Scaffold: Death in the Forest (19/10/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

Sir, this is my mission report. 

We set out toward the village you directed us, upon arrival, we found villagers distressed by missing livestock. The cause 
was goblins who were dealt with. Furthur up the path, after facing various living foes, we discovered two dead goblins with 
slit throats. The perpertrator was a black clad man who disappeared abruptly into the woods, although this evidence is only 
circumstantial. The man straifed us for a while, but retreated when spotted. After an encounter with Orcs, many were left 
wounded and we found the pathfinders who aided us in healing. Down the path we found Orcs fighting zombies and dispatched 
them all. 

Next we faced the minions of the 'necromancer', who we destroyed with the loss of Touton from the ranks. We pursued him to a
sight where he was besieged by goblins where we were forced to kill him. 

We turned back to collect Touton's concealed body and that of the death priest, and brought them back to the keep.

Scaffold: Do Bears Shit in the Woods? (26/10/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

The mission began after you gave us leave to embark from the keep. We proceeded along the path the scout party had taken a 
few days ago to a small group of dwellings. Occupents reported rowdy orcs in the forest, who had been taking livestock. At 
this moment these creatures launched an attack, in protection of the Baronial citizens I ordered a defence. The orcs proved 
little trouble, though one with a great axe seemed a skilled fighter (this may prove problems in the future if orcs learn 
more of culture). From here I set the scouts to examine the entrance to the forset. At this point a remaining orc attacked 
and chased Mantis, his unconcious body was recovered after the orc was dealt with by the scouts. We proceeded into the forest 
where we encountered tree goblins, after the two previous encounters, and with limited healing, I decided combat to be a last 
resort (as it should always be, also the goblins posed no immediate threats to the barony), so I agreed passage through their 
'home'. A little further down the path a plant attacked and was dealt with swiftly. 

By this time Mantis was recovered and I set the scouting party out, as we continued with our mission. Just beyond this plant
we found a group of three Druids, they would not allow us to pass wearing metal. I sent the unarmoured scouts to bargin 
passage, pathfinders Fearsbane and Mantis were also offered healing. The agreement reached was that we would retrieve a 
sacred item of theirs, stolen from them by dark druids. The cause seemed just, so we proceeded along the outside border of 
the Druid grove with escort. 

We again dispatched a plant creature, and eventually reached a second grove, of the opposing druid sect. They claimed the 
item (a short staff, of around 3ft length) was always theirs and that the original druids we encountered were 'dark'. For a 
long time I set about settling the dispute in the name of Justice, that which the Barony holds dear. After consulting my 
religious aid, and opinions of all I could reach no conclusion. Both fought the plant creatures they claimed the others 
created (though with out magical advisement this could not be confirmed, though the creatures were not miraculous). I was 
also told by the second druid sect, that a horde of orcs dwelled over the ridge. I decided since this was the first we had 
heard of druids in the area, this dispute could be settled at a later time. The pressing issue of protecting the Barony came
first, so I agreed a ceasefire between the Druids and made them swear on their trees. 

We then climbed the path to where the orcs were, whilst I sent the priest of order and Syn (the archer) to observe the 
Druids. The scouts informed me of 3 Orcs in the clearing, so I charged forward to clear a path. At this point three more 
emerged, so I chose caution and retreated to a position I could hold. The apparent leader of the band started to mock us for
weak, so I issued him a challenge. Knowing the pride of the alpha male of an orcish band, I knew he would let no-one 
interfere with combat. I ordered my men to leave, and to give them a chance of escape moved the challenge to an open area, 
away from the party. I fought one on one with the chief. At this moment the bravery of my men showed as they charged in to 
dispatch the enemy observers. a second orc attempted to charge me, but was beaten of by the orc chief, proving my hypothesis
as to his pride. I eventually dispatched the chieften, before helping kill another two, as Syn and the priest arrived to help 
clear up. 

I now noticed Cassidy was missing, but skulk found him pinned down under an orc threatening to consume him. Needless to say 
he was killed swiftly. Now I was told that my dual had left me almost dead, and the priest insisted I required healing to 
continue our mission. Once the party was healed as well as they could be. We were informed of the spying performed by Syn. He 
reported that the trees of the originally encountered druids were twisted as a means of dark magic. At this moment justice 
guided me to belive the second druid sect, but after seeing the prowess of the druids in combat I sought the 'good' druids to 
aid us. We found them 1/2 hour dead, and were attacked by another plant creature which Cassidy and I dispatched. We hid the 
druids bodies, in order to preserve them for later retrieval. 

Justice had to be done, and the murder of the innocent had to be avenged. I led the team toward the first grove we 
encountered. We faced a fierce battle killing one of the druids, but the other two escaped. The 'leader' of the druids cast 
a magic of somekind, and those in proximity to him became mortaly afraid of him. I was one of the afflicted, and we felt 
compelled to flee until we lost sight and sound of him. I apoligise Sir, I could not over come my fear and fled with the 
others affected. When the noise died down I ran up the path to see how my men faired. With the feared druid out of sight, I 
attempted to engage the other two Druids. I was then bound to the ground by my feet. I asked to be lent strength by the 
priest to allow me to move again. But this was to no avail, since the fearsome druid then returned and I was compelled to 
run, again. Eventually the two living druids fled and I led the party back to collect the bodies of the dead druids. We then
made a hasty exit of the forest, in the failing light, and returned. 

Also we sighted the black clad man again, though he fled. I recommend the two druids we brought back to be resurrected ASAP.
I would also request that you release as much of this report as you are willing to the men I fight with as they asked to stay 
informed (though I pass all information by you first sir, so you may filter a seen fit). Lastly I would like to commend the 
others in the party for a fine job, and recommend them for commendation. As for myself I see fit for you to reliquish my 
command as I fled that Druid, and could not over come my fear to help my men. To you and the Baron I apoligise, sir. 

Guard Thyreous Blaine 

Daenaram's Report



Under your direction, a party under the able command of Guard Thyreous Blaine proceeded into the Borderlands by way of a 
stretch of open land upon which we encountered a small group of landsfolk. While Guard Blaine was in conversation with them 
(please see him for clarification of the dialogue), the scout team consisting of myself, Pathfinders Skulk and Mantis and 
Archer Syn, ventured further. We encountered a group of orcs who proceeded to charge the party. Thanks to some quick thinking 
and quicker feet, they were dispatched with prejudice. The scout team was instructed to proceed further. 

Upon reaching the forest boundary, an area characterised by deep gullies and overhanging trees, a moment's overzealousness 
from Mantis led him too close to a concealed second group of orcs, who pursued him into a gully (at this point, line of sight 
was lost and not recovered). Though proceeding with all speed to his last known location, the remainder of the team was 
unable to prevent the horde attacking him and leaving him for dead. Thankfully, he was saved by what must have been their 
communal stupidity in not finishing him off. He was found unconscious and promptly healed upon the arrival of the rest of the 

Just inside the forest, a group of tree goblins were encountered, and successfully persuaded to allow the group passage past
their area of woodland (the group, in the process of healing Mantis, were in no fit state to fight). The provided us with no 
further obstruction, although displayed the lack of respect for the Barony's troops that one has come to expect. 

Further along the trail, in a gorge shaped grove with high natural-walled sides, we discovered a group of druids who, after 
conversing with those of use who wore no metal, offered us healing and information. They informed us that an artefact sacred
to them had been stolen by a party of dark druids currently in the area (immediate suspicion was raised as to whether these 
dark druids were the individuals you had instructed us to investigate). At that moment, a figure clad in black was sighted 
skylining themselves on the ridge above us. Chase was given by Syn, myself and a member of the druids, but they displayed 
unnatural movement through the dense undergrowth and we were unable to obtain more details as to their nature other than 
their black clothing, humanoid bodyframe and shrouded face. It is eminently possible that we were once again visited by the 
figure of which I have heard tell from the previous mission. With who- or whatever it was no longer bothering us, we spoke 
with the druids further, asking them to describe the object, tell us of its properties etc. They were evasive in answering 
these questions, and the most information gleaned was that we would ‘know it when we saw it'. One of the druids agreed to 
accompany us to aid the recovery of the artefact. 

The scouting party was sent out again, but called back to aid the defence of the party from the first of several shambling 
leaf mounds encountered throughout the mission. The druids claimed them to be natural constructs of the forest, merely 
defending themselves and their surroundings. Thanks to their lack of agility, they were dispatched with ease, albeit angering 
the druids for our destruction of a natural construct. The fact it attacked us seemed of no moment to them. 

After giving time to the priests for prayer, and other party members for druidic healing (during which a tree goblin managed
to relieve the party of one its weapons, recovered later at no cost), the scouts once again ventured forward and encountered
a second group of druids in a dell-shaped grove with a circular perimeter, who were in open possession of a stylised object 
which they claimed ancestral possession of the party were immediately suspicious, and the druid accompanying us was blatantly 
hostile. Thyreous entered into conversation with them (again he must be seen for details), the thrust of which was attempting 
to decide if they were, in fact, dark druids. Neither side were in any mood to negotiate both sects accused each other of the 
deed, and more than once the discussions descended into violence (swiftly halted by the direct intervention of armed party 
members). Scouting the perimeter, Skulk and I were then attacked by another leaf construct, again killed with relative ease 
with help from the second group of druids. However, this second group made a different claim to the first they claimed them 
to be unnatural; Corruptions of pure forest stock, a claim vehemently denied by our travelling companion from the first 
group. One of the second group's number offered to return to a healing site, in an attempt to discover whether the first 
group of druids were harming the trees in the healing of the party members. He concluded that they were, although we had 
nothing to corroborate this but the strength of his word. The situation intensified when anther member of the first druid 
group arrived at the same site. They engaged in the same derogative wordplay we had seen at the earlier standoff, and the 
attending party members (myself and the Healer Cassidy) made ready to intervene should it descend once more into violence. 
The situation was averted, however, by the quick thinking of Skulk, who had persuaded the druids still at the second grove to 
relinquish their weapons and returned up the path to do the same here. The party reformed at the healing site to try to 
mediate the discussions between the two obviously hostile groups. Neither side was able to persuade us of the validity of 
their arguments, but both agreed there was an immediate orcish threat in the area, and helped us defeat another leaf 
construct. Thyreous decided the dispute was currently between the two sects, and without further information, differentiation 
between them was impossible. After securing a temporary pact of defensive ceasefire between the two groups, the party moved 
out to deal with the orcs as the greatest threat and return to the dispute later. 

The six strong horde of orcs was encountered by the scout team at the top of an incline in a tenable position between two 
small hills. Upon arrival of the rest of the party, Thyreous led Syn and Mantis in to attack, while Skulk and I made our way
around the battlefield and attacked the orcs from the rear. Ultimately, the party prevailed, though in some cases were 
rendered in great need of healing. Particular mention has to go to Thyreous, who managed to see off an orcish berserker 
single handed, almost at the cost of his own life. 

The threat over, the party reconvened to discuss the issue of the sparring druidic sects. Syn informed us that his innate 
affinity with the forests told him that the trees around the first grove showed signs of corruption and damage, which were 
not present around the second. He felt more inclined to believe the second group, and the party trusted his judgement. With 
this in mind, the scouts were sent back down the hill to reinitiate conversation with the druids. Instead, the team found 
carnage. The second group of druids had been brutally murdered in their grove by magics only vaguely recognised by the party
members. This gave corroboration of Syn's deductions and the group proceeded with all speed back along the trail to the first 
grove. The druids there claimed they had been attacked first and merely killed in self defence, an allegation the party were
understandably very suspicious of. Further probing led to them exposing themselves, although I am unable to provide detailed
information of the subsequent actions as the balance of my mind appears to have been altered by a magical attack. I am 
reliably informed that I was the victim of a fear spell that caused me to run from the action in terror. Though I was unable
to prevent this, it still shames me that I was forced to disengage before the last enemy was vanquished. As far as I know, 
not all of the party was affected, but my state meant I am unable to say which. Further information may be available from 
those who were not caught in the spell's wake. 

The next thing I knew was the scout team being sent out in the direction the druids apparently fled. However, they were long
gone and we were unable to pursue them. By now the sky was getting dark, and it was decided that the majority of the party 
were unable to function under such conditions, so Syn and I were dispatched to recover the bodies of the second group of 
druids for possible resurrection back in the Barony. The party returned home without further incident. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony 

(Footnote: This is the first report I have made to you, and am unaware of your preferred subject matter and weighting. Please 
inform me if this report was not what you required, otherwise I will assume acceptability and continue with this style.)

Scaffold: The Evil 28 Day Resident (02/11/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

After the briefing we left as directed. On leaving we sighted the black clad man, near one of the villages. On approaching 
him, he made ran. One of our citizens was afflicted with Freeshers Flu. I directed Life Priest Cassidy dealt with the 
situation, who escorted the people to the castle. He returned after a short while and we continued our pursuit of the black 
clad man. From a distance we saw him attacking villagers, I ordered a charge, but on arrival his dirty deed was done. The 
'corpses' showed signs of Freesher's, but whether this was the 'Black mans' doing or they were afflicted before we may never
know. Sir, this black man may be a dark druid or maybe the an entirely different cause for concern, he seems connected to the 
flu. We was just about to make after the man, when the bodies of our citizens began to rise. They attacked us, the five 
priests fell despite my efforts the 'zombies' were not to be fended off, then the other two guards fell to the risen zombie 
priests, as did the earth mage Pilgrim. Finally, Fearsbane, Rain and myself fell. As I collapsed I feared the Barony's 
survival. I was roused by a Paladin performing a ritual, healing us and freeing our bodies of the plague for 24 hours. He 
explained the Paladins survived for the past 28 days and needed our help for a cure. I lead the party in our appointed 
direction. We were attacked by more plagued zombies, when the suddenly ceased movement. A character with red skin and horns 
appeared, who claimed this was his doing. He was named Lucian DeVille and seemed to have an aura of evil. He claimed he new 
of an item, a grail, which had the power to cure the flu. Knowing how powerful evil beings liked their fun, and he likely 
thought we would not survive. Knowing this I agreed (for my part only) that I would give him a 'favour' for passage to this 
place. I asked all the others to do the same of their own free will, all agreed and a made a blood agrrement. He cast a spell 
which felt like my life being riped out of me, and took us to a seemingly dim reflection of the world. We were immediately 
besieged by zombies and skeletons, which came in waves. Touton tried to detect undead and found only himself to be of that 
nature. He then destroyed hiself, and his body faded. A large creature with a two handed sword was being 'wound up' by a 
small creature with a key. Eventually the creature stoped moving, and was again recharged by the key. I dispatched the 
smaller creature, and confiscated his key. The large creature ran down and was destroyed, along with the remaining skeletons
and zombies. The key, which before wouldn't work in a gate to the forest, seemed to fit, and I opened the gate. We now met a
pumkin, who called himself 'Mr Pumpkin', and insisted we did the same. He offered us information and healing for answering 
riddles. I attempted to see if the offer was valid by risking myself. I answered correctly, and he asked me to touch him 
since he couldn't move to heal me. I did. The next thing I remember was being awoken, everyone was moving very quickley and 
sfter 2 1/2 minutes they all slowed down. I was informed I was paralysed, and had been experiencing slowness as a side 
effect. He had also paralysed two others. So I had him executed. Next, furthur down the path, we encountered a highwayman. He 
stood in our path after a drawn out duel he fell. He was being healed during the duel by consumption of small, sweet 
foodstuffs. They had medicinal properties, so some took healing. We found more guarded by a scorpion. We dispatched it, and 
those willing took healing from them. After escaping the porcullesed scorpions cave, we proceeded down the path. A small girl 
held a bleeding teddy bear, then summoned two dark creatures with large swords. We dispatched them, and I turned to find the
girl dead. During the fight, a creature flew quickley through the combat and disappeared. We set about healing, and some 
prayed or meditated. I order the 2 other guards to defend the camp whilst I searched the perimeter with the pathfinders. We 
found the creature (we called it a Spectre), and after a long chase, slayed it. Darkness was setting in when we broke camp, 
and we attempted to make haste. I noticed the spectre again following us, but we needed speed to complete our mission. I 
guarded our rear as we moved through the forest. We came across a 'party' where we were offered something by an ambassador. I 
left the party to bargain passage with the diplomat, as the pathfinders and I routed out the spectre. The next thing I new, 
we were at the begining of the forest. A deep booming voice announced our hourglass was running low, from where I do not 
know. We proceeded with haste down the path, encountering all we saw before again. We stopped only to dispatch the highwayman 
in our path. After moving beyond the party we encountered people worshiping a jelly. It then grew into a larger creature and
proceeded to consume Pilgrim. After a long battle it fell, and Pilgrim was returned. Also during the battle the spectre 
reappeared, and was again dispatched. We sighted a ritual going on ahead, and moved to see more, they had the chalice. Whilst 
others disobeyed orders to kill the group who relented in giving us this grail, I killed one of the offenders, then the party 
seemed to get the idea. We seemed trapped by a ward of somekind, and couldn't escape with the goblet. After noticing one of 
the humanoids still alive I killed it. He had summoned large stone creatures to attack us. We could not kill them, though 
with the humanoids dead, the barrier was down. After leaving them behind we encountered a black robed figure. He named 
himself Death, he offered us a choice of 6 cards, one brought himself. I thought it was a group desision, and chose a card. I 
was told I chose wisley, and was transported to a section of the Barony. The others spoke of their choice, and that none 
failed the choice. Pure luck, but Lady Justice smiled on us after our worthy mission. Lucian returned, said our deal was done 
and left us with hope we may have our missing part of our souls returned in a later deal. We made haste back to the castle, 
but were attacked by a vampire, who attacked Pilgrim and stole the challice. He spoke to himself and considered the item 
tacky so threw it away. He then became a bat, who was attcked by Yue. I gave the goblet to Cassidy who made haste to the 
castle. Yue was attacked, the justice priests took him back as we fled the foul creature of the night. Again I commend all 
who accompanied me. Sir a know this sounds farcical, but the events are true as my eyes see them. We returned the grail to 
the paladins, who went about curing the afflicted. I wish you a speedy recovery. Also due to the nature of our mission I 
request a weeks rest for the party, so we may recover. Also I ask again that as much of this report is released as possible 
to the party. 
Guard Thyreous Blaine

Daenaram's Report



Firstly, I apologise for the time taken on this mission we were unfortunately victims of the same affliction that affected 
the entire Barony, and it was only due to the gracious acts of the Paladins that we were able to carry out the mission at 
all. Secondly, while the following account is made to the best of my ability, it should be noted that the descriptions 
contained within are those of disturbing and potentially psychologically harrowing events, and may leave you sceptical as to
whether or not to believe what I write. Please seek the corroboration of other sources for both your, and my, peace of mind.
Upon leaving the keep after the briefing from healer Freesher, the scout team consisting of myself and Pathfinder Blackwing 
almost immediately encountered the same masked stranger of recent reports, who made a sharp and exceptionally rapid exit. It 
seems that who- or whatever it is is gaining in confidence and venturing closer to the keep. While the rest of the party made 
contact with a small village not far from the keep, Blackwing and I pursued the figure through it and out into open country,
but we lost sight of it in the increasing undergrowth and it ultimately managed to evade us. It is a gross understatement 
that this creature is beginning to displease me, and I fully intend to apprehend the walking itch myself. The information 
gleaned from the village (see Guard Thyreous Blaine for details) matched Freesher's descriptions as far as symptoms were 
concerned, and the afflicted were escorted back to the keep by Healer Cassidy. The party then joined the scouts at the point
where we lost sight of the masked stranger. At this point we found what appeared to be a group of people with more developed
symptoms. They were, when we found them, unconscious. However, they soon revealed themselves to be zombified as a result of 
the disease and proceeded to attack us. The situation fast became untenable when various members of the party were touched, 
as each of them joined the horde in attacking the remaining party members. Despite all attempts to evade, I and the rest of 
the party were overcome and fell unconscious. 

