Borderlands: Charlotte Black (17/11/2002)

Gob's Report

We had a Mi-shion.
Boss wos man in white, I remember'd 'iz name cos he'z impot-tant. He'z called Boss.
We'z tolled to go get an out-law, cos they are bad.
But Boss said that not any out-law would do, cos we'z aft-er a Pacific one.
And he wos a Her.
We got Her.
But then we gave Her to you. So now you got Her.
I woz tolled to be a wall lots by Boss and brown woman.
I think they like walls.
Green and yellow man said walls don't talk. So maybe I shouldn't. 

But he never met a wall like me before.
We found a wall at the border, but it was falling down. It was not a good wall.
We hit-ted some smelley people-things. I dont fink they wos very clever and they moved really slowly. 

Then we met cunning moonies who spread out lots. One talked. I was a wall again cos brown-woman said so.
Then cunning man tried to get round the wall, he not know much about walls.
Some fell over, but one ran away.
Gob ran around and got tired. 

We found some Guards that wos not Guards wif a little black Lady. They had a scout.
They were nice to begin wiv, but when we met them a bit later they woz being a bit cunning.
Gob met lots of cunning people and got tired finking lots. 

Boss lukked sick. But he woz all right. 

Saw more moonies, they had Bare Faced Cheek. Boss said hit-ter them.
Brown-woman said some stra... stra-teg... cunningness wud be better.
We hit-ted moonies from both sides.
They got tired from swinging and rested on the floor looking all red. 

Our loud, shouty runny people went on a-head again - they'z called scouts.
I think they iz for making sure the people we iz after know we iz coming. 

I was a hit-ter and bashed the big gray fing that wos slapping everyone.
The Guard-non-Guards were there, this time they wos being cunning.
Little black-women wos not there. 

Guardies tolled us to go one way but runnies fought it was wrong way.
I fink they'z doing cunning again.
So after runnies had a luk, we followed Guards-not-Guards. 

Instead we found moonies, and out-law woman.
I tried hit-tering and wall-ing, very hard to do at once.
We got woman, but she tired and fell a-sleep.
Humanz very strange, keep falling a-sleep in middle of hit-tering people.
I fink maybe the blue man we had a-long was very very boring, cos it happen after he talked only a few words to em.
Boss got shouty when he cudn't make himself feel not sick and not hurt. 

I fought we shud go Barony wiv out-law, but Boss clever, he fought we shud look a-round.
I fought it strange, but he woz right! We found yukky, smelly, slobbering elfy and some talky people. One mite have been a wall sometimes.
They talked cunningly a lot to each other and a bit to Boss. I was a wall. It was hard, cos I wanted to hit-ter the blue elfy. 

Boss new very talky bloke who might have been wall and wanted to take 'im away. Not shure he fought he cud tho.
Boss lukked more sik again. Wall-man said he cud make it stop.
Then talky wall-man came and gave Boss a shiney.
Boss look a bit sick wen he tuk it. He gave it to axey bloke. Axey bloke didn't like it.
So dey gave it to me. It was strange- like Big Big Boss not like me as much no more- but I not care.
Not shure why wall-bloke gave it to us, maybe it wos cunning and bad, but maybe not.
He looked very cunning sometimes, but not others. Maybe he cunning a-bout somefing else. 

So we went back. On der way we saw more smelly-slow-people. And slobbery-fast fings.
And mans with daggerz.
We went to hit-ter em but bloke-runny went a-head shouting as usual, but got hit-ted by smellies.
Den I had to go Guard 'im. Got tired running Guarding us spread all around. 
Some of us jus' stop like they's about to do somefing but woz hesit-tate-ting four long time.
I fink daggerz-mans knew our boring-bloke cos they all ran away from 'im when he went near, even when theyz trying to make smellies get back up.
Then I stop and not move when slobbery-fing slap me on the back. Not hurt but not move. Very strange. Like being a wall. I did not mind.
Boss hit-ted everything and we woz alright. 

Den we felt better and we went back to der bad wall wiv der out-law and shiney fing. 

Biscuit's Report

I pROmised miSter marsHAl Mathonwy that I'd go with him to the borDerlands, but the friENdly guy who uSua1Ly gIVes me lifts 
In his carT was gRUMpy and i had to WalK and I walKED and I Walked anD th3n I g0t disTracTED by some BiRds, and then I 
walked sOMe moRe. 

I got To the bOarderLAnds, and then I went frolicking through them for ever suCh a loNG time, but it was aGes beFOre I 
found anYone; WeRe you All hIdiNg from me? If yoU weRe it waSn't veRy funnY was iT? ThEre migHt hAVe bEEn Sofas oR anY 
thINg outThere 

There were some people wHo weren't from the barony there; they wORe funny m0on thingies like thIS one that I pick3d up. 
Isn't it pretTy? They prEtenDed to be frieNdly, but thEy weRn't and oNe of them hit me with hIs sWord, but n0t very HArd, 
and I hurt hiM back, whIch suNny says is being aLL ballANcEy. I liKe sunny; she maKes light of the WondERful meSSYnes of 
humaN life, and engages in philosoPHical and theological deBate in unsuitable locations. But shE kkeePs MakinG me conFuseD 
and ballanCed. I'm a g0oD BalanCer wHeN wE mEt LOWmax later I baLLanceed liKe /anyTHing/. 

GoB was a wall and tHen all the mean peoPle weNt aWay. ThenI haD a ReaLLy g00d Id3a iT waS to Take the DeaD grUmpY 
moon-peOplEs MoonS and wEar ThEm so thE Other grUmpy m0On peopLe wOulD be ConFused. But mistEr Mathonway thouGht tHat tHey 
would n0t be. So we didn't. I GaVe oNe oF thEm one of MY BalOONs.MaybE he'LL Be moRe GenEriOus in fuTure. 

ThEn the fuNNy little mud-elf starTED asKing me inVasivE peRsONAl quEstions and HitTinG on mE. I'd bE flaTTerEd only hE 
waS really slimY and weIRd and quitE ugLY. I diD'nT likE hiM muCh, buT evEnTullY he w3nt away anb w3 walkeD back the way 
I'd come where there wasn't anyOne fiV3 minuTes agO , only thEre were peoplE tHerE Now. They were warrIors oNly n0T Guards 
becAuse They W0Rked for Lady Thingie. 

Mathonwy finnAly menTiOneD thAt wE weRe aFtER ‘LotTy dark, Who was an member of the Church of Chaos! How evil! I know that 
the CoC iSnT reALLy orGaniZed enouGh foR peoPLe to be memberS, buT no-one WaNteD to Know, and Mathonwy tolD me that pEoPLe 
in the COC aren't poPular in tHe baRRony. I sAiD tHaT tHey WeRen't popular wuith mE eIther, ‘coz thy'e Mean. then We walkEd 
oN untIll wE FouNd sOme MorE Mean MooNY PeoPle and poCked them Lots. 

RanGer Orched Fell ovEr bLeedin9 anb it was HorribLe and All the other raNgeRs FauLT and HE WSA MeaSSy and Not IN aGOod 
Way aLl thE cReaTivITY hE coULld HaVe dONe couldn:'t Be, except MathONwy dId His HeaLing thing, and HE got up again. 
[OOC apologiges if this event didn't actully happen] 

THEn wE FouNd LaDy ThinG's GuaRds agAin aNd thEre WaS a Big BroWn ShambLing TH1NG, WhIch attacked peole until it lost. It 
wasn't very pretty.- I hiT it wiTh My 8aloonS. 
TheN we foUnDS LoTTy shE was TryinG to SprEad ChaoS through Looking dasHing bY wearIng and eYe patch. If sh'd juSt askEd 
mE I c0ulD hAv3 T0lD heR thaT thaT is A sh1t Way t0 Do iT. 

MaTHonwY wAs ShoUTinG to Not kiLL Loty wh1ch wAs the fiRst Time I'd seeN him cAre sO mucH aboUt any oNE, BuT no-One cOulD 
untiL I hAD aN0tHer g00b iDea. I goT Breeze to do the ThinG where he wavEs and ThEy go too sleeP and he diD and She did 
anD then maTH0nwY's gOd wAs all cApriCiOuS we WENT on and fOunD lowmaX and had a lovely chat with him. 

Then we wErE gOIng to go HoMe to HAve teA and cAKe and jaM, when we weRE aTTAcked by unLIving. I was hiT bY a GhouLe and 
CoULdn't movE bUt I tHInk PrinCess JeMMy goT iT Back fOr Me. 

ThEN sUnnY DoNNa balnCed Me, whIch was mean. ANd we ReaLLY DiD gO HoMe for tEa. We neVer dID FinD laDY thiNgIE 

Interrfector's Report

Grand Master Hark, 

Never have I seen such ineptitude in a party! 
Ranger Orchid and Pathfinder Seyenne seemed to have no idea as to the correct way to scout, i.e. without the enemy noticing 
you. The druid Silvanus is practically at the Elementalists' throats and is obviously only awaiting the means to defeat them 
before acting. Breeze, the air elementalist, managed to use the powers of the wind to blow our own druid into a ghoul, and 
the other elementalist manage to annoy half the party with his incessant questioning. I did not have the opportunity to 
converse fully with Sunny or the priest of balance and as such am in no position to evaluate them, but I can only hope that 
they are not as useless as the rest of the party. Thankfully Gob, while incredibly dense, at least knows how to fight or we 
would be in serious trouble since I cannot defend the entire party at once and I do not see the great Mathonwy staying with 
us for long, since he must certainly have more pressing matters to consider than babysitting a group of incompetents. 
Finally on matters of the party, I believe there to be a priest of chaos with the party! Obviously the party is not within 
the barony and I have yet to ascertain whether said priest is a member of the temple, but I still feel that such a creature 
can only cause the party's abilities to deteriorate still further, even without taking into account the fact he is 
completely insane! 
It is my sworn duty to defend my inferiors, but nursemaiding a group such as this can hardly achieve as much as if I was 
assigned some companions with a modicum of skill. 

