escaping before we could destroy it. I 
unfortunatly have to admit that during this time I saw the state of his corpse and I am afraid that the nausea returned and I 
had to leave the group for a bit to throw up due to the excess blood. We then faced what seemed to be causing the trouble 
which appeared to be a cross between an insect and a reptile. It seemed almost like a creature from the nightmares of a child 
made real. Its greatest strength it appears to be though is its ability to destroy weapons due to the acid in its blood. If 
it had not been for the earth mage onix or something and the justice and order priest wardens or what ever I am certain we 
would of lost this mission. We defeated the creatures who I believe Captain Maximilian Loukakis called bobs and carried on it 
was here I decided to regain some of the powers from the gods and rested alone. When I returned to the party to my horror it 
had appeared that 2 of the northmen had been killed. By appeared it seems that they had been attacked by a spider creature 
or spider bob I will refer to them and these creatures had clamped onto their face. From what I have been told the squad 
tried to prise the spider bobs off them and thus the cratures broke apart releasing acid over the bodies and effectivly 
melting them. We were then attacked and unfortunately another northman was "infected" after numerous skirmishes Ekmet the 
fire mage started to meditate and it resluted in a battle to protect him for the duration. After marching for a while we 
found the missing squad minus their heads for some unknown reason. We went to the suspected location of the bobs and were 
amazed to see a lone warrior fighting an army of them before falling though this warrior used a device and there was a 
blinding flash and the army was destroyed. What was annoying though was the 2nd army that then proceded to attack us we 
proceded to make a tactical withdraw (ran like cowards) and proceded for some unknown reason to wait in an area infested by 
the spider bobs. Once we found a second way in we were attacked by a group of the warriors which were like humanoid insects 
and from what I understand from others they fought us in a duel to see if we were worthy, although it does seem very odd to 
me but I wont insult them as they would probably kill me. They got us to face the bobs queen or egglayer which was the 
largest thing I have seen in a long time. We defeated it but it turns out that nobody saw fit to make sure it was dead and so 
it rose up to face us again and for some reason I was used as bait to distract it not one of my better tasks.

We defeated her/it in the end but it was a very odd mission I would recommend sending another group out to find some of these 
to see if we can study them and see if there is a weakness which can be exploited in case we face them again. Other then that 
though i believe that it was quite a good mission.

Seeker Solymer 

Onyxbalm's Report

To my superiors, 

I am writing to report on the mission I recently attended. 

This was a scary affair, and no doubt the temples have already recieved their reports and are investigating. I didn't sense 
anything particularly magic on the mission, at least, not that I could get close enough to take any look at. The adversaries 
were, even to my untrained eye, most certainly not human and barely humanoid, but highly dangerous anyhow. Unfortunately, 
they were also strong enough that the spells I attempted to cast at them were barely effective. On top of that, their blood 
could melt our weopons, and aside from the occasional mend, there was little I could do. As a result, I spent most of my time 
protecting myself under the ground, but I hope to be of more use against more... natural adversaries. 

There is one thing that I will bring to the attention of all. 
On this mission, we encountered a man with an iron hand, who called himself Valentine. He was asking about High Wizards 
Humbold and Rufius; I know the former at least to be dead. He also seemed unaware that the College no longer exists as it did 
a few months ago. 

He seemed to know something, he is dressed most distinctively in a red cloak, and carrying some sort of metal trinket. 

That is all. 

Wizard of the Earth
*Sealed with wax bearing an insignia of two mountain peaks*


*Onyxbalm sits down in his study and takes out a pen and parchment.* 

Dear family, 

Having only recently been accepted as a Wizard, learning to tap the power granted to me by the Twin Peaks, I got sent out on 
a mission for the barony. The land we were sent to was forsaken, it looked like it may one have been a beautiful place, 
although nothing compared to our own forests, but the creatures infesting it destroyed the former power of the place, 
replacing it with their own corruption. I called upon our power, but the best it could do was protect me in the ground. It 
kept me safe, but was of limited effect in cleansing the place. 

Nevertheless, my magic grows stronger as I learn to utilise the power granted to me. Hopefully, I shall be able to return and 
deliver these messages soon. 


*Onyxbalm folds up that parchment, and places it in a small, ornate, wooden chest. He then gets up, walks to the top of the 
Tower of Earth, and spends what seems like an eternity staring at the mountains in the distance...*

Fazer's Report

*Fazer sits outside, writing a letter by candle light*


Congratulations, you are now a grannie! ...I have had my first bairn. You'd be so proud, it is pure if only I can 
find the little fekker again! Im afraid I passed out during the birth. Though it looks like the lads from the Temple of 
Justice have done a fine job in stitching me up, there wasn't even a scar where my entire rib cage had exploded, as Fazer 
junior escaped. He's only a wee thing at the moment, but bloody nippy.
I also managed to murder two rogue shamens. They had no right to be alive, they'd lost their tartan! ...the McFadden clan 
will triumph over all! ...and if I can find the hive of these creatures we encountered on patrol, we will have an unstoppable 
army. The highlands will be ours for the taking, the McFeegle's, McLeugh's, McTavish's & McGoogle's will all be wiped out. I 
considered killing one of the McGoogle's out on patrol, but figured I'd just let the patrol get on it with it, they tried to 
butcher him while he was unconscious on the ground. It's best he dies by Barony hands.


*Fazer finishes his letter and drifts off to sleep, the aura of a magical creature can be seen attached to his shoulder, it 
looks like some kind of lizard/spider, and it seems to be flexing its legs and extending its tail around Fazers neck...*

Avant-Garde: Final Fantasy II - Rumors and Plague (06/11/2005)

Tanner's Report

FAO Warden Lieutenant Darkforge 
Report of Warden Flint Tanner, 115th Avant-Garde 

Initial Situation Report: Urgent 

High Druid Catsclaw recovered. Druidic contacts investigated. 3 Villages secured. 

Theory advanced: Disease a symptom of combination of "alien being" (the white haired man? Reference to the incident with the 
meteorite) and the powers of nature - by slaying and burying the body of the "alien being", "nature" has been placed into a 
negative circumstance and is equalising by afflicting us with the disease.

Believed Important: Catsclaw informs us there is a group trying to resurrect this "alien being". He does not believe this 
will end the presence of the disease. 

Secondary Note: Presence of unit "Valentine" - red-garbed, gold-armoured angst-ridden male, unknown racial disposition, armed 
with reputedly powerful wand. Travelled with patrol, however took no action observed by myself to aid the patrol at any 
point. Please advise as to future treatment of this unknown. 

More extensive detailing to follow. 

Addendum: Catsclaw theorised that another alien being is needed to cure disease, however revealed that species extinct, a 
fact further reinforced by Valentine's agreement.


Report In Full: 

Mission Objective: Investigate Druidic connection to disease "Geostigma". 

Druidic connection theoretically denied - larger implications explored. Details have already been submitted. 

Mission Objective: Calm 4 local villages and maintain law and order. 

Village 1: Guard Sandex was suffering under the argumentative nature of some of his village, however we managed to calm 
matters for the time being. None of the village appeared infected, although they were losing livestock. Starvation may become 
an issue in time. Whilst Guard Sandex lacks the authoritive drive of his position, he seems a worthy sort and very dedicated 
- I recommend that any steps that can be taken to bolster his confidence be so taken as that is his only clear failing. 

Village 2: Guard Lance Corporal Cleandex was successfully maintaining order in an authoritative manner, keeping two infected
villagers quarantined and safe and cared for, despite significant suspicion and antipathy in the village. I offer no comment 
on Guard Lance Corporal Cleandex, however these are the facts. Due to circumstances I shall outline shortly his village was 
under constant potential attack, yet when he heard sounds of combat generated in the distance by our patrol he abandoned his 
post in a sortie. In addition, whilst within the safety of the village the majority of the patrol took the time to pray and 
meditate, including myself. Despite his rank, I was forced to place Guard Simon in command of our defense whilst I prayed 
after he abdicated the duty. 

Village 3: The guard for this village was slain and the village under the dominion of a Might priest who had organised those 
willing into raiding parties. We secured the village and released the villagers who were helpful in giving us information on 
the local area. 

The Might Priest: 
Upon entering the area, we were set upon by a large group of bandits. When a few were slain, they withdrew and returned a 
short time later re-inforced and including amongst their number an individual who called upon a divine entity to empower him 
and to strike his foes. I theorise his powers based on his witnessed abilities and behaviours. 

With great difficulty, this group was overcome and we encountered evidence of the Might priests work throughout the day. I 
hope that with his removal, the area will become more stable. 

In addition we slew an individual who I believe was his brother, by his words. He displayed powers of a servant of Chaos and 
like all such was dispatched easily by a sturdy blade. Disturbingly though, he returned to life after being slain. I 
personally placed the killing blows into him twice and he was dead in both instances, I would swear and upon my oath I am not 
a lying man. 

Please also find attached a description of a mercenary captured, tried and sentenced to exile by myself and Marshal 
Castlemaine, for circulation to Defender posts. 

Patrol Members 

I wish to place a commendation for the actions of Wizard Onyxbalm, I believe of the Tower of Earth. His fast actions and 
willingness to do what was necessary I am certain saved the lives several of the mages when we were being overrun in open 

I must also commend the actions of our scouting group. Despite a Seeker, "Captain" Loukakis, insisting on accompanying them, 
Pathfinders Anneri and Prospera consistently kept us aware of upcoming situations and were dedicated in fulfilling their 
oaths. I am slightly concerned at Pathfinder Anneri's tendency to act without outlining her intent and meshing her plans with 
the rest of the patrol, however understand that Pathfinders must have some lee-way in this. However, Pathfinder Prospera 
managed to maintain constant communication whilst fulfilling her duties so I cannot help but feel something is lacking. Could 
it be suggested to the Temple of Freedom that the use of rank titles as personal titles is disruptive to proper authority?

I regrettably must request that Marshal Castlemaine be observed for signs of negligence to duty. During the confrontation at 
village 3, he abandoned his post in our battleline and left the field, exposing our flank and meaning that as I was forced to 
move along the battleline to prepare the patrol for a coordinated assault, designed to save hostages lives, our main line was 
outnumbered and the brigands attacked. Only the swift action and self sacrifice of Pathfinder Prospera, Seeker Loukakis, 
buying time for myself and Guard Simon to reach them, prevented casualties amongst the citizens present. I request that he be 
given command of a patrol as soon as possible to ensure he learn the necessity of keeping all of his troops in constant 
communication and that he come to understand the damage his action did to our movements as a patrol. I do not believe his 
error is too major and believe that in imposing the chain of command he will learn to respect it. 

Finally, I became aware that the mercenary Axe is extremely aggravated by divine or mystical castings upon himself. I never 
saw him refuse healing, however he became highly agitated when magic was cast on him and when the possibility of miracle so 
being was discussed. Please spread the word to all patrollees that Axe is not to be cast upon in any way except for healing 
unless he asks for it, though I suggest further discussion with him be made to ascertain the exact level of his concerns. 

The remainder of the patrol performed to expectations.

Yours in oath to King, Prince Regent and Baron, 

Warden Flint Tanner  

Addendum: Disturbingly, no sign of the 4th village was found, however the necromancer's collection of undead that we 
dispatched in our dealings with the druid grove suggest that its fate may be grim. 

Onyxbalm's Report

To my superiors, 

The last mission was, by and large, a success. Most of the day was spent combatting various groups led, it seems, by a Priest 
of Might, he seemed to be inciting revolt, and had a number of forces, including magical ones, at his disposal. He was put 
down early in the day, it seems, during our first armed resistance. 

However, despite the presence of a few somewhat irritating might miracles, my relationship with the Earth seemed fruitful, 
and I managed to detain several hostiles before they could flank us and hit the mage party. 

Combat continued throughout the day, as the might forces continued. The majority of the villages we encountered were 
distressed by the disease but unharmed, although the final village were able to provide us with some invaluable information, 
notably the fact that we had already dealt with a might priest and a balance priest, brother of a local necromancer and 
raiser of abominations. They also directed us to Catsclaw's druid grove. 

The grove itself was missing their leader, but was nevertheless, a beautiful place to rest, and the druids were gracious to 
grant us healing from the plants. I request that a message be sent to the grove to thank them for their hospitality, while 
there, I was able to truly relax. After my healing, I left the grove to prepare magically for the trip to the necromancer; 
realising the probability of there being skeletons, I imbued Paladin Philippe's staff with the power of the Earth, so he may 
better send these foul constructs back to it. I also gifted some magical protection on the good Marshal Castlemaine, a good 
man whose concern has protected me in the past. 

On engagement of the undead, I once again joined forces with the Earth, to grip as many of the skeletons as my power allowed 
in it, so that Philippe could most easily destroy them. After the battle, we found Arch-Druid Catsclaw, who explained the 
nature of the so-called "Geostygma" as best he could. It seems the Earth is punishing us for sending a creature back to him.
Personally, I believe this is more a plea for help than a punishment, and so, I will do what I can do answer the call.

I get the feeling this may be something to do with this "Sephiroth" person I have been reading about; I am currently checking 
the old College Bulletins, but please forward me any more information you may have on this matter. 

Also, the individual named Valentine returned, and accompanied the patrol, he seemed to have a highly magical weopon, 
although I never saw it in action. He did, however, seem non-hostile, and knowledgeable about the situation; I am inclined to 
consider him an ally, and am treating him as such. 

That is all for now. I am off to meditate, lest the Earth provide me with an answer. 

Wizard of the Earth
*Sealed with wax bearing an insignia of two mountain peaks*

Castlemaine's Report

To: Marshal Flynn Medar

G'Day. That was a lot better. Warden Tanner was placed in charge and did a good job of keeping the party together, and I'm 
pleased to report that not once did the Party try to hit each other. Incidentally, where exactly is Axe from? I know he's a 
good fighter, but I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about him. He seemed to go slightly schizz when magic was cast on him, 
and I only know two types of blokes like that - and from what I've seen, the clansmen are much less controlable. 

The particulars of the patrol - We went to the villages. Most of the folks in the villages were uninfected, which is good to 
see. There were rebellion elements, which were organised by a might priest. His body has been taken to the temple. We 
arrested one bloke, who claimed to be a mercenary. Due to the circumstances, we gave him a trial right there and then, found 
him guilty, and he was exiled from the Barony. He had 1 day to fetch his belongings and leave. He looked like *inserts 
description of merc and what we know he can do - mainly firedarts - here* although he did not give us his name and I didn't 
know any way of forcing it out of him. The third village needs a new guard if their guard cannot be resurrected. Again, the 
body of the guard has been taken to the temple - the might priest had shoved a sword through his stomach and pinned him to a 
tree. We removed a necromancer from the area, along with his brother, who was a balance priest. Arch-Druid Catsclaw was 
located, although he had been diseased, and he explained that the disease was some alien thing caused by the meteorite that 
Guard G'Mord got rid of and that the land was punishing us for some alien bloke that was in it.

Note: Captain Loukakis needs commendation for the way he marshalled the scouting force. Also, Seeker Cumberland did a great 
job of making the villagers feel helpful as with his skills he was able to help them to heal the party. All the party worked
together well, and the mages were particularly deadly when they were threatened. 

Marshal Castlemaine Forecks 

Valentine's Report

My nightmare continues. 
Was I sleeping too long? No matter. I am awake now and must atone for my sins. 
Humbold is dead. For his sins, he should have died at my hand, but the result is acceptable. 
The reborn Ancient he created is dead. Yet even beyond the boundary of life, he claws his way back. Is this the retribution 
for our sins? Mine and all those who had a hand in his making? 
He is the cause of the geostigma, as I had feared. Or perhaps, it is better to say Jenova is the cause. Was she truly one of 
the Cetra? I find this hard to fathom. This intense desire for mindless destruction cannot have come from a mere man; it must 
be her. We were mistaken in reviving her cells and now the extinction of all life draws near. I do not know if the geostigma 
can be stopped. 
I hope a means of stopping it may be found. I had small faith in this Barony, but this brief time with some of its 
individuals has restored a little; they possess dedication and courage enough to succeed, if anyone can. 
I will watch the course of events as they unfold. 
Will my nightmare ever end? 

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

What-ho old boy. Another top-hole sortie over and done with. 

For the day's show we were ordered to take a look at a few villages to make sure that they haven't got this bally disease 
that seems to be spreading about. 

Got bounced by a swarm of monkeys on the ceiling. As usual, stiff upper-lippedness and clear cut accents won through in the 
end. Once we had found the first village the rest of the group lent an ear and they all had a jolly good talk. I stayed 
'upstairs' waiting to bounce any blighters that tried to sneak up on the party. 

Ventured into the forest next and found a rather unpleasant bunch. We got attacked head on as well as on our tails, so myself 
and the rest of the scouting wing took on the bandits behind us. Caught one of the bounders as well when I took out both his 
swords. Naturally, he surrendered and the Justice fellow, Castlemaine, took over. 

Found some hostages later and Freedom Wing went into action again, with both of the other scouts joining in a rush at enemy 
lines. All hostiles downed without loss. 

After another village and few more combats we arrived at the destination druid grove. Strange chaps, although they assisted 
in healing those that had caught some flak over the day. 

Last up, we ran straight into a necromancer and his flock. Bally good dogfight again with no loss - found one of those 
spellbook thingies on the necromancer (enclosed with this report). Hope you can do something more useful than he did with it.

Some chappie named Tanner led us out, and he did a rather good job. Possibly wing leader material. 

I took on two wingmen for this op. Both pathfinders, but neither seemed too inclined to the ways of freedom. Must remember to 
recruit them to the Squadron at some point, and also explain the clock system. "Bandit on your six" does not mean that he is
coming around for a spot of tea later that evening.

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads 

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle 
Re: Mission to find Archdruid Catsclaw 

Mission objective to find Archdruid Catsclaw and stop at villages on the way to assure them that the barony was taking action 
against this disease. Alerts of villagers turned looters in the vicinity and orders to quell the uprising with as few deaths 
as necessary. 

Outcomes: Most of the looters refused to surrender, attacking with such force that it was necessary to use lethal force. Mage 
Onyxbalm was especially effective in protecting himself, the other mages, and those of us protecting him in his use of earth 
magics to hold the criminals in place. One runaway to report, who was not seen again that day. 

In an encounter with the first village we came across, the villagers seemed to be arguing amongst themselves. Captain 
Loukakis did a very good job in taking matters on board, assessing the situation, and staying behind to act as an ambush in 
case things turned nasty during negotiations. As it turned out, they were simply scared because a patrol who had gone out had 
not come back in over a week, and they weren't quite sure what to do about it. We assured the guard at the village that 
everything was in hand and he asked us to check on a colleague of his in the next village. 

Soon after, we were beset on both sides by bandits. One, a human with fire magics, came at us from behind, and I quickly 
moved to detain him. With the help of Loukakis, I was able to accept his surrender. In the meantime, however, we were 
attacked by a second hostile, and he proved a little more difficult to subdue. I just managed to put him down before I passed 
out from the injuries he had given me. I do not know what happened to his body. The one who surrendered was exiled from the 
Barony by order of the Marshal on patrol with us. 

The next village had several cases of the disease. No fatalities reported as of yet, however. Not far away, we were attacked
by a group, one of which seemed to hold some powerful miracle which would make people weak. I was able to prevent it being 
cast on one of the mages, however this rendered me useless for the next quarter hour or so. 

We were able to move on to the next village in due course, only to find it behind held captive by a group of bandits. I went 
around the back to see if I could free the hostage they were threatening to kill if we didn't leave, but the fight took place 
before I got there and I understand that the hostage was killed along with all the bandits. After checking on the rest of the 
villagers, we headed up to the druid grove, where they gave us advice and healing. We made haste to where a necromancer was
reported being seen, and discovered him holding the Archdruid captive with the same kind of weakness effect we had 
encountered previously. We were able to defeat the necromancer and his undead in short order and rescue Catsclaw, who 
informed us that the disease was retribution for an alien dying and sinking into the ground. Apparently the only thing which 
could fix it is an Ancient, although we also understand that this race is extinct. 

Special notes: Not long after leaving on patrol, we were met by a man with long black hair, plate armour, and red clothes. He 
carried some kind of item which was able to fire innumerable darts at people. He was known by some of the party from a patrol 
they had been on previously, but seemed very distant and inapproachable. While he did not overtly threaten any of the party, 
having an unknown about who is not sanctioned to go on patrol puts the whole party at risk. He called himself Valentine; any 
information about him would be appreciated. 

Also accompanying us was a half ogre with a large axe. While he was very capable and saved many lives, he seemed extremely 
adverse to the casting of spells (I'm not sure about miracles, since I did not witness anyone trying to cast miracles on him) 
on his person or weapon. I would like to request that all those who do not want such things cast on them make it clear at the 
start of the mission, as there are frequently mages with us who wish to help the party, and individuals who do not like this 
are frequently violent if cast upon. An incident with this Axe person (as he calls himself) could have turned very dangerous 
for the party very quickly had it not been for the swift aid of the Marshal. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar 

Avant-Garde: Final Fantasy II - Missing Children (13/11/2005)

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Sorry, I haven't sent any report or anything back lately I have currently being trying to wash hellhound saliva out of my 
hair, but thats neither here or there. 

The mission I was sent on didn't seem that difficult to begin with but it turned out I was the only priest with the ability 
to heal which admititly worried me as my healing abilites are not my strong point. We had a good number of guards and 
gladiators, I met a rather well dressed gladiator named Monty, I believed he prefered to be called. We faced some bandits or 
something and although the fighters tried the enemy broke through and unfortunatly it resulted in me, a general mage who I 
liked to call the moving tent due to his cloak and a bear mage with no name to scatter and I was chased repeatedly by them 
which was annoying (great workout though which was nice). 

We then realised a problem, although I can heal, I cant heal wounds. This was apparant when one of the half-orc warriors 
I believe called Ug was defeated and it resulted in us having to carry his body to a village to be fully healed although I 
was able to patch him up okay. We reached the first village as it was attacked by hellhounds. One villager was hurt but I was 
able to heal him. We heard some stories about other people, something about Seprioth (whoever he is/was/will be I hate 
talking about undead/spirits the grammer is so hard) which got Onyxbalm in a worry. 

Once we left the village we were repeatedly attacked by hellhounds in varying sizes of packs (I wonder were they came from 
and if we can train them...), sorry, we then met up with 2 people can't remember their names but I remember they were arrogant 
sarcastic and thought little of us and if it wasn't for their large amount of strenght I could of sworn they were members of 
the Might temple. We met up with this Rufius or sombody like that but as he spent all his time under a cloak I didn't really 
bother to notice what was going on. On the plus side though I believe now that all druids and mages are just different 
aspects of the priesthood worshipping different things after a lengthy discussion with the druid and the walking tent. Once 
we arrived at the next village there was a nasty incident when the druid not used to our culture attacked a lumberjack and if 
I didnt stop him I am ceartin he would of killed the lumberjack. I strongly recommend that he should be brought to the temple 
for two reasons, to teach him our culture so there won't be any more incidents of this kind, also I believe that he is highly 
intelligent and may be able to supply us with knowladge of the druids and also where he comes from as he mentioned he is not 
from the Barony. 

We where then faced by a new kind of monster it appears the missing children had been possesed by, I believe, elementals or 
something as they all appeared to have different abilities. Once they were defeated I dedicated much of my standing to 
protecting and looking after the children but I regretfully inform that at least 2 children were killed. (This is the first 
time I have truly felt real anger towards my enemies, the fact that they enslave children like this is something I believe 
that not even the most vicious enemy of the Barony would do and I regretfully must admit I wanted these people dead). After 
this continued we made it to the final village where it appeared that the children were about to be possessed, once we saved 
them from this white haired person who appeared to control the hellhounds I believed it to be safe, so me and the druid 
rested. I must have fallen asleep from exhaustion as I have never needed to use our gods power so much before and it turns 
out that while I was asleep some person appeared, I dont know who, looking for his "mother" (an Oedipus problem I think is 
the term) and when confronted he disappeared, which was nice I suppose. 

On the whole it was a learning experience for me but it has determined my resolve to find out what is going on and also how 
to stop it. I must congratulate the galdiator Monty due to his ability to subdue the children or otherwise I am certin more 
would have been lost.

Durion's Report

For the attention of Arch Wizard Sparkz 

I am a new member of the Avant-Garde unit, and having been on a mission with them the previous week, I believe that I should 
report what happened. 

The purpose of the mission was to find out about some missing children and hopefully find them. 

On the way to the first village, some humans attacked us, but they seemed to die easily enough under the blades of party. One 
of the large fighters, Ug, I think his name was, was wounded and the party did not seem to have any means to tend his wounds. 
This would turn out to be a problem for the mission. 

Having past through the peasant's village, we were set upon by creatures called hellhounds that had magical claws. I had the 
spell magic sight running, and would have for the rest of the day, and was able to tell this. My knowledge of what the tower 
calls general magic, was not sufficient to remove this magic from these creatures, but upon death, it seemed to fade away, 
indicating that it was an innate ability of the creature. 

As we were travelling, we were met by a man and a woman who were surrounded by magic. They indicated that they were the 
people that we had to meet. Whilst we were travelling with them, we were waylaid once again by these hellhounds, one of which 
was able to chase me and wound me severely. When I woke, I found out that I had nearly died and that Paladin Philippe saved 
my life, and with the help of Seeker Solymer, were able to heal me of most of my wounds yet my back was in shreds.

The two glowing people led us to a man called Arch Wizard Rufius. He claimed to be a powerful wizard, of which I do not 
doubt, who had been kicked out of the college for some reason. I would like to know why such a powerful wizard has been 
kicked out of the magic college. Is there not much that he knows and can teach? He said that he would not be able to teach me 
anything due to this falling out, of which I know that I could have learnt much from this being. 

We travelled on and came upon another village that had missing children. The acolyte proceeded to attack a villager because 
he was a woodcutter. I do not know what will happen to him but this seemed to be a one off event, though he will probably be 
watched from now on. The village children returned, surrounded by magic and started to attack us. After subduing them, they 
reverted to normal, but were diseased. 

We travelled on, being attacked by more children who, apart from two, were returned to the barony for curing. One of the dead 
children was quite brutally killed and without my consent was placed into my cloak to be returned to the village. I believe 
that it was the one called Ug, though I doubt that I will receive any compensation from such being. 

We were attacked by more hellhounds in the dying light, but because of my ability to see their magical claws, I was able to 
avoid most of their attacks. 

We travelled finally to the last village who, when question revealed that they were helping the white haired men and had 
given them their children. I recommend that this village be arrested, and their claims of ignorance be ignored. Who would 
hand their children to complete strangers? 

We followed their directions to the white haired men and were set upon by more hellhounds. This battle was fought within a 
valley entrance and with my calls of staying together; we were able to defeat these creatures. I was attacked by one of the 
creatures during this fight and was miraculously unscathed! My powers have surely grown stronger! These creatures could not 
hurt me, and were easily destroyed. All but one white haired man then disappeared, with the last one fighting the party 
before he disappeared. 

These white haired men are very powerful and I must seek more knowledge in order to help stop these men. I request to seek 
out other books of general magic that I might be able to increase my range of spells. 

With the power of Tel'ia.

Wizard Durion 

Avant-Garde: Final Fantasy II - Reunion (27/11/2005)

Juilin's Report

Report Submitted By: Juilin Fortrayre 
On The Date Of: 28th November 
On The Subject Of: 115th Avant-Garde, Missions To Exterminate Silver-Haired Individuals 
On The Date Of (If Appropriate) : 27th October 
LKi/c: Tobin Whitt 

Good day to you. I think, on the whole, we did rather well here. 

The day began with Lieutenant Darkforge giving us a dressing down for failing to prevent a certain silver-haired individual 
from stealing items from the Temple of Life that were to help fight the geostigma disease currently plaguing the Barony. I am 
assuming he was acting on information given to him from a third party, or that he is unaware that there are other ways in 
which to fight a disease than to go out and kill things. A good many of us were not present on the previous ventures, 
devoting our time to research and development on the matter, and so being presented with a man doing an good impression of a 
misanthropist with an iced bun up his ass chastising us for failure was quite surprising and not entirely justified in a 
fair number of cases. I make my opinion here and put my faith in the reasoning for the outburst being one of the former 
rather than one of the latter. We were ordered to find and kill one of the silver-haired individuals, of which there were 
reported to be three. There were quite a lot of us present, though few heavy military, and Warden Tanner was placed in 
command as we departed. 

Almost immediately we found one of the silver-haired people. He looked human, but possessed amazing powers of conjuration 
that summoned a dragon-like creature upon Tanner's no-nonsense approach to the job (i.e. form into a battle line and kill 
him). He vanished into thin air. The dragon (I say dragon not from any actual knowledge - please ask the pathfinders for 
confirmation - but from pictures I saw in books as a child that looked similar) was capable yet vulnerable to being 
surrounded and attacked. Eventually it was defeated and its head removed - I believe Solymer wished to recover it for study.
The fight had taken no small amount of the healing priests power, and we were most relieved to be happened upon by two 
powerful people known to those who had previously attended missions surrounding the geostigma phenomena as friends, who 
sought to help us (or maybe they had been waiting until we had killed the dragon - no matter, it was good to see them anyway). 
There was a follower of order who helped Tanner regain standing with his deity and provided powerful healing of wounds, and a 
follower of chaos who very kindly imbued myself and Pathfinder Anneri with greatly enhanced dexterity. It's a very 
interesting feeling to be able to move that fast - I see now why some of our colleagues are so pleased when they receive that 
particular blessing - and most terribly useful. They also passed on to us four of the stolen items they had recovered and 
made safe for our use. One of the items healed life, the other wounds, another hardened the body with the power of order, and 
another put magical fire about weaponry after the fashion of mages. I investigated one of the items and found it to be really 
quite powerfully miraculous - how the Temple of Life came into such a cache of varied items, and why they were all in one 
place, is intriguing (it should be noted that such a line may be taken as suggesting ulterior motives as answers to those 
questions - this is not my intention. It is only genuine curiosity). 
They also told us of what the silver-haired people were doing: 
They were using the items they had stolen as ceremonial foci in an attempt to summon a previously vanquished enemy of the 
barony known as Sephiroth back from whatever limbo he was in (apparently when he was last 'killed' it did not, for whatever 
reason, suffice). They said that disrupting this ceremony, taking place at the head of a forest valley some distance away, 
was of paramount importance, as the resurgence of Sephiroth onto this plane would be disastrous.
We were almost immediately assailed by two more of the silver-haired beings - the same one who had summoned a dragon, and the 
one who had apparently carried out the theft from the Temple of Life in the first place. They were powerful, but we had 
numbers on our side and they were beaten down. The thief was killed outright, but before the summoner joined him, he vanished 
into thin air, still very much alive when he did. He was clutching a box that glowed slightly, and protected it jealously. 
From the melee, we recovered an elf heavily afflicted with the geostigma disease. The majority of his conversation was with 
Tanner and unheard by me so goes unreported here (though I am sure he will be available for comment if asked), but I did hear 
confirmation that the disease appears not to be manifestly contagious. 

Having completed the mission's parameters as per Lieutenant Darkforge's instructions, we proceeded on armed with this new 
information with a view to putting a stop to the ceremony and killing the remaining two silver-haired people - though some of 
the party seemed more interested in keeping score of body counts and making the Lieutenant happy. A slightly lacking 
assignment of priority, possibly? Or maybe the two goals were closer than I thought? 
Approaching the forest in question, we were once again set upon by the summoner, clutching his box, and a host of 
demonic-looking hounds. The blessings of those who aided us earlier came to full light as I was able to evade the hounds 
quite easily - it made fighting them considerably simpler. The summoner was once again beaten down, but vanished before we 
could finish him off. 

Considering that if I were trying to protect a box, I would neither be around fights nor holding it at the time, I have to 
conclude that the summoner was responsible for all of the hordes we faced, as it is the only good reason he would place 
himself, and his box, in harms way so often. 

On entering the forest, we happened upon another horde of demonic hounds and some strangely afflicted children, who did not
respond to stimuli but attacked us with fire magics. Upon being beaten down, they reverted to a more normal (but still highly 
diseased) state, still alive. Solymer was taken with compassion at this point and was driven to escort one of the children 
back to the Temple of Justice. Thankfully, before he left the mission party completely, he was happened upon by another 
patrol that took possession of the child. Tanner was not impressed, even with the good reasoning, and I tried to make Solymer 
more aware of the necessity to, when on patrol, do as told, rather as wished. I could not entirely condemn him, however, as 
his motives were commendable and I have done as much myself in a different manner before. 

Things became rather more intriguing when we found dark druids aiding some more silver-haired men further on through the 
forest. I am unsure as to their connection, though as both seem to wish to corrupt the land to their own ends, they may have 
found they have a common purpose and agreed to work together. Killing them gained us no information, but the presence of 
Druids Hawthorn and Bear precluded our taking any other course of action. In the ensuing meditation and prayer period, 
shambling mounds of plants attacked the party, presumably a result of more dark druids machinations. During this fight, 
Warden Asharu was accidentally struck down by Marshal Castlemaine's blade. I say his blade, rather than him, as I see no way 
it could possibly have been intentional - indeed the Marshal signalled his intention to place himself under arrest upon the 
mission's completion and only maintained possession of his blade on Tanner's express order. 
We saw further evidence of the collusion further on, where we found the aforementioned more dark druids and the summoner 
(na box) together. They were killed, and he vanished before we could get to him again. 

Beginning to slightly despair of ever actually killing this target, we walked into the middle of a fight between life druids, 
dark druids, and the summoner and a silver-haired woman. The dark druids and the woman were killed (strike two for our side), 
though the summoner got away again. The life druids were very grateful for our help (in a mutually rare and very welcome 
display of overtly friendly behaviour between a grove and a patrol - though I would request that patrols are briefed that 
druids are not fans of metal entering their groves) and offered us such healing as they could request from their trees (I 
maintain that being tree-healed is one of the most wonderful feelings in existence, the likes of which only very expensive 
substances replicate and with no after-effects). Their high druid also consented to using the power of the land to resurrect
Asharu - a procedure I was lucky enough to be able to witness first hand. The peace and tranquillity with which life was 
returned to him was tangible, and he appeared quite enlightened by the affair. The high druid herself appeared neither 
fatigued nor overly stretched by the procedure - the ways of peace are clearly strong with the grove. 
The druids told us that when the summoner had first turned up, looking for what they called a 'Touchstone' (a device that 
precipitated his vanishing acts), he was slowly bleeding - the confirmation of our actually hurting him being the best news 
we had received all day. They also remarked that a being known as the 'Flower Girl' - a force of nature who became young and
old with changing of seasons - would be granted further access to this plane with the destruction of Sephiroth. She was of 
the land, so would fight the disease and attempt to cleanse it. It seemed that all success depended on our destroying the 
They finally said that they were lacking druids (or even acolytes) and were not able to populate all of the groves in the 
area. May I request that other groves known to the Barony are made aware of this, so that they may work on a solution? I 
would not wish to see such areas of concentrated life disappear through a lack of communication. 

Upon approaching the ceremonial circle spoken of to us by our two friends from earlier, we were assailed by all manner of 
demonic creatures - some of which I had never seen before. They were protecting the circle containing the summoner and his 
box, now open and showed to contain a skull. Making judicious use of the items the two helpers gave to us, we quickly got 
through the creatures and attacked the circle and its contents. Unfortunately, the ceremony had been completed by the time we 
finally killed the summoner, and he vanished and was replaced by someone with very long silver hair who some people 
recognised as Sephiroth himself. 

The ensuing battle was insane. Sephiroth was a one-man wrecking crew, knocking people down with single blows from his sword 
and in waves of life-repulsing energy from his body, as well as striking for grievous injury up to and including the breaking 
of people's limbs. After a frenzied fight, however, our numbers and relentlessness told and he was weakened and cut down. His 
final remarks, however, were ominous. He said that "This is not the end", and vanished, we assumed with his body having been

Immediately, the atmosphere felt different, and as if the very land were perking up. Life seemed to return to the area in a 
rush with Sephiroth's banishing, and also began to rub off on those of us who were injured. Over the journey back, we found 
that our life force and wounds were being healed, and returned for debriefing in almost entirely good health. 

Un/worthy performances from party members: 

Warden Tanner had another good day at the office. His command was sensible though highly structured (in truth, I would expect 
nothing else), the death of the party member he cannot be held responsible for, and he readily explained orders to me when I
enquired about them at a suitable time after carrying them out. I am sure that if he smiled once in a while, he would enjoy 
a higher quality of life, but we should probably take things one step at a time. 
Warden Asharu demonstrated that he possessed approximately twenty pounds of testicles on several occasions when he 
translocated into the heart of a fight to deliver lightning magics into an enemy. He took severe damage in doing so, but the 
fact he tried at all shows extreme courage. 
Wizard Onyxbalm appeared overly capricious with his power throughout the day. The enemies he was facing appeared to be hardy
against his magics, but he seemed to almost give up trying at several points. Next week he may be the most useful party 
member on patrol, and I hope to see a comparable change in his demeanour. I would suggest to him that assuming it won't work
is not an option on a patrol. 
Marshal Castlemaine needs to take some mental relaxants before he has an aneurysm. He appeared to find more fervour in 
telling fellow party members what they did wrong than in fighting the enemies - misplaced priorities once more, maybe. I say
again, however, that I (along with everyone else asked) do not hold him responsible for Asharu's death. 

I conclude that the being known as Sephiroth has been vanquished and his silver-haired acolytes killed, though it remains to 
be seen what effect this has on the geostigma disease. I, as always, remain available to answer any questions stemming from 
this report that you or anyone else may have. 

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
115th Avant Garde 

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Hi, I thought I should just tell you what happened to explain why have arrived with a headless corpse and a large reptilian 
head. We started off being told off by some warden, I ignored him as he was complaining about something being stolen from the 
Temple of Life and as I had no knowledge of this I didn't think it was wise to listen in or care, as it would only depress. 
Anyway, I was pleased to see some allies, from recogniction, Bear the druid (oh I have a request if it would be possible if 
he can study in the Temple of Freedom for a while we have a project we want to complete) and also the mage Ekmet. We also had 
a full complement of mages from all 4 schools which was quite good to see their outlook in life. Anyway we set off to stop 
these silver-haired people when we found one who had the ability to summon and so summoned a creature unlike any I have met 
before. Needless to say it was not nice and was almost like a dragon from tales, this idea was further enhanced when the 
might preist tried to attack it and was engulfed in flames. Needless to say we killed it but only after a while and after I 
had to save the might priest and me and Seeker Juilin attepmted to distract it (although due to his attire I believe that he 
won). After the battle I had the idea to study, although due to the size it seemed a better idea to study the head, so we cut 
it off and me and Bear have decided to see what can be learnt from it (I looked away while this was going on as my feelings 
about blood have not changed). 
We again set off when we met Rufius and his lot (how or why he wears darkened sunglasses I'll never know unless their 
magical...) anyway their leader was attacked by another silver-haired individul and so he defeated him and although he 
appears elven we believe him to be a different species alltogether so I am performing an autopsy to make sure and it may help 
me with my phobia to take a clinical look. 
We continued off and were faced by more demon dogs (disappeared when dead which was annoying) and some possesed children. I 
was told to look after one of them and when I asked if I should take it back I was not answered and so I returned the child 
to a local patrol. When I returned, the Warden Tanner was annoyed for some reason that I took a child out of the battlefield. 
Seeker Juilin Fortrayre tried to explain the situation and I can see his point but the fact was that he is useful in the 
party other than in healing and until I enhance my powers and that is all I can do so I felt it was best for me to 
temporarily leave the party to help someone. We continued down the path when we faced what appears to be the druids version 
of death/might priests who I later found out were called dark druids. While us mages and priests rested we where repeatly 
attacked by moving bushes and as the party attempted to protect us one got through and so me and a water mage called 
Bae'ella'gor and Warden Castlemaine defeated it before it could interupt them. Unfortunately chaos was against us and one of 
our own people was killed, the mage Asharu by accident. 
We continued down the trail when we where again faced by one of the silver-haired people who ran away. We again stopped to 
rest where I prayed and unfortunalty fell asleep and so I was given a vision of chaos needless to say it was pretty damn 
scary. We again faced the silver-haired person and met up with some druids who ressurected Asharu. We continued along and 
finally came near the ritual site when we were stopped by some dire animals quite possibly the most random fight ever as they 
appeared to just attack us for no reason. We engaged the silver-haired person and just as we were going to succeed he 
transformed into a new person who was more than slightly powerful. We won though and when he fell he mentioned this is not 
the end (why do they always say this when they lose, maybe its some part off their character to be sore losers) on his defeat 
it started to rain and some how our wounds were healed. 
All in all I believe it went quite well if a little odd. I apologise in advance for the mess I may make and I will clean it 
up afterwards and hopefully I will have learnt something from these specimens. 

