Return to Lanister (10/10/2004)

Trian's Report

Chapel of Humacts: 15 (1 necromancer) 
Vile Forces of Darkness: 0 

Whilst the VFoD were determined in their efforts they lacked the strong defense necessary to score and the Humact team 
ultimately had what it took to follow through and score despite a strong last ditch effort from the star Defender Laddy 

In other news, numerous followers of Anarchy demonstrated why their's is a dying religion and the ambassador was delivered 
safely home. 

Vaexarius' Report

I report the use of necromancy of a low level in the vicinity of the border with Lanister. The perpetrator raised 
unintelligent constructs, skeletal and zombified, and did not protect their weaponry. He was found and executed on site. 
I also report the existence of a coven of anarchy priests in the surrounding forests, making use of low level incantations 
that are more of an annoyance than a danger. The fact that they managed to break the leg of one of the barbarian warriors you 
sent me out with says more about the victim than the assailant. The priests appear to be quite insane and no longer capable 
of cognisant thought. They should present no difficulty to a heavy combat patrol, with or without my input. 

Detailed observations on the nature of my fellow adventurers' strengths and weaknesses will follow, though at this stage 
might I suggest that briefing the warlock to act as a surrogate father was a little inappropriate? I knew impositions on my 
freedom would be made, yet he almost seemed to be enjoying himself. The only times he did not perform with the utmost skill 
and consummate professionalism were those he spent stopping both himself and me from being as effective as we could be. 
Perhaps a dummy and rattle could be supplied next time, if I am to be trusted as much as that? A set of reins already appears 
to be in general use. 
You let me out to do a job, after receiving a strict assurance from me that I would not cast anything at the barbarians, and
would do as the warlock told me to. When that assurance includes having to stand by while my God is insulted and hanging, 
literally, out to cool off whenever it is decided I have gone to far, it seems that a mockery of that which I have promised 
is being made. 

Think on it - I am perfectly happy to keep my end of the bargain, as long as it still has two to keep. 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of The Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro 

Skyla's Report

*A letter arrives at the township ruled by clan McLeugh and is taken in to the chiefs hall. The hall is large with the heads
of a variety of wild beats adorning the ceiling, on a large oak chair sits Tyler McLeugh, Chief of Clan McLeugh and Storm 
Skyla's father. The lettr is handed to him and he breaks the seal to read his sons word* 

Goamins Ma Laird and Faither, 

I hiv entered the soothlanders kinrick athoot ony problems. On Sunday I wis put on patrol tae escort Lanister's diplomat 
back hame. I war verra interesting, thare war twa mages, ane that war sea plain as parritch auchted by a demon, tither dernt
his demon verra weel. The priest's war verra freendly, but, as douted, thay dinnae do ceremonies but demanded pouer frae the
almichtie. Ane a the priests war a demon-hunter but he dinna kill the demon worshippers, whilk I dinna unnerstaund. 

The mission dinna go according plan, the diplomat war naurby killed. The seetiation atween the twa menyies is strait, it mey
be tae oor advantage tae forder this an teen a weir ...atween them. 

As ayeways, yer's 


*Two cloaked figures meet in a darkened alley within one of the Barony Capitals less favourable areas. Rain poors down and 
each talk in a mutters.*

Ye hae got ma request? 

Yes the company have, it will cost you. 

Aye, hou muckle? 

*the second figure leans towards the first and whispers something to him. The first figure, with a notable highland accent 
despite trying to cover it, raises an eyebrow* 

That's a hie price, deed. 

The company prides itself in providing quality, they are professionals. 

Right, oor haundlin mey hae tae be conteened. I'll speak tae ye again in a wee while. 

*The two figures head off in opposite directions making sure that no one sees them together*

Naismith's Report

To the Investigation Headquarters, the Capital. 

Still no demons.

Swearing in I (17/10/2004)

Mortis' Report

To the Humact Temple. 

Apparently, the patrol successful in our mission to swear in the Village of Hilltop to Barony Citizenship. However, I have to 
report the appearance of some strong abominations, which Humact Arrogance and myself were unable to deal with. Looks like 
more training is required. There were Zombies, Skeletons, and a rather powerful Banshee, all backed up by creatures that were 
a cross between humans and dogs. There was also a Necromancer there. Suggest an experienced strike force is sent in to deal 
with them. Not all was gloom and doom, as we did manage to despatch a fair number of the abominations, although not nearly 

Swearing in II (24/10/2004)

The Grove California (31/10/2004)

Eagleson's Report

*Excerpts from a much bigger and far more boring report*

...We then approached what at first appeared to be a ritual, with 5 figures in a circle facing inwards seemingly in a 
prayer-like stance. They turned out however to be the statues the scouts had told us about before, if we had been informed 
that the statues were all in a circle a lot of wasted time and effort could have been saved... 

...I then took control of the tablets so that the power could be sensibly distributed amongst the party members, and see that 
no-one else suffered injury from the statues, however Humact Clades refused to hand over the tablet he had stolen, even when 
directly ordered to do so, and resisted me when I tried to take it from him. I had no choice in the end and was forced to 
subdue him, as he was becoming a threat to the party... 

...And at the end of the (final) gnoll battle whilst I was unable to move or speak, I still had my senses and was unimpressed 
at Humact Clades' response at fallen, dieing, and dead party members, as he proceeded to laugh at them. My disgust, unvocal 
as it was, was recoprocated by Marshal Xavin who proceeded gave him a piece of his mind regarding Clades' lack of care for 
his comrades... 

...My final recommendation for Humact Clades regarding his future within the patrol circuit: He should be given one final 
chance to redeem himself. We should keep a careful eye on him to see that he follows orders when given, and takes a more 
mature approach towards the party in general. Failing his compliance with this I can only see him as a liability to the party 
and an antagonist for the healers and priests on the patrol, and would have to recommend his suspension from duty until 
further training in Conduct is performed. 

Guard Eagleson, BSc, SSc 

Salogel's Report

To whomever this may concern; 

As a non-ranking guard during the mission to Little Britain, i do not feel it is my duty to write this report, however, the 
information i am about to disclose may be of use to later missions. 

I assumed command of this party as the joint highest ranking guard there (at rank 3); and the one with the best idea what was 
going on. Our other guard, Private Azrael, had a habit of striding ahead or fleeing from battles, and was seldom around, as 
a result was rarely around. It was thus down to me to lead the party; although my fighting skills are far from exemplary, 
especially in the heat of battle, even i got drawn away from the rest to my detriment; it is my belief both of us could use 
some extra training outside of actual missions. 

The party members as always have a habit of doing their own thing, on top of that, trying to co-ordinate was very difficult;
trying to assume a formation proved impossible. There would always be people doing their own thing; initiative is to be 
applauded, disobedience is not. Plus a certain watermage named Traci..... 

The other thing I should comment on is the dispute in Little Britain; I have installed one (seeming the more competent; but 
only marginally) of the candidates as head, however, we are due to revisit them next week to check things are working out. 

As for other details, they can be accertained from the many reports, especially those of the pathfinders; the events were 
certainly unusual, all I have put in this letter are those pertaining to party leadership. May I, though, at this point 
re-iterate the need for training outside of missions; would be useful in both combat and conduct skills. 

Yours sincerly, 


Wolfgang's Report

*Letter to the Temple of Order*


It has come to my attention that the laws regarding who is going to be the next headmen, after the old one passes away or 
retires, are utterly confusing, at least in the village of Little Britain. They cannot be in line with the usual kingdom 
laws. Perhaps thats why some random insane druids decided to withdraw everything in a few miles range to the plane of 


Wolfgang, Doctor of the Temple of Balance

Swearing in III (07/11/2004)

Eagleson's Report

*Excerpts from a much bigger and far more boring report*

...Unfortunately one of the mages did not hear or understand this order and as such entangled the wolf beast. Luckily, whilst 
visibly enraged it did not attack him... 

...It seemed on our last visit to the area we had inflamed the powers of nature by giving too much power to the fire and 
animal and not enough to the tree, weather and dark. We were requested to amend this. I decided that as we had been a prime 
instigator for this imbalance, combined with my concern to maintain the continued alliance with the druids that we should 
accept the mission providing it did not threaten our primary objective. We were accompanied by an animal apparently linked to 
the Druid, and the Seeker among us was given the ability to communicate with it... 

...In combat the beast proved to be a worthy ally, capable of taking down the hardiest of threats with ease. I was glad that
it was on our side, for if it had turned on a member of the, a very dangerous battle would have resulted...

...The wolf joined in the battle against the orcs, and thus to protect our druid alliance the patrol attacked also. 
Irrespective of this, the warlike orcs could have easily been a danger to barony citizens and so I feel justified that this 
was the correct course of action...

...All the barbarian Citizens had been paralysed by the ghoul in mid-combat, and once the creature had been killed we 
proceeded to carefully remove the paralysis one by one, although most came out of the effect before we could get to them. 
Luckily they were not too aggressive, and were relatively easy to calm...

...The headman seemed to be able to change into a beast-form with considerable power when threatened, but was unable to 
retain any knowledge of the occurrence afterwards. The creature he turned into was unlikely an actual animal as the seeker 
lacked the ability to speak to him...

...Once we returned to the original druid, he was happy with the outcome, although we hadn't given any power to the dark 
druidic powers. He performed a ceremony that enhanced our fighting abilities for a brief period, which gave us the power to 
battle the Necromancer and Banshee from weeks past...

...After our victory against the necromancer and his undead army, we found some members of the party unable to be healed. 
Luckily it didn't cause fatalities, but the cause was not ascertained and further investigations should be conducted into the 

...The pathfinders performed their duties with exemplary conduct, and after a bit of work, the guards under my command showed 
competence with regards to holding a formation. The water mage known as Tracey was a great cause for concern, and I question
whether or not her obvious adept knowledge of magic outweighs the danger to herself and other she poses by ignoring orders. 
Humact Arrogance, although obviously suffering with minor insubordination, showed great skills within the areas of diplomacy
and keeping track of important mission statistics...

...Whilst the military members were perhaps suffering with inexperience, they followed orders to the best of their ability. 
The inexperience is of course only a fleeting issue that will wane as missions pass. What is more of a worry however is the 
insubordination from the non-military. Whilst it is obvious that the powers of mage-craft and miraculous abilities are 
paramount to the success of a patrol, the members seem to treat the mission as more of an adventure than official Barony 
business. Their disobedience makes the mission leader's job much more difficult and in fact lead to times where I had lost 
contact with the situation entirely. I can only suggest more comprehensive training of non-military members, and harsher 
regulations on /all/ those who disobey orders, not just the military members of a patrol. This will increase the efficiency 
of Patrols by at least 100%.

Guard Eagleson, BSc, SSc. 

A Druidic Dilemma (14/11/2004)

Vaexarius' Report

I report druidic elementalism in the investigated area: Two sects (or so it would appear): Earth/Fire (Life) and 

Earth/Fire (Life) 
Peaceful, though eccentric. Mostly ceremonial power (medium grade), elemental protection of both body and weaponry. No direct 
casting observed. Surprisingly acceptant of a magical elementalist. Recommend one of the higher-ranking members of the school 
visit them while in powerful protection - the fire contingent would probably fall down and worship them. Moreover, recommend
the cultivation of at least some type of contact, initiated by the college, of course. They may prove useful. A research 
request on the nature of druidic earth ceremonies and the typical actions required therein will be forthcoming. I believe I 
was taken for a ride by the earth ceremonialist, including my being forced to pray to someone other than the Prince. It is 
lucky that the Council are on good terms with him, and accept missives from his followers, or there may have been an 

Destructive, warlike, and in some cases suicidal. Only direct casting observed, medium grade elementalism supplemented by 
dark miracles. Secondaries appeared to include predatory and various forms of tree reverence. Attacked the patrol on site, 
and were destroyed utterly. Recommend the looking at of the ignition cantrip again. I overlooked its usefulness as a casting
disruptor, and while I am sure that the master mages will not have, the same for the students is too much to expect.

Notable performances (in lieu of report on the nature of the entire patrol - requires further observation): 
Pathfinder Tybalt - Opportunistic, conniving, backstabbing, effective. 
Gladiator Cyrus Fere - Highly competent, explosive shield fighting. 
Lupus (Wolfen Druidic Acolyte) - Highly effective use of animalistic leaps. 
Brennan (Lightning Druidic Acolyte) - Infuriating enemies with incoporealism and lightning attacks. Dangerous now, will be 
downright destructive later.

Further recommendation: 
The barbarian contingent of the military be sat down and have it forcibly explained to them what a demon is. If Naysmith 
himself - a demon-hunting priest - can tell the difference, surely they can be educated as well? I have been referred to as 
one more times than I care to agree with - I am not allowed to cast at them as it is an insult, yet they can insult me 
whenever they feel like it? Ridiculous, and more importantly for all concerned, untenable. 

Think on that as well. 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of The Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro

Ghengis' Report

*Report to Temple of Justice*

Upon leaving we encountered two warring tribes of hobgoblins and our leader, Pathfinder Tybalt, decided we would ally with 
the tribe that approached us in a friendlier manner. We were then involved in a short but vicious series of combats with the
opposing tribe at the side of our "allies". This lead to the demise of the faction we opposed and although I am not sure of 
the justice of our decision I am content to trust pathfiner Tybalt's leadership in this matter. 

When we arrived at the druid populated area it became apparent that the faction that had beseeched our aid were apparently 
fire and earth practitioners and were able to aid us, however those opposing them and attacking us were apparently of the 
water and air path. Given the hostility of the faction labelled dark druids I believe justice was dispensed and a threat 

I regret to say that I was unable to provide the level of healing miracles these vicious combats necessitated although thanks 
to the additional efforts of priest Naysmith all party members survived. However this is not apparently priest Naysmiths 
calling and although I will work diligently on increasing my power levels more priests with the gift of healing may be 
neccessary on further missions. 

Yours in service 

Marshal Ghengis

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiators Guild, 
Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

In accordance with the orders of my Mentor, I swore oath to the Barony's service and attended the muster call for a mission 
into the Druidic forests. 

The Barony set a Pathfinder named Tybalt in charge of the group; he didn't seem particularly pleased about this, as I gather
from conversation he is more used to taking than giving orders. Mind you, the rest of the patrol seemed more used to ignoring 
than to taking them, which possibly had something to do with the high proportion of specialists (and Barbrians), and the lack 
of line-of-battle Guardsmen. 

I endeavoured to provide the best services my skills would allow under the direction of Pathfinder Tybalt, who did me the 
honour of consulting my opinion on tactical arrangemnts during combat. 

I belive I may have an inkling of the lesson I am being taught through this service, as on the occasion that I challenged an 
enemy to honourable combat I was immediately mobbed. I must learn, I think, that out on the edge, people do not play by the 
rules. Assuming that one can describe Hobgoblins as people. 

Regarding the other members of the patrol: two of the Barbarians struck me as emminently useful and civilised people, and at 
the next encounter I have with the Shamaness I will owe her recompense for a favour. The Priest of Justice performed his 
duties (primarily, calling upon his power to heal the badly battered fighters) well, and I had an entertaining series of 
conversations with the Fire Mage Vaexarius; a man to watch, from a safe distance. A gentleman whose name I did not catch, but 
whose religion led him to hunt Demons, also provided a much-needed professionalism and reliability. 

There is one other matter I must report, though it leaves me shamed. The main opponents the Barony set us against had the 
power to destroy my weapons, which rendered me entirely without recourse to defend the Barony members I was oathbound to. 
Pathfinder Tybalt gave me a direct order to accept defence for my weapons so that I could fulfill my oath. Setting my oaths 
to the Guild against my oath to the Barony, and weighing the crisis we found ourselves in, I accepted his order, but refused 
the attempt to endow me with greater physical endurance, as I felt that was not necessary to enable me to fulfill my oath and 

I accept willingly whatever censure the Guild sees fit to impose. 

Yours in (slightly tarnished) honour, 

Cyrus Fere 

PS: I believe we won.

Skyla's Report

*Within a sealed envelope* 

To my Laird and Faither, 

Yestreen I wis sent ontae anither patrol for the soothlanders barony. The group war made frae, twa druids, the same 
demon-hunter as afore, anither priest, a scout wha nae speak soothlander nor lawlans, and a warrior wha wannea a gaurd (a 
mercenary mebbes). The demon jo ware aye thare, I hae tae haud in masel tae nae kill him, he threaps on and on sae hantle. 

To ma mesmereese there ware three ither hielanders on the patrol, Nab McFeegle (wee brither o Mad Jim elf jo) and twa 
shamans. Nab thocht that thay ware o the lost clans, do ye knaw ocht aboot them? Whitiver clan they ware, they ware hantle 
mae pensie than the rest o the party. It seems that the soothlanders canna mak proper warriors liek us, sae they are uising 
us insteid. 

Haes Nathan gat back hame yit? It seems that the soothland taint is spreiding fast. The ither hielanders in the patrol ware 
equally fashed, we hae aw sworn tae nae allou it tae tak us. 

Storm Skyla 

Mey the gods bliss ye. 

Tybalt's Report

Pathfinder Sergeant 

As required by Guild command, I hereby submit a basic report on patrol activities and capabilities. 

The patrol was despatched to grant aid to elementalist druids near the town of [censored], living in [censored]. 

Two issues were encountered and dealt with by the patrol - the area had been settled by hobgoblins who were split into 
contending tribes. Given our mission did not cover the hobgoblins, I took the liberty of allying us with one tribe and 
eliminating the others in order to limit how many we had to contend with. 

Thus most of the hobgoblins were eliminated, however the rest should be watched carefully. 

We met dark druids who wielded elemental powers of ice and wind to destroy our blades and scatter their fragments, forcing us 
to retreat from them. However, the druids who called for the Baron's aid granted us Fire elemental protection to our weapons
and the protections of the Earth for ourselves, allowing us to destroy the dark druids. 

However, one thing bears on my mind - the two groups of druids were diametrically opposed in elements: Air and Water against
Earth and Fire. The Earth and Fire worshippers did not demonstrate any other druidic abilities that I saw, and others 
confirmed they claimed to have none. Maybe that's so, but I suspect that they themselves may be a contending sect of Dark 
Druids who played us for saps. They too should be watched carefully. 

In summary, I submit the area should gain more regular Pathfinder patrols. 

As to the patrol itself - the high levels of non Barony citizens is a concern to me. Whilst it made me freer in action than I 
might have been, without a guard or official military commander we were not well arranged to meet foes. Only the tactical 
competence of Gladiator Cyrus allowed us to stand adequately. I propose that Gladiators military skills be recognised over 
Pathfinders and in future that Gladiators be granted official discretionary command in combat situations. 

I also ask that non Barony members be asked to swear an oath of service to the Barony military so that they can be relied 

Yours in service 

Honourary Pathfinder Tybalt 


To Whom It May Concern within the Guild of Gladiators 

In a recent patrol of which Ae was placed in charge, there was a Gladiator. An honourable warrior by the first name of Cyrus, 
though I did not catch his full name. 

In the course of achieving our aims in the name of the Baron, this gladiator was rendered useless by the nature of the enemy, 
who wielded magics and dark powers to attack us. I counted not one weapon for every six of them we laid eyes on. 

In order to defeat them, I ordered the patrol to take protections upon their weapons so that they would not be destroyed. In 
so doing I placed Gladiator Cyrus in the position of committing High Treason (Disobeying a direct order from a superior 
commander in a martial law situation) technically punishable on the spot by death and immolation or breaking his oath of 
honour to his Guild. 

If there is to be any repercussion for this action, it must fall upon myself for deliberately and provocatively placing him 
in this position and I invite you to attempt to lay any sanction you deem fit upon me. 

Of course, if you deem a sanction fit then you must surely see that that implies that either your authority is higher than 
the Baron or that your guild forbids military service by your members, a statement which would certainly intrigue the Baron. 

In kind regards for your ongoing health, 

Honourary Pathfinder Tybalt

Lady Amelia (21/11/2004)

Salogel's Report



I understand you are soon to be submitting a mission report to our superiors, and thought you might use some input. 

The mission was, by-and-large, a success. We managed to escort Countess Amelia to the Earl's castle, with her taking very 
little damage on route (in fact, none, until we were tricked by the assasin near our destination). And for once, I am proud 
of my own performance in that respect; I promised you, and her, that I would keep her safe. 

I also noticed the distinct lack of mages forthis one. It suprises me that we were assigned so few, but we survived. Might be 
worth looking at next time (although as I have informed you, I intend to begin learning limited magic). 

The main thing, though, I wished to bring up was the matter of barbarians on the party. In combat they were unmatched; worked 
very well away from the nucleus of the party; preventing the goblins even getting close. I was impressed by their courage and 
strength. Their atitudes on the other hand, you saw better than I. The incidents with McFeegal and the troll, and Travesty 
and the druids, highlight the points. They are useful combatants, but i believe the party was slightly top-heavy with them. A 
couple more mages would have evened the balance. 

Also to note; Humact Arrogance was a great asset to the party, and Dr Wolfgang was as reliable as always. The leadership was
up-to-scratch as always, although Cyrus had a point when he said there's no good in ranting at a barbarian. They never 
listen. Nevertheless, it has been once again an honour to serve under you. 

Feel free to attach this letter as part of your report to Guard-Captain Randor, if you so wish. 


Guard-Private Salogel. 

Travesty's Report

*To some high and mighty authority figure...*

I vould like to make a complaint. 

On ze recent mission to escort ze Lady Amelia to her betrothed, ze Earl Grey, ve came upon some druids. In zis situation they 
gave us four alternatives, von, take a long and dangerous detour, two, return home and not complete ze mission, three, bow 
down to zeir, non-existant, authority and kiss zeir feet or stand firm and continue on our mission. 

I chose to champion ze power of ze Baron and show zese arrogant druids that ve do not give ground to uncomprimising demands 
and threats. I took no aggressive actions yet, for my troubles, my sword vas destroyed and I got shot in ze chest. 

Ya, I vas not as diplomatic as I could have been, but ze point is if zese druids are bowed down to at every conflict zey vill 
soon rise up against you all. Now is ze time to take a stand, do not give into zeir demands any longer or ze Kingdom shall 

Ze guards vere doing zeir best, but since zey vere out-vitted by goblins earlier in ze day it is no vonder zey could not 
deal vith ze situation... 

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 


I have continued in my service to the Barony as instructed. On the most recent expedition I found myself under the orders of 
one Guard Eagleson. The coherency of the party he led was much greater than my previous experience; though to be balanced 
about it, there was a great deal less life-threatening surreality on this mission. We were to escort a Life Priest named 
Amelia to the lands of her betrothed. We did. 

Her betrothed appears to be certifiably insane, or at the least, to be content hiring insane officers. There was a harmonica; 
it was terrible. 

I have been left severely shaken by one element of the mission: on the Earl's lands there was a necromancer, who chose to 
specialise in the binding of murdered children as zombie minions. It is one of the most chilling experiences of my life to be 
forced to kill what appears to be a weeping child. I hope that further contemplation and meditation within the disciplines of 
the Guild may return my peace of mind after this, but I am not yet certain I will ever be free of its taint. 

I endeavoured to perform my duties with a calm demeanour, even so, and eventually had a fairly good fight with some quite 
skilled, if profoundly dishonourable, opponents (who I was informed were Darkblade Assassins: which explained much). 

I would ask formal permission to take up the offer of a Von Angstein clan-member named Travesty, to teach me the skills of 
the greatsword as they are taught in his clan; I believe that such exposure to an unusual but most effective style will 
greatly enhance my flexibility of mind. It is an opportunity to garner lore for the Guild which I fear may not be repeated. 

I encountered again the Lady Morrigan and Nab McFeegle, both of whom continued to display admirable skills, and equally 
admirable honour and single-mindedness. 

It is rapidly becoming clear to me that outside of the hallowed ground of our Guild opportunities for honourable challenge 
are extremely hard to come by. However, I remain, 

Yours in hope, 

Gladiator Cyrus Fere 

Eagleson's Report

*Excerpts from a much bigger and far more boring report*

...We found ourselves in the presence of a bald headed man, human in appearance who continually attempted to play some kind 
of musical mouth-instrument. He was also followed by some strange music, the origin of which I could not determine. He 
insisted that we play "the games" in order to pass. I was about to ignore him and continue on with the mission when he 
presented what appeared to be official orders given by Earl Grey confirming that it was indeed law here that in order to 
pass, these games must be played... 

...It seemed that the complex was set up by the temple of balance, although the "Gamesmaster" demonstrated to be more chaotic 
in nature. The complex was a series of rooms, in which individuals of the party had to be nominated to complete "games". 
These were classified into first Life, Death, Order, and Chaos, and then sub-divided into Physical Challenges and Mental 

...Once we had completed all of the available rooms, we were ushered into a large dome, and wer instructed to collect as many 
gold tokens as we could and as few green tokens.... 

...With the rather unusual entrance to the Earl's lands finished, we proceeded only to find that a group of druids had 
positioned their grove in the middle of the only pathway. Any detour would have added days to the journey and so we were told 
that in order to pass we must have metal destroyed in entering the grove, and have it reformed once we had passed. The druids 
claimed to have been sanctioned to do this by the Earl, and given the strange custom he had regading entrance to his lands I 
didnt utterly disbelieve this... 

...There was a mis-understanding between Travesty and the druids. He believed that having his sword destroyed was enough for 
passage and proceeded into the grove, whilst still wearing the metal within his armour. One of the druids fired an arrow into 
his chest, naturally enraging the barbarian... 

...Once the sitiuation had stabilised with the druids happy and Travesty also calm, we continued on our Mission... 

...It seemed a necromancer had stolen the villiagers' children, and we soon discovered that he had raised them as undead 
zombies. An accomplice of his also stalked us and almost managed to cut my throat as I guarded the praying priests. Myself 
and Salogel managed to fight him off, but he continued to stalk us for some time... 

...With the necromancer killed and the zombies destroyed we continued, deciding to inform the proper authorities on arrival 
of our destination of the slain children, rather than divert from our mmission further by returning the bodies back to the 

...we were attacked by some assassins who tried to decieve us into handing over Healer Amelia to them. When we refused they 
attacked us all, but were soon killed... 

...Once we had ascertained the real party we accompanied them to our destination, completing our objective on time. 

I am most worried about the customs of Earl Grey. If he did indeed sanction the strange crystal games complex and the druid 
grove across the only road, then that is his right to do so, however I would like to ascertain that this is true, because if 
it is not then the complex and the grove need to be dealt with accordingly- as they have lied to a Kingdom patrol, endangered 
Kingdom members without due cause or authority, and in the case of the complex, commited high treason by forging the Earls 

Guard Eagleson BSc, SSc

Nab's Report

Nab sits down and calls to his Ancestors, in a rudementory form of meditation
A'alright Grandad? Great Grandad??? Great Great Grandad?? Gre...... 
after a while this stops 
Right I've been here a couple of weeks now and I'm without guidance of the clan. However, I have found a wise one. Her name 
is Morrigan, she is a strong woman with the heart of a warrior and the mind of a Shaman. She is lending me guidance and power 
as I should need it. She has another Shaman with her, he is wise also and as strong as myself. I feel...compelled to protect
her, amongst other things. Its confusin' me a wee bit. Still I seem to be doing well, I'm fightin' better every week. 
Together us of the north are a fighting team of great combat, tactics, wisdom and power. I ain't yet seen a task that us 
three could ney do on our own. Now, Grandad's don't get angry, but these other two are of a lost clan. 
the room grows slightly darker, with the distinct feeling that old men are discussing stuff between themselves and that
Nab should be quiet
Now Grandads I canney talk to you direct like, but I will come north for your answer meybe soon. I also canney care less what 
you think of Morrigan.....and Travesty of course. They are strong, and have shown me no reason that I canney trust em for. Of 
course if you guys had let me read, and become a shaman meybe I cood talk to ye now and get an answer. But I canney, can I? 
Anyway. I'm here trying to return honour to the McFeegles in the eyes of the Kingdom as Jim is consorting with an elf. But I 
ain't gonna betray him, no bloody way!!!!! YOU CAN TELL MY DAD THAT!!! I THAT I DINNEY CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HER!!!!! 
Nab flies into a rage and begins to attack the wall after a minute he calms down.
I'm sorry Grandad's, but its the wey I'm choosing, and I ain't weak. I ain't gonna let no-one push me aroond. I WILL NOT 
Nab begins to exercise with his sword. Seeming more focused, his arm that had begun to heal over night bleeds with the 
damage he did in his rage

The Mansion (28/11/2004)

Naismith's Report

To the Temple Master of Kai 

Recently it was my duty to aid in the dispatch of a demon-summoner and return 4 demons to their homeplane. 

We (the patrol and I) first encountered Devils. The Creatures the text speak of, the creatures of order. This must mean that
the barrier between the order plane and this one has weakened, just like the barrier between this and the havok plane, and 
this and the plane of eternal night. 
I will stay here and monitor the situation. The Followers of Blaze should be found and informed, if they still exist. 

In Kai's name 
We guard the divison.


To the Chief Investigator, The Capitol 


Discovered one Demonologist, 4 demons returned to the plane of Havok and chaos. All literature in the area is being checked 
for Names and Ritual details. 

Also, have discovered that devils have been called onto this plane from the plane of order. While this is not illegal in this 
barony (see file) this is mainly because 'devilology' was a rare art. I ask you to press the king to make a proclaimation to
allow us full powers over punishing the devil-summoners. 
I'm currently searching a library to discover how this dark art was developed. 

end of message

Skyla's Report

Tae ma Laird and Faither 

Ance again I patrolled wi the soothlanders. We cairied Travesty, ane o the Von Angsteins wha haes retourned, tae a great 
hoose that he socht tae coff. We makkit weel on the mission but the organistaion of the group wis tairible. The gaurd wis 
takkin mynd effecting drogs, and he coudna leid e'en wi a clear heid. He ordered us tae kill innocent druids athoot latting 
me troke wi thaim. Anither mage wis wi us, she haed nae demons in her, I can tell this nou. I dee'd and these strynge priests 
brocht me back, the soothlanders canna fend ilkither tae sauf thair leeves. 

We met wi thae craiturs cawd devils wha leuk like demons but are actually forgain tae thaim. Thay may be uissfu in the battle 
agin the ill. As for the Soothlanders Kinrick, thay pose a significant risk tae the traditional weys but thair militar are 
pathetic. Gif need be we coud crush thaim. 

Storm Skyla

Tybalt's Report

*Delivered in person to immediate superior* 

So there was this fellow summonin' devils, not demons mind but devils, which are different. You remember I told you about 
them and the whole weird stuff with being taken to where that priest chappy thought was the Plane of Order? 

Right, so he was summonin' them and they was attacking us so Naesmith jobbed him good. Right professional. But we did it cos 
the demons he was summonin' were attacking us as Barony citizens and though he claimed to be a Barony citizen we were outside 
Barony lands. But he said there was no law against it and as far as I can tell he's right, so can someone decide if Devil 
summoning is good or bad please, and can they bear in mind the devil's seemed really unhappy to be there and it seemed to 
hurt them, but he was making them do as he commanded. 

That's pretty much it - scratch one necromancer, scratch one demonologist, the Balance priest brother of the house was a bit 
of a sod - no respect for honest Barony members so Ae don't think he was a Barony citizen. 

Oh yeah, and we ran into some friend of Morrigan and Travesty's who said that "the vamp" knew they'd left. Didn't get any 
more than that cos they went off and talked to him in private for a long time, but maybe we should tell the Humacts? Unless 
it's just a shamaness that wanted to seduce Travesty. Could be embarrassing if we move too quickly on that. Ah well, I don't 
embarrass easily so jus' blame me. 

That's mostly it - a few orcs, a few goblin pirates. 


*Report deliver to Captain Jameson in person. Tybalt marches in stiffly, stands to attention, face drawn and rigid.* 

Sir, reporting as ordered, sir, with further information on the individual that assaulted Marshal Ghengis and was eventually 
slain by myself. Said individual bore this note *hands over note bearing the symbol of the Darkblades* which as you see 
specifies myself and Marshal Ghengis as targets for assassination for the sum of 200 groats. The individual earlier on in the 
day posed as a blacksmith and sold me a magic jewel that he promised granted the power to move with great lightness of foot. 
I retrieved from his body a second gem which allowed the bearer to track the bearer of the first gem, and to picture them and 
their location if concentrated upon. This target gem has now been set into a necklace and gifted to the Wizard Traci whose 
life I seek to protect, whilst I possess the seeking gem. The only shared action which Marshal Ghengis and I have taken place 
in has been against Dark Druids who all died and in the investigation of the incarceration of Wizard Vaexarius, thus I 
believe this attempt is connected to that investigation. This report is complete and omits no details, by order and oath of 
the Temple of Justice. 

*Tybalt sags and almost collapses, breathing hard* 

Aw jesus that really really hurt. Can Ae go now? Only Ae've got a splittin' fookin' headache... 

Ghengis' Report

*Report to Temple of Justice* 

Mission to find house - completed. We encountered some resistance on the way. The most notable incident was the group of 
druids who attempted to aggressively stop us from passing through their land - or around it for that matter as they pretty 
much entangled us on sight from what I saw. 

We also encountered several groups of tough orcs in the vicinity and although they were dealt with the party sustained a lot
of damage and I regret to report that before I could reach him Storm Skyla (one of our barbarian collueges) was slain and 

He was resurrected, against my advice, by a group of narcotic using humans using some sort of ritual which seemed to involve
getting people stoned. I avoided this altogether as much as possible and used the time to pray. I raise serious concerns over 
the safety of healers on narcotics. 

We approached the house and as I stepped back from healing our reluctant leader, while we were fighting orcs and an ogre, 
(more on this later) I heard the phrase 'Nothing personal' and my throat was cut. I was lucky in that seeker Yelm was next to 
me and had the presence of mind to keep me alive until our demonhunter friend appeared to heal me. I owe this seeker my life 
and am in his debt. 

The house itself appeared to be haunted by a ghost that immediately tried to sell the house to us. It appeared the house was 
occupied by four brothers one of whom healed and aided us as we fought the other three who summeoned undead, devils and 
assorted other monsters to assail us. During the final violent episode in a tower humact Mortis was unfortunately slain 
before I could reach him. however by this point I had healed too often anyway and could scarcely stand. 

On to our reluctant Guard leader Azrael. I feel he was too slow in getting into combat necessitating less combat able members 
fighting in his stead. I had to remind him of the oaths he had taken when I found him watching a combat while healthy. Also I 
am worried by his decision to allow healing by stoned healers and a resurrection by the same and his then becoming under the 
influence to such a point he was forced to delegate command to pathfinder Helyanwë. I would like to point out that it was 
this change in leadership that allowed us to get as far as we did. So in conclusion I would like to cite a breach in his duty 
of care both in terms of responsible leadership and personal action - or in this case repeated inaction. However I am not of 
high enough authority to complain to the guards in person, but this is a risk to barony citizens so if you could act on my 
concerns I would be gratefull. 

All in all it was a difficult, dangerous and tiresome mission to uncertain ends. 

Yours in justice 

Marshal Ghengis 

Yelm's Report

*Report handed to one of the elder librarians at the freedom temple* 

To who may be interested. 

Having recommended to take part in the barony patrols, I have thus taken part in 3. The most recent of which, I bring 
especially to your attention. 

The mission was to find a house that had reports of creatures fighting within. This appeared to be a reasonable request, so I 
took part. The journey there was uneventful apart from one party member dying. A healer was found who resurrected him, yet 
the party that this healer was with is of most note. The people with the healer were smoking some drug, a sample of which I 
have handed over to be studied, which caused an effect similar to being intoxicated. 

Later a group of goblins claiming to be pirates were met. These creatures did not have a ship, yet this did not deter them in 
their beliefs. This is where I found out that the house is called the mansion de la morté, of which the meaning and spelling
elude me as I have not encountered this language yet. 

Upon reaching the mansion, a ghost was met that informed the party that there were 4 squatters within the house that once 
removed; the house would be passed on to a ‘worthy' individual. The butler was then encountered who informed me of the large 
library within. According to the butler, the 4 squatters were brother who owned the house. Alas, I was not granted access to 
the library to verify the lease of the house, nor examine it for books that would interest ours. Once the party was ready, we 
proceeded inside to be attacked by devils, I believe they are called, and the undead. Once the threat was removed, the ghost 
returned to talk to one of our dead, and I asked him about the lease. He replied that I had passed onto another, of whom, I 
could not ask as the ghost disappeared soon after. 