On the matter of the mission, we mamaged to apprehend Charlotte Black, but she must have been weakened greatly somehow, for 
a low-level sleep spell affected her normally, Marshal Mathonwy also appeared to be weakened during the course of the 
The Chaos Priest tended to charge towards the enemy, a wholly acceptable course of action you would assume. However, he 
then proceeded to try and make friends with them by giving them BALLOONS! I cannot help but think it would be a great 
kindness to either burn him for the heretic he is, or confine him in an asylum. I await your orders on the matter. 
We also encountered the outlaw Lomax. He claimed that this deterioration was a result of the borderlands themselves and 
suggested he had found a method to protect himself. He certainly did not seem affected. However, he passed what he said 
was the means of his immunity onto Mathonwy which immediately resulted in further deterioration of his condition. 
He claimed it needed to be set to Mathonwy's needs. In yet another display of idiocy by the party, they then passed around 
the artifact, each suffering the same debilitating effects. 
I am not convinced that the tale is true, since Lomax did not appear affected, even after he had given away his amulet by 
the deterioration. 
It is worth noting that I had been detailed to guard the captive at this point and so was too far away to participate in 
the discussion. 

In conclusion, I respectfully submit that unless the party manages to knit together over the course of the next mission or 
two, a new party is formed before blood is spilled. 

Your servant 

Breeze's Report

Greetings Friends! 

Firstly I'd like to make a formal apology to Silvanus with regards to accidentally endangering his life. I am still 
learning to control my gifts and clearly need practice. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my lack of 
experience. I have the same respect for the natural worldas you do, but sometimes it is necessary to harness the power 
of the elements for the greater good of others. Though you may see us as opposite sides of the coin with you and your 
fellow druids revering nature while we (as you put it) 'corrupt' it, we are not all that different. 

Do we not walk upon the same earth? 
Breath the same air? 
Bask under the same glorious sun? 

I hope to speak with you further upon this and hopefully this needless rift that has developed between our kind. 

Secondly, Interfector, dont be so quick to condemn us, not all of us are as martially capable as yourself. Maybe to reduce 
the general lack of skill you can educate the group on the most mighty way to pose when we are paralysed or did you forget 
your, how should I put this, ineptitude at defending yourself from a simple ghoul..... I mean even when blown towards the 
undead, Silvanus managed to avoid getting hurt despite not being armed or (i assume) having any formal training. Oh and 
don't worry, those you continue to threaten will make sure not to get any of yours on their boots on the off chance that 
your lifeless corpse hits the floor, becuase,. 

That aside, its hard what to say with regards to an actual mission report , so many interesting things happened. The most 
notable of these would be my first encounter with Biscuit. After the party defeated an ambush party of undead a strange 
apparition appeared on the horizon. I tried to identify the strange creature as it skipped towards the party almost 
sparkling in the sunlight, but to no avail. Suddenly from behind it drew it deadly weapons, a pair of balloons. Unsure of 
what to do I prepared myself to send this obscure creature to sleep as ask Matthonwy what we should do with it. However all 
fears were put to rest when it happily introduced itself as Biscuit who apparently was a bowl of salad. Biscuit even 
performed miracles in order to talk and have cakes worth the less than friendly bandits and other miscreants that inhabit 
the borderlands. Biscuit even gave a balloon as present to one of the bandits in the hope maybe he would be nicer the next 
time they met. If only people were more like Biscuit, sort of.
Despite are apparent multitude of failings WE, as a group, managed to apprehend Charlotte Black, alive and with no lasting 
damage to the group. Each of us adding there skills, martial or otherwise in order to benefit the group. Remember there 
isnt an 'I' in team, but there is a 'WE' in weapon. 
I'm glad I'm part of a such a diverse and I'm sure we talk about any tension between members in a constructive and 
friendly manner. 

May the wind always be behind you. 


Feran's Report

High Guardian Fabian, 

The sortie into the borderlands, led by Marshal Mathonwy, achieved it's aim of capturing the Chaos Priestess Charlotte 
Black, although this was achieved with surprising ease - the air mage Breeze was able to incapacitate her with a simple 
sleep spell. 
The area seemed to affect Marshal Mathonwy in a most peculiar way; he appeared ill and after the capture of Black, his 
connection to Cyfiawnder seemed to be blocked. 
Having accomplished our aim, we encountered Lomax; he claims to have been able to neutralise some of the strange 
phenomenons afflicting the borderlands (although I did not hear all that he said, for myself and Breeze were guarding 
the prisoner when we first encountered him). If he can help to restore balance to the borderlands, I would indeed 
recommend seeking him out again, although one of his associates, a blue-haired mage, seems quite unbalanced. Lomax gave 
Marhal Mathonwy a crystal whih he said would eventually help, although it did seem to affect Mathonwy rather adversely 
at the time. Mathonwy required me to examine the crystal and it seemed to drain me slightly. Therefore it's keeping was 
entruseted to Gob (upon whom it had no discernable effect) until we returned to the Barony and proper examminations could 
commence. I believe this crystal will be made available to the Temple at some point and would strongly recommend further 

In regards to other matters, I will personally be paying close attention to the future actions of the Chaos Priest Biscuit. 
Currently his chaos seems only to extend to himself, and he does not seem to be of much threat to the general balance, 
although if this changes, I will take steps to neutralise his effect. 
The earth elementalist Finarfin has a disruptive effect on my natural balance and I was forced to have words with him on 
more than one occasion. 
Ranger Orchid and Patfinder Seyenne seem unsure that the point of scouts are to warn the party about the enemies rather 
than to warn the enemies about the approach of the party. Whilst accepting that when facing a smaller foe, this indeed 
provides balance, when facing stronger enemies, this strikes me as most chaotic and even possibly anarchaic. Seyenne 
(as with Finarfin), does not seem to understand the balance of silence, Orchid is just young and naive - there is possibly 
hope for him. 

A final matter of note, whilst in the borderlands, we encountered Guardian Leia, accompanied by some guards and a rather 
inept scout. Later we again encountered the guards, but without Leia, although they claimed she was safe. They were most 
unconvincing, therefore I am slighty worried for her safety. When she returns, I would wish to speak to her to gain 
further knowledge on the effects of the Borderlands. 

Feran Stormwatcher 

Orchid's Report

What I Did On My First Mission: (Orchid's Report To The Pathfinders)

First, we went into a big field, where there were some undead. We killed them. I would have killed them all on my own, but 
there was one there who wasn't being hurt by my sword. I reckon he wasn't playing fair. We rescued some humans, who tried 
to run away from us. Due to my advanced training and supreme running skills, I was able to chase one down, and brought him 
back to Mr Marshal Mathonwy. He was taken back to the outpost. We then met some humans with moon pendants on. They 
attacked us. We killed them. We were then ambushed, but we managed to kill the ambushers. Then I got told off by Pathfinder 
Seyenne. Then we went into some woods, and met Lady Leia. She didn't attack us. Then we met some more bandit types. 
Thanks to my high marks in sneakiness training, I was able to sneak up on them and hear them talking about lighting fires. 
Then we killed them. Then we met an ogre who was attacking Lady Leia's guard. We killed it. Then we met Charlotte Black. 
We didn't kill her, but I was instrumental in her capture. Then we met the wanted criminal Lomax. I don't know why we 
didn't arrest him, but Mr Marshal Mathonwy started being wierd at this point. Lomax had an elf with him that looked like 
Reg, the elven Watermage. It wasn't Reg though, as this guy was too grumpy. I could have taken him easily, but Mr Marshal 
Mathonwy said I wasn't to attack him, so I didn't. Then we met some more undead. I attacked, and I had almost dealt with 
them when I was viciously attacked from the side by a ghoul. I reckon that no-one could have seen that attack coming. 
After that, we came home.

It was great fun, although Mr Marshal Mathonwy didn't seem that impressed by me. I must try harder next time. Also, 
Pathfinder Seyenne told me off again.

Ranger Orchid 

Mathonwy's Report

FAO: Knight High Marshal Justen
Re: Apprehension of Charlotte Black


I have the pleasure to report that the mission into the Borderlands to capture the outlaw Charlotte Black has proved a 
success. She was taken alive, and is now in Temple custody. The mission did turn up some complications, though; in particular, 
the presence of the rogue Priest of Balance Lomax.

On my arrival at the Barony's outpost on the edge of the Borderlands, I gathered all those based in the fort who were willing 
to aid in the mission. These were Sunny (a weather druid), Breeze (an air mage of the College), Pathfinders Seyenne and 
Orchid, Interfector (a Priest of Might, as far as I could ascertain), Feran (a Priest of Balance), Sylvanus (an elemental 
druid), Finafin (an earth mage) and Gob (a Guard). As a group, they turned out to be quite unused to working together and 
following orders, and keeping them in a coherent unit turned out to be one of the major challenges of the mission. However,
they acquitted themselves reasonably well in spite of this, and I believe that with further training they may yet prove 
themselves useful.