Tanner's Report

FAO Warden Lieutenant Darkforge 
Report of Warden Flint Tanner, 115th Avant-Garde

Mission Objective: Eliminated silver-haired man, one (1). 

Secondary Actions: 
Eliminated silver-haired man, one (1). 
Eliminated silver-haired woman, one (1). 
Eliminated Sephiroph, one (1). 
Eliminated Dark Druidic gathering of forces, two (2). 
Strengthened alliance with local Light Druidic forces, one (1). 

Casualties: Warden Asharu, slain and revived. 

That is all. 

Warden Flint Tanner 

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle 
Re: In search of the silver-haired people

Mission objective: To eliminate at least one of the silver-haired people, enabling Warden Darkforge to deal with the other 
two reported in the area. We were told this would get rid of the geostigma disease which has been ravaging the population.

Highlights and points of interest: We had not gotten far when we encountered a large, dangerous beast, which we eventually 
defeated. Afterwards, two protectors from a mage formerly associated with the college named Rufius I believe informed us that 
it was a dragon. They proved to be very powerful, and helped the patrol in many ways, giving increased dexterity to myself 
and at least one other, Seeker Juilin, helping Warden Tanner gain more standing with his god, and giving us some of the 
materia which they had managed to get back from the silver-haired man who stole them the previous week. These items were 
powerful magically and miraculously, giving us a small edge throughout the course of the day. 

We went with these protectors to the mage only to find him sealed in a ward with a small group. As he saw us, he was able to 
free himself from the ward, and we were able to identify those with him as the silver-haired people we were to deal with. We 
quickly took one down, although the others escaped, disappearing into thin air. 

After speaking with this mage, we left him with his protectors and continued on towards the forest. Although we had finished
our stated mission objectives, we continued on to do what else we could. We met and slaughtered several groups of demon-dogs, 
children who attacked until beaten unconscious and then appeared to be, although sickly and weak, normal children, a group of 
dark druids, and had several fights with the two silver-haired people. We had been told of a corruption in the forest from 
the passing of the silver-haired people and found not only dark druids drawn to the spot, but also shambling mounds. The very 
forest seemed to be alive with them as they just kept coming out of nowhere. While a group of the mages and priests were 
communing to regain some of their power, these shambling mounds attacked in great numbers. Marshal Castlemaine deserves 
commendation for his valiant defence of the prayers and meditators, as he prevented one from getting inside while the rest of 
us were occupied elsewhere in fighting. 

After continued fighting, we managed to kill the silver-haired woman, leaving only the man who clutched a box and kept 
disappearing to deal with. We met up with some light druids in their grove, where they healed us and resurrected one of our 
number, Warden Asharu, who had been inadvertently slain when the Marshal's sword caught him instead of one of the shambling 
mounds. We also received information from the druids. I was told that the silver-haired people were able to disappear through 
use of touchstones, which they somehow travel through, corrupting them in the process. The box the elusive silver-haired man
carried was protected by magic and was the remainder of the stolen items which he was going to use in a ceremony to return 
one Sephiroth to life. In addition, A flower girl (which reports on the Sephiroth matter had indicated that she was dead, 
killed by this Sephiroth) was also trying to rid the land of this geostigma, and was hampered in her efforts by the 
silver-haired people; killing them would enable her to take care of the disease. 

After learning all we could from the druids, we moved on to where they believed the final silver-haired man was going to be 
doing the ritual. We found him rather quickly, guarded by corrupted beasts. Dispatching the beasts, we interrupted the 
ritual, but before we could kill the silver-haired man, he shouted something and disappeared. In his place was another man, 
who quickly attacked with great fierceness, throwing people backwards with his blows. It was quickly determined that this was 
Sephiroth, and the whole patrol attacked, finally taking him down. Standing right in front of me, he shouted that "this was 
not the end" and then disappeared, leaving the original silver-haired man who we had been so close to killing lying on the 
floor gasping. We quickly dispatched him, gathered the items he had stolen, and made our way back. 

Notes: Marshal Castlemaine inadvertently caused the death of Warden Asharu when a shambling mound got out of his way 
mid-swing. Although he blames himself for it, and requested to be arrested during the mission (Warden Tanner instructed him 
to deal with it afterwards) I can say with absolute certainty that it was not his fault, indeed it was no one's fault, and 
would be willing to testify to that if it came to a court. 

This Sephiroth had, according to reports, been killed once already, and given his words, I believe he may have the ability to 
return again. This should be considered a continuing threat to the Barony.

The children who attacked us seemed to be possessed by some power, and were able to cast offensive magics. None were killed,
and the children we encountered were taken back to the Temple of Justice I believe. This is, however, very disturbing, given
that it would be very easy to kill such children. If the silver-haired people were to blame for this possession, then the 
danger is probably thwarted, but it might be a good idea to keep an eye open for the case reoccurring, in case something else 
was to blame or this happens again. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar 

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Jolly good show old man. Jolly good show. 

We were sortied to take out those blasted silver-haired men. Bit of a shouting at from Darkforge at the off.

Straight after our scramble we met up with one of them. Vanished in plain sight, and you wouldn't believe what showed up 
next. Bally jerry pranged his kite right in the hows-your-father. Made a dickens of a crack - you should have heard it! With 
flame breath and everything. Caught his can in the bertie after we'd finished with him though. After we emerged victorious 
Solymer salvaged its head - hoping to study it I expect, and we were able to scratch one silver-haired man. 

Got bounced by some 'dark druids' and then shambling mounds - move slowly, but pack a bally wallop. 

I must commend Castlemaine, Mattock, Anneri and the bear druid for their spiffing escort they provided to those who were 
praying/meditating. Nearly ended up in the soup when one of the hun made a run at them - hairy blighter only just got downed 
in time. 

Unfortunately, that Asharu fellow bought it when Castlemaine took a swing at a shambling mound. Sort of bad luck and all 
that, but I have to report that this was not Castlemaine's fault. We were in a bit of pinch here, and no mistake - swarms of 
the sods appearing almost at will whilst we had the non-combatants to defend made for bloody hard work! 

When I finally ran out of power, I prayed and found myself reliving that dogfight over the Western Fields. Jolly old scrap. 
Bandits six o'clock high and all that. 

Claimed another silver-haired one next, and I salvaged her daggers. Saved a druid grove, who had been held prisoner by a life 
ward. In a jolly decent way they repaid us with healing. Must remember to read up about what the bally hell that tree was on 
about. It certainly didn't seem to grasp the idea of a dogfight, and seemed more interested in keeping firmly on terra firma. 

Finally ran the last of the silver-haired bounders to ground when who should blow along - large as life - but Sephiroth. Sort 
of tipped the balance, what-ho, and we took a plastering. Luckily all those who were hit bailed out and we had no losses. 
Broke off for home and tea. They deserved it - well done everybody. 

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads

The Return to Upper Bogglehampton (04/12/2005)

Touton's Report

*Report to the Humacti* 

Report mission to Upper Bogglehampton is a success, the spirit of death has been freed to return to its plane and hopefully 
this will prevent the constant spawning of undead. The followers of death in our party were instrumental in this and 
sacrificed a lot to achieve it, I knew there was a reason we tolerated them and their warped views. The party sent were all 
excellent although I myself particularly commend the marshals for their healing and powers of life. 
The spirit of death was trapped near a powerful life cave and bound by the indestructible zombies of past life wardens. Our 
death companions took their place and we were forced to put their spirits to rest (at their request) for the spirit to be 
freed. It returned our companions unharmed to us at that point. I personally laid three of our companions spirits to rest 
with holy damage which was all that could harm them, this despite an array of death effects they unleashed unwillingly.
I personally laid to rest 4 ghouls, 8 skeletons and zombies, a shadow and 2 banshees. The powers of life protected me well. 
I wish to request that a Humacti team be sent in to deal with a very powerful warrior ghost, a number of banshees and a 
vampire. The first I was unable to defeat and drove the party back before retreating themselves and the vampire I was 
forbidden to attack by Marshal Mathonwy. The vampire was instrumental in showing us the way to defeat the death spirit so no 
blame can be attached to the Marshal as it was not part of his mission. He has more than proved himself a follower of life.
Yours in the power of Life,
Humact Touton.

Lomax's Report

*Report issued to appropriate Defender contacts*

I hereby report the death of Headman Bob of Upper Bogglehampton for crimes against the Barony. I also wish to report the 
release of a Goddess of Death, the destruction of the Cave of Life and the vicious brutalising of a friendly werewolf village 
at the hands of the patrol led by Marshal Mathonwy. 
No patrol life was lost, though Warden Interfector disappeared in the night - whatever his purposes I expect they were good 
ones but could you suggest that he at least let us know where he's going when he next turns up.

Lieutenant L. Sorenar 
Guardian Liasion CXVAG 


*To contacts within the Temple of Balance*

The rogue Balance priest known only as Headman Bob was exterminated by the patrol after calling on the gods of Anarchy to 
worship him in front of Marshal's Mathonwy and Carlsberg. This was dumb. 
To ensure that he stayed dead, I did what was necessary and what was right. 
Also, the Temple of Justice have destroyed the focal centre of the powers of Balance that was Upper Bogglehampton and the 
Cave of Life. Unfortunately, I did not understand it's nature and the Marshals and swarming gaggles of wizards managed to 
keep me uninformed of what they learned and intended until too late. 
In honour of She'Lagh,

Guardian Lomax Sorenar 


*In sealed private message by way of numerous friends, to Dougal McFeegle*


I killed Bob and have bound him against doing harm to others and repaying some of the harm he has done to us. Unfortunately 
leaf boy had already fled the area, though his replacements were rather upset by the time we left. 
No sign of The Gardener - it's possible he may actually rest in peace, but considering the surroundings... 
If you need anything let me know. 
Your friend, 



*In the privacy of his own dreams, in the deep dark hours before mornings light* 

*A figure huddles upon the ground, whimpering and alone in the darkness. A light shines dimly in the distance, growing 
nearer, until Lomax stands over him, looking down. The figure lifts his head suddenly, his face smooths and a smile cracks 
his face. He rises smoothly, suddenly holding himself erect, as if a lord, though he is clad in rags.* 

"So, you have come again. I have a task for you and your friends. There are drow sneaking ar..." 

"Not today. Nor any other. You allowed Anarchy to hold too much sway. Now, for your imbalance, I bring you Balance. For your 
Anarchy, you will be bound here, to me, until your pain can quench my own and at last do some good." 

*Lomax turns and walks away. Behind, the figure screams at him, rages and shakes his fists, calls out to dark powers to slay 
him, yet he is rooted to the spot. As the shrieks dwindle to nothing, Lomax pauses and smiles to himself, the smile of a 
satisfied man.* 

"Now THAT's Justice." 

*In the darkest hour, Lomax relaxes in his sleep, the sleep of the just.* 

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild 
From Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

Further to my last report, I again received word from the Barony military establishment that all volunteers who were able 
were to report under emergency conditions, this time to answer a significant threat in the Bogglehampton area. I discovered a 
little about this bizarre region of our Barony, and was rather disturbed. I will admit that I was a great deal more disturbed 
by the warped and defiled reality which was the Bogglehampton enclosure. 

This commission brought me into contact with a number of servants of the Barony whose reputation travels wherever our 
patrolees gather, but whom I had not had the honour of serving beside before. Noteable in that gathering were two 
representatives of the Temple of Justice, being one Raven (a somewhat florid masked man) and the famous Marshal Mathonwy. The 
mission also re-united me with several old friends: Nab McFeegle and Wise One Morrigan Von Angstein, Guard Sergeant Eagleson, 
High Wizards Zephyra and Rain (of whom more later), High Master Interfector, and of course, Guardian Lomax. 

It became clear from speaking with Guardian Lomax, and with some of the other more senior members of the patrol, that they 
had been to the area before and held it in some awe and loathing. Their dedication in returning to a place so dreaded should 
be recognised at the highest level by the Barony, particularly in view of the unexepected level of achievement from the 

The particulars of the call were that overwhelming numbers of assorted undead minions were assaulting the standing guardians 
on the wall which encloses Bogglehampton and its environs. Certain of these both recognised and communicated (very briefly) 
with Guardian Lomax, a fact which disturbed him more than a little. We began the day under some stress, battling roving bands 
of assorted zombies, skeletal warriors and ghouls merely to reach the gate leading into the Bogglehampton enclosure. 

Once inside, things became more than a little confused for a while. Somewhere early in the mission something arcane occured 
which drove Guardian Lomax into a kind of ecstatic fury. I have yet to understand what, but it led to a series of displays of 
the disturbing power of a follower of the Balance when they have cause to meld their disparate skills into a focussed cause 
(such as the spreading of mayhem and destruction among the servants of Death and Anarchy). Guardian Lomax when roused is 
difficult to subdue. 

A wide variety of arcane occurances spattered the day. When assailants who were both visible and corporeal came against us, 
the group proved solidly capable of handling them. The development in my mastery of our disciplines saved both my own life, 
and the lives and limbs of various others within the party during a long and confused melee in the dark against varying 
scales of servants of anarchy. One in particular took a most extraordinary effort both on my own part and on that of a number 
of others to lay low. 

There was a vampire who appeared to be assisting us: the moon was brought from dark to full in the space of an eye-blink, the 
party of us were rendered invisible and then assaulted by equally invisible hounds, we encountered a shambling idiot who was 
first addressed in tones of terror as "Headman Bob" and then assaulted by all the representatives of Justice that were with 
us, myself, Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane, and Guardian Lomax. While all of us were instrumental in laying "Bob" low the 
first time, he requickened while I was attempting to remove his head and did me some quite serious damage before Guardian 
Lomax did something dramatic and permanent about him. I would like to recomend that we petition the Temple to formaly 
recognise and reward this action, since I have no doubt that it saved my life, and probably the lives of several others. I 
have heard rumblings that the Temple of Justice intends to bring proceedings against him for Necromancy: I would like 
permission should such arise to leave the Halls in order to stand witness on Guardian Lomax's behalf. 

I also found myself, at one point, engaged against a particularly able werewolf (called Alf). I'd been engaged in fighting 
(principally to subdue them) various other werewolves for some time, and had become accustomed to the idea that they really 
could not stand against me. Admittedly, this is solely because said Alf had, through some mechanical skill I could not fully 
understand, plated the weapons of the party in silver. I clearly could not accept this until it had been demosntrated to me 
that the assistance was not arcane in nature. However, armed appropriately, the wolves fell before me in short order. 

Alf himself, after he had been enraged in some way by High Master Interfector (I never found out how) transformed and came 
among us seeking his victim. I stood against him whenever I could catch up to him, but as far as I could tell my best efforts 
were not even slowing him down. An extraordinary individual, and most dedicated to the safety of his villagers while he was 
in his human form. 

Interfector disappeared. I know he never faced Alf, but have no idea what did happen to him. 

Along the way, we were informed (by a Death priest... ) that a great spirit of the path of Death had been bound into the very 
earth, and was the source of many years of arcane activity in the area, and that should we free said spirit to return to 
their own plain, it would all stop. Naturally, we tried to do this. The results were unusual, but it does seem to have 

I should particularly note at this time that Wise One Morrigan, High Master Interfector, the warrior Blackwing and High 
Mistress Cheska dedicated what turned out to be their own lives to the lifting of the influence of Death from the area. This 
led to a very disturbing circumstance which I shall relate below. 

We did eventually succeed in both cleansing the area and returning the unnatural moon (and thus Alf's people) to natural 

The group who answered the call to arms was unusual in composition, disorganised in tactics and occasionally woefully badly 
regulated in determining its actions but the individual prowess and willingness to co-operate ex tempore of those who served 
was spectacular. No member of the unit failed to perform when the moments of truth came, and for every member of the unit 
they came regularly. I was honoured to serve in such a company. 

Returning to the unnatural circumstance. I would refer the reader to my report submitted for the the 21st of November last. I 
refer specifically to the incident with the zombie children (rather than the incident with the harmonica, which though 
horrifying has left no lasting disturbance of my soul). I was reduced to a state of incapability by a certain manifestation 
of the powers of death once again in Bogglehampton. I am unable to maintain my balance in the face of being forced to destroy 
that which I was commissioned to protect. I do not have an answer to this spiritual conundrum, and I seek the aid of the 
Guild in regaining control over myself. 

Yours in honour, 

Champion Cyrus Fere 

Avant-Garde: When the Beech stole Christmas (11/12/2005)

Saldor's Report

To: Guardian Lomax, 115th Avant-Guarde 

I'm sure that you can obtain the military debrief of the recent action, requested by the Temple of Freedom. 
I would like to express to you my deepest concern with regard to a number of barbarians within the Avant-Garde. I have 
specific issue with their rituals, that they seem obsessed with. They have twice now assaulted me while during the course of 
these rituals and just today on the mission there was absolutely NO evidence that they were engaged in said activity. I must 
protest that the harming of Barony patrol members, ignorantly or not, is a crime that should not go blindly un-punished. If 
these random acts of sensless violence have not been noticed against any other organisations, then perhaps they have some 
sort of born hatred against either myself or more likely, Temple of Balance members. Obviously this could not be tolerated. 
I would also like to report the incompetancy of a certain pathfinder who was supposedly leading us on this mission. He 
assumed command of the patrol (while I am convinced that by right one Pathfinder Prospera should have been in command) and 
promptly delegated command to two guards who were not necessarily suited to the task; and giving them insufficient direction 
as to how they should 'sub-command' wandered off to do as he pleased ahead with the scouts. He frequently left the party 
without any direction and was generally inept. I would like to allege a formal complaint against him, which I will do as soon 
as I can determine his name... 
Other than that people were generally unhelpful and incapable of looking after themselves. I saved several members of the 
party from dying and was still accused of leaving people to die. The Temple of Balance is not given nearly the recognition 
that it should have and I wonder if you have any ideas on how this could be addressed. 
Anyway they've made me all really angry, so I'm off for a nap. 

Guardian Saldor 

Anders' Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle 
Re: Theft from Temple of Freedom 

Hi boss, 

Well, that was odd. A random collection of Avant-Garders got dragged down to the Temple of Freedom this afternoon; apparently 
the Christmas feast and tree and decorations and presents that they'd laid out for the local street urchins (sounds like an 
attempt to hijack the Barony's main communications channels to me) got half-inched by a group of... well, I'm still not sure. 
We caught a bunch of sprites with everything in the end, but the Seeker who briefed us didn't say anything about the perps 
being sprites, even though he said they'd sat down to join in the meal... Meh. It's been a confusing day all round, really. 

Anyway, we set off in slightly tepid pursuit of the thieves, following a trail that was about 5 hours old by the time we 
started. First we came to a little village that was the usual collection of numpties and bumpkins, plus a sushi chef who I 
believe got convinced to go and cook... well, prepare, anyway... a new feast for the urchins. That should have got the little 
scroungers back out of the temple in a hurry. They denied having seen anyone go past, despite the tracks leading straight 
past the village and off into the forest. So, off we went, following tracks and the smell of roast turkey. 

Then we met the first group of frost sprites. Dratted annoying they were too; I don't know how many of them we killed 
throughout the day, but it was a lot. They weren't particularly dangerous - hit no better than goblins with a sword, but were 
able to freeze us in our tracks at will, which was not helpful. We continued following the tracks and met another group of 
sprites emerging from the forest, who had with them a weird creature that seems to have been an enchanted Christmas cracker.
When they got close to the party, they generally told a bad joke, then exploded. I stayed well clear. 

Into the forest we went and encountered more frost sprites, a few tree sprites (all hostile), another cracker or two and some 
exploding Christmas tree decorations. We got a bit beaten up by them before killing most of them (the others fled), partly 
because there were at least three different leaders, none of whom were doing any leading. So I went and did some scouting, 
figuring it was my job. 

Then we met a group of druids; one animal druid called Rudolph, who had a bright red nose, and a whole load of tree druids, 
all called Spruce, who I think may have come from the same place as Marshal Castlemaine. They were kind enough to heal us 
all, only told a few painful puns, and let our casters do their praying and meditations in the grove. Then we were off again, 
pausing only briefly to investigate a weird noise coming from the forest - almost like a duck being tortured, but it turned 
out just to be the barbarian, Fazer McFadden, so we left him to it and carried on. 

Next, we met yet more sprites, and something new - floating electrified tinsel. It wasn't very fast, though, so it was easy 
enough to chop up. Then, we saw what I thought would be the most disturbing things I would ever see - a zombie hog roast and 
a turkey goul. Several of each, in fact. And more sprites. And more tinsel. The zombie hogs were pretty easy to deal with - 
too slow to do much damage - but the turkey ghouls were harder; one in particular was moving with amazing speed despite 
having lost a leg. I'll never look at cranberry sauce in the same way again. 

Finally, we came to the end of the trail and saw things which mortal man is not meant to wot of; namely, an agressive 
animated Christmas tree and a perambulatory figgy pudding. And yet more sprites. The tree and the pudding were dispatched 
without too much difficulty, although several of us, myself included, got sucked into it at various point. It was not nice in 
there. The sprites were annoying, but eventually killed. 

The conclusion was that pretty much none of what was taken could be salvaged, so we went home. 

Oh, while I remember: Guardian Saldor is a big girly wuss. He's a craven fool. What in Gwydion's name is he doing going out 
on patrol? If he gets hit he runs away and gibbers, unless he gets angry and casts himself nearly to death trying to kill 
minor enemies, sometimes when they are already in custody (or possibly custardy, seeing as it was in the remains of the figgy 
pudding). To make it even worse, he was our main healer for the day! He really needs to grow up and find some testicles if 
he's going to be anything more than a liability on patrol. 

Speaking of breakdowns: seeing the way the party interacted would have been hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that it was 
endangering our own lives. At one point I witnessed Pathfinder Dem (who was nominally in charge) smacking a sprite with his 
sword, while the Justice priest (whose name escapes me) was trying to heal it. As I said, it would have been comical if it 
hadn't been so sad. 

Oh, and Loukakis is just odd. 

Anyway, I'm off to get my Christmas turkey Blessed by the Humacti. It's hard enough to move after Christmas dinner as it 

Have a happy midwinter festival, whichever gods you follow. 

Pathfinder Phillip Anders 

Nathaniel's Report

Pathfinder Anders is almost entirely accurate. However, I was the only follower of Justice in the party and I do not remember 
ever trying to heal any of the sprites who were clearly guilty of receiving stolen goods and probably of breaking and 
entering and petty theft as well. 

I would commend Captain Loukakis for taking control when our 'fearless leader', Pathfinder Dem, wandered off with the scouts 
and left the party to fend for itself. 

Finally, I would love to know why someone as craven, incompetant and possibly insane as Saldor was ever allowed to join a 
military organisation of any kind. Here is a list of problems encountered so far and where neccessary, a list of military and 
civil crimes: 
- Running away at the first sign of trouble (cowardice in the face of the enemy/possibly desertion).
- Falling asleep in the middle of a mission (sleeping on duty).
- Refusing to aid a fallen comrade (given his role as party healer, derelection of duty).
- Poking and prying into the affairs of other party members (Pathfinder Prospera may want to argue for pick-pocketting and/or 
sexual assault but I think that is going a bit far).
On his very first mission Saldor told me he had left the temple to see some of 'the world'. I suggest that the world is to 
dangerous a place for Saldor and that he and everyone else would be better off he returned to the Temple of Balance and 
stayed there (maybe under guard).

Warden Nathaniel, Cleric of Solkan 

Prospera's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle 
Re: Retrieval of items for the Temple of Freedom.


We were summoned to the Temple of Freedom this afternoon, to my distaste and asked to retrieve some stolen items that had 
been intended for the local street-urchins. 

I would like to register my recommendation that The Temple of Freedom gives serious consideration to improving its security 
and considers that training these children in useful trades might have a better impact on both society and the children 
themselves, rather than throwing parties for them might do. 

Nevertheless, we set out in pursuit of the thieves, after Pathfinder Dem put himself in charge. Pathfinder Anders, Captain 
Loukakis and I followed what was a reasonably clear trail, considering that it was close to five hours cold, and came upon a 
party of people who appeared to be holding a party, where the main appetiser was raw fish. I cannot say I share these 
people's tastes, but the guard succeeded in persuaded them to cook for the Temple and the children. 

Following the trail further, we came across some Earth sprites. It was at this point that chaos, to my absolute disgust, 
began to reign supreme with the party - Pathfinder Dem had delegated command to two other party members, neither of whom were 
entirely sure what to do with command and it was to my great surprise that Captain Loukakis took over and most efficiently 
too - Freedom aligned, my priceless arse, the man is clearly Order, although in denial. 

The sprites were made to taste our blades, but not nearly as swiftly as I would have liked - they had the ability to freeze 
us at will and were damned difficult to pin down; still they met death in the end, as all things must. 

It was in a breathing point between these skirmishes that Guardian Saldor attempted to pick my pocket, a matter which, 
although I was extremely tempted to take into my own hands, I turned over to Warden Nathaniel, of the Temple of Justice, who 
dealt with it most effectively. 

Progressing into the forest from the open area, we came across more sprites, Tree and Snow ones this time, along with more 
opponents who appeared to be the gifts and a sack that we had been sent to retrieve. We battled against them valiantly, and 
eventually won through, although this cannot be said of Guardian Saldor, who turned and ran, screaming away from the melee at 
the first opportunity and had to be dragged back by Pathfinder Dem to heal the wounded after it was over.

I would also state that for most of this mission, Saldor was nothing but a hindrance and the fact that he healed a good 
number of the party is not enough to excuse his behaviour. I would suggest that before our next outing he is made to accept 
either a large injection of testicular matter, or a one-way ticket to the nearest port, away from the Barony, one of the two.

It was then that we were assaulted by what I was later informed to be crackers - certainly, the creature's behaviour was 
enough to merit this title. It appeared suddenly, to the concern of some party members, but inciting the curiosity of others, 
told, what in the deepest depths of hell could be referred to as a 'joke' and exploded, causing not-inconsiderable damage to 
whomever was nearby. 

At this point, a good number of the party was in need to healing and time to pray and as luck would have it, we stumbled upon 
a druidic grove nearby, who were so kind as to heal us and allow us to rest within their boundaries. Every druid present was 
named 'Spruce' however, which caused some confusion and for some reason they all reminded me of Marshal Castlemaine, although 
I couldn't work out why. They told me that their 'tinnies', which seemed to contain some kind of sacred beverage, had been 
stolen and I assured them that if we came across them in our pursuit of the thieves, we would return them to them. 

We continued on, beset by more sprites, accompanied by floating tinsel, that gave out rather slow shocks and thus I was able 
to defeat at least three of these things single-handedly, without taking a single scratch. 

Following the trail further - and it was getting more recent, we appeared to be catching up to them - we came across our 
first sign that the perpetrators were sinning grievously against Death and ignoring it's rules - a ghoul turkey, that was 
dastardly fast and to my humiliation managed to paralyse me. Also amusing the party were several zombie hog-roasts, which 
didn't seem to give anyone too much trouble. 

The paralysis wore off in time for me to shake off its effects and rejoin the scouting party before we came across what 
appeared to be the thieves themselves - more Snow sprites, a mobile and hostile figgy-pudding and a necromantic Christmas 

We charged fearlessly into battle - even Saldor, to my astonishment, although he kept trying to cast while in pursuit of his 
opponent and thus never actually got a hit in. I found myself primarily engaged with the Christmas tree and did succeed in 
getting close enough to slit its throat, although it had none to cut. It eventually fell in a pile of smoldering ashes - this 
task accomplished, I turned to see where else my blade was needed and discovered that the pudding had been dealt with, but I 
did arrive just intime to help Captain Loukakis prevent Pathfinder Dem from slotting the last sprite before we'd gotten the 
necessary information out of it. 

We learnt that it was the Christmas tree that had been the main offender and there were no other culprits left alive. Upon 
checking with the list that Pathfinder Dem had with him, we ascertained that we had retrieved all that had been stolen and 
gave justice to the remaining sprite. 

Pathfinder Prospera Sarrasri 

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Hello just thought I should explain why we returned from the mission with only the presents. As you know we were planning for 
the party when some thieves stole the food and presents and the turkey (which I believe alone is a cardinal sin). It is on 
that note that we left on their trail. I noticed that we had a very unusual group, even for Barony patrols, including 
unfortunatly pathfinder Prospera, the might scout who I am certain is trying to find a way to kill me, but I digress. We set 
off with an elf scout in charge (WORST PLAN EVER), I mean first hes a scout so how can he tell us what to do and then hes an 
elf so he won't take advice cos their too damn arrogant. Anyway we set off and eventually faced some sprites which seemed to 
possess limited powers over the cold, it was at this point Captain Lucacis or something along those lines took charge and we 
quickly defeated them. I must say that the Captain is a very good Freedom scout but I am confused by (a) his belief in his 
squadron and (b) how can someone freedom-aligned be a captain, oh well... Oh and I also was able to get a another sample for 
examination so I need to use the lab again if that is ok. 
Anyway we then found the true horror of this mission when we faced the animated presents and crackers who I have been 
reliably informed had the kind of jokes that only the Temple of Justice would find funny. We continued following the 
pathfinders and faced some more sprites when we encountered some druids called Spruce and seemed to be addicted to some 
liquid called the amber-nectar (I have a sneaking suspician that the Temple of Freedom may need to find another way to get 
rid of certain substances then throwing them in the river). We continued on this mission when we faced a horror worse then I 
have ever encountered, undead food, they made the TURKEY A GHOUL, THAT IS SICK AND WRONG and the fiend who did this I am 
planning to make him eat it. 
After finally defeating the undead food *shudders* we finally encountered the final battle which from what I saw was an evil 
figgy-pudding and the tree, if it wasn't so depressing I wouldnt of been upset it was that odd. We defeated them and I was 
proud to learn that I could finally channel chaotic energy through my body. With victory in hand I started to pray and it was 
not until after this that I found out that somebody had killed a prisoner and I am still trying to find out who. 
All in all we all finished the mission but some people deserve some notice I think. 

Dem (WORST LEADER EVER), I have also found out he had a list of what we were facing and never told us.
Prospera, she just scares me and I am asking to move rooms cos I have a feeling she is trying to throat-slit me after she 
threatened to kill me. 
Saldor, I believed initially he was just acting stupid to lull the enemy into a false sense of security, it turns out he 
Captain Lucarcius, because he helped lead us and also he looks funny.
Ekmet, companion in all missions I have been on and is one the few elves I have any respect for, even if he is slightly 
inclined towards being a pyromaniac. 
Bae'ella'gor for increasing from useless to mostly harmless. 

Hope we can get more food for the children.

Seeker Solymer 

Dem's Report

Please ma'am, ensure I never have to lead such a foolish group again. 

I started the mission by finding the two most likely members of the party to lead in my absence. As a scout, obviously, it is 
necessary for me to scout, so I assigned the Paladin, since he should know right from wrong and the warrior, since he should 
know tactics, to lead the party in my absence. A pair, I thought, who between them should ensure the Barony's objectives were 
forefront of any decision. I asked the two to take charge, asking that they assume command in pitched battle as my skills are 
manifestly not concentrated in that area. 

The two seemed reluctant to give orders. I would suggest that people are taught basic tactics in their area of expertise. It 
might aid things somewhat. As the people who I dealt with, I can only commend Anders and Prospera, the two Pathfinders I 
worked with. Loukakis showed some skill, but ignored advice on how to avoid making noise. I would suggest someone more 
diplomatic than I point out to him basic scouting techniques, then he may well be a useful member of the scouting group. If 
you can convince him plants are plants, not allies, anyway. 

It appeared a possessed figgy-pudding was in charge of the enemy, I kid you not. I believe Seeker Solymer may have collected 
samples. It appeared to animate the various items stolen from the Temple of Freedom. I would suspect the tree, if there had 
been anything other than sprite tracks for the majority of the trail. 

We fought many snow sprites, creatures capable of freezing people, also of throwing, for want of a better description, small 
snowballs at our party, injuring them despite the armour they wore. I would suggest complete annihilation of these creatures, 
since their abilities are innate and cannot be prevented. 

I must compliment the vast majority of the party for the application of their skills. Forgive me for my omissions, but any I 
do not mention performed to an exemplary standard nonetheless. 

Pathfinders Prospera and Anders, as well as Captain Loukakis, obeyed orders, acted upon their own initiative where necessary 
and generally showed an outstanding attention to duty. I commend them. Warden Nathaniel also showed a skill in healing the 
injured, disregarding his own health in order to ensure the party was mobile. 

I must, however, recommend Saldor (I did not obtain information as to his guild) is confined to quarters after the day's 
events. He fled a combat, despite no apparent threat to his person. This required the pathfinders attached to the group to 
risk their lives to attempt to find him. It transpired he had fled rather than heal one of our Northern Allies. He also 
preferred to break down into tears than injure himself to ensure one of our people was able to continue. 
While I must confess the idea of harming myself is unpleasant, to ensure mission success I would do it without hesitation. He 
may have provided healing, but the risk he posed to the patrol as a whole far outweighed the healing he provided.

Captain Loukakis showed commendable devotion until the final assault. We fought against an animated figgy-pudding and an 
animated conifer, as well as several more snow sprites. We defeated all and as I attempted to bring down the last snow 
sprite, Loukakis placed himself between me and the sprite. Knowing the sprites capable of non-magical castings, I attempted 
to destroy the creature, knowing it too dangerous to allow to remain close to the party. Loukakis gave no indication that 
there was a reason to preserve the creature, merely ignoring my orders to allow the creature to be destroyed. While I accept 
there are certain reasons sometimes to avoid death, none were given. I belive his beliefs overruled his judgment. I continued 
attempting to destroy the creature to safeguard the party. It was only Pathfinder Prospera's suggestion that we may have need
of information from the creature that gave me reason to desist my attack. 

As my information suggested, we had destroyed as animated objects, or recovered, the items we had been sent to retrieve and 
the creature failed to tell the truth consistently, so I ordered it's destruction. Loukakis attempted, despite my orders, to
safeguard the foul creatures life. Needless to stay, despite maybe a few wounds sustained by Loukakis in his disobedience, we 
executed the illegal creature. 

I would plead that Loukakis' skill and dedication would mitigate his later disobedience. I apologise for not realising his 
Freedom nature (having previously issued orders, it seemed unlikely) and taking it into account. His skills are useful and if 
he is taught to move quietly, could prove a useful member of the scouting group. 

In conclusion, we accompished the rescue of four presents. All other stolen items being turned into golem like constructs. I 
await further instruction and training as to leading missions. 

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt

Well that was a bloody shambles. 

First off, we got called to investigate the theft of some presents from blighty. Bally despicable of the cads. Pathfinder 
Dem elected himself wing leader and we set off on our latest sortie. Met some jolly decent fellows soon afterwards, who 
offered to share their food with the children. 

Ran into a spot of bother when we got into a tangle with some snow sprites. That Dem chappie seemed a bit preoccupied with 
running about and with the sprites almost on top of us and no clear leadership I took command. Ordering the wing to adopt 
formation seemed to make sense and we gave them a plastering. Tally ho and all that! Sorry about the whole 'giving orders' 
thing, old man, but it was a close call, and I felt that a few orders here and there that spared lives was bally well worth 

More sprites and strange things were up next - told a joke and exploded. This sounded like a Might Priest to me, before I saw 
one. However, I have yet to see a Might Priest dress up as brightly as those things. Also met something that threw grenades 
at us. Dogfight and a half, that was. 

I must register my disgust at the behaviour of Dem near to the end of the op. I had chased down the last of the sprites and 
he had surrendered. Naturally I accepted his surrender and was in the process of leading him back to the party when Dem 
showed up and immediately attacked him. I didn't even have time to explain the situation to Dem, so I did the only thing I 
could - I took the hits for this poor blighter while Dem continued to strike at him with daggers. Nearly all of the blows 
fell on my back and they bally well hurt! Prospera had the goodness to show up at this point and stop Dem murdering a 
prisoner of war. 

I was delayed in my return to the party and once back I was just in time for Dem to rule that we should execute this poor 
chap. I leapt in the way and again took some of the hits. However, Prospera cut the blighter's throat and it was all I could 
do to slap a life shield on him and cast all of the life healing I could manage (Dem trying to stop me during the process). 
All to no avail since he bought it after bleeding to death. 

I expected no better from Pathfinder 'Might makes Right' Prospera - even those captured and disarmed are apparently fair 
game. However, I do not care if Dem was the leader. He did a bloody poor job at times and he had no right to summarily 
execute those to which I had accepted surrender from. I only hope that no one gets in a position to decide his fate on a 

Sorry that you weren't at the meal, old man, but I have to report that Biggles is now an ace - he claimed his third, fourth 
and fifth victories (a gladiator chap called 'Monty' and two Highlanders - a McFeegle and a McGoogle respectively). Glad that 
the squadron is still in shape after the extended leave the chaps got. 

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads 

The Crystal Maze (18/12/2005)

Mantis's Report

As Mantis walked in, he could tell just by looking. She already knew. He handed over the talismans once owned by her 
betrothed, but the pain was too much to bear. 
"He left this world a hero, of that there is no doubt. He gave up his elven heritage which he held so dearly, for the greater 
safety of others. I can honestly say I have never met a more selfless being and I doubt I ever will. He shall never be 
forgotten and I have no doubt - we shall see him again, when the time comes." 
These words: heard, recognised, do not lessen the pain. For it will always be there, for those that knew him well. Time will 
allow them to adjust to the loss and the pain, but it will always be present. Always. 

After an eternity of grief, Mantis leads Phoenix to the Temple of Justice. 

Bregan's Report

Grand Humact Buffy,

I tried to have fun and failed. I have lost my path and whilst the calling of my heart is strong, I must walk the right path 
to it. For a time I think I walked the path of Death, possibly even the path of Anarchy. 

I must rest within the Chapel for a time and meditate. In the meantime, I commend the actions of Humact Sun Ju to you - he 
bears Humact's Choice and will do well, I think. 

I also commend to you Jarak of the Pathfinders, Mantis of the Seekers, Iussis of the path of Order, Morrigan of Clan Von 
Angstein, Nab of Clan McFeegle, Rain of the path of Magic, Aurinyan of the path of Magic and Salogel of the Wardens - they 
fought long and hard against the hordes of undead. 

There may also be hope for the one called Blackwing - he seems to have realised something of his foolishness in desiring to 
be a vampire. There may be hope for his soul yet. 

And now I must retreat to the Chapels. I do not know if all the undead around the maze were slain - it should be checked out 
and the Temple protected by Humact Abigale reinforced. 

Humact Bregan Eltanick 

Salogel's Report

Grand Humact Buffy, 

I did my best to do as you asked and help Bregan to enjoy himself. Unfortunately, it seems, the undead got there first, a 
ghoul appeared in the Maze and things went down-hill from there. The Chapel of Life in the catacombs seems to be blessed by 
your path, I drank from the water and the path of the Humact itself came to me and strengthened my body. It is a wonderous 

I am sure Bregan will fill you in on the details, just don't ask him about the ghost... (he did not wish to grant it a final 
request... she wished to be laid with her husband and upon doing so vanished). 

I am now trying to think up a new holiday destination. Oh well. 


PS. /Please/ try to find Bregan a girlfriend!!! 


To the Wardens, 

I have the following to report: 

- Undead discovered in the region of the Crystal Maze. Most of them believed to have been eradicated, along with their 
- Shrine to Life, occupied by a Humact priestess. Should be worth preserving. 

I wish to place commendations for all the party, despite not being on duty, all performed exceptionally. I also wish to 
ammend my earlier reports, berating the Northmen, highlanders Nab McFeegle and Morrigan Von Angstein both showed exceptional 
combat awareness today, furthermore, Nab saved my life and probably that of most of the party. Seeker Mantis too, almost 
sacrificed his own life in saving mine. 