I recommend that a seeker is sent to the mansion to enquire about the library, as I fear that the books may be destroyed 
before they can be examined as they might contain outlawed information. 

Seeker Yelm

Flora and Fauna I (05/12/2004)

Nab's Report

*In the void between life and death, Nab floats. He is faced by the ancestors and his father. He reports...* 

So we were asked to find out about missin' villagers. We found 'em. I dinney know what happened there. We came across this 
big orc, I was givin' him a kickin' when his mates twated my in the back. I canney remember much more than that. 

You lie to us Nab? 

Ney, I remember something else too........and then the Orc twated me head. Now I'm here. 

There were a load of bloody druids, and stuff. And bloody sprites and magical goblins. I messed a few of them up. 

We could deal with your...problem Nab. 

Ney, its mine to deal with Wiseones. I'll get better at fightin'....try and keep my temper in some situations. Yeah, anyways. 
There was a village of twins with some off their brothers and sisters missing. We had to kill goblins and sprites to get 
there. We found some druids, I let the guard talk to them as they seem like a bunch of morons to me. I killed some druids, I 
think they were dark ones. Then there were some hunters from the village, I helped them start a fire to burn goblin corpses. 
After that we found a foot print of something big, we followed that as it might have been to do with the missin' people. We 
found more goblins....killed 'em. We found something weird that the docter was convinced was undead. It wern't tho. It cast 
magic, but did no damage. I beat it into the ground. We found a bunch of people gathered round a body, the party thought they 
were necromancers. They weren't, they dinney do anything that they were talkin' aboot. We went up a hill and found the orc. 
Oh and there were wolves around.

Thankyou for keeping us informed, now about this lost..... 

Sorry Wiseones, it seems I'm being ressurected. I'll get jim to send a note..... 

Vaexarius's Report

I report the following uses of magic on the recent patrols: 

Goblins: Shamanic casting of low-level augmentations, mainly fire and earth. Given the users and nature of the power, I would 
surmise ceremonial rather than direct casting. 

Dark Druidism: Infiltrative direct casting, standard death package. Secondaries appeared to be tree and weather. Having 
managed to secrete themselves into a coven of life druids who had clearly not discerned the sect of what their new friends 
were up to, they would have probably killed them all if we had not turned up and taken direct action. 

Sprites: Air and earth. Typical package of direct casting. Nothing unusual to report. 

Unknown Magical Source: Manifested in the form of one of the missing villagers, weapon struck for Freeze (as per touch spell
from Water school). Attempts to discern level of magical power present in being and sword overloaded the senses and rendered
me unconscious, from which I concluded that the being was imbued with immense power. Upon its destruction, the weapon was 
removed from its grasp, upon which the level of magic faded over the course of a few seconds. Replacing the sword in the grip 
of the being caused it to be recharged, though again the magic dissipated over seconds. Over the time taken to make 
observations on the corpse (a few minutes) the magic it was imbued with dissipated. 
I also report criminal stupidity in the patrol's not allowing me to deal with the being by myself. The majority of the patrol 
fell victim to the magics I was protected from before they managed to kill the creature. Given time, I may well have been 
able to recover the being for study - which considering the power present might have been useful, no? Blame them, not me. 

Orcs: Namely the one who caused the premature termination of everyone. Low-level death augmentations, again surmised to be 
shamanic/ceremonial casting. Suggest that the orcs currently posing the problem probably have backup and are not showing 
their full worth as of yet. 

Notable performances: 
Lupus (Wolfen druidic acolyte): Once again, a combination of violence and competence. A relief considering the company. 
Marshal Genghis: Claimed to be working on improving his standing with his deity, and seems to have been making good on his 
promise. A tasteful selection of augmentations and healing. 
Doctor Wolfgang (Guardian): While overzealous at times, along with Genghis kept the body count down to a respectable level, 
though should be trained to check for the nature of wounds before automatically expelling extreme power. 
Master Tarren Kinsay: Nice to see strategy implemented on a patrol, even if the majority of the party were incapable of 
comprehending such thinking. 

Further recommendations: 
The barbarian Nab McFeegle is castrated. That way, he may stop feeling the need to measure his manhood against everything we
find. If I am not permitted to do that, I don't see why he should be. 
The Guard Salogel is reminded that his job is to protect barony citizens no matter how much they do not listen to him, rather 
than giving up and concentrating on standing in front of his favourite mage. 
The discussion of the practice of necromancy is outlawed, as well as the practice in its own right. Some people have never 
heard of crying wolf - they should be informed of it, then assured that it is nothing compared to discussing proscribed magic 
within earshot of a college mage. 

Just a thought, 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of The Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro 

Zephyra's Report

Guard Captain Peterson, 
When I first met you and the rest of the group I would be going out with, I was shocked and appalled not only to find that 
there were barbarians in the party, but that I would have to deal with a fire mage - and not just any fire mage, but the 
notorious Vaexarius Firestorm. However, given some time with the party, I found that it was easy to get along with all three
of them, and even come to a truce of some extent, giving us the ability to work together. However, working together was more 
difficult than gaining the truce, it turned out. Scarcely before you had left our sight, everyone in the party seemed to be 
doing what pleased him best, instead of following the directions given us by the assigned leader of the patrol. This was 
especially evident when we were at the village, taking evidence from the villagers about who had been taken and when. While 
some of us were still talking and getting valuable information, others disappeared off, presumably bored with the proceedings 
and deciding to take matters into their own hands. This pattern continued throughout the day. Notably, Nab McFeegle and the 
druid Lupus, along with the other barbarian Darkwolf, often went off on their own. When asked why, they answered that they 
were scouting, but when Guard Salogel ordered them to report back, they failed to. On top of that, 3 scouts? Given the fact 
that we were a small party and that these 'scouts' were the best fighters in the band, not to mention the fact that Guard 
Salogel asked them time and time again to stay with the party, I do wonder what was going on in their minds. 

During one such seperation, when I was with the rear of the party (along with Guard Salogel and the two doctors) I came upon 
Vaexaerius battling with what I believe to be some sort of construct in the shape of one of the missing villagers. After 
trying and failing to use ice darts, I left Vaexarius to do what he is good at, and he did a very good job indeed. I will be 
the first to admit that although I was unwilling to work with him at first, and that he is disturbing to say the least, at 
least he is useful and aside from a few small squabbles at first, we tended to stay out of each other's way for the most part 
and did work together when we had to. But I digress. After trying for quite awhile to saw a piece off of the ice construct, I 
believe Doctor Wolfgang managed to get his hand or some such thing. We also determined that he was extremely magical, so I 
can conclude from this that the villager must have been dead for some days, killed to make the construct which attacked us. 

We found ourselves constantly attacked, which made the fact that we were often seperated even more surprising and dangerous.
Why people failed to listen to Guard Salogel's excellent advice time and time again when he ordered us to stay together, or 
to move around in what seemed to be sensible positions when we were attacked in order to more effectively dispatch the enemy, 
I do not know. I can only answer for myself, and say that on my honour as a water mage, I endeavored to follow every order 
given and to get along with the rest of the party to the best of my ability. 

At the end of our journey, we came across three orcs, who told us they wanted us to take a message back to the Baron to the 
extent that they had claimed the land for their own and if the Baron had a problem with this, he could come and fight the 
leader himself. Of course, we all took extreme prejudice to this, and immediately engaged the orcs in combat, despite the 
fact that we were extremly wounded and that us mages and those with healing magic alike were low on power. I am not a 
tactician and, combined with the fact that it was rather dark, I can not describe in detail what happened in the ensuing 
battle. I do know that I tried my best to help Guard Salogel by using my spells to give him an advantage in fighting the 
leader. However, this was not enough, and I ran out of mana just as the orc turned deadly and killed Salogel. The next thing 
I knew, four people were dead, and the orcs were throwing the bodies back at us and telling us to get lost. We had no choice 
but to leave. 

Perhaps the biggest problem was the fact that no one seemed inclined to work together. I found myself guarding doctor 
Wolfgang quite a bit, watching as the fighters all went off on tangents of their own instaed of working together. Perhaps if 
the group had decided to put their differences aside and be a little more willing to work with others who were not like them, 
as I learned I had to do, more people would have come out alive. 

If you have any further questions brought about by my report, please do not hesitate to contact me. I stand in your service. 

For the college of water 

Ghengis' Report

*Report to the Temple of Justice* 

I regret to inform you of the total failure of our last patrol. Not only was the mission unsuccessful but a full half of the
patrol were killed. 

The underlying reason for this is the in-cohesiveness of the party. Most of our frontline combat prowess was invested in the
two barbarians (see casualty lists) unfortunately their traditions cause them to have to hunt down and kill all who cast 
magic on them. There were a lot of minor magics cast at us which meant the barbarians were rarely with the party. The 
remaining six of us numbered two mages an elven guard, a priest and Dr Wolfgang (an admirable healer). Due to the nature of 
the guard he was more of a skirmisher and this often left the main body of the party without a frontline fighter. We were 
continually plagued by sprites and goblinoids causing great drain on our healing resources. Also note we rescued three druids 
from orcs and destroyed or disbanded a group of dark druids. Another note to party make up were the two mages constantly 
bickering but they worked together when they needed to. 

Wolfgang and myself had kept the party alive up until just before we had to turn back but at the expense of nearly all of our 
power. At this point we encountered a group of orcs who claimed the area of land and said "If the Baron wants it he can come
and fight me for it" then told us to depart. At this point combat broke out and by the time I reached Darkwolf he was dead, 
also Nab Mcfeegle was injured to the point I could not save him. Guard Salogel and the Might priest Taran were also 
apparently dead on arrival (Dr Wolfgang reached them before me). At this point I took the initiative and agreed to deliver 
the orc leaders message before it turned into a massacre as I was the only one left in any position to fight and I could not 
have beaten him. 

I hope I did the right thing to call a halt and cease the fight as all of us were out of divine or magical power and but two 
of us were armed (I don't know about the druid). In any case the orcs currently hold that area. 

In Regret 

Marshal Ghengis

Salogel's Report

A rather glum looking Salogel marches slowly into the office of Guard-Capt Peterson... 

Report from the patrol, sir. Permission to sit down? 

I appologise for my absence the past two days, as you know, I spent Monday morning in the Temple of Justice. 

First off all, the party. May I recommend that all parties from now on carry at LEAST two trained guards and one pathfinder. 
It would be useful to have a nucleus of the party that follows orders; plus some decent scouts. AS it was, we had Nab and 
Lupus, who would walks off, say "Oh, we're going scouting" and then disappear, despite my continual orders for them to report 
back. The pathfinder philosophy "There's trouble ahead, let's get back to the party". Their philosophy "There's trouble 
ahead, get the party here". The party was primarily competent warriors; unfortunately they neither wished to stay together 
nor to follow orders. Having said that, I must compliment Vaesarius and Zephyra, despite their differences and disagreements, 
they still managed to work together when it mattered. 

There are a number of things to report; you have probably heard about these already. 

One thing I will say is that people have been talking about me alleged preferential treatment of Maid Zephyra. That is 
primarily because (a) she was the only party member without any close combat abilities, and (b) because she was willing to 
take orders. It's a shame about the barbarians. 

The Orc you must now have heard so much about; he is rather powerful. My recomendation would be to send an experience 
military patrol in to deal with him, of course, if this is not possible, I will of course lead the return mission. If I can, 
however, hand-pick the party, it would be most beneficial. 

Any questions, Sir?


*Private letter delieverd straight to the desk of Guard-Capt Peterson by Salogel personally*


I have lately been giving some thought to the return mission to recover the barony land from the orc. I believe I am capable 
of leading such a mission, but may I make the following requests for personel? 

I ask to have Guard Eagleson along side me in combat. A nucleus of disciplined guards I believe will be essential in 
completing the mission successfully. May I also request at least one other guard with a shield for the party (I have recently 
served with Azrael and Cadarn, they would prove an asset) 

May I also request at least one, and preferably two trained pathfinders. The scouting for the last mission was diabolical, 
having some trained pathfinders will be of great benefit to our chances of success. 

I also ask we have fewer barbarians this time. Out of the four I have served with, Darkwolf and Morrigan showed a certain 
amount of sense; however, regardless of their fighting skill, I woulkd not wish for Travesty or McFeegle on a mission of this 
sensitivity. Again, only barbarians IF Eagleson is around to keep them in check... the mere fact I cast magic (and the fact 
i'm an elf) is enough for them to refuse to follow my orders. I understand the need for experienced combatants, perhaps we 
could speak to the gladiators guild instead? 

And finally, I understand the need for a resaonable level of magic in this party. I would request the prescence at least of 
Master Vaesarius, Maid Zephyra, and Wizard Halatir, all of which have shown themselves capable of following orders. If the 
college can spare any more mages (except Traci, who i have reported negatively about on numerous occassions), then they will 
be a benefit to the party. 

If there is room on the party, Acolytes Brennan and Lupus would be welcome, if they are available. 

I shall endevour to make this mission a success where the last one failed. 

Guard-Pvt Salogel.

*Salogel is tracked down and told that Guard Captain Peterson does not organise the patrols, its him borrowing Guard Captain
Jameson's men*

Guard Salogel is ordered to GC Jameson's office you think we, your superiors, arrange the patrol with no thought??? 

We arrange patrols of those willing to go out and defend the barony. It is a test of the guard's leadership, should they wish 
to achieve a rank, to lead this people...whoever they are. You have proved yourself able. May I suggest you try to earn the 
respect of your patrol, as you would have to with any other troop, and then come to me should any actual problems arise. From 
reports the problems on the last mission were caused by barony citizens and have left us in trouble with one of the most 
powerful barbarians clans in the north. You are a diplomat to these barbarians aswell as a commander. Also you have not 
requested any priests on your patrol. If you wish to take your patrol out as you have stated then you would all surely die. 
Meaning a rescue party consisting of the barbarians would be sent to rescue you. They have sworn, just have you have. They 
tolerate your newfound use of magic, which IS despised in their culture. 

You are extremely able, and an excellent example of a guard. That is why I chose you in my patrols. However, you are in a 
rank structure, which is answerable to me. I am your OC. If any patrol member performs inadequately they will be removed by 
me. We are not abundant in military personel at the moment. 

Carry on performing your duty as you do, and you'll make sergeant soon, your a good lad Salogel. However, as many guards in 
your position, and that includes Eagleson, you have much to learn. 

That is all

Yessir. Of course, Sir. 

I shall continue to do my best, as I always have. I merely wish to... 

Salogel catches Jameson's gaze and trails off. 

Ummm... I understand, Sir. 

*Salogel pulls the smartest salute he can with his hands shaking, turns, and marches off. As he rounds the corner, he breaks
into a jog and rushes back to his room.*

*Jameson sits in his office after Salogel leaves, staring into space.*

Hmmm. Its going to be difficult these next few months. Its difficult to protect all my troops. Especially from each other. 


*A large sergeant steps through the door, he salutes*

Fetch me Nab McFeegle, and the other barbarians

The Deck Of Many Things (11/12/2004)

Pilgrim's Report


The mission to retrieve or destroy the artefact was a success in that we destroyed it. We did try to retrieve it first, but 
my two attempts to remove it resulted in it trying to steal my life on the first occasion, and then once I had made myself 
immmune to that effect, it paralysed me and dispelled my immunity to it's steal life effect. We concluded that we could not 
take it, and we were ordered not to touch it any further. This however did not stop Rain trying to remove it, against the 
orders of the Guard Captain, and he was weaknessed for his efforts by the artefact. I wish to register a formal complaint 
against Rain, and this will be done in a seperate letter, fully detailing the situations. We also retrieved a book from a 
magical grave which contained the bones of what appeared to be an elf. There was an amulet as well, but in the rush to 
prevent High Wizard Mara from getting the book, I did not see what happened to it. I request that this book is kept away from 
High Wizard Mara as she appeared to have been posessed by something as she kept on talking about an elven paladin who had 
promised her untold wealth and life and she wanted the book, and made this plain to all. She was also subjected to a ritual 
given by an aggressive ghost which apparently took her power. It took the combination of Pathfinders Skulk and Blackwing and 
Marshal Carlsberg to beat the ghost back so that I could pick her up and remove her from the ritual site. I was ordered by 
Guard Captain G'Mord and Marshal Carlsberg and Marshal Liana not to give her the book nor indeed to give it to anyone else 
except for one of them. Last I knew, Marshal Liana had the book as I had given it to her when I picked up a staff to defend 
her in the last fight against the villagers that we had passed through earlier in the day. The first three pages of the book 
were in the posession of Marshal Carlsberg as a safety device should the book itself be removed from my posession. 

I would also add that yes, I did pick up a Staff but it was on the orders of Marshal Liana, and I used it only to defend 
her, and those around her who were either injured or also defending (she had two severly damaged limbs at the time and was 
unable to cast or fight until I had fetched Marshal Carlsberg to administer healing). Had I still been alive, then I would 
have willingly returned the weapon the Gladiator Brend as it belonged to him. Despite that one fight, I followed the orders 
of Guard Captain G'Mord, and those of the two Marshals and kept to the terms of my sanctions. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College of Earth


Dear Sir, 

I would like to make a formal complaint against the Wizard Rain. Although he was useful to the patrol group with the amount 
of power he can hand round, he disobeyed two direct orders, would not stop pestering the Marshals about the book that we 
retrieved from the grave despite the fact that we had already proven that he could not read it, and also failed to help a 
fellow college member when the whole party was under extreme threat. 

Firstly, the two direct orders. He had been ordered to leave the book alone. He would not. He was constantly trying to get 
his hands on it, and trying to persuade Marshal Carlsberg that the book could be useful if he [Rain] could take it and 
translate it. As a test, Rain was shown a page of the book to see if he could read it. He could not. He was then ordered to 
leave the book alone, but he would not do so. He constantly pestered Marshal Carlsberg and Marshal Liana about it. This 
lead to me being ordered not to give or show the book to Anyone. 

The second direct order he disobeyed was to not touch the artefact. He had already put the party in extreme danger by drawing 
a card which summoned some Fire Elementals. These Fire Elementals lead directly to the death of Pathfinder Skulk. We were all 
then ordered not to take any further cards, and not to touch the artefact by Guard Captain G'Mord and the two Marshals. The 
artefact was still open at this point, and the Guard Captain gave me permission to attempt to close it. This I did, but not 
before shouting at Rain to remove his hand which was about to draw another card. After shutting the artefact. Rain's hand 
then shot forward and he attempted to take the artefact from the shrine (something that I had been given permission to try 
twice earlier, and both attempts had failed and I had made this plain). This act violated the direct order of the Guard 
Captain which was that no-one was to touch the artefact. 

Finally, he failed to help a fellow member of the college when we were in trouble. This, I believe, goes against one of the 
fundamental tenets of the college. I asked him to grant me an endurance spell because I had no power left due to not being 
given permission to stop and meditate as we were not in a safe area to do so. Rain refused this request, despite the fact 
that we had engaged in combat and were all in danger from a very powerful foe. I cannot say whether his refusal to help me 
cost me my life as I am no healer, but I do know that my life has been saved many times by my own casting of the endurance 
spell, and on this occasion, I lost my life. I do not know why he refused my request as he still had a fair amount of power 
left because he had meditated before we went to the shrine, and had not expelled that much power since then. He had expended 
an amount but not enough to drain his power. He may possibly cite my shouting at him when he was disobeying direct orders, 
but at the time I was attempting to enforce the directives of the Guards and the Marshals. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College of Earth 

Gish's Report

*Filed in the Temple of Freedom Library within the Temple of Freedom Monthly Magazine* 

To whom it may concern 

Important discoveries on this mission were that a Goblin had gained the ability to regenerate using the artefact we were sent 
to find. This power was centred in the brain which I removed. The mage Pilgrim was obstructive in the collection of knowledge 
and threw the evidence away. We did retrieve the brain from the Goblin again and Interfector kept this, however his greed let 
him down and this was lost after he took cards for the artefact. 

I have sent the hand of the Goblin to the anatomy labs were we can look at this creature further but I fear the hand has none 
of the powers. Biscuit and I did consider the effects of chaos on the tendons and nerves of a creatures, to theorise it may 
be possible to disable opponents by the creation of chaotic nerve impulses. 

The artefact itself seemed to control a number of creatures minds and we I am led to believe destroyed this item. Despite the 
potential to learn from it I think this was the best course of action. 

A book was also found I was not granted access to this, which was most annoying. I have requetsed access to this to try to 
incresae our collective knowledge. 

Your Seeker Gish.

Interfector's Report

Responding to orders, I arrived at the designated meeting point for the patrol. The Temple of Justice appeared to be 
attempting to draw attention away from the briefing by handing out 'blessed' food. After finding it was miraculous, I 
declined to partake of something so likely to be life-aligned. 

Des;pite my initial concerns about the user of air magics for long distance transport (see my report on the Council of Six 
for details), it appeared to work without any major flaws, taking us to the correct area. Following orders, we circled around 
before approaching our target to avoid the recall point being discovered. 

We encountered a small goblin, named Grolk, I believe who appeared to have gained the power of the deck. Despite the efforts 
of the whole patrol group, it appeared we were unable to kill him. We disabled him as much as we could and continued. We met 
the villagers who we had been told were friendly, one of them claiming to be a Paladin of Might. I attempted to discover the 
location of this Order but am unsure of the veracity of the information I recieved. After the return of Grolk, and several 
more attempts to kill him, we proceeded to head towards the forest. 

By this stage we had been travelling for little more than an hour, yet apparently Illuminatus Aurinyan already needed to 
meditate. It appears that he becomes significantly weaker with the setting of the sun, and wished to make best use of his 

After a largely uneventful meditation, other than the ever-annoying Grolk, we approached the forest. The golblins there died
easily to my Might-enhanced weapons and I forged a path forward. It was at this point that the party began to show it's 
tendency to split. While several of us fought and advanced, some of the mages hung back to the point there was a clear and 
exploitable gap in the centre of the party. This required several pauses on my part, resulting in a loss of momentum and a 
more... interesting passage through the forest. 

The Guardian of the artifact required several keys to allow us to enter the shrine where it was housed. She was apparently 
it's creator, but had obviously lost any intelligence she once had and was now under the control of the artifact. The 
Artifact would apparently tell her when we had enough keys, but she had to see the keys we had to know if it was enough, and 
she didn't know the number required, though she had already let several other groups through. We recovered several keys, 
despite Wizard Pilgrim attempting to keep them himself. For what purpose I am unsure, since they were neither magical nor 
miraculous in nature. 

After passing into the shrine, the Guardian gave the usual spiel about massive power and the heart's desire, though appeared 
unable to grant me my heart's desire for some reason. The Marshals discussed the benefits and downsides of drawing from the 
deck, and decided to test it, and keep a careful control over who drew from it. Thus when I noticed ex-Pathfinder Blackwing 
attempting to draw from the deck without permission, I stopped him. Guard Captain G'Mord, showing his usual lack of any 
observational skill, grabbed hold of me. Thankfully he was at least able to understand simple orders and released me when I 
explained the situation to the Marshals. 

I tested the deck, drawing a card, and was removed to the Plane of Order for a length of time not concurrent with normal use 
of the miracle. Apparently Biscuit dispelled the effect, returning me to this plane. Guard Eagleson asked me why I had been 
sitting on his head. Perhaps an investigation into his mental health should be carried out. 

A few others drew cards (Wizard Pilgrim, Illuminatus Aurinyan, Pathfinder Skulk) before the deck was destroyed by G'Mord. This 
apparently released a Death Knight who appeared very powerful. I did my best to destroy it, but was forced to leave Guard 
Captain G'Mord fighting it to carry out my orders to ensure High Wizard Mara failed to obtain a book recovered from a grave 
during the search for the keys. 

As soon as I had ascertained she would be unable to gain possession of the tome, I returned to the fight, however the 
creature had already been slain and the party was preparing to leave. Several people were very low on Mana or Standing, but 
the decision was made by the Marshals to continue. That decision possibly caused our defeat in the ensuing battle. 

The original villagers were apparently incensed by the destruction of the deck, and attacked us, obviously meaning to attempt 
to destroy us. Despite my demands, the patrol was slow to reach pathfinder skulk and managed to completely split. I was 
forced to use the Power of Death to try and destroy my opponents, but they appeared to be far more powerful than any of us. 
Since the party had scattered, we were unable to use our strength to full effect, and several died before we were returned to 
the Barony.

Rain's Report

... so yeah, he behaved really well, most of the time anyway. I am sure you are briefed with the details of our mission; once 
I wanted to draw another card he threatened to even kill me. Well, I think he is under a lot of stress lately, with him being 
not allowed to wield a weapon and all, so I guess I don't mind. He just needs to relax a bit, then everything will be fine. 
Everybody makes mistakes occasionally, including me. I would like to make clear however: That I only tried to pick up the 
damn thing because everybody else seemed to fail, and it seemed to be an interesting challange to come up with the correct 
combination of protection spells.

Biscuit's Report

School of air feeling more competent it seems; they are still a bit special though arrived, met Grolk confused by Grolk 
(spiritual influence: artefact) decided to ignore Grolk; village guards not allowed to mention goblins (in interests of 
remaining circumspect) villages dull as anything on the surface, headman had a staggeringly dull life story, slightly insane
man telling us not to accept the decks gifts more than 3 times (how did he know that number?) was one of two beings met today 
not influenced by the artefact; he was apparently, a bit deathy; maybe he liked the company. Decided maybe village not so 
dull after all, met Bulk, met alleged might paladin; confused by her existence, village surprisingly peaceful, allegedly 
having no problems with the goblins or bandits, for somewhere that found it useful to support at least four dedicated 
protectors. Maybe village not dull at all, not even a little bit around the edges. Goblins shit, multitudinous and used as 
meat puppets for constant attack. No actual danger but they did succeeded in making it impossible to stop, regroup and 
investigate the area. I assume this was their purpose; what else was out there that we weren't meant to find? Oakleaf the 
other thing not influenced by the deck, was the second talking tree I've met; unlike the other one he could walk around, 
although (apparently) very slowly. Shrine priestess odd told us that deck would tell her when to let us in; So keys not even 
way of keeping score, it /knew/ what we'd done. Shadow demons of weaknessing easy, rest of party retarded. I think we got 
keys off them; I didn't check them for being deck-spawn, so maybe they weren't. Not enough keys try again. Blood-demon things 
(fading alter-was it a summoning site? If so who did it?) related to Mara's possessor/abductor? (How), I nevcer saw him, but 
must assume it not to be deck-spawn, as it was able to possesses victim without granting any power; in fact, Mara only 
offered some sort of rudimentary power by 'very convincing' elven paladin. I bet if /I/ claimed to be a retarded lobster that 
could offer her endless life and some sort of rudimentary power she'd ignore /me/; needs a slapping "G'mord tried to grope 
me" Tried! Because he was so blatantly attracted by her bovinity and then she pushed him off with her massive elven mage-like 
strength. I'm convinced, and so is Andrew, the banana. Lover-boy apparently housed in some sort of grave, along with a bunch
of keys, book and talisman. Maybe that wretched book will say something. I don't even know who has it.
Got in. Pissed around with the deck Interfector quite rational in his power-crazed sort of way. Rain more enthusiastic, 
Pilgrim one suspects simply indifferent to a world that doesn't let him hit things. Aurinyan very dozy; claims not to have 
noticed fire elementals in the darkness; fortunately no damage seems to have been done. If he keeps on like this I'm going to 
have to drop that lad one day. Mara surprisingly restrained; we knew that this thing offered power. Admittedly we knew that 
it stole Interfector, but there were a lot of cards. What were the odds of that one coming up again? Bint threatened me; I 
was really far too nice to her. That was the story all day, actually. If I'd dropped her and fucked up the deck on sight, 
we'd have been fresh for the rampaging mob. The questioning thing. Inquisitor What was with that? What the hell did it do to 
Kendal? It appears to have whipped itself from his mind, skipped about 10 minutes ahead with his life, and sent him scouting 
ahead of us (no/very subtle compulsion not to talk/think about it). I've asked him to check his memories against his old 
reports, and from the fact that his memories don't match mine or anyone else's, I'm hopeful. Why was it satisfied by G'mord's 
life story? I suspect it was utterly retarded; I really should have tried to drop the bugger. I suspect that that action 
alone would have justified not only my existence but that of everyone I've ever met. Yelm says that its been encountered once 
before, and reported as being ‘immune to the party that met it with slow and petrify at will' I should like to find out how 
good that party were at what they did, and what they concentrated on. I need shrivel. Inquisitor immensely magical and 
miraculous, didn't answer any questions about itself, petrified people, just like the deck did. Stone Interfector wiggling 
his eyebrows funny.


The deck, it seems, is destroyed. The people and things it controlled appear to be running amock; I do hope that they don't 
kill everything... I'm reasonably sure that they'll attack and attack, regardless of injuries to themselves until they die. 

I don't know what the deck was doing with the village, and this worries me; it had created a community; at the end they spoke 
of the ‘voices going', so I assume that it controlled the members of the community utterly, or could if it desired... and yet 
it didn't seem to want to do anything with them, it certainly had no interest in expansion of its domain; the only thing that 
could have prevented it doing so was absence of candidates. 

As a balance item, it seems safe to assume that its motivation was a mixture of all paths; 

The villagers seemed amongst themselves to be harmonious with each other; despite their wide range of theological leanings; 
perhaps this is all that the deck wanted to make and preserve, although that seems a rather petty end - couldn't it have 
claimed an ant-heap? our presence caused the lone unpossessed death priest to go behind the rest of the village's back to 
warn us of the danger of drawing too many cards; as the deck-people didn't warn us, I suppose that their aims differed at 
this point, the deck not minding fresh minions, the priest wanting a group of free-willed deck-enhanced people. I wonder what 

It is clear from the way in which its ‘gifts' were selected that its chaotic aspect governed one area of its activities. 

The ‘tests' that I checked for possession (oak leaf) wasn't, it seems unlikely that Mara's possessor was itself 
deck-controlled, as it was limited to controlling those who had drawn; if it could control anyone people at will, it wouldn't 
have needed to be so elaborate. For tests it used whatever was to hand; how did it get the ‘keys' to them and why did it 

Why did the deck want people who can pass some crude tests of ability before being allowed to draw? If you drew badly, that 
was test enough, and you'd die and if you drew well, you would probably be an adequate minion for /anything/. Unless you were 
a goblin... even Grolk had in him the primal shitness to which goblindom is hair. Grolk was deck-influenced, and he wanted to 
kill the priestess Again, I wonder why, and how his mind was free enough to desire such a thing. 

The goblins, it was claimed, never entered the shrine, So why/how were they controlled? How does any non-enhanced goblin get
a ‘key' anyway? Grolk was sighted in the shrine, but he appears to be a general exception to everything, I assume he will 
survive for as long as the deck's powers last, or until he meets someone capable of removing his various enchantments, or 
tying him down and mining him. 

Why did the inquistioner turn up then? what was he there for? did he/it and the deck hang out together? he didn't seem angry, 
more sort of, dull... and convinced of his superiortity to everyone.. I was a bit mean and took his line to Sophia at the 
dinner thing on sunday.. she refused to justify her existance on the basis that she's an elf, so doesn't have to. I would 
love to see what it made of /that/.

The Barons Dinner (12/12/2004)

Lord Of the Rings (09/01/2005)

Flora and Fauna II (16/01/2005)

Salogel's Report

My report from the mission: 

The mission, as missions go, was pretty much the same as the last one. Same enemies, same routes. The fact that several 
members of the party knew what to expect was a major advantage, although the orcs were somewhat more numerous than before. 
With regards the party, Guard Eagleson is capable of holding it together much better than I am. He is a human and does not 
cast, and thus the barbarians have more respect for them than they do myself. Having said that, I find myself a lot more of 
a defensive fighter; OK for a Guard, not so much for a party leader. 
Having said that every member of the party performed their duty. Travesty destroyed my shield, which wasn't nice, but apart 
from that there were no major problems. 
However, I wish to commend in the party Guard Eagleson, for superb leadership, Maid Zephyra for superb casting, and Lady 
Morrigan for keeping Nab and Travesty in check, plus Dr Wolfgan, as dedicated to healing as always. I would also like to 
thank Marshal Cayenne, although not part of the party his aid was invaluable. I will be writing personally to Wizard Log and 
the good Marshal to this effect. 
This concludes my report (although I am certain Guard Eagleson's would be more comprehensive than mine), but as always I am 
at your service. 

Guard-Private Salogel


Dear Sirs, 

During the last mission, I had Pathfinder-Seargant Jarak pull rank on me, and demand on your authority that I hand over 
certain necromantic artifacts (a talisman, a spell book, and a cloak). He was due to delivers these items to you this 
morning, I am writing basically to confirm that he is indeed among your ranks, that the artifacts have been delivered, and to 
request to exactly what this authority entitles him to do. 

Many thanks for your time, 

Guard-Private Salogel

To: Guard Salogel 
From: Pathfinder HQ, Intelligence Division 
Subject: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak Clearance 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak is indeed a member of the Intelligence Division and, as such, was authorised to relieve you of the
artefacts in question, provided that the Patrol Leader agreed at the time. The artefacts have been taken by Guard Captain 
Peterson who, in time, will submit them to us for extensive intelligence analysis.

Within Special Operations Command, our primary objective is to provide the Military with accurate and comprehensive 
information regarding the tactics, technologies, activities and strategic objectives of forces hostile to the Barony.

As such, any SOC operative has the authority to take whatever action he feels is necessary to accomplish these goals. With 
regard to captured technology and artefacts, SOC operatives are specifically briefed to return these to Intelligence 
Headquarters, at whatever cost the operative sees fit depending on the perceived importance of the artefact(s) in question. 
However, in the interests of party coherence, the final decision on actions taken will be left to the party leader.

Our thanks for your dilligence with regard to this matter and for your aid in recovering the items in question.



I pray you arrived safely back in Barony lands. I am writing again to thank you for your aid when you met our party out in 
the wilderness, we most probably owe you our lives. You are somewhat better with a sword than you say you are, and your 
powers of healing are invaluable. Once again, I invite you to join our party on missions on a more regular basis. Could you 
please tell the good Wizard Log that I will write to him as soon as I have confirmed the spell-book's wherabouts (regretably
out of my hands, but I am doing my utmost to get it destroyed). 

Thank you again for your services, 

Guard-Private Salogel 

Zephyra's Report

**Submitted to the Mages' guild** 
On our recent mission to rid the barony of several orcs who had claimed the land, we ran into many interesting magical 
things, chief among these being a construct type creature of some sort which I arranged to be brought back. I have submitted
it to the College of Earth for investigation, as it was casting a spell that is common among earth mages. This creature did 
not harm us in any way, merely manipulating performing a spell which seemed to be some type of entangle or bind. When the 
party finally suceeded in killing it, I was able to investigate a little farther, but could not determine anything beyond the 
fact that it was supremely magical. It is similar in nature to the ice creature that we faced the last time we went into this 
area; I believe the mage Vaexarious Firestorm examined the ice creature more closely than the rest of us and if at all 
possible I would like to discuss with him his ideas on what the creatures could be based on what he discovered. 
The other magical creatures we encountered were nothing more than a few fire goblins and some sprites, which although very 
irritating were nothing that we could not deal with adequately. Overall, the mission was a success.


**Submitted to the college of Earth along with the body of the magical creature** 

Dear sirs, 
This creature seems to be some sort of magical construct which when alive was capable of doing an earth spell I have heard of 
called bind. It caused much disruption to the barony patrol I was with, but after bringing it down I was only able to do a 
cursory examination on it. I came to the conclusion that it was 1) extremely magical, so much so that to recognise magic on 
it is enough to leave the mage with a bad headache afterward and 2) that it is immune to all spells. My second conclusion is 
drawn partially on the basis of another similar construct I have come into contact with of the ice variety. The ice construct 
was immune not only to water spells, but to fire spells as well, which would leave me to believe that this construct would be 
immune not only to earth spells, but air spells as well, and given that I tried casting water spells on it and it did not 
work, I have reason to believe that the other two colleges' spells would be of no use on the creature either. 
The creature looks exactly like a person from the nearby village. 
I am hoping you will be able to find out more about the creature, specifically how it was made, what kind of power could 
and/or would have been able to make it, how long it would have taken to make something this inherently magical, and whether 
it was made to look like the villager or whether it was made from the villager's body, or whether the villager was still 
alive when he was turned into this thing. So far, the creatures we have faced have not hurt us. Would it be possible for the
power which created this to create something which could do serious damage to a person or a patrol? If there is anything I 
have failed to ask but which you find out in the course of your study of the creature, please let me know. I look forward to
any answers you can provide about this creature. 