Once assembled and briefed, we proceeded to the Borderlands proper. Very soon we encountered a group of bandits (followers of 
Charlotte Black, if one of those we captured was to be believed) in combat against a group of undead (mostly zombies, with 
one wight). With Cyfiawnder's aid, the undead were destroyed without too much difficulty, and we then turned our attentions 
to the bandits. One was captured, although unfortunately the other two escaped - one towards the woodlands, and the other 
towards the Barony. I have been unable to ascertain whether the latter was picked up by other patrols in the area, but in any 
case I do not believe him to be too much of a threat. The captured bandit was not particularly helpful, but we obtained what 
information we could and returned him to the keep for detention. At this point we were caught up with by an entity by the 
name of Biscuit, who proved helpful despite his chaotic nature. He is a Priest of Chaos, but claims not to be Temple-aligned. 
I would, nevertheless, suggest that some background checks were carried out on him. I do not believe him to be dangerous at 
this time, but it would be wise to be prepared.

A little further in we encountered another group, all of whom were wearing yellow crescent-moon amulets. After a brief 
period of chatter, the group showed themselves to be aggressive (as I had suspected from the start, when they attempted to 
surround us). They were quickly disabled, with little damage done to my party. Checks on the amulets showed them to be 
entirely mundane. However, we were harried by further amulet wearers all the way to the forest border. They attacked in ones
and twos and were thus easily dealt with. We did manage to capture one, and on the application of tickling by the druid 
Sunny, we were able to discover that an unnamed boss was based in the woods (this later proved to be Black herself).

On entering the woods, we met with a member of the Temple of Balance, one Guardian Leah (sp?). She claimed to be 
investigating the situation in the area, although following later encounters with her guards, and a conversation between them 
overheard by Sunny, I now believe that she was travelling in the area with the intention of joining up with Lomax. As you are 
no doubt aware, many members of the Temple of Balance have voiced support for Lomax's actions, and were unhappy with his 
outlawed status. I believe we may see more Guardians following in Leah's footsteps - but more on that later.

A little after this, as we travelled through the woods, I felt a strange... draining sensation. As far as I could ascertain 
at the time, apart from a few moments of dizziness there were no adverse effects associated with it. I now believe that this 
was a manifestation of a Borderlands phenomenon - a forgetting of skills, a loss of ability to cast spells and miracles. It 
only appears to affect those who are highly favoured by the gods, or have trained long in the magical arts, or those who are 
veteran fighters and scouts. The inexperienced appear unaffected by the phenomenon, although it is possible that the effects 
are small enough in these cases that they are unnoticeable.

We then came upon another group of crescent-wearing bandits, although a well-executed pincer movement caused their defeat 
with minimal damage taken by patrol members. Shortly after this I felt another draining, and another bout of dizziness, 
although again at that time I could not identify any particular effects beyond those. A little later, we met Guardian Leah's 
guards in combat against a savage ogre. The ogre was quickly dealt with, and we carried on in pursuit of Black.

We followed tracks up a hill, at the top of which was another group of amulet-wearing bandits, accompanied by Charlotte Black 
herself. Again, the bandits proved to be little challenge, and Black was put to sleep by Breeze with a well-targetted bit of 
spellcasting. I believe that she too was affected by the Borderlands draining effect, and this made her more vulnerable to 
the Sleep spell. We bound and gagged her, and her wounds were treated sufficiently that she would not die in our custody. 
Once the fight was done, I called upon Cyfiawnder's aid in order to heal members of the party, and... nothing happened. No 
matter what I tried, I could not invoke the more powerful healing miracles Cyfiawnder usually grants me. I eventually tried 
to cast a less powerful miracle, and when that worked, my suspicions were raised as to the nature of the draining I had felt 

Assigning two members of the party to guard the disabled Black, the rest of us proceeded further down the valley in which we 
found ourselves, in order to check for any remaining bandits. As we approached the far end of the valley, I saw Lomax walking 
towards us, accompanied by a warrior and someone whose excessively garish clothes marked him a mage. At that moment, I felt a 
far more powerful form of the earlier sensations - enough to knock me to my knees. I felt my link to Cyfiawnder come near to 
shattering under the strain, and once I had recovered I discovered that I felt further from the Lord of Justice than I had in 
many years. I felt a loss of knowledge, and could no longer remember how to perform even simple things, like setting a broken 
bone, or checking for a disease.

I quickly realised that Lomax was suffering no such effects. He stood, watching me regain my feet, calmly casting miracles 
that I could have managed easily just 30 minutes earlier, yet were now beyond me. We spoke, of old times and current times. 
Lomax claimed that the Borderlands were an area of imbalance, and that he was working on finding the cause. He claimed to 
have obtained an item that allowed him to withstand the draining effects in the area. Certainly, he appeared completely 
unaffected by the phenomenon that had drained myself and Black. I concluded that an attempt to apprehend him in those 
circumstances would have been to lead the patrol group into a situation that was beyond us at that time. Although we may have 
been successful, I believe it would not have been without the deaths of one or more of the patrol, and could have allowed 
Black to escape. I elected to withdraw from the situation at that time, content with the capture of Black and the acquisition 
of valuable intelligence to the current location of Lomax. Lomax, however, offered us one of the items he had created that
shielded him from the Borderlands Phenomenon.

The item itself was, indeed, highly miraculous. However, it certainly was not helpful to me, and caused a loss of even more 
standing. I passed it to Feran, in the hope that it may work better for the Balance Priest, but he encountered the same 
effect. I decided that Gob should be the one to carry it, as any such effects would make no difference to him. Lomax 
suggested that the item was not in itself suitable for us, but that it may help with research into some way of creating an 
item which *could* be used to protect Barony members from the Phenomenon. If this proves not to be the case, then I shall 
volunteer to go on the trail of Lomax, and bring him in for further questioning. If, however, the item is helpful, then I 
would suggest that it should be taken into account against his current classification as an outlaw. At no point did he show
any ill-will towards the Barony, although did not feel that he would be treated fairly if he was taken into custody.

On the return journey, we encountered more undead, in the form of wights, a ghoul, and zombified bandits. Although these were 
dealt with in short order, it would appear that the undead may prove to be a large problem in the Borderlands. A Humacti 
presence in the area should be instigated as soon as possible.

After I left the Borderlands, I felt a gradual returning of my skills and my link to Cyfiawnder, taking approximately the 
same amount of time as the draining did. This is something that needs to be studied and overcome as soon as possible. I would 
suggest that the Amulet supplied by Lomax should be investigated thoroughly, in association with the temples of Balance (for 
obvious reasons) and Freedom (for the knowledge they possess). I would also suggest that some discussion with the Temple of 
Balance should take place regarding Lomax, as it would appear that they still have stronger links to him than we believed.

In Cyfiawnder's Light,
Marshal Mathonwy ap Gwydion

Borderlands: Weirdy Beardy (01/12/2002)

Aurinyan's Report

Report To Arch Wizard Sarith, 

Sorry to take up your valuable time but here is my report on my first incursion into the area known as the 'borderlands'. 

On entering the area for a standard patrol we met with headman Bob. He asked us to retrieve the 'sticky thing' from 
'the weird chaotic guy with a beard'. I felt sorry for the individual as he was obviously dazed and confused and was 
apparently headman of village because he had lived longer than a week. Information in hand, we set out of the village and 
almost immediately ran into some undead battling the humacti. At this point Xandriel and I were discussing what we had 
uncovered and so were not really aware of the events in the fight. I did notice that Trantis was a very effective combatant 
and so 'powered him up', if thats the appropriate phrase, accordingly. 

It was after the next encounter that the nature of the powers of the chaotic bearded bloke were realised, apart from 
wielding the forbidden dark magics, he seemed most interested in bringing together opposing groups from else where and 
making them fight. On discovering this we, the party, mainly let them get on with it and just went round where possible. 
Though we were forced to deal with some slavers from Egypt or Pyramid who tried to capture us and also with what my 
research indicated to be a troll. 

Worringly enough the chaotic individual successfully rose from the dead after his corpse had melted away. However, the 
second time he was defeated my impaling him on a wooden spike prevented him from repeating the action. His head was brought 
back from the region by Master Interfector with the intention of resurrecting him and questioning him for information. 
Specifically on how a non-drow was able to wield the forbidden shadow magics, and the nature of his recalling staff. 

Xandriel had effectively analysed the staffs teleporting power and was able to thaumatically contradict the recall spell 
that it used. He also showed an impressive ability to analyse the situation quickly. I look forward to continue my research 
on the borderlands, with him in the near future. Trantris, Interfector and Biscuit were most effective in there combat as 
were the scouts, D, Remiel and Koryn that had come with us. However, i was annoyed to be disturbed from my mediation by 
Interfector and would request he do not do it again. I was also surprised to see him agreeing with Biscuit on several 
occasions considering their mostly contradictory beliefs. I feel that this was a most effective party to send out but may 
have benefitted from some more traditional fighters. 

On a personal note i helped out in what little ways i could and was pleased to discover that my disguise, while painful, 
effectively hid me from the demon that continues to plague me. I suggest that no other elf should glue the tips of his 
ears down to disguise himself as it is a most uncomfortable experience. Though if the demon had appeared i would have been 
interested to see how successful Biscuit would have been in his attempts to confuse him. 

Finally i would like to extend my sincerest apologies to the two barabraians who joined us. I did not agree with the party 
sending you away but clearly some felt they could no longer work with you. I hope you will return again and i look forward 
to seeing your unique fighting techniques again. 