Furthermore, I wish to place a commendation for Pathfinder Amarylis, who rescued both Bregan and Mantis from the edge of 
death, showed us the way to the Shrine of Life, and then helped me when I lost my leg to a ghoul. 

Finally, I have the sad duty to report the final passing of Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane, who fell having sustained a mortal 
wound in combat. As far as I am aware, his body is in the Temple of Justice and Seeker Mantis is informing the berieved.

That is all. 

Warden Cpl Salogel 

Iussis' Report

Wardens of Van Heusens Barony, 
Order Branch 
OC Priests capable of Higher Power, 
Mid-level grouping. 

I am sorry to report that despite my best efforts, two of those whose strength I have relied upon on many occasions fell. I 
commend myself to your judgment as to whether I was at fault in law. In spirit I failed to prevent Chaos gaining a grip on 
the bodies of Daenaram and Blackwing and hope you will allow me the time to pray for forgiveness, after my vigil is done. 

I write this from the Temple of Justice. I will keep vigil upon the body of Daenaram and use the powers of Order to maintain 
his body, that Phoenix may at least see him as he once was, rather than as a semi-rotten corpse. 

I had returned from my sojurn in the wilderness, a time whih I will not speak of, except to tell you I have regained my 
faith. I was told the only Wardens in the area were preparing to enter an area known as the Crystal Maze, and made haste to 
join them. I disovered Blackwing acting rather oddly and upon examination discovered him to be diseased. I inquired among the 
party, but was unable to find someone able to cure him and as it appeared to have little effect, did not demand he attend a 
Healer immediately, preferring to keep this holiday in its original spirit. 

The initial games provided light-hearted opportunities to test our skills and due to some rather inventive tactics on the 
part of my comrades, most notably Warden Salogel and Humact Bregan, we accomplished the early tasks without difficulty. The 
group began to relax and I must say several inter-guild relationships began. Though we had severe difficulty in explaining 
the concept of fun to Humact Bregan. 

Unfortunately, we discovered a Ghoul within one of the game areas, an act which appeared to drive Humact Bregan into a 
xenocidal mania. I, not noticing his state at first, attempted to discuss the relative merits of law with his somewhat 
misguided views on the treatment of various types of Necromancer. I was attempting to ensure that if we arrested a 
Necromancer he was submitted to law rather than a summary lynching, however Humat Bregan showed a degree of bloodthirstiness 
not often seen in a follower of Life. I recommend the Laws of the Kingdom are explained to him before he unknowingly commits 
a crime. 

We eliminated the undead without too much difficulty. They proved singularly inadequate against the power of Order and the 
priests (followers of a Death God known as Malice) died easily. We also completed the objectives of the maze, collecting 
tokens, though the person in charge rather distressingly changed the rules halfway through. He told us to collect tokens, 
then after we had done so intimated we should only have collected some of them. This change of rules understandably upset me 
and I suggested strongly that he held to his initial instructions. I await the result. 

Unfortunately, Humact Bregan showed a complete lack of control in regard to the undead we encountered. Had he restrained 
himself and conserved his power, we may well have been able to save the life of Pathfinder Daenaram and maybe even that of 
Blackwing as well. He appears far too single-minded and I suggest a period of enforced leave may give him the time to reflect 
and perhaps develop other pursuits. 

In Order, 


Iussis' Report

To: Grand Humact Buffy 
Subject: Destruction of the servants of Malice and the foul Kuei Jin. 

I hereby give my account of the events that passed after the Crystal Maze. 

Once the maze was completed our exit was blocked and thus we ventured through the catacombs underneath the Chapel of Irylia. 
The servants of the Greater Quei appeared during the maze games but were destroyed with supreme ability and focus. My Brother 
Blackwing is under the effects of some disease and this caused complications for a brief time after his attack on me.
The Maze's final event was a dome that housed more of the living dead and a priestess, pressumably of the South-west wind. 
The catacombs were full of the Lesser Quei but the greatness of Bregan, Priest of the North wind, destroyed them swiftly. 
They possed the ability of brushing off all our blows, even my internal power made no mark apon them. 
Once we had gone through the first passage, the site of a Malice ritual, we entered a large cave full of the Quei's servants. 
A number of ghouls, ghost and shades attempted to destroy me but they were sent back to the gateway of the underworld. Many 
of the gathered combatants present, including myself, were struck by the unearthly powers of the ghouls, resulting in many of 
us becoming paralysed. It is at this stage that I first wielded the mace of our most supreme father. 
The Pathfinder Daenaram fell and will no longer walk this like. He has achieved Jen and will live for eternity with the Shen 
and the Heavenly. My deepest condolances to his companion, Pheonix. 
After this we came apon the Chapel of Irylia and Humact Abigale was able to help many of those present. The font of life has 
given me extra strength in my battles againts the undead. 
The undead were all destroyed including the Kuei Jin the head of which I present to you as proof. Bregan of the North wind 
destroyed the necromancer responsible and this plain is safer for a short while. 

I now go to take up my new position with strength and honour. 
Many honour assist you.

Humact Sun Ju; Swormaster of Humact, Wielder of the Sword of Champions, Guardian of the Font of Life, Sentinal of the Chapel
of Irylia.

Avant-Garde: The Trail of the Dead (08/01/2006)

Tanner's Report

To: Warden Lieutenant DarkForge

Orders Rec'd: Meet escort team for restless ghost and escort ghost to destination or until relieved, ensuring no Barony 
citizens are harmed by her passage. 

Orders concluded upon ghosts arrival at the graveyard of the hamlet anticipated to be her childhood home in life. At this 
location, she placed the doll she carried within the grave of her body, disappearing. 

At this point a contingent of powerful undead, possessing superior numbers, including wraiths, appeared and claimed the land 
in the name of Death. They offered us immediate oathswearing to Death, which was refused, then insisted we depart the area. 
Confronted by overwhelming numbers of ethereal undead and possessing very limited resources for dealing with said opponents, 
I withdrew the patrol to Barony lands. 

No patrol casualties were incurred, although this fact is more a testament to the competence and swift action of the patrol 
as a whole. 

Unfortunately, during a period in which Marshal Castlemaine, Warden Nathaniel and myself were in prayer, a small group of 
Defenders escorting a courier arrived along the path. Pathfinder's Prospera, Anneri and Jimmy reported to me that they 
attempted to halt their progress however the heavy warriors with the courier bulled past, ignoring requests of every 
phrasing and walked their charge into the ghost. Consequently the courier was slain and subsequently animated as a zombie 
fiend, whilst his Defenders were scattered into the woodland by the fearsome aspect of the ghost's anger. 

Whilst not being witness to this death, based on my awareness of the general actions of the Pathfinders, of Seeker Jysella 
and of Fazer McFadden, I am confident that any action they were capable of taking to halt the Defender's progress was taken. 
We delivered the body of the courier to a passing patrol who should have returned it to the Barony by now. 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only direct failure of orders. 

I am not aware of the exact intent of the released spirits, only that their immediate threat level was greatly in excess of 
our capability to deal with the situation. 

Personnel reports: 

Pathfinder's Prospera, Anneri and Jimmy performed highly competently throughout, between them dealing with opponents I would 
have anticipated needed heavy armour to survive. My one criticism is that their consistent failure to inform those capable of 
healing placed their lives at risk. Is it possible for a statement reminding all Defenders that their oaths also apply to 
themselves and ordering them to keep their healers informed of their status? 

Marshal Castlemaine remains an occasionally disruptive influence that nevertheless is of constant high value to me. His 
abilities in negotiation and his clear sight are tools I wish to retain. 

Warden Nathaniel has finally settled into the mantle of the Wardens and I can offer no criticism of his abilities - he was 
decisive, obedient and able. 

Seeker Jysella has added to the list of those who have demonstrated that Chaos, tempered by Barony training and the path of 
Life, has its place. Her skill and humanity are tools I wish to retain. 

Fazer McFadden of Clan McFadden, whilst an unusual addition to the patrol, proved competent as an individual combatant and in 
coordination with the Pathfinders. I do not understand his abilities or ways, however I can offer no worthwhile criticism of 
his actions. 

Yours in service to King, Prince-Regent and Baron, 

Warden Flint Tanner 


To: Warden Sampson 

Sampson - I regret to inform you that the ghost, upon reaching the graveyard of the hamlet, discorporated in a ritualistic 
fashion, apparently bringing forth numerous undead spirits. 

Outnumbered and outpowered, we were forced to abandon the location. I'm sorry I can't report happier news, however I believe 
only one Barony citizen was harmed directly by the ghost's passage, a harm that was brought about by muleheaded stubborness 
on the part of his escort. 

Please do let me know if you hear anything more about the area. 

In service to King-In-Absence, Prince-Regent and Baron, 

Warden Flint Tanner 

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle 
Re: Mission to escort spirit 

While the mission was strictly successful in that we were able to escort the spirit to where she wanted to be, I fear that 
the fallout from this mission might create more problems than it's solved. 

The party whom we relieved, informed us that she did not stop walking, did not speak and would harm those who got to close. 
These were in evidence the entire day and precautions were taken to make sure that no one got close enough to have their life 
force drained or other nasty things happen to them. There were times when she appeared to take no offence to people walking 
close to her, however and we could get closer to her without being harmed. She carried a doll and upon getting close enough 
to the duo it was possible to hear the most frightful sounds emanating from them. 

Points of interest: 

*The entire area seems to be infested with small groups of goblins and hobgoblins, all of which were afraid of the spirit. 
They seemed to have permanent homes in the area, but that threat has been dramatically reduced if not eliminated. 

*We met three lay druids who told us they were attempting to summon a tree in the middle of a field. The spirit walked right 
through their circle once and we warned them not to try anything else until we had left the area. We were then set upon by 
shambling mounds and a few moments later, demons. The bodies of the three lay druids were found afterwards; it is highly 
likely they are responsible for one or other of the adversaries. 

*There were shambling mounds in great numbers in this area as well. Many different kinds, including corpse piles, 
tangleweeds, and belladonna mounds were in evidence. 

*While Warden Tanner, Marshal Castlemaine and Warden Nathaniel were praying, a small group passed through, compromised of a 
barony messenger and two guards in barony livery. I was up guarding the prayers and was not privy to most of the 
conversation, but overheard the seeker Jysella telling them several times that there was a ghost the way they were going 
which hurt anyone going past. They insisted that they must go that way, that they had an urgent message to get back and 
continued. A moment later the guards came running back, leaving the messenger behind. We later determined that he was dead, 
and identified the marks of a very nasty looking disease on his body. We carried the body with us until we came across 
another barony patrol and sent the body back with them. 

*We passed several signs to a small hamlet and at each the spirit would stop and gaze at it for a moment, seeming to cry. It 
was evident that this is where she came from, however we were unable to stop at this hamlet due to having to keep her in 
sight. The other patrol I mentioned had just come from there and said that several people had been killed and were no doubt 
buried in the graveyard just beyond, so it seemed sensible that the spirit's target was more likely the graveyard. It was not 
until we were actually beyond the hamlet and on the path to the graveyard that the spirit started to act hopelessly sad and 
more and more unwilling to do what she was so obviously stuck doing. We determined the doll she had been carrying, far from 
something she was using to help put her spirit at rest, was something controlling her and Warden Nathaniel resolved to try 
and stop it. He blessed the doll and was paralyzed for his efforts, although nothing else seemed to happen and the spirit and 
doll continued on their course. We tried everything we could think of from hitting the doll with a sword which had been 
blessed to healing the doll, but nothing worked and eventually the doll managed to drag the spirit of the girl into a grave 
in the graveyard. She was crying and struggling the whole way, but was not able to give us any more advice than a scream of 
'stop it!' right before the end. At this point, several wraiths, spectres and shadows showed up, extended us the offer of a 
job and then came forward. After making sure that everyone else was running and able to get away, I joined. 

In closing, I fear we have unleashed a powerful force of death upon this plane and worry that the hamlet down the path may be 
in danger. We failed to save the spirit of the girl and who she was and what exactly happened to her may remain a mystery. 
She herself was something of a mystery, being able to control several groups of undead which we encountered and turning them 
to attack one person, Marshal Castlemaine and then pleading silently with a group of paralyzed people to help her at one 
point when left alone with them and me while I guarded them during a fight. She did help us during fights on several 
occasions, but would turn and harm us for no visible reason what so ever. If it is ever found out who she was and what 
happened, I would request to be told and to pass on my sincerest apologies for failing to help her more. 

Anneri Ambar

Jimmy's Report

Intelligence report seven

I do not believe in the slightest that the mission had an military value, but here is my account of things. 

One ghost, of a small girl (aged ~10) was found wandering the land, previous attempts to destroy her proved fruitless. One 
week ago she began to move with purpose. Defenders were requested by ToH to 'escort' the spirit.

Relieve current defender escort and stay with spirit until relieved ourselves. Enroute ensure safety of barony citizens who 
may get in the way of the spirit. 

Mission successful. The ghost, whom the humacts had been unable to vanquish or communicate with reached her grave. She then 
summoned or released a group of powerful undead. Warden Tanner then ordered the retreat, a prudent measure, even if it was 
not one I agreed with. Still it most likely saved our lives. 

Agressive forces: 
Undead, druidic constructs, demons, goblins and hobgoblins. All found hostiles were dealt with as per Defenders standard 

Notable performances: 
Warden Tanner - exceptional common sense. 

I also wonder it is time to change profession, maybe branch out my skills. I will think on it and then inform you of any 


Squire James 

Avant-Garde: The Font of Madness I (15/01/2006)

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Sortie successful old chap! 

After your brief, the party decided to put Anneri in command. Well I say command, more an executive position and all that. 
She did the dickens of a good job - glad she's with the Squadron! Straight after the off we met up with a couple of fellows 
saying that their village had lost its warden and would we help find him. Jolly nice chap there tending the plantation, 
although he didn't seem to want to grow any Temple of Freedom home brand stuff. 

Bit of a side quest and we mixed it with some goblins - Tally Ho! Usual tricks, nothing to write home about. Into the briney 
left us facing some elementals and we took a bit of a plastering. 

More goblins and a Might Priest later left us facing some more sprites. Mischievous little beggars, but harmless really. We 
found and saved the Warden. Bally annoyed ogre, though! 

We found a Warden that was supposedly conducting 'weapons research'. Bounder had imprisoned sprites and was experimenting on 
them. This cad seemed outside the law but between myself, Juilin and Solymer we got most of them to safety (Justice chappie 
killed one). Bloody military should not imprison anyone - let alone harmless sprites! 

The goblins appear to be using Grenadiers now and we got hit by a couple. Damn flak. Still, I blew up one in the hand of some 
Salamanders. There seemed to be some sort of font and I tried affecting it by pouring in that Holy Water you gave us. Didn't 
really do much good, but judging from the reaction I'd say you mixed it up with some of that special brew up you are so fond 
of - you know - the one where you get your eyesight back after two days, guaranteed. 

Started to use some of that light magic. Bloody useful to come out of the sun at them - Chocks away! 

More goblins and a lot of bloody fire that we came under later, we had cleared up the mess. Managed to spare a couple of 
goblins and warned them that they shouldn't attack barony patrols. Better than killing the blighters like that Dem fellow 
seems to always want. 

As always befits the patrol after a jolly fine show, we headed for home and tea. 

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads 

Onyxbalm's Report

To my superiors, 

Back from my leave, I assembled as requested at Little Dale, for the briefing from Lorekeeper Whitt. We set off, to find the 
first of the villages and be informed about an ogre kidnapping their Warden. We were later to find the ogre was little more 
than a minor threat, when we finally found him, the Warden was alive and well, eager to return to his village. I gave him the 
protection of the earth and he was on his way. 
Of more worthy note was the unnatural happennings in the area. There were a number of sprites in the area, one agressive air 
sprite was jealously guarding the forest with his group of elementals (their very existance possibly indicating a magical 
imbalance in the area) and another community of sprites that liked to entangle people, but were otherwise very friendly (part 
of me even wishes I'd had the chance to play tag with them on the way back). There were also a number more sprites had been 
captured in a bizzarre magical experiment. 

At the top of the hill, we found a Warden Lance-Corporal Custos, a research mage, with a rather bizarrely set up ritual 
circle. I do not know the details, but he seemed to be utilising a "Confine" spell (alas, I did not get a chance to look at 
his spell book, although given the chance, it may be helpful. I will also attempt to seek out the old College records, his 
magic seemed sufficiently advanced he must have been working for many years). He was trapping the sprites (and later, the 
party members) in what was, from what I can tell, a place on the plane of magic, although having never enterred myself, I 
could not tell for sure. He did inform me that the aim was all sources of magic inside his prison (including myself, had I 
gone in) basically had their power drawn by him, giving him the ability to utilise any spells they had, or enchant items with 
them (possibly using the victim's mana). Unsure as I am about Barony laws, this can't be legal, certainly not humane; 
needless to say the followers of Freedom in the party did their best to get as many sprites out of danger as they could. The 
sprites were naturally unnerved by elves (such as their captor), but should not be considered dangerous. 

The other source of disruption in the area was a font of Chaos. I believe it used to be tended to by a chaos priest in the 
area, who was also in command of the hordes of goblins occupying the area, however, earlier in the day, we met a Master of 
Might (whose name unfortunately escapes me), so it is quite possible he saw the chaos priest off. He certainly seemed very 
keen to. 

The goblins themselves (although a funny colour) were aggressive, but relatively harmless, weak enough certainly that I could 
hold them in place without an increased expenditure of power. They were numerous, although possibly now largely extinct, a 
few are known to have seen the light and taken the option to retreat, unarmed and alone, these are unlikely to be any real 
threat to anyone. Should they be a problem later on, I know the Barony can deal with them, however, it is generally not good 
to strike first and ask questions later and those that did not engage us have not committed any crime. 

The font itself was ...chaotic. It was initially guarded by fire snakey things (I don't know exactly what, but it did not 
look wise to get close enough to find out), as well as demonic influencing. When I got close to it, to attempt to detect 
magic on it, (it was non-magical, by the way) it touched me with chaos, this caused no damage, but felt strange. It also at 
one point released a demon, plus several chaotic effects. It was finally destroyed my Warden Nathaniel, I believe. 

I appologise for the length of this report, however, it is important these details get recorded and where required, acted 
upon. However, there are a few more things I wish to note. 

Pathfinder Anneri was very effective when placed in command. She did what had to be done and kept a good eye on the 
situation, as well as gifting me with her mana when I was running low. Her actions were entirely appropriate throughout the 
day and I commend her. 

Saldor on the other hand, was the opposite. His lack of self-control caused aggro with several otherwise friendly beings, 
including Warden Custos, the sprites and the party itself. His obsession with the font placed the party in direct danger, 
especially when he started casting into his own allies. I had to expend my own mana, already running low at that point, to 
get Wizard Ekmett up, after Saldor weaknessed him. He is a danger to a patrol. 

The three seekers with us together also kept a good eye on the situation and it seems there was always one of them around who 
knew what was going on, they seemed to have a good control over the situation, especially given that it was their boss that 
ordered the mission. 

Dem was unpredictable as always, but at least worked with us where nescessary. 

I also aquired an amulet and a book on the mission, I am waiting to see what the item does and tomorrow I will be trying to 
ascertain any arcane meaning to the tome. Failing that, I will refer it to Seeker Solymer, who has a better grasp of the 
divine writings than myself. 

That is it, any more information required, I will give what I can. 

Wizard Onyxbalm, 
Tower of Earth 
(Acolyte of the Twin Peaks)
*Sealed with wax bearing an insignia of two mountain peaks*

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle

Our mission orders, as far as they extended, were a plea from the Temple of Freedom to deal with some oppression in the area 
of Little Dale. We were given a bottle of what was called holy water to use in a certain instance, again not specified and 
sent on our way. As highest ranking member of the military on the mission, I assumed command. 

Our first meeting was with the villagers, first a duo who were headed back to the Temple of Freedom and then the village 
itself. We learned that an ogre had come and demanded food and when their warden had attempted to prevent the ogre from 
taking what little food they had, had promptly taken the warden instead. We were also told that two villagers had gone after 
the warden. Upon entering the forest not far from their village where the ogre had gone, one had fallen unconscious and had 
been dragged back by the other. Both were fine, although neither knew what had happened to cause the incident. We proceeded 
toward the forest, were attacked by and dealt with a group of imrits and came across a group of elemental sprites, who 
proceeded to attack us. One put nearly the entire party, including myself, to sleep, which I believe is what happened to the 
villager. They seemed upset about their kind being stolen, but we were not able to get much more out of them. We met another 
group of imrits not far along, who were being killed by what turned out to be a Master of Might (whose name unfortunately 
escapes me). He required little assistance from us, but requested that we keep him from being interrupted while he prayed and 
indicated that there were many of the imrits around. Allowing several of the group to rest, we were able to deal with several 
imrit attacks with ease. 

During this time, we also met a wandering priest. Having been warned of a chaos priest in the area by the master, I kept a 
close eye on him, but in the end he proved himself to be harmless and indeed very useful. He had a very strong belief that 
people with the letter 'n' in their names were blessed and was able to draw power from us (without any harm to us) in a way 
which I have never seen any other person do. He did aid us, however and should not be considered in any way dangerous. The 
chaos priest did in the end make an appearance and the master seemed extremely keen to accept some challenge which had been 
offered him by said chaos priest. We never saw the chaos priest after that and having completed a full patrol of the 
surrounding area I can be reasonably certain that the chaos priest did not escape. 

We met some more sprites who had caught some imrits. The freedom aligned of our group didn't like this much and insisted they 
were freed and after several people being entangled to give the imrits a 'fair chance' according to the sprites, we managed 
to kill all but one, who surrendered and then summarily ran away as we were discussing what exactly to do with him. As he was 
unarmed and the chaos priest, whom the master told us was in control of them, was taken care of, I doubt he is of little 
danger to anyone. Guardian Saldor got into a small argument with one of the sprites, but I dealt with that decisively and 
ordered the attack on the ogre, who was nearby. We freed the captured warden successfully, killed the ogre, and then headed 
up the hill to where the sprites mentioned a Barony mage was working and where all kinds of sprites were disappearing. 
Fearing for the safety of the mage, I took the patrol up to investigate. 

Upon arriving at the top of a tall hill, we discovered a ritual circle. The mages investigated it and assured me that it was 
magical and in the process of trying to discern anything else about it, several people disappeared in sequence. Fearing they 
might be in some dangerous place and the mage with them, I set off to see if they had merely teleported close by. I found a 
man not far off who introduced himself as Warden Custos and explained that my patrol had found a ritual circle, had 
disappeared, and asked if he were the mage we had been told about. He explained that he was doing magical experiments and 
that he could help me get the missing patrol members back. 

To make a long story very short, he was imprisoning the sprites, was in full control of everything and in no danger and those 
trapped in the space the ritual created were able to free themselves with the holy water that we had been given by the Temple 
of Freedom. Those from the Temple of Freedom were outraged that he was imprisoning these creatures, sprites though they may 
be and demanded that he release them, to which he refused, as he needed them to conduct his research. In the end, due to 
problems with the fact that anyone who even inadvertently put part of themselves inside the ritual circle got transported to 
this holding area, most of the sprites were freed in an effort to get members of the patrol out. Several stayed and fought, 
angry at being imprisoned and many were recaptured by the warden, although I believe the freedom followers among us 
encouraged all to run away and perhaps succeeded in a few cases. I am afraid that we had badly interrupted the warden's 
research, however there was no indication that it should not have been interrupted. Indeed, it was right on a path, in an 
open space and the warden himself was nowhere near it. The warden in question was also quite belligerent and forcibly 
restrained Guardian Saldor from asking questions by putting him to sleep. In the interest of getting the patrol out before 
they made further interruptions, I let this slide, however on the request of Guardian Saldor I request that this be looked 
into further. 

We were attacked by further imrits who possessed fire magics. The source became clear shortly thereafter when we came across 
a small group of salamanders clustered around what turned out to be a chaos shrine. We killed the imrits and salamanders and 
two demons which appeared out of the shrine, then destroyed the shrine itself. We found nothing else to offer threats of 
violence to anyone else nearby and returned. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar 

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt

Just thought I should tell you how the mission went. It was on the whole an odd mission and I am unfortunatly now faced some 
questions about the universe which I had never considered before namely the idiocy of order, but thats neither here nor 
there. The beginning of the mission worried me slightly due to the fact that we had Saldor and Dem in the party and was 
incredibly worried when Dem took the holy water due to past experiences, this is a bad thing. We set off and I tried out a 
potion of my own creation to help me get over my fear of "the b-word" which seems to work except for certain side effects 
i.e. lack of balance, dulls the senses, oh and also seems to cause involuntary sleep, but other then that, is a sucess. 
Anyway we met up with some people complaining about a warden being taken by an ogre due a disagreement over food or 
something. So we set out, where we faced a numerous amount of goblins or something which were killed off quickly, so we 
headed off again, where we seemed to face some elementals. I thought that the mages would be able to talk to them, such as 
Ekmet, Bae'ella'gor and Onyxbalm, but evidently elves don't like the idea of talking to the elements they try to master, but 
I suppose thats what being an elf is. I was able to damage them but I believe they were not that intelligent, as I believe 
one of the elements tried to rust my leg, obviously it failed although my leg did feel a bit stiff (I may need to examine the 
properties of the body to see if it is slightly metallic). We set off, where we faced some goblins I think but there was 
another might priest who defeated them and then started to pray so I decided to also rest along with the elf mages, it turns 
out there was a fight during this time but I was in a conversation with the elves during which time Onyxbalm even offered to 
teach me some runes but he may not remember as he seemed to be reading some form of magical runes at the time. It turns out 
there was a warden helping us who worshipped N, which makes me ask the question "how many gods are there" and are they 
running out of ideas on what to be worshipped about, I mean a god of a letter it seems a bit scraping the bottom of the 
barrel. Anyway I digress we contined until we met a village of sprites who had captured some goblins and I am ashamed to same 
some members of the party automatically took it upon themselves to kill the trapped goblins. Fortunatly while Dem was killing 
one I was able to get a goblin to give up its weapons and we were able to let it escape. During our time in the village we 
played a game of tag and also Saldor continously angered them and was repeatedly entangled. We carried on and found the ogre 
and the trapped warden and saved him and I then did a quick examination of the ogre where I found out that the phrase beauty 
is skin deep is a lie but smell can go skin deep unfortunately. We continued along the path until we found a ring of fire, 
which when touched proceeded to teleport that person to some kind of realm particualy grey. It turns out that a warden had 
set it up to capture sprites and channel their energy into him. I must say that me, Julian and Loukakis were appalled by 
this, but the followers of order were willing to let this happen as the warden was a higher rank then them. It tuns out Dem 
had been able to use the holy water to escape, but when the sprites escaped, they were then captured again. This repeated a 
second time and not wanting them to be hurt, I rather stupidly forced him to send me to the plane as well where Julian and 
Dem were. Once we escaped Julian was able to hold the warden back long enough for the sprites to escape but the fact that the 
order aligned members of the party were unwilling to do anything annoys me to a great degree. How can someone believe that 
that following orders is better then allowing someone to suffer just because they are not part of the Barony. We then carried 
on to find a tree or trim, I dont know, when we where attacked by some strange lizard like fire creatures which wasn't bad 
enough but there was a small shrine which seemed to be casting chaotic miracles at us which I must say was painful when I was 
trying to help one of the guards who had fallen near it. I never knew some miracles could hurt so much. Anyway I was able to 
get a guard to help me dissect one of the lizards and I was able to find an amulet and a tome written in a language I had 
never seen before and none of the mages knew either which is why I have decided to learn as many runes as possible in order 
to understand it, which I hopefully will if I get it back from Onyxbalm. Oh, also two demons were summoned from the shrine 
when we touched it, mainly because it seemed to be calling us aligned in some way to chaos but we dispatched them easily 
enough. So it was a good mission in the end. 
People of note:
Saldor - Why does he come out and why does he always think the frontline is the best place for him. Also I believe he has 
some issues to work out with sprites.
Ekmet - He may be an elf and so very clever but why did he try to burn a flaming salamander (I mean flaming as in fire not as 
in exasperated).
Anneri - Just for the sight of this elf shouting at Saldor to be quiet gives me hope that not all elves are aloof.
Oh and one of the guards, Matthew I believe for trying to protect us and also helping me with the field dissection.

Juilin's Report

Report Submitted By: Juilin Fortrayre 
On The Date Of: 17th January 
On The Subject Of: 115th Avant-Garde, Mission To Investigate Divined Indications of Oppression Near Little Dale 
On The Date Of (If Appropriate) : 15th January 
LKi/c: Tobin Whitt 

It's all gone horribly wrong, and all things considered I'm probably to blame. 

The augury you informed us of proved itself correct, though in a manner fittingly equivocal for its methodology. There were 
several instances of oppression in the area, one more blatant than others and despite the best efforts of certain Kingdom 
Defenders not on our patrol, they appear to have now been put to flight. This slightly incredulous description will be 
explained in due course. 

The party, having placed PLC Anneri Ambar in command as highest ranking Kingdom Defender present, made it's way out according 
to your directions and were immediately contacted by residents of the village, who informed the party they were having 
trouble with an ogre. He seemed to have been doing the regular ogrish thing of stealing crops and people and the village were 
especially dismayed that their "Warden" had been taken as one of the captives. Vowing to return him in whatever state we 
found him in, we continued along the route that they pointed us in, where they thought the ogre had come from. It is of 
interest that there was an air sprite watching us and occasionally passing comment while this was going on. 

Following the assigned path, we were assailed by a number of goblins, who would prove to be a constant nuisance throughout 
the day. Despite our attempts to peacefully resolve the situation with them, they seemed determined to attack us and did so 
without thinking about what they were doing. The best option available to me was to make their deaths as swift and painless 
as possible. 

As we entered the deeper portions of the forest proper as you had mentioned, we came across spirits of earth, air, fire and 
water, seemingly kin to the air sprite following us who attempted to impede, rather than destroy us. Magics of all four 
elements were employed, I have to say, very effectively indeed against us and left us struggling to maintain party coherency. 
Eventually, with the aid of the Mage Bae'ella'gor and his mending of our weapons, combined with their subsequent protection 
by Warden Nathaniel, we were able to destroy them, but pondered on what had caused them to be there. 

We soon came upon a Might Priest dispensing his own manner of response to being attacked by more goblins. Guardian Saldor, 
once again getting the wrong end of the stick, proceeded to assail the Priest himself – the level of incompetence, or 
possibly naivite (for diplomacy's sake), that he demonstrates constantly puzzles me as to why he is still allowed out without 
a minder. Apologies were made and we guarded the Master (ask Anneri for his name – I didn't have the chance to greet him) 
while he prayed to his deity. More goblins arrived and were swiftly put to the sword, some backed by a chaos priest the 
Master had warned us about. As well as the goblins, however, a highly interesting gentleman who introduced himself as the 
Most Reverend Morn arrived and greeted us. He appeared to be a Priest of Order who's ability seemed to vary with the number 
of N's contained in the names of those he was surrounded with. Surrounded by a full party, there were quite a few on offer 
and with the aid of this alphabetical deity he was able to powerfully heal our wounds and took the opportunity to protect 
himself for the remainder of the day to the same great extent. The power he drew from us in no way harmed anyone present and 
appeared to be of mutual benefit to everyone. If anyone meets Morn again, can I recommend that they introduce themselves 
using their full name – he says his power stems from the true name that people introduce themselves with. Lying would be 
unfair and probably smote by his deity, but there is no harm in maximising the mutual benefit. 

More goblins were encountered after Morn, and a little later the Master, had left and we eventually happened upon the ogre 
who had been oppressing the aforementioned village. He was killed for his crimes in short order and the village Warden was 
recovered alive and functionally unhurt. We were very pleased to be able to return him to the village in such a manner and I 
took the ogre's sword, which was miraculously empowered by an unknown source and has been turned over to the Temple for 

However, after this point, things started to go wrong. 

We happened upon a small ritual circle with runes at its cardinal points and a silvered cup in the middle. My investigation 
of it led me to a very strange place where I was trapped in a small confining space in the middle of a grey featureless void 
(a situation hereafter referred to as "The Void"). There was a sprite of what looked like fire next to me, who claimed that 
there were others behind him who I could not see. This was borne out by the subsequent arrival in the void of Pathfinder Dem, 
who the sprite told me he could not see, but I could interact with – it seems that communication was possible with those 
adjacent to you, but no further. After some discussion, we worked out that there were five such sprites, of varying types, 
trapped in the void and at most four of the party. While we were no more than confined, the void appeared to be hurting the 
sprites, who claimed that a man with pointy ears had put them there and caused them pain. Dem had the idea of utilising the 
blessed water he had been given, a tactic that sent the four members of the party who had accumulated there back to the real 
world in order. We found a Warden, a mage of name unknown to me, I am afraid, who said that he was confining the sprites and 
tapping their power for weapons research and we were not permitted to impede him. 

I confess that I became rather agitated at this point. 

Acting without the express knowledge or permission of the Kingdom Defenders present, Solymer and myself plotted to set the 
sprites free. We managed this in the end by the dumping of a large volume of the water into the cup, which set all the 
sprites free and the subsequent hugging of the Warden prevented him from returning them there immediately. My language to him 
was rather crass and he took my name. I think consequences can be expected in due course. 

I will go on record, however, as saying that I will not permit the imposition of such measures on anyone for the purposes of 
tapping power. What is the void? Control. A method of magical confinement built to keep beings under control and to turn a 
free and sentient being into a battery. I will not stand for that, regardless of who is being confined. I acted without 
authorisation from the Defenders on the patrol and any punishment imposed on me should not be extended to them. I am fully 
aware that I broke the law and undermined research that by its leader had to have been sanctioned by the Baron. I do not try 
to deny this and will accept any punishment they choose to give me. Better I get it and they are free than any other 

Leaving the Warden to chase his quarry (unable to arrest him as he had not broken the law), we followed a trail of goblins 
and found what appeared at first to be a selection of bound salamanders, but random chaotic effects plagued the ensuing 
battle. Eventually, a demon came forth from wherever it had been hiding and joined the fighting. Upon being slain, some of 
his robes remained undissipated and began to glow. They were able to give out power to those of us who followed some aspect 
of chaos, but also began to speak to the same people, enticing them to come and follow the being empowering the robes. In a 
fit of righteous indignation, I moved to forget the name of the being that was asking me to say its name and worship him – I 
realise now that the cause could have been far better served by writing it down and contributing it here. I would suggest, 
however, that the demon was responsible for the bound elemental spirits and salamanders. Solymer, Saldor and myself seemed to 
be the ones it was speaking to – possibly because we were the ones who took power from it. Can I recommend that the three of 
us be screened for any spiritual influences that may have arisen from this encounter before we are allowed to patrol again? 
While Solymer and myself were able to resist the rather feeble attempts to gain followers, through no more than our faith in 
our own deities, Saldor proved once again that there is much work to be done in order to make a man of him and succumbed 
utterly to the temptation, doing everything he could to touch the robes again, as far as assaulting Kingdom Defenders to get 
there. The name of the creature may be available from him. Hitting the robes spewed forth another demon, but Nathaniel's 
lacing it with order caused it to disappear. I have no idea whether or not it will stay that way and nursing grevious 
injuries the party made haste back to the Barony. 

Not(e)worthy Performances: 
PLC Anneri Ambar took on her first command – and I can't see that she could have done much better with what she had to work 
with. She was not in her element, having to stay with the party, but made good and I hope the brass are taking note. 
Mage Ekmet continues to be heavy artillery, his firedarts breaking things up nicely when required. Possibly branching out may 
make him a more regular sight in the middle of fights? 
Seeker Solymer should realise that just because he is not at the forefront of a fight, he is equally neither useless nor 
extraneous to requirements. He seemed almost resigned to taking no part in what he considered the "business end" of the 
mission, taking his job of protecting the non-combatants to the nth degree and removing him from combat. There is more to a 
patrol than the front line. 
Guardian Saldor will be reported to the military once again as someone who has no place on a Barony patrol. His mood swings, 
weak will and general insubordination (it is a testament to how difficult he is that a priest of Freedom should mark such as 
an out-and-out fault) make him a dangerous addition to any patrol that they should not have to deal with. I don't know what 
to suggest. 

I conclude that acts of oppression on the part of various miscreants have been prevented in the area around Little Dale, 
though at the cost of Barony-sanctioned operations. I have to confess that I believe the Baron can go whistle for that 
research for all I care – I am proud of what I have done and am able to sleep easy at night knowing that I followed a moral 
code that few people would, rationally thinking, disagree with on the salient points. If the Warden can do the same, I would 
ask what kind of monster he is. 

I remain, as always, available to answer any questions stemming from this report that you or anyone else may have. 

Seeker Juilin Fortrayre 
115th Avant Garde

Saldor's Report

To: Guardian Lomax, 115th Avant-Guarde 

Well that last mission is really a bit of a puzzle... I mean, we did what we set out to do (first things first) but met a LOT 
of strange people on the way. My party was as useless and confusing as ever, shouting "He's attacking them!" and not 
informing me that this was in fact a good thing; all sorts of problems, seeing as it turned out to be a might priest, but I 
humbly and genorously made ammends to calm the situation. 
Then some sprites started causing problems. A game of tag is all very well until somebody gets entangled... 
Then some fool of a warden started making implied threats to our party that our pathfinder leader thought were all fine and 
dandy. He imprisoned and attacked us and yet nothing was done about him... I think an evaluation of the particular pathfinder 
might be in order to determine any tendencies to subversion. 
Then we came up against some particularly nasty salamander things and I had to intercede to stop the party from being torn 
apart. After that... it all sort of went blank. I don't remember anything until I woke up being held up [back?] by several 
party members. Aparently I'd done a few bad things; something to do with a demon? Seeing as I don't remember it, it can't 
have been that bad! 
Oh well I must be off... I need to read up on some new lore I've been looking into! 

Guardian Saldor 

Avant-Garde: Narnia - The Lion and the Witch (22/01/2006)

Castlemaine's Report

To: Marshal Flynn Medar 
Re: Mission to Find and Return Missing Children 

First off, you're really not going to believe any of the following. I don't and I was there and I'm the one that's come back 
to the temple and requesting that you resurrect a talking lion. So, with that in mind...
Set off to Yeovil. Got there to discover that four children had gone missing. Got particulars of the kids and moved on. The 
scouts found their tracks and followed them into a cave... and out the other side into a different world. Well, I don't think 
it was this world as we were attacked by talking, walking-on-their-hind-legs wolves, aided by walking-on-their-hind-legs 
badgers and following the kids tracks where they appeared to aquire first a goat and then a beaver, although they lost the 
goat in the process. According to the Badger, who was called Albert by the way, the wolves were servants of the queen, who 
was also the empress and also the evil witch and it was because of them moving in and attacking everything that there were no 
centaurs that way anymore. Silly of me not to realise that one but there you go. 
Anyway, we moved on, got attacked by short people with beards who said "gold" a lot - assumed they were dwarves - and 
goat-like creatures with humanoid bodies which explains the goat tracks. Eventually, we got to the talking lion, called 
Aslan - who had three of the kids. Apparently, the fourth had been taken by the Empress/Queen/Wicked Witch. Arranged with 
Aslan that he would go and distract the main forces of the Queen at the front of the gate while we went in and got the fourth 
kid. Managed to do that and then were chased back to the cave. Found what was left of Aslan at the cave entrance and a 
horrible thought strikes me as I write this report. Took remains and due to a promise that had been made to the children but 
against my better judgement I have brought them back here for resurrection. 
We did not check, as far as I know, to see if anything had come through the cave. It may be worth getting someone to go and 
watch the area for a short time. 
I have some requests: 
1. That an attempt is made to resurrect Aslan as soon as possible with me and the children present. 
2. If that attempt is successful then with all due haste and as quietly as possible, Aslan is to be returned to the world 
that he belongs to. 
3. The cave entrance be destroyed so that nothing can enter or leave that place. Obviously, do this after the attempt to 
resurrect Aslan. 
4. That someone go to the village of Yeovil and give them some teaching on how to take care of kids. They seemed a little 
5. That someone check me over to make sure I'm not going mad.