For the Mages Guild and the College of Water 

Eagleson's Report

...Goblins....Villagers...List of goblins....orcs....wolves....zombies.....orcs....head 
orc...mision was completed.

Jarak's Report

To: Pathfinder Guild Headquarters 
[Copy also sent to Intelligence Headquarters, Special Operations Command] 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Recent mission to reclaim lost territory 

The patrol encountered mainly light resistance on the way to the Orc held territory. The two encountered groups that were of
particular difficulty were: 

- A Necromancer and his minions. He proved to be a tough opponent to the party, with many (including myself) falling foul to
the paralysing effects of a ghoul. 

- The Orc group itself, however the combined efforts of the Barbarians and Mage Zephyra were able to take down their defences 
and allow the rest of the party to enter the melee. I have to commend the Barbarians for their sheer firepower during this 
encounter. Also, Nab McFeegle displayed surprising tactical awareness and strategic planning throughout the whole patrol. 

[Extra included on copy to SOC] 

- The goblins encountered proved to be more powerful than those usually met: Recommend further observation to ensure that 
they are not receiving outside support. 

- A strange creature attacked the party, and possessed the ability to trap those who it struck. It has since been submitted 
to the College of Earth: Recommend further investigation. 

- The Necromancer encountered was in possession of several artefacts. Guard Salogel retrieved these before I was able to. He 
was unwilling to give them up until I revealed my SOC status. Guard Eagleson then ordered him to release the artefacts (a 
spellbook, gem and cloak) to my possession. Master Xeasharn also demanded the artefacts, claiming that the Temple of Might 
was more suited to tap their potential. Unfortunately, upon return, these items were confiscated by Guard Captain Peterson. 

- I am concerned by the action of what I can only describe as a ‘bodyguard zombie'. As I was sneaking up behind the 
necromancer group, preparing to strike the necromancer, a nearby zombie dived in front of him without (as far as I could 
hear) any word of command. If this necromancer has been able to produce ‘intelligent' undead, then necromancers encountered 
by parties in future could prove to be too great a threat. For this reason I was realised the importance of retrieving the 
spellbook, as it could hold the answer. Damn the Guards for their stubbornness. 

- Intel attempts to retrieve these items from Guard Captain Peterson 
- Investigation of Master Xeasharn as to his unhealthy interest in the artefacts 
- Greater authority be given to SOC operatives with regard to powerful captured artefacts

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 

Tax (23/01/2005)

Mortis' Report

There were no undead.

Arrogance's Report

Open report, copies taken to the Humact's Chapel and to the Temple of Freedom. 

Spiffing news! Well, actually, the mission itself was a bit of a hodge-podge, but everyone pulled together with a will. No, 
the most important thing is that the Avatar of Life walks the land! We were crossing between Little Britain and returning to
the home keep, when we came across some interesting chaps surrounding an altar with a mace upon it. The chappies turned out 
to be "spirits of Life" - delightful individuals to be around, very powerful healers, very welcoming people. Bit hostile 
towards those inclined towards...Life's Opposite, shall we say, but to be honest I can see their point. Anyway, turns out 
they were waiting for someone: then the mace did some floating around of it's own according, some glowing - and then the 
Avatar of Life himself appeared! 

Of course, I didn't immediately know the chappy, but he glowed something magnificent, and the spirits were delighted to see 
him. He introduced himself around, and I admit, his presence was near overwhelming. Chappy seemed to quite blow away those 
able to sense miracles - I'm glad I never mastered that little trick, personally. Also his very presence healed - 
unsurprising, really. Of course, certain members of our party weren't happy in his presence, but I don't really find it in 
myself to sympathise. 

The Avatar had something to say to Guard Salogel - not sure what, but the chap seems to have had quite a turn for the 
positive after that - and then um, then um - well, charged me to carry on the good work, and gifted me his mace, Mercy. Must 
admit, still a bit overwhelmed by that. Mercy is wonderous - holding it, one can just feel that it won't permit a life to be
taken. Rather awed by it, I must admit. 

Rest of mission, bit of a problem: the Little Britain incident has become a bit of a fracas. The Headman that was chosen last 
time round has evicted half the village into the cold. Naysmith pointed out that the chappy migth be a bigot - only the pure 
humans were left behind. Very un-Freedom - disapprove very strongly. Anyhoo, the poor exiles have been taken under the care 
of Blizzard, that missing wizard. Chappy's doing fantastic work protecting and caring for the exiles, but simply doesn't have 
the resources to make it work. In a slight turn for the chaotic, this did cause him to arrange a raid to steal the tax money 
we were escorting back. Since our mission led us to the exiles camp, those looking after the poor blighters - including an 
ex-Seeker Driftsomebody (lost my dratted notepad, wot) - kindly let me in to chat. Arranged a deal that got us the tax money 
back, must admit that it was in exchange for funds from my own accounts. The poor blighters need relief and fast, y'see - I 
know we're generally good at looking after our own, but these lot got through the net, wot, so I made my promise personal. 

Anyway, turned out the other choice for Headman was also a bad apple - he'd hired in Orcs to attack the exiled villagers. 
Thoroughly bad sort - we scattered his Orcs, and I'm not especially sorry to say that he was largely sorted out by Cyrus, 
with a finale from nearly everyone else. 

Anywot, might I suggest: 
1) We get some chappy - or a team - from Justice in to sort out the current Little Britain headman. Even I can see there's 
some judgement required here, and I'm talking outright prosecution. 
2) We get some relief up to the exiles. Naysmith has some funds we can use to get started - I can organise that myself if you 
chappies need a volunteer. 
3) We find a long-term solution to the exiled villagers. I don't think the chappies want to return to Little Britain. Gone a
bit sour, wot. I have a suggestion though I'll send in a mo'. 
4) We don't arrest Blizzard. I know he's broken laws, but the chappy really has acted in the best interests of a lot of 
displaced souls. I think that's commendable - can we come to some solution for him? 


Humact Arrogance, follower of the Giver.

Cyrus's Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

Under the urging of my master, I have broken my period of cloistered meditation to resume service to the Barony as directed 
by your office some months ago. A patrol was detailed to return to a recent area of conflict, in order to safe-guard a 

The party was commanded by one Guard Salogel, with whom I have served before. His capacities as a lieutenant somewhat 
outweigh his capacities as a commander, but he was fortunate in a patrol whose skills and professionalism were unshaken 
anyway. I think that the reason for his being chosen to lead the patrol may be that the situation we discovered (politics, 
racial bigotry and some very confused brothers) was in part his fault. 

Orcs are extremely rude. 

I am happy to say that my faith in my Guild's disciplines has been endorsed by experience. In taking the most ascetic 
interpretation of the injunction against magical aid to combat, I was aware that I might risk losing for the patrol and 
experienced warrior, but I did not, in fact, die. I suspect, however, that I may owe one Dr. Wolfgang an apology for 
misplaced power usage. 

I had a number of very good fights, including a single-combat with an elf who was fairly skilled, but turned out to be 
dishonourable; he magically transported himself out of the ritual combat when he realised that he was losing. As I was trying 
to disable him at the time (there was this warlock with an unspellable name, who took exception to me trying to kill one of 
his race) he had the time to do so. 

I eventually found an opponent worthy of good steel in, of all things, an Orc mercenary, who fought me blade to blade and 
died with surprising honour. Please find attached his head, and a note from Humact Mortis witnessing the combat. No other 
members of the party were able to witness it, since the Orcs in question had assaulted us during a time when most of us were 

I have contacts with two mercenaries previously employed by the mage Blizzard who can also bear witness, but they are a 
little reluctant to enter the city unless they are under contract. 

During the course of the patrol the aforementioned warlock, Humact Mortis and a druid named Talia all distinguished 
themselves notably; all displayed skill and control in the face of enemy pressure and some very difficult opponents. Druid 
Lupus also acquitted himself well as a scout, though he did die for it. 

Finally, I think that the Guild should possibly despatch representatives to the village of Little Britain, as some villagers 
seem to have observed one of our number training; they are trying to imitate his disciplines from memory, and I am rather 
afraid they may damage themselves significantly. Also, witnesses may suffer rib damage from restraining laughter.

I remain, 

Yours in honour, 

Gladiator Cyrus Fere. 

PS: there were no undead, for which I am eternally grateful. There were some Life spirits, but they were someone else's 

|__ Attachment [text/parchment, quoted, iso-HUMACT-1, 0K] 

I, Mortis of the Temple of Humacts, hereby swear that Gladiator Cyrus Fere did take on a worthy foe in Mortal Kombat, 1-on-1, 
refusing the aid of others, and did slay the enemy. It was a well matched fight, Cyrus fighting with the disadvantage of 
severe injury and the enemy fighting unarmoured, but in fine shape and with greater reach. I swear in the name of the 
Ferryman that this account is true. 



|__ Attachment [meat/head, 1bit, iso-ORC-4, EWWWW]


*Cyrus Fere, entering the Drunken Duck, looks around with interest at an unfamiliar milieu. Taverns, while he knows about 
them, are not within the ambit of his experience. Apparently, however, there is a notice-board here...*

Note, pinned to the Drunken Duck notice board: 

To: Anyone who knows Druid Lupus 
From: Gladiator Fere 

Please could anyone who knows how to reach him pass the following message on to Druid Lupus. 

I have your arm. If you want it back, please contact me at the Guild of Gladiators. 

G C. F.

Ymgeleddwr's Report

FAO: The Thorn Knights, GC Jameson 

No elves died on or as a result of the recent mission to Little Britain. All taxes were collected and returned, as was the 
tax collector. Little Britain seems in a poor situation. I suggest an overseer be sent to the area to deal with the mess. One 
with a great deal of patience. 

Rogue mage Blizzard was sighted, but given that he was guarded by a troop of around 30-40 mercenaries, some of whom were 
elves, I felt that it would be impossible to bring him in without further casualties to the party, and that it would also be
impossible to guarantee the safety of the mercenary elves in that situation. 

Discussions with Blizzard have indicated that he is known to return to his rooms in the College. I suggest a trap of some 
sort may be set up there. However, he now knows that we know this, so may avoid returning. Alternatively, I have recovered an 
item of Recall from a mercenary. All other mercenaries in the troop had such items with an initial recall point set - it is 
possible that this one may still be set, and can be used to Recall directly into Blizzard's camp - or, analysis of said item
may give the location of the camp. A third alternative is that Humact Arrogance intends to lead a mercy/aid mission to bring
food and supplies to those villagers who have been evicted from Little Britain - a contingent suitably prepared for the 
apprehension of Blizzard could attach themselves to that mission. 

Further intelligence on Blizzard suggests that he partook in the theft of the items from the College in order to help the 
evicted villagers. However, he seems also to have taken up petty banditry - it was on his orders that the tax monies were 
stolen (since recovered). Why he took a sudden interest in an obscure village, or indeed how he found out about what was 
happening there, remains a mystery. 

A minor issue arose within the party when one of the mercenary elves challenged the Gladiator, Cyrus Fere, to one-on-one 
combat to the death. I was, however, able to ask that Cyrus refrained from killing his opponent in this instance. This he 
agreed to. In the event, the elf Recalled away from the fight when it became clear to him that he was not going to win. My 
commendation, however, goes to Gladiator Fere for acquiescing to my request for clemency. I also seek guidance from the Thorn 
Knights as to the steps I should take in future situations involving enemy elves, especially in light of the number of 
barbarians involved in the Barony patrol groups. 

One final note - I recommend that Guard Salogel be given increased training in combat awareness and tactics, for his own 
safety. There were times when it appeared that some of the priests had better combat instincts than he did, especially in 
regards to battle cohesion and movement as a unit. The potential for an effective shield unit made up of Salogel and Fere was 
lost as a direct result of this. 

In the service of the Elves, 

Salogel's Report

>>> Official report to GC Jameson >>> 

The taxes have been returned from Litle Britain, and I believe the tax collector arrived back with another patrol a few hours 
before . Here are the events to note. 

<> Little Britain's new headman appears to have a control of the village; although there seem to be a lot of pseudo-ninjas 
there practising "Tie-chee". Cause unknown, probably harmless (although The Only Ninja In The Village isn't too chuffed). The 
headman seems to be comitted to the barony though; however,a large number of the villagers (and I don't know why) were forced 
to leave, under what duress I know not; worth investigating. 

<> Many mercenaries, all of whom seemed to have items of Recall (stolen from the College). Believedly hired by Blizzard. They 
stalled us; and one of them stole the taxes (later returned). 

<> We later encountered New Little Britain (location attached), a ramshackle hovel, for details ask Humact Arrogance, who 
went in as acting diplomat. It appeared to consist of the outcasts (again, Idon't know why) of Little Britain, protected by 
Blizzard and a band of mercenaries whom he was thieving to support. 

<> Although we sighted Blizzard, I was not about to try to apprehend him. His band of mercenaries is huge; and although as 
party leader it was in my authority to order his arrest, I did not feel it wise to provoke more hostilities between ourselves 
and New Little Britain than there have already are. Thus, although I can reveal to you that Blizzard does indeed reside 
there, I wold strongly recommend that if you do wish to bring him in, you launch a Covert mission. 

<> The taxes were returned by Humact Arrogance through discussion, although he and I are organising an Aid effort for the new 

<> Finally, the outed headman appeared to have gone mad. He was buying Orc mercenaries, and attacking both New and Old Little 
Britains. He is now dead, and his contingents disbanded. 

That is the current political situation. The new village needs help, the old one investigation. 

The other thing I must inform you is that we encountered a group of life-spirits in the forest, and later, his lordship the 
Avatar Of Life. He spoke to me, and seems to have some business with me, although I do not know why. It is for this reason, 
however, that I must quit active service with the guards, on the eve of my promotion; to follow the path He has laid for me 
towards the College. However, I shall continue to serve the Guards as i can in the field, and am happy to remain in 
affiliation with you should you so wish. Give my regards to Guard Eagleson (OOC I would write a letter, but exams, ya know?)
for he has been a good man to serve with, and I ahve learnt a lot from him. 

In service, 


Bandits (30/01/2005)

Ghengis' Report

Report on the mission to cleanse the area of bandits. 

We encountered bandits robbing some villagers almost immediately upon entering the area indicated. 
What then followed was a continuous and tedious series of encounters against bandits. Of the bandits themselves the only 
notable thing was the number of people in their number with access to powerful anarchy miracles. We freed two justice priests 
being held captive. Also of note Wolfgang was killed during a particularly hard encounter - his throat was slit open and we 
had to leave him. He was then returned to life apparently by the avatar of life and rejoined the party. During a later 
encounter during which we had to force our way through a contested breach Vaexarius was killed and died just as the battle 
ended but before I could call on any healing power. 

Further ahead we encountered the leader and the throat slitting character along with some minions who performed an ambush - 
admittedly not entirely unexpected. However our gladiator, Sun Ju was knocked down and bleeding and with combat capable 
opponents around I put a life shield upon him as I had not time to ascertain the extent of his wounds. At the end of the 
combat he informed me I had broken his gladiators code by doing so. I pointed out that I had been following my code but he 
insisted that I either swear a life debt or fight a duel with him. I could not swear a debt of any kind as my duty at all 
times has to be to my temple. I asked that any duel be postponed until upon barony lands, however this was refused and being
already severely wounded, I was rapidly killed. I am sorry if this outcome put undue risk on the party however I fulfilled 
my ideals as he fulfilled his. I have great respect for Sun Ju and hereby formally ask to absolve him of any repercussions 
for his act and will try to completely forgive him. 

Yours in Justice 

Marshal Ghengis 

Vaexarius' Report

FAO Arch Wizard Humbold 
Re: Recent mission c/o Guard Captain Foro 

I report the following uses of magic on the recent mission. 

Bandits - Death and chaos direct casting upon party members (mainly Fear and Cursing effects). Death casting (presumably 
direct, though unable to confirm) upon the weaponry of a number of the targets, hampering their destruction. Targets 
susceptible to directly cast magical effects upon them. 

No other magical or miraculous sources detected. Quite a waste of my time, really, though the fact that I died I would 
presume means the opposite is true as far as you are concerned. 

Notable Performances: 
Nab McFeegle - I find myself rather surprised to be writing this, but the savage displayed quite rational thinking in the 
setting of ambushes and the picking of when and how to fight. Hope for the future, astoundingly. 
Doctor Wolfgang (Guardian) - Has clearly been improving his healing abilities over time, and saved my life. Please try not to 
hold that against him. 
Marshal Genghis - Also responsible for saving my life, and has clearly been working on the increasing of his standing with 
his deity. The same applies to Genghis as to Wolfgang. 
Sun Ju (Gladiator) - Became sickeningly effective once some armour was applied, having managed to stay alive without any 
while on the front line for quite some time. Would advise the construction of a full set. 

One down, you bastard. Surely three more won't be that hard to arrange. My Prince awaits me as reward for my faith. Who 
awaits you? 

His father, perhaps? 

Battlemage Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of The Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro 

Salogel's Report

*To the Temple of the Humactii, FAO Arrogence*

Good day, Arrogance. 

I hope everything is going well for you. I didn't see you out the other day, but then again, there were no undead so you 
didn't miss much. A death priest that blew my arm off, but that's about it. 

I am striving to follow the Avatar's example now. I am afraid I stopped dealing non-lethal damage when I realised these 
enemies were Death aligned, and probably more of a threat to Life than my damage was. I just tried to defend those with whom
I was charged by Him. 

I did pray a certain amount out there, I probably haven't got the hang of it, but He seemed to hear me. When Dr Wolfgang got
dropped, the Avatar came back and revived him, I didn't see him, but Wolfgang did (although he wasn't to happy about it... I
wonder why not? Something to do with his Balance, I think). 

Having said that, I did do some services to Life and the avatars work. He sent some wild animals to the party, I believe 
initially to watch over us, but I'm sure they would have been fried without my protection. Vaesarius did kill a bird, but I 
protected as many Innocents as I could. 

I hope to see you soon, Humact. I am quite busy this week, I have just been accepted into the ranks of the College, so I am 
learning the ropes there. 

Defender Salogel 
College of Fire 
Knight of the Avatar of Life.

Jarak's Report

To: Pathfinder Guild Headquarters 
[Copy also sent to Intelligence Headquarters, Special Operations Command] 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Recent Seek and Destroy mission to clear area of bandits 

As there were no guards present on the patrol, I was placed in command of the party. Former Guard Salogel has decided to 
pursue, shall we say, other interests. Gladiator Sun Ju was placed in command of the party whilst I was scouting. The patrol
encountered many groups of bandits, with hostile forces ranging from light to extremely heavy. Of particular note, attached 
to the groups were: 

- A priest, believed to be death or anarchy aligned, who inflicted severe injuries on Salogel. He was able to escape and is 
presently at large. 

- An assassin of some description that initially feigned hostilities with a bandit group, but later turned on us. He was also 
spotted with a second group of bandits after he fled our first encounter. Again, he escaped after our second encounter. 

It is my duty to report the deaths of three party members. Wolfgang had his throat slit by the assassin, who we believed to 
be an unarmed civilian. Nothing could be done by the time we reached the body. His body was hidden and left behind, but he 
was later returned to life - supposedly by an Avatar. 

Battlemage Vaexarius Firestorm was killed during an encounter near what appeared to be a bandit encampment. I was partially 
successful in distracting the enemy by sneaking around the back of the encampment. This broke the enemy front line and 
allowed our forces to sanitise the area. Unfortunately, during this fight, the mage fell. My compliments to his fighting 
style - he may have tipped the balance in this extremely tough fight. 

Marshal Ghengis died as a result of performing an unwelcome miracle on Sun Ju. The challenge issued by the Gladiator 
occurred well away from the party, and so there was little to be done about the Marshal's foolish response. I hope that this 
serves him as a lesson to think before acting. 

As leader of the party I do not accept responsibility for any of these deaths. There was no way to question the assassin 
before the bandits following him attacked. The Battlemage was simply a casualty of a tough fight, and no level of leadership
could alter that fact. Finally, the Marshal died as a result of accepting the challenge, rather than choosing to owe a life 
debt. This was his own mistake.

[Extra included on copy to SOC] 

- The assassin and priest still at large present a serious threat to patrols and other forces in the area. Recommend 
additional forces be sent in to neutralise before they are able to acquire reinforcements.

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak

Flora and Fauna III (06/02/2005)

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
From Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

The Mage Aeris was succsfully delivered by a well-skilled Barony patrol to his destination. My respect for the professional 
soldiers of the Barony is rising steadily: Guard Eagleson was once again a solid fighter and a leader of talent, and was for 
once served by scouts who were not only competent and skilled, but also (having gone ahead to see what was there) came back 
to tell him about it. 

The Warlock Ymgelydwr and the Priest Naysmith did solid service fighting BIAS. It should also be noted that Dr. Wolfgang is a 
great deal better at healing skills than he was last time I accepted his aid. 

The mission was less eventful than the previous ones, for which I can only be greatful. The only opponent worthy of challenge 
that I encountered turned me down: I didn't know that Might Priests could do that. I have to admit that he displayed greater 
intelligence than I have come to expect from that order in doing so. While I was somewhat damaged when I challenged him, I do 
not believe he could have matched me. 

I remain, 

Yours in honour, 

Gladiator Cyrus Fere.

Tybalt's Report

*Excerpts from reports to appropriate authorities*

With regard to BIAS: 
These are good people, who are merely labouring under a strong belief. Whilst I have followed orders, I strongly feel that 
the Temple of Justice should look into this matter with utmost urgency and be given authority over the College with regard to 
the treatment of these people. To give the College authority is like giving BIAS authority over the College. Barony citizens, 
good citizens, are dying for that kind of decision. 

With regard to fellow patrol members: 
This patrol was working very effectively together given acclimatisation to one anothers talents. I strongly recommend that 
the successful cooperation be noted. 

With regard to unusual phenomenon: 
A strange creature was encountered on the patrol. I remark upon it at length as it fits no profile I have learned of with the 
Pathfinders. I observed it closely before the main patrol arrived and have the following comments to make: 

It was humanoid, however beyond that I could discern no distinguishing characteristics that would make it anything other than 

It was stood stationary in open ground on a direct line from the patrol keep to the meeting point with Eris. It's possible 
that an individual knowing Eris's location and actions, or the location of the safehouse, could have placed it there 
deliberately to cause the patrol to encounter it. 

Its reaction to our approach was to remain stationary, reacting only by turning it's eyes towards the nearest person, until 
more than two approached. Myself, and then DemonSeeker Naysmith, approached the creature safely. Once the remainder of the 
patrol approached the being moved swiftly towards us, attacking seemingly with a blade wielded in two hands. 

Upon being struck by this blade, I was physically unharmed but blinded by a great flash of light that others did not seem to 
see. Similarly when others were struck, they appeared to be similarly blinded, yet I saw no light. The warlock, Gelleth, 
invoked magical protection against a spell, and then seemed unaffected by the beings blows. 

The mage Zephyra cast an incantation upon the being that she later informed was a dismissal of magical energy. This caused 
the being to momentarily collapse in apparent agony. Once arising from this pain, it concentrated it's attacks solely on the 
mage Zephyra and those who came between it and her. 

When the being fell, it's body dissipated. (IC description of dissipation placed here as GM meandered off too quickly for me 
to extricate from IC conversation and ask) Nothing was left, though Mage Zephyra sought a sample with great intensity. 

The being appeared to be human, of mature age, male, of standard Barony stock, dressed as a villager with a covering tabard 
of a bizarre floral pattern. It did not at any point speak, or vocalise in any way. 

Yours in service 


Naismith's Report

To Headquarters, the Capital. 

Have encountered an anti-college protest group, claiming that the college of magic will not accept people with raw magical 
talent. Worried that this will drive mages and potential mages into seeking learning from less controlled sources, like 
necromancers and demonologists. 

Important that this fact is, explained, to the college. If it should be just mis-information, might I suggest that the 
college begin an informative leaflet campaign? 


DemonSeeker Naismith, VH Barony, sector 5.

Ymgeleddwr's Report

FAO: The Thorn Knights, Guard Captain Peterson 

Again, am pleased to report no Elven fatalities during the course of the mission, in spite of the best efforts of some. 

BIAS may prove an issue. Their rank-and-file labour under the misapprehension that the College is speciesist, promoting the 
interests of Elves beyond all others. Most of the members of BIAS that we spoke to had no direct experience of this alleged 
bigotry, but had been convinced of same by someone high-up in the BIAS leadership. I strongly suspect that at the centre of 
this is someone of high charisma with a grudge against the College. I would suspect not of Elven descent, although it is 
possible that the leader is using the fact that Elves make up the lion's share of College members simply as an excuse to take 
out his or her grudge. Research into people expelled from the College over the last two years or so should be carried out 
with alacrity. 

Of no small concern was the fact that many Elves have themselves taken up with this cause. As is the case with many fanatics, 
attempting to reason with them often proved fruitless. I was, fortunately, able to prevent the deaths of any of these Elves,
although it took no little effort due to a combination of willingness to die for their cause, plus a degree of 
bloodthirstiness on the part of certain Patrol members. 

I must admit to being in conflict with regards to how the Elven members of BIAS should be dealt with. Fortunately on this 
occasion, at no point did the matter come down to a direct choice between the lives of a BIAS Elf and our charge for the day; 
however, should the situation with BIAS escalate, as I fear it will, then it may only be a matter of time before such a 
choice need be made. As such, I seek further guidance on these matters. 

In service to the Elves, 

Dreams of Love & Power (13/02/2005)

Mortis' Report

To the Humacts: 

The village of Little Britain is now empty. All the inhabitants either dead or raised by a Barbarian Shaman. I don't know 
much about the clans, so it may be worth contacting Morrigan or Travesty about what clan he was from. He was apparently able
to send us all to sleep and transport us to "The Game World". Strange place. We had to pass through three challenges. The 
first one appeared to be a manifestation of our worst nightmares. I was faced by a liche that only I could see apparently. 
Humact Humility was unable to see him. I was unable to hurt him, or control him, while he was ably to paralyse me at will 
without me being able to do anything. The final of these three challenges was a death priest who raised a skeleton in front 
of me. Once again, I was unable to hurt him, but this time it was because he had placed a life ward between myself and him. 
However, the skeleton came towards me, and was despatched easily. I didn't deal with either of them permanently, but they 
both dissapated in the game world. 

On our return to Little Britain, we were faced with the Barbarian Shaman and a horde of abominations. The Barbarian and the 
abominations were despatched with ease. As will have been reported, a group of Humacti turned up. They had apparently been 
fighting a Death Knight, and were looking for a Vampire. We then returned. 

Zephyra's Report

*In a report submitted to the college* 
Out on the patrol yesterday, there were several things worth noting. The first is that we encountered a simlar type of 
construct to the ones previously brought in or discussed. This construct appeared to be made from an orc body (soul, while it 
was still alive?) and have the properties of an air being - casting a sleep spell on any that it struck with it's weapon. 
Given the abilities of the others we have encountered, I would imagine that the power to do this came from the body itself 
and not from the weapon. However, upon defeating it, it melted into the ground as the fire construct did last week. I would 
like to request that all mages who go out on the same patrol area as well as in adjacent areas be told everything known about 
these constructs, how to defeat them, and be asked to bring back the body for study if possible. I would be happy to relate 
what I know and have found out. Proceeding on to the village of Little Britain, we found the villagers there under some kind
of miraculous spell and were unable to determine much about it or even how to bring them out of it. Some appeared to be 
dying, but there was no way to raise their life levels, according to the healers in the group. Humact Mortis we found in the 
ruins of the chapel he had just finished, and rescued him, only to be subsuquently put to sleep and sent to a 'dream realm' 
type place where we were told we had to complete a series of tests in order to get out again. These tests seemed to be 
comprised of somehow going into our heads and determining certain things, such as our strongest fears or who we love most and 
putting us to the test in order to find out what we would do when our fears were realised or our loved ones killed. If we 
failed the test, some of our live force seemed to be sucked out. Along the way, we encountered several groups of people who 
seemed to have failed several of the tests and were desperately trying to find people who hadn't to regain their life. We 
repelled several attacks. In this realm, both magic and miracles worked the way they normally do, as well as injuries and 
healing. I was able to meditate and the priests to pray with the same effects as in the real world. 

We made it through all the challenges and were granted temporary gifts if we failed only one; one of the barbarians failed 
two and was allowed to leave only. Upon returning to the real world, we discovered that we were in the near vicinity of the 
one who had sent us into this dream realm. Apparently he was some kind of death shaman, and in going to fighting him we 
discovered he had raised several undead, which the humacts dispatched quickly. We were then met by our backup patrol and 

During our time in the dream realm, we met one Paladin Blaine by name, who had gone there of his own accord. It might be 
worth finding out how to get there and sending high ranking members of the college to find out more about this place. The 
being who ran the game - going by the name of Gamesmaster or GM - did state that the place was a challenge for 'heroes' and 
given the number of peasants sent there, not to mention ourselves, it would be best to see if we can find a way of barring 
anyone who can not make it through from being even allowed to go there. 
For the college of water, 

Skyla's Report


I hae been watching ower the soothlanders for some time nou and efter some strynge occurances this weekend I feel tis time 
tae report ma findings. Oor soothren neebours dinnae kythe tae wannae deliberately challenge oor weys. Travesty, Morrigan, 
Nab and a new hielander I met hae nae been wynted by the soothlanders weys and some o the lawland priests uise ceremonies in
the richt mainer. The priest of the dead Mortis uises ceremonies and can be named a freend o the clan, Naismyth hunts the 
foul demons and from him I howp tae lear mair tae fight thaim. 

The demon frolicors aye praisent a thrait, thair voge is scunnerating. The scout ware weary and the mage pathetic. The mages
seem tae be pairt o an institution cawed the College, tis this and nae thair kinrick we shoud malafouster. 

Of these challenges I met, I wad rather say as little as possible. Thay seemed tae be ma howps and fears, I passed the test 
but was left bumbaizled by thaim. I shall seek tae knaw maself better and increase the clans might. 

As ever 
Storm Skyla 

The Hall of Champions I (20/02/2005)

Pilgrim's Report


Mission to the Hall of Champions was a success. I am not in posession of the book that you charged me to get, but according 
to High Wizard Rain, you had charged him with the same purpose. At the end of the mission, he was in posession of it. From 
what I saw of the first page, it contained information on how to double the range of a spell. I would suggest that it is 
taken from him and researched properly. 

I have been charged by the Spirit of Starfire himself to promote the College Traditions and continue his work. As such, I 
formally request access to his spell book so that I can see what he was working on, and continue on from there, assuming 
that what he was doing was within the boundaries laid out by the college. 

With regard to my sanctions - I followed almost every order that was given to me, and went out of my way not to cause 
trouble. The only orders I disobeyed were when Guard Captain G'Mord and Guard Captain Blaine were in the thrall of a Vampire
who I had just persuaded to give me the key to one of the Tombs. I also did my best to ensure that the party were adequately
protected and empowered to take on any enemies that we came across. They did not prove sufficient in Humact Bregan's case, 
but he has told me not to blame myself. I request to know what further is required of me in order to lift the sanctions. 
There were times when we were under attack but because I am presently not allowed to carry a weapon, I was unable to defend 
other party members adequately, nor was I able to repel the attack. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College of Earth, 
Starfire's Apprentice 

Gish's Report


As you know I was entrusted with the task of leading our exploratative mission to the Hall of Champions. I have elsewhere 
written a detailed acount of our passage through the rooms but here are a few pertinent points for discussions 

We met with a Vampire, Thorn, who controlled the minds of G'Mord and Blaine, this we can all agree is wrong and evil, but is 
the nature of undeath evil or merely unfortunate. Thorn (who inspired the Thorn Knights) was imprisoned and requested we seek 
a cure for his vampirism. I think this should be looked at with urgency. 

We discovered the ratmen found in the Borderlands had not been destroyed and were present in small numbers I have presented 
a head for examination. The teeth are ceratinly designed for carivorous consumption and the specimen shows signs of gum 

The mission did succesfully retrieve important knowledge from the founders of our Barony and this should be widely 
circulated. Certain memebers of the party, notably Pilgrim, took offense at spreading the knowledge or even letting me browse 
the books we had found. I suggest he is not invited to such missions in future and we campaign to keep the ban on his 
possesion of a weapon for as long as is possible. I fully understand the reasons for this now. 

Bregan's Report

To Grand Humact Buffy (private):

I am honoured and overjoyed to report that in the recent mission to the Hall of Champions Humact has spoken with me, and has 
empowered me as his champion. In addition, I believe the Hall can now be visited reasonably safely by citizens seeking the 
approval of the founders. I hope you will grant me permission to return and discuss much with Humact of what has been and 
gone and what is to come. 

Matters of Note from the Hall: 
A group of drow and half drow attempted to sack the Hall at the same time as we arrived - they included a Necromancer amongst 
their number who I am shamed to say escaped after I was slain by demonic beings. The undead minions this Necromancer left 
behind him to impede us were dealt with however. 

I also wish to report a strange circumstance - we apparently encountered Thorn, the founder of the Elven Thorn Knights, 
vampirised and bound within a cell by wards placed by Humact himself. Humact confirmed that he had managed to bring a small 
piece of Thorn's original self back to his undead form, allowing him to become somewhat what he once was instead of the 
twisted fiend he appeared. However, he is still a vampire and possesses the hungers of one of the blood fiends. 

Marshal Liana and I struck a bargain with him, that we would quest to the Plane of Tortured Souls for his spirit, to restore 
it to him and thus remove the vampirism from his body. I do not think this will be done without killing him, but for all the 
noble endeavours that Thorn carried out, I wish to try and wish to receive the aid of the Chapel in so doing. 

However, for his part, Thorn warned us that now that another had come to take up Humacts oath to him, his patience and self 
control wore thin and he would exert all his power to escape two moons from this time. I suggest that if the attempt fails a 
group be dispatched to destroy him before that time arrives, although I suspect his prison protects him from harm to some 

I ask your blessing in this experiment - if successful in the whole of itself then we will have a way to remove vampirism 
without the accursed one losing any of their tenuous link on life. 

I have spoken with Thorn's fallen spirit in the Main Hall and gained some direction to where his spirit lies on the Plane of 
Tortured Souls. How good this guidance will be is yet to be seen and I would like to return to the Hall to speak with the 
vampire once more to get its version of such directions. 

There is other news of more general note which I shall place in an open report. 

Yours in service, 
Humact Bregan Eltanick 
Champion of Humact


To the Chapel of Humacts:

There are two more individuals to be added to the danger list - Ex-Pathfinder Blackwing attempted to bargain with a vampire 
that he would release it in exchange for that vampire turning him. This he did in front of me and in strong disregard of me. 
In addition, reliable sources in the Temple of Justice have informed me that High Master Interfector also seeks the power of 
Necromancy to extend his life. 

I recommend that these two be considered extremely dangerous and a threat to our Barony. 

Your servant 
Humact Bregan Eltanick 
Champion of Humact 


To the College: 

In the recent mission to the Hall of Champions, all of your representatives performed superlatively and their success 
compliments you. Particularly of note were High Wizard Breeze, whose actions repeatedly saved lives, and High Wizard Pilgrim, 
whose careful use of magical protections greatly improved all our survival chances. Indeed our only loss was myself and I 
commend to you that there was nothing more he could have done to aid me - indeed he took special pains to try to preserve me. 

I strongly recommend that all four High Wizards be honoured most highly, and that this foolish restriction on Pilgrim that he 
be refused a means to defend himself and destroy the enemies of our livelihood be lifted at once. 

Your servant 
Humact Bregan Eltanick 
Champion of Humact 

Blaine's Report

Report of Guard Captain Thyreous Blaine, Paladin of The North 

To the Temple of Freedom:

We were escorted to the hall by the villages provided. Upon arrival at the hall a pool of blood was found, presumably of one
of the villagers left guarding the entrance. Here, at the door we discovered a small panel consisting of 4 runes. I was told 
these represented the 4 principles. Upon touching the principle of life and order, I felt a tingling sensation. Other, more 
inquisitive minds, pushed opposing principles and suffered. One high master interfector cast at the panel and suffered 

Once inside we were posed with challenges. They varied according to whom the sponser of the room was. I was involved in none 
of the challenges except; Silkfire's (outcome: needless slaughter of a beast able to create alternate images of itself), 
Humacts (outcome: destruction of a powerful undead artifact that produced seemingly endless minor undead.) and The Baron's 
(outcome: Baby). Please see appendix for more details of this. I also witnessed the gladiator's challenge, the druid's room 
and the priest of balance's shrine. We were informed by the curator, one Jeckal, that there were drow carrying a sack of 
corpses ahead of us. Also of note were the large amount of guardian constructs. After collecting all the keys, we were 
admitted to the final level. Discovering the drow were in command of powerful artefacts stolen from another construct, 'the 
final guardian', we pressed on to the attenuation chamber to reclaim the artefacts in the name of the heroes. Once defeated, 
we collected the items from the drow. One item allowed a member of the enemy party to escape. It is a small strip of troll 
skin. If seen it should be returned to the hall. After returned the items and moved to the tomb actual. Here I was given the 
chance to speak with The Baron. This conversation is private and I wish it to remain that way. I was gifted the shield of the 
baron. A construct given to me under oaths which already bound me, to help defend people in Justice's name. The item can be 
examined, no destructively if I am requested and present. 