My humble apologies,


If you need to find me i will be in the room of bright lights and many mirrors.

Interfector's Report

Finally! The party recognises the truth of the power of Might! At last the party accepted my superiority and I graciously 
allowed them the benefit of my skills by leading the party. 

Certain useless individuals in the barony assigned a pair of Barbarians to our party. They may have been reasonable 
fighters, but they had no respect for any authority and were completely insane! We captured the priest early on in the 
mission, wresting his staff from his grasp and subduing him. He had cast magic at most party members by that time, causing 
several injuries but nothing serious. The barbarians then demanded that he die. This was not a problem for the party, so 
long as they waited for us to interrogate him first. The crazed savages refused and attacked the captive! We fought them 
off but in the process Biscuit was injured. As a result they were ordered to leave the party, others complained that we no 
longer had life healing. Useless fools. Those assigned to guard the captive and staff were to inept to prevent a druid 
stealing the staff and using it to teleport himself and the captive away. The mission had to continue. 

On several separate occasions we encountered creatures far from their natural habitats. It appears the priest was able to 
summon them. He seemed to be only interested in watching groups fight, and had little in the way of objectives. 
After fighting through several of these groups, We encountered the priest himself. It appears his staff contained the 
ability to teleport, and that it had a limited number of charges. We were therefore able to defeat him and his group. I 
retained his head in case interrogation is required. 

Without that fool Orchid and Seyenne, the party's scouting abilities improved markedly. The scouts in use were able on 
several occasions to inform the party of he location of the monsters rather than the reverse. The man calling himself D, 
however, refused to identify himself further and requires close scrutiny until his true motives are revealed. 

Xandriel appears to be of some use, though his incessent recording of information became tiresome. He appears to be able to 
power up fighters in a way that makes their opponents' weapons melt when used against said fighter. While I am in no need 
of any aid to my abilities, it would be... amusing to watch enemies attack scouts with lumps of metal. 

The Illuminati Aurinyan is likely to cause severe problems to the party. He claims to be haunted by a mysterious demon. 
This demon is either invisible to all but him, or his own shadow. He also, as the party approached a group of monsters, 
ran, hid and meditated. The party was put in danger by this as we had to return to fetch him. A regrettable incident, 
but as my inferior he was my responsibility. 

Grand Master (only),

We were joined for the majority of the patrol by a priest of Anubis by the the name of Trantis. He was able to use death 
miracles, yet I saw him use no other, and he refused healing on every occasion. He may necessitate further research. I 
await your decision. He did run screaming in fear from a mere slaver, so his potential loss is of little consequence for 
the party. 

I conclude that Aurinyan should be confined to an asylum if his behaviour contiues, and that Trantis and D be examined by 
the Temple. I await your orders in the matter.

Biscuit's Report

Well that was less fun than it could have been. We arrived at the village which didn't have a proper name, and the bloke 
in charge told us why we were there, it was because there was this weird guy with a staff and a beard in the forest and he 
keeps laughing at us. I said what was wrong with that and he said that there were odd things in the woods like giant dancing
hippos and I asked if they were purple and he said no they're pink. This bloke was the headman of the village he was called 
Robert and he'd been made head man of the village which doesn't have a name because he'd stayed alive for a fortnight. 
Thats nothing I've stayed alive for much longer than that, and if you believe the stories mister master Vortex man has 
stayed alive for much shorter times than that, I don't see what mr Robert had done that was so good. Anyway, for no 
adiquately explained reason, this guy with the beard and the stick was in the woods and the guys in the village wanted him 
no to be, because he had a funny laugh and there were hippos.

So we set off and there were some humacti fighting against undeads and they were losing because this ghoul kept touching 
them and then they couldn't move like happened to me last time i went of patrol so I asked Jemmy to stop that happening 
to me and then asked her to hurt it, and she did. Then the weird beardy guy laughed at us for a bit and vanished. Then we 
went down the path, it was all hilly like some bored mud-mage had been through. Then my balloon burst and there were some 
druids and some other guys and the sticky beardy guy again. On of the guys was a bit grumpy and did something to the druid 
and the barbarian people hit him until one of the other druids started complaining about us messing up his grove, so I 
asked Jemmy for another balloon and then we left. Then the odd beardy bloke turned up again and zaped the others a bit and 
got captured, and seperated from this staff and knocked unconcious. The barbarians wanted to kill hm, but the magey guys 
said no, he wasn't doing that, he doesn't have the power, but the stick does, and then the barbarians said no were going to 
kill the magic-using ponce, then Trantis told them to leave and they did but they hit the bready guy more on the way 
out, and he died, then we hit them more, and they hit us and I went unconcious and then Hamish woke me up and it was all a 
horrible misunderstanding and Trantis told them to leave again and they left. I was sorry to see them go they were fun. 
Then the dead beardy bloke vanished, taking his stick with him, which was really odd, and the magey blokes decided that 
actually he could have done magic, and the staff couldn't have done that much. Which was a great comfort to those of us who 
had been beaten due to this missunderstanding. Then we carried on along the path, despite the fact that the beardy bloke 
was dead and vanished and transported at random anyway and was as likely to be behind us, and as if by the direct 
intervention of the Lords of Chance, we'de barly gone another five minutes down the path when we met some more people 
fighting each other, apprently lost people from some land called aegyptyious, which I'd never heard of before, but still 
spoke the same language as me, and they were trying to build a stone cone only they couldn't and they were getting grumpy 
and hitting each other. I gave one of them a balloon, but he burst it on a thorn bush, then they killed each other and 
tried to take us captive, but they couldn't, so they died. Then I sat down and made a length of crocheque for Jemmy - she 
likes things like that. Then we walked on a bit more and found the weird beardy bloke, who was dead playing with a mixed 
group of beings. He thought it was funny to make them fight each other, which strikes me as being a highly 'specialized' 
form of entertainmemt. 

"See dead orcs. mmmm.... guts" 

Sick fuck. Then we got attacked by something which I was told was a troll and burnt it using a goblin I don't see how the 
goblin was ment to be more flamable than the troll but it mysteriously worked, then we found some guys chucking spells at 
each other, it was really quite pretty, but we ignored them, and we did what Gob would've called 'one of dem cunning things', 
only he wasn't there, so he didn't, and it didn't work, the odd beardy guy called Fun didn't stay to watch people fighting 
but buggered off again. He was dull, then Aurinyan sat around meditating for a bit but me and mister master Interfector 
woke him up because we needed to move. Then Fun turned up again and we killed him more, then we went home for tea and cake. 

And I never saw any hippos. its not fair.

Borderlands: The Harming Sphere (08/12/2002)

Gish's Report

Report to the Temple of Freedom - Filed in the Temple Library.

The recent excursion into the Borderlands on the premise of aiding Healer Shen into his research into the draining effects 
of the area was enlightening in many ways, not least by being my first excursion from the temple to the outside world in 
order to fight for freedom. I was pleased to find myself in the presence of a humacti with beliefs broadly those of our 
temple, though I regret to add I have forgotten his name (possibly due to the several occasions I ended unconscious during 
this mission, more of which later). On entering the Borderlands we quickly came into contact with two feral humans who 
appeared to be controlled by a communicative human. The one who appeared to be the master assured us that they were 
willingly following him but as they could not speak I was very doubtful of this. Myself and the humacti persuaded the party 
that the feral humans were not free and he (the humacti) and Breeze, a most useful air mage, went forth to free the slaves. 
Disturbingly the humacti was unable to touch the evil slaver and the mage's spell had no effect and we were forced to give 
up our efforts to free the oppressed. 

After this encounter I took to talking with a druid, Silvanus if I remember correctly, I was most distressed to hear him 
say he was the servant of nature but on further questioning he further told me he was a completely willing servant, which 
I was thoroughly relieved about. In the distance we saw a figure who appeared a first sight to be a follower of chaos and 
biscuit skipped ahead to greet the stranger (as he did many times that day). The exact details of what happened next I am 
slightly of unsure of, it appeared that the stranger took control of Biscuit's mind which quite naturally angered myself 
and the humacti, and we moved in to free our fellow party member. On moving towards the stranger I was struck down by a 
bout of extreme weakness, which I can only assume was the strangers doing, and then fell into unconsciousness. On being 
revived, by Marshal Liana I think, I felt considerably faster than previously, as did a number of other members of the 
party. On questioning other party members about what happened during my incapacitation I found they had been told, by whom 
I did not find out, that the borderlands effect was not due to Order or Chaos, most interesting. 

Following this Healer Shen conducted a ritual which bound us to the forest in a bid to heal those injured. Unfortunately he 
had bound us to a forest that was warped by the borderlands effect (and as we found out later, on fire as a result of the 
activity of fire goblins in the area). Consequently the ritual weakened us as much as we were healed. After conducting the 
ritual Healer Shen left us to our own devices, and I pushed for further investigation of the area to find oppressors we 
had already encountered. Further searching of the area lead to us encountering fire goblins who were setting fire to the 
forest. A large encounter ensued which I feel is of little interest to our temple (the practises of fire goblins being 
well documented elsewhere). However the unfortunate result of this encounter was that Breeze sacrificed himself in putting 
out the fire, a most noble act and I sincerely hope that the Priests in the Temple of Life are able to bring him back to us.