The next thing I remember is being awoken with a feeling of refreshment by a member of the Paladin force fighting the 
disease, who informed the party we had been unconscious for four weeks and the disease was now rampant throughout the Barony. 
He had temporarily healed us and given us immunity from the affliction to the limits of his power, approximately twenty-four
hours. We were sent out as part of a concerted mission, of which you probably know more than I, in search of anything at all
that would help stave the disease off. We proceed with all haste towards our decided checkpoints, attempting to incapacitate,
rather than kill, any afflicted citizens trying to attack us. They seemed to be unending, and I was beginning to wonder how 
we would complete the mission amid such constant assault when the marauding villagers abruptly froze. 

We were approached by a disreputable looking character going by the name of Lucien. The party was unable to discern anything
about his nature, signifying one of great power. He offered to transport us to the place where we could find the artefact 
(apparently a chalice), in return for 'a favour' he was unwilling to divulge. This bargain was understandably the cause of 
some suspicion, but there seemed no other way to proceed, so the agreement was made. The world around us immediately become 
different: darker, murkier and generally oppressive in nature, and I (and I must assume all of the party) was left feeling 
somewhat akin to a cored apple. We then realised what his favour had been: we had paid with part of our souls. 

We were immediately assailed by zombies and skeletons who seemed easy to incapacitate yet impossible to kill after a brief 
period of unconsciousness, they rose and attacked us again. We made our way towards the forest (it is an interesting point to 
note that wherever we were, the terrain matched the borderlands exactly - my eye is untrained, but it smacked of an alternate 
dimension. I will make a separate report on the nature of this environment if requested), fighting a rearguard action and 
hoping to lose the undead in the trees. At this point, Humact Touton's innate anti-affinity with undead told him something 
was wrong, and in a moment that I am sorry to say sparked incredulity among the party that will last into legend, he 
discerned that he himself was undead and, holding true to his principles, promptly killed himself. His body faded from 

We made it to a locked gate at the forest's edge, but were attacked by a large silver humanoid creature being controlled by a 
disreputable looking human with a key, giving it away as clockwork. The construct was allowed to run down then easily 
destroyed. The same key, taken with prejudice from the artificer, opened the lock on the gate and we gained access to the 
forest, where we were promptly halted and verbally assaulted by what to my surprise appeared to be (and I would respectfully
request that before security services are sent to the Pathfinders Guildhouse to apprehend me for my own safety, you verify 
what I say with other people) a talking pumpkin. Mr. Pumpkin, as he made himself known, offered us healing in return for 
answers to inane riddles he posed to us. In fact, rather than healing, he proceeded to harm anyone who came too close and 
paralyse anyone who dared to touch him. We soon grew tired of attempting to extract healing from this most dishonourable 
creature and destroyed it. 

The scouting team then encountered a being that attempted to single-handedly prevent the entire party from proceeding any 
further. He was beaten back, but was consuming sweetmeats of some kind that provided innate healing and other enhancements, 
making him considerably more difficult to remove. He was finally killed, but a trail of the sweets was left leading into a 
cave lit by a small hole in the roof, where a cache of them was found. Elementalist Pilgrim was in the process of analysing
them when a portcullis dropped over the entrance to the cave, splitting the party up and defying concerted attempts to raise
it. Those of us inside the cave were faced with a giant scorpion that was thankfully killed with no-one else dying. It's 
corrosive blood also was found to be the way out. The non-elvish members of the party then consumed copious quantities of the 
sweets and experienced a euphoric healing sensation that left them feeling much better than normal. Pilgrim, myself and 
Elementalist Rain were wary of the sweets' nature and did not eat them. It remains to be seen what the ultimate effects of 
the sweets are, but I am wary of anything that appears too good to be true. 

Blackwing then caught sight of a hooded, masked and shrouded figure moving through the undergrowth, though not the same as 
the masked nemesis from earlier. He disappeared too quickly for pursuit, but note was made and Blackwing and I took extra 
care in our wide angle outlooks from then on. We then encountered another party of humans that appeared to be guarding a 
small child. This was, in fact, another trap, for the guards suddenly transmuted into constructs twice their original size 
and viciously attacked the party. The child vanished, but left her stuffed toy bleeding on the floor. Once the guards were 
dead, this disappearance was to be investigated, but we were once again attacked by the shrouded creature. This time, chase 
was given by Thyreous, Blackwing and myself, and ultimately the creature was destroyed. 

The scouts, proceeding down the trail, were held up by the repeatedly appearing and disappearing stuffed toy, which was 
clearly attempting to distract us, as were a group of people further on who appeared to be engaged in some sort of 
celebration and invited us to join. We decided that with time running out, something was attempting to prevent us from 
reaching our goal. This was further corroborated by a mass transport that put us back at the entry to the forest. We made 
haste through the darkening woodland, ignoring the exact same creatures in the exact same positions and trying to hold us up
with the exact same speech that succeeded before. 

At the top of a hill, out of the main wooded area in a small valley, Blackwing and I came across a party of three humans 
worshipping what appeared to be (and I refer you to my previous remark about the security services) a small jelly. We were 
about to pass this by as well, when suddenly there was a bright flash of light and the jelly transmuted into a giant 
gelatinous cube that quickly enveloped Pilgrim. Attempts to attack this cube were difficult and maddening, as the weaponry 
only seemed to have minimal effect, and indeed was harmed by the attacks, and we were also attacked by another shrouded 
creature. Eventually, however, the thing was destroyed and Pilgrim's unconscious body recovered. Upon his revival, we 
proceeded further up the valley to discover a coven of unholy practitioners who appeared to be doing their level best to 
destroy a chalice exactly in the shape of our target object. A fight ensued, during which we were thankfully able to 
liberate the chalice. Though there was doubt we could escape the coven, due to the area being protected by golem-like 
creatures throwing out force fields, we made it out, and with Pilgrim in possession of the chalice proceeded with all speed 
back down the valley in an attempt to escape. 

We were halted at the end of the valley by a black robed and hooded figure that named itself Death. I had not planned on 
meeting this creature this early in my life, but prepared myself anyway. However, today was not to be the day for the party.
A gamble was offered, accepted, and thankfully passed by all party members, and we were instantly transported back to what we 
knew as reality. Lucien appeared, and informed us that the bargain was now complete, and paid in full on both sides, although 
he hinted at the possibility of regaining what we had lost at a later date. 

Blackwing and I were sent out to scout the way home, and had almost pronounced the way clear for the party when a vampire 
materialised from what appeared to be no more than the ether and attacked Researcher Yue, almost killing him. He then did the 
same to Pilgrim and stole the chalice, subsequently naming it useless and throwing it away. The two victims were quickly 
revived and with myself, Blackwing and Healer Cassidy (in possession of the chalice) in the lead, made best speed back to the 

The party returned with no further incident. 

Patnfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony 

Pilgrim's Report

Report Guard Captain Johen. 


I hope that the effects of the Freesher's Flu have not had an adverse affect upon you. 

I am writing to report upon the mission to find out more about "Freesher's Flu". Unforunately, the entire party succumbed to
the effects of the flu as we were set about by a number of mindless human peasants who by touching us transferred the virus 
upon us. The party were taken in stages, with all the human priests succumbing on the first wave of attack. Two of the Human
Guards were affected as well. The affected members of the party then became mindless and attacked the rest. College Mage 
Rain did an admirable job of freezing those affected with the virus, thus allowing himself the opportunity to get away. 
Unfortunately, I myself was affected as I was hit whilst attempting to disable one of the priests. The next thing I remember
is being told that it was 28 days later, and a ritual had been performed that removed the effects of the flu for the next 24
hours, and we had to go and find information about the cure, which we were doing already. 

We were then attacked by humanoid creatures, who appeared to be covered in blood, and who then stopped moving totally when 
this creature calling itself Lucian DeVille appeared. Guard Blaine then made a pact with Lucian who agreed to transport us to 
near where a chalice was that would remove the effects of the Flu. We were transported, but as we arrived, I felt my very 
soul being ripped from my body. It was not a pleasant experience. The humans seemed to suffer very little, but they do not 
know the value of their own soul, something that was shown not long afterwards as the priest known as Touton took his own 
life. Foolish Human. Maybe he will learn, maybe he won't. I have seen plenty who haven't. But I digress. Our journey then 
took us to fight a horde of undead monsters, along with a large metallic being who exploded upon being taken down. I could 
not hurt him until Rain gave my staff the ability to strike the monster with the coldness of ice. We then entered into a dark 

We then met a pumpkin, and again the humans showed their lack of sense by attempting to answer the riddles of the pumpkin. 
Indeed, even after it had hurt Guard Blaine, they still believed that it would heal them. Three of them were paralysed, and 
it took a long time before a combined effort between Rain, myself, and Pathfinder Fearsbane destroyed the pumpkin. We soon 
met a highwayman who had magic sweets upon him. I attempted to bring some back some of the sweets for study, but 
unfortunately they turned to a mushy mess and lost all their magical nature. We carried on, destroyed a large scorpion, a 
spectre and some black clad creatures with large weapons. A young girl with a teddy told us all that she had seen our deaths, 
but she soon disappeared, and the teddy bear was covered in blood, and persisted in telling me that I had killed it. I 
wonder, it may have had even sub-human intelligence since I did not touch it, let alone kill it. 

We came across what seemed to be a party where people were dancing and offering round sweets, again some of which were of a 
magical nature. Then, when I was attempting to take some for research, we suddenly found ourselves transported again back to
the beginning of a forest and a booming voice above us proclaimed that "Your hourglass is running low". Upon which, we 
re-entered the forest again, and were met by the pumpkin. We ignored the pleadings from the pumkin to answer his riddles and
carried on and met the highwayman again. We did not have time to dally, so I attacked, backed up by Fearsbane, and then 
finally, after a short delay, by the human guards. He was despatched, and we continued quickly down past the young human girl 
with her teddy, and onwards. We arrived back at the party, and Yue decided to attempt to kill the host of the party. 
Fearsbane, Rain, myself, and Pathfinder Blackwing continued with haste up a slope, and soon heard voices praising 
"the jelly". Upon investigation to see whether it was magical, I was enveloped in a Gelatinous Cube and paralysed. I passed 
out whilst inside the cube as it slowly started eating away at me. I came round, still paralysed, with Healer Cassidy and 
Marshal Wrath standing over me. I do not remember much of what happened next as I was in a great deal of pain, and spent 
most of the time still under the effects of the paralysis. The party retrieved the chalice and made to leave. I took hold of
the Chalice as it was decided that I could defend it most effectively by disappearing into the earth should we come under 
attack. To get back to our dimension, we had to face death, and choose a card. Happily, Myself, Fearsbane and Rain all chose
wisely so we were able to return. 

As we were hastening back to the barony, we were attacked by a vampire bat with drained me of my life and took the chalice 
from me. I was revived by Marshal Wrath, and I remember hearing that Healer Cassidy had the chalice. 

I am also reporting the safe return of Elven Pathfinder Fearsbane and Elven College Mage Rain, both of whom sustained minor 
injuries during the mission, but as far as I could control, were not placed in any severe danger. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College Of Earth. 

The Evil Temple-Tomb of Elemental Horror (09/11/2003)

Biscuit's Report

Stupid bastard temple of elemental horror wouldn't change properly. 
It may have been alive, it sounded like it was breathing, and I didn't try to do anything livething changing to it. 

Still, if there are less changable things, there must be better ways to change things. The wretched thing broke eventully, 
and then we were taunted by some of the local bastards and went home. 

Also some sucubi and incubi are rather sweet. If I find that bar again I must finish the 'you have somthing we want' 
conversation. I was on the edge of finding out what the whole set up was in aid of... one of them was all crass and started 
pawing me for no reason; I had a word with the management. hopefully she'll lose her job. Bumped into vortex. being dead 
seems to agree with him, in a 'I can hold Jim by the sword as he rages to get the bloke next to me' sort of way. I dedicated
the bar to jemmy. Maybe that'll help me find it again. 

More on the tomb later. 

Lomax's Report


I have recently encountered what can best be described as a hunting pack of succubi and incubi demons. These demons used 
their magical home to travel between planes, finding those from whom they could take "warmth". However, my discussions with 
them suggested that what they did killed those from whom they took warmth and they had come to regulate their actions so they 
could make use of the person again. Then also, they had come to present their actions as part of an agreement whereby they 
gave the pleasure of the company of a succubus or incubus to the individual, in exchange for what they took. This "agreement" 
seemed central to them and they went to great lengths to explain it to me and others, despite, frankly, having us all under 
their sway. 

In addition, I encountered a powerful representative of the path of Might within the bounds of their place. 

I propose that this gathering of what should be Chaos is verging on the step to Balance and that we must seek it out and 
ensure this step is completed. In addition the being of Might encountered there is, through association, making a first step
towards Chaos and thus Balance is on the cards there too. 

There is a great opportunity here. Indeed, having observed the effect of this place upon Marshal Caffrey, hero of the Temple
of Justice and pillar of that institute, I propose that this place can be used to introduce any strongly Order aligned 
individual to the concept of Balance and that as such it should be under our control. 

I propose an immediate research project be begun to locate this sanctum of Chaos. It would also be intriguing to locate it's
counterpart, as I am uncertain what form that might take. 

In hopes of Balance 

Guardian Lomax

Scaffold: Return to the Grove (16/11/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

Sir, my report 
We encountered two set sof druids. The first were 'dark'. They had outrageous demands, and no firm agreement was reached. We
were asked to not kill the plant creatures protecting their borders. We did not, but the plant creatures persisted in 
following us. And we, eventually began slaying them, with the aid of the second set of druids, whom two of which we 
ressurected, were helpful. They asked our help. We have an unofficial treaty with them, and I hope to continue relations. 
The dark druids sent a large force of plants and other druids to attack us. We fended them of at the cost of an Phoenix's arm 
and the life of Pathfinder . We took healing from the good druids, and then agreed in return to see of some Orcs. I layed a 
plan for ambush, which if followed through correctly may have worked. But alas the other group meant to attack first, 
allowing us to sweep from behind, did not. I place blame souly on myself. Still I attempted to charge the orcs, and one 
showing abnormal skill (known as Gaylord). Stuck me in the back and legs, untill I fell. The last thing I saw was the black 
clad man, slay an orc. I woke to find the druids and the rest of the party up. I had little use of my legs, and fearsbane 
leant me his staff so I could continue. I hailed the black clad man, who retreated. We owe him and the druids our lives. We 
then were approached by two Justice preists, and a pathfinder who asked our help to retrieve a captured elf mage. On finding 
him, we found an ogre and two orcs. The orcs and Ogre were slain, and the mage saved. We found Yue dead, his arm severed. On 
return to the Barony, I bore Yues body and arm to the temple of life. Also I gave Fearsbane leave to seek treatment, as I did 

An army of dark druids is massing, sir. They must be eradicated. Apaarently retrieving the staff will do this. So I propose 
a mission of stealth. I apoligise for my late repot, and for my actions in the guard yard I feel better. I let my heart sway
me too much. Comendations to all bar myself. I allowed four to fall in one battle, and bore them up the hill, forming a 
sickly pile. Of theat one was lost. I shall endevour to learn more, your judgement of my mission is your to give. I did my 
best yet that is not good enough. I would say we have friends in the druids (good) now, and we need they're help to finish 
the dark druids. For piece of mind, can my blood be tested for any ill effects from Lucian Deville. I have felt odd since 
them. I presume it is in my head. 

Guard Blaine 

Daenaram's Report



I report a level of violence I have not currently experienced in the past on this mission. For this reason, and others I will 
enter into, the mission can only be taken to be a partial success, for which I - and I am sure the rest of the party - 

Under your brief, a party under the command of Guard Thyreous Blaine proceeded into the borderlands by way of one of the 
outlying villages. During the ensuing conversation (see him for details), the scout team consisting of myself and Pathfinders 
Rumour and Blackwing noticed creatures slipping in and out of view in a copse close by. They turned out to be nothing more 
than goblins and were killed instantly. However, the team noticed further, more dangerous looking creatures at the forest's 
entrance about a furlong ahead, turning out to be orcs. After two of them were trapped in a gully, they charged the party and 
called reinforcements in from underneath an unseen ridge. The ensuing combat was infuriating, as the orcs appeared to be 
afraid of something and kept running away. One was chased back into the forest and seemed more intent on insulting us from 
afar than fighting. He was joined by a shambling plant construct of the type that defended the dark druid grove, which proved 
to be considerably easier to dispatch than the orc. 

While the guards attempted to catch, then deal with the orc, the scout team ventured a little further down the path in an 
attempt to ascertain the position of the dark druid grove that we knew to be close by. We simultaneously realised we were 
being watched by both the druids and the masked enigma. Again I tried to get a better look, but the creature moved too fast. 
The dark druids noticed our predicament with the cowardly orc and one of them approached us and offered to help. The speed 
gained from his animal druidism proved most useful and the orc finally was killed. Those of us without metal were then 
welcomed into the grove. Some of the party displayed wariness about removing their metal armour, but the druids were 
unwilling to compromise their principles. 

Thyreous then proceeded to discuss with them the possibility of the non-aggression pact (again, details available from the 
group commander). They seemed amiable to the idea, and suggested that they provide us a map of the area around their grove 
marked with an exclusion zone, aid in the form of healing when possible and passage through the forest, in return for the 
provision of food, supplies and livestock during the winter months. I inwardly raised an eyebrow at this request, for my 
skills in forestcraft and tracking, which if pushed would allow me to survive the entire winter in an area as large as the 
forest in question, stem from elementary druidism. Evidently, the dark druids are becoming lazy as well as dabbling in the 
fouler side of nature. Though their requests were unexpected and rather unusual, they were not exceptionally unreasonable, so 
Thyreous deemed them to be partially acceptable and a tentative agreement was formed. We were informed that if we did not 
attack the plant constructs round the camp, we would be given safe passage. 

I then caught sight of the masked creature once again, this time finally getting a good look at it. The creature is 
definitely humanoid and of above average height, and moves about the forest with a fluid assuredness that speaks of 
experience in the surroundings. Again, the creature did no more than watch. Thyreous attempted to contact it, offering 
welcome and assuring no harm would be done to it, yet it fled once again. Soon after, it appeared further down the forest 
path and the scout team gave chase, but though we scoured the undergrowth, the creature slipped through our fingers again. My 
displeasure upon returning to the party empty handed was evident. 

After giving time to the priests and mages for prayer and meditation, the party proceeded down the path in an attempt to find 
the second grove. Our way was blocked by a large number of plant constructs, which we attempted to evade rather than kill. 
However, we found ourselves driven ever forward by the constructs that would not leave us alone, eventually pushing us into 
the second party of druids who seemed all too eager to destroy them. Rather than be hemmed in between lethal constructs and 
probably just as lethal druids, we moved out of the way and let the druids attack the constructs, defending ourselves as 
necessary and never attacking the plants. 