Comendation: Seeker Gish. His ability to preserve life was of great use to those less armoured than myself. 


The challenge of Silkfire; the hunting range. 
Consisting of a chase through forests after a key. The key was round the neck of a displacer beast (an intelligent creature 
that can create several images of itself). Druid Rawlra froze it and I wrestled it to the ground. We removed the key and 
left. High Master Interfector then proceeded to kill the creature. It was expressed by several party members that this was 
not nessecary. There were also many wolves in the room, they were unfortunately killed in self defense. 

The challenge of Humact; the shame of Humact. 
A box that humact itself could not destroy. A key was placed in it, the idea was to destroy the box and retrieve the key. The 
total undead in the room were limited by the number of corpses. The box was destroyed, along with countless undead in the 
process. We were inside the room twice. The first time, a retreat was called by GC G'Mord. Gish and Blackwing were left 
inside. Shielded from dying by the powers of life. They were at no immediate risk. High Master Interfector then suggested he 
was allowed to cast a ritual to make him impervious to the blows of the undead. The High Master and I pushed through to the 
fallen. Collected the bodies and made for the exit. By which time the brave Bregan had destroyed the box. The test was over. 
So we prayed for more power to heal the injured. 

The challenge of the Baron: The Halls of Judgement. 
Being sent into a court room, the two Marshal's and I were in the place of the jury. We were to decide the fate of a child. A 
male halfelf, whose parents were killed by Drow. The options were to give the child to the Temple of Might and they would 
teach him vengance or to the Warlocks (who would do the same). The desision reached left the baby cradled in my arms and the 
key around my neck. We then rejoined the rest of the party. 

To the Guards: 

The mission set by the Temple of Freedom was completed. For full details ask the temple, as they have my report. 

Comendation: Guard Captain G'Mord. His single combat with the flesh construct was second to no other performance of arms I've 

PS: It was nessecary for me to issue the orders on the mission to get the party to do anything. Guard Captain G'Mord assumed 
he was in command, but infact no-one moved until I requested it. 

To the Humacts:

Comendation: Bregan. He is as brave as he is faithful to the path of life. He serves your cause well, please extend this to 
him on my behalf. 

To the Temple of Justice:

It was my pleasure to serve with the two Marshals. Their devotion to justice is second to none. They should both be 
commended for their performance. I shall discuss the matter of Thorn with the Paladins, and yourselves. 

To the college: 

Comendation: High Wizard Breeze - His quick thinking and effective use of power was useful through out the day. 

High wizard Pilgrim - Did an excellent job, but nothing compared to what he could do when armed. I urge you to reconsider the 

To High Paladin Avalon (sealed with the signet of House Blaine):

High Paladin, I have recovered the shield of great Paladin of Justice. The Baron's spirit gifted me the shield, and I am 
honoured to bear it. I also thankyou on allowing me to spread good along the Scarab border. The addition of the temple will 
allow new paladins to be found, and trained. I will endevour to spread the ethos whereever I journey. I will report in a few 

Brother Thyreous

Lady Amelia II (27/02/2005)

Jarak's Report


To: Intelligence Headquarters, Special Operations Command 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Retrieval of Countess Amelia 

My orders were to return Countess Amelia to the Barony at any cost, in order to avert a war which could cost many thousands 
of lives. This war would have been perpetuated by the Earl continuing his accusations that the Barony was harbouring the 
terrorists that had kidnapped her. I carried out these orders to the letter. However, I still report a mission failure. 

It is also my duty to report that the intelligence pointing to the Black Forest Independence Party was wildly inaccurate. 

In order to fulfil objectives and keep all party members from knowing the true reason for the mission, I had to invent a 
cover story involving a raider group calling themselves the Hammer of Light. I include this information in case any 
repercussions occur as a result. Since revealing the truth to the party may have led them (quite rightly) to believe that the 
Barony is on the verge of a new apocalypse. This would cause panic amongst the populace. I could not take that risk. As such, 
they had to be fed misinformation from the moment the mission began. 

I am prepared to accept any consequences as a result of this despite the fact that they were my orders. Their anger is 
understandable considering that they were not informed that they were on a Special Operation Command mission and, as all SOC 
operatives are, deemed expendable in order to complete the mission. I request permission to use my discretion and explain to 
certain party member what actually happened. This may possibly prevent the need for my resurrection in the near future again. 

Upon encountering a group of villagers, another group identifying themselves as allied to the Earldom demanded their handing 
over for arrest. Since we were on neutral territory, I initially requested their reasons. Later, however, a Justice priest 
performed a lie detection miracle and the leader of the villagers admitted allegiance to the BFIP. 

I agreed to their arrest after this fact came to light, and after it became apparent that our intervention would have 
resulted in the deaths of many in our party since their strength far exceeded ours. The Earldom patrol then proceeded to 
‘accidentally' kill all of the villagers with supposed restraining attempts. One of their number also seriously injured Taran 
in our party. Their leader, a Guard Lieutenant, was not interested in this. 

Against my direct order, members of the party followed the Earldom patrol back to their outpost (again in neutral territory) 
and proceeded to challenge the other Might Priest. Whilst I did not agree with this action, Taran fought bravely even though 
it was apparent he was outclassed. He fell in the conflict. The Earldom forces also were observed to be torturing hostages. 

I then ordered the party to move off, since tensions were running high between the two groups and any conflict would result 
in many of our deaths. 

The next destination was the reported headquarters of the BFIP, and the supposed whereabouts of Countess Amelia inside a 
castle. Whilst I was scouting, and had placed Guard Eagleson in charge, the party were attacked by constructs resembling 
suits of armour and Battlemage Vaexarius fell. Again, he fought bravely. 

After this, a room was observed to contain humans and skeletons, and after some of the priests and mages had rested, we 
attacked. All hostiles were neutralised except for a skeletal construct that appeared impervious to our attacks. One of the 
hostiles referred to it as ‘Amelia' and so I realised that this was a raised version of the Countess. 

A general retreat of the party was initiated form the castle. A plan was concocted in order to seal the door by rusting it. I 
did not believe that this plan would work. My orders were to bring back Countess Amelia and so as soon as our party was clear 
I charged her and activated my item of recall, trading my life for the lives of any more party members. I accept any 
consequences of this action, including my own death. However, I believed that by returning with the Countess in whatever form 
she held would allow the Barony to prove to the Earldom that we were not harbouring the terrorists that had kidnapped her. 

I hope that my sacrifice, and the sacrifice of others in SOC headquarters will avert the war that has been brewing for some 
time over this incident. If we save even a handful of civilian lives, then our sacrifice will not be in vain. 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak


[Sent to SOC contact in Earldom] 

To: Granite Mountain 
From: Moonlight Shadow 
Subject: Operation Thresher 

Mission partial failure. Retrieval successful but target raised as Death Knight. Four dead including contact. Board meeting 
arranged with Big Bad Wolf. If all to plan will halt advance. Suggest escort for Black Dove. Unknown forces may spoil party. 


Salogel's Report


Report from the second mission to the Black Forest Pass: 

The Goblin tribes were cleared successfully as per ordered. 

I am unsure of further orders, we were informed about the Hammer of Light by Pathfinder-Sgt Jarak, but I do not remember 
seeing any evidence of them. 

There were however, issues with he Earl's men being deliberately destructive, and lately trying to arrest us. There was a 
large set-to near the entrace to the pass when they attacked a house with people who I believe to be innocent inside; they 
first arrested them, then executed them, then mutillated the bodies. It was a sad job I know, but I removed one of their 
heads; we believe we have enough remains to resurrect three of them in the Temple of Justice. We left the remains we took 
with Demon-Seeker Naismith. The Earl's men in question were quite unpleasant, especially to us college members, I shall with 
the other mages be writing a report to our superiors in the College with regards to this. 

We encountered yet another Elemental Construct, a Fire one; it cast a Fire Skin on us with it's staff, unfortunately the 
highlanders slaughtered it before it could reach the bulk of the party. 

The major report was we encountered a horde of unliving (although I did not see them myself, I was defending Trantis, 
Zephyra, and Halatir when they were resting), and a short while later a castle inhabitted by yet more unliving, necromancers, 
death priests, and, most worrying, the Countess Amelia raised as a Death Knight. This is most unfortunate, all in all the 
amount of Death I saw yesterday is quite upsetting. 

It was during the ensuing battle that Sgt Jarak yelled "Expect the unexpected", charged Amelia, and with an "Item do thy 
work" disappeared with her. We believe it to be an item of Recall, but we do not know where Jarak obtained this, or where he 
left to. 

On the return journey, the Earl's platoon decided to try to kill us, although with a suprise rescue, we managed to escape. I 
do not know the details here, as I was sent to scout out a possible escape route, no doubt Guard-Sgt Eagleson's report will 
be more comprehensive than mine. 

It must be noticed that despite the odd minor quarrel, and with the exception of Pathfinder Jarak, whose leadership was 
questionable and whose unexplained actions were incredibly disturbing) the entire party performed exceptionally. 

During times without Jarak, Sgt Eagleson's command was as talented as it always has been, all the priests were an asset to 
the party, the Barbarians sheer power was as needed as always, and the mages all performed to the best of their abilities. 

On a more personal note, this was my first time out with the College. I continued to endevour to do as much for the mission 
as I could, which, when I was ordered to meant leaving the mages, but as it was as a Guard, my role was mainly defensive. 
Thank you for letting me accept this position, I believe it suits my abilities, and I will endevour to continue to contribute 
with missions in future. Please let any Guards that may be interested know that I am well. 

Warden Salogel 
School of Fire 
Defender of the College 

Trantis' Report

Anubis, Dark Lord of the Gateway, Keeper of the Soul and Giver of Resurrection, I beseech you, hear my words. 

Today I send to you the souls of goblins, hobgoblins, a squig, bears and wolves. I place before you for your consumption and 
delight, the souls of servants of a lesser shade of Death, footsoldiers of their domain and souls of the damned, caught away 
from the safety of their native plane and cast to your domain for further torture. 

I give to you the soul of a mighty warrior, a Guard Lieutenant of the Earldom of Earl Grey, called Herald. He is an insensate 
butcher whose spirit will serve you well whether you return it to the land of the living or bind it to your service. 

I give to you the soul of High Master Corvus, a brutal murderer who destroyed the defenceless without remorse and I also send 
to you the dark spirit that rose in his body, though I know not how. 

I give to you the soul of Vesuvius, a mage of the path of Fire, whose power was great enough to lay your servant low for a 
time. I ask that this ones soul be returned to the land of the living, for the power of the fire mage to decimate all is well 
known and there are still too many plants in this land. 

Finally, my greatest gift, I give to you the souls of three innocents, servants of Freedom and Life. I dedicate the soul of 
the old human, whom I believe to be a Priest of the way of Freedom, and ask that he be considered against my acolytedom. 

Lord Anubis, Guardian of the Abyss, I ask a boon of you once more. A Humact known as Humility, a follower of what he calls 
the Giver, and I believe also a Freedom priest, bears a holy artifact gifted him by the Avatar of Life, a mace by the name of 
Mercy, which seems empowered so that it can never kill. I beg you lord, strip the power of mercy from this mace and empower 
it with your darkness. Let its blows rain true and let the darkness of my heart consume its light. 

Finally know that a lesser shade is raising its minions to power in this land known as the Barony of Baron Van Hausen. I 
intend to oppose this power and desecrate the souls of its priests, and beg your strength to aid me, and beg that you send to 
me a shade of your power, to grant me strength to serve you. 

My lord, I remain, as ever, thy faithful and resolute servant, from now until the Day of Ending, when thy will will snuff out 
all life on this plane and beyond. 

Zephyra's Report

*Copies sent to the College, The Pathfinders Guild, and the Guards Guild*

First off, I would like to say that I believe this whole mission was a sham and a deception, and I am most displeased with 
the way it was run and the fact that we were lied to. I believed we were going out to destroy goblins, and indeed we met 
several bands of the creatures, expending much to destroy them, but not very far into the mission, I was informed that we had 
not been told the whole truth, and indeed that we were charged with clearing the path between the Earldom and the Barony. I 
as well as anyone else can understand the value of secrecy, so I did not say anything. However, it quickly became clear that 
things were not all as they seemed. We had been told that this Hammer of Light group had claimed to be from the Earl, or 
other such organised groups. You can imagine my disbelief then when we encountered a group who claimed to simply be living 
out there. Pathfinder Jarak managed to capture one of them, and we disarmed them, then continued a dialogue with them. I 
believe Jarak and Guard Eagleson came to the conclusion that they were not a threat to us, and we agreed to return their 
weapons. About this time, another group showed up, this one claiming to be from the Earl. I was even more dubious about this 
group - given that we had come to take care of bandits blocking a pass, it was illogical at best that both groups were who 
they said they were. My opinion did not change as we talked to the second group as the proceeded to insult not only myself 
but the college in general, lead and spurned on by the guard lieutenant in charge. I was called derogatory names that I would 
prefer not to go into in this report. I would like to add at this point that there was a fire mage amongst them who not only 
failed to support the mages against these slanderous attacks but joined in, most unlike a college mage. At this point, we had 
been ordered to protect the first group from the second, who wanted to arrest them. While I was down with the first group, 
Eagleson and Jarak continued talking with the Earl's party, and somehow became convinced that they were who they said they 
were as well. Given that, they ordered us to stand aside while the Earl's men arrested and then butchered the party they had 
arrested. I watched helpless as innocent people were slaughtered after being put under arrest. 

After the whole debacle, some people continued into the forest. I was about to proceed when Jarak informed me that we should 
stay out of the forest and to wait on the knoll where the killings had taken place. I turned to go back and the rest of the 
party were headed into the forest, so I had no choice but to follow them or remain vulnerable. Once there, we found ourselves 
at a rather large outpost of the Earl's men, and after a short time there, where the priest Taran was killed in single 
combat. Soon after that, we left the outpost, as tempers on both sides seemed to be at the boiling point. None of us knew 
what exactly we were supposed to be doing at this point, as it seemed clear that the Earl's men had taken care of the problem 
of the pass being blocked. However, we continued on, stopping to pray and meditate on the way. I was down resting when I 
heard rumours of an undead attack, along with the fact that Countess Amelia had been kidnapped, but I saw no undead myself, 
and understand they were taken care of by some of the others members of the party. 

Along our path, I was alerted to the fact that another construct had been seen. I went down to investigate, but was blocked 
by a person who seemed intent on guarding a ritual that was going on some way beyond him. He cast a fear miracle on some 
members of the party, and would not let me by to investigate the construct, which was only a little way down the path from 
where he was. We managed to get rid of him, and I and a few others ventured forward to see if we could find out anything 
about this construct. I was not the first to get there, and by the time I was near enough to do anything useful, it had 
already started attacking. However, instead of doing detrimental attacks, or even the kinds of attacks these constructs have 
been doing previously, it was casting a protective fireskin. Unfortunately, it managed to hit one of the clansmen, and before 
I could do anything to stop it, it had been beaten into the ground and turned into a puddle, much like the others. It 
resembled the other constructs exactly, taking on the appearance of a human that glowed red. Other than that, I can not say 
anything. I am most puzzled by the magic it was casting and would like to repeat my request that any mage out on patrol look 
for these constructs and try to bring back something if they do find one and have the opportunity. 

After dealing with the construct, we proceeded into a castle, where we found several suits of armour that moved when we went 
through them, attacking us. I escaped, however Vaexarius was killed fairly quickly. During the confusion, myself and the 
priest Trantis were paralyzed, however Doctor Wolfgang was able to take care of that problem in fairly short order. After 
meditating, we commenced a battle with the many undead which inhabited the castle, fleeing only when struck by a fear miracle 
from a rather scary undead who had been addressed as Amelia. At this point, Jarak flung himself at the creature, shouting 
‘expected the unexpected, item do thy work!' and disappeared. We retreated and were trying to head home when the Earl's men 
from before appeared and tried to arrest us, I believe for the murder of Amelia. Eagleson did an admirable job of trying to 
find another way around, but we were unable to, and ended up back by the castle, intending to spend the night and attack them 
in the morning when we were back up to our full power, both priest and mage being very low in that department. However, we 
were quickly met by a man who identified himself as a member of the Black Forest Independence Group and informed that they 
had dispatched the Earl's men, and that we were free to leave. We hastened to join the rest of our group, who had been up 
with the Earl's men in an attempt to distract them while we went around, and proceeded to leave. 

I would like to add that I am most displeased with the way the mission was run. The fact that Jarak lied about a great many 
things and hid the fact that he had a recall device leaves me less than willing to go on a mission where he is leader again, 
or perhaps one where he is along at all. I would like to file a formal complaint about the way he ran things. I will not risk 
my life to be lied to, and if I am going to be out with a patrol, I want to be able to trust those with me. 

For the college of water, 

Nab's Report

*Entering Guard Captain Jameson's office. Nab stands infront of the desk*

The mission was a complete shambles. I canney say if it was a success or not, as we had no f***ing clue what was going on. 
The goblins died, they had managed to get a hold of bear traps. I can explain how they work, if ye need me to. Then we got 
told something aboot the Hammer of light. I assume this was bulls**t as he was trying to get Amelia out of there. I canney 
say if he was meant to get the death knight out. Also we need a party leader with some balls. They arse around, not gettin' 
anything done. I believe that's why Amelia was raised as a death knight. Naismith is a worthy member of the patrol. As 
another point. Can you explain to your military, when a man says he'll lay down his life to distract the enemy, allowing 
everyone to escape. Not to arse round. The Earl is up to soemthing, big. Get the Baron to watch his throat. 


Vaexarius' Report

*FAO Archwizard Humbold ONLY* 

You must be dancing jigs. You raving maniac. 

Two missions in a row resulting in my death? Aiming for a hat-trick next time are we? Haven't found a sliver of backbone have 
we? Finally getting round to scratching the itch and having me murdered? You short-sighted imbecile? 

Undoubtedly you are far more aware of the details of the mission than I, given the fact that you allowed me out on it knowing 
the entire party were to be cannon fodder. You must have been hugging yourself at the chance to get me out there. What next? 
Defending the Temple of Life? 

Unfortunately, it backfired rather for you. The College - your college - was insulted repeatedly by troops that claim to be 
loyal to the Kingdom. The entire mage crew was first offended then had their hands tied by a combination of the Earl Grey's 
bigotry and the comical stupidity of the mission commander. Perhaps he would have preferred it if we removed our trousers and 
bent over, thereby facilitating the fucking up the ass that he perpetuated while all the while claiming there was a bigger 
picture we were not aware of. 

Ironically, he was right - but it's rather bigger than he, and even you, expected. I would wish you good luck dealing with 
consequences - the Prince knows you're going to need it - but given that I would as soon piss on your grave as look at you, I 
don't think I will. 

Oh, and start the guards down here on a training programme. They punch like pixies. 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of the Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro 

Morrigan's Report

*Morrigan is seated within a circle of chain in a chamber of one of the towers of the mansion in the forest. There are no 
candles, no glitter and only her ceremonial silver bowl lies in front of her. It appears to be filled with a dark liquid. 
Za'Leth is an ethereal figure stood in front of her; he floats some six inches off the ground and appears to be listening to 
her prayer.* 

"Anscestors hear my voice. I call to you in ze name of Occa'S'Alys, Dark God of Might, Cornerstone of Creation, whose throne 
is Death and whose shield is Order and upon whose right hand stands the Queen of Swords. Hear me, Ancestors. Guide me. 

I beg your forgiveness for I have failed thee. My hand vas not strong enough, nor my soul mighty enough. I vas close to ze 
Veil twice and vonce felt ze hand of my father upon my own. 

I have failed to protect zose in my charge and zey fell before I could prevent it. 

Zere vas naught but confusion amongst ze group and I did not bring Order because I thought it safer to remain unnoticed and 
unremarked. I have not ze power to veild here in ze South, nor ze protection of my people and I am tied by ze need to protect 
us from discovery. Zis binds my hands and prevents my speaking ze vill of ze Ancestors. 

Ze vorkings of ze priests of zis land cause me to feel fear and I am ashamed. 

Ze Barony has betrayed us vith its actions and it vas all I could do to protect zose two closest to me and even in zis I have 
failed. It is only by ze grace of Occa'S'Alys zat zey stand vith me now. 

I vas a fool in my veakness and trusted ze Barony. 

Ancestors, I show you my failures, and I vill speak now of how I vill strike zem from my soul. 

Zere are zose among ze party zat vill never have my trust again, and zose who have proven zemselves without shadow of a 
doubt. Ze Demon Slayer I vill protect for his protection of me. Ze von called Humility is misguided, but his fire for his 
crusade against ze unliving is vorthy. Ze von called Eagleson vill in time be vorthy of true command. Ze von called Taran 
fell to his own failings, but his soul is strong, vith time he vill grow. Ze von called Trantis is practical in his aid; he 
understands ze need for bonds between a group. Ze possessed are veapons, and zey vill be used as such. May zere souls be von 
day free. 

Ze von called Jarak holds deceit in his heart, he vill die by his own actions, a tool of zose higher zan himself. He forgets 
vere his loyalties should lie. 

I vill trust no others outside of zose vith whom I have vorked and whose loyalty and vorth has been proven. I vill make 
mighty zose who stand at my side and guard zose who guard me. I vill make mighty myself zat I vill fear no filth-possessed 
mage zat crawls ze earth. Zere veakness of soul has led to zere possession and it is ze duty of a shaman to free zem in 
votever vay is necessary, for in zis land no other seems to see their plight. 

I vill vork to uncover ze intricacies of deception in zis land so zat Order can flow unobstructed, and I vill not be svayed 
from my path. 

I vill do zis in your name. I seal zis vith sacrifice." 

*She takes her ceremonial blade from her belt and draws it across her palm. She allows the blood to fall into the ceremonial 
bowl. Then, she takes a match and flicks it into the mixture. It ignites with rush of black smoke. Za'Leth nods to her, bows 
and vanishes; she remains until the flames burn themselves out and then she picks up bowl and chain, and leaves.* 

Eagleson's Report

*Excerpts from a much bigger and far more boring report*

...The Peasants were not Kindgom citizens and seemed to be only loosley affiliated with the bandits in the area... 

...though initially indecisive, Jarak with my recommendation yielded to the Authority of the Earldom Leutenent regarding the 

...Proceeded to slaughter the accused without regard to trial or concrete evidence... 

*general complaints on Leiutenents parties actions etc etc* 

...I believe Humact Arrogance has a list of their names if required... 

...set up a fortified stronghold within the forest, with no apparent sign of banditry present... 

...decided to skirt the forest and then return home... 

...found a large castle... 

...death knight...Amelia... 

*describes Jarraks magic trick* 

...made the decision to head for home... 

...met the Leiutenents patrol again, this time they accused us of the murder of Amelia and were unwilling to listen to 

*description of the retreat, barbarians plan, Salogels scouting, and rescue by freedom aligned people affiliated with those 
slaughtered earlier* 

..I decided to keep our involvement, or lack thereof, quiet from them... 

*extensive comments on members of patrol, summed up in a sentance each the main ones were: 

-Jarak: needs to be far more decisive with command decision in future if leading a patrol 

-Veaxarius: Has far more self-control than he would like us to believe 

-Salogel: needs to stop trying to impress and please people and concentrate on the mission at hand, also too impulsive 

...Finally, If Jaraks actions and lack of communication to party was indeed due to the orders he was, then I would like to 
issue a formal complaint on this for the following reasons... 

*following reasons* (you should be able to guess what they are, but Eagleson somehow manages to make them... longer.) 

Guard Sergeant Eagleson, BSc, SSc 

Finding Judge Judas (06/03/2005)

Mortis' Report

I have to report a count of 6 or 7 necromancers killed (apologies, it was dark and I could not see exact numbers, but I am 
certain that none got away and I personally accounted for 3 of them), 1 powerful skeleton despatched (this was down to the 
abilities of Cyrus Fere mainly, although others chipped in), and a number of zombies despatched. I sent one back to attack 
that which created it, thinking that it must have been raised by something, although I am slightly worried that this turned 
out to be the incorrect thing to do as soon afterwards we met some goblins who once they had been killed immediately rose 
again as zombies. These were despatched with ease by myself and the other party members. 

Another thing of note to report is that the zombies we met were capable of causing a disease on a person without injuring 
them. I would advise all Humacts-in-Training of the dangers of over-confidence when facing what appear to be "weak" unliving. 
The disease struck myself, the druid Talia, the Gladiator Cyrus and the Guard Azrael. Beware of Azrael, I will be making a 
formal complaint to the guards after he deliberately knocked me unconcious whilst I was helpless to defend myself. The Druid 
and I fell to the weaknessing effects of the disease, and I can only assume that it is because Cyrus and Azrael are so strong 
that it did not completely debilatate them. Marshal Ghengis was promptly useful in giving me the power of Strength so that I 
could stand and continue fighting, something which Judas, the former Judge that the guards wanted arrested, also provided me 
with later on. 

Finally, I would like to praise Judas for his actions against the Necromantic and Unliving foes. He was very keen to see them 
destroyed and provided us with his help against them. I do not know the details of the alleged crimes that he has committed, 
but I will gladly stand and testify as to his actions today for these were not the actions of a criminal.


Complaint to the Guards: 

To Whomever It May Concern in the Guards 

I wish to bring a formal complaint against one of your members. Whilst out on Patrol recently, Guard Azrael did willfully and 
maliciously beat me into unconciousness whilst I was incapable of defending myself due to suffering the effects of a disease. 
I am yet to receive an explaination for this, and I have not received an apology either. I was led to believe that the Guards 
were meant to do their best to protect me from harm where they could. I was in no danger at the time and there was no 
imminent threat of attack. 

Humact Mortis 


To All Humacts: 

All, I seek some advice. A few weeks ago when I was picked up from Little Britain by a patrol, I was informed of some sort of 
magical construct that they had faced that day. Apparently, it was not the first one they had witnessed. Today, I witnessed 
one first hand. To say that it acted exactly like a zombie would not be an understatement. Other than it's actions, I could 
not recognise any other characteristic of an unliving. However, I am concerned that these creatures are necromantic in some 
way, because they bear similar characteristics - no concern for pain, a desire to hit anything and everything in front of it, 
no discernable conciousness. If anyone who is more experienced than I has any opinions, please let me know. 

Humact Mortis 

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild 
From Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

My presence was recently requested by the Temple of Order on a mission to recapture an errant Judge. He had apparently stolen 
something small and shiny from them. 

At last, I have met a Guard who really looks the part: an imposing individual (particularly for an elf) in well-crafted and 
comprehensive armour. He also had the most extraordinarily long weapon. 

As we journeyed to the Judge's last known location it became rapidly clear that much of the environment was hostile. There 
was significant bandit activity surprisingly close to the City walls, which the group handled well, if lacking a little 

As a note at this point: an individual who turned Baron's Evidence had previously yielded to me after an honourable and 
skillful single combat. He provided evidence to Guard Oolong, and then gave his bond to appear at the Guard's headquarters 
in the City to give further evidence on the bandit organisation he had been a part of. I would respectfully suggest that one 
of our senior members contacts him while he is in the City and offers him the opportunity to join our Guild. He was an honest 
and powerful fighter who I feel would be a credit to us, and would benefit greatly from our training. Even without it he 
managed to dent me somewhat. 

I am pleased to report that further training in the disciplines of the Guild are beginning to have an effect. I am no longer 
reduced to helpless terror by the shambling dead, though I suspect the fact that I met them in clear light and they were all 
aged may have helped. They were also infectious, and we very nearly lost Humact Mortis to their contagion. 

On which subject, I observed that the good Mortis, Druid Talia and myself are rapidly developing into an extremely effective 
combat unit in most situations. The martial skills of both are improving, and my understanding of how to fit my tactics to 
their special abilities is contributing to a strong sense of communication between us in combat. In particular, Druid Talia's 
ability to entangle her prey, and Humact Mortis' roving distractions, make it much easier for myself and any Guards present 
to swiftly secure situations. 

It is also becoming more clear to me that if one is to operate in the world at large, one must develop a greater guile than I 
currently possess. When presented with a cowering, unarmed human in a bandit camp I tend to think 'victim'. I should, in this 
case, have been thinking 'dark sorcerer'. Only the intervention of Druid Talia and the good Marshal Ghenghis saved me on 
that occasion, as he assaulted me from behind and cast some dire influence which drained me of my life energy nigh the point 
of death. 

At some tedious length we found the Judge (Judas, I believe he was called, though saying the name seemed to induce a curious 
stutter in most auditors). He reported a significant threat of necromancy, and (showing admirable flexibility of purpose) 
Guard Oolong acceeded to Humact Mortis' request that we join the Judge in dealing with it. So we did. I found the Judge to be 
an honourable, powerful and extremely useful man, and may be called to give formal evidence to the Baron's courts on his 

Humact Mortis' eventual undead tally featured a half-dozen necromancers and a particularly feisty skeleton, in addition to 
the zombies from earlier in the day. The skeleton, in particular, was difficult to damage and quick on the attack, and I was 
left profoundly grateful for the disciplines my Masters have taught me. 

I remain, 

Yours in honour, 

Gladiator Cyrus Fere.

Ghengis' Report

*report to the temple of justice* 

Met as requested by the temple of order. Mission to recover stolen artifact and apprahend one Judge Judas. Many bandits put 
to justice in the name of the barony although it is worth noting that the bandits were tough and required much of our power 
to destroy. 

Upon proceeding towards the Judge's last known location we encountered zombies and warring goblin tribes, however one side 
turned to zombies upon being killed. Fortunately we had the good Humact Mortis with us and were able to deal with these 
threats, however, the zombies transmitted disease upon touch. I was forced to use a large amount of power to keep the party 
standing until such point as we were able to find a human priest working with the "good" goblins to cure the disease. 

When we reached our destination we encountered The so called fugitive and he told us of a group of necromancers in the 
region, we thus set out to defeat them. With the aid of Judas and the power of Humact Mortis the necromancers were defeated, 
also credit to Gladiator Cyrus Fere and Guard Oolong for providing such stalwart defence of the party and in particular for 
defeating a tough skeletal construct. 

We then parlayed with Judas. Unfortunately I have to mention one casualty, a fellow by the name of Fred who served us in a 
scouting role and had his chest torn out in an earlier encounter. He was unfortunately dead before I could reach him. The 
party were all good and true and I would accompany any of them again, particular thanks to Seeker Yelm for helping with the 

Now to the Matter of ex judge Judas. The charges levelled at him were that he stole from the temple, His side of the story is 
that he found the item on a mission (the item is a very powerful order item). As you will know only the college members must 
turn over items found on missions. We needs must mediate this issue. Given that apparently he can still call upon his god 
without this item, after attempts at excommunication, suggests he still has the favour of the order gods. I believe from his 
actions and story that he is innocent as charged, and will testify to such. 

In this issue we must act, Justice must be fair and free to all and the Judges must not, nay, cannot be seen to be biased in 
an issue. The truth must out. 

Yours in justice 

Marshal Ghengis

Oolong's Report


And it so happed that in that time, the whiles oolong lay all a-charred, that they bare up his body unto the fortress of 
scara'fold, the wheres there dwelt an right holy man that worked wonders by miracle. As so they bare oolong, that the holy 
man should see him and speak over him, and so again he was made hole, yet ever afterwards he was called oolong the crispy, 
that is to say the charred warrior. 

How oolong was placed in the charge of band for to arrest an priest that hight Judge Judas, and of diverse others that were 
infellowship with him 

And it so happed that there were many summoned for to go enquest for to arrest the Judge that hight Judas, there were Azraiel 
and Cyrus Fere, that were mighty warriors. And Cyrus ever fought full strongly, and was ever called a great warrior, and it 
was his custom to accept all challenges of single combat, and so to win great worship, yet oolong was ever the better 
breathed and stronger to dure. And with them was a Marshel that hight Genghis, that was an holy man and a great leech. And 
with them too was Librarian Yelm, who was a wise man and a great seeker of knowledge. And there was enfellowship with them 
Mortis, that was a great slayer of the fell beings that were ever the spawn of miscreatures. And there was enchantress Traci, 
that was of great power, and full waspish. And there on the behest of the forest people was Talia that was called a druid 
that the plants needs must obey. And there were Halider, and that was a mage and Fredrik, that was a great hunter, and had 
ken of all manner of creatures. 

Of there going out and of the adventure of the wonderious creature that was encountered 

And all these were enfellowship with each other, and so they were met by the priests that were of Judas's order, that he had 
departed suddenly, and they told them of Judas, and of his sighting in an village that lay some little travel away. And so 
departed them. Then did they encounter with some strange creature, that was full wondrous. It was shaped like a man, and did 
wield a grimly staff. And it spake not but came upon them. And Fredrik, that had ken of all manner of creatures knew not 
what it was, and so again Mortis, that had great lore of the fell beings. And so spake oolong unto the creature "Guard thy 
self, for I will have ado with thee." And he gat a sword in his hand and hewed at it, and it struck at him again. The 
creature and he passed, and traced and so he turned and hewed mightily upon it, yet it ever continued, and traversed. And 
ever it struck at those of the fellowship, yet did those goodly people no injury and so they slew it. 

Of some bandits, and how they were encountered, and how they overcome them. 

Now join we with those of the fellowship as they went aways across an plain, and there they met with bandits, that were right 
strong men of there hands, but hath not any harness of battle nor shields, but only such swords and staffs as might be held 
by so ruffianly a crew. And these bandits were without harness and so they brast out of an bushment and there were but 6 of 
them and they spake saying "cast aside thy weapons for we shall despoil thee of thy goods and wealth" and then did oolong 
spake saying "nay, but guard thyself well, for I will have ado with thee" then he gat a sword in his hand and encountered 
with the bandit, and all this time did the fellowship hold back, for to see what would hap. And he bandit voided oolong 
lightly, and did as men without honor do, and came nigh unto the party for to slay them. And then there was a great melee, 
and many bandits slain and they fell unto the ground save two. And one of them spake saying unto Cyrus: make thee ready for I 
shall fight with thee and with thee alone, and we shall see which of us has the better of it. And so did Cyrus and this 
bandit make single combat long time, and gave many sad strokes, that it was a wonder that they might dure, but in the 
uttermost Cyrus had the better of it, and did strike the bandit so that the sword fell from his hand, and then the bandit 
yield him to their mercy. And so Marshel Genghis went some distance away for to pray, and they did spake with the bandit, and 
he told them of his fellows and how there were of 3 bands of the strength of his, and that with them were some men who worked 
miracles, and he swore for to take the path back to the barony and to present himself unto oolong when he returned there, and 
to hold no more to banditry, and they despiolded him of this weapons, and so parted them, and they did espy a man watching 
them, that was full ruffianly, and ever he held afore them, and close by was a forest, such that they darest not come night 
unto him, for fear of an bushment. 

Yet of more bandits, and of great slaughter. 

So then the fellowship continued aways, and did encounter yet again with bandits, and they met with them, and so with the 
wisdom of Talia, the fellowship did hold themselves as one, and then were many bandits slain, and their captives released. 

Yet of more bandits, and of great slaughter. 