Philippe's Report

To: Paladin Aureole 

All started out normally, the villagers were unaware of any reasons the children would disappear, but alarmingly were 
uninterested in their fate. After following their tracks through a cave, things started to become strange. Lots of talking 
animals and strange beasts were everywhere. 
There were no sightings of undead, although I believe that it is still too dangerous a place to left as is; full of wolves 
that talk and serve some queen. They have no qualms about killing what they were calling 'Sons of Adam', what these sons are 
I don't know, but surely they deserve better than death. 
I would like to make special mention of the priest Saldor, although he can be very tiring to deal with, he has proven himself 
truly valuable to the party when healing is needed. I am aware that not all members of the Avant Garde see it this way, but 
he has provided me with assistance when I needed it most. 
Also it might interest the Temple of Life that I was given an elixir that had truly marvelous healing properties. If they 
could produce such a thing it could save many lives indeed. 
In conclusion: as none of the party died and the children were safely returned to the Barony, I am content to call this 
mission a success. 

A votre service, 
Philippe De Pont-sur-Eau, Paladin

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

I think I should just say that I thought the mission could of gone a lot worse. I mean we've done stranger things and I've 
seen worse, just not in a normal state of mind. Anyway we set of to find these children and found a village with a professor 
who was nice enough to be looking after the children before they left and also said I could try reading some of his books 
after we got them back, the children back obviously. Anyway we set off and I was told we were following some tracks although 
I never saw them, but Im not trained so I take their word for it. It turns out we were having to go through a cave and once 
we did we were in a land unlike anything I have seen at least in the real world, it was like a forest but covered in what Im 
told is snow and white snow not like the black ash snow we sometimes get. Anyway we found some kind of pole with a light in 
but I unfortunatly could'nt figure out how to remove and examine it, so I'll go back at some point. We set off and found 
apparently a house destroyed, I would of entered but I was told there was blood in there so I ignored it. As we continued we 
met some wolves who could talk, so that was nice until they attacked us saying we were sons of adam and daughters of eve (I 
believe this is the first time I have seen an attack due to name ever, oh and also the talking wolves obviously). The battle 
was particularly violent and unfortunatly it resulted in some of us being separated (I believe the term is flanked us) when 
they attacked Ekmet and knocked him out and I think they kidnapped Bear. I went and helped Ekmet and then got Dem to help me 
save Bear. This was admitedly a short sighted plan considering I had dropped my mace and Dem was injured, but thats besides 
the point. We ran in and realising the distinct lack of backup and the fact that Bear had been taken by 2 very big wolves we 
did the only thing we could do and ran, they chased us and when we got stuck in a dead end Dem tried to protect me until they 
overpowered him and then I slightly lost control and the next thing I remember is the 2 dead wolves and a distinct lack of 
feeling in my leg and the battle was over. We were all healed and ...DAMN! I knew I forgot to get the speciman from that 
snowdrift. Sorry about that we met a badger who seemed to go by the name of Albert who seemed to have a slight tendency to 
change how he spoke repeatedly. He mentioned something about a queen and Aslan, who I then found out was a lion, which for 
some reason seemed to make sense at the time. We continued to Alberts house where we met his family, he has allowed me to 
borrow a book he states is about the history of the land called Narnia. The younger badgers where able to heal us using what 
I think is a ritual but I dont know. We set off with Albert again, but where attacked by some short people talking about gold 
and some wolves who could talk (again why not), the battle was brilliantly chaotic and we seemed to be doing okay with even 
Saldor displaying some outstanding displays of power and I think I did okay until I tried to help Albert who had been 
separated when I got attacked from behind and my leg was again hurt (why is this leg always attacked even in the last mission 
they always attacked that leg). Anyway we found some of the children who seemed to be fine and with Aslan. Oh, they also said 
they had been given presents from Father Christmas (this I found annoying, they get a horn, some liquid and a shield & sword, 
what did we get a DAMN! ghoul turkey and an evil exploding christmas tree). Anyway, I gave Aslan some stone squirrals we had 
found to hopefully be healed when some person came on behalf of the queen/empress I didn't really listen as I was trying to 
read this book. It turned out the queen had Edmund, the last child, so we had to try and rescue him and all we had to do was 
face a small army, so not much. We attacked and it was incredibly random not helped by the fog hiding everyone. In the end 
Bae'ella'gor and Bear tried to see if anyone had saved Edmund, but it turns out that Saldor had gone up and saved him, but 
when two of the enemy attacked us they tried to kill Edmund and if it hadn't been for Saldor he probably would have died. I 
was able to help Saldor and Bae'ella'gor who had been knocked down and then we left. There was then a small earthquake and 
for some reason we all had the feeling that Aslan had been killed. We then tried to leave this land, when we had to again 
fight our way back which Im sure led to many tremendous and fantastic fights but I didn't see any of this so we'll ignore it. 
We got back to the light pole thing and then left although I had to hold on to Sarevok, the Might Priest, so I think I may of 
discovered a new species of cooties but I washed off a lot so it should be ok. The children are ok, oh and I think the Temple 
of Justice are going to ressurect Alsan, which is nice. Anyway I have to get back to understanding this book from Albert, 
except I think its written in claw marks so I think I have figured out badger but thats it, oh well I better get to it, after 
all whats the worst that can happen. 

Bae'ella'gor's Report

*One (and only) excerpt from a diary, confiscated after subject was found giggling into it uncontrollably.*

Dear Diary,
This is the first entry into what I hope will become a brief history of my life (or at least a record of my descent into 
madness). I was prompted to start by several events that happened while out on patrol, which I shall record forthwith. 
The day started earlier than most, as we had several hours of travel to reach the destination of our patrol, which, for once, 
was not on the outskirts of the barony, but several miles away from any border. Apparently, several children had been 
reported missing and we were to help find them. As we approached our destination, the only normal thing to happen that day 
happened. We saw several badgers being accosted by a wolf cub. Our resident acolyte druid, who still claims to have no name, 
despite everyone calling him Bear, quickly made friends with the pup, allowing the badgers to escape unharmed. This seemed to 
me to be unfair to the pup, who would now starve, but Bear insisted and as he was the resident expert on these things, I 
thought it prudent to stay silent on the matter. 
We reached our destination very soon after this, with a wolf cub following us and found ourselves at a large manor house, 
which is where the children were being looked after. None of the residents of the manor seemed too bothered about the missing 
children really, with the master of the house seemingly more interested in his books. However, we did get a direction from 
them and soon we saw several childrens tracks running away from the manor. We followed these tracks all the way to a cave and 
as they led in, we followed them. This is where the madness began. 
The cave turned out to be a tunnel and despite the journey through it only taking a few minutes, when we exited from said 
tunnel, it looked as if it had been snowing for the past several hours. However, the tracks from the cave were clearly the 
childrens and the snow allowed even an inexperienced tracker like myself to follow them clearly. Soon, we came across an odd 
metal pole, with what seemed to be a fire on top. The fire was covered in glass and there didn't seem to be any fuel, magic 
or miracles involved, plus the pole itself was embedded in the ground. We were forced to leave it there (Note to self - get 
that old fire mage in the east wing to take a look at it), though Bear expressed an interest in this "fire that doesn't 
burn". Anyway, we moved on and the children's tracks lead into and out of a wrecked house, with a goat apparently 
accompanying them on the way out. This confused the trackers incredibly, so we decided to ignore it and continue tracking 
After 10 minutes or so, we came to a large clearing, where several wolves appeared to be waiting for us. Not only could these 
wolves apparently stand on their hind legs, but they could, apparently, talk. They kept calling us 'Sons of Adam' (Note - Get 
Seeker Solymer to look up that term in the Temple of Freedom library - it doesn't seem to be very common in our own). Anyway, 
apparently being Sons of Adam wasn't a good thing for their leader, whom they alternately called the queen or the empress. 
They attacked us and with both the superior brain power they had (at least compared to other wolves) and their natural 
ferocity, we were hard pressed to keep them at bay. Bear refused to fight at all, prefering to try to negotiate with them. It 
failed miserably and Bear was severely wounded. With gaps appearing in our lines, I suppose it was no surprise that at least 
one of the vicious beasts would attack me. Luckily, I managed to evade all but one blow, so I wasn't too badly injured, but 
virtually all our combatants were down, with Saldor (uncharacteristically heroically) managing to keep several of them on 
their feet. Bear was, apparently, kidnapped, though he was rescued very quickly (I had hardly noticed he was gone). After 
beating back several waves of wolves, the attacks stopped coming, allowing us to take stock of our losses. Luckily, no one 
had died and after a short rest for recovery, a badger walked up to us and told us where he lived. Another talking animal... 
Anyway, because it was insisted by the members of the Temple of Freedom (apparently this badger had several books at his 
house), we followed the badger to his house, where his children performed a reasonibly complex ceremony that healed our 
wounds. A pair of badgers performing a religous ceremony... not something I expect to see again anytime soon. Anyway, 
apparently a lion named Aslan, who was the true king of 'Narnia' (where we were apparently) and lived nearby (I wonder if we 
are sending a diplomatic mission to Narnia anytime soon...). As this information was coming from a load of talking badgers, I 
wasn't really in a position to dispute a lions qualifications for leadership, so we decided to go see this 'Aslan'. 
On the way there, we met a group of apparently random creatures - some short bearded folk, who kept talking about gold, 
several half-goat-half-man-things and a few more talking wolves. They seemed fairly antagonistic and eventually worked 
themselves up to attack us. Unfortunately for me, they managed to flank us and panicked, I couldn't set off a spell in time 
to slow him down, resulting in my first near death experience of the day. Luckily, one of the freedom priests (can't remember 
who, I was busy being in extreme pain) saw fit to heal me before I bled to death, but my arm was still rather badly savaged 
and I spent the rest of the battle trying to avoid notice. Luckily, there weren't too many of them and once we beat them off, 
I was healed. We then came across the camp of Aslan. 
Luckily for us, Aslan had, apparently, gathered most of the children to himself, only one of them was still missing and he 
was apparently held hostage by the Queen. Apparently no relation to Aslan (the king), but, who knows. Politics aside, we 
decided to rescue the remaining child, as Aslan agreed to use his forces as a distraction while we tried to find a way into 
the queens castle. The mist was rising rapidly and by the time we reached our destination, we were enshrouded in fog. It 
allowed us to get a surprise attack in, but also made the battle quite eerie. However, learning from my mistake earlier, I 
kept a sharp eye out for enemies obviously closing in on our position. Myself, Solymer and an elven fire mage called Ekmet 
managed to survive quite well, until we were split apart by a surprise attack. I believe thats the first time I've ever seen 
Solymer actually use his mace for anything other than decoration. However, on my own and accosted by enemies, I had no choice 
but to run. After delaying a few by tripping them and luring another towards a group of combatants, I met up again with 
Solymer. By that time, my left arm was seriously injured, so much so that another hit would've probably removed it. Myself 
and Solymer, after searching in vain for Ekmet, decided to move up to the castle itself and attempt a covert rescue of the 
remaining child. Unfortunately, a dwarf followed us and despite slowing him down with a bit of magic, he continued to follow 
us all the way up the hill. At the castle, we found Saldor, who apparently had already rescued Edward (the remaining child). 
Unfortunately, the dwarf following us attacked us at that point and hit me. I don't remember much after that, except that I 
managed to roll my way down a hill. Thankfully, I was healed from the brink of death (again), this time by Solymer, who 
despite his anti-elf talk, seems to be quite fond of us. 
Anyway, the rest of the children appeared and the smallest one (whos name I believe was Lucy) provided us with an elixir, 
which was amazingly good at healing our wounds. Apparently, Father Christmas gave it to her. After everything I had seen that 
day, I wasn't in a mood to dispute her. Anyway, almost immediately, the ground shook violently, Ekmet, who for some reason 
appeared to have buried himself, came popping out of the ground and the thought came to me from somewhere that Aslan was 
dead. Perhaps I gained a bit of second sight, because that was exactly the case. Anyway, as we moved back towards the tunnel 
leading to the barony to complete the mission, the wolves began to attack again. The mist and the trees made visibility in 
this battle almost zero and wolves began to attack from behind. Once we had cleared the front, a rear guard action was 
implemented, however, due to the difficulty in disengaging from such a fast enemy, the forerunners ended up far too far in 
front of said rear-guard. Luckily for me (as I was one of the forerunners), only one of the wolves had decided to ambush us 
in the forest and the children proved themselves not completely useless in combat themselves at this point. After that, it 
was just a question of waiting for the rear guard to catch up while a scout not doing his job shouted at everybody. Then it 
was a simple walk past the strange metal fire stick thing, towards the tunnel, at the entrance of which we found Aslans mane 
(for some reason it was in a tree...) Marshal Castlemaine promised the children that he would attempt to get Aslan 
ressurected once we made it back and took the mane. After that, we formed a chain of people with Dem the (not so loud) scout 
in the lead, as he could cast light magic. (Note to self - look into the various advantages and disadvantages of light 
magic...) We made it back to the Barony and returned without incident, to the normal land with no talking animals. 
Thank god.

Saldor's Report

To: Guardian Lomax, 115th Avant-Guarde 

Erm, I think that I need a bit of a rest; I could have sworn there was a talking lion helping us on our last mission! 
We went to find the children who were reported missing and found them through a tunnel leading into what we discovered was 
another land. Some sort of portal to this 'Narnia' place. Anyway, after a few scuffles (nasty wolves on hind legs included) 
we found three of the kids helping this talking lion... a very fine fellow, sterling... erm... mane! 
Anyway he told us the other kid had been taken prisoner by a mighty powerful witch and was being held in a castle, so we went 
off to go get him. There were a lot of dwarves trying to stop us and I valiantly held a rear guard action to stop the party 
from getting killed. Then I picked up a funnily dressed pathfinder and flanked the enemy, gaining the castle gate. It was 
locked and since nothing I tried worked, we went back down to take the enemy in the rear!! The fighting was fierce and I 
checked a corpse to make sure it was safe before throwing myself back into the fray. I found a key, which the other party 
members had been remiss not to obtain. I ran back up the hill with the intent of freeing the prisoner, but thought it prudent 
to wait for back up; I merely tested that the key fit the lock. That mirage of a pathfinder however had other ideas and 
brashly opened the lock. We found the boy prisoner bound, and released him. 
Just as we started withdrawing down the hill we saw a priest and a mage coming to meet us, with some not so friendly dwarves 
in tow. My allies hindered my efforts to save them and I passed out when I was struck repeatedly. 
Coming to with a gasp, I saw that the dwarves had retaken the prisoner and after healing my wounds I returned to the keep 
just in time to see the dwarves flee, slitting the captive's throat in the process. I knew I didn't have any power left, but 
found reserves enough to heal the boy before passing out again. 
Upon my awakening, we returned down the hill to rejoin our embattled comrades and they looked not at all well. Neither did 
we. Then there was an earthquake and somebody passed around a lovely revitalising fizzy drink. This was just as well or we 
would surely have perished on the withdrawal to the Barony, harried as we were at every turn. 
I think I shall just go and have a lie down... 

Guardian Saldor 

Avant-Garde: Narnia - The Return to Narnia (29/01/2006)

Philippe's Report

To: Paladin Aureole 

It seems the objective of the mission was completed successfully and I am glad to report that none of the members of the 
party sustained any permanent damage. 
It was not an easy mission and more than once I had a vile taste of petrification. Quite a number of party members were 
seriously injured during the mission, but those of us who have healing powers managed to keep everyone alive and where we 
could not, the talking lion Aslan compensated. 
I would like to complain about a particular Pathfinder Phillip Anders; although it is difficult to spare an adversary when 
locked in serious combat, I do not believe it is necessary to execute captured enemies, there is surely a more ethical 
alternative that does not require such a pointless waste of life. Perhaps all Barony patrols should be required to carry 
cuffs and gags? 
It also seems that I have now been made a Knight of Narnia, although I do not know what duties this entails, or indeed if it 
is relevant at all to my place and purpose in the Barony, but until it proves to be an obstacle, I shall keep the title. 

A votre service, 
Philippe De Pont-sur-Eau, Paladin, Knight of Narnia 

Sarevok's Report

*This report comes in a package which appears to have been severely badgered, rhino-ed and wolfed, however shows remarkable 
little evidence of foxing.* 

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Mission: Retrieve the missing children - Return to "Narnia" 
On The Date Of: 22th January
Composed: 22, 29th January 

High Master Fornax, 

I will waste little of your time with this trivial report. 
We were sent to discover four missing children. We occured upon a 'magical land' in which the creatures acted and spoke as 
humans do. After some combat with the creatures, we recovered the children and brought them to our world. 
As you are aware our orders for the follow up mission involved overthrowing the ruling government and setting up another 
stable government (the reasoning for this seemed unclear). The eventual solution placed a group of rebels in power. 
This land of 'Narnia' held little of interest to our temple. I have been knighted by the new king of the land, however, 
unless it confers some advantage in the future, I believe it is superfluous. 

Yours obediently, 
Master Sarevok 

Avant-Garde: The Font of Madness II (05/02/2006)

Philippe's Report

To: Paladin Aureole  

First of all, I must say that there was a great deal of confusion in this last mission. The original purpose was to locate 
and return with a certain "Master Celeratis" of the Temple of Might. 
After the party was assembled, we marched forth to the village of Seven Crosses, only to uncover an extensive, yet 
meaningless, amount of bloodshed. Most of the inhabitants of Seven Crosses had been stabbed to death. Left with the corpses 
was a note which did not give any indication of a motive, but simply apologized for the mess. The note was left by a certain 
"O'Hannigan" and I highly recommend that a bounty be awarded for his capture, so that he may either explain himself, or 
answer for his crimes. 
After leaving the village, our party was soon attacked by ghouls and myself being the exception, entirely paralyzed. I was 
able to hold off the few that managed to avoid the wrath of my staff until the party was once again able to move. After 
granting protection to several of the more mobile members of the party, the rest of the ghouls were hunted down and 
After moving out again, the party encountered another pack of undead, this time in the form of zombies. They were dispatched 
of. Among the group was a necromancer, although other members of the party had dispatched of him before I found out and a 
turned Master Celeratis. I believe one of the party members took his head for confirmation of mission success, I was simply 
satisfied with his destruction. 
I have reason to believe the Temple of Might may have in its possession various dangerous items. Master Sarevok informed me 
that he had been told to retrieve a certain item; a weapon possibly enchanted with necromancy. Although the particular item 
in question was not found, Master Sarevok was rather secretive about matters and enlisted the help of Guard Simon, who was in 
charge of the mission. Both left in the direction of the Barony headquarters without waiting for the party. I suggest that 
the Guards be given strict directions on dealing with magical or miraculous items. 
A large presence of fire creatures should also be looked into and an appropriate solution found, as these creatures seem to 
be outside of the normal environment and were causing much damage to the local area. I would also suggest an investigation 
into a different kind of creature encountered, various members of the party seemed to know what they were, but I have never 
encountered such beasts before. 
Also, a man, whom I believe goes by the name of "Thibaud", killed one of the Barony's Wardens, who's name I never found out, 
without warning and in a truly vile manner: he slit the Wardens throat. I was unfortunately unable to save the Wardens life. 
The mission was successful, Master Celeratis was located and none of the party members died, although some were very hurt. 

A votre service, 
Philippe De Pont-sur-Eau, Paladin, Knight of Narnia

Sarevok's Report

*A standard Temple of Might mission report, delivered in the usual manner*

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Mission: Track down, chastise and return Master Celeratis - Retrieve temple property. 
On The Date Of: 5th February
Composed: 7th February

High Master Fornax, 

Accept my report on my latest mission. The mission began with an encounter with fire spirits, including a powerful creature 
hot enough to heat my armour to such a degree that it began to burn though my legs. The creatures were, however summararily 
dispatched when they came within reach of my blade. My strength, coupled with the mighty blows I was able to deliver, cleft 
the weaker spirits nearly in two, and was useful in bringing down the larger beast. 
We then found a house of villagers slaughtered by an unknown assailant and since he appeared to have headed in the same 
direction as Master Celeratis, we followed. There were assorted encounters on our route and we had to battle our way through 
some form of gale, as well as several traps, but nothing of much consequence occurred until we came across a group of ghouls. 
I was unfortunately unable to bend them to my will and in the resulting conflict became paralysed. Upon my recovery, I 
continued to fight, but the remaining sluggishness meant I was once again held against my will. I also believe observation of 
*this text appears to be in some kind of code* would be appropriate. 
Soon after this engagement we came across a group of zombies. I took command of one, but it was wrested back by a 
Necromancer and I was afterwards unable to control another of the undead. It seems Necromancy has power comparable to our 
own and I would request more information so that I can research it appropriately. In addition to this, I require more 
knowledge of how to bind stronger undead to my will, perhaps I can research both topics at the same time.
It was at this point that I laid eyes on Master Celeratis. The fool had allowed himself to be defeated and was now a zombie 
apparently under the command of the unnamed Necromancer. Regardless, I carried out my mission as ordered and formally 
chastised the Master, reading aloud his charges in the order set down for him. I informed him of the Temple's decision and 
punishment for him. Since he still resisted, I cut him down while the rest of the party fought the zombies. I retrieved from 
his person his holy symbol, drenched in his blood (sent separately) and his other effects. As a zombie, I understand we 
cannot interrogate or commune with him directly, but perhaps there are other methods? I would be pleased to give my aid to 
the Temple wherever I can. The body, as far as I am aware, is left pinned to the ground with Master Celeratis' own sword and 
the head removed. 
We continued on afterwards in pursuit of the murderer of the villagers and faced more undead. I bent a skeleton to my will 
and used it as an extension to my own wrath, striking at my foes and ensuring the other undead remained dis-animated. I 
noticed an enchantment on some blades in the party allowing greater damage to the undead, but when I enquired about it, it 
appears it was powered by life miracles! Needless to say, the filth did not corrupt my blade. We also fought salamanders and 
after some truly pathetic attempts at negotiation were forced to slaughter them all. After this confrontation, I recognised a 
Temple of Might holy artefact on the ground. I was concerned that it might be corrupted and knowing that it could be a danger 
to the party, I felt it was my responsibility to bring it back to the Temple immediately for safekeeping. Fortunately our 
patrol leader was cooperative and our symbol was returned to us swiftly and before it could harm any of out light aligned 
'allies'. *In Sarevok's ornate script, the word 'allies' is not in fact in inverted commas, it just looks as though it should 

Obediently yours, 
Master Sarevok 


*The following is written on dark paper, in a red ink, which is difficult to make out unless viewed in the correct 
conditions. Attached is a package containing a Temple of Might insignia (blood stained), a holy symbol (similarly stained), a 
decaying finger, an ornate broach in the shape of a celtic cross and a golden skull (which radiates with an evil aura)* 

Highly confidential, for High Masters' Eyes Only 

High Master T.Crane 

Accept my report. The general mission details are available in my standard temple report; however, I did not think it 
pertinent to include all the details in one document, regarding my more sensitive mission briefs. 
The talisman of Sarama the Dark was easy to obtain. I quickly recognised it on Master Celeratis' chest and during the heat of 
battle, wrenched it off him before any of the party were able to see clearly what I had done. This artefact remained in my 
secret possession for the remainder of the mission. As I have reported, I performed my duty regarding the master as ordered. 
While I could not return him completely to the temple for re-education, I have retrieved his blood stained holy symbol; I 
hope that this will be enough for any of your purposes. It occurred to me that the necromancer we faced might be Sarama the 
Dark, but he was relatively easy to defeat and if it was indeed Sarama, then he was in a weakened state, perhaps due to 
recent resurrection. In any case, I removed a finger after the rest of the party had moved on and enclose it for your 
At this stage, I was unable to locate the skull of Sarama the Dark and was wary of touching anything that might contain it. 
Based on your warning, I began to consider using the Paladin of our party as a tool to retrieve the Skull. Having already 
bent the leader of our party to obey my commands, the Paladin was also easy to convince. However, here I ran into my first 
obstacle. He insisted on taking the artefact to the Temple of Life, if he found it. Realising I could not afford him becoming 
involved, I swiftly convinced him that the artefact resembled a weapon of some kind and moved on. 
I then used my influence over the party leader to give him orders about what to do when the skull was discovered. I ordered 
him and a druid in the party to both take charge of the skull when it was found and keep it from the Paladin's sight. Though 
the Paladin attempted to interfere, I was able to fend him off long enough that we passed through the remaining impediments 
to our progress before he could become a problem. Fortunately the command structure of our party worked well when it came to 
obeying my orders in this area and in the situations where it was best for me to take charge of the party, those orders took 
care of our tasks swiftly and efficiently. 
I would also like to note that the Paladin never laid eyes on the artefacts recovered and the other party members were 
unaware of their full potential. 
The first bearer of the skull began to hear voices and mindful of my instructions, I ordered the skull transferred to another 
bearer, one who could carry it further from his skin. He was still, however, hearing voices and I made the decision that 
since the party was in no immediate danger, it was my responsibility to speed up recovery of the skull. Demanding 
reinforcements, I proceeded to hurry the skull bearer out of the mission area and back to the agreed meeting place to affect 
the transfer. 

I leave it to the temple to decide what action to take over the following points:
1. The Temple of Life may now believe there is an enchanted weapon in the area where the mission took place. 
2. The Paladin, Philippe, may raise complaint over his treatment in this mission. 
3. There may be some concern over the items retrieved, certainly the party's Paladin foolishly believed his superiors should 
seize them rather than leave them in our hands. 
4. The remains of Celeratis and the Necromancer are left in the open, with two beings with such a connection to the arts of 
death; it may be wise to at least observe the bodies. 
5. I believe more knowledge on wielding the powers of death will greatly aid me in battling our foes and again request more 
information on this subject. 

Obediently yours, 
Master Sarevok 

Addendum: I have enclosed copies of my letter, for the attention of High Master Fornax and any other High Masters chosen at 
your discretion. 

Prospera's Report

To: Jusa Natayelle 
Re: Search for Master Celeratis for the Temple of Might. 

This is the report for the mission of the Avant-Garde that took place on the 5th of February, of the year 2005. 

The party was summoned to the Temple of Might and briefed that Master Celeratis had not responded to any commands of him to 
report in and it was therefore necessary for him to be retrieved. Guard Simon was put in charge and Master Sarevok agreed to 
act in an advisory capacity until such a time when the Temple of Might needed to discipline Celeratis, at which point he 
would take command. 
I was the sole Pathfinder on the mission, however my scouting duties were shared by Druid Forge, a most efficient man, albeit 
he does need to work on his stealth somewhat. 
We then encountered a group of 'Mithids' on the land of a local farmer, burning his crops. We did away with these pests 
rather rapidly, although one exploded in a burst of heat that necessitated Master Sarevok's armour to be cut from his legs 
before it burnt him. 
The farmer then informed us that he had hired a man by the name of Hannigan to deal with the pests, who had disappeared. Not 
at all concerned by this – there are many who are willing to scam a few groats out of a hard-working man before disappearing 
without doing any work – we stopped to pray and mend armour before carrying on. 
We then happened upon a village which appeared deserted, with the exception of one house. Outside it was a note apologising 
for the mess and stating that he was after two druids, signed Hannigan. Inside was the entire population of the village, 
slaughtered, although there was no sign of the village's wardens among the dead. 
I discovered then a set of tracks – those of two men, one with a staff, leading north from the village, with a second set of 
tracks alongside and occasionally over the top of them – that of another, single man. These were presumed to be the druids 
and Hannigan in question. 
We followed the trail for a while – thankfully the tracks stayed clear and were easy to find – before coming across the 
long-dead corpse of an Imrit elf, who appeared to have been slain in much the same manner as the villagers, if several weeks 
beforehand. There seemed nothing to be gained from the corpse and so we carried on, following the trail past a second group 
of Mithids which we were ordered not to engage as it would bring nothing of use to the party. It must be noted that Fazer 
McFadden seemed to have difficulty following these orders, although he was reprimanded I believe. 
While scouting ahead, I was then informed by Master Sarevok that he had been sent on this mission with a private charge by 
our Temple and should I find an artefact in the form of either a golden skull, or brooch/jewel, I was under no circumstances 
to touch them. 
We continued until we met a pack of the black insectoid-lizards with which we had so much trouble back in November. These we 
slaughtered with little difficulty, although it must be noted that Fazer McFadden seemed to be overcome with a moment of 
insanity at this point and started shouting about his barn – why, I have no idea. To my knowledge he does not own such a 
structure and all the corpses we came across were in a house – still, no better can be expected from such an undisciplined, 
orderless warrior. 
We also came across a second Imrit elf, just as it regained consciousness. It was quickly ascertained that he had been 
infected by the creatures and was slain to prevent the spawning of another one. Whether or not the elf in question was a 
Barony citizen and therefore may be considered for resurrection, I do not know. 
We then came to a passage marked by a notice; "All Barony citizens may pass freely." This, I thought at first, entirely 
superfluous, as we were Barony citizens and were passing through Barony territory. However when the party entered the canyon 
beyond the note, a high wind grew that made it impossible for us to pass. Eventually it was discerned that one must be 
wearing Barony insignia to pass. Unfortunately, I was the only one doing so and thus had to pass myself before throwing it 
back for the rest of the party. If devices like this are common, may I suggestion a uniform inspection before each mission? 
It would prevent hold-ups like the one we encountered. 
Progressing further, we discovered a spinning orb with a book that Seeker Solymer, of course, insisted we investigate. 
However, the orb appeared hypnotic and enchanted several members of the party before Master Sarevok threw off the spell 
(another sign, once again, of how Might is the superior path) and while shielding his eyes managed to smash the orb, freeing 
the other captives. However, despite his endangerment of the party, Solymer got his book and was thus pleased – petty things 
to satisfy petty minds. 
Progressing further, we discovered a ring of fire, with a silver chalice at its centre. It temporarily whisked away Druid 
Forge and Fazer McFadden, although returned them a few minutes later. I heard that the party had encountered these devices 
before, on a previous mission that I was not present for, and thus I left the experienced members to deal with it while I 
went on ahead. 
I rediscovered the tracks again, however, now the three sets of footprints walked beside each other, like companions. This 
was thought very odd and we pressed on further, only to encounter a group of no less than eight ghouls. I am ashamed to say 
that I was paralysed by their foul poison, however I was not the only one – indeed, everyone barring the Paladin Philippe was 
in the same position. 
While I was paralysed, a man in brown, with whom I was unfamiliar, approached me and promised that he'd "have my throat" 
should I "spend too much time with the stupid man who likes to play with daggers". I quickly discerned that he was talking 
about my mentor Black Wing, who has been training me in dagger fighting since before Yule, although why he should have a 
problem with our association, I had no idea. Unfortunately in my condition I could not interrogate him, or even respond, and 
he left. 
Shortly after this, Black Wing himself appeared, apparently in pursuit of the man in brown. Once I was free of the vile 
paralysis and the ghouls had been dealt with, he explained that the man was Tybalt, a member of the assassins group the 'Dark 
Blades', who had previously issued a contract on Black Wing's life. We decided it was likely that Tybalt was attempting to 
harm Black Wing by threatening his prot้g้ – myself. Warning me of the danger of Tybalt, Black Wing departed and Sarevok, who 
had been privy to our conversation, asked me for my word that telling the party about Tybalt was unnecessary as he posed a 
threat only to myself or Black Wing. I gave it. 
I was mistaken. 
We progressed further, discovering a petrified Druid Beech – one of the defenders of the village we had encountered and were 
then attacked by a group of zombies and the controlling necromancer. Among the zombies was Master Celeratis, who was promptly 
read a list of his charges and destroyed. I believe Master Sarevok took his holy symbol from the body as proof for our 
Druid Beech then informed our party that the two wardens of the village, Trin and Smith had been captured by a shrine of some 
deity – didn't catch the name – and were currently being held by some more fire creatures. We agreed to aid his rescue of 
them, as is our duty to all Barony citizens. 
We slaughtered the salamanders and ghouls with little trouble and freed both wardens. However, as I was chasing one of the 
final salamanders up a hill, I turned to see Tybalt appear at the base of the slope and slit the throat of one of the 
recently rescued wardens. I then drew Tybalt away from the party and attempted to engage him in battle, but my skills were 
not sufficient and I was taken by Tybalt with the aid of some spell to a spot out of the party's sight. Here, he attempted to 
interrogate me before I managed to harm him and escape, although to my shame I did not succeed in slaying him and was 
paralysed by a ghoul as heading back towards the party. Tybalt fled from the approaching warriors of the party like the 
coward he is, and was not caught. 
I accept full responsibility for the death of the warden of the Seven Crosses – it was due to my faulty judgement that I did 
not inform the party of the threat Tybalt posed to them. I furthered this failure by being unable to best Tybalt in combat 
and slay him. I await whatever disciplinary action you feel is necessary. 
While I was paralysed, my mentor returned once more on Tybalt's trail and investigated his escape route, however decided that 
since Tybalt had now proven himself a threat to the Avant-Garde he would escort us back to the Barony, should he return once 
more. It was then that I learnt that Tybalt's full name is Tybalt O'Hannigan – he had been the man we were after for the 
murder of the villagers from the start. 
Continuing on, we found a family of salamanders and attempted to negotiate their surrender or their exit from Barony lands, 
but they proved uncooperative and thus we slew them. Unfortunately, during this encounter, the tail of one successfully 
struck my arm and broke it in such a manner that it is fortunate there was no more fighting that day, as I would have been 
useless for it. 
I was, however, still able to aid Master Sarevok in the retrieval of one of the artefacts, before we made haste back to the 

I await your response. 
Prospera Sarrasri 

Forge's Report

Message to Druid Beech 

Apologies for running off like that. The guard in charge of the mission needed my aid to return something to one of the 
Masters as quickly as possible. 
Two things I'd like you to think upon. 
Firstly, I'm recommending Rhegor, the Acolyte who was with us, to be allowed to become a full druid, probably a follower of 
the nature of the weather. He performed admirably, much better than the magic abusers, I hope you join me in making sure he 
is recognised. 
Secondly, I return to the area for the next three weeks, with your permission and will hunt down the remaining salamanders, 
before they can start another brood. 

Solymer's Report

Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt

I would just like to say that I finally have the unmitigated proof that wardens and druids have the worst sense of social 
timing EVER but more on that later. We set out with I think it was a guard in charge, he shouted orders a lot but that means 
nothing half the time. Turns out we were back at the place where that psycho warden was a while ago and where I got that book 
on the salamanders. Anyway we set off and as usual find something to kill, this time I believe they where called mephits or 
something, all I knew was that they were hot to the touch, I just wonder where they came from and also what made them so warm 
but at least one of those answers will be answered soon Im sure. We came to a village which I am sorry to say had been 
killed, this is what I have been told anyway, I saw one drop of the blood on the walls and had to leave pretty damn quick. I 
also noticed we had 2 druids with us; a druid wearing metal armour, I think thats a earth druid and some druid obsessed with 
stones and also seems to have a rather strange connection to lightning which was rather odd. Anyway we set off somewhere and 
found some creatures telling us not to go up a path because it is dangerous (damn reverse psychology thingy), so we naturally 
go up the path. We fought some of the creatures from a while ago, freds, I believe they were called (memo to self, never let 
Loukakis ever name a creature ever again). We also met a rather ingenious trap which prevented people not wearing barony 
insignea, ...insinia, ...signs, from going past it without being blown back. Turns out Prospera actually had the only one, so 
had to help us all with getting down. We also found the wardens camp without the warden and there was a moment of laughter 
with Sarevok or something trying to destroy something called the suggestion sphere while blinded. Oh, I also aquired a book 
on the wardens spells and devices and have been copying the data out it to see if we can prevent him from doing any more 
experiments on any creature. We carried on and were attacked by ghouls and from what I know all but the paladin was paralysed 
(I wonder how they do that). Anyway while this was going on this random bloke comes in and starts talking to Prospera, I 
reckon he was an assassin; 1) Based on what he talked about. 2) I think he said he was and 3) due to his accent he was 
destined to be either a farmer or someone who kills people who make fun of his accent. Anyway he ran away when some familiar 
bloke ran in and chased him off and was talking to Prospera when I could move again, I asked his name and I believe she said 
his name was Flower Fairy I think. We set off again and found another paralysed person who we saved and then we were attacked 
by some zombies and a necromancer. I was able to destroy them, but they kept coming back, resulting in me having to stop back 
attacks on numerous occasions. Anyway the necromancer raised someone else and turns out that this was the person we were 
trying to find and then some random things happen and next thing we know we left and carried on. We entered an area which 
turns out to be another shrine to that odd demon from last time, surrounded by salamanders, which I tried to reason with, but 
failed unfortunatly, so they got killed. Why is it that the Avant-Garde seems to want to kill everything? Anyway the odd 
bloke turns up, I got paralysed, he kidnapped Prospera, killed someone it turns out we saved and then runs away. I think 
Flower Fairy turned up again, I can't remember as something much more horrible occured which if it wasn't so disturbing could 
almost never be classed as funny, in which Bae'ella'gor was, how do I put it, ridden by a Barbarian (I may need to borrow 
some potions which cause amnesia if thats possible). After that I prayed, the shrine was destroyed and we headed up to find 
the last of the salamanders. I tried to and almost sucecceded in helping them, until warden Nathaniel mentioned that what we 
would transport them in a prison (GREATEST SOCIAL FAUX PAR EVER!), needless to say that the salamanders got annoyed and next 
thing I know they are all dead and my arm had broken. The bloke we saved seemed annoyed that I tried to help the salamanders 
and it was then that druid Forge mentioned that they were all dead to him, which I think someone should only be told that 
under certain conditions, mainly sitting down and not when they are already pissed off at me. Then the rest of the party left 
a group of us behind. I had a nice conversation with Bae'ella'gor and some random person I think new the village and then we 
left saying it was a successfull mission, ignoring the fact that a group of relatively peaceful and above all innocent 
missionaries (the salamanders) have been killed and also that there is an assassin or something out there with desire to 
kill, so I cannot call it a brilliant mission. 
On the other hand I did get some specimens which is nice:
1 Memphit.
1 Very hot creature which burnt Sarevok metal armor, ha! 
1 Fred (I have to change that name).
1 Zombie 
1 Salamander (waste not, want not).
I cant remember if I got a ghoul or not, I hope I did, oh well theres always next time.

Rhegor's Report

*Report handed into whoever the druid liaison for the Avant-Garde is*

Greetings Honoured Druid 

Acolyte Rhegor, recently transferred to the eleventy-fifth Avant-Garde. 
Greetings unto thee. 

As you are no doubt aware I recently was assigned to my first duty as a member of the eleventy-fifth and I believe it is 
appropriate to report my experiences upon it to yourself? If this is incorrect I apologise most heavily and ask your 

The mission was a rescue for some Celeri...-something fellow from the Temple of Might. I should begin by saying that though 
we did find his corpse, it was being animated by spirits of the dead at the time, so is undoubtedly tainted. Other than this 
there are a few points concerning the mission you should be made aware of. Firstly it is to my shame that I must admit that 
during the course of retrieving the might priest my arm was broken, I regret that this rendered me somewhat superfluous to 
requirements for a time, fortunately it was set later by an interesting gentlemen we encountered.
Actually this fellow is another thing I should mention, never did catch his name, though some people seemed to know him. He 
seemed a distracted person and though he did set my arm, he wasn't exactly gentle about it. More interesting was that he 
seemed to be blessed by the forces of nature, though, even stranger. I am fairly certain he was more of a warrior than 
usually receives such blessing, I should not pry though. 
Which reminds me, we met another person, I believe called O'Hannigan, I don't think I recall his first name, though I admit 
my arm was making me mildly delirious by then. I can vouch that he is responsible for the death of Warden Trin and again I am 
sorry that I could not save him myself. 
Other than these curious, but still mundane matters, two further points must be made. First a strange creature I am 
unfamiliar with attacked us at one point, some sort of black insectoid/lizard that had at least a partially parasitical 
lifecycle, the highlander Mr McFadden seemed familiar with them to a degree, though the tale he told seemed rather 
Finally the most important matter, concerning the inhabitants of various spirits connected to the Element of Fire. I noted 
both Lava Mephits, Salamanders, a Magmin and possibly some other varieties of Mephit. These seemed to have travelled via a 
shrine to fire that we came upon to our *place*. Most worrying was that a particularly powerful spirit, of both fire and 
chaos, was in-situ near the temple, though I did discover the creatures name I shall not commit it to parchment as I believe 
it was a dangerous entity, aiming only for destruction and possibly banished from its native *place* by its overlords, along 
with its followers. I did confirm its taint upon the adult salamanders, though the young appeared free from its influence. 
Additionally the shrine to fire was destroyed, though in a most unprofessional manner that I can not believe would have any 
effect upon the spirit entity, though it did appear to flee. I am a little concerned that the eleventy-fifth almost handed 
over the salamanders to the corrupters of fire, fortunately the spirits were wiser than this and were lain to rest, that 
there lords my judge them. 