The constructs destroyed, the conversation turned once again to offerings of alliances (once again, Thyreous will have 
details). The life druids chastised us for having entered into agreement with the dark druids, but hinted that they may be 
agreeable to a treaty in the light of the dangers abounding in the forest. They decided that the dark druids were their own 
problem to deal with and left to attack them. Due to the differences in the size of the two sects (a problem the life druids
maintained could be rectified by the return of their sacred short staff, the artefact that started the discussion several 
weeks ago), the party feared for life druid's safety, but was left enable to help them by the onset of more plant constructs
that drove us towards a dell shaped area at the foot of a hill. After several minutes of holding them constructs off, the 
dark druids appeared and proclaimed that we had reneged on our promise to not destroy the constructs and as such were fair 
game to be destroyed. 

The resulting battle did not proceed well. There was no room to manoeuvre in the dell and we were surrounded by the 
combination of druids and constructs. An attempt to escape the encirclement by Researcher Yue led to his being cornered and 
struck down, and an animal druid shredded the casting arm of Wizard Phoenix sending her almost into delirium. Thyreous 
carried the incapacitated up the hill and out of the conflict while cover was provided by myself and Rumour. Unfortunately, 
beset from behind and the side on the way up the hill, Rumour paid for the passage with his life, despite the attempts by 
Thyreous and I to injure the creatures and make them attack us. His sacrifice was noble and made in defence of the helpless 
I cannot commend such an action enough. 

The turning point of the battle came with the arrival of the life druids, who allowed us to regroup before attacking one 
again, this time decisively and seeing the dark druids off. The life druids helped heal us in any way they could, and showed
valour in putting themselves at risk to help ensure our safety. We were in their debt, and offered friendship once again. 
Having fought back-to-back, as it were, we seemed to understand each other rather better this time and the beginnings of an 
agreement began to form. However, no formal treaty was agreed, as the druids had to leave in an attempt to reclaim their 
grove from their driven-off dark brethren. As they left, we heard the sounds of carousing from above us. 

There was a party of orcs engaging in some kind of celebration at the top of the hill. We attempted to ambush them by 
splitting into two groups, one led by Thyreous and the other by Guard Galadan. Thyreous' group, consisting of him, Blackwing 
and myself attempted to encircle the orcs while Galadan's group made ready to attack from the front. The attack went 
according to plan, but it became apparent that these orcs were using their famous alcohol tolerance to use that already in 
their system to drive themselves into battle frenzy. Thyreous and Blackwing were quickly struck unconscious, Wizards Rain 
and Phoenix were reduced to merely evading the orcs, and I lost sight of Yue and Seeker Mantis in the carnage as my left leg
took a blow that rather reminded me of a similar incident last week, leaving me unable to walk and at the orcs' mercy. One of 
them dragged me to the growing pile of incapacitate bodies and sliced my ear off, one of the highest insults an elf can 
receive. While small on the scale of Phoenix's arm, the insult was still violent and demands retribution at a later date. 
Galadan was the last to fall, standing with no way out against the entire orcish party and refusing to back down. His demise
was prevented, however, by the arrival of a gaseous formation that named itself the orcish God. The orcs, in their alcohol 
crazed state, believed what they heard and followed his orders to attack and kill each other. After their self imposed 
massacre, the gaseous form revealed itself to be one of the life druids, calling upon his power over the weather to appear 
non-corporeal. The unconscious were revived and healed, and the druid explained that one of his group had had a ‘bad feeling'
about the party, and had sent him up to check on us. Once again, we were in the debt of these druids, who seemed amiable and
trustworthy, and once again closer to the agreement we hoped for. However, the most unexpected, and indeed shocking thing 
that happened during the battle was the reappearance of the masked stranger, who proceeded to emerge from behind a small 
hill, slay one of the orcs and disappear again. As we were revived and/or made mobile once again, Thyreous spotted him 
watching us from the top of another of the hillocks, again offered him the welcome of the group and thanked him for help. He 
once again turned and fled. I hope, however, that before he did, and while he and I shared a moment's eye contact, that he 
saw the remorse for what I felt towards him. I had not minced words about my hatred towards his apparent lack of respect for
the security of the Barony, and now I find that while he may not be an ally of us, we share at least one common enemy. The 
magnitude of the mistake I made is matched only by the shame I feel for having made it. I still intend to find the masked 
creature, but will offer him my hand, not by staff, when I do. 

We were making ready to return to the keep when another patrol appeared and enquired as to whether we had seen a mage by the
name of Thespius (I assume you know more about this mission than I so I will not dwell on the details). They offered us 
healing and requested our help in recovering him. We were more than glad to help servants of the Barony, and after the 
service they had done us even more so. One of the pathfinders and I headed out towards the end of the gorge where the search
party suspected the mage was being held, and observed a party consisting of several orcs, and ogre, and an elf tied to a 
tree. The elf was apparently our target, and the rest of the party was consistent with reports of how he had been taken. On 
reporting back to the two parties, the combined forces of guards and pathfinders headed back up the gorge to attempt to free
him. This time, our tactics were successful and the mage was freed at no immediate cost. However, Thyreous was injured in the 
leg, slowing him down and allowing the ogre to keep pace with us back down the gorge into the more open site of the previous
orc battle. He was eventually dispatched, but at the cost of another life, that of Yue, who was caught with nowhere to go by
the ogre's axe. His dismembered body, along with that of Rumour, was returned to the Barony for resurrection. I add my voice
to the request that both of these go ahead both gave their lives in service of the Barony and in the face of danger. Rumour's 
sacrifice to protect the helpless was one of the more noble things I have seen in over 200 years of life. Thyreous also took
with him the body of the ogre, intending, I believe, to make an example to his fellow guards. 

The parties returned to the Barony with no further incident. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony

Phoenix's Report

Memo: FAO Guard Captain Johen, Mission Report. 

I am returned, with some level of success, from the mission to make contact with the two druid groves. Not entirely in one 
piece, it must be admitted, as I was assaulted by.. something.. with nasty claws which shredded my left arm - however I 
digress from the mission itself. The first druid grove was duly identified as that of the dark druids, as they offered 
healing only in the form of tree drain, rather than the more commonly accepted tree heal. I regret that I was one of the 
recipients of this corruptive healing, as I was meditating while they identified my wounds and set me up against a nearby 
tree. We were asked by these druids to avoid their Ents in return for our safe passage through. Gifts of varying nature were
also given in return for the same. However when we came up to the grove of the other group, identified as the light/good 
druids, they asked rather forcefully why we did not strike down the abominations that were the Ents, and would not hold with
us keeping our pact of safe passage with the dark druids whether or not any other deal was involved. They seemed somewhat 
difficult to satisfy, as they were clearly angered and somewhat offended by my use of fire magics against the Ents. I did try 
to explain that the spells were most efficacious against the creatures in question, but it was clear that they would rather 
that myself and Rain stay in the grove and watch the fight rather than join in. In a later conversation I was able to 
ascertain that while the druids use a form of nature magic, they do not believe elemental magic is natural, and that fire in
particular has little place in the forest. As we progressed deeper into the forest the dark druids caught up with us, angry 
for breaking our pact, and with a number of minions in tow. It was during the ensuing battle, which saw the group split, 
reform, split again and so on, the shouts, the confusion... I was following Rain, Daeneram... I thought it best to stick with 
the other elves... and then there was this huge clawed.. it may have been one of the druids, it might have been a creature 
controlled by the druids.. ripped my arm to shreds. I was barely conscious from the pain as I was dragged up the hill to be 
slung into a pile of dead and dying by Guard Blaine. Eventually my arm was bound and I was able to carry on with the group, 
though of no use to them. There were 2 deaths by the time we were ready to head home: One of the scouts, and researcher Yue.
I am waiting for word about getting my arm regrown, I hear the surgeons and healers from the temples of life and order are 
exceptional, and I hope this holds true! Let it be known that I will, once back to full limb count, be more than willing to 
assist on missions in future. 

Scaffold: War of the Druids I (23/11/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

I am sorry to report that our mission was a failure, to the eternal shame on my house we were unable to complete the mission. 
The small party headed immediately to the village besieged by orcs. We fought them off, a hard task but it went suprisingly 
well. Then under Monkey's guidance we went to the forest where, along the path to the grove, we encountered several plant 
creatures and two dark druids. After a short time monkey fell, I bore his body back to outside the forest and hid it from 
sight. I returned to the party. We continued down toward the grove, upon reaching there, 7 druids (one with the staff) 
summoned a giant centipead and vanished. Once the centipead was vanquished, Fearsbane tracked the directions of the druids. 
At this point Mole Mole, a mole druid turned up. He hid himself and cassidy whilst a group of plant monsters attacked us. 
Another druid turned up, helped fight the plants, and told us to leave or we'ed surely die. After the safe return of cassidy, 
wave after wave of plant creature attacked, and with no lead as to the whereabouts of the staff, we were forced to retreat. I 
was escorting the rest of the party out, and then I was to attempt a solo mission, but after we left the forests borders, 
Pilgrim and Cassidy were both granted strength and took me back to the Barony. A wise choice and I thank them, but whilst on
duty I would attempt anything the lady justice has taught me, to complete a mission. I later sent a party of guards to 
collect monkey's body. We need an iron fist to strike deep into the druids line. More guards(ooc: I know that it is dependent 
of people turning up) would have seen the mission through to it's success. I cannot rid myself or my house of this eternal 
shame caused by my failure. 

Guard Blaine 

Daenaram's Report



This will be relatively brief, as I am sure you will not wish to waste time reading much further than the fact that the 
mission was a failure. 

In compliance with your briefing, a party under the command of Guard Thyreous Blaine ventured into the borderlands with the 
express intention of relieving the dark druids of their instrument of power. Our guide for the mission, Animal Druid Monkey,
immediately reported orcs attacking a nearby village, and the ensuing combat, though brief, served to sharpen the mind before 
the main objectives. 

The party made it to the forest edge unchallenged, but was immediately attacked by plant constructs upon entry. Their sheer 
number was a source of worry for a party with a contingent such as ours, but they were eventually removed and I was 
instructed to head towards where the original dark druid grove was. I found it crawling with constructs under the command of
a lone druid. The constructs were killed at the cost of our guide in an attempt to reach the druid, but whenever a path was 
cut to him he disappeared up a tree. Unable to reach him, the party had no choice to proceed further into the territory, but
was instantly attacked by more constructs under the command of a more powerful druid. During the combat, he touched me and I
lost consciousness in agony. Please see other party members for discourse on what happened while I was unconscious. 

I awoke outside the forest as the party was heading back in. Marshal Cassidy and a pathfinder from one of the other parties 
were kindly applying their expertise in healing and I was once again able to function. I must report that this was the only 
sign we saw of any support whatsoever all day, though if they were doing their jobs better than we were I can only guess in 
despair at the size of the force we are facing. We were again beset by plant constructs at the point in the forest where we 
had encountered the powerful druid. They were again seen off, but the repeated combat was taking its toll: I was in a 
weakened state, Cassidy was apparently having trouble concentrating due to pain, and the mages were fast using up their 

Pressing on, we eventually came to an area I vaguely remember as being a grove of life druids before the invasion. A group of 
dark druids were engaging in some kind of ritual, and upon our noticing them proceeded to taunt us with the artefact, telling 
us it had given them tremendous power. Seemingly demonstrating this they then vanished and were replaced by a giant centipede 
that attacked the party. It was seen off but its place was quickly taken by more constructs and the return of the powerful 
dark druid. This time he was killed, though his death split up the party. I attempted to stay with Thyreous to guard his back 
though my arms were injured in the fighting and I was unable to do more than block. We were given temporary deliverance by 
the arrival of two life druids who implored us to flee for our own safety, although taking an exception to Wizard Pilgrim.
During this time I was able to scout the surrounding area for any tracks of the departing dark druids, and successfully found 
trails leading off in three directions. One individual went straight on through the forest; One turned left up a hill, joined 
by three others; Two turned right down the hill, though one them stopped descending and departed further into the forest a 
little way down. A further report to Captain Valarus on the nature of these tracks with be forthcoming, as I believe I saw 
something interesting that could help in the search, though will need to discuss with him in case I was mistaken. His 
expertise will be able to tell me if I would be wasting your time or not. 

The respite provided by the life druids was only short lived as more, and then more constructs seemingly materialised from 
nowhere, forcing us back against our duty. Thyreous was willing to continue, possibly at the cost of his own life, and as I 
had taken his back before it would be unfitting not to do so again, but we were persuaded into a retreat by the remainder of
the party, who while alive were all feeling the effects of extended and brutal combat. He led a rearguard action, allowing 
the party to escape to the relative safety of the open plain. The marauding constructs stopped at the forest's edge and 
taunted us. Thyreous had to be forcibly prevented from going back in to attack them, and though the shame was venomous, I was 
forced to admit that the situation was hopeless and retreat with the rest of the party. 

The party returned to the Barony without further incident, though for what it was worth I saw the masked stranger moving at 
high speed round the edge of the forest. If he is there, the possibility of aiding him only adds to the reasons I request 
most strongly to be re-released into the forest for another attempt. Vengeful fire, the heat of which even Wizard Phoenix can 
never hope to recreate, burns inside me for what happened today, and I vehemently hope for a chance to quench it at a later 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony 




This report details some unusual tracks and associated observations I found immediately after an exchange with dark druids 
on the recent mission. You have doubtless been made aware of the general outcome of the mission by Captain Johen, so I will 
not bore you with repeating it. 

The tracks were found between three and five minutes after an encounter with a party of seven dark druids performing a ritual 
on the artefact we were charged to find. The ritual was taking place in a circular dell shaped grove approximately twenty 
feet in diameter and six feet from lip to base with high trees surrounding it. On the druids discovering us, they taunted us
with the artefact, informing us of its power, and proceeded to leap into the trees. This would not have been unusual, but for 
the fact that the least energetic of them jumped fifty feet up and out, then immediately again. As their disappearance was 
replaced by a giant centipede, I heard the sound of people escaping at the back of the grove. 

The sound is what drew me in to investigate after the exchange, though my search was stringently limited by the time 
available and further attacks from the enemy. That said, I found the following tracks: 
One set leading over a stile and out into the forest in a line with the path the party had come in on. 
Two sets leading off down a hill to the right (20% gradient approx.). One set carried on down to the limit of my search, 
another peeled off the path to the left, probably on course to rejoin the set that carried on through the forest. 
One set leading off to the left up the same hill, joined a further eight, ten and ten-and-one-half track-pairs up by three 
more sets of prints, together disappearing off up the hill. 

The interesting thing I noted, however, was the nature of the tracks themselves. The ground around the prints appeared to be, 
for want of a better term, corroded. The very earth around the indentations was as if it had rusted, though I know soil is 
typically not prone to such degradation. The tracks on stone were even more interesting (half a pair of one of the uphill 
tracks conveniently fell on a flat rock). There was a slight mark left in the stone, which looked as if it had been attacked
by some form of strong corrosive substance. I dared not touch it, but caught a slight smell of brimstone from the rock, 
probably due to the rock's decomposition. 

It seems that the dark druids' use of the artefact is changing them more then they may be aware. The marks are fairly 
distinctive, and I believe that any Pathfinder briefed on their nature would have no trouble picking them up and following 
their trail. 

It may be that you are aware of how these tracks may form, in which case I apologise for my inexperience and understand that
no more time will be given to it. However, they are unlike anything I have either seen or read about, and believe they may 
lend themselves to helping to find the dark druids responsible for the current invasion. 

May your path be clear 
Daenaram Fearsbane

Phoenix's Report

Memo: FAO Guard Captain Johen, Mission Report. 

My humblest apologies, for we have failed. 
After the violence of last week I am unsure what I should have expected for this mission. The weather was terrible for a 
start, but perhaps the rain was the best part. I can only pray to the mother that our perimeter guard can hold off any 
threats long enough to allow us to heal, dry out and amass a larger force to try once again to recover the artefact. To begin 
with, by the time we got through the second encounter and stopped to take stock of the situation, I was almost out of power,
our guide was dead, Cassidy was injured badly enough to fall unconscious and, as the only healer in the group, was therefore
unable to rouse the near-dead Daenaram. With no functioning healer, guide, scout or ranged attack, we decided to turn back: 
what else could we do? However we ran into a scout from one of the other groups on our route home. He was able to bring 
Cassidy round and, in the relative safety of the open field Cassidy and I were able to regain our powers to continue on. 
Unfortunately the detour had the result that when we did come across the druids, they had the artefact, were finishing their
ritual as we approached, and leapt to the trees before anyone could do anything. Their place was taken by a giant centipede,
which would have been a difficult enough fight on it's own, but more of the plant creatures which we encountered on the last
mission (and indeed throughout the forest they plague the paths) appeared. Every time we thought we had them defeated and 
settled to heal, more would turn up. They kept coming. There were a few "good" druids, who helped us to heal by asking the 
trees for their power, though one in particular seemed to have a problem with Pilgrim, attacking him viciously, and yet 
helped and healed Cassidy.. by that time I was somewhat confused as to the proceedings, as I spent much of the remaining time 
spent in that area running for my life with Rain, and later with Daenaram when Rain and I discovered we were the only ones 
behind enemy lines with little or no power between us. Guard Blaine seeemed intent on staying and continuing, fruitless 
though it would be as we were unlikely to escape the area alive. The only thought that kept us there as long as we stayed was 
that if we did not succeed... the many others we would jeapordise. And yet we eventually reasoned that we could perhaps 
return with re-enforcements, and so here we are, returned and for the most part more intact than last week. Pilgrim was able
to boost his own strength and that of Cassidy to drag Blaine home. It was necessary to do this, as otherwise if left to his 
own devices he would have gone on a suicide mission and Daenaram probably would have gone with him. I cannot stress enough 
that this is dangerous ground inhabited by dangerous creatures. The plant things are weak against my fire magics, but the 
druids are sharp of wit and know the land they desicrate better than we do. They are swift also, often they escape from range 
as soon as they are spotted, and by leaping through the trees can cover ground faster than any of us. Some are also casters 
to match if not best any at our disposal. I hope that covers what you need to know, if I have left out anything of import, 
please do not hesitate to ask and I will fill in details to the best of my ability.

Pilgrim's Report


As you have no doubt already been informed, we were unable to successfully reclaim the artefact from the Dark Druids. 