So if befell that they passed aways, and ever went onwards, and so they encounterd with bandits, and these were greater than 
afore, and with them was a miracle-worker, and many wonders he did, that swords brast in hand, and all the fellowship's 
shields to-shivered, and so long time the bandits had the better part. And so the fellowship was split apart and held not 
together, and there was charging hither and yon, and many an encounter and a great melee, and oolong did attack the 
mirical-worker, and his guards did set upon him, but ever he bare up and smote the mirical-worker until he fell all a-blodied 
to the ground, and so the fellowship dured long, and there was much slaughter and many a grimly stroke given and received. 
And there was great slaughter, and bandits were slew on the right hand and on the left hand that it was a wonder to see, and 
so the fellowship rested them and dressed there wounds, and Genghis said word over them that they might be whole and they 
were passing glad. And it so happed that Fredrik went on aways for to espy the land and he came again unto the fellowship 
and told them that there was a place ahead where the bandits held camp, yet there were but few in it, for the most part they 
were all dead, and here in this camp were the pillers that doth pick over the corpses. And went they on aways, and overcome 
those that held ‘gainst them, and released the captives, and there was one that wore robes as a sourcerer, and he fled afore 
them. And the bandits that did surrender they punished according to the law, for they were without worship and would not 
swear to present themselves for judgment. And the captives they freed parted them for to return to the city. 

Yet again of more bandits, and of more great slaughter. 

Now leave we the captives, that were tradesmen, and join we the fellowship, that went still on into a forest that was there 
in that time. And then they were ware that ahead lay a a clearing that had been a camp, and close by lay the traders, and 
they lay bound, for they had been prisoned by the bandits, and so they were ware that there were yet bandits in that forest. 
And sright so the bandits came upon them, but the fellowship was in a strong place, and ever bore them back, and it so happed 
by mal-fortune that Fredrik was alone in a place, and there was none that might help him, and so they slew him, and ever 
after the fellowship held together, and gave such great strokes that the bandits might not stand, and so they slew them. 

Of walking 

And anon the fellowship carried on aways into the wood, along a path that led onwards. And long time they took the path, and 
long time they traveled, until they heard sounds of violence. 

Of the eXtreme woodsman 

Then within a while they redoubled their pace, and foot-hot went there ways, for there was violence happening, though it was 
but woodsmen, and they did gather wood in a sustainable manner, in accordance with good forestry practice. And one of them 
ken of the powers of the magics, that he had read in an great book, yet he had no instruction, and was passing sad for want 
of a good teacher, and he did use his powers and the fellowship's shields were made whole. And so when they left that village 
for to return unto the city they brought him with them that he might know good instruction. 

Of the village, and the goblins 

And so went they with this woodsman unto the village for to refresh them, and to discover news of Judge Judas, and then they 
encountered with miscreatures and lightly overcome them, and went on aways to the village, and then they spake with the 
villagers, and there were more miscreatures yet they were no more mighty, and so fell. And the villagers laided out Fredrik 
in a little chaple that lay close by. But though the misscreatures were overcome, yet there was a foul power about them, so 
that those they struck did weaken and fall and were most cruelly afflicted with an measle, that was called the naughty pox. 
And Genghis might not heal them, and he was one of those afflicted. And right so many of them fell; there was no other bote. 
So oolong Did off his harness, and lay him down for to rest, And yet did Azraiel and Cyrus stand, though he was afflicted and 
took no help, for they were mighty warriors. And there were goblins in those parts, and then did the goblins come, and made 
great wonder at the slaughter of the miscreatures, and were passing pleased. And they spake saying that they could cure the 
naughty pox, and so went forth Azraiel and Mortis for to find the truth of it, for ever were goblins named covin, and ever 
would they speak in mockage. And yet they did find an man that dealt ‘mongst the goblins, and this man was a healer, and a 
great leech, and so they brought the fellowship unto him, to be healed of the measle. And this man was passing wise, and 
spake unto them that they wist that there were two goblin tribes, and that this tribe did worshipfully, and the miscreature 
he Wite upon the heads of the other tribe. And so parted them, and with them went Dewey, that was ever after squire unto 
oolong, and Dewey had ken of all the goblins that were in thse parts, and so they slew all of the miscreatures tribes, and 
to-rove the bodies. And ever after Dewey was known as Dewey the pointer, for the great pointing he did that day. 

Of he that was the judge, Judas, 

And then by adventure they came nigh unto an man that stood in a narrow valley, and they were ware of a man that stood 
therin, that was Judge Judas, and they spoke unto him, for they were enquest for to arrest him. But he would by no means go 
with them, for there was a great evil in that place, that he needs must stand ‘gainst. And so went they with him, and there 
was an cave, and there were miscreatures, and there was a creations that was mighty, and so they smote it down, and it was 
passing strong to dure, and gave may sad strokes, that were mighty, but ever was Cyrus and oolong afore it and Mortis did 
passing well and valiantly, and so the miscreatures were all slain, and at the last their creation might not dure. 

Of further discussions with Judge Judas, and how they swore 

And it so happed that none were greatly injured, and so turned they unto the matter of Judas, that put aside the title of 
Judge. And he spoke that they wist that he had done no crime, yet they were sworn to his arrest, and there was none other 
bote that they bring him to the court. Yet this Judas was a worshipful man who had fought mightily gainst the miscreatures, 
and so they were passing heavy, and swore that when he was before the court, they should speak one and all in his defense, 
and would noise it in the streets that he had done no crime. And so sorrowing oolong gat his sword and swore that he would 
bring this judge to the court, and right so Judas spake saying: An thou wilt forfill thine oath to speak in mine defence I 
hath no fear of the court, therefore I yield me unto thy custody. 

Tinkerwood (13/03/2005)

Twisted Claw (20/03/2005)

Trantis' Report


He can feel it soaking into his skin. It's in every pore, in every hair. The stench of it fills his nostrils. The weight of 
it drags at his blade. 

The world is a distorted mirror, the moments dragging outwards, every flick of the blade an eternity, every tortured scream 
of unholy power an echo of the screams of the dying. 

How many orcs? How many goblins? A hundred? Two? 

He will send them all. She waits for them, and she is hungry, hungry for their lives, hungry for their souls. 

In the dark dreams of the almost dead, Trantis fights on. Somewhere a voice echoes... 

Twisted Claw is dead! 

...but they keep coming, and the blood, the blood is everywhere... 

Zephrya's Report

*Copies of this are delivered to the guards and to the highest ranked HUMAN mage in the college* 

I have disturbing news. While I can report great success in the study of the constructs which have been appearing all over 
the patrol area I am assigned to, this information is nevertheless highly flammable and should be treated as top secret until 
more information is found out about the creators of these creatures. 

To begin with, I can report the overall success of the mission to aid the 11th Pathfinders and the delivery of the items, 
which helped us defeat the Twisted Claw and the leader himself. Guard Eagleson acted bravely on more than one occasion, and 
deserves commendation for the way he held the group together in the face of large scale attacks and kidnappings. 

We discovered the existence of 5 more of the magical constructs; meeting one at the beginning of the mission, one a little 
bit further on, which we captured and brought back for study, and then three together who seemed to be some kind of ‘snatch 
and grab' team who were intent on capturing myself and apparently anyone else they could grab. As it turned out, they 
captured myself and the Highlander Morrigan. What they did with Morrigan I can not say with any certainty, but when I woke up 
from the spell which had been put on me, I found my hands shackled with metal which of course made me unable to cast. The 
high wizard Aeris was the only other person I saw in my small cell, and he spoke to me not only about how the constructs were 
made, but invited me to join the coven which was creating them. Apparently there are at LEAST 5 wizards, one from each 
college and one from the general college, who are performing a ritual which first rips the mind out of the subject, and then 
casts several spells on him, turning him into this construct. I was told the ritual is quite painful, something I observed 
first hand when I refused to join their group and they attempted to perform the ritual on me. My own magic is what saved me 
from being turned into a mindless magical creature, and given the fact that Morrigan also survived due to the interference of 
her ancestor, it would be easy to believe that wizards and priests have an immunity to this ritual that the villagers the 
coven has been kidnapping in order to fuel their experiments do not. 

The constructs we met were extremely varied in their skills, the first one we met doing what appeared to be a stormskin, 
albeit a low level one, while the second construct was doing fire darts. I was able to successfully protect at least half the 
party from the fire darts, and keep the creature alive but subdued enough to bring back to the college for study. What we 
found out this morning in our studies was that the construct had several spells on it: fire dart, radiate, fireskin, 
ironskin, and a spell prime melt, which explains why so many of the constructs were melting upon their death. After the 
creature had been knocked out, I took its staff and Marshal Genghis woke it up. It immediately went after us again, trying 
and succeeding to inflict damage upon us once again. We quickly subdued it; it is mindless and a danger to everyone around 
it. It did not seem to attack Von Trapp, it's creator, at the time, however. The air constructs we ran into later had been 
mentioned by the villagers as appearing and hitting a few villagers, and these villagers disappearing. One villager turned up 
only a matter of hours later as the fire construct, so it can be assumed that they are able to do this ritual relatively 

The two mages I know are involved in the coven are Wizard Aeris and Wizard Von Trapp, who we actually met when we met up with 
the villagers to take them to safety. He had been staying with them apparently, and when I questioned him about the 
constructs, he said he did not know anything, but later asked if I liked ‘his little fire creature' after we had met the 
second construct. He then disappeared with Druid Lupus tried to attack him, using an item of what I believe to be recall. The 
only other time he showed himself was when he questioned Morrigan. 

Given that there are at least three unknown wizards running around using their magic in this horrible way, I would like to 
request several things. 
1) A list of the wizards who have recently retired and those who are about to. I believe that the other wizards involved in 
this coven could still be in the college, and any who are about to retire might be retiring to join Aeris and Von Trapp, as 
well as those who have just retired. 
2) A bodyguard. These mages know who I am and how much I know, and that I am a member of the college of water and have rooms 
in the college. I am worried that if they wanted to deal with me in any way, they have powers that I am unable to contest 
3) Full backgrounds of Aeris and Von Trapp. What are they known to specialize in? What college does Von Trapp come from? Did 
they have a student for any long period of time, especially within the past year? Any known spells they are known to perform, 
or ritual levels learned. Any other information that would shed some light on who they are and why they have decided to use 
their magic in the total annihilation of every race bar elves. Any books they have written, etc. as well. 

I would like to stress that these elves are extremely dangerous. They do not like humans or other of what they call the 
‘lesser races' and at least two - most likely all - are powerful mages with vast experience. Aeris had said they would teach 
me all I needed to know should I join them, so I have no doubt that there are experienced teachers as well as research mages. 
There probably are some in the Barony, working from within the college, and finding them will require the least amount of 
people knowing about the search as possible: I would like to volunteer myself to be the sole searcher, with the agreement 
that I leave a copy of my findings with someone who can act should I disappear. 

For the College of Water 
Wizard Zephrya 

Nab's Report

*Striding forward into guard captain Peterson's office, Nab tosses a hand into the table.* 

Present from Captain Everwood. But if you see him, remind him who dived infront of him to save him. *Nab grins* 

So you need a report. 

Pathfinders: incapable of keeping an area under guard and safe. 
Orcs: Dead 
Troll: Skinned 
Ogre beserkers: poofs 
Goblins: Broken 

Anything else you need to know? 

Lupus' Report

*Private message to Guard Captains Jameson and Peterson, and Pathfinder Captain Everwood*

I wish to air a matter of importance, but would rather my name was not attached to any result that might come of it. 

Guard Sergeant Eagleson lacks the ability to command. I understand the importance of adherence to orders, but his blind 
obedience and lack of imagination have come close to causing catastrophe on several occasions. In particular, his complete 
lack of compassion when the Highlander Morrigan was kidnapped nearly led to physical conflict between the Barony military and 
the Highlanders present on the patrol. I actually heard him requesting forcefully permission to attack the highlanders simply 
because they wished to spend a few minutes searching for her. Morrigan appears to be the flue that binds the more irregular 
party members together, and the reactions of the party ought to have been obvious to any human being. 

On a related note, he appears completely incapable of discussion. I understand that in combat situations he should be able to 
give an order without it being questioned (with more than 'are you sure?' at any rate) yet in every situation, no matter how 
peaceful, any suggestion he might be wrong is met by uncontrollable shouting and violence. He seems to believe that striking 
party members will bring them into line. I restrained myself from returning the attack, because of the necessity for working 
as a unit, but he seems to constantly try to provoke certain people. 

I believe he is also lacking in control of his own actions. After my destruction of the first construct, for reasons which I 
will take the time to explain only if you request it, Eagleson ranted at me for destroying it. He refused to accept my 
explanations, and showed no regard for my beliefs. Mage Zephyra, an elemental mage, no less, took the time to explain the 
reasons. As such, when we next encountered a construct, I reined in my anger, and fought only until it dropped. At which 
point, Guard Sergeant Eagleson attempted to beat it into the floor. It was only by myself interspersing my arm between his 
mace and the body that the speciman was prevented from complete destruction. This despite his own order that such an attack 
would receive severe punishment. 

In conclusion, while I believe Guard Sergeant Eagleson is a useful subordinate, he lacks the qualities required to make a 
good commander. I would respectfully suggest that he not be given command of a mission again until he learns to control his 
temper. He has come far too close to antagonising those upon whom you rely to keep the Barony safe. On this one mission, he 
came close to blows with Druids, Highlanders, almost offended the college, and showed a general lack of poor judgement. 

I trust you will consider this information, and avoid mentioning my name to the Guard in question. I will be glad to clarify 
anything you wish. 

Druid Lupus, Guardian of Nature 

Ghengis' Report

*To the Temple of Justice* 

The mission was a success, twisted claw is dead and all party members alive. 

The pathfinders plan was excellent and their healing aid was much appreciated. All the party were most excellent and provided 
a formidable bulwark to stop the orcish horde. Only complaint being the unreliable nature of our druidic ally Lupus who was 
unable to obey direct orders from our excellent Guard Sergeant Eagleson. 

We also encountered some constructs of a formidable but capricious nature. These have been encountered in various forms 
previously. Mage Zephyra is investigating and she and Lady Morrigan were kidnapped briefly during our mission where a group 
attempted to turn them into constructs. Apparently their powers protected them but the group behind it apparently seeks to 
destroy all non elven species. I consider it imperative that the temple seeks to talk to and protect mage Zephyra that this 
plan can be stopped. This may well be the greatest threat to humankind in the history of the kingdom and as such I consider 
it neccesary for the temple to act. I would do so myself but must attempt to put aside the disapprobation of my gods that I 
foolishly earned during a moment of weakness. I accepted a dark incantation upon my blade by my foolish temporary fascination 
with its destructive energy and used it to destroy orc commandos. I must now go and pray and repent. 

Yours in the name of justice 

Marshal Ghengis 

Lady Amelia III (27/03/2005)

Vaexarius' Report

*FAO Archwizard Humbold* 

Well, someone's really let the cat out of the bag this time. 

I report the use of necromancy and demonology in the areas surrounding the lands that used to belong to Earl Grey. I say used 
to belong due to the fact that there is now a large volcano where there used to be flat land, spewing out gas that makes the 
asylum smell like a spring field and covering the area in both shadows and ash. I would doubt that Earl Grey is still in
charge, or if he is, it is not the Earl Grey you thought him to be. 

Followers of the being known as Malice - apparently a god of death - have been using ritual casting to create low- and 
mid-level undead: Skeletons, zombies of various types, ghouls, shades, shadows, and one "warrior ghost" as Inspector Naismith 
described it, which possessed other undead and enhanced their power. Some protected weapons, no discernable power armour. 
Caused irrational (probably magical or miraculous) fear and/or rage in some of the party. The intelligent beings spoke of 
Malice and his power. It is recommended that natural light sources are taken with any further parties venturing into the 
area. The shadows and shades will be considerably less elusive given a lack of places to hide. 

The same followers seem to be also (from educated guess - no concrete evidence) using rituals to summon demons. A skeletal 
being was identified as a demon by Naismith, but showed itself to be more strongly linked in with the plain of chaos than 
most, for it was able to withdraw itself back there to escape destruction at the hands of the raving savages you sent me out 

The followers themselves are considerably easier to destroy, though their priests are able to cast both directly and with 
strength from the path of death. Shock tactics are advised against them - the more warning they have, the more time they can 
be chanting before attacked. 

Reaching Earl Grey's lands resulted in our being presented with that which I have previously described. It was decided that 
this was probably better reported than attacked.

Notable Performances: 
The work of the healers - Naismith and Doctor Wolfgang - is to be commended, but I cannot bring myself to praise a scout who 
doesn't scout (that said, her hands were probably tied by the lack of other military presence on the mission) and two 
Neanderthal fanatics who would kill me given so much as a fraction of a chance - rather like you, really. 

Speaking of that, what happened? The Temple of Justice must be wondering what's keeping me. 

Haven't found a reason to keep me alive, have we? 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate Of the Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro 

10th annual Contest of Arms (02/04/2005)

Cyrus' Report

To the office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild 
From Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

As agreed with my mentor, I attended the tournament run by Champion Mendon and High Master Morden to represent our Guild in 
the test of arms. Gladiator Sun Ju also represented us there. 

I met a number of colleagues from the Baron's patrols who sought to test their skill, and was universally impressed by the 
prowess displayed, even by the goblin. The honourable conduct of some entrants was rather less consistant; there was one 
disqualification by reason of cheating, one by reason of death and one or two instances of extremely bad form displayed by 
losing combatants. On average, however, the trials of arms and arcane power were conducted with great cameraderie (and some 
pecuniary transactions). 

Gladiator Sun Ju honoured our Guild consistantly, and I greatly enjoyed my own opportunity to match skills with him. 

I fought the Highlander Nab MacFeegle in the final contest of unaugmented arms, and he won. The man is quite phenomenally 
hard to knock over for one who does not have access to our disciplines and inner strength. He also displayed a remarkable 
control of his peoples' besetting curse: it has occured to me that with access to our philosophy Highlanders might learn to 
harness their natural abilities while remaining in control of their Rage, which would benefit both them and us. I 
respectfully submit that investigating the induction of certain, vouched-for, Highlanders into the Guild might be universally 

As a side-note: the most consistantly effective Barony representative I have served with is Guard Eagleson. His display in 
both the unaugmented and the arcane divisions of the competition was more than laudable: he was the only competitor who 
really made Guardian Lomax work for his win. 

During the festivities which followed the tournament there were vampires. Investigations by the Humacti revealed that 
Champion Mendon, Nab MacFeegle and Guardian Lomax had been infected by an arcane poison and were at risk of turning 
themselves. Though it was neither commissioned by the Guild nor by the Baron, I felt it incumbent upon my honour to join a 
party formed from the attending warriors to seek out the author of this treachery and save our friends (among whom I am now 
honoured to include Guardian Lomax). 

We set out guided by one Pathfinder Tethlyn, and met (firstly) some sensible druids and (secondly) some very powerful arcane
opponents. My memory of events becomes a little hazy after the third time I was reduced to near death by my opponents: I owe 
a great debt of gratitude to the Highlander Shaman Morrigan, who handled the great lack of healing ability in our party with 
admirable dedication and success. Unfortunatley, even she could not save me from the effects of single combat with a powerful 
Vampire while already injured, and I died. I regret I can not report on the mission in any further detail. 

It would appear that we succeeded, and that the vampire who killed me provided (via his revenant dust) an antidote for the 
Champion, the Highlander and the Guardian.

I remain, 

Yours in honour, 

Gladiator Cyrus Fere

Flora and Fauna IV (10/04/2005)

Helyanwe's Report

Guard Captain Peterson, 

Sir, I know that I do not normally make a report directly to you but in this instance I feel that the circumstances warrant 
it. It is with regard to the magical constructs that I write, the rest of the mission to destroy the demonic artefact having 
been achieved successfully, though not without casualties. However, we encountered several constructs and the aftermath of 
other attacks which seemed to have been by them. 

We arrived at the village of Krill to find it deserted but for a rather distraught child and the charred remains of a woman. 
The child, a girl by the name of Josephine, gave us an account of what had happened there. She told us that the village had 
been attacked by a number of creatures that had appeared mostly human but with vacant eyes and that as these creatures had 
hit the other villagers they had disappeared - that is, they had vanished. This did not explain the dead woman but later 
events were to give some ideas. Whilst we stood speaking to the girl one villager returned - apparently the huntsman, who had 
been absent during the attack - who was able to identify the woman as the village's healer. He told us that he and the child 
would be heading to the town where they could be found if needed to give a further account to investigators, probably at the 
Temple of Freedom. 

We continued onwards and soon encountered two constructs - one of which we were able to bring back with us. As we headed 
towards the village of Walden a construct appeared before our eyes and seemed to begin to attack the villagers. We ran 
forwards, hoping to prevent it causing any harm but it disappeared just before we reached the village along with a number of 
villagers. However, what we found was even more interesting. The entrance to the village was blocked by a miraculous ward, 
which we were not sure if it had been raised by the villagers in an attempt to defend themselves or by the attackers to keep 
any potential defenders away. Whichever, we were unable to enter the village and one villager was also trapped outside with 
us. Inside the village we could see two people laying apparently dead and clearly badly burned and one person standing. This 
elf claimed to be High Wizard Flamberd and refused to tell us what he was doing in the village or to co-operate in any way. 
Then the construct returned with another elf, whom Wizard Zephyra allegedly recognised as High Wizard Von Trapp (I say 
allegedly, not because I doubt her word - he certainly didn't deny her claim - but because I am not familiar enough with this 
individual to recognise him myself). Flamberd attacked us magically - though I must admit that it was not without provocation. 
Then the two 'High Wizards' spoke briefly with Wizards Vaexarius and Zephyra, not in private, but I was trying to keep the 
rest of the party out of spell range and this was mostly out of earshot and so do not know what was said. After several 
minutes the 'High Wizards' left, saying that they were heading to the next village. The surviving villager did not know of 
any other villages in the vicinity so I ruled that we must continue on our mission. Shortly after crossing the border we were 
once again attacked by a construct but were unable to bring this one back. 

Assuming that what I have been told by other party members is correct, I have a few speculations which I feel I must share 
with you in the interests of keeping Barony citizens safe. Firstly, I have been told that the process of creating a construct 
is impossible to perform on one with magical or miraculous abilities. I wonder if those villagers killed were the villages' 
casters? If this is the case then perhaps extra security could be offered to such individuals - possibly in the form of 
defensive items? Secondly, there was at least one survivor of each of these attacks. Is the intention of the attackers that 
the general populace be made aware of such attacks? Do they wish to cause a panic or even to put pressure on the military and 
other authorities to give in to any demands they may be intending to make? One final thought, I am not aware of exactly what 
has been discovered on previous missions but is it possible that the attackers are actually outsiders posing as members of 
the College to cause divisions within the Barony or perhaps forcing these people to act against their will? I do not like to 
assume that any Barony member is deliberately harming Barony citizens without other possibilities being taken into account.

Zephyra's Report

*To the college* 

Upon reporting to the usual place for the start of the latest mission, I was taken with the rest of the patrol group to the 
Temple of Justice, where they questioned all of us, along with several other people from patrol groups I have been on, 
individually, about what we have seen in the way of constructs. They also questioned me about my accusations about the two 
wizards I have reported previously, and I answered their questions to the best of my ability. Following our reports, we were 
given our mission brief and sent out to recover and destroy the Demonologist's Stone, a dangerous artifact. Along the way, we 
encountered several types of goblins, including tree goblins which were especially dangerous, although between the wizards 
and fighters in the party we were successful in eliminating them. We arrived at the first village where we were supposed to 
stop, only to find out that a group of constructs had recently (within the past day) been there and taken most of the 
village, leaving only one body and two survivors, one of whom was out hunting at the time and only returned after we had 
arrived there. I would like the college to note that whoever is creating these constructs has been kidnapping only a few 
people at a time and turning them into these creatures. Now, they seem to have picked up their activities in that area and we 
may be facing more of these constructs, both in and out of the barony. The most powerful magic spell against them seems to be 
spell immunity, which will protect any fighters so inclined to accept the spell against the attacks of these constructs, 
allowing them to be dispatched quickly and easily. 

We ourselves met four of the constructs today, meeting the first two not far from the village we visited. They were casting 
a fire dart and an ice dart, being from those two schools of magic. We managed to subdue the fire construct enough so that we 
were able to hide it and bring it back with us, and I submit it for study by the college. The other construct was 
unfortunately killed, and we continued on our way towards the next village, only to find when we got there that everyone 
inside was either dead or gone, bar one wizard named Flamberd who was standing behind a life ward, next to two bodies which 
he told us were assassins he had just killed. While the party as a whole was trying to figure out how to get through the life 
ward and talk to Flamberd further, we witnessed the wizard Von Trapp, accompanied by one of the constructs (this one appeared 
to be of the air persuasion) walking up and engaging in dialogue with both the party and Flamberd, who he seemed to be quite 
close with. After taunting us for a few minutes, as well as attacking us with some sort of powerful fire spell, the two 
wizards left together, using what appeared to be a recall spell cast by the construct. From this, I draw the conclusion that 
Flamberd is indeed in alliance with Von Trapp in creating these constructs and request that his whereabouts be located in 
addition to the other two wizards I have named so that these allegations might be allayed. 

Given the information that Flamberd was working with Von Trapp, it is likely to believe that he killed the two who were in 
the village for another reason and not because they were assassins. A villager, who was not in the village at the time, 
showed up and identified the ones dead as villagers, so making a leap of logic, I would like to propose that the wizards 
creating the constructs are simply killing those they know they can not use - usually the headman and the village healer, as 
they are most commonly the ones who follow a god or have some latent magic ability. 

We continued on through several puzzles, found the Demonologist's Stone, and continued on to take it to the ritual group, 
headed by Pang, which would destroy it. We met with another construct, this one an earth based creature, who submerged half 
the party; it seemed to be running the earth merge spell. We had to wait the full 15 minutes for the party members affected 
by the spell to reappear, although we killed the construct quite quickly, and quickly moved on to the ritual site, where 
after a lengthy ritual and several attacks by Demons, the team managed to destroy the artifact. 

Wizard of Water

Vaexarius' Report

*FAO Archwizard Humbold* 

Got you, you miscalculating bastard. Now the college needs me alive. 

Now you've regained consciousness and sat back down, I report the following uses of magic in the patrol area: 

Ice casting tree goblins: Low-level water school and tree affinity magics used together. Setting fire to the trees caused 
them gross annoyance. 

The demonologist's stone: Powerful artefact, caused both chaos and death-aligned miraculous damage to those who touched it. 
Destroyed in the ritual conducted by Pang's team with contributions from Pathfinder Sergeant Helyanwë, Master Xensharn, 
Warden Salogel and myself. 

DemonsInnate direct casting of fire, water and air magics of varying strengths. Power armour particularly effective, though 
in too short supply. Destroyed by simply being mobbed as the ritual was guarded. 

Unknown magical sources: Who am I kidding. You know about them as well as I, probably more. Prince, for all I know you're 
probably calling the shots. 
The Fire man has made himself known to us, adding to the list of knowns the Temple of Justice was using decidedly Mighty 
tactics to attempt to extract. I'd accuse you on that point, it wasn't quite subtle enough, nor did they use beatings and 
Plenty more examples of the constructs - fire, earth and water on us, with abundant evidence of air in the village of Krill.
They managed to appropriate a good fifty or so victims there, and assuming they are harvesting other villages as well, they 
( will have a fairly sizable army before long. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, good luck. Power armour 
effective, spell immunities even more so. I will await college circulars limiting research on such spells in the coming 
The Earth man had a life ward protecting him - guaranteed miraculous. Since when were the Temple of Might in on this as well? 
You invite them? 

Either way, I, along with members of the military, have seen, fought and studied these beings. If I am killed now under 
circumstances even approaching suspicious, there will be scandal. You almost have a vested interest in keeping me alive. How 
about that? 

Oh, to Fennin with it - we're missing one to complete the set, and I'm pretty sure that you know who it is. If I'm wrong, you 
offer me some proof. 

Proof, not deterrent. 

Vaexarius Firestorm 
Initiate of the Eternal Flame 
Knight of Solusek Ro

Salogel's Report

*In Guard Captain Peterson's office* 

Here is a report I wrote on the field. I have since transcribed it from my original. However, this is a faithful copy of it, 
including to descritptions that to my knowledge I have never met, although with inclusions from memory, that I am certain of. 
I am also willing to vouch for the accuracy of everything I have said and written under the Zone of Truth. 

*Salogel hands the Captain a piece of paper, on which the following is written* 

"There is a wizard who responds to the name Von Trapp, and another Fire mage. They had constructs with them. 

Von Trapp has ...[general description] 

The other, who called himself "Flamberg" or some such is ... [general description] 

He was observed using high level fire magic, including a very high level Fire Skin (he was unaffected by some of Trantis' 
more powerful incantations) and a Fireball spell centred on Helyanwe [sp?] and myself (that hurt). 

They were both behind a miraculous barrier, and later recalled with Constructs."

As I say Sir, I will vouch for the accuracy of this under a Zone of Truth. This *he pulls out the original copy* was written
on the field, as I saw it. 

I hope this helps, Sir. 

The Hall of Champions II (16/04/2005)

Gish's Report

*This report can be seen by any NPC or PC who knows were to look in the ToF Library.*


Thorn has been succesfully freed from his prison on the plane of tortured souls. I have yet to see his physical self so I 
cannot comment on whether it cured his vampirism. Unfortunately we were unable to save several other unfortunates trapped on 
that plane, I suggest we make some adaptations to the ritual and return to save as many of the other souls as is humanly 

Some other interesting things were learnt, it seems that undead produced on this plane are linked to undead bodies on the 
other plane. What happens when these bodies were destroyed must be looked at (we should talk with the humacti and share this 
information). Also what happens when undead are detroyed on this plane is still unknown and the precise details of how souls 
are trapped is unknown also we saw no one leave or arrive on the plane other than those who we allowed to leave. 

The second point is that we met the souls of several very old elves, they have taught me a number of runes related to planar 
travel and some ancient elvish. These runes have been added to the temple library, I think that those pertaining to planar 
travel are in fact demonological and I shall be investigating this. The elf involved was very interesting and was very 
shocked to learn that the practise is now banned. I am also receiving tutoring on magical runes from Rain as well as high 

With Honour Aside (17/04/2005)

Mortis' Report

Multiple Zombies and skeletons despatched. One necromancer killed. I suggest that someone find the mysterious wanders from 
the east with much haste as they do not appear to know about the undead, and I suggested that they seek out the Humacts in 
order to learn how to deal with them better. Also, I have instructed Salogel (formerly a Guard, but now apparently a Mage) to 
seek out the Temple as he appears to not be able to tell the difference between a recently dead human that has been animated 
and an alive and kicking human. 

However, there were a number of undead, and I am not certain that the necromancer in question that was despatched was able to 
raise them all. When we arrived back at the village of Morcroft, there were a number of demons which the rest of the party 
dealt with admirably. I never found out who the demonlogist was that created them, but a number of Drow turned up. They tried 
to tell me that they did not call themselves Drow, but elves with black skin - they are drow. I suspect, although I have no 
proof so could not act, that they are responsible for either the rest of the Undead or the Demons. They talked about going 
"Home" and taking Salogel with them. Salogel was quite happy to go with them. However, he would not tell us where "Home" is, 
and indeed was quite vocal about his opposition to tell us where it was. This leads me to suspect one of three things. 

1) He is a demonologist along with the drow. 
2) The drow are necromancers and he is in league with them 
3) He is in league with former wizard Von Trapp - Evidence follows: 

1. Salogel was quite unconcerned by the arrival of another of those magical constructs, and in fact was unaffected by the 
constructs blows, although none of the rest of the party were similarly unaffected if they were struck. 
2. He would not state where he was going to us even after I brought up the subject of other elves who had mysteriously 
vanished without telling anyone. 

With regard to the constructs - They still do not appear to be unliving. I could detect no trace of undeath about them. 
However, once again, this creature/being took on Zombie like features. It would not talk, it was seemingly immune to pain. I 
would suggest that a humact more powerful than myself be sent on a mission in the near future as a matter of urgency to 
determine once and for all whether this is some new form of Necromancy that we are yet to discover but which Von Trapp and 
Aeris are now practising? 

Mortis H. 

Nab's Report

*Walking into Jameson's office, Nab stops infront of the desk.* 

Well it's a moot point now, but I thought I should mention that some of yer troops have the maturity of six year olds. Now I 
understand that in the heat of battle people get wound up, but Ghengis hitting Seagull and then Seagull sitting down saying 
he won't fight until that prat of a priest says sorry, well it just ain't professional. The fact that I had to sort it out, 
because the guard dinney notice two of his troops goin' at it is really by the by. Turns out some demons were pissing round 
causing a war between these blokes from the east, and Morcroft. While we were gone they killed 'em all. So I brought the girl 
we saved back, dropped her off at a friend of hers house and left it be. Suggestions for fighting these Eateners should they 
become aggressive is to send Gladiators in to fight them one by one. They enjoy single combat. Apart from that 3 dead, 
Seagull left, ask Lux for any more info. 

See ya Captain

*Nab turns and leaves. Jameson looks confused for a moment, before continuing working.* 

Black & White (24/04/2005)

Aurinyan's Report

*Aurinyan's Report for the attention of Illuminati Lux, Head of the Council of Light, to be copied to all people who were 
sent on patrol yesterday and the Thornknights, once it had been edited as required by the guild.* 
Considering the complexity of the mission I will be doing this in summary form.

Preceding information: 
Drow seen with elves. 
Salogel left with them willing, but later reported to have been treated as a prisoner, when the group rested at an inn. 
All in the group had high level auras running. 
People in inn reported use of magic positively identified as Shadow Magic. 
Scouts following tracks, report tracks just vanish. 
Barony delay in sending a response, warlocks go out without necessary information. 

Shadow Masters with access to light spells or at least sympathetic mages with light magic. 
Salogel potential traitor, spy or captive. 
Location of Shadow Masters unknown; have possible access to other schools of magic as well. 
Situation serious: Salogel may be giving away details about the defence of the barony and the college (considering his roles
in both). 
Situation critical: Known enemy of Kingdom and Illuminati gained access to powers we have attempted to keep them from. 

Travel by air magic; have set mission time before we will be brought back regardless. 
Be wary of feral animal druids, kill if necessary. Any tree druids encountered are assumed to be friendly. 
Identify and remove threats. 
Destroy all Shadow Masters; ensure none escape to teach other light magic. 
Determine status of Salogel and deal with accordingly. 