Following a period where we rested and prayed to regain our strengths we set off again, with a druid who had joined us 
during our fight with the fire goblins. We forged ahead and soon met two of the druid's friends. These druids were studying 
a meteor impact and an artefact that appeared to cause harm to any one in contact with it. They offered to exchange 
resurrecting Breeze for a healing artefact that was recovered in an earlier mission. This resurrection was to be carried by 
a hamster druid, which I have never learnt of before and must recommend further investigation. The humacti in the party 
conducted a useful experiment into the effect of these two artefacts and found them to be equal and opposite. At this point 
one of the druids stole the orbs and headed of with them causing a skirmish in which I was forced to kill a number of feral 
humans in self-defence. The druid who had stolen the orbs was relieved of the healing orb by a member of the party and 
then made a remarkable leap to safety. 

We were left to recoup our strength, before the druid returned to claim the healing orb. I remained to protect the praying 
priests until I heard in the distance a cry of 'Capture him Alive' at this point I quickly ran to help whoever was to be 
enslaved. In doing this was attacked by a creature whose touch made we weaken greatly and soon after this I again fell into 
unconsciousness. As a result of this I cannot describe how our little adventure ended but I am grateful for the other party
members who have clearly brought me back to the Barony to recover. 

Seeker Gish.

Biscuit's Report

Biscuit's report, found scattered round town on many small pieces of coloured paper:

Well, it started out okay, although I was /very/ cold. We met mister healer Shen man and guards being Donavon and walked 
into the borderlands. Healer Shen seamed to think that I was holding something back when I told him I'm Biscuit, but I am, 
so I didn't tell him any more. He /said/ he wanted to find somewhere in the boarderlands reasonably defendable so he could 
do a ritual without being attacked by wild animals. I've never found any wild animals in the borderlands; Dark druids, 
strange anarchy priests wielding Drow magics, undead, bandits, and a small dancing hamster; grumpy people by the score. No 
animals, not even giant pink hippos. Maybe the grumpy people scare them off.

To find his defendable place, healer Shen looked in all these very clever locations, like walk in for a bit then out 
towards some trees, then going back. This didn't achieve anything much, but it did find us an arrogant man with some 
strapping young sub-humans. He was mean to me and I hid behind Marshal Liana. Then he wandered off and healer Shen asked 
us to follow him. There was this guy in a tie-died top with some happy dancing imps (OOC LukeG /was/ wearing this, you 
couldn't see it ‘coz of the coat, but avatars of Chaos probably don't mind the cold that much) I think he was a thingie of 
chaos, either that, or had delusions. I know it wasn't Jemmy, coz she didn't ask for any ice-cream. Also Marshal Liana got 
possessed by either delusions or Law. She was certainly very boring for a bit. Everything was happy for a bit, then I fell 
over. Both of our delusions denied any knowledge of what the borderlands were, but they decided to poke them with sticks 
for a bit. Healer Shen then tied our lives to the life of the boarderlands, just before a couple of damn great meteors 
smashed down and set fire to the forest. That hardly hurt at all, so Shen ran away before we worked out what he'd done to us.

The first meteor we investigated had started a fire. The fire has attracted things which were, so I was told, fire goblins. 
They giggle and dance. Eventually, the whiney druid stops complaining and Breeze the happy dancing air mage and 
Gale/Misty/Donna the kebab lady are allowed to blow on the fire to put it out. This gets quite technical because the 
capering impy things beat us with sharp things, but they do, and the fire goes out and it stops hurting my head. Then the 
mad capering imp things run around screaming until they are persuaded to stop.

And Breeze fell over dead once he put the fire out. It was very sad, and we kept the body with us all the time. the humacti 
guy said he could bless it so it didn't get up on its own, but that sounded like it wouldn't last for very long, so we 
didn't do it. I'm going to learn how to make my miricals last longer one day and from then on we were all very fast or 
very strong. I think that the delusions were maybe avatars, and wated to give people a hand in the game, they said they 
wanted, but I couldn't see any polo mallets.

And a ‘fire troll' turned up. He was large and did not stop to discuss politics, just like the shambling sub-human thingies,
only bigger. Then some druidy bloke called Foxfoot turned up and offered to hang around for a while, which he did. Then we 
rested for a bit, only princess Jemmy thought I was praying, so maybe I was. I was very cold. Apparently humact can be 
worshiped by whittling finger nails with twigs, which is one of the funniest forms of worship I've ever heard of. It 
certainly beats breeding inflammable cows. 

Then we went with Furfoot to meet his friends who were poking the other meteor which had fallen. In it was another orb, 
which looked very similar to the one we found, but was causing damage to the people that touched it rather than healing 
them. Apprently they found one a while ago and it was making people be attacked by non-existant things. I pointed out to 
Gale the nice druid lady that they were being all balancey but she wasn't impressed. Furfoot's friends offered to do a 
ritual to ‘raise, no sorry we mean resurrect' Breeze in exchange for the other item. I gave him a balloon, but he declared 
it to be a "mundane and shit item" and asked for the orb instead. The clever humacti guy found out that the damaging/heal 
effects of the orbs operates at the same speed, and the druids brought out their friend the mad hamster with a stupid hat 
to do the ritual. Then they grabbed the ball and ran away. Gob thought they were being cunniging, and I think he was right. 
Treachery always makes people so grumpy. We hit him a bit but there were more of the shambling subhuman things and he ran 
up a cliff. 

The grumpy druid man came back and made a fuss about being a dark druid, as if anyone cares that he writes bad poetry and 
wears black. Then he ranted for a bit, but Silvanus and Aurinyan prayed and meditated at him until he went away. The scouty 
bloke got caught out and Gob and Marshal Liana went to rescue him and it was all very exciting.

On the way back both the druids got ill and we were all very worried.

Aurinyan's Report

Report To Arch Wizard Sarith 

Sorry to disturb you here is my report on my second excursion to the borderlands. 

The initial plan was to protect Healer Shen as he went in to the borderlands and assist him in his research into the 
draining effect previously reported by Marshal Mathowny. 

On entering the region we were quickly attacked by a small party of wild men the likes of which had been previously 
seen by other patrols. They were quickly dipatched and i was most impressed by Gob's fighting skills and so gave him an 
Aura 2 to protect him while we were out there. This he accepted even though he had some misgiving about me being an elf. I 
also gave Biscuit an Aura 2 as well due to his very close quarter fighting style. 

The next thing we encountered after the successful scouting of the seemingly uncommunicative Arduyne was a being that 
was totally immune to all magics and miracles and was in complete control of more wild men. 

With Arduyne following him we tracked him up the field till we encountered a similar indiviual but wearing a multi-coloured 
dress and in control a couple of fire goblins. On the way i had an interesting conversation with the elemental druid in an 
attempt to further my research and keep away from Breeze and found out tht he had no problem with the magics i wield. I 
suggest if the college ever has to deal with elemental druids to send an illuminati to do it in future. 

It was this point that some of the party were halted by the first indiviual. As I studied them Biscuit and Liana were taken 
by them and were used to talk through. At this point i recognised them to be avatars of order and chaos but was halted 
before i could mention it to the party. The two both blamed each other for the effects in the borderlands and denied they 
had any involvement. They both decided to study it some more and left leaving those of similiar alignments with some 
appropriate benefits, for example the humacti was unable to softly punch himself any more. 

The ritual was performed and though i know little about them from studies i was able to ascretain what was being attempted. 
I was displeased in the rituals desision to hold the ritual around where i was sitting, though i assumed he knew what he 
was doing. The ritual itself appeared to be an attempt to link the partys life force to the region in attempt to monitor its
effect on us over time. With the start of fire, later attributed to the landing of a meteor all who were involved the ritual
were hurt. At this point Healer Shen that the are was too dangerous and left with his guard. Under the orders of Marshal 
Liana, we carried on to put out the fire and prevent further injury. 

We found the fire and i watched a impressive display of combat by the party against a series of fire goblins that had been 
attracted to it. At this point i gave the humacti an aura 2 to protect him from the flames while he fought the goblins. The 
fire was put out but only due to the hard work of the weather druid and the sacrifice of breeze. 

Im sorry to be taking so much of your time i will attempt to finish this report as quickly as possible. 

A fire troll was defeated, we met some druids, we declined their offer to raise Breeze as i had serious concerns of the 
affect of a ritual performed in this region especially with Breeze's life at stake. The lead druid diseased the other 
druids, anounced himself to be a Dark Druid (something i mist study in more detail). There was a fight i "powered up" the 
party as best i could, mediated in an inappropriate time and place again. The druids were defeated our party were wounded 
but alive and we headed home, with me carrying breezes body. 


Liana's Report

Healer Shen, 

Your scribe has asked us to give as full a report of our excursion into the Borderlands this Sunday past as possible and 
thus I shall endeavour to do this. We met with yourself and your companion, on the edge of the Borderlands where you
explained to us your intentions for our patrol. Those within the party who were not previous acquainted were introduced to 
each other. On entering the Borderlands we encountered and were attacked by a number of savages of bestial appearance. Our 
scout, Arduyne, quickly found tracks which led us to more of these creatures, in the company of a 'man' who was apparently 
controlling them. On seeing this Seeker Gish, of the Temple of Freedom and Humact Verin, apparently freedom-aligned, decided
that they should attempt to free the creatures. They attacked the man but were unable to harm him in any way. We followed 
him to where a group of goblins were apparently being forced to perform for another man. Biscuit headed straight for this 
man, but when Gish and Verin approached him, presumably intending to free the goblins, they were seemingly struck by a 
weakness causing miracle. At this point I found myself drawn towards the man who had been controlling the savages and the 
remainder of the party were halted to prevent their approach. 