After leaving you at the beginning of the mission, we were taken to a nearby village by our guide, and we dispatched the 
rampaging and maloderous orcs that were attacking the villagers. We suffered minimal damage in this fight and went onwards to 
the forest. Upon entering we were attacked by plant creatures, which were easily despatched once Pheonix had started adding 
fire to our weapons. This damage seemed more potent than the ice damage that Rain was adding, so I will be advising Pheonix 
to study so that she can add more fire damage to our weapons. Pretty soon we came to a grove where one of the dark druids was 
guarding the area with plant creatures. Our guide was killed by these plant creatures. Having got rid of the plant creatures, 
we watched as the druid jumped up a tree and away from us. We went further down, met more plant creatures and a druid with a
black cloak. During the ensuing battle, both Cassidy and Fearsbane were dropped. We picked them up and started a quick march
back to the barony. With our guide dead, and our healer and scout on the floor, we had little choice. We met up with a 
pathfinder from another patrol who was able to heal Cassidy. Cassidy then picked up Fearsbane, and then he and Pheonix 
meditated to regain their power. We returned to the forest, and once again met the same druid in the black cloak. He was 
responsible for dropping Fearsbane in our first encounter with him, so I powered myself up to face him. His casting was 
almost useless against me, and I was able to get some good hits upon him before he eventually lured us down to a ritual that
was being conducted by the rest of the dark druids. They had the artefact, told us we were too late, and sprang off into the
trees. There place was taken by a centipede. This proved to be very easy to fight as it could not protect it's rear end very
well. The druid in black re-appeared during the fight, so I started giving chase. However, these druids are extremely 
powerful and have a very high level of skill with their casting for this druid was able to cast over his should whilst he was 
running from me and whilst I was repeatedly hitting him in the back. He eventually drew ahead of me and I returned to the 
party. The plant attacks were constant from this point, and we had to be healed up again by another druid, although he did 
not appear to be of the life grove. He told us to leave, and I have to say that I agreed with him. Blaine appeared to have a
suicide mission going on as he was very, very reluctant to leave, but we eventually persuaded him that we could not overcome
the plant creatures, and so we ran through the forest from them. As we left the forest, the plant creatures stayed on the 
threshold. Blaine once again made to go back in, and Fearsbane was more than willing to follow him. Cassidy and I agreed that 
we would then go against Blaine's orders to bring him back from the brink of insanity so I powered us both up and we carried
him away from danger. We acted in what we believed were the best interests of both Blaine and the Party, for he would surely
have died had he gone back in. 

Unforunately, we lost the body of our guide. Blaine had hidden him early in the forest, but we did not have time to retrieve

I also report the safe return of Pathfinder Fearsbane, and College Mages Pheonix and Rain. I stand ready to return to the 
forest to attempt once again to get the artefact, although I will add that in my opinion we need a lot more fighters and at 
least 2 more healers for the attempt. I was able to help reduce the healing the party required through my powers of 
endurance, indeed Guard Blaine went for a period without being hurt at all from the numerous hits that were aimed towards 

With regard to the black cloaked druid, There are ways that I have heard how I can make myself immune to their spells, or 
that I can walk through the very stones themselves to get to them unawares, so I will be researching how to do these now. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College Of Earth. 

Scaffold: War of the Druids II (30/11/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

I am reluctant to judge the recent mission as either sucess or failure. The result being the removal of the artifact from the
dark druids possession yet in the possession of a group of black clad men. 

We proceeded to the forest. 

Upon entering we dodged through the forest avoiding many plant creatures. We did, encounter, at one point two druids. One was 
defeated, and the other cast a magic of a kind and become huge and fearsome, so that niether Skulk or myself could approach 
it. We proceeded into the forest, only to be attacked by the druid who made himself bigger. He scared everyone off using his
magic, then attacked the praying priests. He then began to shrink to mine and skulks eyes. Their Gods granted the priest 
another communion, and we kept the druid...entertained until we were finished. 

At this point we were forced to proceed through an archway of vines, that caused poison. They went for my chest, but my 
armour protected me. As we went through, Mantis was attacked, Skulk saved him, and finished off the druid whilst Iussis 
helped healed the rest. When all were throught the doorway, we moved down the path. We encountered a druid, it's pet skeleton 
and a few plants. We avoided them. Once out the forest we found another path, and on instinct followed it. 

Here we encountered the black men. They fought alongside us, some using magics and muttering of death in their enchantments.
When the druids had fallen they took the staff and leapt onto a ridge and vanished from site. We attempted to follow, but 
again encountered the druid and his skeleton. Once this small party was defeated we proceded back to the Barony, since the 
black men were swift, and were not likely to be caught. 

Guard Thyreous Blaine 

Daenaram's Report



I apologise for the lateness of this report, having only last night properly regained my faculties and memory. 
The mission was, once again, mostly a failure. I report only partial success of my tracking method, and the death of 
Pathfinder Philson. His position was given to a guard patrol, and they may find him, though even if they do I hold little 
hope for his revival. My brevity in this report will be a testament to how little was actually found out. 

The group proceeded out into the Borderlands by way of common land between two villages outside the keep, keeping to the 
shadows and encountering no resistance. Upon reaching the entry to the forest, it was noted that the number of plant 
constructs had not diminished from last week, though this time we made use of cover to avoid them (they were not standing 
guard it appeared more like a search and destroy strategy). We discovered that the plants were either unwilling or unable to
go beyond the boundaries of the forest, as we made various forays out of the wooded areas, and never saw a single construct 
outside. The area outside the woods holds potential for other entry points there are several that could be employed that may
allow a surrounding of the dark druids if enough parties were co-opted. Over the course of the following three nights, using
the area outside the woods to the north as our base, we made entries into the forest and surrounding areas, staying in the 
undergrowth and using paths only when the need for speed was dire. We were not observed by any hostile creatures, more than 
once proving that the constructs' senses were comparable to those of the druids controlling them. 

By Monday morning we were able to note a drop in the number of constructs, and concluded that either the druids' power was 
diminished, or their minds were elsewhere, further corroborated by the discovery the previous evening of a fresh battle site
pertaining to Guard Blaine's party's mission. Progress was a little easier after then, and we were able to make better time 
and distance. 

Late on Monday afternoon we observed a collection of dark druids debating the loss of the staff (position available upon 
request), confirming my hopes that Sunday's mission was successful. However, the following seven hours gave way to 
infuriatingly mundane speech the party only listened to in the forlorn hope of finding something to report. It was 
unsuccessful, and upon the arrival of what appeared to be a leader of some kind, was discovered and forced to escape at all 
speed. The druids raised constructs in an attempt to head us off, and in the case of Philson were unfortunately successful. 
The irony of his death at the hands of a construct's lucky strike (which also knocked me unconscious) only moments after he 
had been freed from their grasp was lost on no-one. 

The party made all speed back to the Barony border a journey I am unable to describe properly due to the incapacitating 
injury in my side that kept me under medical attention until now. I am told it was without further incident, but can neither 
confirm nor deny these reports. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony 

Skulk's Report

A reportz? alrights den. 
wez woz to goez anz getz a sticky from der drudz whoze hadz itz. Wez woz, me, skulk, Pathyfindererz Rumor anz Darkwin' anz 
denz der woz two healerz anz a guardz boss callz Blaine. Anywayz wez sneakses intoz der woodz wot der drudz liveses inz, anz
killz der plantz-wot-walkses onez afterz anotherz. Lotz o' dem. 

Denz wez stalkeded byz a drudz wi' clawz az hanz. plantz againz, den a drudz wi' lightninging den wez comez to a wall o' 
plantz. der only doorwayz hadz whippsy-vinez acrosses itz. We'z chargin' thru anz gotz attackz byz der stalky drud. We'z be 
killin' 'im an' charging thruz again. 

Den we'z seeinging a drud wi' a skeleton. Wi' a metal sword. Oddz I thoughtz to meself. We'z be thinkin' dat he'z not'z a 
real drud. Meh. 

We'z foundzes der edge o' der woodz anz circlez round. We'z be finding a cave wi' zum drudz doin' ritualz anz stuff ousidez 
it. Az we'z be attackin' dem, zum o' der blackclad 'umanz arez appearinging outa nowherez anz startz cuttin' um up. dey 
grabses der sticky offa der druds anz disappearerz againz az soon az wez be tryin' to talkses toz dem. Umm. Killinging 
another drud, on der wayz outz again. dat der onez wi' der skeleton. anz der skeleton tooz. 

Der Black-clad 'umanz. Onez o' dem woz a casta, he be callin' onz death and shadows an' stuff. casta worez a red hood, so dey 
iz nah az black az dey 'ave been painted. see? 

Scaffold: War of the Druids III (07/12/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 

Sir, despite the loss of two brave men, our mission was a success.

It appears the Black clad men returned the staff to the Druids. We fended off a few plant creatures and the odd dark druid to 
reach them with little trouble. 

Upon reaching the druids, we were told to restore the power to the staff and to rid the forest of the plant creatures we had
to fetch them the bone of a fallen (and powerful druid) and the claws of a ghoul. 

On our journey to the bone, we encountered plant creatures. On leaving the forest we found a druid (called rat rat) who was 
running from a skeleton and plant creatures. We despatched at the cost of rumours life. 

Then we were attacked by a wolf, who unfortunately killed Fearsbane. I, at the time was moving to flank the foe, and he died
due to my lack of speed. 

We asked rat rat to look after the bodies till I came to collect them with more guards the next day. 

On reaching the bone and withdrawing it we were attacked by a spector of kinds that made me weak and attack me. We escaped 
with little trouble. Now we moved to find where this cave was, that contained the Ghoul. Here we were met by 'He who walks 
with bears' who told us of Goblins fleeing and needing to be finished off. We moved to find that orcs had done the job, so 
we took care of the orcs with aid from the balck clad fellow and friends. 

We proceeded to the cave where we were attacked by a Ghoul, I and the others were paralysed...with the exception of Iussis. 
He pinned the monster down until we awoke and could kill it. We found the cave beseiged by palnt creatures. We killed them 
and chopped the ghoulds claws off. 

We took these back to the druids, who we aided in defending the grove against dark druids. We then observed a ritual. 

On our way bak we encountered many wolves, and a breif appearance by Lucian DeVille. 

I later led the guards out to collect the dead scouts. 

Guard Blaine

Scaffold: Timmy (14/12/2003)

Blaine's Report

*FAO: Guard Captain Johen* 
*RE: Mission Report* 


I must apoligise for an absence this week, since Lucian DeVille summoned us under your name to outside the main gates, and 
into farmers land. 

On arrival at the designated location. Lucian's lawyer greeted us and laid down a deal. The deal was that if we did not 
undertake a mission kill santa, a young boy called Timmy and his family (one brother a mother and a father) would be killed 
in his stead. I decided to take the mission, since upon meeting santa he may be able to aid us in this mission to save Timmy. 
This threat was in a diect response to us not wanting to undertake the mission, which was for the personal gain of our 
returned souls. Apparently he thought the barony was easily swayed, but he was able to hit our weak spot by threatening our 

Apparently we were not the only group, we were told it was a competition, and were attacked by monks of the east. They were 
swift and fought well, crushing Toutons leg and Blackwings arm. We then came upon a balance priest who would give our 
friends fresh limbs, if when DeVille gave us our souls he could stand in one of our steads. I agreed to this, for friends 
were in danger. He passed on and left us. We travelled through the forest fighting demons, claiming to be powerful and a 
salesman who duped some of the...less wise members of the party. I do however defend Cassidy's want for healing, in 
purchasing 'souls' that were just glowing rocks. Yet as soon as they left Touton decided praying was a good idea, and 
pursuit to retrieve the lost goods was not in the question for I cannot leave a citezen in danger. We then moved along the 
appointed path, and ran into a powerful warrior and his pet skeletons. Touton proved his work by dispatching the skeletons 
quickley, we then attacked the warrior, who was in much armour. He fell by our just swords. 

On reaching Santa's groto we found, he had no face and was, to be frank good if some what crude. He gave us our presents 
early, some special pies. Something was said about souls, but I understand not these riddles he spoke in. He suggested 
Lucian himself would not kill Timmy and family, rather lesser minions would. It was said that we could probably defend 
against these minions. At this point I must lodge a formal complaint. Touton suggested we kill santa, and leave. Not only 
this he started causing arguements among the party, which were dealt with. Also throughout the mission he would charge off 
with Blackwing. I reminded him that he was not a scout, and that the Pathfinders were recruiting if he wished to do so, but
not until he completed his training. I feel a copy of this should be sent to his superiors, sir. 

Anyway, on our journey, back to the Barony, we found Timmy and his family beset by beasts of the demonic variety. I took 
Timmy out of harms way and hid him. On returning to the scene of the battle, to rescue his mother I was caused to suffer 
weakness. I could not lift my own weight. I did however manage to drag myself along the floor to Timmy and give him my 
shield. The crawling took 6-7 minutes, and I reached the top of a small mound. I decided roll down it, into the battle. I was 
promtly picked up by Pilgrim and removed from harm. Just minutes after the battle, I was returned to full strength as the 
magic left my system. 

We were told by Lucian's lawyer, who was also Timmy's father, he would see if he could protect his family. 

Sir I believe if by the end of yule we have not found him, Fearsbane should be searched for. I feel responsible for him sir,
he is one of my men. I apoligise if this seems out of line sir. Yet he is still one of those we seek to protect, a citizen. I 
cannot imagine he would go far. 

Guard Blaine 

Mantis' Report

Captain Johen, 

I am greatly concerned on the behaviour of certain patrol members, namely the Mage Pilgrim and the Humacti Touton. I believe
that should they continue to act in the ways that they are, then future missions containing them may well be in jeopardy. 

Humact Touton regularly disregarded the leading Guards orders (Guard Blaine I believe). Whilst I believe in peoples inherent
right to freedom I also believe in peoples obligation to the choices they make. To my knowledge, no-one is forced to go on 
missions, even your Guards and Pathfinders could resign if they wished, and so I do not believe it unreasonable that given 
one has chosen to work for a Barony patrol that they follow the patrols orders. It's for their own safety as much as anything 
else. Humact Touton however on umpteen occasions ignored Blaine when he asked him not to run off. Blaine in fact had to 
resort to holding him back, it was most disturbing. 

The atrocities committed by the Mage Pilgrim however are far far worse. I believe he is mentally unstable, and certainly 
unfit for patrol. He has a violent temper that he rarely controls, and will threaten or even attack anyone who bears him even 
the hint of insult. I personally witnessed his murder of two incapacitated individuals we met, one who had not threatened or 
attacked us whatsoever (He had in fact been incapacitated by Touton for some reason only known to him). Whether these people
are Barony citizens I don't know, but regardless I doubt this consideration even entered the psychopath's head. 

Both Touton and Pilgrim spent the entire time on our last outing at each others throats, and at one time it looked as if an 
all out brawl was imminent. Luckily Blaine stepped in, otherwise I fear things could have been very nasty. 

I strongly recommend these two individuals be watched with great caution, and may you judge wisely on any decision to allow
them on future patrols. 

Kindest Regards, 
Seeker Mantis Du Filzworth, c/o Temple of Freedom 

Ogg's Report

Guard Captain Johen, 

We got message to meet you. You weren't there. Rule bending man and cripple boy was. Ogg not understand what all talk about.
Boss Blaine say we off to kill fat man with beard to save cripples life and get souls back. Strange men fight us. They want 
souls too. Seems everyone want souls except Ogg. Thanks to help of elf magic and Mantis gods boss and me could kill em. 
Humact and scout badly injured, one lose leg other arm. Should leave fighting to fighters. Ogg then dealt with pathetic 
gobbos. They want soul too. Blaine talk with wandering man to heal humact and scout. Demon things in woods hurt a bit. But 
die quickly. Undead things killed with Humact's help. Then people buy glowing rocks that man say were souls. Cassidy say must
take every chance to save souls. Makes sense I spose. Ogg think we should just kill goons and take stuff though. Goons leave 
and rocks break. After bit people wonder why we not chase after goons. Ogg not bothered he no sell stuff. 

Next came tough fighter man with some undead things. Humact blew up undead things with mighty power. Fighter man was real 
tough though. Ogg only live cos magic tough spell from elf and quick quick healing from Cassidy. Cassidy do real good. He 
heal Ogg and help Blaine and me kill him. Strange elf man try to burn our things. Ogg stop him then humact hit him on head.
More strange people heal us. Others make nasty screechy sound. Fat beard man was very odd. Ogg try to help Blaine sort 
things. Not really understand what being said. Scout seem to want fight fat man, and elf argue lots with humact. Ogg try to 
keep things good. We then went back to protect cripple boy. Nasty things attack. They real tough and make Ogg weak and vanish 
lots. In dark hard to see what happen. Ogg fight lots with elf to keep cripples mother alive. Nasty things not hurt very good 
at fight. Magic things hurt though. Rule bender man come back and say that he cripples father. He also say fat man crippled 
him. Ogg quite tired now so stay quiet. Timmy not want stay with rule bender, but rule bender and elf say parents in charge.
Not feel right to Ogg, but sure boss and others no best. 

First time Og fight with these people. Most fight good. Boss and Cassidy super good, Mantis and Elf good, humact kill undead
good but otherwise get in lots of trouble, Ogg not so sure bout scout, seemed to get in trouble lots too.

Hope we not do anything wrong.

Guard Ogg

Pilgrim's Report


Apologies for my absence today. I, along with other party members, had been handed a memo to meet with yourself at a point 
outside the main keep. There we were met by the lawyer of Lucian DeVille, and a mother and son, who was called Timmy. It 
appeared that Timmy had a broken leg, and the lawyer told us that if we were to assassinate a Fat Man who wears red and has a 
beard, then Lucian DeVille would return that which he took from us during the freeshers flu incident. This included that 
which had been taken from those who did not respond to the memo or did not get the memo. If we did not accept the mission, 
then Lucian DeVille would kill Timmy and his mother. We accepted, and moved onwards to find the Fat Man. 

We first came upon some monks. We eventually beat them, but Pathfinder Blackwing and Humact Touton both had limbs crushed. 
We were then attacked by goblins, before meeting a "Wanderer" who had also lost part of his soul to DeVille. In return for an 
agreement from Guard Blaine, he caused the arm of Blackwing and the leg of Touton to be regrown. Priests Cassidy and Mantis 
took this opportunity to meditate with the gods. We moved on to find more goblins, and some demonic creature. I never found 
out what it was, but it was despatched with ease. Soon after came some undead who appeared to be trying to communicate with 
us through sign language. They were despatched, and we came across a man with some hired goons. As the man was attempting to 
sell us some glowing rocks, Touton bludgeoned him into unconciousness with his mace. The priests then decided that the rocks
were souls, and decided to trade with the goons for them. At this point, the conman was found to be still alive, whilst 
unconcious, so under Guard Blaine's supervision, I finished the job that Touton had failed to finish. Soon after the goons 
had gone (in posession of Mantis' sword, Touton's chainmail, and Cassidy's shield), the rocks stopped glowing, and became 
just rocks. Touton responded to this by sitting down in the middle of the clearing and praying. There was one interesting 
item to come out of this, and it was what appears to be some form of potion. With your permission I would like to take this 
back to the College so that they can analyse it to see exactly what it is. 

We did not give chase to the goons, and moved on to find more skeletons and a very heavily armoured warrior. They were 
despatched. We moved up to find a deaf Justice Priest, who provided us with healing after I had found a method of 
communication where I drew the letters in the air. We moved on to find some elves singing christmas songs. After that, we 
went to see the Fat Man with the beard, and attempted to make a deal with him to work around the issue of Timmy, his family,
and the lost souls. He and his dwarves provided us with magical pies, which were eaten. I'm not certain as to how sensible 
this was, but no harm appears to have been done. Those who were affected by DeVille who were not present today were also to 
receive pies at christmas. We moved on and met Timmmy and his mother again, and they were being attacked by shadow creatures. 
After a while, these were despatched, and the lawyer appeared again. It turned out that the lawyer was in fact Timmy's 
father, and he will deal with DeVille so that Timmy and his mother won't die. 