Left by air magic, arrived surrounded by harmless air sprites. 
Advised party of dangers and took action to stop any invisible people attempting to stalk us or follow us. 
Lomax and Interfector delayed casting rituals to aid party (surely should have been done while still in safe territory, but 
we were hurried). 
Met village informed us of: 
   Planes of wolves - contained wolves. 
   Mountains from where no one returns. 
   Giant rock king in stone palace in mountains- suspected of being stone golem. 
Village knew nothing of a group of light magic using elves or drow passing through. 
People had gone missing from the village, no trace of them was found during our extensive patrol. 
NB: Village had the largest resident population I have encountered, three to four times the normal numbers of inhabitants. 
Crossed plane of wolves, met with Nab Mcfeegle, who had been killing wolves for a while. It was later confirmed Mad Jim had 
tricked him into going by saying the orders were for Nab not Jim. 
Killed more wolves on way to forest (using an impressive display of power from Breeze, Rain and Mara to speed things up). 
Continued efforts to deal with potential invisible threats. 
Entered forest, killed yet more wolves. Encountered a few feral druids, of significant power, killed them eventually. 
Met group of drow, party did not kill them, they did not attack. Searched for signs of shadowmancy, found none initially but 
kept an eye out for evidence. All attempts to convince party to destroy them immediately were ignored. Orders were given not 
to attack them. They told us they knew we were looking for the hidden village (technically correct we did not know the 
village's location), and that we were heading the wrong way, and they would lead us. Drow claimed they wanted to get rid of 
those who would use light magic, as much as we wanted to get rid of those who wanted shadow magic. Eventually agreed to work 
together, this did not turn out to be a ruse to allow us to jump them immediately and gain an advantage in a fight. Assumed 
they planned to kill us eventually once they were no longer useful, we planned to do the same. 
Travelled with drow, we still did not kill them. Instead we proceeded to battle our way past druids and animals. The drow did 
not fight and members of the patrol were not exactly careful about not giving away what they were capable of. 
Met Salogel received information of dubious validity (see other information). He was protected by an extended duration aura 
9, cast down from a high level ritual. Brought Salogel with us, and kept him under careful guard watching for any suspicious 
Still didn't kill drow. Met rock troll with rock goblins killed them eventually. Party showed drow yet more of their 
abilities. Assume rock troll to be stone king, allowing for normal accuracy of information gained from villages. 
Still didn't kill drow, somehow resisted the urge to hit drow when they gave me opportunity, for good of mission. 
Met large spider, drow bent in prayer, failed to convince party to fireball the lot of them. Resisted urge to hit the one I 
suspected (only evidence was his lack of a weapon, the one trait shadow masters I previously met have shared) of being a 
shadow master while he was praying. Eventually passed as drow would not trust us to follow behind them past the spider. Plans 
were made to come back and kill spider later. NB: Kill all spiders you see when out on patrol. 
Met vicious mountain lions, which killed Blackwing and failed to kill drow. Defeated mountain lions, but didn't kill drow. 
Killed yet more animals eventually arrived at location of village. Were informed that they needed to perform a ritual to 
unlock seal on the 'nodes' that powered the barrier that protected and hid the village (believe ritual to be some version of 
a high level dispel, see other information). Were informed they had spell primed the effect to cancel of we did any 
aggressive act against them. Lomax and Interfector diseased one of them with a contagious disease before they informed us of 
this. Did not kill drow. 
When the ritual was complete, we were all aware of a strong magically effect, and I could see the 'leylines' of power and was 
able to follow them after the nodes. Battled animals, and then the spell prime went off when the disease started to affect 
the drow, cancelling the ritual and we could no longer see the location of the nodes. 
Did not kill drow. Instead eventually negotiated with drow to put ritual back up again. Party still didn't kill drow when 
they had. 
Proceeded quickly after nodes. Were of significant power. The first I destroyed with a light spell, popped with a blaze of 
light and power, similar to being flashed and sundarted. Attempted to use the ability that allows me to dark cast to control 
power of second node, it popped too but with greater force. At third node was left behind with Salogel and Blackwing, while 
party got into position to kill drow as soon as last node was destroyed (and thereby prevent them from accessing the 
Tried an aura on the final node, it still popped. My plans to use the powers of nodes to destroy drow, were scrapped. 
When the three of us eventually reached the party, most were missing except G'Mord and Nab, but access to the village had 
been gained. 
Transpired Drow had prepared significantly for the attack, so were not affected by any of the party's magic, Lomax was killed 
and the drow escaped while the rest of the party fled. They also used some kind of magical creatures, but I didn't see them 
so don't know what they were. The rest of the party returned sometime later. 
Conversed with members of village. Most were light mages (probably protected with their barrier from the slaughter that wiped 
out most of the rest of them. Initially believed we had been tricked into letting the drow gain access to a village of light 
mages, while failing to find the village that we were looking for. 
Then the shadow master turned up, informed us she was a ‘night elf' not a drow. Village had apparently practised both for 
millennia, did not believe that shadowmancy was evil, but the other half of the whole to light magic. We were informed that 
when the barrier had been felled the spell books had suddenly disappeared. 
Given choice of dangerous drow who had just gained multiple spell books of high level ancient light magic, and a possible 
shadow master (I never saw her cast anything and the villagers appeared to use light magic exclusively). I decided the drow 
were the more significant threat. The village provided power and magic to the party, and I consented to let them gift me a 
dispel in order to remove the drow's protection. 
Some of the party used spell immunities to try and negate the effects of the returning ritual to ensure they got the spell 
books. I didn't instead electing to return and inform the Illuminati and the Thornknights of the situation as soon as 
possible (considering that I had contributed to a large number of light magic using elves being left mostly defenceless I 
felt it was my responsibility, to do so). 
After a protracted and mostly unjustified delay, we headed out and after the drow. Just after killing the first one and 
during the second fight the air ritual triggered and myself, Mara and Blackwing were returned. 
On my return I immediately informed the Thornknights of the situation. 
From my conversation with Marshal Carlsberg, on his return about 15 minutes later, the last three drow had been killed and 
the villagers spell books had been returned. The drow however had torn out all the pages relating to shadow magic, so it is 
clear they had been honest about their desire to stop others having access to the magics at least. 

Other information: 
Based on reports of the two battles against them, I do not believe any of the drow were shadow masters, as they didn't use 
any of it, even after dark. Definitely had access to high level general (the one I had suspected of being the shadow master), 
fire magic and earth magic. 
Salogel's village and the hidden village both have access to light magics of significant power, that survived what we had 
previously believed to be the complete destruction of knowledge of the magic in that area. 
What information I have gleamed from Salogel's is that his village has very little written information, and that have the 
same difficulty learning light spells as we do. 
Salogel's village had been near a shadow master village. At some point they agreed to teach the shadow master light magic, 
but did not learn shadow magic in return. The shadow village had apparently recently turned on the light village. 
Salogel went willing and at no point had shadow magic cast at him. 
Immense magical barrier that lasted for over a millennia was destroyed by at most a 10 minute general ritual, and 3 mana 
worth of light spells. Effective but clearly unstable. 

Salogel not a traitor, just an idiot, clearly a trait he gets from his family (see other information).
Salogel's village all idiots with access to high level light magic and have demonstrated they will teach it to anyone 
regardless how dangerous they are. 
Depending on the accuracy of Salogel's information (though the reliability is not good at best) we can therefore ascertain 
there is still an aggressive village of shadow masters with light magic out there some where. Theoretically Salogel's village 
should know where it is. 
The village we revealed, had shadow magic, but now has lost it due to the actions of the drow. There are night elves. They 
are physically identical drow, but aren't drow apparently. I'm sure the Thornknights at the village will be able to best 
access the situation with regards to these night elves.
Believe village which the pathfinders found out about the supposed use of shadow magic on Salogel were made to tell us so 
the drow could get Illuminati out there to take down the part of the barrier that they couldn't. Believe village is 
potentially under threat or traitors. 

Further missions should be sent to the area, specifically to locate Salogel's village, and the near by shadow master one. 
Salogel should be questioned extensively on all the events regarding his departure and about his village, and be trained on 
the importance of informing his superiors of his actions. NB: He is an idiot and this should be considered during the 
The village we revealed still need to be re-educated, and efforts should be made to learn as much about light magic as we can 
from them. 
Air magics are to be avoided where possible as a means to travel out on missions. 
All barony personnel should be trained on the importance of killing drow as soon as possible. The Thornknights may want to 
help with this. 

*For Illuminati Lux only*
If you need me I'll be in my room, with the door locked, a blanket over my head, and many many light spells running.

The Duchess (01/05/2005)

Geoffrey's Report

OK, so hello to all of you again, and I hope you have been looking after yourselves and your friends. Try to never lose your 
friends because you wont realise how much they mean to you until they are gone. *sniff* 

Well I certainly enjoyed our little excursion on Sunday, although I was disappointed that I didn't get to see any of these 
Scarabs that I have heard so much about. I guess I could have gone looking for them by myself... if I was insane that is! But 
fortunate for me I'm not. 

Anyhoo, I just wanted to give my thanks to Sebastian, Genghis and others for protecting myself and Tracy and thus giving us 
time to work our arcana :-) 

My condolences to you Jarak for your death as well, although I'm glad you were brought back to life so everything worked out 
in the end! I'm also sorry I had no power left to spare when you wanted me to blind those might priests. There is nothing 
better than blinding an over-confident priest ;-) 

Oh, and I've done some research into this new "Invisibility" spell I have been told so much about in the Illuminati college. 
Seems it takes a fair amount of magical training to achieve such an effect, however I have managed the first stage - I can 
distort my image slightly :-) 

I'll get there eventually. 

One final thing: I recall being told by Ghengis that Jaraks little disappearing trick was done using a miracle called 
"Withdraw", and coupled with the rumours that there are priests about these days selling out their miracles to others within 
items I was wondering if I would be able to purchase anything that does something like this? It would be very nifty given 
that my discipline means I cannot do the standard earth merge trick so common to elementalists. 

Anyway, toodle-oo for now boys and girls and see you next week perhaps. 


A Tale of 4 Villages (08/05/2005)

Zephyra's Report

*Copies are sent to GC Peterson and the College*

To the College, 
Mission objectives were, for the most part, met. The items given to Wizard Traci and I by the Arch-wizard were immensely 
helpful. Through them, we were not only able to determine the spells which the constructs had running on them, but were able 
to control the constructs for a limited amount of time. Through these items and the help of Arch-Wizard we were able to learn 
much about the makeup of a Fire Construct, an Air Construct and an Earth Construct. Although we encountered others, it is my 
belief that we would have learned no more, as we encountered no Water Constructs and the Fire Construct had the same spells 
running on it as the one I brought back a few weeks ago and studied with High Wizard Faridain. 

The spells in evidence on the constructs: 
The fire construct, as the other one, was running a high level fire skin, a high level ironskin, and a melt spell, as well as 
the spell prime melt which all of them seem to evidence and which causes them to melt upon their death. 

The Air construct had a fire skin and a recall spell running as well as the spell prime melt. We later met one which did both 
a sleep spell and an air blast spell, which we eventually killed. It is worth noting that this was not the only construct 
which had two spells in use against the people it encountered. 

The earth construct had an ironskin, an endurance, grip, and the inevitable spell prime melt. It was casting endurance upon 
those who seemed friendly to him, people who wore red arm bands, and grip on those that did not, i.e. all of those on patrol. 
This was the only construct we encountered with a group of enemies, and the fact that it somehow knew them from us is rather 
disturbing. Unfortunately, we were not able to test whether it was merely casting endurance on those who wore red arm bands 
or whether it was casting endurance on a set number of people whom it already knew as friends and not enemies. Given the 
mindlessness of these creatures, I would have to say the former would be my hypothesis. 

An added note: they only seemed to be controlled for a period of 15 minutes, after which they ceased to obey the caster and 
go about their business as usual. I was the first to control one of these constructs, the fire construct, and upon meeting 
with a group in the middle of the path who demanded that we hand it over, and I did so, not knowing how long I could control 
it and having obtained all the information I could. They ordered the construct to turn around and walk off, which it did, and 
later meeting with some villagers we were told that it had walked through their village and kept on going. I have reason to 
believe it is still going, however it bears no threat to anyone. 

The people who bear the real threat are a group that have been put together and are calling themselves Defenders. Given the 
fact that Aeris at some time while he was still in the College checked out 2 books on the history of the Mage Defenders, and 
that we are now seeing a group who have been called Defenders by Von Trapp, I have no doubt that this group of deviant 
wizards have taken steps to protect themselves from the repercussions of their actions. These defenders have power protection 
on their weapons for the most part, although the defenders in the last town we encountered did not. Their shields are also 
similarly protected, and some of the defenders we encountered were able to cast low power spells, including air blasts. We 
encountered the defenders several times, the first after meeting the first construct, in which they sent the construct 
walking away. I first used the construct, which I was controlling at the time, to attack the defenders in an attempt to use 
the construct's melting spell to destroy their weapons. When this failed, we retreated and talked with the outlaw group, who 
refused to tell us who they were, their names, or anything about them. The only distinguishing marks are the fact that they 
all wear red armbands. They fight in small units, and while each seems to have a leader, they are surprisingly self 
sufficient should the leader be killed. 

The only other encounters of note were the encounters with the deviant mages themselves. We met the water mage, surrounded by 
defenders, and he threatened to give his name. Several times, he started vocals for what was undoubtedly a powerful spell, 
but we were able to prevent him from casting it. Neither Traci nor I recognised him, and he would not give us his name. 
Please find attached a drawing of what he looked like. Hopefully, my small skills with a pen are enough to render him 
recognisable. If not, I have taken steps to see if anyone else has better ability than myself in rendering likenesses, and 
will turn over and pictures of this water mage that I receive to yourselves. 

We also had a discussion with Von Trapp. He would not let us get very close, and it was easy to see Aeris in the background 
moving around what appeared to be a ritual circle. Von Trapp appeared and asked to speak to me, then assured me that if I got 
close he and Aeris had a ritual set up which would get them away before I could reach them. As a consequence, I was not able 
to get very close, however he tried to make a deal with us in which he would leave us alone in return for us leaving him 
alone. I refused, of course, and he continued to try and talk us into leaving them all alone, but eventually turned and left 
quickly. Apparently Pathfinder Jarak had been trying to sneak up on them, but they saw him and were gone before any of us 
could get to the clearing in which they stood. 

As for the mission as a whole, we were successful in protecting the first town and about half the second town. Very soon 
after we arrived there, a group of constructs appeared and started taking villagers, despite our efforts to keep them safe. 
We did manage to keep about half of them safe, but the others have been taken. Pathfinder Jarak was able to locate an 
artefact which we believe was the recall point the constructs were using to get to the village. I have brought the artefact 
back and submit it now to the College. The third village was completely empty except for two charred bodies the scouts only 
knew to be humanoid because of the shape of the ash. Many in the party believe this was the work of Flamberge or Flamberd - 
the spelling of his name I gave before I now know to be wrong. Whether or not he cast some appalling fire spell which killed 
these two presumably humans, given the fact that the wizards are now killing the two people in the village who have any 
miraculous ability and taking the rest, I have reason to believe that that village has also fallen. The final village, we 
encountered a group of defenders who had shown up presumably as protection. The headman and his apprentice had fled into the 
woods, where we met them, and they warned us of the defenders presence at the village. We were able to launch a counterattack 
and free the entire village from the threat of the defenders.

Wizard of Water 

The report is delivered with the artefact found by Jarack, as well as a graphite drawing of the water mage encountered. 

Salogel's Report

*FAO the College, High Wizard Wisful, Archmagnus Everest, GC Peterson, and, for good measure, Wizard Zephyra* 

Von Trapp and his company are still on the offensive. They are continuing to kidnap barony villagers, as we witnessed, yet 
seem to believe that we could be willing to leave them alone. They have now diversified their ativities, ontop of the 
kidnapping, incinterating, torute, and construction, they have now hired a rather large group of mercenaries, who seem for 
some reason to be willing to protect, without question, a group of mages who wish to destroy their entire culture. Where this 
large group of mercenaries come from is unknown. Competent fighters, willing to resort to subterfuge; some also have magical 
or miraculous ability. Not too talkative. 

However, the wizards have chosen to insult the college by entitling their group the "Mage defenders." Needless to say, I for 
one take that personally. It is known they have information on the history of the order, it seems they are now trying to get 
back at the college. 

It is also worth noting the BIAS are still active, however, like us, their enemies are the constucts and those that create 
them. Despite attempts by some of the party, peace has been made with them, and they do listen to reason. I have also invited 
one of their members, Ike Andre Member, a human mage who likes carrying a shield to join the College and specifically my 
order of the true Mage Defenders. 

None of the mages got close enough to capture, Aeris and Von Trapp stayed a long way off to talk, wheras the as yet unknown 
water mage stayed behind a line of his pets. He had an item of recall. 

I hereby make the following requests to allow the College, and the order of Wardens, to combat this threat to the college and 
it's credibility. 

As the senior Warden sanctioned for patrol, I request a title to signify this, perhaps Master Warden, or some such. I also 
request that the college further start endorsing the Mage Wardens, and I also wish to put up notices in the guards. It is an 
insult that the order of deviant Mage Defenders is singnificantly more powerful than the College's true order. 

Further to that, I recommend the Mage Enforcers be involved. The combined power of the Defenders and the Enforcers in dealing 
with this threat would be beneficial. 

I also request any and all information that may be of use. It is my intention to give this situation my full attention from 
now on. 

I await the decision of the college in this matter. 

Warden Salogel 
School of Fire 
Defender of the College of Magic

Jarak's Report

To: Pathfinder Guild Headquarters 
[Copy also sent to Intelligence Headquarters, Special Operations Command] 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Unauthorised termination of Barony member 

During our last mission to clear the area surrounding four villages, we encountered a group of hostiles near Wenton. This 
group appeared to be engaged in some sort of ritual with two bodies, and their ‘leader' chanting. The group also contained a 
large number of combatants, who charged the party as soon as we demanded that they stop. The party was pushed back, but 
Wizard Traci stayed behind because she had earth-merged. I also got behind the group, but was heavily outnumbered so I was 
forced to withdraw for a time. 

When I returned, the only people surrounding me were Traci, the ritual leader and one of the bodies. The leader shouted that 
the ritual was complete and in the heat of battle I assumed that the body was either being converted to a combat capable 
hostile. In the heat of battle I made the decision to stop the progression of this by slitting the throat of the body to 
ensure that it did not rise as whatever it had become. 

Unfortunately, it later transpired that this body was actually a member of the village we had encountered. However, when he 
was released from his bonds by Wizard Traci he actually ran back to the ritual and demanded that it be completed. This made 
it difficult to distinguish between those that were actually hostile and those that were merely foolish. 

I would also like to point out that during this encounter, party cohesion was zero and separated wildly upon contact with the 
hostiles. Immediately after the incident, the party was still engaged with the hostile forces. Wizard Traci was completely 
undefended, Guard Azrael was incapacitated, Defender Salogel was nowhere near the party and Senshi was chasing down the 
ritual leader. I then engaged the hostiles myself but was badly injured in my attempts. 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak

Hayfever (15/05/2005)

Wolfgang's Report

To: The Temple of Balance, The Guards 

We went to the village and investigated; went to the forest; searched around for a necromancer and finally killed him. 

Anyway, what I would really like to say is that some druids have deemed it to be a good idea to grow special flowers in a 
HUGE area around their grove (on barony land of course). These flowers, upon inhaling their pollen sent us straight to sleep. 
When I say huge area, I mean at least more than a 30 minutes walk. Furthermore, they have special highly poisonous plants 
stationed in the forest. 

No human readable warning signs were posted, and if the druids hadn't been in need of us to deal with this necromancer, we 
could have just died there, asleep. 

I recommend to deal with these one way or the other. They seem like nice people, however their methods are not. So perhaps 
somebody could explain to them why its a bad idea to put deathtraps in a huge radius in the landscape; and if not make sure 
they can't do it again. 

Sun Ju's Report

To: Guard Captain Jameson. 

The mission was succesful and the threat from a resident necromancer elliminated. However there are some minor worries. While 
on patrol we encountered many unusual plants that were in a way aggressive. Firstly a yellow flower that when in immediate 
contact appears to have caused drowsyness and a deep sleep that few could emerge from with ease. Secondly a rather violent 
plant that appeared, from what we were told, was poisonous. These were a protective measure for the Druidic grove yet they 
have been encountered by others. It occurs to me that these plants could be brought into the city and used to great effect by 
those who wish to seriously disrupt the peace. 

Yours Swordmaster Sun Ju. 

Base Attack (22/05/2005)

Zephyra's Report

*To the College, with a copy sent to GC Peterson* 

Several things to note regarding the recent patrol: 
The orcs in the area did not seem to be doing very well and were relatively easy to defeat. We rescued a Pathfinder they had 
captured with the idea of turning him into dinner. He briefed us regarding the location of the 11th and sent us on our way. 

We encountered the first of several bands of defenders outside the first village. After dispatching them, we were able to 
warn the village before moving on to the second. As we reached the second, we were attacked by a trio of barbarians who tried 
to kill us on sight. Vaexarius was killed and I nearly so. I recommed that this village's treaty with the Barony be 
reconsidered as we were attacked without provocation. It was only because we had our own barbarians with us that we were 
allowed to pass at all (thanks to their negotiations) and we were not summarily killed. 

We came across a trio of constructs which had recall magics. These were interesting in that each construct would recall a 
person to another construct in the trio. Our party was bounced between the three while trying to fight the group of defenders 
with them. A possibity presents itself that this is how the villagers are being kidnapped: recalled to one, then another, in 
a chain, therey getting the maximum distance possible. 

The construct in one fight seemed to be able to be controlled by a particular defender who wore an extra armband which had 
some sort of spell on it, probably an item of magic divination. However, this construct was also helping anyone who wore a 
red armband. It would protect the weapons of the defenders, and when Pathfinder Jarak put a red armband on which he had 
previously confiscated, he was similiarly helped by the construct. 

In a hut being defended, we found the missing volumes of the set of books on the history of the defenders. I have already 
taken the liberty of returning them and checking them out in my own name. 

4 members of the party, including the three barbarians, chose to go north with Pathfinder Captain Everwood who has 
sucessfully found the location of the mages' hideout. As soon as word comes back about their defenses, I hope to join a 
patrol sent to launch an attack and deal with this problem once and for all. 

Wizard of Water 

Jarak's Report

To: Guard Captain Peterson 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Training forms 

As ordered, the required forms have been filled out. Total of two throat slits, both with target fatalities. 

Name of victim: 
Unknown (barbarian of the village Loch Nagal) 
Race of victim: 
Reason throat-slitting was preferential: 
Target was unstoppable otherwise. I requested Zephyra freeze target once I had healed her, and I struck when target was 
Victim's view on throat-slitting: 
Unknown, he did not appear to be too happy since he continued pursuit of whilst losing copious amounts of blood. 
Proof of enemy status: 
Target attacked and knocked unconscious Zephyra. I then attempted to remove Zephyra from the combat zone and was then 
attacked myself. Target then killed Vaexarius and returned to attack Zephyra again. 
Patrol Commanding Officer sign-off: 

Name of victim: 
Unknown (Defender) 
Race of victim: 
Reason throat-slitting was preferential: 
Quick resolution required. 
Victim's view on throat-slitting: 
Unknown, target fell immediately 
Proof of enemy status: 
Target was amongst a group of Defenders wearing a red armband. Target was in the process of attacking party members. 
Patrol Commanding Officer sign-off: 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak

Helyanwe's Report

Guard Captain Peterson, 

I report on last Sunday's patrol because of the incident around the village of Loch Nagor. We had proceeded as ordered until 
that point without major incident. However, just outside the village the party was attacked by three kilted warriors, 
seemingly enraged. One of these assailants attacked our mages, killing Wizard Vaexarius and forcing Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
to kill him. Another attacked myself and Demon Seeker Naismith and we were also forced to kill him. Fortunately, our 
Highlanders (the Lady Morrigan and Travesty Von Angstein and Nab McFeegle) were able to disable the third and calm him down. 
It transpired that our attackers were warriors from the village who had seen that we had elves among our number and had 
mistaken us for the construct creators or their defenders. Apparently their mistrust of elves and spellcasters had become 
full-blown paranoia. Our Highlanders were able to reassure the barbarian village that we were not the enemy and we were 
permitted to pass. However, the villagers did not apologise for the death their warrior had cause, nor for the breach of 
their treaty with the Barony, although they showed some remorse in that they gifted power to Demon Seeker Naismith for the 
healing he had had to perform. 

Now, admittedly the village had suffered losses from the predations of the constructs and their controllers and it is 
understandable that they should therefore be suspicious of outsiders, such an unprovoked attack is surely unacceptable. I 
feel that some representation from the Barony should be sent to the village to explain about the renegade wizards, their 
constructs and Mage Defenders and to discuss their actions as for the most it was the Highlanders who dealt with them, my 
race barring me from such discussions and Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak being made unwelcome. 

After this incident, we continued on our mission as ordered and successfully assisted Pathfinder Captain Everwood and the 
11th in dealing with the defenders' base. 

Pathfinder Sergeant Helyanwe

Meeting the One-Winged Angel (29/05/2005)

Adiuvo's Report

Urgent To the College Archwizards 

With respect to the recent mission to explore the activities and researches of Archwizard Humbold. 

The archwizard's researches were it seems into the synthesis of an ancient power with our own pure elven form, to combine 
physical strength with magical prowess. 

I conclude this research to have been successful, with one example specimen successfully created. The being, a male of the 
new species, has grown to manhood in a human lifespan, a tainted effect I would speculate was caused by the use of a human 
female as the life host. 

Supporting evidence: Subject, apparently male human, fits the age a human would hold if developed from Humbold's researches. 
He demonstrated magical power in gaining entrance to the College and bypassing magical defences, and physical prowess in his 
destruction of a large contingent of Guards. 
Further observational data was gained when a capable human warrior of the patrol group demonstrated a desire to engage the 
specimen. Little encouragement was required to cause the individual to assault the specimen, in single combat, and he was 
despatched very quickly and easily. 

Unfortunately the specimen has been alienated by Humbold in some fashion, and has now completed an apparent course of 
revenge, slaying Humbold and burning his home to the ground. 
Consequently we are unlikely to be able to retrieve the specimen in an agreeable live state. 

In addition to the specimen, the following other research materials are in existence: 

Humbold's research diary - regrettably short on detail and almost useless. 

Scrolls retrieved from Humbold's study - our accompanying druid identified them as being of an ancient druidic form, and 
insisted that we would not be able to translate them. I suggest that we make attempts immediately and bar any druidic access 
to the scrolls until we can be certain that they cannot be used against us. 

Study library - whilst the mansion has been burnt down, the library may have survived as it was based underground. 

Failed specimens - I can confirm that surviving specimens exist of Humbold's prior attempts, sustained within a stable 
environment container drawing power from druidic groves. Of the four found, the patrol druid destroyed two before the Guard 
Sergeant and I were able to convince her to stop. She was babbling some nonsense about pain to the earth and similar. 
She only relented upon a promise that we return as soon as possible and remove the containers. However this will require 
significant ritual preparation as the containers, I surmise, will require an alternative source of life to sustain them as 
viable study aids. 

I was able to evade the druids attempts to gain concrete promises of aid and respect for her "grove", so we can proceed by 
the most expedient manner. However, time is of the essence - I believe she will send druids there immediately who may destroy 
the specimens, making replication of Humbold's work that much harder. 
Indeed, if the library is destroyed, and the scrolls indecipherable, then they are the last remnants of that work. 

Finally, it appears that Archwizard Humbold employed a large clan of orcs to defend his projects. Whilst we naturally 
destroyed those we came across we didn't seek them out so numerous greenskins will be left in the area. 

It is interesting to consider the irony contained in this move - that the scum of the earth should through their destructive 
actions protect and aid to usher in a vastly more powerful being that will hate them. I hope Humbold appreciated that.


Guard Captain Peterson 

I can report successful retrieval of research materials, now in the hands of the College. These materials were not allowed 
into Jarak's hands for more than a few moments.

There was no sign of SOC activity in the area, unless Humbold was himself SOC which I would deem unlikely.

The patrol as combat unit performed effectively, though Guard Sergeant Azrael needs more combat practice for his own general 

I must bring to light one occurrence from our mission.

During the patrol we discovered several specimens from Humbold's research, magically bound within containers that were 
sustaining them. The druid, Talia, insisted on their destruction, at length, and proceeded to prosecute that action against 
the isntructions of the Sergeant.
Through her actions she has caused the destruction of two valuable specimens and should have an appropriate deduction from 
payment for the mission, as well as an appropriate censure made.

Similarly, the priest Wolfgang, of the Temple of Balance, sought the destruction of the specimens and abetted Talia in this 
action, goading her to proceed. This too requires censure.

Pathfinder Jarak also goaded Talia along this course, undermining Guard Sergeant Azrael's authority and arguing that Barony 
law did not apply to our actions nor constrained them as we were outside of the Barony borders. Perhaps someone should 
explain to him the notion of ambassadors and exemplars?

Any consideration of censure however must, I feel, be ameliorated by the competency displayed by these individuals in their 
areas of expertise.


Guard Captain Peterson 

In response for your request for a full report, I must state there is little extra to tell. 

The patrol dealt with those defenders and constructs encountered. No sign of any of the mages involved was seen. A defender 
wearing two red armbands appeared to be in charge, and escaped by magical recall. The Pathfinder unit had a carefully 
prepared stratagem tracking him down and set off in pursuit. Fortunately the barbarians went with him, as did the Pathfinder.

The only incident that was outside the original plan was the atrocity of the barbarian village, and I repeat my request for a 
full interdiction patrol to burn the village down and make the point that you don't mess with the Barony.

Wolfgang's Report

*Only to Wolfgangs superior in the temple*

I have returned somewhat successful from the last mission. It appears the expired arch wizard Humbold was involved in very 
dodgy experiments. He found a comatose creature deep below the ground. Texts in his mansion and his research journal suggest 
it is an "Ancient". Being slightly insane, he tried to fuse the life essence of it with at least humans and half-orcs, 
possibly also elves. Most of the experiments failed; the last one succeded and decided to kill him. This creation is 
exceedingly powerful and should probably considered a threat to both balance and the barony. 

The report journal mentiond was last in the possession of Adiuvo, an earth mage from the college; I believe they have it now, 
along with some scrolls we were unable to decipher. Attached to this report is: 

A book explaining the basics about the Ancients, found in Humbold's mansion.

A copy of a map, detailing the location of his research labs, and areas of great power.

In these areas of great power (guarded by orcs Humbold hired), we found glass tubes containing deformed humans, and a 
half-orc. The mage Adiuvo managed to persuade the rest of the somewhat indecisive party that it is a good idea to ignore any 
common sense and good ethics and let:
a) the subjects continue to suffer.
b) the ancient druidic groves continue to be drained of power by said tubes.
These deformed test subjects, along with the draining of these ancient groves is, in my opinion, a great danger to the 
balance of the land, and should be dealt with as quickly as possibly. (It should be noted that one test subject was still 
somewhat able to communicate and clearly wished for death.) 

Finally, Humbold somehow 'modified' (for the lack of a better word) or brainwashed all people of the town we were sent to. 
They had no will of their own anymore, and seemed almost undead or golem-like. 

Cyrus' Report

*Marked "EYES ONLY -- SECRET" and sealed and delivered by hand by Cyrus Fere to his Chaptermaster*

To the office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild 
From Champion Cyrus Fere, 

I am glad to report that the intense focus on physical development ordained by my Mentor has borne practical advantages very 
quickly (to wit, I am still alive). The forces ranged against the patrol I joined at the invitation of Guard Captain 
Peterson were formidable, mobile, powerful and persistent. The effectiveness of the group, short though it was on front-line 
fighting power, was extraordinary due to the unusual level of co-operation and co-ordination between members who one might 
have expected to feud. 

Most notable was the superlative effectiveness of the collaboration of Druid Talia and Mage Adiuvo, both in personal combat 
(of which more later) and in the provision of protection and added power to Guard Azrael and the scouts. 

Guard Azrael and myself were the only full-time warriors in the patrol, I suspect this was due to the requirement for maximum 
speed, and minimal Guard presence to support subterfuge. This created a complex tactical situation which was dealt with in an 
admirable manner by the combined suggestions of Druid Talia, Guard Azrael and Mage Adiuvo. The Mage and the Druid both 
displayed unexpected talents at close melee fighting, of which we experienced rather a lot, and Mage Adiuvo illustrated the 
power of an Earth Mage in an open-field skirmish with aplomb. In spite of Azrael's inability to stay on his feet for more 
than three minutes (or keep hold of his equipment, though he is improving at that) the patrol made very effective use of its 
combat potential and it is a true credit to the second-line fighters that they were able to support Guard Azrael and myself 
as effectively as they did. 

Druid Talia and Mage Adiuvo were also the core of the espionage element to our mission: documents were discovered and 
returned to Barony hands which relate to the pre-Exile history of this continent, and to the very early development of the 
Druidic culture. Mage Adiuvo also located an extraordinary store of unusual magical texts. Arch-Wizard Humbold of the College 
was an experimental gentleman who had no squeamishness when it came to his desires, and some of the things he was up to were 

I strongly urge the office of the Grand Champion to engage with the civil authorities of the Barony on the matter of 
controlling the SOC unit of the Pathfinders, and potentially countering a rogue element in the College. Magicians cannot 
dispel the protections of our disciplines as they can with arcane protections, and we are quite possibly the only source of 
honourable and skiled warriors on whom Baron Van Heusen can completely rely should matters come to open war. If the 
Pathfinders are infiltrated, and the College are divided, then what price the loyalty of the Guards? 

Captain Peterson and Guard Lieutenant Eagleson are both reliable and honourable men in the service of the Barony, as well as 
that of the Baron. I would strongly urge that representations are made to them of the Guild's willingness to serve the wider 
good at this time, and would be willing, nay eager, to serve in that regard myself. 

I remain, 

Yours in honour and in hope, 

Champion Cyrus Fere.

Jarak's Report

To: Guard Captain Peterson 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Training forms 

Total of two throat slits, both with target fatalities. 

Name of victim: 
Unknown (bandit) 
Race of victim: 
Reason throat-slitting was preferential: 
Needed quick, decisive action since target was temporarily tripped by Druid Talia. 
Victim's view on throat-slitting: 
Unknown, interview terminated immediately. 
Proof of enemy status: 
Attacked party and was member of bandit group. 
Patrol Commanding Officer sign-off: 
Azrael - "He deserved it and it didn't happen cause we ain't here" [I don't assume responsibility for Guard Azrael's views or 

Name of victim: 
Race of victim: 
Reason throat-slitting was preferential: 
Quick resolution required. 
Victim's view on throat-slitting: 
*How the bloody hell should I know* [Heavily crossed out] Unknown 
Proof of enemy status: 
Well it hurt. 
Patrol Commanding Officer sign-off: 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 

Finding Hope (05/06/2005)

Adiuvo's Report

To the Chapel of Humacts 

I wish to report a high concentration of undead within the area. Whilst the initial undead incursion has been eliminated, 
thanks to some exemplary patrol action, the power of the three that appeared to be controlling them was very low and I 
suspect that though we have destroyed the apprentice's, there is still a master necromancer out there.

The dark ones stole an object described as the Orb of Nature from a local druid grove. We've now returned this to the grove, 
however I suggest a Humact be sent to further consolidate good relations with the druids (as we never had time to due to 
another mission) and to ensure the undead are not led to return by a stronger master. 

I would like to especially commend to the notice of the chapel the actions of Warden Salogel of the College. His dedication 
to the cause of life and the destruction of the undead and necromancers was more than I would expect from a standard patrol 
member. The powers he bring are also very useful for the destruction of necromancers where my own power might fall down.

A deserving mention must also be made of Guard Sergeant Azrael, whose pure heart is clear to all, though he is something of a 
rough diamond. He bore the hardest of hurts that we received stoicly and with good nature, always urging us to the right path 
even when his own life was placed in peril by that action. 

Yours in service, 

Humact Bregan 
Chosen of Humact 


To Marshal Haggard 

I am providing you with your funds returned, as requested. They will be held at the Chapel of Humact in safety until you 
arrive to collect them, although we will need you to confirm the exact amount of the ransom from you in writing.

In addition, I can confirm the safe return of Lady Hope, though regrettably it turned out the tutor, a Master of the way of 
Might, was behind the kidnapping. Unfortunately he refused to surrender and prosecuted an attack upon us. Naturally the 
powers of Life overwhelmed the servant of Death, and his belief in Order proved no match for the powers of the Seekers of the 
Temple of Freedom, thus he was slain. 

In future, I would urge you to ponder what duties were of greater import than rescuing the Baron's daughter. If you did not 
save a life today, then you have wasted an opportunity.

Your servant, 

Humact Bregan 
Chosen of Humact

Salogel's Report

*To the division of the college studying the constructs; CC Wizard Zephyra*

To All

I have returned from the mission today, and I have several points to note about the constructs. Hopefully, they will go 
towards furthering our understanding of them:

Constuct concentration appears to have increased. In an area not particularly close to the one the mages are known to be 
working, three of the beings were witnessed in one day. It is anyone's guess how many are now out roaming the world.

Wearing a red armband had no effect on the actions of these constructs. I conjecture, therefore, that such an effect only 
happens when there are defenders in the area.

The first construct was enpowered with the element of water. It's effects were mainly to freeze a struck limb (that my 
Radiate took care of). However, the shocking thing is, the construct SENSED that it's spells had no effect, and changed it's 
attacks, on me only, to force me to flee (quite disconcerting, actually). This kind of intelligence is previously unseen and 
may cause a problem. 

The second construct was fire, and when it struck caused a burning pain in the part of the body it hits. That spell did no 
damage, but DID ignore the Fire Skin I cast up to try and block it. I request the Fire College confirm what sort of magic 
this was, and if there is any defence (if fire skin fails, which itself is a suprise). 

The other thing to note is that subdue this construct no longer prevents it from melting. It may be difficult to bring more 
back for study. 

The final construct hit for Earth Merge. It delayed the party for a long time, as we tried to destroy it and got sunk beneath 
the ground. It is worth noting here that I attempted to hurt it with an Air Blast spell, which seemed to do nothing at all. 
Why this is, I don't know... do the studies on constucts we have show any resistance to magic? 

I request a copy of all information currently gatherred on the constructs, I get the feeling this is not the last of these 
things we shall encounter in the field. 

I hope all this information can come in useful. 

Warden Salogel

The Order of St Marco (12/06/2005)

Breakout I (19/06/2005)

Bregan's Report

To the Chapel of Humacts: 

I must report that the Temple of Justice has in custody a practicing necromancer, recently recovered from the area of Baril. 
He was an escaped prisoner, who at the time was suspected of necromancy. 

Please can we ensure that there are guild representatives at the trial and ready to meet him should the Temple of Justice release him. Please could someone inform me that this is being done as soon as possible by sending a relief group to the Temple of Justice holding cells, as I'm not allowed to sleep until relieved. 