Biscuit and myself were then forced by these two men to argue on their behalf regarding the cause of the Borderlands. It 
seems that these two were the Avatars of Order and Chaos. The gist of their argument seemed to be that apparently neither 
of them were to blame and they didn't know what should be done about it. At the end of the conversation everything went 
black and I awoke to find you healing a wound to my head. I assisted in healing other injured party members. As it was only 
the priests who were injured I would hypothesise that this was related to the presence of the Avatars as those injured were 
aligned to one or the other of them. Also apparently as a result of this, myself and Marshal Attracx found ourselves able to
wield our weapons with greater strength for the rest of the day and the more chaotic members of the party were able to 
dodge blows with greater dexterity. At this point you told us that we should find some cover from the elements for you to 
perform a ritual. Assuming that this was related to the mission brief the party gathered at the edge of a copse and prepared
to assist you. You then proceeded to perform a ritual which linking us to nature, specifically it seems that in the 
Borderlands. As the ritual came to an end we witnessed two meteorites hitting down in the forest a short distance away which
knocked us from our feet, whilst at the same time we received healing from the ritual. Moments later, those of us who had 
taken part in the ritual suffered a momentary pain and, as far as I could determine, some small damage to ourselves. At this
point you decided, for whatever reason, that it was too dangerous for you to continue with your experiments and that you 
wished to return to the Barony with your guard. As there was significant objection within the party to returning at this 
stage, not least from the druids who wished to discover what was happening to the forest, I took command of the party and 
we headed towards the forest. On the edge of the forest we discovered a number of goblins dancing in the fiery crater left 
by one of the meteor impacts. We fought these for some time as they appeared to be strengthened by the flames. The fire was 
spreading towards the forest and continuing to cause damage to those of us involved with your ritual and so Breeze, the air 
mage, and Gale, the weather druid, joined forces to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately doing so cost Breeze his life as 
he apparently had neither sufficient mana or sufficient life force to survive performing such a spell. 

We were then attacked by a fire troll though that was quickly defeated. We expected the troll to regenerate but for whatever
reason it didn't, for which we were all grateful. At this point several things happened: a druid arrived, we discovered a 
sphere similar to that found on an earlier mission, though this one appeared to heal physical damage rather than that to 
life, and Arduyne, our scout, told us he had found tracks similar to those of a bear but with toes. Knowing little about 
creatures of any sort I took his word for it that this was unusual and encouraged the rest of the party to take this 
opportunity to pray and regain standing. This completed, we followed the tracks, and our new druid companion's directions 
to the site of the second impact. Here we met two of his 'friends.' In the crater here was another sphere, which the druids 
appeared to be examining. After being introduced to us, the druids' apparent leader, going by the name Furfoot, offered to 
perform a ritual to resurrect Breeze. All he asked in return was for us to hand over the sphere we possessed. Seemingly 
misunderstanding him, Biscuit offered him a balloon which Furfoot rejected. Against the advice of other members of the 
party, Humact Verin took hold of both spheres. If anything untoward happens to him in the future whilst on patrol in the 
Borderlands it may be related to this. After some discussion, during which Silvanus, the elemental druid, made a number of 
unhelpful comments suggesting we not resurrect the elf at all, we decided not to risk Breeze's life to the druids as we 
were uncertain as to the druid's competence in such matters. Furfoot then made a grab for the spheres and fled. 

Whether fortunately or unfortunately the sphere he took was the second one, which seemed to cause damage to be dome 
directly to the holder's body. Members of the party gave chase, but his companions were both taken ill and myself and Gale 
stayed back to ascertain their injuries. Strangely, they showed no signs of injuries, but as they admitted to feeling weak 
I assumed that a miracle with that effect had been cast on them and left them to recover. Gale and I hurried after the 
party only to find the aftermath of a battle and see Furfoot making a prodigious leap up a sheer cliff-face. At this point 
I heard him referred to as a dark druid by another member of the party though I could not say whom. One of his allies was 
spotted and we fought them, finding ourselves at the top of a steep hill at the end of the fight. Deciding that this was a 
defensible location illuminati Aurinyan and Silvanus chose this time to meditate. This would have caused little problem 
except that Arduyne decided to wonder off without telling anyone and scout on the opposite side of the valley. When we were 
attacked we were therefore forced to split our forces to defend both those meditating and the scout, along with those who 
were injured in his defence. 

During the fight I heard these 'druids' casting what I thought was a miracle of the path of death, draining the life force 
of others. Maybe this has been previously been noted in encounters with dark druids but it concerned me somewhat. The 
battle ended with Furfoot fleeing, his allies dead and unable to capture the healing sphere. It was last in the possession 
of Humact Verin, although he appeared to have some difficulties with it as we reached the edge of the Borderlands. As you 
know, we returned to you with the body of Breeze as well as the two ailing druids and fortunately the return trip was 
without incident. 

Yours in service, 

Marshal Liana 
Temple of Justice

Arduyne's Report

Commander Drift,
I apologise for my delay in posting my report on mission. I have attempted to chart our route, points of interest sites of 
battle. My mapmakings are poor, and I apologise. I hope to improve with future tries.
Our party performed well. As a group. Supported one another. Please extend my regards to Lady Liana. She came to my aid and 
protected me from injuries. She is a very powerful Marshal. I report the death of one goblin, and three wild-men at my hands.
All slit at throat. I injured several more.

In the name of the Barony. 


Silvanus' Report

High Druid Entarn of the Elemental Council,

There is indeed strange and unnatural occurances out here in the borderlands. It is now affecting fellow servants of nature 
and I feel it requires a far greater study in order to assertain the thhreat it poses to nature.

On returning to the borderlands I was informed by the barony of another expedition into the borderlands led by one Healer 
Shen, a member of the local Temple of Life. The objective of the mission was to conduct experiments into the draining 
effects experienced by Marshal Mathonwy on my last outing into the borderlands. Soon on entering them however, we noticed 
a strange band of people in the distance. On contact with them it turned out to be a very unusual man who may well have 
been controlling his two cohorts, who whilst humanoid acted almost animalistic in nature. They were completly unhurt by the 
party in the battle that followed, by any of the weapons, spells of miracles used.

After a few minutes of following them (which was about all we could do) another figure appeared and after a blinding flash 
grabbed one of our priests. The man we were tracking had dismissed his 'minions' by this stage, and now grabbed another of 
our priests, and the two had a conversation through the two priests. The subject was alien to me, but after their 
conversation ended, all priests in the party collapsed. Healer Shen somehow managed to stay conscious, although he himself 
looked quite unwell an managed to revive them all. He then decided the best way to heal everyone fully was to perform a 
ritual to beg nature for use of its healing powers. this of course was welcomed by me as a chance to show the entire party 
the true power nature can provide to those who deserve it.

Unfortunatly however somthing went terribly wrong, and whilst nature did heal everyone in the party, the forces distorting 
and corrupting nature in this area crept into everyone through the ritual as well i fear, for the entire party suffered 
unpredictable and dmaging affects for a good time after.

It was after the ritual and its apparant negative affects that Healer Shen decided it was too dangerous to spend any more 
time in the borderlands and decided to return to the barony. I and many others however decided to continue on when we 
noticed a fire had started in the forest. Obviously I could not leave this.

When we reached the source of the flames, we found strange creatures dancing within them. They would sparadically jump out 
and attack before returning to the flames. They seemed unusually susepible to freezing affects as I managed to freeze one 
for a great deal longer than one would usually expect. This action however lead me to leave myself open to attack and found 
myself mauled by one of them. eventually i collapsed i am embarrased to inform you, luckily i was healed by another in the 
group. The fire, which was slowly spreading was finally extinguished by a weather druid and confusingly an *air mage*. What 
is more the air mage had run out of mana and sacrificed his life to put out the flames. i know my teaching tell me all 
elementalist mages are evil and corrupt nature, but then why would this one willingly give his life to help nature so? I 
await your wisened reply.

Along with the small fire creatures emerged a much larger one that looked quite different. It was far more menacing and 
took a lot to kill it. Even then it's corpse seemed to be healing itself.

It was around this time that a fellow Druid turned up, and explained that the fire and creatures had come from a meteor 
that had crashed in this area. He said there were other druids in the area with him also exploring the meteors, and when we 
were ready he would show us the location of another meteor. We also noticed in the meteor impact area a strange small 
sphere, which when the illuminati picked it up seemed to have healing properties. Someone else in the pary who had parolled 
last week informed us that it was very similar to one found then, and whilst that one had healed those who touched it, it 
had also caused them to see creatures the rest of the party could not - possibly it had an hallucinajenic affect? 
regardless it was decided that as he had already touched it he should keep hold of it.

Shortly after this however, the new druid nearly collapsed and looked most unwell. Very similar to the affects seen on 
Mathonwy before.

Whilst I myself had come out of this battle reletively unscathed, many others were out of mana of needed healing and 
suchforth, so a short rest and recooperation was in order. I stood on guard for any creatures that may have appeared. This 
gave me a chance to talk with this new druid who still looked quite unwell, but a bit better.