Acolyte Rhegor 

The Great Escape (12/02/2006)

Zephyra's Report

*Copies sent to the Tower of Water, the Tower of Earth, and Guard Captain Avon* 

As part of a group sent in on a lightning rescue attempt to retrieve a Pathfinder Captain, named Driftwood, on extended 
patrol, I would like to say that we achieved the necessary success of retrieving her alive and relatively intact. We were 
transported to her location, which turned out to be a prison of sorts in the back of an armoury in a large compound. I say of 
sorts because it wasn't much of a prison: the door was guarded by three men and appeared to be unlocked, unless someone in 
the party has lockpicking skills I am not aware of. We were told by Captain Driftwood that there were about 1000 men in the 
compound and decided the best course of events was to get out of the compound as quickly as possible, stopping to fight only 
as a last resort. We managed a fighting retreat all the way to the gate despite the injured condition of Driftwood, who had a 
poison in her leg of some sort which no one was able to heal. Our pathfinder, Fredrik, was taken, but we managed to recover 
him with the promise that we leave and not return. We healed our wounds and continued on our way, only to be met by a small 
patrol group who informed us they would only let us past if we gave up the prisoner. They wanted to try the Pathfinder 
Captain for murder, this of course we could not do and they attacked us. We were forced to kill the first of several patrols 
we would meet, all of whom acted aggressively. Where we could, we let them go free, but many of them fought for their lives 
and gave them. Subsequent groups would then be convinced we were hostile and negotiations became useless and we ended up 
fighting our way through the patrols to the recall point set up for our return. 

Points to note: 
1) They were very organised, as pointed out first by the Pathfinder Captain and reinforced throughout our time there. They 
seemed to have a large, well supplied base, many patrols and were able to deal with outside threats as well as the threat we 
2) We found the corpse of a necromancer which we established had been tried by them and then executed, so it is obvious they 
have some sort of legal system. This is again reinforced by the Pathfinder Captain's observation that they wanted to hold her 
for trial and were trying to find someone to defend her when we so aptly rescued her. I did hear mentioned that they were 
justice aligned. 
3) There was at least one mage with every patrol group we came upon, specialising especially in the element of water. Their 
powers were not very strong, however and if some sort of peace can be made with these people, it would be worth considering 
building at least a school of water there. 
4) I believe very strongly that these people could be either very strong enemies or decent allies and urge that steps be 
taken to insure that diplomats are sent to ensure it is the latter and not the former which occurs. It seems to me that these 
people were merely trying to defend themselves from a perceived threat and even if they had acted based on false information, 
were only doing what we would do if we were led to believe that a small armed group had attacked, then another armed group 
arrived, taken away the one survivor we had from the first and fought their way through our midst. I hope we have not caused 
a diplomatic incident through our actions, necessary as they were. 
5) The mage Pilgrim, Starfire's Apprentice, was exceedingly useful, practical and saved many lives today. He has still not 
taken the title of High Wizard, saying he will not until he is bestowed it. I believe it would be in the Tower's best 
interests to officially bestow such title on him, as he is more than deserving of it. We would have died in the first run to 
escape had it not been for his actions.

For the Tower of Water 
High Wizard Zephyra 

Nab's Report

Over-Captain Rhoddo, 

The team selected completed the mission, no one with us was a weak link. Eagleson kept the team together and moving. He will 
make known to you any military matters. As a clansman of the north I am not kept abridge of what matters would be important 
to you, except this:
The Order of the Twilight Moon (needs to be clarified, as I'm not sure of the name) are a justice aligned military group. If 
left unchecked they may present a great threat to the Barony, they are strong and clever. They know who we are, I'm certain 
they will discover where quite soon. If you have the forces to deal with 1000 troops - casualties today (maybe around 50 
dispatched by us) then I would do so. They may not wish to talk, since we did take their prisoner under orders from yourself. 
It is not my place to advise Kingdom military on how to do their job, so my report ends here. 

Nab, of clan McFeegle

Naismith's Report

To Captain Avon 

Sorry I can't deliver this report in person, but I'm resting my aching bones, muscles, sinews and brains. That wasn't easy. 
In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it is a combination of miracles that we got out of that alive. Literally. 
First I ask permission to share the highlights of the mission with Barony citizens and my guild. I'm not sure how sensitive 
the information we have brought back really is. 
I summerize.
Don't try colonising that way. An organised force of Hassani have interbred with elves, orcs and orges, forming a large, 
civilised nation based on justice principles. They call themselves the Moonlight Alliance.
Their structure is as follows:
1) Mages
Elemental magic - Only school of water encountered. Only cast spells seen. No evidence of rituals. 
Necromancy - Punished by execution. Unclear if total execution or just once. Evidence of rituals. 
Demonology - Subtle enquiries met with a response of dislike and distrust of demons and demologists.
Warlock - No evidence.
Archer - No evidence, although archers were prominent. 
Dark - No evidence. 
Light - The elves of the Moonlight Alliance do have access to it, lots of it too.
2) Priests
Priests seemed to be leaders. Almost all justice aligned. Other members showed deferment. No evidence of ceremonies. No 
evidence of powerful miracles. 
3) Warriors
No evidence of Gladiators, but the 'guards' were uniformed and organised. Much more than any Hassani group I have heard of. 
4) Scouts
Elven, half elven and human. Using magic (water) and well ordered. 
5) Other
No evidence of Druids or Barbarians although some comments by their warriors on facing Nab McFeegle seemed to imply they knew 
and respected his racial origin. 

That's all I can think of at the moment. Oh, don't let Fredrik beat himself up about dying. He was protecting the Pathfinder 
Captain, at a point where only he could. He saved her, but got got. We retrieved his body, raised him back to life (a true 
team effort. Let me know if you want more details than that) and on we went. He was feeling a bit guilty about it, but he 
really shouldn't. 
Speak to you later.

Naismith, Demon Investigation Agency 

Pilgrim's Report

To: Captain Avon, all the Towers, and the Circle

Well, I made it back, no doubt to the disappointment of certain beings. Still, I've managed to continue true to form and more 
than likely the job that I got sent to do has sparked a nice diplomatic incident. Pathfinder Captain Driftwood was being held 
by a group of apparently justice aligned people because she had murdered people and they wanted to try her for it. The rest 
of our patrol were apparently waived of these charges for some unknown reason despite the fact that we did kill a fair number 
of them. They called themselves the 'Moonlight Runners' or something similar to that. They were dressed in a uniform 
consisting of tabards with black and white quarters. In the middle of the chest was a circle, half black and half white and 
the break was vertical. 
The forces that we encountered were similar in make up to our own patrols - Half Orc and Human fighters, with halfbreed mages 
who used mainly water magics. They also had priests who were able to heal both the life-force and the body of those who we 
met. They weren't particularly strong and were incapable of holding the group of 9 of us. I was quite disappointed with their 
mages. If we do ever get diplomatic relations with them and if we ever do get them on our side, then all of their mages need 
to be dragged to either the Tower or the Circle and be taught properly. They need to learn valuable life and survival 
lessons, as well as more than 1 trick. 
Whilst their forces are numerous, they do not appear to have any strength to them, witnessed by the fact that we were able to 
break out so easily. However, in doing so, we were labelled as invaders and if we had been caught we would have been held as 
prisoners of war, so I'm assuming that a state of war exists between us at the moment? Only one of our number was slain, 
Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Fredrik, but not before he had foiled a throatslit attempt on Dr Wolfgang. Dr Wolfgang then 
returned the favour by bringing him back to life, although someone should tell him that he needs a better holy symbol. This 
is something that I drum into my student mages. Someone needs to drum it into him. 
Finally, was surprised to realise how many times I agreed with Nab McFeegle. I would like to request access to some texts 
regarding the clansmen as I saw something today that I want to know more about. I cannot be more specific with my request as 
I do not know what it was I saw, but as I find out more, I can make my requests more specific. 

Wizard Pilgrim, 
Starfire's Apprentice. 

Eagleson's Report

Mission Objective: 
Locate Missing Pathfinder Captain Driftwood - MIA in Uncharted lands.
Return with the Captain regardless of her condition (alive or dead) either by returning to the recall point set up within 
4 hours of teleportation or by walking back to Kingdom lands.

Patrol Members:
Myself (Guard Corporal Eagleson, IC) 
Guard Corporal Azreal (2IC) 
Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Fredrik (3IC) 
Nab McFeegle of the Highland Clan McFeegle 
Doctor Wolfgang 
Demon-Investigator Naismith 
High Wizard Zephyra 
Wizard Pilgrim 

Mission Outcome: 
Mission completed within allotted time limit for reaching the recall point. Captain Driftwood rescued but with an untreatable 
injury to her leg that occurred before our arrival. 
One party death, Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Fredrik died in the line of duty and was raised on the patrol by Doctor Wolfgang. 
He died defending the lives of his comrades and should be commended for his selfless acts. 

Mission Details: 
*excerpts from Eagleson's detailed mission report* this point one of the members called "in the name of Justice" and I believed that if they did follow Justice then they 
should be reasonable and attempts to negotiate should be made... 

...I stepped forward to negotiate. They agreed to let us pass freely through their lands if we gave up Pathfinder Captain 
Driftwood (their prisoner) to be tried on counts of trespassing and murder. They informed us that she would get a fair trial 
with someone of her choice to defend her. Given the mission orders I would not accept this. They made it clear they were not 
going to back down on the issue and so combat ensued... 

...we managed to get hold of one of the tabards they wore undamaged and I donned it so as to give us an advantage in future 
skirmishes with their number.... 

...again we met with two more of their patrols and we engaged them in battle after trying and failing to convince them to let 
us pass unharmed. Two of their number surrendered and so I subdued them into unconsciousness and left them otherwise 

...Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Fredrik was killed but his body recovered. With the requirement of prayers and meditations to 
regain power as well as the requirement to raise Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Fredrik we took cover in a small cave that was 
magically sealed by Wizard Pilgrim to successfully hide us... 

...On casting the miracle despite the power gifted to him mentioned previously, Doctor Wolfgang fell unconscious but was 
quickly given a life-shield by Guard Corporal Azrael and healed by Demon-Investigator Naismith on completing his prayer... 

...A third attempt at negotiations was made but to no success. I told them we were going to pass and would not harm them 
unless they attacked first however they were adamant that they wanted their prisoner back and initiated combat. At this point 
I made the decision that future negotiations would not be attempted as their demands could not be met and they were only 
delaying our travel... 

...Demon-Investigator Naismith informed me that the faction called themselves the 'Moonlight Alliance' and were of Hassani 
origins. They were predominantly Justice aligned and seemed to have similar ideologies and practices to the Kingdom. They had 
Human, Half-Orcs, Half-Ogres and Elves within their number as warriors, priests and mages - Justice and Water respectively 
were the only areas observed. Some also had bright-glowing weapons though what magic exactly this was is unknown to me. More 
information on this can be obtained from Demon-Investigator Naismith as this information originated from what he told me... we reached the gate we heard the hails of the Barony guards. On introducing ourselves they promptly preceded to 
initiate the recall procedure and we were returned to Barony lands... 

Avant-Garde: Narnia - Prince Caspian (19/02/2006)

Touton's Report

Humact Touton report to Flynn Medar. 

Sir, all undead units believed to be dealt with. Two necromancers also dealt with, one of which is positively identified as a 
Rathbone brother. Wish to report rock solid party with good leadership and no casualties. I believe we can now close the file 
on Captain Teller and his crew. 
Undead threat consisted entirely of medium powerful skeletons and zombies in waves and quite powerful ghouls. I commend 
Humact Sword for his aid. 
Yours in the name of life.

Humact Touton 

Tanner's Report

*Tanner submits an extensive report which includes details of the creatures encountered such as the centaurs, a god of a 
river and Aslan. At no point is it suggested that anything mentioned in the report is in the slightest way unusual. Only the 
first fights are sketchy in detail, the main comment being 'and then I was paralysed again'. The Bacchus encounter is merely 
noted as a 'musical challenge that was easily bested'.* 

In summary, the only potential surviving member of the Teller crew is the second Rathbone brother, for whom we lack 
conclusive proof of his situation. I recommend the following course of action, assuming the captured Rathbone brother can be 
1) The captured Rathbone brother has died for his crimes of necromancy and should be resurrected and exiled under Kingdom 
2) Upon his resurrection, he should be immediately executed for the murder of Guard Vola. 
3) At this juncture the present representative of the Temple of Might should be able to gain a truthful statement as to the 
location of the other brother. 
4) The deliberate and purposeful murder of a Kingdom guard performing her duty is not a crime that grants the possibility of 
resurrection. All efforts should be made to contact his next of kin to establish if they wish to fund his resurrection. 
With regard to my fellow patrollees, I must commend Guard Vola for her bravery in accepting a challenge of the way of might, 
something I would not have done. 
I was also disturbed to find that Humact Touton would not lift a weapon to strike anyone not currently suspected of 
necromancy. I remain uncertain as to this being worth the benefits of the obvious power with the gods of life that this gains 
him. Only the lack of confrontation with living foes made this not a serious liability. All I can say is that his presence 
should only be added to a patrol with great care. If he could be placed under the instruction and guidance of Humact Sword 
then that would be of benefit to him, I theorise. 
Wizard Bae'ella'gor proved gratifyingly willing to put his own self at risk in order to carry out strategic assaults that 
fortunately were not necessary to execute. I look forward to seeing his growth in ability and the tactical options that will 
Pathfinders Prospera and Anneri carried out their work with reliable excellence, despite the persistent presence of Seeker 
Loukakis. When the seeker applied himself to his calling, in solving of riddles and games of chance and chaos, he excelled 
himself. I can only hope that he will concentrate more on this in future. 
Seeker Cumberland was also instrumental in the solution of one critical puzzle, whilst continuing to supply able support and 
occasionally essential blessings when the humacts had expended what powers they had. 
The representatives of the druids, Hawthorn and Rhegor, were able and on occasion showed that their unique talents have 
tactical applications. Their self sufficiency was also greatly appreciated. 
Finally, we were commanded by Guard Avery. I feel it my duty to report that, whilst under severe stress, having just 
witnessed Guard Vola's death and having had it revealed that none amongst King Caspian's retinue knew how we were to make it 
home, Guard Avery utilised an unspecified substance in a manner which I have only seen used to imbibe illicit compounds. 
This action was taken whilst in a command position and whilst it appeared to restore outward calm, the internal ramifications 
of that can be unforeseen and unexpected. He also made several comments encouraging patrollees to consider ensuring 
themselves to be drunk on patrol in order to cope better with the rigours of our profession. When challenged he claimed he 
was making a jest, though I did not find this obvious. Whilst his tactical decisions were excellent and timely throughout the 
events described and I cannot fault any aspect of his leadership, I must report these instances, as described in patrol 

Yours in oath 
Warden Flint Tanner 

Calamity's Report

*Calamity sits someplace secluded, in prayer to his ancestors.* 

"My dear ancestors, after travelling for all zis time, I vos looking vor some coin and signing up vor one of zese 
Barony-patrol zings seemed a good idea. I vill tell you of ze insanity I encountered. 
Ve vere lead by a person called Marcus, who seemed vaguely competent, to retrieve some criminals. How exactly ve vere 
supposed to bring zem all back alive, I do not know, for it vas quite a lot of zem. Not zat it matters anyvay, since ve were 
soon set upon by a considerable force of ze vones in eternal torment. 
Here, zere seems to be a group of so called undead hunters, ze humacti. Some conversation did suggest zey are all fanatics, 
altough ze vone known as 'zword', had a very... happy outlook on life and vore some strange glasses. But, zere effectivenes 
vas great. Ze other vone..." 

"He vould not survive the vilderness, ja."

"Something like zat, ja. 
Anyvay, I vas busy setting up some elf as ghoul bait, as suddenly ve vere all transported to even stranger lands. 
A few of us vere apparently here before, and told some hysteric"

"Ve mean retarded"

"vatever, tales of talking animals and lamposts. 
Ve then eventually found ze pathfinder ve vere looking for. Except zat it vas not him, but his very distant descendant." 

"So ve did not actually find him then..."

"Everyvone else did not make zat distinction either, or did not care. Ve vere led to a camp vich contained a number of..." 


"creatures. Can ze believe it? A human and a horse, zomehow crossbred. Vorse zan ze elves if ze ask me. At least zese can 
sing and run, apparently. 
When I vas about to think zat zome critters must be put out of zere misery, zere vos finally some movement. A descendant" 

"It zeems time vas bent. Or shifted."

"Ja. A descendant of vone of ze criminals appeared vith a large army and proposed zome sort of deal. If ve vould find ze 
remaining three crowns of 'Narnia' before he did, he vould hand over his and 'Caspien'..." 

"Ze 'rightful' ruler of zese lands, it seems."

"...vould bring us home. Zo, ve vent looking for zese crowns. I vill spare ze ze details. 
Ve vere of course able to collect all of zem swiftly, and set back to ze other king. Ze deal appeared done..." 

"Even though treachery vas to be expected."

"but zome silly challenge vas issued. Before I had a chance to offer spiritual guidance to Vola, she had already accepted zis 
challenge. Zey fought for a short vile, until zome unfortunate existence dispelled ze miracle. All died. 
When I vas about to" 

"perform excessive retaliation?"

"...vat? No, formulate a balanced respose, of course. Vell, regardless, ze talking lion some have told me about suddenly 
appeared. And zey all knelt before him, vould you believe zat? Zey knelt before a lion!" 

"It did restore Vola to life again, did it not?"

"Who knows vat it did. I vill have to keep an eye on Vola. Vell, ze lion zen valked around us many times and ve vere sent to 
the same place ve disappeared from originally. 
By a talking lion." 

"Vell, he also did have zome nice fur, you know?"

"... I vill not vear yellow. 
Vone other thing: All ze vones zey call 'priests' here are like little children. A very short memory ven it comes to not 
using zere power on me, very demanding and completely out of touch vith zere ancestors. 
Except perhaps ze druid called Rhegor. He zeems to be on ze right path, he just needs a little guidance. 
Vell, in ze end ve vere sent back to zis land, but all ze undead ve vere busy dealing vith at ze time of our... excursion 
vere still there, vaiting for us. A fight ensued vith a number of our party members injured." 

"I hope ze vones ve freed from ze paralytic touch of death and ze vone ve rescued from bleeing to death remember."

"Ze druid and ze scout? No vorries, zere. If required, zey vill be reminded." 

"Ze varrior Vola should be told zat to not scare children, not vielding a huge zweihander is a start."

"Ve have lost ze subject completely, have ve not?"

Marcus' Report

FAO: Guard Captain Elwood 
Report of Guard Marcus Avery, 115th Avant-Garde 

Mission Paramaters 

1. Destroy undead and necromancers operating within the area. 
2. Make contact with Pathfinder Robertson, working undercover in the Teller pirate crew. Arrest any pirates still living and 
convey Pathfinder Robertson back to safety. 
3. Kill or capture the Rathbone brothers, if possible arresting them on charges of necromancy. 


A small and inexperienced group of Avant-Garde recruits were sent out under my command, with Warden Tanner as my second, to 
locate one Pathfinder Robertson, who had disappeared while on an undercover mission to trap certain pirates known to the 
command. We ran into heavy resistance from necromantic minions, with which we were unequipped to deal adequately. The mission 
departed from its stated paramaters after around fifteen minutes engagment against zombies, skeletons and ghouls: a mist 
desceneded, a horn was heard to sound and the group were transported via some arcane means to another plane. 

Once there, I took steps to execute my primary responsibility under my oath to Prince and Baron, which was to ensure that as 
many of my men returned alive to their homes as I could. These steps included finding and identifying a Robertson who carried 
appropriate identification as a Pathfinder (but claimed to be the 12th generation descendant of that servant of the Kingdom 
after whom we had been sent); temporarily allying with a force who were pre-disposed to help us get home if we helped them 
with their situation and the recovery of the body of one Rathbone, who along with his brother was included in the mission 

The patrol were returned to safety and to the Kingdom of Exiles, by means I cannot explain but through the agency of one 
Aslan. Three members of the patrol I was sent out with had encountered both the new plane and this individual before. They 
were unable to offer any substantive information due to the apparently mutable nature of time on this new plane. 

Events in Sequence 

1. Necromancers 

The patrol were engaged very quickly, implying that the forces arrayed against us knew we were coming and what route we were 
to take. We were attacked by a shambling force of undead minions including several, very rapid, ghouls. This proved to be a 
significant problem, since at any one moment over the next twenty minutes of combat there were always more paralysed 
patrolees than there were with the strength to carry the fallen. The Humacts Sword and Touton performed admirably under great 
pressure, but were not always as flexible in responding to a rapidly evolving tactical situation as I might have wished. 
Warden Tanner was responsible for our eventually beginning to make progress: he was able, even while still affected by his 
recent paralysis, to generate enough arcane protection for the members of the patrol, myself included, that we were then in 
a position to advance in good order between natural features offering cover. We were almost into the forest, from which we 
could have mounted a more co-ordinated response to the situation and hopefully tracked down the perpetrator, when a white 
mist fell, in the midst of an assault on our position by the shambling dead. As the mist cleared it became clear that we 
weren't where we started out. 

2. Dwarves 

Moments after I'd gathered the group and sent out the appropriate individuals to find us a path, it was reported that 
uniformed men were about to execute what appeared to be a dwarf. I approached them to enquire as to whether they knew where 
the Kingdom of Exiles stood: they did not recognise my uniform nor the name of the Kingdom and (upon seeing the party behind 
me) they ran away. I appropriated the dwarf, who claimed to have been "sent there to wait for us and bring us to Prince 

Conversations with said dwarf Trumpkin and with Pathfinder Prospera revealed that this Prince Caspian was involved in some 
kind of familial civil war with his uncle over the crown of a kingdom called "Narnia": and that we were quite clearly not in 
Exiles any more. Around this point we were interrupted by a large force of heavily armed, uniformed soldiers, who appeared to 
be from the same army as those who had been trying to execute the aforementioned dwarf. They were led by a Captain Robertson, 
who contrived to hold private parley with me and showed me a very battered Pathfinder's badge. Conversations with Robertson 
indicated that some form of time travel had taken place, leading to the group of pirates that my patrol had been detailed to 
seek out, along with the Rathbone brothers, arriving in this alternate place some five hundred years prior to our own 
arrival. Capt. Robertson identified himself as the 12th generation descendent of the Pathfinder we had been sent to find and 
made it clear he intended to use this brief opportunity to desert from the force he found himself an unwilling part of. 

Having taken stock of the resources available to my unit, it became clear that without a safe place and time to rest, heal 
and for the casters to pray and meditate we would be at significant risk of a total death toll. I therefore chose to take the 
dwarf and Capt. Robertson to find Caspian, where there was some hope of a rest in safe conditions. 

3. Princes 

Caspian, a suspiciously high-voiced young man, turned out to be a very long way out of his depth. His forces consisted of one 
or two human warriors, a large selection of unusual and arguably mythological half-humans and a large number of unusually 
active and intelligent woodland animals. They displayed every evidence of being as bloodthirsty as such animals should be and 
I was very glad to be able to leave their company very quickly. 

The Prince held conference with myself, Capt. Robertson and temporarily Pathfinder Anneri. After extensive questioning, it 
became clear that the Prince had limited military knowledge whereas his opponent was very good indeed at their job. The 
tactical situation can be summed up as: facing an inferior force, with no ranged or ritual arcane support options, from an 
indefensible position in enemy-controlled territory, without logistical support or supply lines. The strategic situation was, 
if anything, worse: no fortifiable geographical or settlement features, no populace to operate a guerrila war, no viable 
neighbor states to run to and try for an alliance and return campaign and no hope of re-inforcements from the local area to 
deal with the attrition rate they were suffering. I provided the Prince with my professional opinion and he replied that the 
only thing which could save us was the return of one Aslan, who from context appeared to be some kind of deity, or senior 
divine spirit. I suggested to the Prince that, given the strategic situation and the complete lack of any reliable method of 
sumonning aid from this spirit, we should withdraw to the North where Professor Cumberland of the Temple of Freedom claimed 
there was a possible route back to Exiles via a magic lamp. The Prince was reluctant to do this, since he felt most of those 
he was sworn to protect would refuse to go. 

4. Kings 

Around this point the conference was interrupted by the arrival at the Prince's "secret" hideout of his opponent King Miraz, 
currently crowned and acclaimed monarch of that particular realm, with a strong force of warriors. He and the Prince 
conferred and somewhat before I was able to impose a presence on the negotiations it had been agreed between them that 
matched parties of champions should seek out three further crowns (why they were fighting if there was two of them and four 
crowns to go around, has never been adequately explained to me) as a kind of contest for the throne. Caspian assured me that 
this Miraz would keep his word. Observing that the King currently wore a fourth crown, I deduced that were Caspian's 
champions successful the King would require a more direct challenge to relieve him of the crown in his possession. The Prince 
was a little flustered while I was trying to explain this to him and didn't seem to get the point. Before I was able to 
prevent it happening, my patrol had been selected as the champions. Given that putting the Prince on the throne seemed to 
offer the best chance of getting my men back alive and given that my arcane division had been able to replenish their powers, 
I felt it best to go along with the scheme right up to the point that we looked like losing. 

5. River spirits, drunken ivyheads and more dwarves 

The nature of the challenges we had to deal with varied radically depending on which genius loci we had to propitiate. The 
first was very much a spirit of skill (and water): Captain Loukakis of the Temple of Freedom proved exceptional at this 
juncture, fulfilling three out of four challenges almost single-handed to win the first crown. We were then led onwards to 
meet up with a jovial and ivy-covered gentleman attended largely by satyrs and nymphs. Guard Vola participated in a drinking 
competition, myself and Pathfinder Anneri participated in a competition of song and the barbarian Calamity very nearly 
assaulted the deity in question. We came away with that crown as well. There were then many more dwarves, a footrace, some 
underground archery (an unusual pursuit at which, it turns out, I'm not very good) and a tug of war, which the patrol won 
through the strength of Guard Vola and Humact Sword, with the able assitance of Warden Tanner's arcane abilities. Having 
claimed three crowns, we were able to return to the Prince. 

6. Confusions 

As I had attempted to predict, when we provided evidence of our victory to the King he asked that the Prince, or a chosen 
champion, should prove the claim by taking the crown from him in single combat. Guard Vola stood forth as champion (the 
Prince was, quite clearly, unable to even try and match the King) and the duel began with Miraz invoking the challenge 
rituals of the Temple of Might. Unusually, these seem to have survived although much other lore had been lost. The challenge 
was interrupted, suicidally, by a necromancer who turned out to be a Rathbone. Guard Vola lost her life and significant 
hostilities ensued. 

Once Rathbone had been dealt with, the Prince informed me that in return for the three crowns, he was able to offer precisely 
no information on how to get home. Much nastier hostilities would have ensued had the aforementioned Aslan (who manifested 
within the illusion of a vast lion) appeared. This spirit was both much more powerful and much more coherent, than any other 
occupant of Narnia encountered to that date. Aslan restored life to Guard Vola, thus staving off the immediate assassination 
of the Prince and his new nobility by myself and my companions and not only provided us with a route home, but also with 
useful intelligence and some very powerful life miracles to guard us against what happened next. 

7. Necromancers. Again. 

When we were returned to this plane, we discovered that virtually no time had passed here. The swarm of undead we had been 
fighting when we were stolen were now ahead of us and we were between them and the necromancers who raised them. In the 
fighting which followed, though I endeavoured as best I could to enforce order, about half the party were paralysed before we 
dealt with the ghouls that were marauding around the area. A great deal of damage was done by the skeletal and zombie forces, 
but ultimately the courage and stubbornness of the patrol won through and we were able to clear the area, completing the 
remaining half of our mission brief. 

Points of Note 

1. Commendations 

1.1 Warden Tanner 

The Warden performed every duty admirably and consistently throughout the extraordinary mission, in spite of the undue 
pressure on his sanity which resulted from the apparent disruption of the order which he serves. He is an extraordinarily 
talented field commander and a very reliable second-in-command. His grasp of how best to use the arcane resources available 
to him is superb. 

1.2 Guard Vola 

I have served with Guard Vola for many years and have never found her lacking in courage, strength or willingness to serve. 
For the first time since I have known her, the situation has called upon her to give up her life and she did so without 

1.3 Pathfinders Prospera and Anneri 

The Pathfinders handled the challenge of being transported into totally unknown territory admirably. They were ever-present 
in the skirmish and always conspicuous by their absence from view when stealth was called for. 

1.4 Druid Hawthorn 

An unusually focussed individual with a very big stick. He was instrumental in guiding us through the challenges the new 
world presented to us. 

2. Other comments 

1.1 Humact Touton 

Touton is an effective warrior against the undead. On his own. His disinclination to respond to battle orders from direct 
military superiors makes him a liability even in his area of expertise. I would recommend that he is educated regarding the 
chain of command. Further, I would recommend that this education is performed with the business end of a stout stick. He is 
to be commended for his personal prowess, but needs to work on his teamwork. 

1.2 "The Horn" 

I failed to get it. Caspian identified it as the engine by which we had been summoned from our own plane and I intended if I 
could to ensure that it travelled here with us, so that no more of the Baron's military could be stolen from their duties by 
its influence. I was unable to actualise this goal. 

1.3 Logistics 

I would very strongly, if respectfully, suggest that patrols detailed to combat necromantic operatives be equipped with at 
least one individual capable of lifting paralysis in future. The tactical position into which I was put while attempting to 
carry out my orders was unenviable at best and suicidal at worst. Fortunately, between myself, the humacts and Warden Tanner 
we were able to prevent it from coming to worst. 

Please Find Attached 

1.1 One Rathbone, Dead. 

1.2 One Robertson, alive. 

1.3 One map, not terribly accurate. It was reconstructed by myself from conversations with Caspian and with Professor 
Cumberland, while attempting to ascertain Caspian's strategic situation. Scale and distances are estimated very roughly 
indeed. Features marked may be somewhere other than where they are placed and/or may not exist at all. 

Cumberland's Report


Thought I'd let you know how I've been getting on in my retirement. Well I've found this whole patrolling with the 
Avant-Garde to be quite interesting, certainly a welcome change of pace from working and lecturing in my lab. Quite a bit 
safer too. I've found in these last couple of years that I haven't been able to leap over, then turn over a lab table as 
quickly as I used to and my wife does worry so when I come back with singed eyebrows; though not half so much as when I apply 
some of my experimental knowledge to household chores. Still we don't last for ever in this world, but with the grace of Peta 
and my regular jaunts out on missions I should have a healthy retirement and an interesting one too if these other fellows in 
the Avant-Garde are anything to go by. 

Maximillian Loukakis is as energetic as he always has been and he seems to have found himself some focus on these missions. 
It's certainly interesting to see one of my former students out in the world. He's still addicted to the 'orange ones' as he 
calls them, but I'm monitoring his behaviour and keeping him supplied with a safe dosage. Not many of the rest seem to want 
to try my creations, unfortunately for them. It's a shame they haven't got more desire to experience life. We don't stay in 
this world that long, except for the elves of course, so I'll have to try and teach them to make the best of all the 
opportunities that are freely available to him. 

Solymer is an interesting member of the temple. I have to say it's good to see a strong desire for practical work in our 
younger members, though his faintness around blood does make for an amusing combination. 

Warden Tanner is a priest of order so everything you would expect really. Still we have our little running competition to 
extol the virtues of our paths to our compatriots in the Avant-Garde. Not that he lets it on, but I think he enjoys our 
little games, so perhaps there is hope for him yet. Actually speaking of Tanner I tried one of his strength miracles on 
Sunday. Well you know me I'll try anything once (or twice if it suits me), but I wouldn't recommend you do the same. Made me 
feel quite uncomfortable, I kept it long enough to complete this little test of strength we were involved in, waste not want 
not as I always say, but had him take it away as soon as we were done. All in all, he's interesting to work with, though 
can't see us sharing a beer any time soon. 

Speaking of beer Marshal Castlemaine, who I've worked with a couple of times now, seems to be involved in delivering beer in 
his spare time. I'll have to get him around to try some of the latest batch. It's turned out well; the new lining to the 
barrels has worked as hoped. 

There's a scout, Prospera, far too serious for her own good, reminds me of a might priest a little. Still she's effective in 
her own ways. Actually she reminds me a little of my daughter when she was younger, you know when she was freely choosing to 
act out. She came round in the end, so perhaps Prospera will too in time. That's the wonder of Freedom really; everyone 
follows its principles when they make their own decisions about life. I'm doing my best to keep her alive, she's not one to 
accept the restoration of her life, which means I have to get someone to distract her while I minister to her health. Makes 
it all the more fun for me so I can't really complain. 

She's quite different from one of the other scouts, Anders I believe he's called. Quite a large man with a preference for 
quite small daggers does make for quite a curious sight. Quite clearly revels in the chaos of life, though perhaps he could 
do with a little empathy for others. 

I've met a small college of interesting elves (perhaps it's time I updated that little collective term of mine), which I've 
certainly enjoyed talking to. Anneri, a scout, in particular has a wonderfully sunny disposition, certainly has been a joy to 
converse with. Ekmet, Bae'ella'gor are also quite interesting to talk to. There's also one called Onyxbalm, but I haven't 
seen a lot of him, except when he's performing rituals and naming rocks after the elements, certainly an unusual fellow. All 
of them seem to have taken well to my little lessons on healing, which is good to see. It's a shame that I can't teach them 
to do it permanently, but it is good to introduce them to new experiences and sensations. Perhaps if their links to 
principles weren't so weak they'd take up some freedom miracles permanently. 

I've also met a pack of druids now, Bear, Hawthorn and Rhegor. All of them seem warm and welcoming people, though they are 
all quite different. One animal, one weather and one tree, which I think comes across in their personalities. I look forward 
to some future conversations and the possibility of learning more from all three of them. Perhaps they'll introduce me to 
some uses of plants I haven't discovered as of yet. 

I suppose that just leaves the guards. Let see Matthew and Simon seem both capable and are more than willing to learn how to 
heal. I will definitely try my best to teach those the importance and sanctity of life and I have made a promising start. 
Guard Avery seems a reasonably capable fellow even with his penchant for order he is at least polite enough to ask. Still it 
seems he really struggled with finding himself in Narnia. It's a shame one who has lived a life as long as he has had been so 
sheltered. It was interesting to see how he retreated into focusing on maintaining the tactical shape of the party, when 
problems became too big for him to cope with. He also seems to over simplify the problems he encounters and the resources he 
has to make it more manageable for him to deal with situations. This does lead to miss things that might be relevant. He does 
give an impression of competence, but he does seem to struggle with events outside what hes used to. I will endeavour to 
support him as much as possible and perhaps teach him the importance on relying on all those around him. Yes the guards and 
Vola how could I forget. What an interesting half-ogre she is. She has a surprisingly happy demeanour and is very capable and 
with guidance may be very good at making her own decisions and relying less on orders than others. 

It's interesting the difference in intelligence between half-ogres. I wonder if gender is a factor. The other one I met, a 
gladiator who is named Axe doesn't seem particularly bright. He understands the nature of gladiator duels, but struggles as 
he applies understanding to everything. I feel bad for confusing him, he didn't quite understand as everyone (and the trees)
 turned out to be a 'Doc'. 

As you can see quite an eclectic mix, and plenty of people to make my retirement from teaching interesting. 

I also seem to have picked up a few titles about the place, which I suppose is a nice change from the tradition of freedom 
priest picking their own. For starters a few of the individuals above have started to refer to me as Professor and I became a 
Knight of Narnia about 3 weeks ago. 

Ah yes, Narnia that is a fascinating place. As you are aware we discovered an entrance to the land via a cave when looking 
for those missing children. The land while similar in flora differs quite a lot from our own. Not least that most of the 
fauna is capable of speech, reasoning and miraculous and magical abilities, which exceed their 'animal' counterparts in our 
world. We soon learned that the land was ruled by a Snow-Witch-Queen-Empress, who had brought about an endless winter, could 
petrify at will (a vastly unpleasant experience though not as deadly as records suggest it is in our world) who had some how 
usurped the apparent rightful ruler the Lion-God-King-Thing Aslan who lead the resistance. This was an impressive feat 
considering that Aslan could de-petrify, heal wounds and resurrect the dead, like the most powerful of priests in our world 
can with mere application of his breath. Suffice to say that the oppressed creatures of this world held their hope on a 
prophecy that stated the 'sons of adam and daughters of eve would arrive to save them'. As far as I could ascertain these 
referred to human men and woman and was in relation to the story of their worlds creation (the significant lack of native 
humans to the world, excluding the Snow-Witch-Queen-Empress, I have yet to discover the cause of). Of course stuck in a 
situation that seemed fairly hopeless they automatically saw the children as the suspected saviours and they were gifted 
items by Aslan (one of which, a horn belonging to the youngest Susan, would have later importance). I reinterpreted the 
prophecy on their behalf so that the children, rather than being the saviours, would in fact lure those capable of saving 
Narnia to Narnia. Which we did, after rescuing the children from the world, bringing the remains of Aslan back for 
resurrection, before proceeding to defeat the Snow Queen and their forces, with significant help from Aslan and his 
resistance. We left via another application of Aslan breath (any suggestions of a suitable base for a large breath freshener 
suitable for a lion would be welcome), having effectively put the resistance in charge of Narnia. 

On a sad note I may have directly caused the death of three individuals in those last battles. Though I did not kill them 
myself, incapacitating them through the use of harm to the head, would have resulted in their demise were their wounds not 
treated. I doubt they received such treatment. 

So to the most recent events. While attempting to track a group of escaped criminals (I had gone hoping to ensure they were 
given the freedom they were still entitled to, though I am aware there choice to harm others meant they had forfeited some of 
their rights), we were transported by a strange mist and an accompanying horn blast (which we later discovered to be Susan's 
horn) back to Narnia. It quickly became apparent events were not as we left them and in the rescuing of an imprisoned dwarf 
that we were in fact 5000 years since the events of the Snow Queen. Had circumstances allowed I would have used this unique 
opportunity to study the evolution of a kingdom, histories, religion and the local flora and fauna over 5000 years. As it was 
I was able to ascertain a few things that I shall detail later. So on arrival it turns out the escaped criminals had arrived 
via similar transportation some 500 years earlier and had proceeded to takeover the land. However its worthy of note that the 
government we had set up three weeks ago, had lasted for 4500 years until the arrival of the criminals and had been generally 
regarded as being a nice place to live. The criminals were long dead with the exception of at least one of the necromantic 
elven brothers, unsurprisingly. Interestingly enough there were no sign of undead in Narnia which was odd considering he had 
500 years in which to practise. This couples with my previous enquiries, which seemed to suggest the locals of Narnia had no 
knowledge of undead has lead me to believe that necromancy does not work in Narnia. At the current period in Narnia the 
kingdom was split between a ruling King who had usurped his nephew the rightful ruler, Prince Caspian and had spent time 
oppressing and killing the natural inhabitants. The nephew had struggled to unite a resistance without Aslan to rally the 
downtrodden Narnians and had tried Susan's horn in the hope of summoning those who could help. With Avery aiming to just 
return our patrol to the Barony we travelled to the camp of Caspian, with the aid of a descendent of the pathfinder spy in 
the pirates group. Unfortunately we were surrounded by the King's forces and while I attempted to assist the druids in waking 
the spirits of the wood, in which the Prince's last hope lay, a deal was struck to hold a contest to decide the ruler of the 
land. This was accomplished with a minimum of fuss and we encountered several local gods of Narnia, in whose challenges we 
bested the King's men. The final task was a challenge between the King and Vola who had been picked to be the Prince's 
Champion. I was most disappointed to see the use of that horrible might miracle in the battle and that the influence of the 
rogue might priest has lasted 500 years in Narnia. The challenge as I'm sure others reported ended when the necromancer in an 
odd decision decided to dispel the challenge, killing all involved. The necromancer survived only to be destroyed by the 
party in short order, though at this point Avery could not cope any more and things became tense until Aslan made a rather 
late arrival to undo some of the damage and make proclamations as is his habit. Perhaps he has got bored over these last few 
thousand years and no longer takes direct involvement in the important events in his world. It would be a sad state of 
affairs for Narnia if this is the case. With his assistance we returned home and dealt with the last of the necromancers 
undead, finding scarcely a minute of Barony time had passed in the four of five hours we had been away. 