Witnessed evidence of necromancy: 
Creation of paralysing magics.
Association with proven necromancers (witnessed participation in necromantic ritual that successfully created a skeleton).

Confirming circumstantial evidence: 
Witness reports from Jackals (more reliable than you might think given circumstances).

Your servant 

Humact Bregan 
Champion of Humact 

Zephyra's Report

*Copies sent to the Temple of Might, the Temple of Humacts, the Pathfinders and the College* 

Points of interest on the patrol to recapture the escapees from the Stockade. 

The escapees chose to fight to the death in every situation, resisting arrest to the point where it was easier to kill them 
and bring back their bodies. Some of them were already dead, perhaps killed by the scores of undead we found or perhaps the 
shadowmaster living in the forest near the border. 

We met and subsuquently killed 5 necromancers over the course of the day. The first three we met were victims of some sort of 
ritual and were bleeding to death. Marshal Carlsberg healed one who tried to kill him, whereupon he discovered that all three 
were necromancers. The other two were summarily dispatched after the first was taken care of. 

The extreme darkness of the forest we chased the escapees into served as an adequate home to a shadowmaster who also appeared 
to have various fire magics. There were charred bodies found near the entrance to the forest according to Guard Fiddilo, and 
the shadowmaster himself usually had a radiate spell running. In addition to these spells he was doing darkdarts, what we 
conclusively believed to be double weakness, and some kind of shadow merging. He hung back and watched the party for a good 
portion of our time in the forest, occasionally engaging certain members in prolonged discussion. The only two members I know 
of who spoke to him are Pathfinders Skulk and Orchid. 

The shadowmaster was apparently friends with one or more of the necromancers and managed to capture Pathfinder Orchid. He was 
then apparently handed over to another necromancer, who held him hostage in exchange for his own ability to get away. Orchid 
was recovered alive and extremely anxious to make sure the necromancer received justice. We killed the undead who had been 
guarding the necromancer and Orchid and continued pursuit. In the end, the shadowmaster was killed and the necromancer 
captured; both were turned over to the Stockade. I strongly recommend that the shadowmaster's body be recovered and 
resurrected (if possible) and given a thorough questioning. He had mentioned that he had tried to help the college and was 
tired of trying to help; perhaps he could be persuaded to help again. 

I was extremely impressed with several members of the party. Pathfinder Orchid showed remarkable bravery and foresight, while 
Humact Bregan went above and beyond to help those of us who were at a disadvantage against the many undead. Marshal Carlsberg 
and Guard Fiddilo did a superb job in dealing with the problems as they crept up and Traci was wonderful to work with. 
Pathfinder Jarak is proving himself capable of command, as he and I worked together in battles and he called the shots where 
necessary. We have the co-operation of the party to thank for the sucess of the mission. I have never been in a patrol which 
has worked so well together. 

Wizard of Water 

Jarak's Report

To: Guard Captain Peterson 
From: Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 
Subject: Training forms 

Total of one throat slits, with target fatality. 

Name of victim: 
Unknown (appeared to be necromancer/allied with shadows) 
**Death Priest** 
Race of victim: 
Reason throat-slitting was preferential: 
She ignored other damage and performed powerful spells. Had lots of armour. 
Victim's view on throat-slitting: 
Throat slitting is bad for health in general. 
Proof of enemy status: 
Bregan said it hurt. 
Patrol Commanding Officer sign-off: 
**Skulk (4½/10 - needed help from mage)** 
**See me for more practice** 

Pathfinder Sergeant Jarak 

Carlsberg's Report

Report to High Master Exarte; also to Temple of Justice, 

We completed the mission to collect in the break-aways from the Baril Stockade, and I believe we were close to complete 
success. We've returned the accused Necromancer to your custody; I believe the mortal remains of the other mage (apparently 
a Shadowmaster) and several Jackals are being returned by the rest of the party. I'm afraid we do not know if we have 
collected in all the original Jackel escapees - I suppose your warders can check. We may have captured additional ones who 
were involved in causing the break-out. 

In order: 
We found and chased bandits across an open plain. They moved too fast and irregularly to corner, but they made a stand at the 
edge of a very dark woodland. They didn't want to surrender to Justice and were taken as casualties when they fought back.

We then discovered both some undead and some dead, just inside the woods. The woods were very dark - I think they might be 
hallowed by Death, or something. We defeated the vile abominations. They were skeletons and it is possible some were the 
Jackal escapees - may Life have mercy on their lost souls. 

We then found some more abominations - 'ghasts' (they were a bit like ghouls) and shadows. Some armoured warriors commanded 
the shadows - I think they were priests of death. One was taken casualty in combat, one escaped. The ghasts might once have 
been Jackals too, but Humact Bregan said that the shadows probably weren't. 

After that we found some hideous skeleton statues flanking the path. They were immobile but very, very powerful in the aspect 
of Death - they are part of why I think those woods are unhallowed. We couldn't harm them much - I think they could be 
destroyed, but it would take strong warriors with very powerful Blesses to do it. We left them be and passed by. 

The escaped mages turned up quite often, either watching us or sending others in to attack. We found it very hard to close 
ground with them, because they used magics to disappear and move around rapidly. I was told that the Shadowmaster was using 
the darkness to move in. Our Pathfinders were very good at harrasing them and closing with them, but the mages were too 
quick. We spent a lot of time eroding their minions and assistants, instead. 

We found some snakepeople - they were actively hostile, so we had to fight them. We got quite poisoned by them - anyone going 
into those woods had better be careful. Then we engaged some corpses that a foul unliving spirit kept possessing, so we 
fought past. Then the party found a necromantic ritual taking place, so there was quite a battle involving a ghost and a 
screaming spirit of some kind. 

I found three still-living sacrifices in the ritual circle after the fight, so I cured one, but he turned out to be a 
Necromancer and used some magics to attack me, so he received summary Justice. Then I healed the second one, who said he was 
a villager, but then he turned out to also be a Necromancer and used magics to attack me, so he received summary Justice too. 
Then we fought the ghost a bit more. 

Pathfinder Orchid had been taken captive in the meantime, so we had to fight Jackals and zombies to get to him and cure him 
again. We kept chasing the two mages, but they were too fast and disappeared. Then we found the Shadowmaster, but he refused 
to surrender and ran away again. But Orchid had scouted behind him, and took him as a casualty as he ran. Then we found the 
Necromancer again, who did agree to surrender provided I guaranteed his safety, so I did, and Pathfinder Skulk and I brought 
him back with all haste. 

I'm told the accused Necromancer was not witnessed directly creating Undead, but he may have been present at the Necromantic 
ritual performed by the other three. He certainly did use magics a lot like Necromancy on Humact Bregan, and blades did 
bounce off him. I don't think he directly harmed any of our Patrol. He will have to be tried on his previous crimes, plus 
evidence of Necromantic knowledge - he is certainly eligible for exile for knowledge of Necromancy, at the least, plus he 
repeatedly refused arrest. 

The Shadowmaster did directly attack members of the Patrol at least once, and repeatedly refused arrest - he should be 
charged with the standard penalties for assaulting a Patrol, though I note he has already been slain, so he could be 
sentenced in absentia and simply left as is. 

The Jackals were actively hostile, and should be charged and tried as usual.

Addendum to report: 
My apologies for not including this in my initial report! 
The accused Necromancer and the Shadowmaster were involved in holding Pathfinder Orchid captive. The accused Necromancer 
threatened to kill Orchid if we did not let him go; when we retrieved Orchid, he was in a mortal condition, with only 
bandaging preserving his life. I don't know who harmed Orchid, but both mages certainly threatened his life. In addition they 
were defended by zombies, who were clearly controlled by the Necromancer - I don't know if he definitely raised them, 
however. We should raise the charge on the Necromancer - also, I think the Temple of Humact should be consulted for 
sentencing regarding his specific Necromantic acts.

Lord Sestates (24/06/2005)

Rain's Report

We did go to the Sestates party thing and because he had nothing better to do, the inquisulator summoned us to save the 
plane. Some retarded cultists decided to perform a ritual to summon the angel of death. Thus, this overly ordered inquisitor 
(which we encountered near the deck of many things previously) charged us with inflicting destruction upon the cultists and 
killing the angel, as any angry order-thingy would do. 

The only way to slay the angel was to restore a holy artifact. For this we needed a special sword an a shard of a powerful 

On day one (or rather night one) we got teleported near a tower to get the sword; called the void blade. This involved the 
formality of getting rid of an undead gladiator champion death knight. Before we got there Kendal suddenly joined us; he was 
quite likely also summoned by the inquisitor. He couldn't remember how he got here anyway. 

During the night we got attacked by the natives, communication problem I assume. They filled the room with a fire bomb, that 
hurt quite a lot.

On day two we set out to get the shard of the holy blade. The weapon was split into three; only one of the fragments was 
required. One was buried underwater, one was on a huge mountain, and the third one in a desecrated life (or freedom) temple. 
Since 1 and 2 were not reachable, we set out to find number 3. 

In a very sandy area we encountered an "arch master something". I wanted to play dirty but as might priests are Tarrack 
accepted the challenge. Turns out he was an anarchy priest, who didn't play fair either and made lots of undead stuff appear. 
At this point while I was hitting the anarchy priest, Pilgrim of all nicked my spellbook... Since he usually prevents 
everything from reading books, I conjecture that he had withdrawl symptoms of some kind and finally acknowledges that books 
are fun! 

We were instructed to find scout-person, but he was dead leaving behind a coded message. Team eXtreme code breaking 
(Cryptanalyst Cheska, Cryptanalyst Carlsberg, Cryptanalyst Rain (why doesn't my name begin with C?)) figured out the code in 
a very short time. Then we bored ourselves to death for 120 minutes translating the message, figuring out the passphrase to 
go through the barrier around the temple. 

We got rid of some golems, and then of some snake creatures which could turn us to stone. Biscuit and Gish utterly saved us 

Once we killed all of them and everything was safe, Blackwing decided its best to get a new eye out of this, and thusly 
killed Gish making him overcast freeing him from petrification. Sometimes Blackwing can be such a cretin... 

Carlsberg, who got more and more practise doing this, tried to raise Gish (again - for the third time) but failed, as Gish's 
soul decided to go on a short vacation in the plane of freedom. 

During all this we found a box containing the shard we were after. The shard could not be removed from the box which could 
not be removed from the room which could not be removed from the temple which could not be removed from the ground. Anyway, 
Moron tried interesting stuff like putting his head into the box and licking the shard. I tried stuff like destroying the 
temple wall (which worked but the box still didn't move outside), and rusting the shard (which would have been somewhat 
funny if it succeeded). 

Anyway, a scout we picked up earlier brought back the mistress of the temple which gave us the shard. We then applied shard 
to sword and it worked - the void blade absorbed the holy power of the shard and became the holy sword. 

During the night we some more natives came to visit us, however the awesome translation squirrel I acquired prevented further 
misunderstandings. The natives entered blood-bonds with many in the party, I tried not to as mixing elven and human blood 
might have odd consequences for either. People who entered a bond could understand their language. These natives had a small 
undead problem, we got rid of that too - in exchange for food.

On day three, we set out to kill the Angel. Firstly two wards (out of four) had to be destroyed. We got rid of the first one 
reasonably quickly (slowed zombies are fun!), and the next one after a bit of effort. (Slowed demoralised might priest are 
even more fun!) Biscuit and Breeze destroyed the ward in a truly ninjarous way. 

We then prayed, meditated and prepared for the fight with the angel of death and summoned the inquisulator once again. As we 
should not disrupt the ritual (the cultists would try again in a year in secret) the inquisitor made us appear just 
afterwards. We killed some random undead and then the angel (and a portal to the plane of tortured souls) appeared. 

It was quite hard, as expected and killed G'Mord first. His soul (I guess, I only saw some kind of G'Mord shaped ghostly 
thing) immediately left his body and got sucked into the portal. 

Having had nothing better to do, Breeze and I jumped through the portal to see where he went. (The inquisitor mentioned that 
the portal would close after the angel was killed.) There we found G'Mord slacking off as usual, so we got him back. Breeze 
tried to recall outside but that didn't work too well. Good thing the nasty stuff there couldn't follow us back outside. 

Unlike my previous excursion to the plane of tortured souls my ice damage was not effective at all. As soon as I jumped back 
though the portal with his spirit, it disappeared from my hands; I guess it went straight back into the body. 

Later during the fight Kendal also expired and got sucked into the portal. This time round Tarrak was there as well, and we 
eventually got Kendal back, too. 

At some point the sword ended up in Carlsbergs hands again; after making Carlsberg immune to the Angels very powerful life 
draining attacks, he proceeded to stab the angel until it disappeared. 

We then noticed Biscuits soul was also missing; since the portal didn't close immediately we got him back too. 

Finally, after all this mess we summoned the inquisitor once more and got teleported back to the place Sestates party used to 
be. Kendal was not amongst us, I assume he appeared from where he was summoned. Since he was dead as the fight ended I 
recommend to pick up his body from wherever he was assigned to scout around.

I recommend the restrictions on Pilgrim lifted immediately, now that he discovered a healthy interest in books once again. 
Also, when trying to save planes silly restrictions like this don't really help.

Biscuit's Report

I thought Rain had said pretty much all that needed saying about the Angel of Death lark, except for the being severely 
beaten by Aurinyan aspects, but I really have to make a note to myself about the temple of might presence. Both Tarrack and 
Cheska were throughly lovely. Tarrack especially took the piss wonderfully when ever he fixed my various limbs. I was utterly 
impressed; he's clearly been spending quality time with Carlsburg, which is rather sweet, and about as gay as you'd expect 
the temple of might to be, which is to say, slightly less so than the paladins. I hope him giving me a pet name isn't because 
he has confused feelings for me. *shudder* Anyhow the point is that he predicted Interfector would leave the temple, which he 
has now done. Who'd have though that behind that pugilistic exterior lurked the soul of a prophet? 

I wonder if I can start a campaign to give the Angel of Death psychological problems? every time the stars are right it tries 
to come to this plane, and presumably every time it has been defeated, I'm sure we'd have noticed if it hadn't bean, so its 
not one to get discouraged. This time, I threw glitter over it. What if it happens next time too? and the time after? The 
second time its going to dismiss it as coincidence. The third time? a ritual repeated over 3,000 years has significance, even 
if it didn't to start with any. 

There's only one way to hurt it, but it seems likely that there is always a group of people present to defeat it, simply cos 
its going to drop the first person with the sword fast, and they'll need fishing out. There's no real disadvantage to getting 
one of those waiting around to throw things over it. 

Everyone who is immune to mundane damage is to all intents and purposes asking for a bucket of shit in the face 'I can't hurt 
you but you smell of shit and I can run' is almost always an option. 

I guess one way to keep the ritual of throwing stuff at it alive would be to tie it to the sword. There's enough powers with 
vested interests in the sword that its going to last. Its just a matter of working out how. I'll ask Carlsburg where he put 
it. I've got some ideas about keeping that safe for next millennia too. 

Breeze kept having no legs. I think I've solved that problem, although I'm not sure if anyone will be convinced that my 
solution is any better than the avatar (and now, apparently, Interfector)'s "look you have a lump of meat attached to your 
torso" miracle. 

I've been called a lot of things. quite a lot of them were accurate "Undead" however isn't. The stupid really must die. It 
does seem to be the only way. Most of the avatars come under this heading, although the two I met in the borderlands were 
okay, I guess. Breeze utterly defeated the chaos avatar, I won against the order avatar and between us we appear to have been 
utterly triumphant against the Angle of Death. It is clearly an adequate start. 

KtS has already got a fair number of recruits, and I think I can proberbly expect a few more. It will be amazing, although it 
might deprive new recruits of practice. 

The Avatar of order has apprently got a big kendal collection. If anyone found out kendal was being held on the plane of 
tortured souls or wherever they'd proberbly run a rescue mission for him. They did one for me. I don't think I can ever stop 
owing G'Mord for that. But the Kendal we currently has doesn't want to think about it, which makes organising anything a bit difficult. I think I had a poke around in the ToF library last time we met the inquisitor auditor thingie and turned up nothing, so its probably not worth checking again. I wonder how one would go about it? 
Am I the me that left on the deck of many things expedition? I've no way of knowing that the wretched thing hasn't swapped me 
around too, short of breaking into its place, checking out its racks of displaced persons and getting caught doing so, then 
beating the fuck out of it, which may well be beyond my abilities. If its not, I should have done it ages ago. It I don't get 
caught I've no way on knowing I wasn't expected and tricked.

Final Fantasy I - The Temple of the Ancients (03/07/2005)

Lomax's Report

To his lordship the Baron 

I regret to inform you that the mission recently put together at the request of the druids was a failure. 

Whilst we did encounter and cause significant harm to the unknown man, he escaped with the spell design he sought. In 
addition, I regret to report that the druid temple was apparently completely destroyed, although even if it was somehow 
merely secured, some of the contents was already seriously damaged by fire. Please suggest to your druidic friends that using 
fire based creatures to defend a tree temple is a bad idea. 

I also need to report members of a Pathfinder division called SOC who informed us that you were quote incompetent unquote and 
that all details of the spell was to be passed to a Rufius of the College, apparently head of magical containment? 
The SOC were also in alliance with Dark Druids. 
Their operatives also stole from locals whom we were obtaining the aid of through diplomacy and attacked a local Balance 
priest who gave us considerable aid. 

Your servant as I have always been, through life and death, in order and chaos, 

Guardian Lomax 
Temple of Balance 

Zephyra's Report

*To the Baron*

Dear sir, 
I am sorry to say that we have failed in our mission to prevent the Ancient known as Sephiroth. In the course of our efforts 
to locate the temple and the spell, we met several people, including a villager who had more than the usual level of magic 
for humans. We later learned that she was one of the last of the ancient race which Sephiroth belongs to. I recommend that 
she be located immediately and brought in for her own safety, to keep her from being used as a pawn in some ulterior game. 
Apparently she doesn't know anything about her ancestry and is nothing but a simple villager at this point, so someone with 
tact should be sent to recover her. 

We also met an operative from the SOC, who attempted to steal the keystone which allowed entry to the Druidic Temple. He was 
apprehended at the entrance to the Temple by a hermit who was able to injure him to the point where he could not use the 
keystone. We soon caught up with the operative and the hermit, whom we had spoken with before, and the hermit was more than 
willing to guard the dying operative while we went on into the Temple. 

Once inside the Temple, we encountered small groups of dark druids, who attempted to prevent us passing. They were quickly 
taken care of, although we met several groups of them which held us up to some extent. We caught glimpses of Sephiroth often, 
but did not encounter him until we were deep in the temple. He engaged us in conversation, using life wards to keep us from 
getting too close. When I was close enough to cast magic on him, he seemed to negate everything I could throw at him; he 
carried a long sword that was obviously power protected. He is very powerful magically and there is not enough information 
available about what could possibly be used to cause his downfall. 

We did successfully recover the spell, however it was stolen in a final encounter as we left the Temple itself. It must be 
mentioned that Sephiroth used some sort of spell to get into the Temple, probably either stonewalk or a high level blink 
spell which allows him to go through walls. He seems to be very powerful both magically and in strength, and there is much 
which needs to be learned about him before he can be defeated. 

Wizard of Water 

Rain's Report

*Rain sits near some lake, in meditation* 

My ... ancestors, this is my very first time trying to talk to you like this, all thanks to Morrigan. Some things have 
happened, and I will devote more time to you later, but for now I have the following things to tell you: 

We (Lomax, Zephyra, Blackwing, Sebastian and myself) were ordered by the Baron himself to investigate (and possibly stop) a 
tall man with white hair, a coat, and a huge sword. I will henceforth refer to him as Mr. Fluff. We got transported to some 
far off land by druids, and found a village. The only person of note there was a girl carrying around some flowers, I 
discovered she had an unusual amount of magical energy, but she seemed not aware. 

Inside a nearby forest we observed Mr. Fluff using some kind of stone portal. We acquired the keystone to it, which was in 
the village and then subsequently nicked by an SOC member, which I am told stands for special operations command. Using that 
keystone transported us into another forest. 

There we encountered some dark druids (Lomax really hates them), which we got rid of. Eventually we found the man himself, 
talking rubbish. He wants to do something to the world, and make the gods save it. Somehow this will give him more power - 
not sure how. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good and will inflict harm upon the world and the elemental spirits, so it 
must be stopped. 

He also seemed to have some kind of mother complex, which Sebastian (the spirits seem to like this one) used as a basis to 
mock him. Probably not wise, but funny nevertheless. He also mentioned this flower girl is another one of his race - the 
ancients. The world belonged to them ages ago, but they sacrificed themselves in order for it to survive. This is what he 
claims anyway. 

The means to hurt the world were in this druid temple, so we got there first, and after defeating a red dragon we got the 
spell. Very magical. Its components are general, air, earth and something else. Not water; probably fire. At a guess it 
summons a big flaming rock from the sky. 

Upon retrieving the spell, we made hast to get out of the temple - either it got burnt during the fight with the dragon, or 
Lomax burnt it down when I wasn't looking - he really hates druids, remember? 

We then got attacked by some shambling mounds, which crushed my leg. My thanks go to Zephyra who promptly carried me away 
from the danger, and the rest of the party who finally killed them. 

Once we decided to meditate, the earth begun to shake violently, interrupting us, so we made haste to get outside. Mr. Fluff 
then appeared again, and lifted Sebastian into the air by just using one hand! Unfortunately he got the spell which he was 
carrying. We tried to fight him - Lomax did very well there - but it didn't seem to affect him that much. He then 
disappeared, so we returned here, as the flower girl was nowhere to be found. 

Healer Tennesee (10/07/2005)

Morrigan's Report

Morrigan is sat in the cool cellar of the mansion, using a barrel as a table. She's writing in a book by the light of a 
candelabra. Za'Leth is looking over her shoulder. He reads:

"This land is driving me insane. The heat is driving me insane. Soon I shall be talking to walls like Melanchoria used to.
Time passes slowly whilst we await news of Von Trapp's movements. I can only assume he is gathering his demons to him. Or 
perhaps he twists himself further to fit their mold. It does not matter, I can wait. He will keep.
Meanwhile we take missions here and there, odd bits of work to reassure this paranoid Barony that we are not interested in 
threatening it. The latest one took us to a place called the Stubbs-" 

"Von 'b'," says Za'Leth. 

"Vot? Quiet! Two looks better." 

"-where we were to retrieve a girl that had allowed her sister to die and as a consequence had turned against all that she 
held dear in order to atone for her failure. Pathetic really. It turned out to be an elven girl, a life priestess, who 
apparently had a history of turn-coating for she had once had a brief stint as some kind of elven warrior called a 'warlock'. 
I have no idea what that is, nor do I wish to know. Elves should lay down their weapons for their own good, lest they damage 
themselves or their companions and bring down the wrath of true warriors upon themselves. 

It was a curious place, this 'Stubbs', full of druidic workings and strange wards that allowed only a certain number of 
living souls to enter a place at a time. Any others entering and exceeding this seemingly random threshold number were 
instantly forced into a deep sleep from which they could not be awoken unless removed from the 'Stubb'. An...interesting...
defence mechanism. Highly abusable.

We encountered bandits and orcs, the usual trash of the Barony, and some kind of illicit trading group, whose wares I would 
most liked to review, if only out of simple curiousity. After all, what is there that is so bad it cannot be bought openly on 
the streets of the Barony itself? For those who know where to look, it would seem to be little. I would have been fascinated 
to know what it was that so contradicted the laws of this Barony that it had to be hidden in the depths of such a dangerous 
and Ancestor-forsaken place as the Stubbs. 

Eventually we came across one of the girl's former patrol members, one Capt. Callous or something akin. Seemed quite 
reasonable, in that sneaky rat-like way of all pathfinders. He spoke extensively of the girl's power and I began to think 
that once again we had been sent out against a foe better suited to being handled by a battalion rather than a handful of 
mismatched mercenaries. Nonetheless, I had the appropriate miracles to hand-" 

"I did." 

"Yes, all right, I know zat. It's ze same thing!" 

"-for dealing with an elf. When we finally reached her, (and I admit, I would have enjoyed a fight with the ogre, though 
reason and experience tells us that preventing the conclusion of a ritual is more profitable than meeting whatever it is that 
the completed ritual produces) I was astounded really at the resolve of such a fragile creature. The epic tragedy of the 
situation was not lost upon me, for by her own perceived failings she had been unable to bring back her beloved sister; had 
turned away from those who held her dear as clan and in her madness had thrown herself to wolves. Creatures in the grip of 
such high tragedy are dangerous in their desperation and unpredictability, and with the warnings of her captain still in 
mind, I was loathe to engage her in combat without knowing her full capabilities. It was all very confusing really, for she 
was nothing but a priestess of Life and would hardly have had the capacity to hurt myself or my patrol in any way. What 
concerned me more was that she had seemingly already embraced the powers of Death and knowing the glee of the Death Gods at 
turning one previously so devout in the practices of Life to their side, they would no doubt have filled her with the powers 
of Death to a level far surpassing her previous capabilities in her chosen path. 

With that in mind and with our orders to be to return her in a resurrectable form, (for indeed her powers are precious to 
those higher up), I thought it would be far more to our advantage to return her alive. After all, there is no reason to give 
the Barony good cause to think of us as unreliable and unpredictable, incapable of handling subltey (whatever Travesty may 

I spoke whatever words of nonsense seemed to calm her the best, dealing with such a delicate and highly-strung mind however, 
it was not difficult to persuade her weak heart away from causing further trouble. For after all, elves lack the true 
conviction and strength of spirit necessary to strike fiercely or with killing intent. Nonetheless, I kept both hands upon 
her that should the need arise, the power of the Ancestors could flow through her and give her first-hand experience of the 
might of Death. 

It was lucky she was not magically inclined in any way - I do not think I could have spoken with such authority to her had 
she been, without feeling a certain twitch in my staff-bearing arm towards the top of her skull. As it was she tried my 
patience with her incessant bawling. Though what can one expect from an elf? Dignified suffering? Graceful acceptance of the 
sorrow of one's Fate? Hardly. 

And so now it is back here to the mansion, keeping myself from the heat in this, the coolest of the rooms we have here. It 
does not matter, I have my books, my ceremonial items and some very fine company." 

"Vhy, thank you Morrigan!" 

"I vasn't talking about you, Za'Leth. I vas talking about ze vine ve have down here." 

Morrigan closes the book with a snap, waves a hand through Za'Leth's pouting form and reaches for a bottle of wine off the 
nearest rack.

Wolfgang's Report

Guard Captain Fen, 

The as far as I know, the judge was 'defeated' by his inability to accept the change that his fellow researchers were causing. 

As for the letter, if its from some Pathfinder Callas, the inept one, who managed to confuse the location of a 'huge ogre 
bodyguard', Lady Tennisee and some death cultists, you can safely ignore it. 

Kind regards, 




I have heard many good things about you, and I would like to present you with a job opportunity in my upcoming hospital.

I could really use your unmatched skills in bringing back the deceased, and in return can offer you many things the life 
temple and warlocks never can: 
- Greater balance in life 
- Greater balance on your account 
- Steaks, and proper food in general 
- Job satisfaction 
- Powers beyond life, but in a sensible, balanced way 
- The title eXtreme Healer

Chaos Effects I (17/07/2005)

Daenaram's Report

*Daenaram's eyes open - he is a deep grey void, floating. The dim light seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere, and he appears to be completely alone.* What? *He fumbles for the passing charm round his neck - all the other items he was carrying having no presence in this place - and finds it intact and undischarged.* It didn't work. I'm lost. *He is staring down at the item that should have guided his soul into the realm of his Goddess when there is suddenly a blinding flash of radiant yellow, forcing him to shield his eyes. He waits several moments after the flash has died down to a glow before uncovering them again, and cannot believe what he sees. In front of him are two huge beings, approximately a hundred and twenty feet tall, both female. One is standing slightly in front. She appears to be in her early forties and regally handsome, with a crystal crown carved to resemble vines topping honey blond hair reaching past her knees, and is dressed in a flowing green dress, patterned with leaves and vines, the base and cuffs of which of which appear to blur into more vines, flowers and small birds which flit about her. A druid. The second appears slightly shorter than the first, and younger - possibly a little less than thirty. Where the first's face was handsome, this one, framed by shoulder length auburn hair, is truly beautiful. She is clothed in a figure-following short-sleeved suede jerkin, and similarly close-fitting trousers that end at her knees, and has a full quiver on her back. She carries a short recurve bow in her right hand. A hunter. He never believed he would ever know the presence of Tunare - the Mother of All and his patron goddess, and certainly can't imagine why Erollisi Marr - the Queen of Love - is there as well. Both of them are smiling upon him, Tunare with the love of one's own child, Erollisi with the emotion and slight mischief of romance. Tunare speaks.* "MY SON." *He is almost knocked backwards by the power of her voice. She continues.* "THERE IS ONE WHO WOULD NOT HAVE YOU LEAVE LIFE AT THIS TIME, AND HAS OFFERED HERS TO BRING YOU BACK. MY FRIEND *she glances at Erollisi and receives a grin* PLEADED THE CASE TO ME, AND THOUGH IT IS ALMOST UNPRECEDENTED AND GOES AGAINST NATURE, THERE ARE TIMES WHEN A BOND OF LOVE IS SIMPLY TOO STRONG TO BE BROKEN THROUGH PASSING. I CANNOT PRESUME TO STAND IN THE WAY OF SUCH DEVOTION TO ANOTHER'S LIFE. YOU CARRY HER LIFE-FORCE IN YOUR SOUL, AS PER HER OFFER - I CAN DO NO MORE THAN THAT. USE IT WELL." *The realisation of what Phoenix has done downs on Daenaram with all of the subtleness of a sledgehammer between the shoulderblades.* "NOW GO, MY SON. IT IS NOT YOUR TIME JUST YET." *There is another blinding yellow flash and the two deities dissappear. Daenaram is returned to the deep grey void he occupied before. Yuula...what where you thinking?

Thorfen's Report

Mission to Rid the area around Over-Wallop-In-The-Field of Jackals 

Firstly, I would like to raise a formal objection to our orders. We were ordered to kill all jackals in the area. I 
understand that there are times when criminals need to be dealt with, but as we did not have a member of the Temple of 
Justice with us, we were not in a position to determine absolutely whether someone was a criminal, and therefore do not have
the necessary authority to pronounce whether they should live or die. 

However, orders are orders, and I report that the mission to clear out the Jackals was a success. The rogue Chaos Priest 
known as Draythen was seen in the area by Pathfinder Lieutenant Skulk and the thing known as Cal - more on him later - 
although I do not know what his intentions or actions were. He certainly wasn't stopping the Jackals from attacking us, but I 
could not be certain that he was aiding them either. Pathfinder Lieutenant Skulk should be able to give you a clearer picture 
of that since he was in advance of the main party group when we met with Draythen. 

There appears to be a strong chaotic presence in the area, or at least that's what I could surmise given the many and varied 
strange happenings. To the best of my knowledge, here is a list of those happenings: 

- Village of Over-Wallop-In-The-Field. Mysteriously disappearing turnip crops as though they had never been there. Neither of 
our pathfinders were able to see anything that would have caused the turnips to disappear, and there were no turnip remains 
that would have been left behind from harvesting or eating. 

- Animals made of wood, metal and crystal. We believe that this may have been being caused by dark druids as we came across 
a group of druids who were performing a ritual on a bear, apparently returning him to nature. However, fighting ensued very 
quickly so we were unable to determine the cause of the druids nor how or what exactly they were doing. 

- Village of Over-Wallop-In-The-Woods. When they tried to drink beer from their brewery, it turned to water just before it 
got to their lips so they were drinking water. One of them talked backwards, one of them took two attempts before he answered 
the correct question, one of them had turned green and could apparently see a taint of death upon the thing known as Cal and 
High Wizard Phoenix. There was a Justice Priest in the village who had been similarly affected, although only after a while 
of being in the village. 

- Lizard Creatures. These looked a little like the Saar that infested Draxia. I don't know if the Jackals are controlling 
these creatures or not. Please can we get picture and/or descriptions of the Saar circulated round the pathfinders asap, with 
particular reference to those who will be investigating these creatures further to determine whether these lizard creatures 
are Saar. 

- Random effects whilst approaching a ritual that included Draythen. Wizard Traci was struck with a slowness, my cloak 
spontaneously caught fire, and my shield fell apart in my hands after I had dropped a chaos caster. There were no other 
casters anywhere near me so I don't believe it was one of them. Also Pathfinder Skulk and Marshal Guinness appeared to be 
affected by some sort of deafness whilst we were in the valley area where the ritual was.

I report one death on this mission. This was that of Pathfinder Lieutenant Daenaram Fearsbane. The situation surrounding his 
death was with the druids mentioned earlier. Pathfinder Lieutentants Skulk and Fearsbane marched up to the edge of the ritual 
to try and see what was going on, and one of the druids took fright and stuck Skulk to the floor with plants. Daenaram then 
attacked that druid, and in the ensuing combat he was slain. It may be worth reminding him to wait for the order to attack 
rather than attack first, with minimal provocation. 

Finally, I would like to strongly reccomend that someone look into the thing known as Cal immediately. I believe him to be a 
liar, and threat to the patrol groups. He claims to be not all human, and claims to be a Warrior, and nothing more. However,
he was seen casting many miracles throughout the day, demanded that he be able to Pray, and seemingly knew lots about the 
divine nature of things. He also informed me, loudly, and in full view of the rest of the party, that he was not going to 
follow my orders, and that if I wanted to go out on patrols in the future, I would need to learn to respect him further. I 
would suggest that investigations are started with much haste as to his aims and desires as insubordination such as this when 
out in a small patrol group is highly dangerous and can lead to Barony Citizens being placed in danger. He also destroyed an
item belonging to one of the members of the village of Over-Wallop-In-The-Woods and to my knowledge did not apologise, nor 
did he re-imburse the villager. 

Also, please can a crop of turnips be sent to Over-Wallop-In-The-Fields so that they may be able to feed themselves as their
last crop was taken by possibly non-natural means.

Guard Lieutenant Thorfen Skullsplitter. 

Adiuvo's Report

To the College Masters: 

Please find attached three items of power taken from a ritual circle on my last patrol, in the area of 
Over-Wallop-In-The-Field. Whilst I believe the items to be of a chaotic divine nature, rather than to be magical, I still 
feel we are more adequately equipped to investigate such matters. 

Wizard Traci and High Wizard Phoenix also have ritual items. 

I must also report seeming transmutation of living forms to elements, such as crystal, wood, stone and shadow. We interrupted 
some druids conducting a ritual of some kind on a bear, seemingly turning it to wood, however they refused to explain before 
turning typically violent and the matter was turned to combat. Perhaps if a local druid was captured and held down we could 
get some reasonable answers? 

I must also report a magical assault upon a Barony citizen by Wizard Traci. She utilised some form of the mental spells for 
which the school of Water is famous to silence a villager who was attempting to, in my opinion rightfully, raise a complaint
against another patrol member for property damage. Regardless of Wizard Traci's beliefs in the matter, the villager in 
question obviously felt that he had been affected by magics in a manner contrary to Barony laws. In the circumstances, I see 
no choice but to instruct Traci to make a public apology, then for her training in mind altering magics to be accelerated so
in future she can instruct the assaulted party and any non-College witnesses to forget about it in terms they would be unable 
to refuse. 

Yours in service, 

Peregrinus Alzarn 
College of Earth 

Calare's Report

To the Office of the High Guardian, 

Please convey my gratitude to High Judge Fabain for his invitaion to dinner, this Thursday. I shall be honoured to accept. 

I wish to make a report on the mission of this past week, to deal with the Jackal menace. It appeared a simple enough 
expedition to me, a quick hard thrust to remove a threat from our lands. Unfortunately things started to go wrong almost from 
the very beginning. 

A scaly creature of an almost bovine construction attacked, and the military we had with us dealt with the problem. It was, 
unfortunately, one of the few instances where the entire military were competent in their job. The first village was 
encountered without any other incident and after a short discussion about some missing turnips, we attempted to begin our 

Attempted, I say, because from the moment we began, the useless oaf of a guard Thorfen Skullsplitter tried to stop us killing 
each and every Jackal we met, despite his orders to the contrary. He never actually physically restrained us, but he seemed 
to believe that we could either trail forty to fifty Jackals along behind us, or perhaps make a dozen or so trips back to the 
Barony each time we overcame a group. In short, he made the mission far more difficult. 