We then made a short but uneventfull journey to the second impact site, where we met the new druids comrades. We found a 
second sphere here which had the opposite affect to the first - it caused damage the bearer. These druids seemed very 
interested in trading their services to resurect the mage for the spheres. The ritual was to be performed by a hamster 
druid of noticable power [OOC: that was the coolest prop I have ever seen!!! WOW!]. I was immediatle skeptical of this 
however - why would druids want to help in the ressurection of an air-mage? Regardless the party also felt this obscurity 
and coupled with the fact that one ritual had already gone wrong in the badlands, decided to decline their offer. At this 
one of them grabbed one of the spheres - the damaging one, and fled. We chased them and were soon attacked by hoards of 
creatures. I was instumental in this battle as I rusted many of their weapons. After this battle i had be calling on the 
power of nature so much i had drained my link to i, and needed to pray to regain it. Unfortunatly however in this time i 
miss a great deal of the last battle, most importantly of which onsisted of a *dark druid*. Such an evil creature out hear 
must be found and destroyed before it can cause nature any more harm. Fitting that such a corruptor would be found out 
here in the borderlands i suppose.

Due to these very unusual and disturbing circumstances I request extended leave from the grove to further evaluate these 

Your humble acolyte,

Borderlands: Quest for the Holy Grotto (15/12/2002)

Torrent's Report

To Wizard Swiftskater,

Dear Sir a report on the mission to deliver the Barons letter to Santa. 

As ordered I met the party where I was requested to and shortly after my arrival we set off to find the village Anthrax. We 
set off to find the village anthrax in order to find a character called big Mace who was said to be in posession of the 
whereabouts of Santas grotto. 

We encountered a group of tree goblins shortly after setting off and the parties reactions were intersting. Most of the 
party attempted to talk with these creatures in order to discern the location of village Anthrax. However our Might priest 
called Interfector set out to hit the said goblins. Eventually some goblins were cornered and gave us directions although 
our might priest did not look pleased by this development. 

Having found the village Anthrax we found the villagers worshipping two 'sacred' objects - the rock of big Mace and the 
bottle of Big Mace. Unfortunately big Mace had departed and we had to answer a riddle to find directions. The riddle being 
what weighs the same as a dryad. The riddle had clues which had to be earnt by singing verses of songs. The riddle solution 
was along the lines of - dryads live in forests, forests have trees which are used for wood. Wood floats and so does ice. 
Penguins live on ice and therefore a penguin and a dryad weigh the same! Again the might priest had to be restrained from 
hitting the villagers until answers were forthcoming. 

Upon leaving the village we came across a knight in black who challenged the strongest of us to a duel. Of course 
Interfector immediately took up the challenge and there ensued a titanic struggle which ended with interfector still 
standing but sorely wounded. The black knight was very hard to kill and even with all his limbs gone still tried to bite at 
our ankles - most strange. Interfectors win was aided by the fact that he drained life out of his opponent - is this a 
common property of might priests. 

Having healed Interfector, - not that a priest of might would ask for healing, we continued until we came across a three 
headed humanoid monster from which several of us - myself included fled. Upon being recalled the creature had been dealt with. 

We then came across the Baronies People Front, not to be confused with the Peoples Barony Front. At least I think it is 
that way round. we asked for news of Big Mace but they would not help us until we could say what the barony had done for 
them. Eventually it was decided that the barony had given them Master Vortex and his calenders. At this point they relented 
and gave us the information as well as mince pies from the christmas meal they were eating. Again Master Interfector wished 
to beat the information out of them. 

Having left the Baronies People Front we came across a band of knights who had a word of power - when they said 'meh' we 
suffered physical hurt. Having established their power they insisted we capture a creature by name of the 'Spoon' for them. 
This being accomplished, despite the attack of a dire penguin, did not appear sufficient for they then started demanding 
more to be done for them. We declined and tried to move around them. This was a mistake for they fell upon the party and I 
suffered many wounds and collapsed. I would have died but Master Interfector cast himself in front of me and fought 
valiently allowing ranger Orchid to place a life shield upon me. I missed the rest of the battle but suffice to say the 
baronies advisor is a powerful healer. We then camped so as meditation and prayer could be accomplished. 

It was after this that we found Big Mace and he fled from us. We persued him down a slippery slope and ran straight into an 
undead ambush. I attempted to trip an oncoming ghoul but my concentration failed and I was paralysed and suffered minor 
wounds as a result. 

Big Mace then returned and gave us directions to follow and warned of the dangers ahead. He also gave us an enchanted sphere
with a piece of string attatched to throw at the first monster. 

Next we came across two posts between which we had to pass as there was no other way. However there was a powerful fire ward
on the gap. The sign on the posts said to ask the fire mage to help us across. We found the fire mage and after him using a 
high level blink spell several times we managed to catch him for long enough to request passage. He then made each member 
of the party answer three questions before allowing them passage. Those who got questions wrong were hit with a high level 
fire dart - however if the fire mage asked a question to which he did not know the answer he appeared to be involuntarily 
struck by a similar spell. I refused to betray my oath to the college or the water guild and my questions were, firstly my 
name, secondly my oath to the college and finally in which season Christmas falls. 

After passing the gates we found a reindeer surrounded by corpses and when we stepped past a certain point it would charge 
and cause fearsome damage. It was then we remembered Big Maces sphere which we threw at the reindeer. There was an almighty 
fireball and the reindeer was carbonised. 

The second monster was large green and scaly and again several of the party including me ran away. How this beast was 
disposed of is not known by me. 

After a little more travel we traversed through a narrow steep valley where some tree goblins threw deadly exploding sheep 
at us until they were slain. The fighters of the party charged up the hill and took them down. 

After this we found Santa who was very jolly and fun and gave us mince pies. We gave Santa the letter and left although not 
before Santa cast Christmas cheer on Interfector. This made the journey back more fun. We had only one incident on the 
return journey and that was with a strange group of people who all lined up and throat slit themselves. We attempted to 
save them but they just commited suicide again. 

I had many talks with party members but was most disturbed by the druids attitude towards mages. I was several times 
labelled a vile despoiler of nature and apparently we take our power from nature rather than being granted it. He seemed to 
have a very biased view on the subject and I would welcome a discussion with you on the nature and usage of magic. 

Yours by water and magic 


Orchid's Report

What I Did On My Second Mission: - Ranger Orchid's Report To The Pathfinders 
- Available in the Pathfinder Library under the Christmas Section. 

We went to see Santa. It was great! I got mince pies, and Christmas cheer from Santa. I also got a Christmas hat too. 

We were sent out with Mr Snake to go and find Big Mace who knew where Santa was. On the way, we found some tree goblins. Mr 
Interfector wanted to kill them all, but I used my scout training to find out information from them. Having been called a 
fool by Mr Interfector, I thought it was good that I managed to get information and he didn't. I then used an idea of his 
to try and sneak up on some people who were worshipping a bottle and a rock. I used a portable bush. It wasn't a very good 
idea, which just goes to show that Might Priests should stick to what they are good at, and leave the scouting ideas to us 
scouts. As I said earlier, we met some people who were worshipping Big Mace's bottle, and Big Mace's rock. Not sure why. We 
then stood around singing Christmas Carols, and I now expect the Humacti Inquisition to turn up (even though they keep 
saying that no-one expects them). We then met a big knight, who challenged the strongest of us to fight him. I wanted to 
fight, but Mr Snake said that Mr Interfector was better equipped. Mr Interfector killed the knight. Then I found a big 
multi-headed giant, and behind them I saw a bloke, who turned out to be Big Mace. I chased him a bit past the giant, after 
telling Mr Snake that the giant was there of course, and came across the People's Front of the Barony. They didn't like me 
at first, but using my "win friends and get information out of them" training, I was able to talk with them, and they gave 
me a mince pie. They seemed to like Scary High Master Vortex's calendar. Not sure why. After that, we met some knight's who 
said meh a lot. I thought they looked hostile, so prepared myself for attack. However, they weren't to begin with, although 
half the party seemed to be hurt when they said "Meh". I wasn't, and Mr Snake helped those who were being hurt. We then 
found the Christmas spoon. Silvanus and Breeze helped me get it down, and we put it in the bowl. I wanted to make a 
Christmas Cake, but we could only find eggs and flour. Silvanus had an Ostrich egg. I don't know why. We tried making the 
cake with them, but it didn't work. Then the party rested, and I scouted. Then we met Big Mace. He had a necromancer near 
him who raised some evil undead. I was superb in that fight, and I was single-handidly taking 4 or 5 of them on. I would 
have taken them down, but the necromancer pulled an ugly face at me that scared me, so I ran away. I was very ashamed. I'll 
try not to let it happen again. However, Mr Snake did sing that I was very brave, and he called me Sir. Then we met JimBob 
the enchanter. He kept blinking around, but Mr Veron weaknessed him. However, he still could do it. I tried jumping on him, 
but he disappeared from under me. Then we had to answer JimBob's questions to get into a cave. There was a Reindeer there. 
It looked ok, but there were lots of dead bodies. It didn't like the chocolate biscuit I threw at it. Mr Interfector killed 
it with some sort of bomb thing, and it almost killed me too coz I was nearly too close. Then we met a very scary monster,
and then we met more goblins, who Mr Interfector killed, then we met Santa. Santa was cool. I like Santa. He promised me 
presents!! He also made Mr Interfector happy. 

Ranger Orchid. 

Interfector's Report

Interfector's report - copied to all party members with their christmas cards 

Hello everyone!

For your information, this report was compiled entirely while bouncing up and down. Yay, its christmas! 

We had lots of fun on the last patrol. We got to meet Santa. He didn't ask me what I wanted for christmas though. Maybe its 
because I haven't given anyone else anything recently. 