Sir, I wish to make a complaint about a member of the party that came out today. Humact Touton had to constantly be reminded
by Guard Blaine that he was not in fact a scout and that he should stay with the party when Blackwing went on. There were 
serious thoughts about attaching Touton to a form of lead. Also, when we were meeting the Fat Man, he told me directly that 
if we were to attempt to kill him, then he would stand in the way and try and stop us. This would be in direct contravention
to Guard Blaine's instructions. Add to that the fact that he publicly and loudly questioned my loyalty to the mission 
claiming that all I cared about were the souls of Fearsbane and Rain that would hopefully be returned. This is something that 
you yourself have chastised me for in the past, and I have made the effort to respect all races equally. Touton deliberately
and malicously questioned that effort, and attempted to start a fight with me. Happily, Guard Blaine defused the situation 
quickly, else I do not believe I would have been able to control my temper much longer. To be accused of not caring about the 
party when you have put most of your power into their protection is not something that I take lightly. I believe that he is 
becoming a liability to the party, and has shown himself very willing to not follow the orders of his commanding officer. It
is not my place to say what I think should happen, so I will end the complaint here. I also spoke to Guard Blaine about this
just after meeting the Fat Man, and he was in agreement with me that I should report this to you. He also said that he was 
going to report it. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College Of Earth. 

Touton's Report


Mission a success, many undead dispatched. All other matters were taken care of although certain members of the party appear
to be a little too eager to take lives of creatures that have done no harm. 

On this note I wish to post an objection to the wanton slaying of the salesman - he was hindering the mission and required 
dealing with but once unconscious there was no need to slay him or in fact the elf that while a nuisance was causing no 
damage to living members of the party. 

Also certain members appeared worryingly ready to just attack the assigned victim without debating the morality of taking a 
life not shown to be evil to save a life. The incentive for this being the return of their souls. I objected to these 
suggestions and was offered physical violence in return. We were under no direct orders from you on this matter and I do not
believe it to have been a sanctioned mission having already been told the use of your name was a ruse to bring us there. I 
therefore believe on such missions all members of the party are allowed a point of view and as a common courtesy should not 
be threatened for airing it. 

Yours for the peace of the barony.

Humact Touton 

Scaffold: Sub-Zero I (21/12/2003)

Daenaram's Report



On your orders, a party under my command proceeded into the outlands by way of a village outside the keep. We found several 
villagers dead, frozen solid. Evidently the ice creatures you had sent us to investigate had been at work close by. Further 
ahead, we found more people in the same condition, and one that looked as if the creature had put special effort into, for it 
seemed to be more iced than the others. It turned out to be still animate, if slow, and attacked the party, though our 
superior agility proved decisive and it was destroyed. 

I moved on ahead, but my scouting ability was of course limited by my needing to be able to get back to the party quickly. 
Quite soon after the destruction of the ice construct, a group of sprites were encountered who seemed determined to challenge 
us to a snowball fight. In the absence of snow, they used offensive magics instead. My agility training made these 
‘snowballs' ineffective, and Seeker Mantis was able to imbue himself and Wizard Phoenix with temporary agility also equal to 
the task of avoiding the attacks. With only minimal fuss they were dispatched after they showed themselves to be more than a 

Upon entering the forest, we encountered a slow moving creature in the ilk of the ice construct previously destroyed. This 
one, however, was more heavily armed and spoke to us, telling us to leave immediately. This, of course, was not greeted with
anything other than our attacking it, and with the exception of a lucky strike on my leg the threat was removed with little 

I proceeded onwards, and drew the party up at the entrance to a cave where a very old man was sitting talking to himself. We
made ourselves known to him and he revealed himself to be an ex-fire mage, once affiliated to the College. He left when he 
found his skill waning with age, but was able to heal my leg effectively, and in return we removed with non-lethal force a 
bear that had usurped his cave. In discussion of the less confidential parts of the mission, he then informed us of a bottle
containing a force that may be able to help us. He had hidden it long ago, and could not remember where, but gave us a 
general direction in which to search. With its chance of aiding the mission, we considered this a sensible quest to embark 
on, and proceeded off in the direction that he suggested. 

We soon encountered another ice construct, again more powerful than the previous two, suggesting we were getting closer to 
the source of the problem. After a swift combat, he was removed, but was able to deal some damage to both Mantis and myself.
We continued onward and found a group of goblins warming themselves over something in the general area we were told to look.
While we engaged them in inane conversation, I was able to observe a bottle underneath the rocks they were using for heat. 
Had my skills in translocation been better, I would have been able to retrieve it without the need for a fight, but as it was 
I was still able to liberate it and have it safely in our possession before they knew what was happening. The ensuing combat
was more infuriating than dangerous, though Phoenix was almost denied the use of her legs. 

We quickly made our way back to the old man's cave and returned his property. He gladly gave us more healing for this 
service, and suggested we open the bottle, carefully. We did, and released what appeared to be a demon that was under his 
control, offering to grant us requests. I fear that I was rather rash in making decisions at this point, and we did not get 
the benefit would could have, though Mantis did make the very good suggestion that we were made immune to the freezing magics 
we had encountered for all of the mission. I suggested that with his vast experience, the mage returned to the Barony and 
took a position mentoring or providing pastoral care for students undergoing the rigorous training the College employs. He 
decided against this, but said he would accept students coming to him for training in outland survival and the less academic
skills. He is a valuable resource and I strongly suggest that the College consider his offer with interest. 

We left the offer to return to the Barony open and went on our way, encountering very little of note until we found what 
appeared to be the source of the trouble. A creature I could only recognise as humanoid demanded that we leave ‘his' land. We 
disagreed, and once he realised he was no match for us himself, he summoned two creatures to his aid a ninja-like creature by 
the name of Sub-Zero, and a slow moving golem. The creature in control was able to alter the balance of the mind to compel 
people to obey him, and as such rendered me incapable of retaliating as Sub-Zero removed my staff and destroyed it. My 
attempts at distracting the creatures into a mistake proved only slightly effective, and with only Mantis remaining who could 
cause any damage whatsoever, we were forced to concede that we were in no way able to match up to what was before us. Rather
than suffer needless deaths, we retreated, taking note of the location and the nature of what we were up against: 

Creature in control: Magics, mind control, bolts of ice. 
Sub-Zero: Very fast and agile, claw attacks, intelligent. 
Golem: Heavily armed, but slow and stupid. 

I would advocate a heavy combat party to go and address this problem when one can be assembled. 

The party returned to the Barony with no further incident. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony

Phoenix's Report

Memo: FAO Guard Captain Johen, Mission Report. 

The small party you sent out to investigate the ice creatures were.. well I won't say entirely successful, but the mission 
was completely without loss of life or limb. This is however thanks to an elderly fire mage going by the name of firre who we 
encountered whilst out. His memory seems to be flagging somewhat, but he proved to be most useful, as he was able to perform
wounds healing (without which I fear Deanaram may have lost the use of his leg, and we probably would have had to return much 
sooner than we did) as well as summoning and trapping a demon of some kind, which was able to grant us wishes. He has agreed
to allow students at the college to come to him for field-based training, though he turned down our offer to bring him back 
to the college himself. I will be contacting the college for further discussions on this. To the mission however, we were 
able to deal with several ice-based creatures, for which my fire magics proved most useful. This success was slightly marred
later on, when we encountered a rather cocky (though apparantly fairly useless alone) ice demon, which summoned a ninja-like
helper, presumably also demonic in nature. Daenaram's new staff was taken and shattered, as the demon was able to command 
each of us to do his bidding if we got too close. This has since been mended by Pilgrim and returned to Daenaram. We told the 
demons we would return with more force and finish the job we came to do. I should also mention that without Mantis's healing, 
this mission would not have gone as smoothly and safely as it did. 

Scaffold: Sub-Zero III (08/02/2004)

Oolong's Report

Le morte d'oolong 

Book Primus 

Chapter the first, How oolong goes forth on patrol, and of theose with him, and and what they had knowledge of. 

It befell in the days of Baron Scara'fold, when he was ruler of his land for the king, that there was a warrior of his 
fellowship that hight Oolong. And Oolong was called a goodly warrior, yet unproven in worship, and of little renown, but 
likely. And this Scara'fold held a strong castle that hight the castle of Baron Scara'fold, that was on the edge of the kings 
lands. And all about there were wild things and the beasts of the forrest. And so it was the custom of that keep for to go 
forth into the land that lay around, to slay the fearsome beasts and to scour and aid the people. Thus did Oolong go forth 
for to slay a fiend. And he did don harness and garb him as a warrior, and gat a good sword, and in the company of other 
warriors did go forth. And with him there was was Blaine that was a right good man of arms, and strong to dure, and there was 
Iussis, that were an holy man and Iussis was sworn to harm none, so god help him. Also there was one who hight Mantis du 
Filzworth, that wore ever a great hat, and with them was Blackwing, who was of those who go afore the main part of the host 
for to espy what haps upon the land and, there was Rain that was a right wise man and a great sourcer. And so there were six
of them that went forth, for to slay the fiend. And on this day there was great noise in the village there by the keep that 
t'were fell beings in the forests that did burst upon the land in flames, and hearing of this noise and cry, did they go, all 
together into the forest. 

Chapter the second, How the goblins did come upon them with disworship, and how they dressed them and of great slaughter 

And so they took the way unto the forest. And when they were nigh to the forrest there came forth with many shouts goblins, 
and they were green and grimly, and came upon them from a bushment. But they were espid by Blackwing, and he cried hold, and
then they came forth. So there was battle, and many a sad stroke on either side, and wit thee well that Oolong did passing 
well, and struck down the miscreatures on the left hand and on the right hand, that many were struck grovelling, and so there 
was great slaughter on the part of the beasts, but the noble warriors guarded them well, and took little hurt. Yet when the 
miscreatures fled, and were persuded to the borders of the forest and there slain, so when they fell there was great 
explosion of sourcerious fire, that struck Blaine a great buffet. And so they rested them and Iussis, who was a great leech, 
dressed there wounds with the grace of the Lady, and so they went unto the forest 

Chapter thirdus, How there was more battle, with Orcs, and how they spoken. How they were without honour, and how they were 

And so they took the way within the forest, and followed it a ways, and then there were more miscreatures and greater than 
before, and Darkwing spoke that they were Orcs. And the orcs were fearsome and mighty, crying: hold! For it was their custom
to let none pass that place, and so there was great battle, and many dreadful maims given. And then Mantis, who was a goodly
man and a greath leech, and had lifer see none dure such terrible maims spoke aloud calling for parlee, and so rested them. 
But the Orcs were of mal engine, and struck Blain a brimly stroke, and so they dressed them to the Orcs, and struck down on 
the left hand and the right hand, and so they slew them, till that place was overbled with blood. It so happed that by that 
this place was fast by an hermitage, wherin dwelt an hermit that was a right wise man, so straightways went they. 

Chapter quartus, How they met by adventure with grimly bears, and there was a forest-walker, and how they swore, and parted 

But it so happed that the hermit had passed from that place, and was not there. So in his sted they found black bears, full 
grimly, and one of them acted as it were wood. and so they spoken amougst them, for they wit not what to do. And they 
departed from that place. But wit thee well that it that forest, there were forrest-walkers, that men call druids, and there
was one there, that took the bears as his especial charge, and he spoke to them, bidding them harm not the beasts of the 
forrest, for Blain had oft hunted, and so swore they each, and parted them. 

Chapter quintus How they met by adventure with a fiend, and how they forghten. 

Then upon a day this party took there arms, to seek adventures. And they went the forest ways, there met with them a fiend 
with all its host about it, yet so Darkwing reporteth they were but goblins, and of little might, yet the fiend stood within
a great fire, and was not harmed, for it was of the flames. And so this fiend was of no honour, but was mighty in soucery, 
and so they forghten them and won much worship. For the fiend did cast such enchantments as there harness did melt from them, 
and the goblins forghten like wildbeasts that are cournered. Yet Rain cast such enchantments that the fiend might not dure, 
that each stroke was as an icy burst. and so forght they long time, with many sad straokes, but ever scarafold's men had the
better part, and ever the fiend and its goblins had the worse part, and so there was much forghten. 

Chapter sextus How there was a great horde of miscreatures and of foul sourcey, and of battle 

Now pass we this matter of that battle, and turn we to the clearing that ley within the forest, and al about this forest we 
miscreatures and things out of nighmare, and there was a heathen chanting, and a great whailing, and so came the party, and 
strightway there was great battle, for the miscreatures called ever upon fell powers, yet ever did the party bear them up 
gainst it, and gave many sad strokes, that the foul creatures could not dure, but fell dead and grovling. and so passed they
on, and rested them, and prayed them, and passed ever on. 

Chapter septus Of another fiend, and of its powers, and how it scaped and was followed 

And so went they further into the forest, that all about there were such fiends, so they found another creature that was 
foul, and met they it in a clearing, and there more fighting, that at the end they were for-forghten. And the fiend lightly 
voided them, and ran some little way distent, and turned on them for to strike them with sorcerious fire, yet Iussis followed
it ever, and wrestled the creature, that it might not do such, but ever it struck at him. So so they chased, and so it ran, 
till in the end they staggered footling, and so it fell. 

And hereafter folloth the most piteous history of the morte of oolong, the which is the eighteh chapter 
Chapter octus 

And so reached they a fair valley, and green and goodly, and they were greatly injured from ther travils. They say they that
a great fire burned upon the land, and they were ware that the fiend that they came following was there, and so rested them,
and Rain called forth the last part of his power, and there swords ran with ice, and Mantis called upon gods to grant them 
grace, and so went they forth for to be forghten, to slay the fiend. And so went they to the fiend and called hold, and 
dressed them. But the fiend called forth great power for to enchafe their harness. And so Oolong went unto fiend and smote 
it many a sad blow, and all about the sprites that attended upon the fiend darted about, and smote on the left hand and the 
right hand, but he was ware of them and ever lightly voided there blows, and ner'y did he let the fiend get hence from him. 
Yet ever was his harness enchafed, that he might not dure, but ever bore he up, for to strike the fiend, and so he gave many
a sad stroke. And so the fiend was killed, and he turned on the sprites, and struck them down, but ever his harness blased 
hotter, and in the end he might not dure, and so he fell to the foul sorcey. And so there was great battle, and many a great
stroke, yet when Mantis looked upon the vissage of Oolong, there was none, for he had burned away in his harness, yet every 
he forgen him. And so lifted they Oolong's and bore him away to the castle of Scara'fold. And there was a pitious wailiing 
for this bold warrior, who won much worship. 

Scaffold: Orcs (22/02/2004)

Blaine's Report

... Humact Touton decided to pray. However ten minutes later, Pilgrim errupted through the ground into Touton. The humact 
then decided to blame everyone but himself for his decision, I gave Touton an ultimatum to stop acting like a child or leave, 
he chose the latter. However, Touton did tell cassidy to bring items to ressurect the fallen, so maybe his decision was a 
divine plan... 

Fell back whilst fighting to barony border, Cassidy got seperated and couldn't leave an ogre and troll at the border to kill
citizens. The last I had heard Cassidy had killed the orge, but this turned out to be a ruse. The fighting retreat was to 
harm the monsters that threatened the barony as much as possible. It ended with the troll and ogre retreating from weariness.
Everyone good, commendations to all. Wary of Touton, but he served purpose one way or other, Cassidy and Blackwing not 
abandoned. Cassidy the hero of day, please save him from temple disipline. 

Guard Sergeant Thyreous Blaine 

Daenaram's Report



Before I report on what I saw two days ago, I first offer my apologies to you and Captain Valarus for leaving the Barony 
borders on a day when I was not rostered to do so. My day was free for training, and I can rationalise what I did by the fact 
that missions are the best training I can get. I was at study when I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to go the party. I 
have learned to trust my instincts over time, so left immediately. The resulting pursuit of the party took just under an hour. 

I arrived to find Wizard Phoenix and Pathfinder Blackwing dead and the party fighting a band of orcs. They were dispatched,
though not without injury. I requested as to the sate of our healing possibilities and found that Humact Touton had taken 
offense at something Guard Sergeant Blaine had said and gone AWOL. I cannot complain too vehemently about this, given the 
situation I found myself on the mission in, but I would say that going AWOL to join a mission is considerably different to 
doing so to leave it. The able talents of Judge Iussis are of course only able to heal the body, and some were in sore need 
of a panacea for their life-force. 

I was then informed about the impending arrival of Marshal Cassidy, which would make us a strong fighting unit again. We 
lay low and watched orcish patrols moving back and forth past us, breaking cover only to attack one patrol that had captured
someone for meat. They were rescued and directed back to the Barony border. Cassidy's arrival was simultaneous with a band of 
orcs approaching from below us. We fought a rear guard up the hill towards them, and at the end of the combat discovered he 
had brought a powerful artefact with him that resurrected both Blackwing and Phoenix. 

In our newly healed state we were able to proceed further into the territory, and soon encountered another party of orcs, 
with an ogre and a troll in tow. They demanded that we leave and never return, something I am beginning to get used to 
hearing. The ensuing combat was long and painful, and punctuated at various points by skilled sacrifices from various members 
of the party. Cassidy and Blackwing executed a diversionary manoeuvre that drew the ogre away. Wizard Pilgrim, rendered 
useless by combat, lay down his life in an attempt to ascertain their fate, and Blaine (who's sword had been taken by an orc)
fought unmovingly and without thought for his personal safety to try to rid the land of these miscreants. Nevertheless, we 
were forced back to the Barony border, where Phoenix raised the alarm. We were soon joined by nearby guard patrols and any 
healing priests in the area, and returned to combat with fresh vigour. All save the ogre and troll were killed, the rest run

I was disappointed to hear of the death of Cassidy, after such a noble sacrifice, but it saved the life of quite possible the 
entire party. His and Blackwing's devotion to duty and willingness to serve are a fine example one I wish to attempt to 
follow more often. 

The party returned with no further incident. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony

Iussis' Report

Guard Captain Johen, 

The events of the mission of two days ago were, for the most part, as would be expected for a mission to remove an orcish 
threat. As a non-combatant, I am unable to give a precise account and as such will leave such matters in the more than 
capable hands of Guard Sergeant Blaine. 

There are a few matters, however which I wish to bring to your attention. Humact Touton seemed inordinately anxious to fight
undead, at one point soon after the commencement of the mission talking about leaving the group to hunt such creatures. I was 
quick to advise him of his responsibilities, yet he seemed unconcerned. He carried a weapon, yet I never saw him swing it. At 
times I was even forced to use my staff to attempt to deflect the blows of the enemy, yet Touton stood in the centre of the 
group without any attempt to give aid. Finally, when his Standing with the gods of Life ran low, he chose to pray on the spot 
where Pilgrim and merged with the earth, resulting in a collision when the mage returned, disrupting his Prayers. He then 
chose to blame all but himself, culminating in Blaine ordering him to stop acting like a child or leave. He chose to leave. I 
must question his dedication to the cause. 

We encountered another of the black-clad men. He had been, I assume, felled by a group of orcs, since we found them mauling 
his body. When I checked his wounds, his life had departed to an extent greater than I have ever seen, his left leg was 
broken and his body had been severly damaged. However, when we turned away to deal with the remaining enemies, he apparently
got up and walked away. All we found were tracks the Blackwing confirmed were almost certainly made by him. Blackwing was 
unable to follow his tracks far because of the nature of the terrain. 