Here are some things I noted in the development of Narnia over the last 5000 years (Narnia time), which I think might 
interest you. First, there was no mention of the phrase 'Sons of Adam' or 'Daughters of Eve', I suspect it quickly lost 
favour among the common Narnians following the influx of the criminal and the affect they had on the land. Perhaps they did 
not wish to tarnish the good events of there history by comparing them to the new arrivals. The animals have not changed 
much and some of their traditions are alive and strong, for example Albert (the name of a badger that helped us last month) 
is still a popular name among badgers. The badgers do appear to have lost their abilities to heal like followers of justice 
can, in contrast the satyrs appear to have retained their druidic like abilities. No mention of those of us who defeated the 
Snow-Witch-Queen-Empress has been recorded in any kind of literary or pictorial manner, however the names of the children who 
briefly visited are still remembered fondly for no discernable reason accept the existence of at least one of their artefacts 
(the horn). That in particular is a shame as I had hoped to use my position of Knight of Narnia to try and gain help and 
respect from those we met. Some of the facts about the Snow-Witch-Queen-Empress' rule have also been forgotten, though that 
perhaps is less of a loss – however dwarfs still feel guilt for their ancestors siding with the Snow-Witch-Queen-Empress. The 
lamppost remains marking it as an important artefact in Narnia, it's seemingly uniqueness would support this theory. 

It still concerns me that they have the ability to draw us to their land at seemingly any point in space and time, through 
the use of the horn. Some research into this matter and the potential variable nature of the time streams would be good. 

Ah I'm sorry I appear to have rambled on a bit. I'm not normally one to make extensive notes, but I do get carried away. 
Anyway I hope you are well and my wife says you are more than welcome to come around for a meal. I'll be curious to see how 
you find fitting in to the command structure of the Avant-Garde, must be quite a challenge, though I doubt she will let me 
hijack the conversation too much. 


Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Morning old man. Combat report as per usual. 

Got told to find some necromancers and bring back an operative. This did not turn out to be the main objective. Got in to a 
blasted dogfight with Hundead. The Hun drove us back over our lines with ghouls and paralysis and it was only after a 
concerted effort and some nice formation flying that we broke through in the end. 
Then some blasted mist appeared - hate flying in cloud - and we seemed to reappear somewhere else. Turned out to be somewhere 
called Narnia and we ended up helping some fellow named Caspian find and defeat his usurping Uncle Miraz. This Miraz got us 
in the dickens of a pinch but offered us victory if we won a race with his men to find three crowns of some significance. The 
real sortie began here.
Got into a jolly fine game with some bally river god. Firstly wanted to play dice and then gave us a puzzle. Luckily I'd seen 
one of these before - bit of a recall to my youth and those educational toys in the temple nursery. Riddles up next and then 
we got told that the winner would be the team that got his river going again. Headed up the Bertie straight to the source of 
the trouble and found a dam slap bang in the gravy. Blew it up using those bouncing destroy spellos and the whole bally thing 
came crashing down. Caught a can in the custard, but at least his river was flowing again. Must remember to add 'Dambusters' 
to the squadron's list of sorties. 
Found some merry fellow wanting us to sing and dance. Think he was after wine, women and debauchery. I pointed out that we 
were the only team capable of providing these, but he insisted on singing, drinking and dancing contests. The other side put 
on a good show, but we pulled through in the end. 
Last waypoint was an underground area where we had to prove our speed, skill and strength. I had a stab at the speed 
challenge, having cast Blur on myself. Bet I looked dickens fast. Put down my goggles and everything and I couldn't resist 
strafing the target as I shot by. Dakka Dakka Dakka! Neowww! Bit of a lightning right hand turn, catch some flak, flip over, 
feather back on her sammy and nose dive over the lines. We won, by the way and the others succeeded in their challenges. 
We went back to this Miraz chappie with three crowns and he challenged one of us to a fight to the death. That charming young 
lady, Vola, took up the challenge and was halfway through teaching him a lesson he wouldn't forget in a hurry when some damn 
elf broke the circle and killed them all. Not only that, but he then rose up and ran off only to be cut down by the party. 
Some lion then turned up (although that might be something to do with one of Cumberland's concoctions) and we reappeared back 
in the fight with the Hun, with Vola fully healed. Some close calls but we all got home in the end. 
Bally hell – almost forgot the most interesting bit! After the Dambuster sortie I got crowned 'Captain of the Rivers of 
Narnia' by that River God. That Tanner fellow can't complain about my title now! 
Anyway, got to dash old man. Squadron flyby over the temple in five minutes and I've got to inspect the chaps before the 
parade. Tally ho! 

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads 

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle

We were sent by Pathfinder Captain M to rendezvous with a Pathfinder Robertson and apprehend the pirate crew he was with. 
Because of the presence of two necromancers in the group, we were given additional aid from the Temple of Humacts. This aid 
was extremely welcome right off the bat, as we encountered numerous undead consisting of zombies, skeletons and ghouls. These 
were dispatched with difficulty, after several people got paralyzed. Moving further, we encountered more and while fighting 
with them we were enveloped by a thick fog which prohibited us seeing anything. Moving towards the sound of Guard Avery's 
voice, we found the fog lifting. Unfortunately, we were not where we had begun. Instead, we were near the ruins of some large 
fortifications, in what looked like an orchard. Scouting around the area, Pathfinder Prospera and I came across a small group 
wearing strange uniforms. They saw us and ran, leaving behind a shackled dwarf, who asked us if we were the Knights of 
Narnia. At this point Pathfinder Prospera spoke up and indicated to me that she knew where we were, that we were not in fact 
in our own kingdom at all and told the dwarf he had found who he was looking for. Apparently she and two others from the 
patrol had been to this place before. 
At this point we also made contact with a man naming himself as Robertson and producing an old and tattered pathfinder 
insignia. He told us that his ancestor had been brought here along with the rest of the pirate crew, some 5000 years ago and 
both name and insignia had been passed down against the possibility that we would show up. He also told us that the pirate 
captain had assumed rule of the land, a rule which was still upheld and that our only chance of getting any of our prisoners 
back was to help the rightful king, one Caspian, take charge of Narnia. We made our way to Caspian therefore and discovered 
we hadn't a chance of beating the king and his armies even with Caspian's help. At this point the king himself and all his 
knights showed up, suggesting a contest to recover three other crowns which were supposed to be held by the rulers of the 
country but had been lost. Whoever held the crowns, the king promised, would be king. We agreed to help and set about finding 
the first of the three. One of our druids asked the trees for help and a tree spirit came and helped us find where we needed 
to be and upon arriving we met with the knights, who were to compete with us for the crown. 
We held three contests for each of the three crowns, a mixture of skill and luck and managed to recover each of the three. We 
collected Caspian and went to face the king, who told us that if we wanted his crown he would have to have a single combat. 
Guard Vola volunteered and just as the combat was starting, an elf who had previously been in the background jumped into the 
circle and all three dropped dead. The elf was identified as one of the king's counsellors and as we examined him he somehow 
came alive again. Obviously, he was one of the two necromancers, proven when we questioned the knights about his name and 
they confirmed it as Rathbone. We eventually managed to keep him dead and Pathfinder Prospera cut off his head and brought it 

Points of interest: 
1) As we returned to the same place, we found the undead we had been fighting still there, apparently in the same place as 
they had been. Given this fact and the fact that the pirates had been there from 5000 years ago, it can be assumed that time 
there is completely different. Therefore, while our patrol might have seemed to take but a few minutes, it was really several 
hours long. 
2) We were called by the sound of a horn and I would like to second worries Guard Avery expressed that this horn might be 
used again to summon people from our kingdom to this Narnia place. 
3) Although we recovered the head of one necromancer and ascertained that the original pirates are long dead (meeting instead 
their descendants), we did not find any trace of the other necromancer. Given the presence of the undead in the area, he may 
still be in the Kingdom of Exiles. 
4) The undead were powerful and numerous, the zombies moving more quickly than what I had understood previously was their 
normal ability and the ghouls and skeletons doing exceedingly powerful damage. The two humacts with us, while effective, were 
hard pressed to deal with them all. 

Pathfinder Anneri Ambar 

Avant-Garde: Cult of the Five Flames (26/02/2006)

Sarevok's Report

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Mission: Approach the town of Insmouth. Deal with Demonologists.
On The Date Of: 26th February
Composed: 28th February 

High Master Fornax, 

Accept my report. 
We were met at the outset by a pathfinder, who briefed us on the situation. As you are no doubt aware, the town of Insmouth 
was surrounded by a large pentagram, comprising nearly impenetrable barriers, sustained by five ritual points, which we later 
found protected candles at. 
We set off to our first waypoint, but were delayed by a fascination with sheep. I would again protest at my being placed with 
so many life and freedom aligned party members, the only other in the party who shared my desire to complete the mission was 
a balance ritualist, known as Calamity. I have more to report on Calamity later. 
We faced off against several groups of hobgoblins and demonologists, sometimes assisted by demons. I attacked and destroyed 
any demons on sight. My great strength and mighty blows were of great aid to me at this stage in our mission, but their foul 
magics were turned to bare on me, and I was burned close to death several times. 
The candle was extinguished and two barriers fell. We then followed a remaining barrier toward the next point, as best we 
could. Again we were beset by foul demons and wretched demonologists and hobgoblins, which we sumirarily dispatched, though 
by this point the party was weakening and even I was forced to accept healing. We received druidic aid at this point and I 
was given protection from fire, rendering the fire demons ineffective against me. I have not come to a decision over this 
point yet, it pains me to accept protection in this way, but it allowed me to dispatch the enemies of order with far greater 
efficiency. Perhaps I should research methods of protecting myself..? 
We did encounter a group claiming to be a Barony patrol, but their ruse was clumsy and we eliminated them. 
After extinguishing the second candle, we made our way toward the town, facing greater and greater hordes of demons each time 
we encountered resistance. I lost count of the number of beings I saw dissolve under my blows, but eventually I called on the 
path of might too often and was left barely standing. 
I regret to report at this point I nearly assaulted a party member. A priest of life attempted to heal me from behind and in 
my disoriented state I threw him almost across the town, due to the power of order still infusing me. I was then ordered to 
remain still, however, while Calamity healed me. 
It was a ritual healing and I was fascinated to see his methods. Blood was scattered on the floor and he cut open his own 
hand to regenerate me. It seemed more of a transfer than the filthy infusions the life priests deal with. I find it hard to 
describe, but... It did not feel wrong, I found it tolerable. In the future, perhaps I will be spared the ministrations of 
the Temple of Life. 
We then proceeded through a cave to what appeared to be a giant ritual, the area was flooded with demons and there was what 
appeared to be a being of pure chaos in the centre. Wasting little time I flung myself at one of the demons and despite its 
insidious weakening powers, continued to fling blow after blow at it until it evaporated. As is their want to do, the demons 
brought chaos to our woefully disordered party. Scattered, I found myself back to back with Calamity, who was dispatching the 
demons with a fervour matching my own. I noticed the distinctive unholy power of his blade and between us we managed to hold 
off the demons for some time. Eventually though, a lucky shot disabled my sword arm and as I turned to attack the demon, a 
strike from behind took one of my legs out from under me. As I fell, the treacherous beasts hit me with some kind of magical 
dart and I lost the use of my other arm. Lashing out with my leg, I hit one of the demons as it fled, chaotically entering 
the melee. 
Calamity drove off the nearby creatures and began a ritual to fix my body, but was attacked from the rear and forced to flee. 
I saw before me the being of pure chaos, demolishing the ritual circle next to me. I struck him again and again with my 
surviving leg, but even my great strength seemed not to slow him. He reached down and twisted my leg until it snapped and I 
passed out. 
I am considering learning how to infuse a target with order, as I have been informed that this is an excellent way of 
dispatching demons. 
I awoke to see the battle continuing and found myself able to move my unbroken limbs. I struggled to fight in this state, 
using a branch as a crutch, but the fighting soon ceased. I know not whether the head demon was eliminated, but we identified 
the leader of the demonologists and recovered the body. 
I have many choices now, on how to enhance my abilities and I must consider carefully which parts of my body and mind require 

Yours in obedience, 
Master Sarevok

Loukakis's Report

To: Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt 

Tally Ho old boy. 

Got sortied on a bombing mission to take out some kind of shield device enclosing a village. Met some pathfinder fellow a few 
hours out and he gave us an idea of the airspace we'd be flying through. 
First contact was a shepherd that had become separated from his flock. Bally shame and we did what we could for the fellow. 
Tried my 'Dambusters' destroy spellos and even digging a trench to get under the thing. Not a bit of it. We had to leave him 
and head on to the source of the problem. 
Found some hobgoblins that immediately attacked. Bagged a few Jerry, then we came up against some blighters guarding a 
candle. Bally dogfight and we gained air superiority, but not before the bounders had destroyed my flying jacket and ignited 
my scarf. The candle was behind the shield and no one seemed to be able to do anything. I tried Dambusting it, but it didn't 
want to know. Then Cumberland came up with the dickens of a good idea to destroy the rock it was sitting on. Jolly well 
worked - must commend him on his quick thinking. He is a lecturer after all, and I'm glad he's still on top show. Picked up 
an amulet and two ritual candles (included with this report). 
Came up against another group of bandits. I used my coming out of the sun trick and convinced the leader to order her men to 
stand down. Jolly nice old girl complied and no blood was spilled. Turned out it was a peace conference and Cumberland took 
over the negotiations. Some other folk then attacked and we dispatched them easily. 
Another candle outpost attacked (Anders has this candle). It seems that Jerry was just sending wave after wave against us, 
some with demons as wingmen. Got stung a few times - bally weakness effects! 
Some time later we stopped and I contacted Colonel Raymond. Been a while since I've done so in the combat zone. Still, clear 
cut accents and the latest recruitment drive were the order of the day. Jolly good show. 
Another group of cads tried to ambush us saying that they were pathfinders. However, they didn't pick up on the "145th pull 
the other one" unit that I claimed we were from.
More dogfights led us to the final showdown with no less than seven demons. Bit of a fiasco, but Chocks Away regardless. Took 
a bit of flak and pulled through in the end. 
Hope that the report makes sense, old boy. I’m more than a little unsure about some of the points in it. Anyway, got to 
polish the Squadron's medals before the next inspection.

Captain Maximilian Loukakis, 
Squadron Leader 53rd Hammerheads 

Who the F**k is Malice (05/03/2006)

Nab's Report

Raam is dead, mission complete. 

I will not say anything else, since I'm not in a position to advise the barony on military affairs.

Naismith's Report

Have come back from another dangerous mission, scarred, but alive. The blessings of Kai won through once again. The barrier 
between this world and the levels of death had been breached once more, allowing a death knight. He wanted something in a 
series of Drow caves in a far off land. Not sure we ever figured out what. 
Anyway, more importantly, in this far off land the barrier between our world and the planes of havok have weakened to such an 
extent that demons are free to roam. I encountered two demons, both without the aid of a demonlogist to summon them. The 
demons were defeated, but it was troubling to see an area doomed without Kai's followers to protect them. I am going to try 
and find out the geographical location of the area and will send a shipment of leaflets and information with instructions on 
how to ask for Kai's help in protecting their lands against the plague of demons. 
I do not hold out much hope however, as those locals we encountered seemed to have no belief in higher dieties at all and 
seemingly no morals, stealing the life of other living beings for their own use. 

In Kai's name

P.S. Is Aunt Elanor's birthday the 14th or the 15th? 

Zephyra's Report

*To the Tower of Water* 
*Copies sent to the branches of the Defenders of the Kingdom*

A most intriguing mission. We were sent to the Northern Observatory with the aim of stopping a death cult raising an avatar 
of death that some of the stargazers had observed coming to power through their use of stargazing. After all of us had 
arrived, they told us that we were still missing one, a paladin and were sent to fetch him. They sent us by means of a 
stargate, which seemed to be powered miraculously. However, we were given a vial of dust which we were told would return us 
to the observatory (and in fact did) which was magical. A most unusual combination of miracle and magic I have never heard 
of and would love to be able to study it closer. Anyway, we were sent to the Citadel of Seth. The paladins seemed to be 
trapped in their own citadel by scores of undead, which we dispatched on the way up to it. We picked up one Paladin Philippe 
and returned to the observatory. 
We were then sent to the highlands, where Nab McFeegle conversed with a group of the barbarians who live there. He was sent 
to a witchdoctor who knew the location of where the cultists might be trying to perform their ritual and after consultation 
Nab led us there. On our way, we encountered a giant, which was easily got by thanks to my magic. Coming upon the death cult, 
there seemed to be both human and undead warriors as well as a necromancer. We faced many waves of undead and if the 
necromancer was responsible for them all, then he must have been rather powerful. We did manage to capture him before he 
died, but whether he survived or not ultimately I do not know. After defeating him, we investigated and found a grave where 
the one they were trying to raise, Raam, had been buried, but the grave was empty. We returned to the observatory. 
We were told that we would probably find Raam and the rest of the cultists in caves and that they were probably Drow. After 
meditation and prayer in the safety of the observatory, we were sent to these caves, which were very far from the Kingdom. 
This became evident immediately when we encountered a village of elves, most of which had never even seen humans before. I am 
troubled to report that this village was made up of at least one and more likely more necromancers, intermingled with 
warlocks and others of uncertain power. However, they were not threatening and were able to show us the way to the entrance 
to the caves where we would find what we were looking for. There was talk of dealing with the necromancers, but we decided it 
would be best not to, as we had a mission to perform and were far outside Kingdom boundaries. 
We proceeded into the caves and found goblins who seemed proficient in dark magic. They were able to appear from nowhere 
easily and disappear just as quickly, rather like blinking (although I wouldn't want to blink in a cave) much to the 
detriment of the party. It was very difficult to pin them down long enough to throw any spell or get any weapon into them. 
When we had finally finished that, we blundered into a group of drow. They had a large something, what some were saying was a 
demon and some a spider, which was able to make me feel very weak just by touching me and some kind of dark mage who I 
believe was quickly killed. The drow were very strong, but were no match for us. After healing our wounds and life force, we 
moved on. Not too far ahead, we heard chanting. Several humans and undead came at us and then a Death Knight appeared. No one 
seemed to be able to do it much damage and after throwing one ice dart at it, it started chasing me. I led it a merry chase 
with the whole party trying to maintain a barrier between me and it so I could stop and throw more darts at it. Eventually, 
we killed it. Naismith performed some kind of miracle whereby he could speak with one of the humans we had killed and the 
human confirmed it was Raam. Philippe blessed it and we returned to the observatory. A note was quickly sent to the Humacti 
to send a ritual team to permanently destroy the Death Knight. With this accomplished, we succeeded in our mission and 
returned home. My only regret is that there is a village of necromancers out there who don't even know what they are doing is 
so revolting. 
I would like to commend the priest Iussis for his careful attention to protection all day. His miraculous ability to keep me 
in armour saved my life, I am certain. 

High Wizard Zephyra 
Tower of Water 

Eagleson's Report

FROM: Guard Corporal B. Eagleson 
TO: Guard Captain Beefheart 
CC: Guard Mission Reports Filing Dept.
SUBJECT: Mission Report - The Cult of Malice and the rising of Raam 

Mission Objective: 
Report to Guard Captain Beefheart at the Northern Observatory.
Investigate Cult of Malice activities and respond as appropriate, as commanded by Guard Captain Beefheart. 

Patrol Members: 
Myself (Guard Corporal Eagleson, IC) 
Guard Corporal Fiddilo (2IC) 
Pathfinder Corporal Jarak (3IC) 
Warden Iussis 
Nab McFeegle of the Highland Clan McFeegle 
Demon-Investigator Naismith 
High Wizard Zephyra 
Paladin Philippe de Pont-sur-Eau (Joined the patrol during the mission)

Sub-Mission 1:
Using the Observatory stargate, transport to the vicinity of the Citadel of Seth to make contact and enlist a paladin by the 
name of Philippe de Pont-sur-Eau and return to the Northern Observatory using the pre-prepared 'star-dust' provided. 

Sub-Mission 1 outcome:
Mission Successful. Paladin Philippe de Pont-sur-Eau located and enlisted. 

Sub-Mission 1 casualties: 
None. However the presence of ghouls in the vicinity led to myself being paralysed, leaving Guard Corporal Fiddilo in 

Sub-Mission 2: 
Using the stargate teleport to vicinity of the grave of Raam in the Highlands and ensure that the Cult of Malice do not bring 
him back. 

Sub-Mission 2 outcome:
Mission Failed. Upon arrival at the grave, the body of Raam was gone. Signs of the body 'clawing its way out' were present. 
Assumption made that Raam had already risen. Returned to the Northern Observatory using the star-dust for further orders.

Sub-Mission 2 casualties: 

Sub-Mission 3:
Track the now risen Raam and dispatch him if it is within our abilities to do so. If he has gained too much power to deal 
with, ensure that word is sent back of our failure. 

Sub-Mission 3 outcome:
Mission Successful. Raam was found in the cavern complex in the form of a low-powered death knight and was dispatched by the 
patrol. His blessed body was brought back to be dealt with on a more permanent basis by the Humacti.

Sub-Mission 3 casualties: 

Mission Details: 
*excerpts from Eagleson's detailed mission report* 

...Upon arrival near the Citadel of Seth we were almost immediately beset by undead. Fighting our way through the numbers of 
skeletons, zombies and the occasional ghoul we made our way to the citadel at the top of the hill. Unfortunately a strike to 
the back by a ghoul rendered me paralysed however the party was able to reach the citadel intact and locate Paladin Philippe 
de Pont-sur-Eau, at which point we used the star-dust we had been given to Gate back to the Observatory... 

...Nab McFeegle stepped forward to negotiate with the McDonald Clan, the head of the clan informed us that the valley that 
we are going to is cursed and was under the control of a death aligned rival clan. They agreed to let us pass as long as a 
member of our group bested one of their warriors in a trial of strength and combat skill. This was apparently to prove that 
we had the ability to go where they could not, into the cursed valley. Nab McFeegle was victorious in these trials as I 
expected. The headman took us to meet the clan witchdoctor who informed us that blocking the path to the valley was a great 
giant who guarded the entrance to the valley... 

...with High Wizard Zephyra's casting her freeze spell continuously upon the giant we successfully evaded the creature and 
continued up the hill to the valley. The giant did not follow, as the witchdoctor had predicted... 

...Upon finding the grave site of Raam it was immediately apparent that his body was gone. Evidence around the now empty 
grave (signs of a body clawing its way to the surface) indicated that he had risen already and with this knowledge, the ever 
approaching undead hoards and our dwindling power we once again gated to the Northern Observatory to report our findings and 
to receive further orders... 

...We were informed that the area was far removed from the Kingdom and was in an area consisting almost exclusively of elves 
and drow that did not look like drow, perhaps a relative or similar... 

...The elves were confused to see humans in the area, telling High Wizard Zephyra that we were "way off [our] migration 
track". Clearly they believed that humans were nothing more than animals, but seemed harmless enough. It was also observed 
that they seemed to practice some kind of necromantic healing by the sacrifice of animals. I gave the order to not accept any 
of their healing as expected by Kingdom law but given the distance from the Kingdom and the fact that we had a more important 
mission to complete I left the elves to their own devices. Demon-Investigator Naismith managed to get directions to the 
cavern we were to enter, as well as clues to the riddle that we would have to solve in order to open the door to the 

...unsure about the answer to the riddle we opted to allow Nab McFeegle to open the doors in order to hasten our journey. 
This plan left Nab McFeegle with a disease of some kind but he seemed more than capable of dealing with the effects and 
continuing with the mission... 

...upon entering the caverns we encountered some unusual looking goblinoid creatures that had the ability to teleport at 
will. This caused a great deal of danger as they were also capable of hitting a lot harder than the standard goblins present 
in and around Kingdom lands, but maintaining a close formation we were able to move through their numbers reasonably 

...We then encountered a group of drow with what I was informed was a demon. The demon appeared to be in the form of a large 
spider and was able to entangle us from range at will as well as cause weakness on touch. We dispatched the group and the 
demon. Nab took some of the demon spiders carapace in the hopes of making a buckler out of it... 

...Finally encountered a group of cultists, undead and a death knight later determined to be Raam. After dispatching the 
death knight I ordered Philippe de Pont-sur-Eau to bless its body and we then gated back to the Observatory with the body of 
Raam. Pathfinder Corporal Jarak was then sent through the gate to notify the humacts and obtain a team of humact ritualists 
capable of dealing with the death knight on a more permanent basis. Unfortunately in his eagerness to follow orders 
Pathfinder Corporal Jarak forgot to take the star-dust with him required to return to the Observatory and so Nab McFeegle 
went through the gate with the star-dust to allow Pathfinder Corporal Jarak and the Humacti to teleport to the Observatory... 

Outpost 14 (12/03/2006)

Sural's Report

To: The Admissions Officer, The Circle of Magic 
From: Candidate Sural 

In reference to the second mission to the Outpost 14 area. 

As requested, I volunteered to investigate the renewed disturbences around the area known as Outpost 14. Our miraclous 'short 
cut' was cut shorter by interference from an arising demon. Force to walk the final distance, we encountered resistance in 
the form of the undead. Zombies and skeletons, mostly of low power and abilities. 
On reaching the outpost we found it abandoned, but not in a panicked way, but orderly. This mystery was never solved. We 
talked to the local druids and a wise woman. It was revealed to me that the college were informed that a demon had been bound 
in a makeshift prison 50 years ago, yet nothing had been done. I would ask for a formal investigation, but with the spliting 
of the college, I doubt any conclusion would be reached, but I strongly suggest the circle take responsiblity for all magic 
investigations in the future. An open mind is better than a linear one for investigations. 
The dimension prison of the demon was in seperate mirror realm. A dimension pocket containing a dimensional prison, or a 
double lock prison depending how you look at it. The locks, devised by the group 50 years ago, were puzzles and challenges. 
We seemed to excel at these, defeating each by a combination of trial and error, luck and judgement, skill and strength. 
Battered but defient, we returned to the real world, defeating the real world challenges in reverse order. Even more battered 
we returned to the grove to find the wise woman slain by a demon. Her apprentice was now the only person who knew her plans 
and we decided to try to defeat the demon. 
By performing a ceremony, he called the demon to us, before he had a chance to empower fully. There was a problem however. 
The demon was a bone demon, a type unlike any I had faced before. Powerfully necromantic in 'nature', none of my spells could 
really effect it. However, neither could it's spells affect me. In the end I cast a light spell upon him, so that the others, 
using divine life energy could defeat it. 

My conclusions are manyfold. 
A mage of the towers, restricted in his spells, would have been near to useless on this mission. I was the only mage and 
needed to perform several roles, counter-speller, magical damage and strategic caster. The inclusion in the party of a 
balance shaman and a balance priest was again, crucial to sucess, they also provided the range of abilities that restricted 
priests cannot. The Temple of Justice are getting above themselves, many times, while getting into the best positions to cast 
magic, I was ordered back to 'safety' in the middle of the party. While that might be the correct position for a tower mage, 
restricted to a single useful spell, a mage of the circle needs a clear view of the situation, to determine which spell he 
should employ. Also some members of the Temple of Justice need to watch their backs during a fight, or tell people their real 
names, so that they respond to warnings. 

11th annual Contest of Arms (18/03/2006)

Sarevok's Report

*Message to High Master Fornax*

High Master, 
As you are aware I attended the 11th Annual Contest of Arms recently. The display of skill at arms was quite outstanding and 
I was unable to excel in combat against some of the great warriors present. I did, however manage to defeat combatants in the 
Avant-Guarde, including Prospera, the might scout. The less said about Biggles the better. I continued to spar into the night 
though, in the hopes of improving my skills. 
The main purpose of this message, however, is not to waste your time keeping you updated as to my non-military activities, 
but to bring to your atttention one known as Interfector. At the competition, he introduced himself to me as a High Master of 
our illustrious temple. A chance comment later, however, lead to a conversation with High Master Foren, a judge at the 
competition, where I discovered that he is apparently no longer a member of the temple. I left the situation in High Master 
Foren's capable hands, however I thought it best that I make an official report to you also. 
In the case that the topic arises, I also participated in a troll hunt and assisted in the felling of one of the beasts. 
Unfortunately, in a later encounter I used all of my power to deliver a blow rivaling the best in the party to a fire troll. 
After the satisfaction of seing my warhammer impact on the creature's skull however, I remember little more than being 
engulfed in flame, to awaken back at camp. 
I leave the above events in your hands.

In obedience, 
Master Sarevok 

Avant-Garde: We are watching! (26/03/2006)

Forge's Report

*Urgent message to Druidic Council (in druidic runes)*

From druid forge of the earth.

Have encountered grove of dark druid acolytes within 3 hours walk of Barony borders. I ordered druids Bear and Rhegor not to 
defeat them, as we were on a different, time critical mission for the Barony. Request a taskforce to surround area and purge 
dark grove. Send help to 11965th border area. I will meet and guide them in.

Full report to follow if needed.

Onyxbalm's Report

FAO. G.C. Elwood. 

I have to report a present and great threat to the barony as a whole. The force sending the undead at us also left taunting 
letters along the way, signing themselves "X". They ultimately left a note informing us this had been a 'test' to 'see if the 
barony is worth invading'. Apparently, it's not this time, however, some things are worthy of note. 
1) They seem to have powerful necromancy capabilities, possibly led by the 'Inquisitors'. Apparently, they had destroyed 
another (possibly Hassani) unit before we got there; their healer escaped and offerred his services to us before running for 
2) They had in their employ what I am told were minotaurs and troglodites, although these were possibly fighting us against 
their will too. I certainly heard it mentioned otherwise they do not emerge from their caves during daylight. 
3) Finally, they set up a rather disturbing encounter, including a man who claimed to know Loukakis and a character designed 
to look and act like Guardian Saldor! All eventually turned hostile to us. However, it is clear we are spied on. I would 
recommend this be bought to the attention of those higher than the Avant-Garde. 
At your service, 

Wizard Onyxbalm 
Tower of Earth.


*Onyxbalm sits at his desk with a parchment. He gets out his quill, and begins to write.* 

To my family, 
It is fast becoming clear to me that the druids here aren't like the wise ones back home. They do not seem to understand me 
or our magic and more, they do not seem to wish to try. I find myself at odds when on missions for the Barony sometimes; our 
command in general seems to place more value in the highlanders and druids that are comparitive strangers to the Barony, than 
it does in the members of the towers that have been a Barony institution for years. This makes my life somewhat difficult on 
missions, not least due to their tendancy to threaten our life habitually. I have committed myself to the service of the 
Barony now, I simply hope my efforts don't cost me my life. For now, the earth provides refuge when I need it, as it always 
has. I don't currently have the same faith in my colleagues. Shame, but I continue my work. 


*Onyxbalm seals the scroll, and places it in an ornate wooden chest.*

Prospera's Report

*Prospera submits a report detailing the events of the last mission, including her delight at being in charge, the church of 
Bhaal and the empire that appears to be watching the Barony. It also includes sternly worded requests for disciplinary action 
against the barbarian Darkwolf for insubordination and disobeying orders and some kind of inter-class cooperation effort 
between druids and mages to make both parties understand that the other has their merits and uses.*

Avant-Garde: The Grimm Brothers (02/04/2006)

Jimmy's Report

Intelligence report thirteen


The village of Hanau is a few hours walk from the capital. Not far from there is a forest where some powerful druids reside. 
The headman of the village, one Headman Negger Schwarze, has reported five missing peoples, three young women and two 
children (one male and one female). Two balance priest troubabdours had passed through the day before. 

Locate and return missing peoples. Standard procedure to be followed. Mission commander was myself, second was Wdn Nathaniel. 

Mission successful. All five were returned to the village under barony escort. Each captive was held under the conditions 
from childrens fairy tales. After the second girl I was wondering if this could be the case, after the third the patrol 
echoed my thoughts. 
1) Female captive 1, Rachel Schwarze.
Held by seven assailants. As I manouvered round the rear of the holding area I was spotted skylining and targeted by a spell 
(presumed to be sleep). Momentarily it caused my senses to dull, as my grip slipped from the hold I had. Fortunatley my 
previous occupation taught me a thing or two on tumbling. The rest of the patrol had the entrance under control. As I sat up, 
I was again targeted by a spell so I feigned sleep. The party began to cut a way toward me. I took the oppertunity to grab 
the girl and move for our lines. With that six of the jailers were killed, the other escaped (see child captives, ginger 
bread cottage). As I escorted the girl back, a woman named Ivy warned us to stay on the path. Since to stray was dangerous. 
2) Female captive 2, the cage of plants.
We found our next captive by following a trail of breadcrumbs, trapped in a cage made from shambling mounds. There were also 
two sentient creatures, a tree goblin and a tree sprite. The tree sprite was the head jailer for this 'fairy tale'. He began 
to talk to us about a challenge. If we guessed his name, the girl would go free. Mr Stiltskin had a brother Rumple but 
knowing a first name maybe difficult to come across, given we had one guess left, I instead drove my rapier into his kidneys. 
As it fled it summoned some constructs. They were dispatched promptly. The cage seemed to regenerate all non fire damage. The 
only fire we had was oil and matches. After tests on the wall, we decided that burning it down was the best. We successfully 
extracted the girl. She was escorted back. 
3) More tree goblins.
We fought more tree goblins along the way. The party were drawn off into the woods, against earlier warning and my constant 
barrage of orders. Yet nothing happened. So it seemed the warnings were not true. One tree goblin fought against the others. 
It wanted to show us something. Holster thought it may prove helpful and I concurred. Leaving Wdn Nathaniel in command of the 
party, I escorted Holster. The tree goblin turned out to be decieving us, but didn't want to fight two of us. We made our way 
back to the party. 
4) The tower, the dragon, the witch & the third girl. 
Held captive by a unit of orcs, double our size and a small security detatchment of one ogre and three orcs. Also had dragon, 
in place of guard dog. All were dealt with in a variety of inventive methods. Reaching the top of the tower we found a witch 
holding the sleeping girl. She performed a minor sleep spell on us (duration ~ 10s). We pulled the girl away and the witch 
fled on a flying broomstick (yes, it was a strange day...I hadn't been walking through the temple of freedom). We moved 
5) Child captives, ginger bread cottage.
They left the door open. I walked in, the Marshal read them their rights and we arrested the two troubadours, although one 
was a corpse at the time. All offenders were killed or arrested. We returned the final captive to the village. The only 
injury to the captives will be psycological. 

Agressive forces: 
Druidic constructs, tree goblins, elves and humans. All found hostiles were dealt with as per Defenders standard training. 

Notable performances: 
Marshal Courage - An excellent addition to the patrol, I hope he chooses to stay with patrols. He is a credit to his temple 
and could become a great man. 
Holster - Remarkable presence of mind and tactical caster.
Calamity Von Angstein - Proof that highlanders on patrol was an excellent choice of the Baron. His wisdom and insight were 
Darkwolf - Hard as nails, another excellent example that the clansman are a useful inclusion to the patrols.
Matthew - Again a rock in a very hard place. His abilites were up to all reports I've recieved. 

Tell the baron that my network of contacts spreads. 

Squire James 
Former member of the AG, upon writing this report. 

The Way of the Dragon (09/04/2006)

Blood Brothers (16/04/2006)

Ancient History (23/04/2006)

Zephyra's Report

Report of Mission dated 23 April, 2006.

To: Lord Havelock III, esq. 
Having been sent to your dig sites to not only protect them from the undead attacks but take out the source of the undead, I 
have several things to report:
1) The first site, being dug by members of the Temple of Freedom, seemed to have problems with both undead and orcs. Upon 
further investigation, these factions were all coming from the same head, the orcs being hired by the necromancer who was 
creating the undead. Presumably, the necromancer either wanted the dig to stop or wanted something from the dig. As the 
necromancer managed to escape, his intentions are at this time unclear. 
2) The necromancer was presumably also responsible for the undead which have been called 'bone beasts' and created as many as 
ten which we came across and destroyed. They seem to be unmagical in any way, shape, or form. 
3) The necromancer was certainly responsible for the killing and raising of three members of the Tower of Earth who had been 
sent out to survey the surrounding area in conjunction with an earthquake earlier in the week. We met the trio alive in what 
they called sector 5 and so far they had turned up nothing suspicious. I request that this information be passed on to the 
Tower of Earth for their records. 
4) Two artefacts were found, the first a powerful justice item which I ascertained was to be used to stop some kind of 
anarchic ritual. This was found in a shrine near the second dig site. Upon entering the shrine, we were beset upon by many 
undead, who kept coming out of the ground. One of the undead carried the item. Upon taking it, the undead stopped coming. 
Pictures found at the first dig site lead us to believe that this item is a powerful amulet used by the civilization in their 
war against the forces of evil. The second artefact was a dagger found at the first site, which seemed to be just the 
opposite to the amulet found in the shrine. Given the polar opposites of the two dig sites, it seems likely the dagger was 
used by them in their rituals to destroy. Whether these were two different civilizations or one which just annihilated itself 
through civil war, these two artefacts certainly played a part. I enclose the amulet, which I held in my keeping. The dagger 
ended up with High Wizard Breeze. 
5) The might priests at the second dig site were extremely rude and threatening towards us. The leader told us nothing and if 
it had not of been for one particular priest whose name I did not catch, we would not have found the shrine at all. Their 
leader threatened violence at several people. Their leader, who would not give his name, was the most insulting of the lot 
and I suggest you remind him in the future that he is there to take orders and not to hassle those who have come to help him. 
6) Although we were unsuccessful in capturing the necromancer, I believe that the threat to the digs is negated. We witnessed 
a ritual in which a human killed himself and manifested as a warrior ghost possessing a demon. We were able to deal with the 
demon, ghost and the undead who were surrounding the ritual, despite not being able to interrupt the ritual itself. With this 
individual dead, the necromancer gone and the dagger which would have given the ritual more power in our possession, there 
should be no further risk. 