He showed a complete lack of stomach when it came to questioning the captives, as well. He refused to believe the most simple 
statements from certain party members and was downright rude on many occasions. He was incredibly unwisely garbed for the 
weather and the season, and his unkempt mass of hair is a disgrace to the Guards. The worst though, was his language. His 
mouth issued forth a constant stream of gutter oaths and invective which were entirely inappropriate considering the ladies 
present, and his complete lack of respect for myself and others was deplorable. I was forced to inform him that I was unable
to consider him in charge, the reason being that such a monstrous affront to humanity would surely destroy any attempt at 
diplomacy with neutral groups along the way. I strongly recommend that a quiet word is had with the Guards about this 

The druids of the area appeared to have diversified in their creation of creatures from natural materials, several wolves 
made of various woods and stones were encountered. A group of these we encountered used various plant-based magics upon our 
Pathfinders, who retaliated with blows from weapons. Most of the druids were killed, though the Pathfinder Daenaram was 
killed in return. There was no stone-carved evidence as to the Druidic path they followed, but their holy symbols depicted 
animal or plant totems, so perhaps a diplomatic mission is in order, just in case it was a very unfortunate misunderstanding? 
After all, I understand several groups of druids have been killed recently, and they may have been merely defensive.

The Jackals we encountered were not noteworthy, being weak, poorly organised and equipped, and only using the weakest of 
Chaos miracles for the most part. They were of no threat to myself, at any rate, and I saw few wounds on any but Thorfen. 

We encountered a second village, in the forest. they appeared to be suffering from what could only be described as an 
abundance of Chaos. One had turned green, including his eyes, and so was blind. Others appeared mad, one spoke her words in 
the wrong order. I was forced to rectify the problem of a brewer who was selling water as beer. I destroyed the container he
was attempting to sell to one poor dupe, and he reacted very angrily. The lady Tracy was kind enough to magically enforce 
silence upon him while I explained the situation. The Justice Priest of the village appeared to be suffering the usual 
problems of those who renounce Chaos entirely, and was in strong need of a stiff drink. I provided such to enable him to 
carry on with his work. I have sent him a cask of the family brandy to keep him going until adequate provision is made by his 
own Temple. I consider it a fair trade for the healing services he provided our party. 

We encountered an odd breed of lizard-like humanoids, able to create some form of magical or miraculous protection on their 
weapons and shields. Myself and Pathfinder Skulk had little trouble with them, but Thorfen appeared to suffer at their hands
quite considerably. Perhaps evidence of his incompetence? Marshal Guiness joined us and provided much healing, though she 
claimed that the power of Order did not work in parts of the forest. I was unable to verify her claims. 

As reserves of power fell low, we finally came upon the Jackal encampment, which appeared to be almost empty except for a 
ritual group. In short, the ritual was disrupted and the participants slain except for one captive, who we brought back. He 
appeared by far the most powerful, using complex miracles and large amounts of casting. I suspect he may have been the 
spiritual leader of that particular group of Jackals. 

In conclusion, I believe Thorfen needs reminding of his duty in representing the Barony as a member of the Guards, and to 
learn how to lead before being placed in command again. Pathfinder Skulk deserves a commendation for his skilful and sensible 
use of his abilities to great effect. Since Draythen was not among the dead, I suspect we may have to continue the hunt for 
him. One of the Jackals questioned yielded the name of her superior, Kailyn, perhaps another avenue for investigation.


Calare Princeps 

Chaos Effects II (31/07/2005)

Iussis's Report

To representatives of the Temple of Justice, the Temple of Order the Guards and the Pathfinders, 

I wish to inform you that the Chaos plaguing the area surrounding the various Wallop villages have been solved. By myself. 

You did indeed send an entire party to rectify the situation. We were forced to make a deal with Drathen to try and obtain 
necessary information to solve the problem. Apparently Drathen wished to be the chief power of Chaos in the area, and thus 
needed the infestation of what turned out to be demons to be eradicated. 

Guard Lieutenant Thorfen ordered the party to break the deal and capture Drathen. He apparently decided the best way to 
accomplish this was by getting Pathfinder Skulk to slit the man's throat, and hope we could stop him bleeding to death. This 
was despite our orders to bring him back alive, and the information we were given that we had no idea how often he had died, 
and thus no idea if he would die as soon as he lost conciousness. 

I expect the Pathfinders and Guard will fill you in on the majority of the mission. I doubt it is necessary for me to explain 
the events in any case, until we found the door. An apparent portal to the source of the Chaos. 

Guard Lieutenant Thorfen wished to leave, and report back. I felt this would leave the area vulnerable to more of the demons
we had already faced, and after solving a small puzzle, passed through the portal. 

The party did not follow me. 

I defeated all the demons I found through the portal, and passed through two wards which required complex puzzles to be 
solved, until I stood before a large stone, appearing much like limestone, but radiating pure Chaos. I investigated the 
stone, but knowing it was almost certainly the cause of the effects in the area, I eventually came to the conclusion it had 
to be destroyed. 

During my assault, I was assailed by many chaotic effects, but struggled through until I destroyed the stone, it's 
destruction causing a great flash of light. About half an hour to an hour had passed by this time, and I was of the opinion 
I ought to hasten back to the area we had been in before, assuming the lack of support by my party was due to a great assault 
of demons or the like. I quickly found a path, and after only a minute or two reached where the portal had stood.

I was surprised at how close I had been, and puzzled I had heard no shouts, nor seen no scouts, for I was only a few tens of
feet from where I had destroyed the stone. There were no signs of a further struggle after I had entered, no demons in the 
area, and no other discernable reason I had not been found. 

I travelled further from the portal, and sat down to rest, being exhausted from my exertions fighting demons and the 
destroying the stone. I knew I would have to search for my allies, for I could not abandon them to whatever had drawn them 
away from their search for me. 

Imagine my surprise when the party reappears, in apparent good health. They had made a search of the area, they told me 
(somehow missing the obvious path, with visible wards along it not thirty feet from the portal), they had shouted for me 
(though not loud enough to be heard fifty feet away) and had then decided to head back to the Barony. It was only the flash 
of light caused by the destruction of the stone that brought them back to me. 

I must say that I am disappointed in the Barony's military, who claim never to leave a man behind, if they could fail to find 
me in such circumstances. 


Breakout II (07/08/2005)

Blackwing (14/08/2005)

Guards!, Guards! (21/08/2005)

Final Fantasy I - Tracking down the One-Winged Angel (04/09/2005)

Rain's Report

To only Jameson:

Regarding the objective of finding and killing Sephiroth (aka Mr. Fluff), we were unable to even see him, presumably he was 
hiding under the magic dome. 

Regarding the objective of finding and stopping Rufius (son of Humboldt, did you know?), we were unable to stop him in time 
before he performed his ritual. He attacked us on sight, but I was eventually able to reason with him. He had friends though, 
people of an organization I encountered before, the SOC. Rufius was able to destroy the dome though, but the area was left 
drained of most mana. We were unable to bring back rufius, as he was quite powerful, so we had to let him escape. 

Other notes of interest related to our objectives:
- The "flower girl" has been reported dead by the arch druid catsclaw, with a massive sword wound. She has been "buried" in a 
- Rufius intends to use sephiroth as a template for some kind of "super-elf". He is unfortunately convinced that his fathers
research is correct. 


Final Fantasy I - Worlds End (11/09/2005)

Rain's Report

*Rain sits in meditation near some random lake*

My ancestors, this land is so weird. 

First, we have to do deal with misguided barony people who perform really stupid rituals that drain entire areas fully of 
mana. We had to do this in blazing sunlight. 

Now, once the weather gets a little bit better, a huge rock of death appears in the sky and threatens to kill us all, just 
because this honored guest called sephiroth tries to blow up the world. Why? I thought I ask him, and I think the answer was 
"because I can, and I'll be a god." 

Right... Like that makes any sense at all. He also didn't seem to like the temporary name (Mr. Fluff) I gave him. 

Anyway, blackwing did what he does best and stabbed him multiple times though head, chest and probably arms, too. I 
regretfully report I failed to put glitter on him, one of my arms was broken (by the SOC) and I had to use the other one to 
nick his sword - before the SOC could. 

However, not all is lost, as I managed to glitter two huge dragon like constructs which were menacing the surrounding areas. 
Only 999 years and 9 months to go until the angel of death appears again... 

Speaking of the barony, all they could muster for us killing sephiroth was just Blackwing, Iussius and myself. Not even ONE 
guard. Where was G'Mord? Slacker! 

In the end, it seemed somebody who calls himself the "gamemaster" organized this event. He claimed he was just slightly 
influencing all people involved to create this mess. And indicated he may do so again, in the future. Strange hobby, but it 
was very interesting! I wonder if we will be part of his scheme next time... 

The Five Mages (16/09/2005)

Turnip's Report

I thought it best if I submit a report after the excursion to kill the 5 mages as I'm aware that others might submit a biased 
and slightly untruthful report and wanted to make sure that an unbiased and factual report was submitted. 

On the first night we ploughed through the woods, facing numerous undead who would no doubt have destroyed us had it not been 
for the mighty Nab. The mages of the party seemed to have either disappeared or fallen over with this fight. We then got 
through the barrier, as planned, and met with the 11th. They watched over us that night so that we slept soundly. 

In the afternoon of the next day we set off to confront the 5 mages but were met by an impenetrable wall. Through the courage 
of Nab and the superb spiritual guidance of Morrigan and Talia, we were able to gain the trust of some barbarians who were in 
the area. They gave us the means to get through the wall on the condition that we aided them in destroying a necromancer. 
That evening we did that very task, pummelling the necromancer into tiny pieces, although one of his constructs was only 
defeated by the cunning, spiritual prowess of Turnip. That evening, one of the group who had been defending the base told us 
that the elf who was supposedly in charge had been captured. Only through the cool headedness of our human leader, Eagleson, 
were we able to save this elf from certain doom. 

The following day we set out to finally destroy the 5 mages. In a tough final battle the chief defender, Whitlock, was 
outwitted by the careful preparation of Turnip and knocked into small pieces by the strength and sheer determination of Nab. 
Morrigan was also invaluable with her ability to keep Nab alive and fighting. The other party members contributed valuably 
too, except for the mages who seemed to be either running around like girls, desperately trying to hide using magical means 
or dead. After the fight we realised we had managed to kill 6 mages, a success by all accounts. 

I now go back to the Highlands to be with my clan once more, happy in the knowledge that the magical spirits will be abused 
by less mages than before. 

Sun Ju's Report

Grand Humact Buffy, Humact Mortis and Humact Humility,
I hereby give my account of the destruction of the renegade wizards: 

The mission was a success, all opposition was destroyed. The magical presence in the area was strong as was expected. 
Whitlock and the others were removed by couragous fighting from all the party. I feel that had it not been for the skills of
Zephyra and Turnip McFeegle we would not have lived past the first night as they were able to control the constructs which 
we encountered. These constructs I had not encountered before and it appears that they were not truly living but neither were 
they the living dead. 

Along with various attacks on and by the Defenders of the realm we had resistance from a large quantity of the living dead 
which I can state with all confidence was utterly destroyed. The party shows great skill in the destruction of the undead, 
especially my Brother in Oath Nab McFeegle, who even had the courage to challenge a Death Knight in a combat of honour. The 
members of the 11th and Ordinary Border Patrol 5 were responsible for the creature's destruction. 

The Necromancer who was responsible for the abominations was destroyed and I myself got the oppotunity to strike him, though 
with little effect. I am not certain who was responsible for his demise but the members of the Highland Clans played an 
important part. 

Once the safety of my companions was ensured I personaly observed the cremation of the Necromancers remains and witnessed the 
end of his power for our order. 

Thus comes the end of my report. 
My honour assist you in your actions, 
Humact Swordmaster Sun Ju. 

Trantis' Report

Anubis, Guardian of the Gateway, I send you souls. 

I send you the creators of the magical constructs, bindings for the souls of the dead, now released to your care. 
I send you Whitlock, a powerful killer and a dangerous mage, the creator of all that these constructs became. I place him in 
your hands for torture eternal for his crime, and tell you that I have burned the body so that you can hold him for all 
I send you Von Trapp, whose inability to use a weapon as a mage of the Earth is evidence enough of the need to remove him 
from life, and tell you that I have burned the body so that you can hold him for all eternity. 
I send you Aeris, who fell to blades and to your power, who willingly created these constructs, and tell you that I have 
burned the body so that you can hold him for all eternity. 
I send you Snow, who I know only that he willingly perverted deaths passage, and tell you that I have burned the body so that 
you can hold him for all eternity. 
I send you Flamberge, who believed himself invulnerable and safe inside his magic, and attempted to strike your servant dead 
as well as creating these constructs, and tell you that I have burned the body so that you can hold him for all eternity. 

I send you the souls of human Defenders of these mages, released souls of the constructs we have destroyed, the souls of two 
members of clan McSweeney, whose stupidity brought them failure and death and gained them nothing. 

I send to you a piece of the soul of Salogel, a believer in Life who clads himself in armour and carries a blade to the enemy 
with intent to kill. 
I send to you a piece of the soul of Jarak the Quick, whose blade has cut many a throat and who always seeks the death of his 
foe, quickly and precisely. 
I send to you a piece of the soul of Helyanwe, an elven blade in the dark. Though not a true killer, she does not hesitate 
when compelled to act. 
I send to you a piece of the soul of Azrael, warrior, Guard of the Barony, a member of one of the strongest organisations of 
murderers and killers I have ever met. 

And I commend my soul to you and beg forgiveness for my return to Life. I will slay more in your name and harvest their souls 
for you. I also beg forgiveness for two lost opportunities, for I came upon a new kind of troll, a night troll, but was 
unable to end its life. Nor was I able to end the existence of the servant of a false god, the Destroyer, a death knight 
created from a barbarian warlord of great strength, and commend his soul to your service. 

I pray that my service is strong enough, and that by wielding the power of One who speaks as Three I did not commit offence 
to you. 

Nab's Report

*At the bar of the Warrior's Rest. Nab tells the customers gathered to welcome him back about his trials...* 

So, there we were. Called up to the barracks at gods know what time. So I'm standing there, in the chill of the night, 
surrounded by bleary eyed elves without enough beauty sleep. *Nab takes a drink* Well, Peterson explains that this barrier 
thing has moved. The foul magic of the mages, not only do they steal souls but they sealed those close by there with them. 
Without the witchdoctors of the north, the mages here don't have the power to get rid of the shield so they relied upon this 
elf from the college. And ye know with the problems up there at the moment, there was good reason to think they wouldn't 
co-operate too. *Nab takes a drink* Fighting through hordes of the unliving, many were wounded. But we of the north were not 
afraid, ye know Morrigan and her strength and you may have heard of my kinsman Turnip. We three with our friends Eagleson, 
Talia, Cyrus and Sun Ju formed a heart. Where the others would draw strength from. We fought through sprites of skin jet 
black, through creatures of soul devoid and finally though a night troll. Skin dark as its name suggests, with savage eyes. 
Claws as long as daggers, lashed out at us. Made to destroy it, without skinning it!!! *a laugh goes up* Come on, that armour 
would have been a master piece *Nab grins and takes a drink* Anyway, with the troll no longer coming at us by denying death, 
we reached the barrier. The foolish mages attempted to bring the barrier down. Turnip gave council, but it was ignored. Thus 
the spirits showed their disapproval. It rained balls of lightning, striking at our group. When finally the barrier fell, an 
evil trick struck out at us. The mages trap swepth magic over us. A hole was formed. We pushed through it. Those damned 
defenders tried to stand in our way, but we gutted them like dogs. As they died they knew fear, they knew we were there to 
set things straight. Then to the stockade. We needed a base, and had to retake it from the defenders. No longer did the 
11th's flags fly there, no longer did those green scarves patrol. Only red armbanded fools. So whilst Morrigan led those 
against the north gate, I went round to the south gate. Finding Naismith injured from his assault in the early part of the 
battle, I moved to engage three of the defenders. One came at me striking out with twin hammers, I dodged, weaved and 
parried. Eventually I made my hole, broke through and struck at the rear of their shield wall. Their retribution was swift. 
More came at me, driving me back to the gate. *Nab finsihes his drink, he continues talking whilst filling his mug* One 
member of the 11th came to my side, but something needed to be done. Now you've heard us highlanders can lose it sometime. 
Wrath lends us strength, and it did. I can't remember much from it, but I was roused from my exaustion by my lady. Surrounded 
by bodies of their fallen, sliced by my blade or crushed by Morrigan's staff. Piercing stab wounds from Cyrus' spear, or 
clean cuts of Sun Ju's blades. We had taken it. The rest of the 11th appeared. For that night, the fight was over. We slept, 
readying for the battle in the morrow... 

*taking a long drink Nab waited as people muttered amongst themselves for a second. He glances over to a dark corner, and 
smiles winking at someone* 

SO! *the crowd goes silent* The morning came, it was time to assault the walls. The filthy tricks of the mages would not let 
us cross. Touching the wall caused a spell to activate, so I tried to polevault it. I cleared the wall, only to find myself 
8ft in the air when the spell went off. Their magic weaved and moved me back. I crashed to the ground. Once I gathered myself 
up, we decided to move back to camp. Then it came. From thin air they appeared, using their magics. A group of defenders led 
by a death knight. Its eyes dark as pitch, it stared at us. Using its tricks it forced us back. Then the McFeegles came 
together. Turnip asked the spirits to protect me from its tricks, and allow my courage to stand against it without 
interference. So we duelled. It's magics protected it from my blows, so after a short while the duel seemed pointless. My 
point proved, was it not a foul beast of dark and bone. It should have been vanquished there. Still my honour satisfied, I 
returned to my lines. Then the defenders attacked, the death knight left as the battle joined. Once the defenders were 
defeated, we were given a new task. To make an alliance with a group of clamsmen trapped as we were. The McCullums. They 
work with the spirits, and were wise. Their elders met with us, saying they would help us if we proved ourself. The lady 
Morrigan, wise as she is strong and couragous, led the talks. Their elders set the challenge, a trial of strength. Not only 
of the arm, but of the heart. Discarding my sword for a lesser quality weapon, I fought the challenge. *Nab takes a drink* 
The winner of the 10th annual contest of arms, against their champion. With two swords he fought, attacking hard. His strikes 
bruised through my armour, and I struck back with my might. Disabling one of his arms. He finally cut deeply into my left 
arm, but my right struck true. The fight was over... I had won. My strength proven. Morrigan finished her talks with the 
elders. Thus it ended. They agreed to lend us aid. Their spirits guiding druid Talia and Morrigan, walked the spirit guide. 
They're wisdom allowed them to brave whatever lay beyond the veil. *Nab looks on the verge of saying something, but stops to 
take a drink* So we had won, but as boon was asked in return. To save a soul of one of their own. Not just any soul, but the 
one who had been captured to create the death knight. We had to slay the necromancer also. Another trapped inside. So we 
fought, we triumped. Not a tidy fight, but we had won the day. Again we slept. The next day would bring the final battle. 
With wisdom and might the wall allowed us to pass. Then we came to the castle. Protected by a shell of magic like no other. 
Defenders waited for us, as some worked on the shield. Others fought. Myself and Cyrus fought back to back, both against 
multiple foes. When the battle was done. The shield was removed. *Nab takes a drink* The mages appeared from no where, and 
their leader stood protected by the red armbanded fools. Battle was joined. Morrigan pounded Von Trapps face in. He saw fear, 
true as it can be, and he fell. Without time to prepare they were nothing, crushed under sword and fist. Whitlock still 
stood. We penned him and his followers into a corner, we almost had them. Then, we discovered our situation wasn't fool 
proof. Salogel tried spell. Bound in an item he released it's power. To bind them into the ground, so deeply 16 men would be 
required to pull one out. I cannot remember what happened next. I've been told I dragged myself from the ground, then slashed 
at him, made him bleed. He fell, and the day was won. I woke slumped over my fallen foe, the wounds I made inches from my 
nose. One last surge of energy caused my foe to rise, but he was chopped down quickly. 

Now no-one has to fear these mages. They will never steal the souls of your loved ones. They are burnt corpses. We are safe.

Thanks all, drink up, and order another round. If you want more stories I'll tell the one about the drow later. 

*The common room returns to chatter, Nab moves over to the corner, and sits with the one there...* 

Naismith's Report

To the DIA Headquarters, Capital 

Message starts 

Still no demons 

Message ends


To Captains Peterson and Everwood 

Firstly, my thanks for including me on the concluding mission to end the threat of the dangerous mages. It was truly a shame
that each of the patrol group could only be provided with one healer. I just hope that Wolfgang and Ghengis didn't die trying 
to make it through with other groups. The body of Guardian Libra should have been ressurected by now (hopefully he hadn't 
past on one too many times). He deserves a commendation. And an Abacus. 

Two things need to be brought to your attention. The villages of 'lost souls' need to be investigated if they are still 
there. Everwood was told the location. 

Secondly, it is to request that a formal reprimand be put onto Salogel's record. During the final confrontation, he actived 
his item (against ALL advice) at a stage when Pathfinder Jarak and myself were in range. This would have left Jarak and 
myself welded to the floor, within sword range of Whitlock and three fanatical defenders. Or, as I like to call it, Dead 
Meat. Whitlock would have simply dispelled the effect on him in a few seconds, and then where would we be? His actions were 
either stupid, ungrateful (I had just put a protective miracle on him and the pathfinder) or unthinking. Or he meant to do 
it. After consultation, I feel that asking for his execution is excessive, but I ask that he never again be allowed to hold 
military rank in the kingdom. 

Thank you for reading this, if you need me, I am returning to the capital to add a new chapter to my book. 

Cyrus' Report

To the Office of the Grand Champion, Gladiator's Guild, 
Gladiator Cyrus Fere, 

As you are aware, I have been serving alongside the military forces of the barony for some time. An emergency call from one 
Captain Petersen reached me on Friday last calling all members of the irregular patrols who could, to assemble with best 
haste. I answered the call, and discovered that a major crisis had arisen on the borders. 

I reported to you nine months ago the successful completion of an escort mission on behalf of the College of Magic. It turns 
out that we were serving the purposes of treachery on that day. The mage Aeris, along with several others, had caused great 
magical disturbance, killed or trapped many servants of the Barony and were going on the offensive. 

I would also like to refer to my report from the 29th of April, in which I urged the Guild in the strongest terms to speak to 
the Barony about what to do should mages turn renegade and take a significant force of trained warriors with them. I cannot 
but wish that more senior members of our Guild had been with us in the field, for there are certain skills which we possess 
which no others there did, and there was only one of me. I will refer again to this later in my report. 

Many familiar companions answered the call to arms: Sun Ju, once of our order, now serves the path of Humact. The Demon 
hunter Naesmith was present, and we were once again under the command of the ever-competent Guard *Lieutenant* Eagleson. Nab 
Mac Feegle (and a relative, Turnip) and the Lady Morrigan were there, as were Druid Talia and ArchWizard Zephyra. Saliently 
missing were Dr. Wolfgang, Marshal Genghiz, and, in fact, any other specialist in the healing arts. 

After some encounters with zombies and a good deal of arcane disturbance we breached (temporarily) the great magical dome 
which the renegade wizards had erected, and were then stranded, enclosed within it. One other of the eight patrol units were 
enclosed with us. We also began to discover, and in some cases rescue, traumatised members of the 11th Pathfinders unit who 
had been stranded there between necromancy and arcane evil for several days and nights. 

I would like to pause at this time and recomend a commendation from the Pathfinder's Guild for one Fredrik, who scouted the 
mission for us. While possessed of less than half the experience of Lieutenant Jarrack or Sergeant Helyanwe, he acquitted 
himself well, consistently skillful and diligent, and when necessary very very quick on his feet. 

In conjunction with some members of the 11th and of Ordinary Border 5 (OB5), my companions (OB1) were able to retake the 
11th's stockade, which the enemy had invested some days earlier. This was accomplished with a great deal of difficulty but it 
was accomplished and we were able to sleep in safety. 

The following day, in between interruptions by arcane constructs of the renegade mages, I was attached to a detail led by 
Lady Morrigan of the von Angstein clan, along with Trantis, Fredrik, Druid Talia and the Mac Feegles. The mission was 
diplomatic in nature and led to an alliance with the MacSweeny clan of Highlanders who had also been trapped within the 
curtain wall. Their Chieftan had been slain, soul-trapped and animated as a Death Knight, and in return for freeing him we 
were offered the means to breach the renegade mage's inner defences. 

That evening, during the fighting focussed around said Death Knight, Druid Talia and I were detached from OB1 and detailed to 
OB5, which was latter split and scattered by the enemy. Druid Talia and I were able to return safely to the rendezvous point 
the following morning, after spending some time hiding in the undergrowth and trying to avoid notice from arcane foes. 

We rejoined the muster of remaining troops around dawn. The Death Knight had been destroyed by OB1, who had also rescured 
Captains Everwood and Peterson. The final onslaught against the renegades was prepared, with OB5 being led in a feint and 
OB1, guided and enabled by Lady Morrigan and Druid Talia, heading directly for the stronghold. We fought our way through to 
the magical defences, where the ladies disabled them and we were able to attack the castle. Said defences reformed behind us, 
which was slightly concerning. 

Once again we were divided in order to remove four arcane constructs who were acting as anchors for the wards on the castle. 
Once we had brought them down, we were assailed by the renegade mages themselves and a strong force of Defenders; most of the 
mages died in short and pleasing order, but one was not only a very talented and skilled warrior in his own right, but was 
capable of significant magical casting while wearing heavy metal armour. This is not a threat I had ever come across before, 
and I believe most of my companions were equally taken aback. [1] Sergeant Helyanwe died during the fighting, as did Defender 
Salogel [2]. The combined force, skill and perseverance of the heaviest fighters eventually overcame the rampant mage: most 
of the credit for this should be attributed to the valour, skill, strength and bloody-mindedness of Nab Mac Feegle and the 
eternally lethal Trantis. 

Once the battle mage and the Defenders were dead, the various arcane barriers surrounding the area collapsed, causing an 
earthquake and the ingestion of a fair amount of earth. The castle itself caught fire, and after the remnants of OB5 had come 
up, and begun work on the wounded and dead, Lady Morrigan, Nab, ArchWizard Zephyra and myself searched what of it we could 
for evidence of the souls trapped during the making of the constructs. We were able to determine that those abused by the 
renegade mages were now free. 

The bodies of the renegades were cast into the inferno. 

I remain, 

Yours in honour (and some state of exhaustion), 

Champion Cyrus Fere 

[1] Please see above re. the efficiency of skilled Gladiators against combat mages. When battling significant opponents the 
Barony's military rely heavily on arcane assistance from mages and priests. The combat mage who lead the final stand had 
enchanted his armour such that contact with it dispelled all such arcane effects from his opponents' weapons. He was unable 
to do this to me. Had more of those facing him been possessed of the disciplines of our Guild, I believe that less damage, 
and indeed death, would have been dealt among the second line. 

[2] I have never had it adequately explained to me why he shares his title with the group of renegades who were our foes. 

Zephyra's Report

To the college: 

Mission to destroy the mages and their work successful. We were summoned urgently on the Friday night and taken to the area 
where the mages had their base, escorting High Wizard Yu who would assist us in getting through the outer barrier. We had to
fight our way through sprites, undead, and a night troll, ultimately reaching the outer barrier where a group of guards was 
awaiting us. They guarded Yu as he conducted the ritual, leaving the rest of us to make sure the undead which kept attacking
us did not impede our progress. The barrier proved difficult to penetrate and required both magic and miracle to open the 
hole large enough for us to get through. Soon after going through, despite the belief that High Wizard Yu would be able to 
hold the barrier open, it closed again with a loud bang. I was told that one of the guards had been killed, split down the 
middle when the barrier closed, but whether the rest escaped unharmed or not I do not know. 

We were met by a Pathfinder who had been out there alone for 2 days. She led us to the stockade which had been taken by 
defenders and originally held by the Pathfinders 11th, on the way helping us to fight the group of defenders who were 
presumably stationed near the barrier. After defeating them with ease, we made our way to the stockade and took it after a 
lengthy fight. We then turned our attention to the mess hall and myself and Pathfinder Lieutenant Jarak easily defeated the 
few defenders inside. 

On the Saturday, we determined to get to the castle which the mages had made as their base, and headed in that direction, 
fighting off the occasional undead. We quickly ascertained that we were unable to get through a wall which had been set up, 
which seemed to transport everyone by means of a blink spell away from it as soon as they approached. While we were trying to 
figure out how to get everyone across, we were set upon by a large group of defenders and a lengthy battle ensued. The 
defenders were joined by a Death Knight, and we retreated to the stockade where we fought more. We were unable to defeat 
them, but they eventually retreated. We then received word that a group of defenders were interested in deserting the mages 
and were willing to give us information on them in return for clemency. A group of us went to meet them. The others went to 
speak with some barbarians who had been caught in the barrier when it was expanded and who had attacked us that morning 
(unimpeded by the barbarian witch doctor Turnip, who didn't seem to do very much in the way of being useful all weekend). On 
the way to speak to the defectors, we encountered two groups of defenders, who we defeated. We also discovered a small group 
of what appeared to be villagers. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they were purely magical beings, and that the 
‘people' standing in static positions around the group were constructs. The fact that the villagers denied that they were 
constructs, combined with the fact that when we tried to touch them we were unable, made me very suspicious and I insisted 
that we leave at once. Trantis the priest suggested that they might be the souls which were ripped out of the people when 
they are turned into constructs, a theory which sounds sound. Another has been put forward as well, which I shall discuss 

A lengthy discussion with the defectors followed, and we learned that Whitlock had been experimenting on himself and was 
‘no longer human' according to one of the defenders, along with the fact that he considered the other four mages expendable 
and planned to use them as fodder while he himself got away. We found out that he was planning a ritual to transport the 
entire castle and all within it to an undisclosed location, and was confident he could do the ritual alone if need be. He 
also appeared to be suffering from delusions where he thought he was still head of the defenders of the College. They told us 
there was a barrier around the castle itself, created by four constructs, and to get through the barrier we had to destroy 
the constructs simultaneously. After promising that we would take down the mages and the outer barrier, we left them and 
returned to the stockade. On the way, we discovered that the first group of defenders had been raised as undead, and 
dispatched them. 

After we all returned, we went for a meal with the 11th in the mess hall we had taken the night before. During our meal, we 
were visited by Von Trapp and Snow, who were as incorporeal as the villagers we had met. They were immune to both darts and 
physical attacks as well as any other type of magic or miracle, and proceeded to taunt us. While we were talking to them and
warning them that Whitlock was going to betray them, some of the barbarians discovered a group of three constructs out in the 
woods and subsequently destroyed them, causing the mages to disappear instantly. An idea was put through that the constructs
were projecting an image, and that was what we had encountered in the small village. 

After dinner, we determined to go out and kill the necromancer, having discovered by means of the 11th where he was. We set 
out, coming across several groups of undead along the way, and eventually reached him. He had a construct with him, and a 
large number of undead. I concentrated on the necromancer and was instrumental in taking him down. I had been unable to 
control the constructs we had come across previously, presumably the mages had discovered the flaw in them which allowed 
magic divination to be used and managed to get around it. Therefore the construct did a large amount of damage, putting many
people into a deep sleep, before it was destroyed. After the battle, we came to the firm conclusion that the necromancer and
the mages were working together, a thought which had begun when we had faced the Death Knight and confirmed when we 
discovered the necromancer had access to a construct. We then received word that Pathfinder Captain Everwood and Guard 
Captain Peterson had been captured by a group of constructs and rushed to rescue them. Having managed that, we retired for 
the night. 

Sunday morning, we were with the 11th when a construct came and took one of them with a recall spell. Soon after, we set out 
for the castle, the barbarians having found a way through the barrier with the Druid Talia's help. On the way, we encountered 
a group of constructs, with the pathfinder who had been taken that morning as one of them. Given that we knew he could cast 
magic, we were extremely concerned, a worry which was born out when he started doing damage not through a weapon, but by 
actually casting spells at us. After defeating them, we made our way to the wall, where we were met by a group of defenders. 
We defeated them, then Morrigan and Talia did their ritual and we had a small window in which to get through the wall. Once 
through, we grouped up into 4 groups and attacked the castle. 

There were many defenders there, and we had some difficulty in destroying the constructs while defending ourselves from the 
defenders. We eventually destroyed the constructs, and as the barrier went down Pathfinder Helyanwe told me she had heard the 
mages arguing inside and talking about not being expendable. At that moment, they appeared in the courtyard, along with 
Whitlock and a group of defenders, looking very surprised. The four mages ran, followed by the barbarians and perhaps some 
others, where they were killed before I could even get over there. Whitlock, meanwhile, took his enormous sword and starting
cutting swathes through us. I tried several spells on him, including rusting his armour and sword, freezing him, and darting 
him. Nothing worked. Salogel attempted to use an item of mass weld which had been given to him, and Whitlock rebounded it on 
him, causing several people to be trapped in earth. In the end it was the barbarian Nab McFeegle who managed to kill him, at 
which point a magic backlash hit us all and took down the barrier. 

A fire had broken out in the castle, causing the destruction of all the spellbooks and papers which the mages had written 
their information on. With the fire and the death of all the mages, their secrets have died with them and this horrible magic 
will not be able to be reproduced from their writings. I myself checked the entire castle for anything magical or 
detrimental, and was unable to find anything. 

Also of note is that both items and spells were noted to be working strangely inside the barrier. Spells would rebound on the 
caster to a lesser extent, although affecting the target. Several priests and miracle casters also had trouble with this.

Wizard of Water 

Research Base (25/09/2005)

Thorfen's Report

*Upon returning to the scheduled meeting point, Thorfen gets everyone checked for diseases and poisons, having been told that 
the effects that these re-occur hourly*


Mission to investigate the disappearance of the pathfinder, and check out the Research Centre a partial success. The 
pathfinder's body was recovered by one of the druids from the nearby grove, and was to be returned to the nearest place of 
resurrection. According to Paladin Redemption and Marshal Liana, he looked about two days dead. On arrival at the research 
centre, we found a dead guard, killed by either chaos miracles or air magics. We were pretty soon beset by zombies which were 
apparently raised by an item which had been placed round the neck of a tree goblin. The item has been destroyed. It's origin 
is technically unknown, although the necromancer we met later is the most likely suspect. There were two survivors - One 
priest, one mage. The zombies were the dead bodies of the rest of the research centre. As far as could be discerned with a 
quick look, all the magic rituals and miraculous research rituals had been taken. 

After watching the survivors head back to safety, we set off towards the forest. We met jackals in the forest, who were in 
the pay of someone who was trying to hold us up. Further in, we arrived at the druid grove where the druids had been 
diseased. Having cured them of this, a highlander who had started following the paths of dark and animal druidism showed up, 
and along with another bunch of jackals set about the party. Unfortunately, Aurelius was taken down in this fight as the 
druid jumped into the middle of the party whilst the main fighting and defending force were trying to hold off the Jackals 
and clawed his chest to pieces. We moved up the slope to find the valley in front of the Temple of Klovis littered with dead 
bodies and what I assume to be a necromancer sitting at the other end from us and as we entered he commanded the zombies to 
arise. With Rain's Ice Blades, we were able to eventually put him down, with minimal damage sustained by the party. We moved 
on, and removed the ghost from the front of the temple. The Priest of Order were reluctant for us to go and sort out the 
problem inside the temple as they were afraid we would spread more chaos. Given that we were sent out to help them with their 
problem, this was a bit galling. Eventually, Interfector and myself proceeded inside whilst the Paladin remained outside with 
the rest of the party. We swiftly came out again having discovered that the dungeon of the temple was crawling with 
elementals. We then all went in (having aquired Warden Bighead from the Priests) to push these elementals back behind a 
special door in the dungeon. Again this was achieved with minimal damage sustained, although I would suggest that a force 
equipped especially to deal with these elementals is sent to remove them as it is simply inviting trouble to keep them locked 
up in a dungeon which they will one day get out of. 

Finally, I have been informed by Marshal Liana that the diseases and poisons that we encountered today take effect once an 
hour until the disease and poison is removed. To this end, I would suggest that at the end of every patrol, a group capable 
of removing diseases and poisons is positioned at the reporting in point and that every member of the party is checked on 
arrival, especially the dead ones in case something nasty is going to happen to the dead body. 

Mantis' Report

Those Priests of Order are a lot stranger than I had previously suspected: They keep powerful elementals locked away in their 

Current world view:
Death - Evil 
Order - Wierd!