Finally, the mission itself was a technical success, in that the orcs were destroyed. However, an ogre and a troll were 
accompanying the orcs and we were too badly injured to destroy them. A fire mage was sent for to assist us in the destruction 
of the troll, but did not reach us before the creatures were lost with the onset of night. 

Judge Iussis 
Temple of Order 

Phoenix's Report

Memo: FAO Guard Captain Johen, Mission Report. 

I have little of pertinance to report, save that I died during the mission. However, matters surrounding my death concerning
other members of the patrol I feel need a mention. Firstly, Cassidy was able to bring me back to life - as I came round I saw 
he had been using an item to facilitate this. I can only assume it wasn't actually his, indeed he mentioned that he had 
aquired it from the temple. Should this not have been entirely with permission, I only put to you that without myself and 
Blackwing back to life, the later part of the mission may well have become somewhat more messy than it was. The other matter
is that of Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane. As I awoke, I realised he was with the group, and had not been when we set out. I 
do not know when he arrived, or for how long I was inactive, but when I asked why he had come out he was unable to explain. I 
understand he was supposed to be training on that day, and once again, the mission would have been less of a success without 
his help during the afternoon. To sum up then, if anyone after this mission is up for investigation, beration, judgement or 
the like, with the exception of Touton (who was no longer there when I awoke, and I have learned since that he left after a 
disrupted med brought about by his own stupidity) I ask that all cases are considered carefully as they all played a part in
saving the party from returning under the burden of several corpses. 

Pilgrim's Report


We were mostly successful on the mission you sent us on, however I am sorry to say that I failed to adequately protect all 
the elves that were with us. Mage Phoenix was killed during the mission, although was resurrected by Cassidy when he turned 
up with an item that I assume he had been loaned fromt he Temple of Justice. I was not quick enough to get between her and 
an advancing Orc, and for that I apologise. I will move quicker next time. 

We followed your orders and killed any orcs that we came across, with the exception of two who would not get close enough to
us for us to safely and efficiently deal with them. They however did not pose much threat, and with what I assume to be the 
main bulk of the forces killed, then they will probably just disappear back where they came from. 

As far as I know, we were unable to defeat a Troll and an Ogre who, along with an orc horde which we did finally destroy in 
front of the barony borders, forced us back to the barony. While we were fighting the Troll and the orcs, we noticed that 
Cassidy and Blackwing were missing. After being healed up on the Barony borders, I swung round the side of the battle and 
back into the forest, avoiding the orcs and the ogre and the troll, so that I could go and look for them. I retraced our 
steps, but found no sign of them. When I returned to the Barony, again, I was informed that they had turned up a short while
after I had left. 

I wish to commend Guard Sergeant Blaine on his bravery. However, I have serious reservations about Humact Touton. Having 
publicly questioned my loyalty on a previous mission, he showed that he had no loyalty himself by storming off midway through 
this current mission when Blaine told him to stop acting like a child. This left us with no life healing, and it wasn't until 
Cassidy turned up that I could once again become a combat force for I fear that if I had been hit but once, or even cast my 
most protective spell, I would have been in serious danger of dying, and this left Blaine and Fearsbane as the only fighters
as Blackwing was killed, and Iussis' temple forbid him hitting things.

Pilgrim, Mage of the College of Earth 

Scaffold: Desert raiders I (07/03/2004)

Pilgrim's Report


We went out to investigate and engage the invaders from the north east as per your instructions. However, before we came 
across them, we came across a necromancer and his undead minions. We despatched these, although the priests need to learn a 
better way of keeping them down as after a short while, the undead rose again to attack us. We eventually killed them all, 
and the necromancer, although it was at the cost of Mantis' life. Skulk was saved just by my endurance spell that I placed 
upon, so I am told by Cassidy. After we had dealt with the undead, who should turn up but the useless traitor Touton. I note 
that he only appeared *after* all the undead had been dealt with. He appeared with two other humacts, one of whom was able, 
with help from the other priests, to resurrect Mantis. Once the humacts had gone, we continued on and met with the men from 
the north east. They claimed that this was their land, and so was the castle. Eventually, fighting ensued, and we killed all 
but one of them. He was chased into the forest, where a large force was waiting. We were repelled back, but still fought them 
at every turn. Two undead turned up behind us and Blaine was able to lure the undead onto the force. They were mostly armed 
with swords, and with the help of the skeletons, we were able to kill most of the large force. However, one of their number,
who appeared to be their leader, was casting fire and illuminati magics, or at least that's what they looked like. However, 
I was unable to make myself immune to his magics. I do not fully understand why yet, although this did make claims to 
worshiping the divine power of the sun. After a while, another man came from the forest, and brought news that the army was 
now ready. We stopped fighting, and Guard Sergeant Blaine diplomatically agreed a neutral zone with them as they wanted to 
meet with Baron Sc'ara Fo'uld. We then returned to the Barony. 

I have since done some research into the area and the men, although I could not gain access to any texts with anything useful 
in them, although I did overhear people talking about wall paintings and carvings in the castle which looked like sun worship. 

Pilgrim, Mage of the College of Earth. 

Scaffold: Desert raiders II (14/03/2004)

Iussis' Report

Guard Captain Johen, 

I first wish to state that, to my knowledge, all that had been agreed with the Scarabs was a neutral zone on the borders 
which would not be violated. If I have made an error in this assumption please take this into account when reading the rest 
of this report. 

The mission first encountered trouble while still in Barony lands. A group of Scarab settlers had moved in and were in the 
process of displacing our own citizens, who were putting up a spirited resistance. For some reason I was unable to fathom, 
rather than defending the peasants, Guard Sergeant Blaine ordered them to leave their farms and retreat to the keep, promising 
them food and shelter until the situation was resolved. After conversing with the Scarabs, we found they had no links to the
military, and did not contact said military. I am unsure as to why the party didn't defend our citizens, but mindful of 
Blaine's previous order not to question him I resolved to keep quiet to ensure I was able to aid in the success of the primary 

Our second encounter was with a Scarab patrol, encroaching on the previously defined neutral area. Again Blaine ordered us not 
to resist as we were stopped and searched, rather than given the free passage already negotiated. Regardless, no items were 
removed from our possession and we continued onwards. 

Shortly after entering the forest we came upon a group of five Scarabs with their throats slit. Nearby we found the 
negotiator. I confirmed his identity with the password and countersign provided, and prepared to escort him onwards. At this
point, the corpses rose as undead. Pathfinder Rumour and Marshal Cassidy joined me and the negotiator. Cassidy distracted one 
of the zombies, while I headed off to try and distract a ghoul which was heading towards us. At this point I noticed that the 
party had scattered. Knowing that the protection I could provide was sufficient to negate the ghoul's attack, I informed the
mages who had already been protected of this and passed my protection out to as many as I could reach, believing, falsely as
it turned out, that the party had scattered to avoid paralysis. I tried on two occasions to get the mages to rejoin Blaine 
and Rumour, but they persisted in running around the undead. Blaine was nowhere close to the mages or priests during the vast 
majority of the fight. He appears to take on an almost barbarian-like rage when encountering undead, apart from the one who 
he defended against the ogre a few weeks ago. I must warn you that on several occasions I have overheard patrol members 
discussing his capability to command. 

At some point in the fight, Rumour abandoned the negotiator, who found a safe spot to observe the fight. 

After the fight had ended, the party attempted to find the negotiator. He, however, found us first. Blaine's rudeness towards 
him was entirely unacceptable and undeserved, as far as I could see. The negotiator pointed out the lack of tactics and the 
danger thereby caused in combat, and Blaine took offence. He appears very touchy when people question his skill or options, 
and while I fully accept that his orders must be followed, he refuses to listen to any suggestions as to courses of action 
available. The mages appeared almost disgusted by the appearance of the negotiator, and seemed unable to put aside simple 
racial prejudices for the sake of the mission. Pilgrim in particular seemed very belligerent for the remainder of the mission. 

After that little disruption had been resolved we encountered three children, apparently barony citizens who were taken with
the idea of ambushing Scarabs. Pilgrim threw them (literally, I believe he had cast a spell similar to my "Double Strength" 
miracle) around, nearly throwing one of them off a cliff edge. Rather understandably, in my opinion, they fought back, and he 
butchered one of them while the remaining two ran off. Blaine did nothing to stop this. 

Having seen the attitude of the rest of the party towards our negotiator, ranging from active dislike to blinding hatred, I 
decided that to ensure the success of the mission I would stay close to the negotiator unless impossible to do so. I also 
offered him my skills; though he assured me he had no need of them. Instead, I merely protected his weapons against 
destruction. Throughout the forest we were taunted by goblins, but having no cause to engage them, we left them be. 

Several members of the party seemed surprised when the negotiator told them we were negotiating from a position of strength.
They, including Blaine, did not appear to understand the tactical significance of our control of the keep. From the overall 
party reaction, I got the distinct impression that some believe that our little patrol group is the best the Barony has to 
offer, and that our failure previously meant the enemy were nigh-on unstoppable. Blaine's rudeness continued, and the
attitude of the party members, deteriorated. Blaine obviously disliked the idea he could have been wrong, and the elves were
almost incapable of seeing past the fact the negotiator was a Drow. 

Our next encounter of note was with a group styling themselves ‘The Barony Liberation Front'. These men appeared to be 
disgruntled due to an apparent ceding of their lands to the Scarabs. Blaine attempted to explain to them that this would be 
resolved, but this complex task was obviously too much for him. The group refused to let us past, and we were forced to fight 
them when their priest, casting Chaotic miracles, no less, attacked the negotiator. The enemy were not particularly good 
warriors, and the negotiator soon dropped three of them, while I busied myself healing his minor injuries and defending his 
back. The party seemed incapable of defeating these enemies, taking a large amount of time to dispose of each one, and the 
Water Mage known as Rain blinking into a tree. Blaine appears to either charge off into the sunset, as it were, or fail to 
move close enough to the enemy to strike. I believe a small amount of combat awareness training could work wonders for him. 

It was at this point I realised I had an urgent need to pray to my Lady to regain my standing. After checking wih Blaine he 
suggested I withdrew from this plane. I complied. When I returned, the party was nowhere to be seen, however, I could hear 
shouting nearby. When I headed over to investigate, I found one of the earlier foes spouting slogans at the party. I was 
later told this had been going on for almost the whole time I had been gone. Apparently no party member had come up with the
idea of dealing with him. At the negotiator's urging I led off, and true to form, the party followed. 

As we approached, the negotiator indicated his need to meditate, suggesting scouting around might be a good idea to prepare.
The party instead took this time to plot against the negotiator. It was obvious by this point that the negotiator's mission 
was likely to involve force, and I had assumed the party would be there to back him up if things went wrong. Instead they 
were plotting how to prevent him using force. Naturally I informed the negotiator about this when he returned, to enable him
to take steps to ensure he was not inconvenienced. The party had been accusing me of aiding the negotiator throughout the 
mission (though in less polite terms) and still decided to hatch their plot in my hearing. I would not be surprised if it was 
hoped that this mission would take its toll of the more stupid members of the Barony's forces rather than sending the better
warriors who may be required in the aftermath. 

Regardless, we proceeded to the main camp of which the only entrance was guarded by two golems, and a warrior. They let us 
through and took us to their leader. At this point there were, I believe, three guards, a priest, and their leader. 
Considering the group we had there, including the three mages, of whom none had yet meditated, we were more than a match for
the enemy there. The negotiator did his job and killed their high leader, who also appeared to be the head of their religion. 
The guards, fairly obviously, attacked. It is at this point the party scattered. There was no semblance of cohesion at all. 
I broke past the guards to ensure the leader was dead and then attempted to rejoin the party. As far as I can tell, the fire
mage was run down and butchered without even casting a spell. A notable feat considering the enemy strode rather than ran and 
started off around fifty feet from her. Cassidy was cut down in short order, and it was only the weakness caused by Mantis 
and the Freezes thrown around by Rain that enabled one or two of the enemy to be dropped.

The fight culminated with Blaine surrendering to the enemy, even though we had the power to defeat them. I cannot claim to 
understand what went through his mind, but only myself, Blaine and Rain returned to the Barony. The rest were left with the 
enemy by Blaine's agreement.

Scaffold: Desert raiders IV (28/03/2004)

Daenaram's Report



It is with regret that I report the desertion of Pathfinders Libre and Kennedy. 

As part of yesterday's mission to rid the area of Scarabs, we happened upon the two of them defending Scarab civilians. While 
the party found the orders they were following distasteful, and no point did we refuse to follow them. Libre and Kennedy had
not only chosen to renage on their orders, but also to incite others to do so as well. 

Their being my brothers in arms, I would not attack them, though I informed them that their actions were mutinous, and any 
attempt to return to the Barony after such a display would lead to their arrest and Court Martial before the Baron's justice.
They considered staying away to be preferable to this course of events and notified me of their intention never to return. 

May your way be clear, 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane 




On your orders, a party under the command of Guard Sergeant Thyreous Blaine proceeded into the outlands via a small 
woodsman's settlement. The woodsmen complained of Scarab raids into their territory, and on closer discussion put a bounty on 
the head of any Scarabs we could find, requiring the returning of their distinctive white turbans as proof. With this 
knowledge, the scout team consisting of myself and Pathfinder Sergeants Skulk and Black Wing proceeded over open country, 
towards where we had received reports of Scarab activity. We found settlers, though no military, and the party dispatched 

Proceeding further, we encountered another party of civilians and children, again proving easy targets. At this point, a good 
number of the party began to question the morality of the cold blooded killing of innocent civillians, and even I was left 
wondering why I was not even told about this. However, we had our orders, and carried on, reaching next a Scarab priest and 
his followers. They were dispatched while kneeling to pray. 

Upon reaching the entry to the forest, the scout team was able to monitor unobserved what looked like two members of the 
Pathfinders guild in conversation with more, albeit armed, Scarab civilians. As the party appraoched, we recognised them as 
Pathfinders Libre and Kennedy, who had deserted the militia and chosen to defend the Scarab civilians. A separate report will 
be made to Captain Valarus detailing the nature of this desertion, sufficing here to say that the civilans were allowed to go 
free on the condition of Libre and Kennedy not returning to the Barony. By this time, however, Blaine was under pressure from 
Seeker Mantis to clarify his orders to preclude the killing of those who could not and probably never would defend 
themselves. He was clearly uncomfortable, and Mantis was adamant, while several other members of the party appeared to be 
somewhere between these parameters. Blaine ended up giving each member of the party the free choice of whether to kill 
civilians or not. As my orders were now to make my own mind up, I stopped and killed no more. 

We received relief when fifty yards ahead, we encountered a battle where the Scarabs were not the primary targets. A group of
Scarab civilians were fighting for their lives against marauding skeletons. The undead were killed, and the Scarabs, under 
Blaine's now more moderate orders, were disarmed and allowed to go free. This was largely due to the flat refusal of Mantis 
to heal what he described as "murdering fuckwits", until they had prayed for forgiveness from the gods of freedom for their 
"sins". While such a stance did nothing for the mission, he never disobeyed an order was a fine representative of his temple
in standing up for what he believed in. As such I am loathed to condemn his actions. 

Following this, we happened upon a member of the black-clad faction, in combat with yet more Scarab civilians (it is of 
interest that after all this time, still no combat personnel had been encountered). We let him complete his work, assertained 
his hatred and antipathy towards the Scarabs, and he left to find more. Mantis continued his incredulity at what we were 
doing, and while Mage Pilgrim prayed for forgiveness, we received abundant word of what the Scarab spirits thought when one 
of them approached us. It was incoporeal and as such would not have been harmed by our attacks had there been any. It drifted 
among us, referring to each of us as murderers. After Pilgrim had managed to find enough favour with Mantis' gods to receive
healing, the scout group proceeded further and found a dead, paralysed scarab with two ghouls. The ghouls were killed with 
little moment, that being the paralysis of Blaine, and the party once again breathed easier about the nature of the mission. 

However, the general turning point of yesterday's operation came when the scout team found two bound and surrounded Scarab 
female civilians and another adventure party (under the command of Guard Sergeant Slaine) debating who among them to could 
kill both the captives in one stroke. The turning of what was, at best, dirty work into some form of sport was too much for 
Mantis, who put himself in the way of the deathstroke and invited the other party to lay on. Pilgrim, with newfound morals, 
also put himself in the way, though by utilising his superior strength to remove the theats. The other party claimed that the 
order to kill scarabs were obvious and clear, and that there was no reason they should not take pleasure from doing so with 
ease. They taunted us with the number of kills they had made that day, and upon the prevention of gaining two more seemed 
almost ready to start a fight between the two parties. The resurfacing of Blaine served to diffuse this situation, and the 
other party went on their way to find more cheap thrills. 

Such cheap thrills arrived moments later as another group of Scarab civilians were chased to our position by the other party. 
Under Blaine's orders to act on our own conscience, we let the Scarabs through and barred the way for the other party. An 
inter-party fight seemed even closer when Pilgim was frozen to remove him from the way, something I consider to be an attack
on a Barony patrol. The fact that the attack was by a Barony patrol is of no moment. However, they were once again placated 
and went their separate ways, though I would like to go on record and report the actions and demeanour of Guard Sergeant 
Slaine to be both despicable and sadistic, and not fitting a party commander, here or anywhere else. 

Upon proceeding further, the scout team finally encountered Scarab militia, sworn to defend their women and children. Though
this cause was honourble, we were at least able to finally fight with a clear conscience. The defenders found themselves 
fighting very well motivated worriors and were killed in short order. Time was then given over for prayer and meditation, 
during which a large party of Scarab militia approached the area. Rather than chance them happening upon the indisposed, they 
were led away by diversion and killed by the remainder of the party. Again, fighting with combat oriented enemies was a 
welcome change. 

The scouts ventured further and soon encountered undead in the form of skeletons and zombies, some appearing to be raised 
from the dead Scarabs we had left behind. The fight proceeded slowly, yet successfully, and two waves of them were beaten 
off. However, the presence of undead Scarabs suggest very recent raising - a point of worry in itself. Soon after, we finally 
reached what looked to be a Scarab stronghold, complete with combat priests, armed militia, and other generally psychotic 
fanatics. Appraisal of the scene suggested we were considerably underpowered and would be hard pressed to survive against 
what we saw, and had it not been for the arrival of a member of the black-clad faction, we would have done thorough scouting
and returned to the Barony then and there. However, he informed the party that the stronghold was at it's weakest, and given
time to regroup would become invincible. He also offered his help in the attack, which proceeded well thanks to the 
protective magics of Wizard Phoenix and notable performances from Blaine and Skulk. The stronghold was razed and no survivors 
were left. 

The party returned to the Barony with no further incident. 

A letter to the council c/o yourself should have already been received. This speaks for no-one but myself and points out 
concerns I have over the issuing of orders such as those we received yesterday. Though I privately ask for clarifications and 
explanations from those in authority, I remain a loyal devoted servant of the Baron, and will continue to serve him to the 
best of my ability. 

Pathfinder Daenaram Fearsbane

Phoenix's Report

Mission Report - FAO G/C Johen. CC the Council. 