High Wizard Zephyra 
Tower of Water 

Skulk's Report

So's I iz sent inta da aira ner da bordalanz ta gard sum rooinz. Da top boss woz a big cheeze namd Havalook. Coz hez cureeos 
boutz da rooinz i gyes. N E wayz. Da iz to groops o rooinz. Wanz woz justisy an woz bean dug up by da seakaz an a judg. It 
wer in da south o da aira anz woz una attak frum miner undeadz, zombees an skelituns, an a groop o orkz. Da orkz ad nah 
respekt, an wood nah tork. Affa a bit, da res o da teem joyned uz. Da wer sum family to. Palalaladinn Blain an Preest-Boy 
Isisis. An da wer dem maygees Zafearher an BrieZs, wid da Marshell Lee-anna. To nu fays woz Trantits. E neda say wot e wer, 
burt i fink ez a mite preest aw sumfink. Ez got free ringz on is yooneefurm. Da uda nu fays woz boss. Corpoorel Fiddla. Woz a 
dam gud boss to. Orlwayz lissend ta Skulk. 
We fort zombees an skelituns an orkz fur a bit, den i trys ta trak da skelituns ta da saws. Nah luk. It sem lyk da unded woz 
jus cumin outa da wudz an edin to da rooinz. Nex we eded tawordz sum nu rooinz dat da seakaz ad foun on a map. But da wer nah 
dere. In stayd wez finden sum maygees frum da towa. Da serch fur a saws o urfkwak. Da nah fin eder. Wez ed bak ta da seakaz, 
an den onta da uva syt. On da way wez be meatin sum o da bown beestys lyk wot I wer wornd bowt. Dey aint dat tuf, an wyl der 
klaus r kwik, dey don get fru rmor. Den der wer a gool an sum miner undeadz, den wez be getin ta da dug wot woz run by da 
mite preest. 
Rite, i iz not wn ta grumbel but, dat mite preest iz a moron. Nah. N fax ee iz wurs dan moron. Ferst I ales im in der naym o 
da Barreny. Den ee says oo u, soz i ales im gain. "Ow dose i nose yer frum da barreny", ee saz. Iz weerin me pafinda badj onz 
me bellt jus lyk da eltee saz i ave ta. Den, for iz can fink o nuva way ta pruv me leejens, ee be askin me if i delt wid da
'problum'. Dis cunfusen mez coz der iz a cupel o problumz in der aira. Iz askin wetch problum, den hez poyntin ta iz undead, 
an sayn "dat problum". 
Naw, Lawd Havalook neda sayd nuffin bawt undeadz wurkin da rooinz. Buts ee neda sayd nuffin bawt nose undeadz wurkin fur da 
mite preest, neva. Wyl iz tryin ta get im ta xplayn imself, ee innarups me. Naw I iz a corpooral inda militree, an dis 
mudskrapin masa keyps innarupin. Sa I levs im ta corpooral Fiddla. Sum undeadz, zombees and skelintuns, wot a serprize, tackd 
uz. Da mite preests wer nah elp at awl. Wankaz. Den wan o dem saiz der iz a shryn a litel diztanz away. Az we getz tackd by a 
hord o skelituns, sum in rmor wid a symel o der bresplaytz, udas wid no rmor an a diffent symel on der rm. We beetz dem, tho 
it wer a tuf skrap. Offa an rmord skelintun, we hadz a jule. Mayg Zapfearer saiz it wer a jusise eyetem an usd ta innarup an 
annarkey serymuny. We hadz ta res and da marshell an Isisis preyd. I gots ta finkin. Der woz no shryn. Nuva wyld gooz chase, 
wot iz odd. We'z returnin ta da mite preest but mor undeadz tacks um. Myssun not cumplett. Burga. Wif na way ta trak der 
undeadz bak ta der saws, da corpooral cided dat wez hedin bak ta da Freedum rooinz. Frum der I rekund I cud trak der orkz an 
c if dey nu wer der undeadz wer cumin furm. 
Jus az we gots bak, free orkz caym outa da wudz. Purfek tymin. Az der last o dem dropt, a seaka i adnt sen for, wer runin fur 
da wudz, wid tuva seakas showtin at im. We stopt im an da corpooral Fiddla kweshund im. Der wer a camp o orks in der wudz wot 
payd fur artyfax. Ee ad stole a daga, u c. So in wez goz ta fin um. On da way we'z tackd by dmuns. Dmuns. Lawd Havalook gain, 
sayd nuffin bawt no dmuns needa. Fuk. Der wer five-ten orks an to umans. Der umans wer aleyed wid da orks an a mity batel 
inshoed. We beet dem, but Marshell Lee-anna were badlee urt. Palalaladin Blaine safed er. Den we kweshuned a uman, an ee tol 
uz dat der wer a nekrowmanseer bawt sum distant ta der norwes. Gain, we rest. Den der freedum seakas an gards turnz up, an 
eelz uz a bit. Den it wer ofta kill da nekrowmanseer. A nuda lowd o dmuns, skelintuns, an a fu moor bawn beests layta, wez 
rivs ata big clearin. Az wez varnsin, a maygicol wall gets inda way. A serymuny woz goin on, an wez cud nah get der. Ars. 
Den der preests dun stopid stuf. One cutz is own frut, den cums bak az a gust. Dur otha sumunz a dmun fur da gust ta tayk 
ova. Fuk. Bolux. Ars. Den da wall is gun, an it all getz a bit skrappy. I remembaz tackin a groop o dmuns, an smashin free 
stahues wot wer holdin skuls. I remembaz Blaine, Isisis and Zapfearer castin stuf on me an me swawrds. I remembaz da big dmun 
grabbed me wid bof andz an a bit o payn. Den me cuttin im up lyk buta. Den it goz kwiet. Der nekromanseer ad mayd off tho, an 
a def faws blokd uz. By da tym we got maygict fru, eed used maygicz imself ta get away. 
1) Da saws o der tacks on da rooinz woz a nekromanseer, wot got away. 
2) Is planz r not sertayn. fink it wer ta get artyfax frum der rooinz. 
3) Der woz no Shryn. Da mite preest woz payd ta send uz inna an ambush. 
4) Da seakas sayd dat da ainchant civilyesashun belevd in earows, but wez wun fru teemwurk. 
Laytas, bossmen. 

Trantis' Report

"My Master, I have failed. It seems the newborn was convinced that the best way to serve the way was to end his own life to 
bring forth a powerful spirit. I was unable to reach him." 
"The one who made him do this escaped easily shortly there after and is proven to have been an older whole than any of the 
patrollees. I have marked his face, I gift you my memory of him." 
*in Trantis' mind the ritual again replays, the face of the lead ritualist clear and detailed, the way he walks as he leaves 
the circle noted, the cloak he wears described* 
"Also I can report that a sword of great power of the third way is in possession of one Lord Havelock III of the Barony. I do 
not know what he will do with it, but consider unlikely he'll use it. It would be more use to us if one of the Travellers is 
near and adept at theft." 
"I commend to you the soul of what I believe is the orc chieftain, whose life I ended, with the aid of one who believes 
himself a servant of Life." 
"Finally, I place a message for all the Keymasters - beware Marshal Liana. She is the cold steel that Life needs to be if it 
is to stand any chance against us. Beware."

Avant-Garde: Away Mission I - The Landing (30/04/2006)

Anneri's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle and Guard Captain Elwood 
Re: Preliminary Scouting mission and re-deployment following debrief 

As we arrived on the island through the corridor in the cliff face, I was placed in charge of a group and sent out to explore 
the interior. Immediately outside the camp we came across plains lands, inhabited by many species of prey animals and several 
large prides of lions. Fighting our way through three of these prides proved extremely difficult. Marshal Medar was most 
generous in helping to heal those injured by the lions, as their claws were sharper than we anticipated and we had limited 
healing with us. Things to note: 
1) There are numerous packs of lions still in the area and all seem very dangerous. Overall we killed three large prides and 
a smaller pride which had three lion cubs attached to it. 
2) Guardian Saldor directly disobeyed my order to stick together, instead running out across the plains. If not for the 
actions of Seeker Solymer, Pathfinder Prospera and others, he would likely have been brought down by the lions. This has 
already been reported vocally to Guard Captain Elwood and Saldor reprimanded accordingly. 

After encountering the fourth and small pride of lions, we were met by three men and several undead under their control. They 
told us we were on the borders of the Empire and to leave the area or die. We attempted to negotiate with them, but all 
attempts failed and we ended up fighting for our lives. Things to note: 
1) During this fight, Warden Asharu and the barbarian Heinous were killed. 
2) I believe that at least one had necromantic magic, as the barbarian Calamity reported that when one of them touched him, 
he felt his life draining away. While this could have been miraculous, it was confirmed later on by some freedom followers we 
met that the empire did have limited magics in the form of stealing life from others. 

At this point we were at the edge of a forest and I decided to press on to see what was in the forest, despite the deaths. We 
had not gotten more than a few steps when we encountered a giant snake which spat poison, blinding the paladin Philippe. 
After distracting it with the corpse of one of the dead lion cubs, it was easily killed. However, we were quickly set upon by 
a giant scorpion which did something I've never seen before, some kind of horrible inflammation of the body and we were 
unable to get near enough to kill it. Added to the fact that the priests were desperate to pray and there seemed no where 
safe, our only alternative was to retreat back to base camp. 
There I gave Guard Captain Elwood a debrief, received information that the other patrol had located rebels in the form of 
freedom followers and assisted with several attacks to the base camp. During this time, sailors apparently poured rum down 
the throat of Guardian Saldor, who had been injured by the scorpion. Although I do not know the circumstances and have been 
told it was not Saldor's fault, he then interrupted the prayer of Paladin Philippe. Given Saldor's current inebriation and 
his past record with being drunk and more than useless on patrols and the fact that he had interrupted a prayer, I chose not 
to include him in the party when we were sent back out with a suggestion to take the carcasses of the lions and dump them in 
the forest as a decoy so we could get farther in. 

This we did, getting the carcasses far enough away from the path that we met with minimal resistance from the giant creatures 
there. We met and dealt with several giant spiders, cutting off a limb from each we killed to distract the next one long 
enough to get in and kill it. I would like to commend Master Sarevok for dealing with some of them almost single handed, and 
taking a leadership role in the destruction of these dangerous creatures. Sarevok and Pathfinder Prospera were taken with 
poisoned wounds during this time, but Calamity was able to remove it from them with some sort of ritual. 

In the middle of the forest, we came to a small clearing where a pitched battle was going on. Although there was some 
confusion about which were the freedom side, we sorted it out and helped them kill off the Empire patrol which had been 
attacking. We told them who we were, where we had come from, and offered assistance. Apparently, they had just lost a good 
number of their group in a fight with drow and needed to get out of the area before the sun set and the drow came above 
ground from a cave right next to the clearing. Their defacto leader Saren told me that they had a base camp which was through 
two gates they couldn't get through, over a river and across one of the outposts held by the Empire. He also told me that the 
plains were the most dangerous place to be, as the Empire sends patrols out there constantly,and that he could help us get 
our camp moved if we could help him get to his base camp. I agreed to help and we all moved out after getting healed by their 
priest. Escorted by the priest, Saren and another, we made our way through the forest and across several fields, getting in 
several skirmishes with the Empire patrols. We sustained heavy injuries, surviving I am sure through the healing items 
Calamity carried. We found the gates the freedom followers had not been able to pass to be password protected, one by the 
word "Calamity" and the other "Catastrophe". Things to note: 
1) The fighting between the two gates seemed to be the most fierce, with two groups on the other side of the river from the 
first gate. 
2) After the second gate, we encountered a small village, whose inhabitants begged us on their knees not to hurt them. We 
managed to convince them we meant them no harm, but they were extremely confused and subservient. We were told by the freedom 
followers that the Empire kills and raises as an undead any who dissent against it, hence the behaviour of the locals. 
3) We encountered no outpost in our path, although our guides said they had not traversed the land above ground in this area 
before and could not be sure exactly where the outpost was. They are used to using the caves below ground, but had not been 
able to for some time due to the drow in them. We were set upon by a patrol group, but by prior agreement Saren went to hold 
them off while the rest of us, some near the point of death, ran for the safety of the rebel base camp. 

At the base camp, I learned from the leader that their top man had been captured by the Empire. He was interested in helping 
us get somewhere safer and assured us that when people came back from mapping the underground passages they call the 
Underdark after the last earthquake, that we would try to get to our base camp site. I learned further that they are mostly 
freedom followers, with a very few justice priests mixed in. They seem to know nothing about regrowing limbs and were amazed 
when I mentioned we had the capability to do it. They seem eager for our help, certainly and their knowledge of the caves may 
prove useful. The only problem I see is the fact that they have lost more people to earthquakes while in the Underdark than 
they have to the Empire; perhaps staying above ground as much as possible would be advisable. 

Pathfinder lance-corporal Anneri Ambar 

Sarevok's Report

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Away Mission I - The Landing 
On The Date Of: 30th April
Composed: 2nd May

After our initial sortie from the camp, we came across large catlike creatures our scouts identified as 'Lions'. They 
exhibited much greater strength than I had anticipated and at one stage knocked me down and began trying to consume me. I 
soon adapted to their attack style however and after this initial setback, remained unharmed as we fought through three 
'prides' of these beasts.
Eventually, whilst heading for a forest line, we came across a group claiming ownership of these lands. There were three men 
and a small group of undead under their control. By the discussion that followed I surmised that they were followers of Might 
and had miraculous power. It also transpired that at least one of them had Necromantic abilities. They were insistent that we 
leave and given that they are the established power in this land, I was ready to report back to base camp. However, 
Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Anneri Ambar was adament that we continue onward with our mission, thus meaning we had to test our 
strength against our opponents. I saw no need for deception, or weasel words and allowed my views to be public knowledge. I 
have now been assured that we are in fact officialy in a state of warfare with them and thus our combat was justified. 
In the end, we prevailed against them, despite loosing two of our number. I continued to battle with a damaged arm, 
eventually losing control of both my legs and one of the assailants demanded my surrender. Still having one limb left to use, 
however, I slashed at his leg and wounded him, however, he brought down his sword on my arm and I passed out, presumably from 
lack of blood. Upon regaining consciousness, the state of the party was dire, all having taken heavy damage and loss of 
healing capabilities. Upon entering the apparent safety of the forest, we were assaulted by several highly venemous 
creatures and forced to return to base. 
At this point, things started to become surreal. Solymer was complaining of being harrassed by some kind of spirit and upon 
reaching out to the plane of death, I was faced with a hideous creature, intangible to my sword and abilities and yet able to 
hurt me when it came near. This was suddenly made irrelevant however, when we saw our main encampment under assault from a 
small band of attackers from the Empire. They were dispatched as quickly as possible and I was sent to the plane of Order to 
regain my standing with the path. I understand the creature following Solymer was dealt with. 
We were once again sent out, this time to contact the 'Rebel Alliance' through the forest. Using the meat from creatures we 
had already killed, we were able to dispatch most of the creatures with relative ease. Several of the creatures were experts 
in concealment, but fortunately I was able to either lure out or spot most of them before any harm could come to the party. I 
did at one stage suffer a scratch that appeared to be infected, but Calamity was very efficient at removing the poison from 
my blood. 
Eventually, we found the Alliance and for want of a better word, allied with them. They were suspicious of our elven members, 
having not seen elves other than drow before. Several also expressed worry over my presence, I can only think that as Priests 
of Might, we resemble those with the title 'Overseer' on this continent, who appear to be in charge. 
We then faced a rolling battle with the Empire as we moved to the Rebel's main base in the area. We passed two gates 
requiring passwords, which we found, distastefully, by trial and error. 
Eventually we made it to the Underdark and I am sure that you will be fully briefed on the political situation by others more 
qualified than I. Suffice to say we have three enemies in this land, the Empire, the Drow and the forces of nature. Our 
allies come in the form of a life alligned, though fairly organised, rebel outfit. 

In obedience,
High Master Sarevok. 

Avant-Garde: Away Mission II - The Man in the Iron Mask I (07/05/2006)

Avant-Garde: Away Mission III - Twin Assault (14/05/2006)

Prospera's Report

To: Lt Jusa Natayelle and Guard Captain Elwood
Re: Mission to infiltrate the 'Plainslander' reservation and then retrieve all occupants from it.

We were briefed that the Avant-Garde would be split into two groups for a simultaneous hit, one to an undead creation camp 
and one to a Plainslander (the equivalent of our druids, I believe) 'reservation' camp. I was placed in charge of the latter 
group, with Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Anneri as my second IC, and The Raven as third IC. 
Our plan was effectively simple. We would progress along a known Nykrull patrol path with utmost stealth before destroying 
one of their patrols. We would then split into 2 units, the first would contain myself, High Master Sarevok and the druids 
Rhegor, Forge, Hawthorn and Bear. The second contained Pathfinder Anneri, Marshals Raven & Courage and Mage Bae'ella'gor. 
Captain Loukakis agreed to act as a messenger contact between the two using his invisibility. 
The first unit would then progress across the clearing and deliver the druids into the reservation camp, under the pretence 
that High Master Sarevok was a Nykrull Overseer and I was a Nykrull Outrider. One of the druids would pretend to be injured 
and would be carried in on a stretcher constructed from the druid's staffs and cloaks, which would hopefully allow them to 
keep their weaponry with them. 
The second unit would scout around the edge of the clearing and meet us at a rendezvous point. We would then wait until we 
received either a signal from the druids that they had achieved an understanding with the plainsmen (in the form of a miracle 
ceasing to work on a twig in our possession using Master Sarevok's ability to recognise miracles) or until an hour was up, 
whichever occurred soonest, to mount an attack from both inside and outside the camp. 
We scouted along the patrol path with utmost quiet and stealth, the entire group should be recommended for this, for all I 
had impressed upon them the importance of stealth before setting out, until we learnt from Captain Loukakis that he had 
spotted three hostiles. I gave him permission to investigate, but when he did not return for a period of ten minutes and we 
heard no sounds of fighting, I assumed that he had been temporarily inconvenienced but would rejoin us when possible and we 
continued on with Pathfinder Anneri scouting for us. 
We then discovered another Nykrull patrol of three and retreated to a defensible position. Master Sarevok then stormed out in 
front of the patrol, claiming to be a Nykrull Overseer who had discovered a group of rebels and ordered them to attack us, 
effectively marching them into as much of an ambush as could be managed. I wish to commend Master Sarevok for his consummate 
performance throughout the day in his required role, his competence was one of the reasons our mission succeeded as it did. 
We then destroyed the patrol with minimum outcry, before removing the bodies to a point where they would not be immediately 
obvious, removed all Nykrull markings from them and then rendered the bodies unrecognisable. Druid Rhegor should be 
recommended for taking on and completing this abhorrent task. 
It was at this point that it became apparent that neither Pathfinder Anneri nor Captain Loukakis had returned, when the 
sounds of fighting were heard by Druid Forge (my thanks to him for his keen senses) back along the path. We ran to 
investigate and slaughtered two more Nykrull, who were engaged with our two missing group members. 
Loukakis then reported that there had been one more member of this patrol that had escaped, but had encountered no one but 
Loukakis in his invisible form, thus the chance of us being critically compromised was minimal. 
Fearing that the noise would have alerted any patrols present in the clearing, we then made hast to throw the bodies off the 
path, having, again, removed any Nykrull symbols from them. We learnt in this time that this had been patrol 'gamma'. The 
druids then constructed a stretcher as planned, while Rhegor, my commendation again for his strong stomach, smeared himself 
with gore from the fight to appear more injured than he was. The two units then separated as planned and we progressed onto 
the field. 
We had several things not go quite to plan at this point. The first was that we almost immediately encountered another 
Nykrull patrol. They demanded an inspection of our prisoners, ordering Rhegor off the stretcher. Myself and Sarevok failed to 
salute properly, but thankfully this was covered when one of the other Nykrull patrollers demanded to know our group and 
rank, which distracted the Overseer enough that the question was never fully answered. Master Sarevok and I continued to 
assert we had rendezvoused with patrol 'gamma' in the forest before running into a group of rebels, who we had slaughtered 
but taken heavy casualties doing so, presenting the symbols torn from gamma's corpses as evidence. 
The Overseer then ordered that I should carry Rhegor, while his patrol's mage would carry what remained of the stretcher. It 
was during this point that the mage erred somewhat and Master Sarevok took the opportunity to further our pretence by asking 
how he would be punished. The Overseer, also examined Rhegor closely enough to discern that he was in fact barely injured at 
all. I was forced to injure him myself to 'wake him up' all the while asserting that "if he wasn't expected at the 
reservation, I would slaughter him myself" in the hope that the Overseer would believe that killing any of our prisoners, 
even those who faked injury, was not an option. 
Eventually, although we had many minor stumbles with occasionally turning along the wrong path to get to the reservation, we 
gained the druids entrance to the reservation camp (and were forced to casually view the execution of the patrol's mage for 
his incompetence) and continued to the rendezvous point, at which unit 2 met us, informing us that they had progressed 
without incident, for leading them thus, it is my belief Pathfinder Anneri should be commended. 
We they proceeded to wait and pray, until at about the 40 minute mark, we received our signal from the druids. Creeping back 
with the plan that Master Sarevok had devised for dealing with a gate guard we had passed on the way out, we were surprised 
that he was not present when we returned. We were thus forced to retreat and devise another plan that the Overseer was 
fighting off the rebel threat while I would both escort a prisoner – Bae'ella'gor – to the camp and call for reinforcements. 
Once there, we would turn on any Nykrull left at the entrance to the camp and kill them, allowing the druids to escape and 
join the fight. 
However, this did not come to pass, while I escorted Bae'ella'gor past the Overseer on the way to the camp while the others 
were staging a fight by the entrance to the clearing, the Overseer drew his sword and severed my left leg, apparently we'd 
been seen while checking whether the gate guard was still present. 
With the knowledge that we had been discovered, our group dropped all pretence and entered the fight in earnest, with the 
druids joining us as soon as they could. Eventually we won out, however it is my duty to report that Master Sarevok died 
during the fight, for all he did so while saving his commanding officer, he leapt in front of Anneri and took a hit that 
would have decapitated her. I attempted to fight as well as I could, but lost consciousness after a while due to blood loss. 
When I woke, we were victorious and we proceeded to escort the Plainslanders back to the rebel encampment along the route 
that unit 2 had scouted previously without incident. 
It should be noted that I would wish to commend each and every member of my patrol for their competence and professionalism 
throughout this mission, without it I do not believe we would have won out as we did. 

Pathfinder Lance-Corporal Prospera Sarrasri. 

Forge's Report

*Forge, having glared at the rank structure for twenty minutes shrugs, and writes to Elwood* 

Captain Elwood.
A quick note on the military use of the Plainspeople. 


They are timid to the point of pacifism, have no knowledge of or drive to learn the instantaneous miracles of nature. While 
they have ceremonies which can call upon the power of the earth and the trees, these will have limited applications in the 
Information that they have shared can be filtered down to three points I think:
1) The earthquakes are caused by the anger of the earth. The crimes against nature that the Nykrull perform are being 
2) The Nykrull came to this land 600 years ago.
3) There are other enclaves of Plainspeople. They split up the tribes. 
I also promised that should the need arise, we'd take them away from the Nykrull empire. 

I guess that's all. Talk to Rhegor. He may have picked up more. 

Sarevok's Report

Report of Master Sarevok 
Subject: 115th Avant-Garde, Away Mission III - Twin Assault 
On The Date Of: 14th May
Composed: 22nd May

The mission proceded as planned, despite difficulties preventing the Nykrull summmoning reinforcements. I posed as an 
'Overseer' in order to transfer the druids to the reservation. After picking up their salute, they accepted that I was a 
follower of might and by extension one of them. I commend druid Forge's commitment in allowing me to deliver corporal 
punishment to him to further our pretence. Upon arrival, the druids weapons were unfortunately confiscated. But they were 
allowed into the compound with Loukakis, who remained invisible. 
The Overseer then cautioned me, saying that I had been too violent to the 'Plainslanders' and that they had a tentative 
alliance with them. I was then ordered to continue on my patrol and myself and Prospera returned to the party. 
Once a message had been communicated to me by the druids, we returned to the reservation and planned a surprise attack, 
however the Nykrull saw through our plan, because of some less than ordered confusion amongst the rest of the party. It was 
at this point that Pathfinder Prospera had her leg severed by the chief Overseer with one blow. 
I challenged the aforesaid Overseer to a duel, striking him several times and occupying him while the rest of the party 
assisted in helping the druids escape. I am ashamed to say my blows did only minor damage and seeing that more power was 
needed, I called upon might to aid me to strike him down. Leaving myself unguarded for a moment to deliver a decisive blow, 
he struck at the same time as me, in a similarly powerful attack and since I was relatively unprotected, took my leg out from 
under me. Following up, he damaged my arm and left me for dead to battle others in the party. On the verge of unconciousness, 
I used an item to bring me back to my feet and charged after the overseer. However, I noticed Pathfinder Anneri had been 
cornered and was about to be killed. Mindful of our calling to take responsibility for those... less able than us, I stepped 
in the way of the blow, deflecting it from its path to her neck. I then delivered a deep wound to her assailant, but then 
became aware of a sudden numbness in my leg and blacked out. I understand I died at this time due to the power of the strike 
that I took to my leg. 
Death before defeat.

High Master Sarevok. 

Avant-Garde: Away Mission IV - The Man in the Iron Mask II (21/05/2006)

A Watery End (28/05/2006)

Orchid's Report

To: Pathfinder Captain Shadow Sir, Report mission success on returning the sword that belongs to the Temple of Might. I have returned this to the guard barracks on arrival. Be warned that if you pick it up, you won't want to put it down again, unless it is wrapped up when you pick it up so that you are not actually touching it. We also brought in "Fingers" Malum, as I stopped her getting away by taking out her right leg, but we were unable to bring back the body of the mage Theobold as his body appeared to self combust after I had taken him down, with the assistance of spells that made me immune, from Zephyra. The buyer of the sword turned into a death knight and so we killed him too. Well, me and Cyrus stood in front of it and blocked while Zephyra blew him up. Monty was guarding "Fingers" Malum at the time. Homestead of Tristram: The farmer and her two boys had been troubled by someone moving around in the darkness last night and this morning there was a water elemental slowing all her cows down. The bandits found out that we had been to Tristram, so it would be worth sending someone down there to check though. Homestead of Forren: Completely overrun with bandits. Whether Forren is still alive or not I don't know as I don't know if we saw him/her or not. Was being used as a outpost base by the bandits. Homestead of Norris: Farmer Norris is unfortunatly dead. This was my fault. We told a couple of hired hands who met us at a stile that we were going to see him and had come from Tristram and were also going up to Forren. It turned out that these hired hands were in fact part of the bandit gang. As we were about to leave the Norris Homestead, we saw a group of what we assumed were bandits walking down to the homestead and Farmer Norris said it was best for us to hide in the basement. While we were down there, Fingers came in and announced that she had been told that Norris was being visited and who had been poking around. Norris didn't tell her, so she had his eyes stabbed out. Deciding that I couldn't leave him alone in his homestead, where he would bleed to death from his eye wound, Monty and I took him to the Forren Homestead and left him there with the hired hands. When we returned later on, the hired hands showed their true colours by trying to prevent me from accessing the homestead and then attacking us. Farmer Norris was dead on the floor of the house with his throat cut. I should have known that only they could have told Fingers about the visit to Farmer Norris as we only told them and as such, I left him in the Forren Homestead to die. As such, I take responsibility for his death. Oh, we also managed to break Farmer Norris' couch, but I think Monty is buying him a new one. Because the mistake I made lead to the death of an innocent civillian and it was not one that I could rectify at the time, I would like to take steps to be able to rectify it in the future. I have been following the path that my mother taught me for quite some while now and my abilities in it, though nowhere near as good as the Father's and Paladin's at the Temple of Life, are reasonably good. I would like to request to be taught how someone can be brought back from the dead, to live again. If you could let me know if this would be acceptable, then if it is, I will make myself available for the training that it entails.

Zephyra's Report

To: Pathfinder Captain Shadow, Tower of Water After reporting in for patrol, we were informed that we were to go to the village of Brandon Mill and recover a sword which had been stolen by Fingers Mallum and her group, including one water mage Theobold. Recovery of the sword being top priority, we were also to apprehend as many of the gang as possible. In getting to Brandon Mill, myself and Gladiator Champion Cyrus Fere were sent along a high road which ran along a swamp. Of interest in the swamp: 1) Goblins, which seemed in-numerous but not all that dangerous. They might be responsible for the poison we received, however. 2) In the swamp itself, we met who Cyrus and I recognised as Nab McFeegle, fighting several of the goblins and something else. We rushed to his aid, only to be struck with severe weakness. Lying in the water as I was, all I could do was hear Cyrus speaking with Nab and in the end Nab freed me from the weakness by cutting my hand and mixing my blood with his. At the time, this did not seem strange and I will comment more later. Nab then asked us to help him get something magical from a Justice shrine in the area, and we agreed to help. Leaving the swamp, we headed toward the shrine. Right before arriving, we encountered a troll holding someone captive. We put the troll on the ground and freed what turned out to be the Marshal in charge of the shrine. We freed him and he helped us defeat the troll again before heading down to Brandon Mill. He told us that the shrine had become overrun with the swamp goblins and asked us to clear it out. Since we had to help Nab get the magic item from inside the shrine anyway, we agreed. In the shrine, we discovered the presence of a Justice paladin, who had already killed some of the swamp goblins. In the process of talking to him, we noticed that Nab had disappeared and the magic item was gone as well. I had no problem with this, but when we asked the Justice paladin if anything else was missing, he said yes, that his friend the justice priest who was with us had taken it and left. Obviously, we found this a little strange, but I figured that the paladin had maybe contracted a disease and suggested he go see the Justice priest, who had noticed we were diseased and had cured them. However, we were attacked almost non-stop for the next hour by groups of undead and goblins and were unable to leave the Justice shrine. I feared there was a necromancer in the area, but learned later that the goblins themselves lean towards necromancy and the undead probably came from that quarter. While I was underground meditating, Pathfinder Orchid and the Gladiator Monty showed up, having taken a different road to reach Brandon Mill. We went to the village together after and there Cyrus discovered through some training he had with the Gladiators that he was under the affect of some mind spell or miracle. He decided that if he had been, then so had I and that was the real explanation behind Nab being in the swamp and the fact that the paladin saw someone else. I thought this was ridiculous, but didn't find out until later that he was in fact right, when a chaos priest in the area managed to lift the miraculous effect from my mind. In the meantime, we had to go save the life of a farmer who had had his eyes gouged out. Monty and Orchid had left him with another farm and had promised to take a priest back to help. We picked up the justice priest Cyrus and I had met earlier and headed down to the farm, going around a troll on the way. Upon arriving at the farm, we were told that this farmer, Norris, who had been rescued had been taken back to the fort from where they started. Orchid seemed suspicious though and insisted to be let in. They refused and the Marshal got involved and it eventually came down to fighting. One we captured and the other two were killed. Inside, we found the corpse of this farmer Norris with his throat cut wide open. Upon further questioning of the one we had captured, we found that Fingers Mallum had hired the three of them, had killed Farmer Norris and was meeting in an abandoned mine with Theobold and the potential buyer for the sword we were supposed to be recovering. We headed back to the mine, meeting up with the chaos priest who fixed my mind on the way. It involved playing some sort of question-and-answer game and took up a bit of time, but we made good overall time to the entrance to the mine. There we found a group of bandits. We engaged them in combat, taking heavy casualties before killing them, although I believe one got away in the end. At this point, the Marshal decided he had to pray and so the rest of us waited. While we were waiting, a shade appeared and started taunting us and trying to lead Orchid away. I believe Orchid was under some kind of morale breaking spell at the time, which the bandits had cast on him, so I followed as well, but the spell seemed to have worn off suddenly as Orchid turned around and refused to go any farther. The shade claimed to know exactly where the transfer was taking place and wanted us to go with it. When we were hesitant, it was exceedingly annoying, moving around trying to distract us, break the Marshal's prayer and other things. However, it was completely ethereal and was unable to do anything but taunt. Distracted as we were by this creature, we failed to see a person creeping up on Cyrus until he had had his throat slit. The person in question then ran away too quickly for us to give chase or apprehend him and it was only due to the quick action of Orchid that Cyrus survived. After the Marshal's prayer, we headed up toward the mine. I had been given intelligence that Theobold was well known for entangling and freezing people and was able to protect Orchid from these magics, enabling him to neutralize Theobold quickly. A strange thing happened at this point: Theobold's body burst into flames. None of the party can swear to Theobold being dead and Pathfinder Captain Shadow seemed to think that Theobold might have access to fire as well as water magics. Therefore, there are two conclusions to draw from this. The first being that Theobold was not actually killed but used some powerful fire spell to escape somehow, the second being that he had a spell prime trigger which would have burned his body upon death. I'm hoping it is the second. In the meantime, Orchid had chased after Fingers Mallum to prevent her from escaping and Cyrus had challenged the might priest trying to buy the sword to a duel. As they were duelling, the shade appeared again and kept saying that if the might priest were killed in single combat, that he would rise as a death knight. I alerted Cyrus to this, but as I did Cyrus hit the might priest and killed him. As we stood watching, the skin peeled off the might priest and he did indeed begin to rise as a death knight. Cyrus had a sword which he was intent on getting back to the guild of Gladiators and gave it to me to take back while he stood and fought to the death with the death knight in an effort to give us enough time to get away. However, I took the sword to Orchid, knowing that I would be more use in killing the death knight than in getting some sword back and returned to the fight. With the combined efforts of Cyrus and Orchid blocking the death knight from getting to me (Monty holding the captive Mallum), I managed to dart the thing to death. We then took it to the shrine, which seems to have a permanent blessing on it which will prevent such things from coming back. With the sword and Mallum in our control, we returned. Other things of note: 1) There are at least two trolls in the area, probably more. We did not have the resources to kill either one, choosing instead to bypass one and incapacitate the other to the point where it would leave us alone. Caution should be used by any travelling in that area. 2) The creature who inflicted Cyrus' and my minds with some kind of possessive influence told us that he (she/it?) has the ability to sense minds of anyone up to the edge of the marsh. We met two sets of guards on the edge of the marsh on our way up and they spoke of hallucinations. This would no doubt be the work of the same creature. It is my personal belief that anyone travelling near that marsh have an extremely powerful protective spell or miracle put on them to prevent such mind magic from being used to their detriment. High Mage Zephyra Tower of Water

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
From Champion Cyrus Fere, 

As described in the note attached to the pair of swords my Sifu sent to you last month, I have been focussed on my new craft 
for some time and have not been at leisure to patrol on behalf of Baron van Heusen. Four days ago I received a message from 
my superiors in his service calling for any one able to travel immediately to rendezvous with one Pathfinder Captain Shadow 
as soon as possible. Since I was able to respond and the tone of the message implied that many were not, I spoke to my Sifu 
and answered the call. At the rendezvous point I found High Wizard Zephyra. No-one else had come to that point when the 
Pathfinder Captin, a rather melodramatic individual, briefed us on the urgent mission. 
An area surrounding Brandon's Mill had become infested by a bandit organisation who robbed a Might shrine and stole at least 
one significant artefact of that path, with the intention of selling it to an unknown agent. The artefact in question was a 
sword which conferred great powers of Might upon the wielder, at the cost of their free will and their instinct for 
self-preservation. Our primary mission was to recover this artefact and return it to, um, safer hands? With the secondary 
concern of attempting to arrest or otherwise disable the bandit group operating in that area, in particular its leaders who 
were identified to us as one "Fingers" Mallum and her associate, Theobald. 
High Wizard Zephyra and myself make a remarkably effective team, provided we have access to an occasional Justice Priest. 
There is not much that can rapidly pass my blades to assail her and she is adept at both slowing things down so that I can 
kill them handily and casting darts of ice so powerful that the victim discorporates in short order. 
As we passed the goblin-ridden swamps south of Brandon's Mill we were, unfortunately, both deceieved and then placed under 
mind-control by some spectactularly unpleasant entity which proceeded to steal an unidentified artefact from the Shrine of 
Anurias. It took several hours before I had the breathing space to exert the disciplines of our Guild and break the influence 
on my mind (for reasons I will recount below) and after that, some time to convince Zephyra that we needed to perform an 
equivalent service for her. The entire experience was more than slightly disturbing. 
We collected a Marshal who works within the Shrine from a troll which appeared to be keeping him for dinner and helped him 
clear out a small infestation of undead goblins from his shrine, along with a Paladin (whose name I did not catch) that was 
passing through. The Marshal was forced to leave again almost immediately to attend to matters in Brandon's Mill itself and 
after he left we discovered that the local necromantic infection was far from trivial. We were penned within the shrine for 
well over an hour by slowly progresssing undead, whose origin was not, as far as I am aware, ever established or dealt with. 
I would suggest that someone more specialised be sent to deal with the problem and with the after-effects of the more 
significant undead opponent we encountered later. 
It became clear that we were not in a position to break out easily and I became rather concerned that the undead would 
eventually wear me down through simple attrition and leave High Wizard Zephyra defenceless, but prior to that happening we 
were fortuitously joined from without by Pathfinder Orchid and Gladiator Montague-Smythe. From thence, Pathfinder Orchid ably 
took command of our activities. 
Over the following few hours we dealt with a number of complex, minor problems within the area. In the process, we cleared 
Zephyra's mind, met some very strange chaos priests, failed to save the life of a peasant who Orchid seemed somewhat 
interested in, dealt with some of Mallum's bandits and gained useful intelligence from them and eventually fetched up outside 
a large hole in the ground where we killed the rest of Mallum's minions. We then paused to recover strength before proceeding 
with the mission of arresting Mallum and recovering the Might artefact from her business associate. Unfortunately, during my 
meditations a left-over minion successfully cut my throat. When I awoke, I discovered that Pathfinder Orchid had saved my 
life with very prompt reactions and skilled application of both first aid and the miracles of Life: I remain deeply in his 
debt for that service. 
We ran the malefactors to earth (literally): Zephyra and Orchid working together with Marshal Allani and Gladiator 
Montague-Smythe were able to very rapidly kill or arrest (respectively) the elven mage Theobald and the bandit "Fingers" 
Mallum. We arrived too late to prevent a Might follower named Renshar from taking possession of the sword. I challenged him 
to single combat and bested him (though he was both skilled and greatly empowered by the sword he bore) however, very 
unfortunately, I accidentally killed him. 
This resulted in his rising in the form of a very angry Death Knight and I will admit that from that point onwards for some 
time my actions and thoughts were not entirely balanced. It seemed to me that I had been responsible for unleashing this 
horror and I fully expected to die containing it while my companions sought appropriate re-inforcements, but after Marshal 
Allani managed to remind me of the intrinsic power of the shrine of Anurias in defeating the undead, he and I along with 
Pathfinder Orchid and High Wizard Zephyra fought a careful retreating action, never allowing ourselves to be out of reach of 
his blade such that he might stop pursuing us, in order to draw him to the shrine. 
During this action the High Wizard risked her own life repeatedly to blast the abomination with her power. We were able to 
prevent it from ever reaching her to exact revenge and I believe that it was only her interventions which allowed us to 
incapacitate the beast prior to at least one of us losing our lives. While it remained dormant and under the aegis of Marshal 
Allani we were able to ensure it would stay that way for at least an hour, I was able to carry it to the Shrine of Anurias 
and there immerse it in water blessed by the path of Justice, upon which action it melted. 
I sincerely regret that my lack of understanding of the arcane paths of Might led to my accidental creation of such an 
abomination and I remain endebted to Marshal Allani, Pathfinder Orchid and High Wizard Zephyra for their irreplaceable 
efforts in defeating it. 

Yours in honour, 
Champion Cyrus Fere. 

A Breath of Fire (04/06/2006)

Orchid's Report

To: Pathfinder Captain Shadow 

Report successful mission to calm down the trolls who live down the hill from the village of Brandon Mill. It had turned out 
that a Hydra (what the trolls referred to as a "Bog-Raaa") had moved into their village and they didn't like that. When we 
got to the village a Seeker Irwin was running around with a ball-shaped object that he was talking into and seemingly 
taunting the Hydra. Once Salogel had been persuaded to power up some swords, we were able to defeat the Hydra with minimal 
Whilst at Brandon Mill I had been informed of an order to bring Falls, a priest who lives in the woods nearby as a hermit, in 
for questioning because of the path he followed. We went into the woods and found Falls. He had a lot of people there who 
called him "Master" although he himself seemed a little unsure as to why they did this, apparently, he hadn't asked them to. 
There were some items there, some of which were empowered with the power of death, some of which were magical, one that was 
both magical and empowered by death and some mundane items. Salogel believes the skull, the one empowered by death and magic 
to be necromantic. I spoke with Falls and he agreed to come of his own free will to speak to those who want to speak to him. 
I would add that he has shown us nothing but honesty and help in our dealings with him. 
We returned to the village just in time to meet up with Misha. She was just coming out of the village being chased by 
elementals. These were dealt with and I took the artefact from her and then Iussis and Talia escorted her back to her people. 
We took the artefact to the shrine and in order to re-consecrate it, we had to perform a wedding ceremony where a troll 
female married a human male. During the ceremony, 3 death knights (one of which was the one we disposed of last week) and a 
number of lesser undead rose from the ground and attacked. However, Iussis and Naismith managed to complete the ceremony 
whilst the rest of us fought off the undead, Cyrus taking a particular dislike to the one that we killed last week and the 
shrine has now been reconsecrated. On the way out, we were attacked by elementals again and unfortunately, Guard Corporal 
Fiddilo died to them. He was brought back and a gladiator came and challenged Monty to a fight. Monty accidentally killed the 
gladiator, but happily, no death knight rose on this occasion. 
One other thing of note: As we entered the woods from the High Road, a self-proclaimed darkblade was standing at the entrance 
to a cave. He warned us that someone called Sir Neville would pose as a gladiator and would try to kill one of Brend, Cyrus 
or Monty, with the most likely being Monty. Unfortunately, he got away before we were able to get close enough to arrest him. 
The gladiator that Monty fought and killed was called Sir Neville, but was not a threat to any of the 3 Gladiators in our 

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
From Champion Cyrus Fere, 

Cf. my report of one week ago, I have recently returned from a second mission to the area of Brandon Mill. The patrol 
despatched was rather more tactically complete on this occasion and led by one Guard Fiddilo, assissted by Pathfinders 
Helyanwe and Orchid. Champion Brend was there and gave a great account of himself and Champion Montague-Smythe performed 
honourably once more (of which more later). 
A great many confusing and pointless things happened during the course of our preambulations around Brandon Mill (there are 
Chaos priests in the area, apparently, so I suppose one should expect that). A number of them involved goblins. We also 
encountered an elven mage of some power, whose elemental minions plagued us at various points in the day. I regret to say 
that he escaped me at the end, by use of his ability to magically transport himself. 
Three things of significance occured, however, which I shall treat in reverse order:

1) The local inhabitants of Brandon Mill and its environs have unusual relations with a group, or one might even say 
'village', of trolls. This is not intrinsically interesting, since what they do with their own time is no concern of the 
Guild, but it did result in the first encounter I've ever had with trolls which did not devolve into hostilities on first 
sight. There is some reason to believe that the Kingdom may soon have its first recorded half-Troll citizens, which might be 
interesting should it prove possible to train one such in the disciplines of our Guild. If the minds are up to it, the bodies 
would make truly extraordinary Gladiators. 