I was on the mission on Sunday. I would say it was a success, in so far as we carried out your orders, and there were no 
deaths in the party, only minor injuries. The debrief was some comfort, at least you are aware of the nature of our.. 
adversaries. I know I am not the only one who would like to be told in future when the mission brief is to include the 
slaughter of children, bound captives, and civilians who present so little a threat they cower in tears at the sight of armed 
men. I believe that is all I need say on the subject, you will doubtless have heard the same from others who were there.

Phoenix, Fire Mage of the Barony.

Mantis' Report

Just what the hell do you bunch of bureaucrats think you are doing? You cannot send patrols out to murder innocent peasants,
even if they are Scarab peasants. I am disappointed with my own Temple and the other Life aligned ones for supporting such a
decision even if they did vote against it. The atrocities I witnessed last mission strongly made me doubt whether we were 
better than the scarab scum at all, if not worse. 
I strongly hope that the Council considers their choices with more intelligence and conscience in future, and if they don't,
then I would like to see that the 3 Temples of Life allegiance disaffiliate from the council. 
I have also made a request with my temple that I be informed of similar iniquitous missions in the future so I may refuse to
attend. This is my right and I feel insulted that you sent me on such a mission without notifying me of the precise depravity 
of the brief, which is yet another example of your respective incompetence and debauchery. 
If you wish me on further patrols then make sure they are not malicious patrols. 
Thank you. 

Seeker Mantis du Filzworth.

Scaffold: Desert raiders V (18/04/2004)

Daenaram's Report



Following your orders, a party under the command of Guard Sergeant Thyreous Blaine proceeded past the barony borders to clear 
a path for the weapons convoy, making contact with the outlying village as directed. The requested lumber was present and 
correct, but the villager responsible for it refused to release it to the convoy until certain criteria were met. I was not 
party to these discussions (please see Blaine for details), but the issues (including the appearance of a giant marauding 
suirrel) were eventually resolved and the logs prepared for release to the convoy. 

The party proceeded on the designated route and soon encountered a grove of tree goblins. They were disarmed by Wizard 
Phoenix's magics, and after seeing one of their number killed, fled the area. They were not pursued. 

Soon after, the party was approached by a distressed man who informed us that his children were trapped behind an invisible 
forcefield. Taking his ravings with caution, I found a small cave with children indeed unable to leave. The party were, 
strangely, not subject to this disability, and were able to ascertain that the forcefield had sprung up when the children had 
entered the cave with a small puzzle they had taken from a corpse they had found on down the path. At this time the party 
began to hear a disembodied voice telling us to "solve the puzzle" which appeared to corroborate what the children were 
saying. The mages applied their intellect to the puzzle and it was solved in very short order, prompting the voice to tell us 
to return it to him. As the corpse was apparently on the route, we proceeded with the puzzle but were impeded by orcs, who 
claimed that we were trespassing on their land. Ther subsequent removal allowed me to proceed further and I soon came across
the corpse as directed by the children. It was giving off a powerful mind-controlling aura of revulsion, causing anyone who 
approached to be repelled with fear. Blaine and Marshal Cassidy made themselves immune to these effects and proceeded into 
the aura to ascertain the problem. It appeared the soul of the corpse was distressed as he had died not completing the puzzle
- after a short ceremony and an argument with Mistress Cheska, he was laid to rest and we were able to proceed onward. We 
soon met more orcs at the base of a hill (which I would suggest would require augmentation to the horses towing the caravan).
The ensuing combat was fierce, in which Cassidy was knocked unconscious, but sucessful. However, we were unable to prevent 
one of the orcs escaping to warn his comrades further up the hill. We were in no fit state to continue, so with Wizard Rain 
keeping Cassidy alive, we returned to the village in hope of aid. They thankfully possessed a powerful healing draft that 
revived Cassidy, who in turn healed the party, allowing us to continue after meditation and prayer, briefly interrupted by 
another giant squirrel.. 

We encountered the first of the orc's cohorts at the top of the hill - a small party that were dispatched with greater ease 
than the previous, fuelling our hopes of a successful clearing of the path. However, I had observed activity involving orcs,
a toll and an ogre further on ahead, so advised caution in the advance. We found the surviving force at the entrance to the 
cave designated as the site of the cache. Combat was joined with prejudice, and as a result of citable valour in the face of
extreme danger from Blaine and Guard Sergeant Moron, throwing themselves directly into harms way to protect the severely 
endangered, we were victorious and successfully cleared a path in time for Pathfinder Sergeant Black Wing and the rest of the 
caravan's advance scout detail to inspect the site. 

The party returned to the barony with no further incident. 

Pathfinder Sergeant Daenaram Fearsbane 
Scout of the Barony. 

Scaffold: Tournament (02/05/2004)

Rain's Report

* Rain's Notes * 

Since our usual leader Blaine was not present, healer "Hammer of Justice" Cassidy took responsibility for todays mission. 
However, since the barony felt the need to "help" us, Guard Sgt. Homer (who claimed to be Smith, for some reason) was also 
assigned to this mission. So, Johen briefed us - Cassidy, Black Wing, Homer and myself - on today's objective: A tournament 
was held somewhere outside of the barony and we should ensure everything went smoothly (and participate if we wish). We were
also warned of a necromancer who was seen recently around in the area the tournament was supposed to be. Thus, we started to 
make our way to the event. 

We initially encountered some peasants, which didn't tell us anything we didn't know already, so we ignored them and moved on. 

A bit further along we met eight goblins, which told us they were also heading to the tournament. It seemed they were a bit 
stupid, and figured they could have better chances in said tournament if they were to steal our armour and swords. I don't 
know how they would have won anyway, since for some reason only three of them fought simultaneously with us. One of them was 
a bit more intelligent than the rest and ran of, only to mention that "he would get us back". Oh well. 

We then found three strong looking peasants, who initially wanted to enter the tournament as well. However, they told an 
interesting story of a black robed man who suddenly appeared very scary (which would be our necromancer). After this 
encounter it seems they lost their will to fight, and continued to sell their fungus-stew (as a replacement to beef-stew for
our order and life priests). We agreed that once we return from the tournament we will help them restructure their business 
to increase their profit margins in exchange for some of that famous fungus stew. 

We then proceeded into a forest to find three orcs who also want to enter the tournament. They seemed to be very confused 
after we tried to help them understand the difference between left and right depending upon the direction you were looking 
in. As all encounters with orcs this one ended violently (with our friendly ninja helping out) as they thought it would be 
a brilliant idea to get rid of us before the tournament. 

We then decided this will probably happen again and I empowered all of the party's weapons at this point. (I hate 
ambidextrous sword users, especially our ninja who seems to make a point of carrying as many swords and knifes as possible, 
who make endeavors like these very taxing...) 

After advancing further through the woods two undead creatures (a skeleton and a ghoul) were encountered. Ghouls are very 
amusing when they cannot hit anything. Black Wing continued to mock and hack up the ghoul while Cassidy and Homer dealt with 
the skeleton. After their demise Cassidy blessed their remains, as this apparently stops them from getting up. 

Soon afterwards we started to look for the necromancer, as those two random undead seemed to hint that he was nearby. 
Instead, we found one of the ninja who helped us previously. He didn't seem to want to participate in the tournament and we 
parted ways. 

After a while we could hear a large crowd. The tournament seemed to attract a lot of attention after all. Perhaps the prize 
was really worth it? We then spotted the arena, and a tournament official asked us if we wish to participate. Although 
Cassidy seemed to have some reservations about tournaments (or rather organized fights) we enlisted in the tournament. When 
choosing a team name we decided upon "Time Guardians", as that is sufficiently random and as good a name as any. 

We then met a person, who seemed slightly less sane than most. Being told he was the man in charge of healing the 
participants of the tournament, we soon found out he wishes to perform some kinds of experiments in exchange for sweets or 
healing. Being mildly offended by this, Cassidy instructed the rest of the party to stay away from him. (Altough I do note at 
this point that Black Wing seemed to be interested in the potential power he offered in exchange for his experiments.) 

The tournament official then explained the rules to us: It was a team based tournament, any fighter could yield at any point,
and only one member of the team had to survive in order for the entire team to advance. He did not want to reveal the nature 
of the prize either. 

Soon afterwards we were called up for our first fight. We entered the arena (a large circular area), only to find the goblin 
that fled from us a while ago. We convinced him that it was in his best interest to yield, so this fight was over without 
much blood shed. 

After us, some orcs were pitted against some elf peasants, its their own fault for entering, really. The fight ended with the 
elves yielding. Homer then decided he wanted to engage in one on one combat versus the orcs' team leader instead of the 
normal team battle. Since nobody in our team wanted to move (it was quite nice to just sit there and do nothing, although the 
weather could have done with more rain, but I digress...) the tournaments coordinator accepted this idea. Homer than 
proceeded to beat the orc and we won out second fight without too much trouble. 

After that, two fights commenced: one orc vs. orc fight (which ended very bloody with limbs being tossed into the spectator 
crows), and one fight involving a necromancer and skeletons. We figured this might be the necromancer we were looking for, 
although why he would participate in a tournament was still a mystery. Perhaps the prize really was worth it. 

During this, the insane healer continuously tried to convince the party to part with limbs or organs of their own or do some
other kinds of experiments (of questionable nature and benefit) in exchange for power or healing. As we were called up for 
the semi final fight against some ogre (Grok the Slayer or something like that) the healer finally had an intelligent 
experiment to offer: If I find out just how strong that ogre was, I would get something in return. Since Cassidy was not 
around (not that I would care anyway) and that experiment seemed relatively harmless I agreed to do so. 

We then proceeded to fight the ogre, and using my "Entanglement" spell I was able to assess the strength of said ogre. (He 
was about as strong as 12 normal men.) As doing normal combat with this particularly powerful enemy could result in plenty of 
injury, Black Wing and I decided to deal with this one in the usual way, only to discover to our surprise that his skin was 
too thick to cut with Black Wing's dagger. While Homer distracted the ogre, Cassidy and I enhanced the blade of his knife. We 
then let the ogre calm down a bit (i.e. letting him bleed for a while), and once he dropped, Cassidy proceeded to heal him to 
save his life, resulting in our victory. 

Both Cassidy and I decided to pray and meditate before the final fight, so he withdrew to the plane of chaos (or order as he
claims) and I merged into the earth. Upon returning from our hiding places, Cassidy discovered that Black Wings' arm was 
slightly torn up, and in fact looked similar to the way a troll would regenerate. Cassidy was not too happy to learn that 
Black Wing decided to trade in his arm in exchange for some power. Well, at least it was regrowing, for one reason or 
another. Perhaps the healer (which seemed to be a balance priest) was not that pathetic after all. 

We then were called up for the final fight, and both I and Black Wing traded in our favors with the priest and gained the 
ability to dodge attacks better than before. The fight then commenced, and the necromancer advanced upon us with two 

I soon discovered that the Necromancer could dispel all my entangling efforts, so Black Wing and I decided to proceed in the
usual way, only to discover that this necromancer also seemed immune to the effects of my Freeze spell. As finesse obviously 
didn't work, we proceeded with force and beat the hell out of the skeletons and the necromancer. Although he managed to raise 
one of the skeletons again (due to dispelling the bless miracle Cassidy put on it), he finally fell. Well knowing 
necromancers tendencies to get up again after being killed, we waited around the necromancer. However, for some reason or 
another, the party decided to suddenly run to one of the skeletons (which was still blessed) instead of guarding the 
necromancer. He seemed to sense this somehow and got up in that instant. Thankfully the party then rushed back and they hit 
him until he yielded. 

Although last time I heard, the standing orders were to kill necromancers who create skeletons, Cassidy decided to let him 
off and we collected our prize: A stick with some kind of healing powers. As the tournament was over, the crowd then began to 
leave the arena. 

Then, I should have known, two skeletons suddenly marched into the arena and attacked us. Being surprised and not having 
planned ahead, the most powerful enchantments on the swords the party were using lost their power. Thankfully Cassidy managed 
to bless some of the swords so we were able to defeat the skeletons slowly. (One of the skeletons had a note attached to it,
indicating that the Necromancer holds a grudge...) Unfortunately Black Wing got hit critically and would have been bleeding 
to death if it wasn't for Cassidy's life shield miracle. 

To make matters worse, Cassidy's leg was severely injured and he was unable to perform any miracles anymore (due to the pain, 
I imagine). The balance priest then approached us trying to gain something from our unfavorable situation. After a long 
discussion I agreed to perform some minor favor in the future for this guy in exchange for healing Cassidy's leg. Once 
Cassidy was able to cast again, he healed Black Wing and the party up, and we then made our way back to the barony without 
further incidents.

Scaffold: The plague spreads (06/06/2004)

Daenaram's Report



I apologise for the lateness of this report, but after my resurrection it took a little time for events to order themselves 
in my memory. 

On your orders, a party under the command of Mistress Elvira proceeded from the stockade with the intention of finding the 
cause of the new variant disease spreading throughout the scarab population. We immediately encountered a party of orcs, 
probably taking advantage of the situation and marauding the weakened scarabs. The fighters, rich with the augmentations of 
Seeker Mantis and Mage Pilgrim, made short work of them. Proceeding further, bands of goblins were encountered, rendered 
harmless and subsequently ignored. 

Upon entry into the forest, another goblin was encountered, although this one was suffering from the effects of the disease.
Further ahead were human corpses. As the party attempted to communicate with the alive but mostly incoherent goblin, I 
investigated the corpses. They showed themselves to be undead by standing up and attacking the party, their cadaverous touch
causing the disease in those of us who they managed to reach. Mantis was able to heal us and we continued. 

Soon afterwards, we met up with another party of healers. From what we heard, their reports to you will be largely the same 
as ours. After healing, we proceeded further and encountered a human apparently in control of some undead. We suspected the 
involvement of the black clad men, but the individual used druidic miracles as he attacked us. He managed to escape, but left 
us with little doubt as to the cause of this illness. 

More encounters with undead (notably skeletons, zombies and ghouls) followed, and proceeded in the same way as before. The 
augmentations given out by Mantis and Pilgrim proved most useful in various ways and we were formidable against the enemy. 

Not long after, a human, in some kind of gaseous form, was found fighting off two more undead. We dealt with them and helped
him, a favour repaid when we were attacked by undead again. I should have been smelling a rat by now, but failed to remember
what I had been taught about miracles employed by weather druids. During the exchange, Pilgrim was knocked unconscious and 
Elvira paralysed. Mantis was unable to heal at that time, and suggested we find somewhere out of the way to allow him to 
regain his standing with the powers of freedom. The once gaseous man ostensibly helped us to carry the immobile to this 
place, but instead used it as an opportunity to infect me with a more powerful disease when my back was turned and then run 

He returned while Mantis was praying. With Pilgrim unconscious, Elvira paralysed and I under the effects of the disease, 
Wizard Phoenix was in an untenable position and forced to retreat to the stockade. After he returned to the meditation site,
I regret to say we exchanged a few choice words which resulted in the apropriation of my and Pilgrim's weaponry. I will 
endeavour to rectify this mistake. 

After he left and Mantis resurfaced, he was able to heal Pilgrim, Elvira and myself and I proceeded to search for tracks, 
unfortunately unsuccessfully due to his gaseous form. Pilgrim and Elvira needed to regain their power as well, so we moved to 
a new spot and they went under. We were promptly attacked by the first dark druid and his minions once again, which is where
my account ends. The last thing I saw before I was killed myself was Pilgrim killing the druid, so one of them at least will
bother us no further. 

I conclude that the disease was probably caused by this new party of dark druids, and given the source of the previous plague 
and the similarities between the two, I would doubt that they are working their own cause. 

Pathfinder Sergeant Daenaram Fearsbane 

Pilgrim's Report

Guard Captain Johen, 

We went out to find the spread of this contagious disease, and found a more than likely source of it. The forests contained 
at least 2 dark druids, and their undead minions. The undead minions caused us to become diseased when they touched us. We 
managed to kill one of the druids, who appeared to be feral in nature, but we did not manage to get the druid who appeared to 
us in a cloud. At first we helped him, as one of the undead was apparently attacking him, however, he soon turned traitor on
us and inflicted Pathfinder Sergeant Fearsbane with a more powerful disease than his undead minions could, or at least that 
is what Mantis could determine from his powers. 

We met a few orcs, very near our encampment unfortunately. We were not able to kill them but they escaped weaponless. 

I apologise and take responsibility for the death of Pathfinder Sergeant Fearsbane. I did not use my powers as effectively as 
I should, and I should have given him more protection. I will endeavour to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Gail & Gust (08/08/2004)

Simkin's Report

Hi Boss (delivered to College superior), 

Good to see you again, fill me in on all this borderlands stuff at some point will you, some people mentioned it and it 
sounded really interesting, shame i missed that. As for my report, as you know Scarafould's barony had asked for some help 
on a diplomatic mission and as I was in the area I thought I should lend a hand, well someone had to keep Jim out of trouble
didn't they. 

As it turned out there were some nasty bandits using powerful air magics to attack villages in the area, and we were to join
forces with an orc tribe to deal with them. There was this mage called Gust I think that was making enchanted scrolls that 
were actually quite good at teleporting. She came with us to instruct us how to use them, and Lomax somehow managed to trick
Jim into using it. We then had to face these strange jumping undead things, but with our disciplined formations we had no 
real troubles. Particularly when the forces of nature started helping me out as they do. There were some more undead 
including a ghoul and one of the nasty zombies broke Lomax's arm. With his help and instruction though i was able to set it 
again for him, and he could then heal himself. 

The orcs seemed easy enough to deal with, but there was a nasty moment for a second when these two nasty bandits appeared 
behind Thorfen and G'Mord and slit their throats. I really didnt wan't them to bleed to death and wished that they would stop
bleeding, and they did. Lomax was then able to heal them. 

Thorfen beat the orc champion in a duel, it was a shame i couldnt cheer him on or watch the fight properly though as a sneaky 
ghoul managed to claw me just as he was getting all caught up on the tree branches and vines. To find the leader of these 
bandits we were led into these caves. I stopped to rest for a while and when i went down to follow the rest they were almost
all having trouble breathing after being hit by a shadow of some kind. I remember getting hit by one of those once and it 
really was not pleasant. We pushed on into these caves and came accross the nasty man controlling them, Rawlra, thorfen and I 
tried to stop him from escaping, but he managed to get behind some kind of life ward. When he came in too close, Rawlra 
managed to freeze him in place so that I could blast him with icicles but he managed to get away. For soem reason the life 
ward then failed and we went after the nasty man, killed him and rescued Gust's sister gail who was being forced to work for
the bandits and then we came home. On the way back Gail was hurt badly by another jumping skeleton thing, but i was able to 
drive it back long enough for the others to come back. And that was it pretty much. It was good to see some of my old friends 
again, but I've still got so many places to go and see. I think i might see if i can go and find gust and gale they would 
really help me get around. Let me know if there is anything else interesting going on here. 


Gold (15/08/2004)

Lomax's Report

Guard Captain G'Mord

Regarding the village of SilverBall:


The conclusion of our mission is that there is no gold in the SilverBall area. The cause of the ruckus is a special form of 
Earth Sprite - a Gold Sprite - that is playing a game with a group of dwarves. He is leading the dwarves round and round in 
circles, teasing their abilities to sense gold whilst enjoying their frustration at never finding it. He tried to convince us 
of this too, however in private conversation he admitted the truth to me.
Such are the games sprites play.
Sadly this game has repercussions - it seems the Earth Sprites in the area are suffering from the random mining and are 
becoming violent. I tried to negotiate with a group of them, but they insisted that they would kill everyone until the mining 
stopped. Whilst Mad Jim's aid valuably put them down when they attacked us, this is a sad state of affairs. Rawl'ra tried to
negotiate with the rest of the sprites and seemed to have more luck. They were neutral towards us at least. I believe Rawl'ra 
is contemplating staying in the area to try and further help out in this way.
However, should the sprites continue this mentality, it has to be considered necessary to forcibly remove or slay them.


We encountered several groups of travellers, one of whom was engaged in banditry. We dealt with the bandits after coming 
across them dragging off the body of a dwarf they'd slain. In further evidence against them, they, upon spying Rawl'ra alone
in the forest agreed to attack and kill him. I heard this clearly, as did Rawl'ra. They also admitted to pretending to be the 
Baron's representatives. I summarily executed the leader as a lesson to rest, and left the rest who were all wounded, in the
care of Headman Marcus of SilverBall.

The local families (The Waynes and the Eastwoods):

Two families, both alike in dignity, in this fair land where we lay our scene, are trying to herd cattle and having some 
difficulties due to the dwarves mining efforts, the sprites and the bandits. Both families have suffered losses of cattle and 
usable land. Whilst their natural tendency is to blame one another, I suspect rather that the losses of cattle is to 
travellers seeking easy food, whilst damages to fences are similarly caused. I'd also like it noted that whilst the 
Eastwood's earthy demeanour can be off putting, they are friendly and welcoming once you get to know them, whilst the Wayne's 
are generally stand offish. Of course, attitudes can't be held against such outland villagers who often see the devestation 
patrols cause. Ideally we should approach both equally, and I believe that a strong respect for each families lands and 
rights to peaceful existance could do a lot to ease tension's with the families, but if it came down to it I would be more 
likely to believe the Eastwood's than the Wayne's. In the end though we need both to help rebuild the village.

The Drow and Undead:

The drow necromancers have effectively wiped out the village, it is sad to say. Whilst all members of the patrol performed 
admirably in the conflict we arrived too late to produce any real help and the presence of a Death Knight meant that we 
ourselves were gravely threatened.

As previously mentioned, I recommend that the Wayne's and Eastwood's be provided with the means to encourage repopulation of
the land, in the form of grants to establish larger herds and hire on more folk to help with them. 
I'm certain that given time these industrious families can restore the area. Mad Jim also expressed an interest in sharing 
brewing tips with the Eastwood's - perhaps he could be granted a small loan to allow him to establish a second inn in the 
village? I know he is famous for the quality of his brews and would attract the right kind of element to the area.

Two things of note:

The priest of Chaos, Biscuit, mentioned he was establishing a network of "friends who owe favours" inside the Barony. any 
such network within the Barony bears investigation and I am suspicious of his motives for so doing.
The locals mentioned a man they called Scrooge, who claimed to be a Barony representative. They gave conflicting stories as 
to why he said he was in the area suggesting he lies regularly to confuse and befuddle locals. The locals could give me no 
more information on him. I have asked Rawl'ra to look out for him and am planning to ask my good friend Pathfinder Tethlyn to 
try and arrange his patrols to cover the area and investigate. I will pass anything else I can remember directly to him.

In hopes of Balance,

Guardian Lomax

Scaffold: Holy Sands (03/09/2004)

Pilgrim's Report


Here is my report of the events leading to the arrest of Baron Scar'a'fould. 

On the friday night we went out to help some druids. Surprisingly, they didn't take an instant dislike to myself, Phoenix and 
Rain. They usually do. Anyway, they complained of an animal that was making such a noise that it appeared to be injured. We 
set out to aid the creature, and were almost instantly set up by undead. This was to be a common theme of the evening. As we
went along, disposing of the undead, we were asked to decide between our money or our life by a highwayman. He shot a ball of 
fire at Iussis, but other than that, we got past him without incident. After yet another meeting with some undead, this time
including a ghoul, I stood ahead of the party whilst the scouts were being healed. As I was standing in the bushes on one 
side of the path, a black clad man appeared from the other bushes on the other side of the path. I do not know if he saw me,
but he gave no indication that he had. I went back and told Guards Moron and Blaine about this. A bit further on, we found 
the cause of the animal noises. Apparently, it was Marshal Cassidy's "wife". She was an Ogre. Apparently, she was heavily 
pregnant and about to give birth. We escorted her back to the stockade, this time dealing properly with the highwayman, and 
the baby ogre was born. 

On the saturday morning, all the guards at the stockade were possessed by some creatures with big pink tentacles. I believe 
Daenaram refered to them as Illythids. I made short work of them once I had stone-walked inside the stockade. Unfortuately, 
some of the guards were killed in the process, I think by Blackwing. They were resurrected, and we went out to make a deal 
with the Scarabs, one that they eventually backed out of and didn't honour. While we were travelling to meet with one of 
their leaders, groups of them attacked us, and one group of them apparently put me under a curse so that I could not move 
quickly on sand. They also blinded Iussis, but to be fair he did desecrate their "holy temple". Whilst we were negotiating 
with one of their leaders, a black-clad man approached and attempted to kill one of them. He didn't die, and the black-clad 
man ran off over the dunes. Having made the agreement, we returned back to the camp, despatching a few undead on the way, 
mainly ghouls apparently from what the scouts told us, when we saw them. Marshal's Cassidy and Carlsberg, and Guard 
Lieutenant Blaine attempted a ritual to get Iussis eyesight back. This worked, but at a cost. They were blind for most of the 
journey back to camp. It was during this that we were attacked by two ghouls with only black wing as our scout as Skulk and 
Daenaram had disappeared. I stood atop a ridge, shouting to the party as to where exactly the ghouls were so that Rain and 
Cheska could trap one whilst Phoenix, Blackwing and Moron dealt with the other one in relative safety. During the afternoon,
we were met by a group claiming to be from the "True Barony". We made very bad attempts to fool them into thinking other 
than the truth, and after a while, one of them tried to abduct Blaine. They succeeded in killing Blackwing as he was brought
in dead, but apart from that, I do not know too much about them as I was on duty guarding the entrance to the office and 
making sure I had as many of their weapons as I could get hold of, on Guard Blaine's orders. In the evening, the stockade was 
set upon by hordes and hordes of undead, and a black-clad man or two. One of them tried to slit my throat using a combination 
of a freeze spell and his dagger. He just about succeeded, but Mistress Cheska alerted the healers in time and my life was 
saved. The same could not be said of Daenaram unfortunately, and he was slain by another black-clad man. After a while, one 
of the black-clad men attempted to enter the inside of the stockade building via the back entrance. I chased him out, and was 
unfortunate not to capture him there and then but he was able to blink away from me. After seeking permission from Guard 
Lieutenant Blaine, I powered myself up to go out and hunt the black-clad men, and play them at their own game, since I was 
the best person in the party for this as I could not be seen in the dark and know how to move stealthily around woodland. 
Very soon after I had set out from the stockade, into the dark, I heard movement in front and to the left of me. I cautiously 
approached and saw movement. I continued to move forward stealthily, and heard a black-clad man cast at me. It was a freeze 
spell. I know this because I had made myself immune to them, and I was unaffected by him. At this point, I darted forward, 
and attempted to put him down so that he could be taken in for questioning. Unfortunately, I proved to be too strong, and my
blows killed him almost instantly. I made to drag him back to the stockade building, but by the time I got to him, literally
a second or two after dropping him, he had turned into a skeleton. I dragged him back and placed him on the side of a table. 
Soon after I got back, a Vampire turned up and started draining the life out of Moron and Cheska. Cheska fell over twice, and 
I overcast to put an endurance on her which I am told saved her life, twice. Soon after the vampire had disappeared, after 
trying to hurt myself and Moron as we were the only ones hurting it, the undead attacks ceased. 

On the sunday, we set out to attack the castle and capture the Baron. I admit to having a bloodlust in this as the Baron had
not only sent me and my friends and fellow patrol members on suicide missions, but had then sent people after us to kill us,
as well as working with the black-clad men, who had attempted to kill me the previous night. As such, I wanted the Baron 
dead. This will explain my later actions. We dealt with more undead on the way to the castle, and stopped just before it to 
power ourselves up. Upon going up to the castle, we were met by High Master Slaine who proceeded to split Blaine's shield 
Asunder almost instantly. Happily, I was on hand to mend it. High Master Slaine, backed up by a couple of chaos priests made
short work of Blackwing, killing him, and slicing off Daenaram's leg. However, after working through my endurance, he turned
his back on me presenting me with a nice target. I managed to get a few hits in before my staff was destroyed by one of the 
chaos priests. We withdrew to regroup. When we returned, having repowered and healed, Mistress Cheska and Moron made short 
work of High Master Slaine, and we were able to work through the rest of the Baron's troups, with the exception of his 
bodyguard. Rain and I attempted to wear her down, but we were soon out of power, and went off to meditate. When we got back,
Guard Blaine was talking with the Baron. He was brought down from the castle and his undead minions were brought outside for
destruction. I let my bloodlust get the better of me and disobeyed a direct order, and attacked the Baron. I managed to get 
one hit in over his head, knocking him to the floor before Marshal Carlsberg and the bodyguard turned on me. In panic, I 
earth merged. In disgust at what I had just commited, the earth spat me out again, right in front of the bodyguard and 
Carlsberg. I ran, fearing for my life as the bodyguard looked more than a little angry. I ran round a few corners and into 
some trees, and tried earth merging again. Whilst I was in the ground, the earth spoke to me and berated me for what I had 
just done. When it had finished explaining exactly what I had done wrong, it spat me out, and I handed myself over to 
Marshal Carlsberg for arrest. However, he wanted to have no part with me and ordered me to go and see Guard Lieutenant 
Blaine. When I came to him, he was busy fighting undead. He allowed me to help him, but wasn't happy with me. After a while,
we were joined by Mistress Cheska and Marshal Cassidy. Eventually, the undead were destroyed, and I employed my powers to 
cast endurances on everyone there, and double strength on Mistress Cheska after she was hit by something dark in the shadows. 
We returned to the main party, and I was placed under arrest and volunteered my hands for binding as I am a mage and as the 
bodyguard pointed out, we don't all need weapons to do damage with. 

Since then, I have been awaiting the judgement of what I presume will be a Court Martial. I am deeply sorry for breaking 
orders in that fashion, and if I put any of the party in danger through my actions, then once again I am sorry. I can assure 
you it won't happen again. 


Blaine's Report

On your direction, sir, we sought to help the druids in a hope to gain allies for the coming battle. They gave us information 
of a large, possibly wounded animal in the woods in need of aid. Fearing for their safety, and knowing our abilities they 
came to us for aid. We fought through various undead, and a few armed civilians neutral to any form of official state, to 
reach the wounded 'animal'. We discovered the noise was from an Ogre we had previously encountered, one whom Marshal Cassidy 
had...liasons with. Suffice to say we wanted to aid the future Barony citizen and his mother so we escorted them back to 
camp. On route Blackwing and Iussis were set upon by armed neutrals, possessing a for of magic wand, so I ordered all back to 
camp whilst I circled round to find them. I aided in the driving off of the attackers and we made for camp. When we returned, 
you were witness to the events so further description is...unnessecary. 

Morning of 6th day brought us a diplomatic mission to the Scarabs, under your directions. We proceeded into hostile lands, 
and followed a course toward the centre. We shortly found a patrol, who attacked on sight, but were talked into negotiation 
after two honarable (and none lethal) combats. Pilgrim and I fought (seperately) two scarabs, we both dispatched our 
opponents efficiently. We were given an escort to take us round various tribes. The first we encountered were friendly, and 
purified us in Ra's eyes. ilgrim was not exactly diplomatic and found himself cursed to walk heavily on the sand. Pathfinder
Sgt Fearsbane was blessed by Ra with a gift that made him...blurry. Whilst our scouts checked ahead, Iussis founs time to 
dessecrate the temple with runes of, presumably, Order. He was later punished by their Avatar with his blindness in daylight
hours. We proceeded along a given path to find another tribe. They were hostile, and killed our guide, after we sucessfully 
repulsed the attack, priests took time to pray. I took the oppertunity to scout ahead, and make peace with the Scarabs, with
less force of arms behind me. I found their high temple, where their avatar dwelled. I entered into negotiations (with Skulk
who had been straifing me). I pointed out PSgt Fearsbane as proof of our dimplomacy, and he acted as a medium for futhur 
negotiations. He allowed us (whom they called the Riders of Johen) to speak with the Avatar. Negotiations proceeded well, and 
we gained their support. They punished Iussis, but healed Pilgrim, and we were sent on our way. They were at this point set 
upon by a Scorpian (BCM or Ninja). I chased him of with a priest known as Paultep. On my direction we then proceed away from 
them, toward home. At this point I wondered if the God's of justice would aid us in Iussis' healing. On my direction the two 
Marshals and I attempted a ceremony. It succeeded temporarily at the price of the marshals and myself losing sight. The 
journey back was arduous as we were blinded, then attacked by Ghouls. We eventually had our sight returned to us, but Iussis
was again blinded. We made way back to the stockade. As I finish this report we are being set upon by Goblins, I will finish
now, in hope to spare as many as possible. 

After you left on a mission, a group claiming to be newly turned rebels came to us. Being left incharge I saw hope that they
were truthful, but the doubt that they were lying. On my direction we attempted misinformation, which I will described to 
you. It unfortuanately did not work, at the sacrifice of Blackwing's life. In an attempt to kidnap me, they took Blackwing, 
and murdered him in the dark. They escaped and we could not find trace of them in the night. We returned to the stockade. We
are being attacked by hordes of undead, I must pause. *hand writing is rushed* we have repelled several attacks. They are 
being directed by Scorpians. I can't get us out to safety, I fear for those I have sworn to protect. *Even more rushed* The 
come now, in greater number. May this deed survive to record our noble struggle. I see hope tho. We will endure. We have 
endured, all is quiet now. We are taking it in turn to sleep and guard. I think all will be well. I shall write again at 

At Dawn of seventh day - The day of justice. We have endured the night. I will allow myself some sleep for the coming battle. 
I was stirred this morning by activity of the troops. Our only loss was PSgt Fearsbane. Later a Paladin arrived claiming to 
be on a quest in search of myself. After verifying her identity via rituals, she knighted me a Paladin. I have verified this
with you sir. We then assaulted the castle. At the loss of a few lives we gained enterance, and I a meeting with the Baron. 
I believe him innocent through ignoreance. I shall report this the the high Judge, who I assume will see to his trial. We 
have arrested the Baron and have high master Slaine's corpse ready for ressurection to face his crimes. We have also arrested 
several of the Baron's defenders. Unfortuantely Pilgim abandonned orders and attacked the Baron, and has also been arrested.
With the guard you have leant me I will escort them back to the capital for trial. 

On a personal note, I wish to thankyou for your guidance in the past year sir. I haope to meet you again, but various duties
may see me elsewhere. I wish honour to you and your house, ande a safe future. Justice guide you. 

Thyreous Blaine, Paladin of the North, Guard Lieutenant in the Princes Army, Squire of Morgans Vale and Silver Lake 

Rock Troll (19/09/2004)

Lomax's Report

Open report to the Temples, Guards, Pathfinders, Archers and Paladins of the North. 

The Druids are at it again. Will you listen now? 

Last time I ran across heavy druidic power gathering, reality was being distorted and destroyed. In rather a similar fashion
to, say, the Borderlands effect or that incident on Halloween a few years back when we were invaded by the Plane of Tortured

Now, they're happy to work inside our own plane, but they'll just raise up a hill sized "King of the Land" to destroy us all. 
Sorry, do apologise - "protect the land". 

Anyone think that doesn't mean "destroy us all for wanting to have firewood and homes made using planks or stone mined from 
the ground"? 

Can we please recognise that the Druidic menace is growing, that acolytes are fewer in the temples and that the power the 
Druidic groves wield increases with each passing year? 

Necromancy is banned because it produces hordes of undead who attack Barony citizens. Demonology inevitably looses demons 
upon the land to attack Barony citizens. Druidism creates conclaves of wild land where strange creatures such as sprites and 
tree goblins breed and grow strong. These are more than mere pests - they hurt Barony citizens and damage Barony lands. 

I put it to you all that it is past time Druidism was outlawed on Barony lands. 

The Road (26/09/2004)

Silvanus' Report

*Carefully placed under the shade of a large tree, stones depict a series of Druidic Runes* 

Elements of nature, that feed the trees, that protect the trees, and that are in essence one with the trees, I beg for your 

The wrongs I committed during the last sun shall not be repeated, my listless actions regarding forged metal have made me 
realize the importance of the elements of nature to the trees. 

A suitable offering to show my alliegance shall be made. 

Lomax's Report

To the Temple of Balance: 

I am pleased to announce that with Guardian Feran's guidance I have regained my centre by aiding the completion of a vastly 
powerful Druidic ritual. My concerns over the Druids remain, however, and I hope those of you who doubted my lack of bias 
will now consider my words as more reasonably considered. 

I even saved the life of the Druidess leading the ritual - let it not be said that a Guardian seeks only to Balance others. 

Your servant 



To the Guards 

The Druids built the road in exchange for our maintaining the border between them and the sand. I suggest we pave the road to 
enforce our position. And remember that the bargain was struck and done - we owe the Druids nothing. Indeed - they themselves 
were being overwhelmed by Dark Druids without our aid. If anything, they owe us. 

Guardian Lomax 


To the Temple of Justice 

There is a powerful being of your path in the woods, not far from the newly created road. It's spending it's time defending 
a Phoenix. Perhaps you'd like to go and commune with it? 

Guardian Lomax 

Biscuit's Report

Had an adventure again, with wanted a road throgh the forest. got it with the aid of some druids suffereing from a breif 
moment of enlghtened self interest. Lomax didn't kill them on sight. I was impressed; he really fucking hates druids. 
Although he an Interfector have been going off together and coming back flushed and happy, slightly odd. Anyhow I was put to
sleep by a really boring bird, met some angels guarding a pheonix, and chatted with them for a bit. The angels were lovely, 
they denied sharign a heritage with any of the other angels I've met- Man With Bag on Head and the big flying guy whose name
escapes me. Anyhow, despite sharing some sort of para-dimetional bird-czge with a justice daity with pegs stuck to its 
feathers, thwey were lovely. I gave them Names, which they had not previously had. Hopefully being able to distinguish 
themselfs from other things will lead to changes in their outlook which they claim to be eternal. The second law of 
thermodynamics states otherwise- it wasn't /that/ cold. Angelatron, Angleangel and Ezikical all seemed very pleased with 
their names; Me and R'owl'ra got fethers and Green. I utterly approve of the Green. The pheonix they were guarding was a 
arrogent sort of thing, so I snuck upon it and atached things to its feathers. They melted, but it was still utterly defeated 
by both that and my magic rock. R'owl'ra is a genious. 

Protecting druid rituals from things is surprisingly difficult, but not as hard as protecting druids who have finished a 

Inbred madmen thrown: 1 

Note to self: no getting silvarnus fucked up by trees.