2) Death Knights are harder to stop than we had thought. I must regretfully report that the abomination I believed we had 
destroyed a week ago returned to object to a wedding ceremony (Death Knights are also, apparently, more petty than we had 
thought) and brought two others with it, along with re-generating many of the shambling dead laid low by High Wizard Zephyra 
and myself the previous week. On the other hand, I am happy to say that my experience led me to be much better prepared on 
this occasion: I was able to overcome its arcane protections enough to destroy its shield, which greatly facilitated the job 
of returning it to a dormant state. The group dealt handily with the undead problem and sterling if breathless work by the 
priest Iussis and Investigator Naismith (cf. my reports from November of two years ago and from September of last year) 
re-consecrated Marshal Allani's shrine and allowed us to (I'm reliably informed) finish the problem. 

3) Darkblade Tybalt is becoming a significant enemy of the Guild. To provide context, both Champion Brend and myself can 
testify to this individual having interfered with honour challenges sponsored by our Guild on two separate occasions. We 
suspect there may be more, but we cannot adduce sufficient evidence to say so confidently. 
On the first occasion, he appeared personally and attempted to kill one Blackwing by poisonous means, during the recent 
11th Tournament of Champions. These actions can be corroborated by Champion Lyrin Truestrike. 
The more recent occasion was more subtle but arguably more dangerous as well, for that very reason. A 'messenger' was sent 
who identified himself as being in the employ of Tybalt. He warned us that an assassin of his order posing as a Gladiator 
named Neville was planning to use our own Guild's honour to trap Champion Montague-Smythe into a duel, which he planned to 
use to destroy Monty. 
When an individual identifying himself in exactly those terms appeared, we were suspicious, but since we were (fortunately!) 
also suspicious of the message we allowed him to demonstrate Gladiatorial honour: which, I would like to say, he did and 
thoroughly so throughout. His challenge to Monty was accepted and fought under the marshalling of myself and Champion Brend. 
Both parties fought in honour. Neville unfortunately pushed himself beyond his limits and died in a duel which should have 
ended with his incapacitation, but in my view no blame attaches to Champion Montague-Smythe for this unfortunate event. I 
have since discovered that Gladiator Neville is indeed a recent apprentice to our Guild and that the only reason for Tybalt's 
attempt to interfere seems to have been to ensure that we would destroy him without giving him a fair chance in the ring of 
honour. All three of us can testify to this. We cannot guarantee that the message did, in fact, originate with Tybalt. 
During our return journey, Champions Brend and Montague-Smythe reached an agreement with me that something must be done about 
Tybalt. I intend to speak to my Sifu at the earliest opportunity to discuss what precisely should be done and I humbly hope 
that I may form a part of the response myself as I once served under him while he was employed by the Pathfinders. 

Yours in honour,
Champion Cyrus Fere 

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Cuthbert's Report

Mission Brief: 
The mission brief was to escort Guardian Fleur (and a dowry of 5,000 Groats) to Earl Grey's lands, where she was to take part 
in an arranged marriage to the Earl, bringing the two lands closer together. As the mission was organised by Baron 
Van Heusen, Corporal Fiddilo was placed in charge.

Day 1:
Initially the mission went very well. Though we suffered a few attacks from Bandits, Undead and Dark Druids on the way to the 
Earl's lands, nothing seriously threatened the party. On arrival we were met cordially and even provided with a light meal. 
Things started going wrong during the evening's "entertainment". First, the Earl's Court Magician attempted a trick using 
Orchid and cut off his hand. (As I understand it, the trick was still fairly impressive as though the Court Magician cut 
Orchid in half through the chest, this caused his left hand to be cut off and when the hand landed on the floor it turned 
into a right hand.) During the confusion (and screaming and flying blood) the Earl's Butler(?) and Guardian Fleur both 
vanished. The party split up and searched the surrounding area and though no sign of them was discovered, a circle we suspect 
was used as a teleportation target was found. Strangely, the Earl did not seem to be too upset (perhaps he's used to losing 
fiances?). As there was nothing else to be done, the party retired for the night.

Day 2:
The next day the lack of communication from the party "leaders" informing everyone what was going on really started to be 
noticed. Somehow we received some information that caused the party to head out to some nearby sandy wastes. The journey was 
largely uneventful, with nothing really threatening the party. Arriving at our destination, we discovered a Magic Crystal 
that contained a ransom message along the lines of "If you want Guardian Fleur back pay us 20,000 Groats". We returned to the 
Earl and showed him the message, but he didn't seem keen to pay the ransom (and apparently had even begun spending the dowry). 
Again some information was received somehow and the party headed out again to a Shrine of the Sacred Virgin. (I believe, but 
I'm not sure, that the Shrine was recognised from the background in the Magic Crystal message). Again the journey was largely 
uneventful (a few Goblins and Undead, but nothing that seriously threatened the party). On arriving at the Shrine, we found 
that it was guarded by more Undead including a Vampire (who for some reason wasn't immediately destroyed by the strong 
sunlight shining through the trees). Unfortunately, though we destroyed many Undead, no further information was discovered 
about the kidnappers and we returned back to the Earl.
It was after we returned that things started going... strange. One of the Earl's advisors informed us that the Earl did not 
intend to pay the ransom. However, the kidnappers, who were apparently called "The Alliance", had funds in a bank just over 
the border in the barony. In addition, the bank also contained evidence that would be used to further incriminate The 
Alliance. Thus it was decided by Corporal Fiddilo, with support from the other Defenders and Marshal Carlsberg, that we 
needed to break into the bank.
I would point out that many of us had serious misgivings about this course of action. However, the Defenders leading the 
mission told us it was necessary and Marshal Carlsberg also gave his assurances that he would take full moral responsibility 
for the action.
To implement the heist, we first needed to talk to a "rat creature" that lived in the sewers under and around the bank. This 
"rat creature" could provide valuable information on the bank. We travelled to the sewers, encountering some Ogres & Trolls 
and then some Shambling Mounds and an Ent that did cause us some difficulties to overcome. Arriving at the sewer, we came to 
an agreement with the "rat creature" - we would remove some new Rat Demons from the sewers in exchange for the information. 
What followed was an extremely difficult sequence of melees against these disease-ridden enemies and though we prevailed in 
the end, Corporal Fiddilo died valiantly at the hands of the Rat Demon Leader. Having achieved our goal, we were told that:
1.	The door to the vault was guarded against magical and miraculous damage and that we would need to bargain with some 
Dwarves (who lived on the Earl's lands) to acquire a powerful alchemical explosive.
2.	Several Golems guarded the Vault.
3.	A secret tunnel that was just wide enough for Elves to traverse led to the Vault.

The next step in the plan was to acquire the alchemical explosive. Again we negotiated a deal with the Dwarves whereby we 
disposed of some troublesome Drow and Duergar in the tunnels and they would give us what we needed. Though the fight was 
reasonably difficult, we managed our end of the bargain and were handed a barrel of explosive, which Iussis took charge of 
and seemed quite excited by the amount of destructive power at his disposal.
We then began the final stage of the plan and attacked the Bank. We subdued or slept the guards around the bank and Iussis 
placed the explosive against the vault door and set if off. There was a truly impressive explosion, the Golems appeared and 
the guards woke up. Someone managed to retrieve the money and the evidence from the Bank and we began our withdrawal back to 
the Earl's lands. This didn't go quite as well as I would have liked, with various people running back in to fight Golems, 
rescue people, etc. However, it did go exactly as well as I expected. It was at this point that Orchid was captured. We were 
followed back by the Golems, which we were forced to destroy and also some guards a little later (I don't believe any of them 
were killed). After everything settled down, we retired for the night.

Day 3:
We headed out to a rendezvous with the money in order to recover Guardian Fleur. This went very smoothly - we handed over 
the money to an "Undead Accountant" and a little while later Guardian Fleur was returned to us and we went back to the Earl.
The Earl was understandably keen to get married immediately before anything else happened and we were invited to the ceremony 
that was arranged within half an hour of our return. As expected, things went drastically wrong...
Guards from the Barony turned up to stop the ceremony, at which point Guardian Fleur ran towards them with the cry "Thank 
God!". However, she was less pleased when they accused her of being involved in a bank raid. Without waiting for an 
explanation or surrender the guards attacked, almost killing Naismith and the party responded. Though we tried to subdue the 
guards without killing them, one of them was killed. It turned out that at least one of them was a member of the Alliance. 
The surviving pair were tied up and were with us when we finally returned to the Barony later.
At the same time as the guards appeared, one of the Earl's bodyguards revealed the symbol of the Alliance and attacked the 
other bodyguard. He was quickly dispatched.
During the confusion, Hunter, Biscuit, Breeze and Iussis helped Guardian Fleur escape. Though the rest vanished, Iussis did 
return later.
We were then attacked by several waves of Alliance members, before the Alliance leaders (Dick O'Brien and Cock O'Brien) and 
followers attacked. This combat was quite protracted and though we eventually overcome our enemies, Marshal Carlsberg was 
killed, though we did use an item of Resurrection to return him to life. Our final foe was a powerful Death Knight, which 
took a long time to destroy. It was during this combat that Marshal Carlsberg died again (I believe due to overcasting).
We then finally returned to the Barony and were arrested.

1) Though the Defenders in the party performed admirably when fighting broke out, at other times their performance was 
extremely poor. I very rarely saw them actually guarding the party when we halted. The only one I consistently noted on guard 
was Helyanwe. The entire situation was summed up at one point when the people guarding the gates were myself, a Gladiator and 
a Death Priest (none of us had been ordered to do so). Standards have certainly slipped since I retired. I didn't even 
realise that Iussis was a Warden until someone told me he was - and that's got to say something...
2) Party leadership was very poor to non-existent. I realise that in a party of 22 it's difficult, but I rarely heard the 
Mission Leader Corporal Fiddilo give any coherent orders. Corporal Helyanwe seemed to take this role and did perform as well 
as could be expected in the circumstances.
3) Support from Mages and Priests were excellent. I regularly received Fire and Ice Blades from Zephyra and Heulwyn upon 
asking. I also received a long duration Harden from Iussis upon asking. The real star, though, was Gish, who freely offered 
to cast Freedom and Dexterity miracles without being prompted. Zephyra and Heulwyn were also instrumental in dealing with 
several powerful foes with their Ice and Fire Darts.
4) On the healing front, though I very rarely needed it myself, Naismith and Carlsberg were often running around the party 
and keeping everyone healthy.
5) Overall, the party seemed to function relatively efficiently in combat. It was just outside of combat that there was the 
usual bickering, lack of direction and lack of information. Some of this can be attributed to the numbers involved, but some 
must be attributed to poor leadership. It was a running joke amongst some of us about how many times the call of "Move Out" 
would happen before the party actually left. At one point I became so tired of the lack of movement that Trantis and I headed 
off on our own, shortly followed by Naismith. It did seem to have the desired effect and shortly afterwards everyone else 
caught up.

Morrigan's Report

Having escorted the Guardian to the pre-arranged destination, it was revealed that she was in fact a pathfinder decoy. Having 
resolved this issue, we attended the meal at the Earl’s during which time the real fianc้ was abducted. I did not see her 
being taken as I was patrolling the perimeter with the Thorn Knight.
Having received a ransom vision from the Alliance, we were advised by our commanding officers that the only way around the 
issue was to obtain the necessary funds by robbing a bank in the Barony. When this was revealed to us, all members of the 
patrol raised objections. I notified both the Pathfinder Helyanwe and the Marshal Carlsberg of my reluctance to break Barony 
law and requested that another solution be found.
We were assured by both the Marshal and the Pathfinder that a Marshal has the right to make decisions in the field regarding 
the interpretation of Barony law and that all responsibility would be upon their shoulders as they were commanding the 
We were advised that there was no other way that the ransom could be obtained in time and that if we did not obtain the money 
the Guardian would be killed, a situation which would have been detrimental to relations between the Barony and the Earldom.
With this in mind and following the orders of those higher in the chain of command than myself, we made our way to the Bank 
of the Barony having obtained explosive devices from the local dwarves. (In payment for which we cleared out a local mine of 
drow and dark dwarves.)
We then, under strict orders from the commanding officers to not kill or unnecessarily injure Barony citizens, went to gain 
entry to the bank. The warden Iussis placed and ignited the charges and blew open the doors. I did not see who went into the 
bank to obtain the money as I was on the outside guarding the perimeter with the Fire Mage Heulwyn and the Priest of Might 
We left once the defences were activated and to my knowledge no Barony citizen was killed.
Once we had returned I was given a talisman by Guard Corporal Fiddilo, an item of Death, to care for. I have since returned 
this item – a necklace in the shape of a skull and imbued with the powers of Death to the officers that arrested us. There 
were further items, magical and miraculous, as well as pictures and money that were taken from the vault. I am unaware what 
happened to them although I understand that the pictures were of an unsavoury nature and were returned to the Earl.
We then made the exchange with the Alliance and Guardian Fleur was returned to us. She later expressed reluctance to wed the 
Earl but went with him to prepare. At the ceremony I am led to understand she expressed no wish to marry him and was escorted 
away by other members of the patrol.
During the ceremony we were attacked by four or so men wearing Barony colours. I must stress that they attacked us first, 
which is entirely understandable and we were forced to subdue them. They were later killed when it was revealed by way of 
spirit questioning that they were Dark Blades. Throughout this time, the Pathfinder went to great efforts to ensure they were 
not unduly harmed.
After this, we were attacked by strong undead creatures which we defeated. 
We then returned to the Barony to hand ourselves in.

Morrigan Von Angstine, Shaman of Might.

Helyanwe's Report

Report on the mission to deliver Guardian Fleur to Earl Grey and subsequently to rescue her from the Alliance.

Our patrol group were gathered on Friday night by Guard Captain Randor and briefed on our mission to deliver both Guardian 
Fleur and her dowry to Earl Grey under the command of Guard Corporal Fiddilo. We subsequently discovered that the Guardian we 
had with us was in fact a decoy and thus I shall refer to her as such in this report. Despite encountering many goblins, 
undead (more later) and some dark druids in the Black Forest Pass we kept the decoy guardian and the dowry safe through this 
area. Also, we protected them both against an attempted ambush by bandits actually in the Earl's lands. On arriving at the 
Earl's compound we encountered Warden Corporal Rain and at this point the decoy was revealed. The Warden explained that he 
had been charged with bringing the real Guardian to the Earl and that our 'Guardian' was in fact Pathfinder Corporal Jarak. 
Still, we handed the dowry over and prepared to attend a banquet held by the Earl to celebrate his engagement. It was in the 
course of these celebrations that Guardian Fleur was kidnapped from under our noses by the alleged Marshal who was one of 
the Earl's advisors. He seemed to use a form of air magic, commonly known as Recall and we were unable to follow. In 
addition, there was some distraction caused by the Earl's conjurer who was apparently under the effect of some kind of charm. 
The Earl did not seem as concerned as we would have been expecting but did request that Guard Corporal Fiddilo and his 
forces, namely us, would remain to assist in the recovery of the Guardian. We were unable to do anything that night so the 
Earl provided us with accommodation in his compound. Some theories on the kidnapping were discussed but we had insufficient 
information to do anything but rest and prepare for the following day.
Late morning on Saturday a ransom note was received by the Earl, signed by a group calling itself the Alliance stating that 
the Earl should send someone to an area called the Sandy Wastes to negotiate for the Guardian's release. We headed out, 
encountering a large number of goblins - including a group performing a ritual of some kind. In scouting out the area we came 
across a marked out circle with half a body sticking out of it. Also inside this circle was a wooden box. The box was removed 
from the circle with caution but in doing so we discovered that the circle was protected by strong destructive (and probably 
necromantic) magic. Inside the box was a crystal ball which, when activated, showed us the full ransom demand - 20,000 groats 
to be delivered to the point we found the device within 24 hours. Whether by accident or design the message also showed us a 
clue as to where to find the Alliance - a sign saying 'Church of the Sacred Virgin'. We returned to the Earl's compound where 
his intelligence advisor, a man by the name of Shell, was able to confirm the location and guide us to it. We encountered 
further undead forces on the way and at the shrine itself. It appeared that the leader of the order had been turned into a 
vampire and had many undead under her command. We were able to destroy them all but gained no further clues about the 
location of the Alliance or Guardian Fleur. Once again we returned to the Earl's compound, to try and think of a plan, since 
it was made clear that the Earl could not (or would not) meet the ransom demand. Advisor Shell came to us with a plan, which 
I have explained in detail in my statement to the Defenders regarding the robbery at the Bank of the Barony. On his advice we 
headed out to the sewers near the bank, where we hoped to gain entry to the building without violence. We encountered some 
orcs, ogres and a troll as well as an ent and a number of shambling mounds before coming to the sewer entrance but were able 
to defeat all. In the sewers we met with some (mostly) humans, who called themselves the 'rat people', who agreed to give us 
information on entering the bank if we would deal with a number of skaven who were invading their tunnels. Although the 
skaven put up a strong resistance, which resulted in the unfortunate death of Guard Corporal Fiddilo and the infecting of the 
majority of humans within the patrol group with some kind of disease, or diseases, we eventually overcame them. Whilst 
Marshal Carlsberg performed a ritual to return the Guard Corporal to life, I took a small group with the leader of the rat 
people, Ratatatat, to investigate a possible entrance to the bank. In the interests of ensuring its future security, I must 
inform you that there is a sewage pipe that leads into the back of the bank and could be traversed by any elf, or smaller 
creature, since I was able to get close enough to hear the guards there speaking. Also, Ratatatat was able to tell us that we 
would be unable to gain entrance to the bank through magical or miraculous means but that we could obtain an alchemical 
substance from a dwarven mine in the area. At this point it was late in the evening but we headed to the mine where the 
dwarves agreed to provide us with this substance in return for us clearing a number of drow and durgar out of their tunnels. 
We did this, gained the substance and after a pause to rest and prepare we headed out to the bank as I have previously 
explained in my formal statement on the robbery. We finally returned to the Earl's compound in the early morning and quickly 
made our way to our beds.
Sunday morning we examined our gains from the bank and made our plans to secure Guardian Fleur's release from the Alliance. 
We headed to the rendezvous point, once again encountering a number of goblins, some of who were performing a ritual, which 
was quickly disrupted and them dispatched. At the rendezvous point we discovered a skeleton with a message on a series of 
cards which it showed us. We were to put the ransom money into a wooden box and hand it to the skeleton to count and when it 
had confirmed that the correct amount of money was present it would head to where the Guardian was being held and she would 
be returned to us. We were warned not to follow and so did not, instead scouting out the area to check that an ambush was not 
being set up. After only a few minutes the Guardian was brought to us by two creatures that appeared to be undead though of a 
kind I could not identify and which disappeared after handing her over. She was unharmed and so we quickly returned to the 
Earl's compound once more, our mission seemingly complete.
Preparations were made for a hasty wedding ceremony and we were invited to watch this. However, the ceremony was interrupted 
by the arrival of three apparent guards from our Barony. One having been killed after foolishly casting a spell on one of our 
Highlanders was questioned by one of our priests and was revealed to have been an agent of the Alliance. The other two were 
taken prisoner since we had no way of ascertaining whether they were indeed guards who had been misled by the Alliance agent 
or if they were agents themselves. Around this point the Guardian left, seemingly changing her mind about the marriage and we 
were attacked by a dark druid who appeared in similar form to a werewolf, many bandits who were presumably Alliance members 
and a large number of undead - including a Death Knight. Despite the death of Marshal Carlsberg, twice, we eventually 
succeeded in defeating these forces and made our way back to the Barony. On reaching the border we were met by a number of 
Defenders who placed us under arrest for the robbery on the Bank of the Barony. As intended we willingly surrendered our 
weapons to them and prepared to give our statements about what had happened. Unfortunately several members of our patrol 
absconded at various points. Druid Hunter, Pope Biscuit and High Wizard Breeze left in the company of Guardian Fleur and we 
do not know where they headed except that it was apparently not to the Barony. Seeker Gish and Trantis were with us when we 
encountered the Defenders but were not present when we were gathered together by them shortly afterwards, although I did see 
Seeker Gish surrender his weapon to the Defenders.
So, that is the sequence of events that occurred on our mission. There are a number of additional points that need to be made 
with regards to various details of what we encountered and certain issues within the patrol group.
Firstly, there is the issue of Trantis, who sometimes calls himself 'Reaver Trantis'. He was heard performing rituals that 
called upon various types of undead creatures over the weekend and following a ritual on the Friday night was subsequently 
reported to be 'glowing' by Orchid and Sun Ju. Later that night Warden Corporal Rain said that Trantis appeared to him to be 
undead. Over the weekend he repeatedly asked that enemies could be left alive so that he could perform some kind of ritual 
over them. Finally, in our fight against the Death Knight on Sunday he was seen to drop and then after some time he got back 
up again without being approached by any healer. I do not believe that what he is doing is actually necromancy but, having no 
real knowledge about religion, have no other explanation for what happened and since he did not stick around to be arrested, 
this further arouses my suspicions. At the very least he should be seriously questioned about his actions and intentions 
should the Defenders manage to catch up with him. I have additional knowledge about Trantis' background which I shall not go 
into detail on, but if you believe it to be relevant that I can explain further.
Secondly, on the Friday night, along with one of the groups of undead, we came across a bald man playing the harmonica. I was 
later told that he looked like someone O'Brien, who had been involved in the Crystal Maze and also I found out later that he 
had escaped the fight, possibly through means of an item that allowed him to recall to a safe point. Something that he had 
apparently been seen to do when encountered on a previous mission in the area. He was also present for the fight against the 
Death Knight, possibly in command over the other people present, which were presumably members of the Alliance. Additionally, 
there was another man who looked like him but younger also present in this fight. I wasn't able to check if they were killed 
in the fight or if they once again managed to escape. O'Brien was seen wearing an amulet shaped like a cross and such symbols 
were also seen on various members of the Alliance with us speculating this might be the item (of Recall?) and that it might 
allow them to return to some kind of safe house. I understand that one of these items is in the possession of Guard Captain 
Randor, it having been delivered to him after the last mission through Black Forest Pass and so it might be possible to use 
it as another lead on the whereabouts of the Alliance.
There are also two matters that I will address separately since they are about issues related to the Defenders present on the 


To Guard Captain Randor,

As an addenum to my report there are a few things I would like to comment on in terms of issues between the Defenders present 
on the mission. The problems were primarily down to Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis and his attitude to those orders given to 
him by other Defenders within the patrol group. On several occasions he ignored even direct orders given and when he did obey 
he often did so reluctantly. He was disrespectful to those who had been placed in command of him and also showed little 
regard for the strictures of the Defenders, being seemingly willing to leave Kingdom citizens in danger because of his 
personal feelings towards them.
Furthermore, over the course of the mission, I heard accusations of theft made by several different people. They allege that 
on previous missions he has been seen looting bodies and also examining finds then keeping a share for himself. It is worth 
noting that the Lance-Corporal was one of the few people to actually enter the bank vault.
I do not know if you are fully aware that Lance-Corporal Iussis has only recently been released from the beguilement of a 
demonic dagger that it seems had been affecting him for some months. I do not know the full details of how he came into the 
possession of the dagger nor how it was able to affect him and I wonder if he is still affected by it in some subtle fashion. 
He did show an improvement in his attitude on the last day of the mission and it may be that he is slowly recovering from 
this experience but I do not feel that he acts as a member of the Defenders should and certainly not deserving of his rank.
The secondary issue was that Guard Corporal Eagleson seemed incapable of taking any initiative and giving orders and yet 
seemed to resent that I did so when no-one else was. I did my utmost to ensure that I was acting with Guard Corporal 
Fiddilo's permission and in line with his orders and he had no complaints about my actions. As such I have reason to believe 
that Corporal Eagleson caused more problems within the patrol by making it clear that he didn't like me giving orders than 
the actual fact of my giving those orders did. I am aware that at points I was probably overstepping my authority and yet I 
was not willing to allow the mission to continue without organisation when no-one else was capable of taking charge.

Pathfinder Corporal Helyanwe

Naismith's Report

My name is Naismith. I am a Kingdom citizen and a priest of Kai, spending my time between the capital and the Van Heusen 
Barony. I work for the Barony as a mercenary, to fund my religious duty, that of protecting this plane from demons.
I had been requested to go on a mission for the Van Heusen Barony. My experiences on previous patrols around the Black Forest 
Pass area and contact with the Defenders and citizens of the lands of Earl Grey made me ideal for being included in this 
Our Commanding Officer, Guard Captain Randor, I believe, gave the orders to the military members of the patrol group, which 
were roughly (not exactly) this:
Escort Guardian Fleur and the dowry through the Black Forest Pass to the Earl, so they can be married.
Everyone get that? Escort Guardian Fleur and the dowry through the Black Forest Pass to the Earl, so they can be married.
Good. Those are the instructions relayed to me at the time and under this contract, we headed out, I was asked by Marshal 
Carlsberg to guard the rear of the twenty-two strong group. We went through a few threats. A small horde of goblins, a 
seemingly uncoordinated group of undead, before we reached the druidic grove. The grove was there last time and we had 
circumnavigated it with no problems. This time our guards and front line started to push through, regardless of the druids 
wishes. Surprised, I followed. I knew, from previous conversations, that these druids claimed Kingdom citizenship and while 
they hadn't been there long, they had seemed harmless enough. Several druids were injured as we advanced. Then, as I was 
attempting to get the last stragglers of the patrol group through, a druid cast a miracle which struck at my lifeforce, then 
another attempted to attack me with druidic claws. We killed both these in short order and under my miraculous interrogation, 
discovered that a group of three dark druids had joined the grove that week, pretending to be acolytes.
I was later informed that the military had been ordered to push through the druidic grove and also that the front of the 
party had been attacked, again by dark druidic miracles. But hadn't seen fit to pass that information on to the rearguard 
or, in fact, mention the possibility that dark druids could have infiltrated the grove and told someone who had been there 
just last week and who could have spotted any new faces. This was the first sign that all was not going to run smoothly, that 
the military were keeping things from the rest of the patrol and didn't seem to trust us.
We then crossed into the Earl's lands and headed towards a great hall the Earl had set up and a guest compound where we would 
be staying over night.
We were attacked by bandits, who attempted to use air magics to take the dowry. They were also defeated and so we made it to 
the compound. Waiting for us was Warden Corporal Rain, Blackwing and Guardian Fleur. The 'Guardian' we had been escorting was 
actually Pathfinder Corporal Jarak in disguise. Our orders had been a lie from the start. To say I was unhappy would be an 
under-statement. We were then invited to the pre-wedding celebrations. Half-way through these, the guardian was kidnapped by 
one of the Earl's men. We were then asked to help the Earl's men look for the missing Guardian. We found no sign.
The next morning, the Earl had some sport, releasing some sprites for practise, before getting down to the business of 
finding his fianc้. I was told that the group who they suspected of the kidnap was called the Alliance and the Earl's expert 
on them, Shell, had told us the location of a known Alliance drop off point. When we arrived, we discovered a message from 
the kidnappers asking for 20,000 groats for her safe return and a 24-hour deadline. We also received new orders from Guard 
Captain Randor that the "Guardian was to be recovered, no matter what".
After a quick raid on the Alliance hideout where we thought we could find some clues to the location of the guardian, we 
needed a new plan. Shell suggested a plan. The Alliance had a bank account under a false name. That, the Earl's intelligence 
agents knew had more than enough money to cover the 20,000 groat ransom. If we could break into the bank and take the money, 
we would be able to pay the ransom and it would be their money. The only problem was that the bank was in Van Heusen’s Barony 
and owned and guarded by Kingdom citizens. We would be breaking kingdom law.
At this point the barony military and the marshal came to a difficult decision. Our orders from Guard Captain Randor had 
stated "no matter what" and that had to include the breaking of certain Kingdom laws. The laws they decided it included 
'assault', 'breaking and entering' and 'property damage' but did not include 'murder' so that we must not kill any of the 
bank guards, but were allowed to break into the vault and defeat any of the golems guardians.
First the Barony military, my employers, had lied to me about the mission, now they were asking me to break Kingdom law. I, 
of course, refused.
However, it was going to be the only way to stop this Guardian from dying at the hands of her kidnappers and that made it the 
Defenders duty to try. Reluctantly I agreed, also as I was one of the few people who could safely disable the guards, I would 
be one of the closest to committing murder. To say I was thoroughly  off by this would be an under-statement.
We obtained some alchemical explosives from some dwarven noodle-miners in return for clearing out their drow and duergar 
problem. We then rested and made our way to the bank. Although we knew of a tunnel into the grounds of the bank, only the 
elves could fit through, making a stealth approach unfeasible. So we got as close as possible before making a frontal 
assault. A number of guards were disabled without killing them. I know I put two on the ground, with a miracle that would 
keep them stable for 15 minutes. Then we blew the vault and made off with some money, some items and some documents which we 
hoped would be enough evidence to vindicate our actions.
We hurried back to the Earl's lands and I was told several conflicting versions of what we had recovered. Finally it became 
to light that a) we had not recovered enough money, b) we had lost Pathfinder Corporal Orchid in the raid, presumed captured, 
c) we had stolen evidence that the ACME trading company was a front for an Alliance of Kingdom criminals working together, 
d) some items and e) some blackmail material on Earl Grey and one of his Marshals. Several plans were then proposed, 
including adding 'Blackmailing Kingdom citizens' to the crimes we would be committing. To say I was disgusted by lack of 
respect for Kingdom law held by some members of the Van Heusen Barony military would be an under-statement. We slept uneasily 
that night.
The morning light revealed more. We had also taken a strongbox containing enough money to pay for the ransom. The blackmail 
material on the Earl was returned to his advisor, Shell and we set off for the ransom drop-off. We found a skeleton with an 
empty box and a set of instructions. The ransom was to be placed in the box, the skeleton was not to be followed. While this 
was happening, we came across two figures holding the Guardian between them. We followed them, then confronted them. They 
disappeared (using recalling magics) and we recovered the Guardian. We returned to the Earl's lands, where he set about 
starting the marriage ceremony. The Guardian expressed second thoughts, but was about to go through with it, when four 
people, dressed as Van Hausen's guard approached, accused us and the Guardian of bank robbery and attacked. Two were quickly 
subdued, the other two killed. On questioning the dead ones, it was revealed that they were not Guards from the Barony but 
Alliance members, sent to kill everyone. We were then attacked by several Alliance forces ranging from a Dark Druid, Chaos, 
Death and Anarchy priests, a Death knight and several bandits and trained mages. In this confusion, the Guardian was 
withdrawn by the Warden and the Earl misled to thinking she had escaped another way. We returned to the Barony where we were 
arrested. To say I was somewhat relieved would be an under-statement.
To summerise:
-	The breaking and entering of the Bank on Barony lands, the assaulting of the guards guarding the bank, property damage and 
the stealing the contents of the ACME trading company account was only done to protect the life of a kingdom citizen who we 
had been ordered to retrieve "no matter what" by Guard Captain Randor.
-	All other decisions by the patrol military, Guard Captain Fiddilo commanding, were made by that team.
-	I last saw Guardian Fleur being 'withdrawn' to the Plane of Order. I do not know what happened after that. The Earl was 
under the impression that the Druid, Hunter had absconded with her, and at no point did I contradict him to his belief.
-	If allowed by the Military holding me at this point, I wish to send letters of strong protest and complaint to several 
military officers, including Guard Captain Randor.
-	I wish to protest in this statement only about being lied to by the Van Heusen military about our original mission. I 
thought that, after being told that I was one of the most trusted mercenaries the Barony hired, they would see fit to 
actually trust me.



I wish to formally log a complaint and protest against one member of your military, one Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis. You 
are, no doubt, aware that for a long time, this warden was under the influence of a dagger of demonic possession, during 
which time he acted chaotically, destructively and broke his warden oaths to the Kingdom. Now, due to the actions of myself 
and Guardian Saldor, he is free of this influence, I discovered on two recent missions, that he continues to act chaotically, 
destructively and continues to break his warden oaths.
I am willing to swear the following in a either a military or civilian court, under detection of lies:
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis disobeyed both direct and indirect orders from military superiors (Guard Corporals Fiddilo, 
Eagleson and Guard Captain Randor, Pathfinder Corporals Helyanwe and Orchid). His reasoning amounted to that "he knew 
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis repeatedly endangered Kingdom citizens. He refused healing aid to kingdom citizens and 
military in danger of dying (it is my belief that Guard Corporal Fiddilo lost his life because of this, I and Marshal 
Carlsberg were forced to heal physical damage as well as life-force, due to his refusal to heal physical, leaving us 
powerless to save the corporal).
•	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis refused to let anyone else carry the alchemical explosive, even when (indirectly) ordered to 
pass it on. I thought this strange, but put it down to glory hunting. However, I now suspect that Iussis did this so that he 
could lose the one-minute fuse. This insured that he would be first into the vault. In the vault it seems he took all he 
could carry, not just what he was ordered to take, then fled the ensuing battle, leaving Kingdom citizens in danger.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis refused to go to the aid either Pathfinder Corporal Orchid or Guard Corporal Eagleson when it 
was revealed they had been left behind, instead retreating to the plane of order, keeping himself safe.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis stated that he should be put in possession of all the magic items and miraculous items taken 
from the vault, even protesting when the Guard corporal Fiddilo first told him, then ordered him not to.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis insulted both directly and indirectly volunteer members of the patrol. High Wizard Zephyra, 
who has been accepted as one of the Van Heusen Barony's most trusted mages, was repeatedly insulted by Iussis, furthermore, 
he actively encouraged High Wizard Heulwyn of the Tower of Fire to do likewise, making her question her own oaths to defend 
her fellow Tower Mages in trouble. This subversion of other guilds and his lack of respect for his fellow citizens should not 
be ignored.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis chose not to protect the most vulnerable members of the party (again, including High Wizard 
Zephyra and Pathfinder Corporal Orchid), instead choosing to protect those he thought he could gain favour with.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis destroyed personal property of a patrol member, without warning. The person involved, Biscuit, 
was obviously upset and this and other incidents show how the warden does not respect his comrades or the law.

Things I suspect, but have no proof:
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis stole the strongbox intending to keep the contents if it proved not to be needed.
-	Warden Lance-Corporal Iussis believes things that will make him more powerful are more important that the lives of most 
Kingdom citizens.

I know I am not a Kingdom defender or even a citizen of the Van Heusen Barony, but when I am paid to do a job, I do my utmost 
to see it through. In the past, the Barony has seen fit to trust me and I hope they still trust me and act on this 
information. I have to suggest the following courses of action:
-	The immediate seizure of all Warden Iussis' assets and possessions. I suspect his claiming of items and things in the name 
of the wardens has been a front for filling his own or his religion's pockets.
-	One of the following: The excommunication of Iussis from his goddess, he calls 'the Lady' or if the other followers of 
'the Lady' can confirm that his destructive, greedy and chaotic actions are in accordance with their religion (and I don't 
quite see how it can be), that all followers of the Lady are expelled from guilds as they are under the impression that oaths 
sworn to their goddess make any other oaths sworn meaningless. If neither of these options is a possibility, then at the very 
least you will need to expel Iussis from the defenders and never except him on any defender organised missions.

Until some or all of these tasks are carried out, I cannot and will not trust in the Kingdom or Van Heusen Military and will 
not be available as a mercenary for any defender missions. Furthermore I will have to actively discourage others to do the 

Priest of Kai

Iussis' Report

After acting as the diversion and escorting the fake Guardian Fleur to the rondezvous, the party attended the Earl's banquet. 
During this period, the real Guardian Fleur was abducted. Although our mission was theoretically already over, our leaders 
agreed to help the Earl find Guardian Fleur.
The ransom demand received in the morning required 20,000 groats to recover the Guardian. I was not informed of the 
alternative courses of action considered, but our leaders came to the conclusion that the only available course of action was 
to obtain the money from the bank vault of those who had kidnapped Fleur. 
The original plan would have involved sneaking inside, breaking into the specific vault of the criminal group and taking the 
money. From what I understand, Guard Corporal Eagleson objected to this display of intelligence and innovation on the part of 
Pathfinder Corporal Helyanwe and a few others. As a result, a frontal assault was made on the bank, with an attempt to subdue 
all the guards. Those I found subdued I removed to the plane of Order once I had ascertained they would recover to prevent 
them suffering any more harm during the assault. 
Upon entering the bank, I detonated the alchemical concoction provided while the rest of the group remained outside. Upon 
recovering from the explosion, myself, Nab MacFeegle and Warlock Llandriel entered the vault and removed everything found for 
identification later. I carried everything gathered to the entrance to the Earl's lands with enough men to safeguard the 
inventory. Upon the arrival of the rest of the group, we returned to the Stockade, where the inventory was counted, recorded 
and passed to Marshal Carlsberg. I withdrew the Marshal to the Plane of Order for the night, and Guard Corporal Fiddilo slept 
upon that spot to make sure he could not be returned.
The inventory was tallied in the morning, and apart from an item of Resurrection utilised by Zephyra, everything noted was 
passed to the patrol who arrested us that afternoon.


As the basic events of the three days are noted in my statement, I will confine this report to other items of note. 

Pathfinder Corporal Helyanwe showed a great degree of intelligence of innovation and initiative which I have no doubt 
resulted in a far better execution of the tasks we encountered where her advice was followed.  Guard Corporal Fiddilo's quiet 
but effective front-line leadership served to inspire the rest of the force. Unfortunately, Guard Corpoal Eagleson 
strenuously objected to any innovation being displayed by subordinates, culminating in him demanding that Pathfinder Corporal 
Helyanwe ceased suggesting ideas or giving orders. Since it was Pathfinder Helyanwe who was crafting the plan for the less 
destructive method for entering the bank, I believe his refusal to listen to his subordinates and intervention to prevent 
Fiddilo allowing Helyanwe the necessary freedom to execute her plan was the major reason the group was forced to destroy the 
golems. He also placed all the guards at the bank in danger by necessitating a violent confrontation rather than a quiet 
Zephyra also caused significant problems. When I requested a moment of Breeze' time to check whether the possession he had 
been suffering from when last we met had been removed, he acquiesced. Zephyra, however, believed the conversation she had 
been intending to have with Breeze was more important and hurled abuse at me, showing no regard for a member of the Defenders 
attempting to protect Barony citizens. I must admit I used a few words I should not have done in response. I was sorely 
provoked, but that is no excuse. I submit myself to you on this matter. 
The second occasion occurred while we were preparing for the raid upon the bank. I was putting forward a suggestion for the 
assault on the bank when she interrupted me. I requested she let me finish but she refused, claiming she had as much right to 
speak as I. She refused to wait until an appropriate time to air her point and when her silence was ordered, she stormed off 
into the night.
I do not know if she was sufferring from some malaise of mind or body at the time, but I respectfully request the 
circumstances that led to an apparently very high-strung mage being sent on what was, at it's core, a diplomatic mission. I 
would hasten to add it was only these particular instances where I saw problems, I am not suggesting this is necessarily her 
normal state of mind as I do not know her well enough to evaluate such a matter.