Our mission was to find Big Mace and get him to tell us where Santa's grotto was. First we met some cheeky tree goblins. 
They kept tree blinking around. How cute! I wasn't very nice to them, if there is a way to find them and apologise I want 
to know. 

We were directed by the goblins to the village Anthrax qhich was inhabited by some nice people who had a nice rock and a 
nice bottle. Again, I wasn't very nice to them and Veran cast weakness on me. I probably deserved it. The party had to sing 
carols to gain clues to answer a riddle to obtain information about Big Mace. For some reason I refused to sing any, maybe 
it was because I was suffering from weakness at the time. 

After that we travelled in the direction given to us until we met a knight who refused to let us pass. He wasn't nice at 
all. He challenged me to a duel, which of course I won, but maybe he wasn't feeling to well, or had injured himself or 
something. The baron's advisor was very nice and healed my wounds. 

Further along, we discovered a three-headed giant, who most of us ran away from. I don't know what happened to him. 

Our next encounter was with the knights who say meh! EVery time they said meh it appeared to injure anyone without a life 
shield. They asked us to fetch the christmas spoons. Contrary to expectations, it was female. After this, the knights 
demanded more help. Torrent tried to run past them but got attacked. I tried to save him, but was too late to prevent him 
being taken down. Orchid managed to put a life shield on him to stop him dying though. We killed the knights who said meh 
because they were nasty. 

I don't think Veran likes me very much. 

After we had prayed, we set off after big mace again. We saw him, and chased him, but ran into an undead ambush. We fought 
them and everyone did very well. Big Mace had been paralysed so we waited until it wore off and then persuaded him to help 
us. He told us where Santa's grotto was and gave us the Hand Grenade of Copyright Infringement to deal with one of the 
guardians. As we approached the location, we met a mad wizard who kept blinking away. Eventually he was persuaded to aid us 
in passing through the gateway to Santa's grotto. 

Immediately after we passed through the gate we encountered a terrible beast, but killed it with the weapon Big Mace hasd 
given us (wasn't he kind!). As soon as we set out again, we encountered an even more terrifying monster, but I realised it 
was the innocuous man on the hill who was drawing the monster we needed to kill. I'm sure everyone else would have worked 
it out if I hadn't been in front at the time. 

As we neared our destination we were verbally assaulted from above. They also through what looked like a very happy sheep 
at us. They were very mean and had to be killed. 

Obstacles cleared, we finally met Santa. He told me to be more cheerful and gave everyone mince pies. I like him. We gave 
him the baron's letter and set off back home. 

It was very sad though, we met some people who walked forward and then killed themselves. I tried to save them but failed. 
I'm sorry. 

Vortex's Report


What are you DOING! You fool. I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CARRY ON IN THIS MANNER! You are making a laughing stock of the 
Temple. [Paralysis 16] *picks up Interfector* Right, you're going to a cell until you come to your senses. You'll thank me 
for this... *walks towards Temple of Might* 

[OOC: I hope this christmas cheer thing has a time duration otherwise Interfector will be in the dungon for some time. Sorry
but I couldn't let this go on any longer...]

[At the Temple of Might] 

INTERFECTOR! If you do not cease this foolishness you will never be "re-educated"! Do you not remember your teachings about 
Christmas? I shall remind you: 

*opens large book entitled "The Mighty Guide to Christmas"* 

Ah yes, Chapter 7: Carol singers. The Mighty scholar High Master Elzavire wrote: 

"During the period of December (especially nearing the 25th) it is not uncommon for peasents to sing "pleasent and cheerful 
songs" (as the general populace describes them). These peasents can be found going door to door or perhaps in a clearing in 
a settlement, usually a square of some form. At times like these a good Priest of Might remembers the anchient Might saying;
"You cannot sing carols without a head". There endeth the lesson." 

Do you not remember this book, Interfector? It was on the reading list....Stop smiling you fool! This has gone too far. 
GUARDS! Fetch me the...*pause for dramatic effect*...RE-EDUCATOR! 

Interfector, do not fear, whatever foul magics or Godly powers afflict you, they will be cured. Even if it kills you.... 

[OOC: Does Interfector have any spells/miracles running on him?] 

[screams of a man in unimaginable pain echo throughout the Barony from within the Temple of Might. People play little notice
and carry on about their buisness, after all it's the Temple of Might and Master Vortex is in....] 

*pokes Interfector* 

Wake up! You miserable excuse for a Might Priest! Are you still..."cheerful"? You're lucky in use, 
otherwise those screams would be yours. Unfortunatly some of those deluded carol singers came to the Temple doors singing 
and hinting for money, I think they will have been "educated" by the end of the procedure, its fortunate for them that 
public decapitation of Barony peasents is "frowned upon" these days. I must go and see if the carol singers have been 
finished with, that grin of yours is quite grating, and stop bouncing! 

Biscuit's Report

Found stuffed down the chimney of the Temple of Freedom, and filed under "strange rambling corrisponance that makes no sense
whatso ever" 

Hell0 mistER frEeDom PeOqlE! ThiS is mY reqoRt 0n what I D1b on th3 laSt miss!0n. I d1dn@t og. 

inStead I sp3Nt mY w33kenD wr!ting a replY to thiS bloKe froM a L0nG waY aWay who contacted me SayIng thAt iF I gaVe hiM 
aLl mY moNeY, nd d3ta!ls oF wh0 I@M, I'd BeC0m3 veRy RicH. ! Thought thAt h3 wAs PrOBerbly wrOng anD vEry VeRy SilLy.th3N I 
trIeD to wr!te somE paphlEts, but theN I didN't. 

Then I went sh0pping, there were feWer GrumPY peOp1e wh0 don't liKe baLoons arounD than normal. I WonDer WhY? 


Silvanus's Report

In order to stand the best chance at getting all the right presents for christmas, The Baron had us deliver his christmas 
list to Santa himself. I was more than happy to venture into natures depths once again, even if it was in the tainted 

Firstly we had to locate Santas Grotto, and the person to talk to was a person by the name of "Big Mace". He had recently 
been sighted in a nearby villiage called "The Villiage Anthrax". Off into the void we went. Soon after our journey had 
begun, we encountered some strange tree goblins. I became quite irate with their reluctance to stay still, as they kept 
using their link to the trees to telport from one tree to another, making it imposible to talk to them. In order to stop 
this I froze one of them, and Master Interfector of the temple of Might took this opportunity to prove his "mightyness" by 
bashing its brains in. Fortunatly however it managed to escape alive, or we probabl would have not managed to get the 
information from them that we did, which was the wherabouts of the villiage anthrax.

On arrival at the village we did find signs of big mace having recently being at the viliage as the villagers seemed to be 
worshiping a rock given to them by him. They aggreed to tell us which direction he went in if we solved a ridiculus riddle. 
They agreed to give us clues for each of us that sung a christmas carol. We all took turns to sing for our clues, accept 
for Master Interfector who was not in the christmas spirit, or maybe it was the trouble he was having breathing after the 
humact cast weakness on him for disobeying orders.

After solving the riddle (which made no sense at all by the way) I presented the villiage folk with a delicious biscuit 
with a penguin picture on it. They were very pleased and decided to worship that instead of the rock. I was glad that they 
would worship such a natural and lovely creature!

Shortly after entering the borderlands we met a courageous black knight that challenged out mightyest warrior to a deul. 
Naturally Interfector took up the challenge and thus begun a very lengthy and impressive battle, which saw interfector 
victorious, but barely. The knight must have indeed been talented to challenge interfector so. After a discussion and 
objections of the humact, who was developing a distinct distaste for Interfector, He was healed as payment for his services,
as such.

Our next encounter was with a strange three-headed knight. I'm not sure on exactly why, but he scared the living daylights 
out of me and most of the rest of the party. The more experienced in the patrol managed to take him out without the rest of 
us luckily

Next we met the fabled "Knights who say 'Meh'". Those who hear the words seldom live to tell the tale, so it was indeed 
lucky they spared our lives! They Agreed to let us pass if we brought them the christmas spoon. After a few strange but 
harmless command spells by the spoon we returned to the knights who say 'meh' with our offering, and were allowed passage.

It was not long from here that we finally caught up with Big Mace, although his legendary "big mace" had suffered a bizzare 
polymorph into a regular sized mace. He was in the midst of battling an evil necromancer and his minions. After we helped 
dispatch them, big mace gave us directions to Santas grotto. He also warned us that it was guarded by two horrible beasts. 
The first of which could only be destroyed by using the holy hand-grenade of copyright infringement, which he kindly gave us. 
With this he parted our company, and onward we went to find Santa.

Soon after we me a strange fire mage who repeatedly kept teleporting around he place even when under weakness cast by the 
humact. We finally made peace with him, and he agreed to help us on our journey by allowing us to cross an otherwise 
impenetrable barrier. In order to continue on our quest we had to answer three questions each correctly. Failure to provide 
the correct answer resulted in agonising pain. After each party member had got three consecutive questions correct, we were 
allowed to pass.

Soon after this we confonted what must have been the first of the horrible beasts. It turned out to be a very cute but very 
scary reindeer. We quickly dispatched it with the Holy Hand Grenade of copyright infringement and went on to meet the second 
beast. This beast was in fac the famous (or infamous?) and deadly Millizilla! There was no hope of defeating such a powerful 
and scary monster. Until the cartoonist sitting on the side of the hill was killed, and the beast vanished!

Nearing Santas grotto we were taunted by some strange persons on a hill with really funny accents. They threw animals a us 
which I found quite didtastful. Such a perverse waste of an animals life! We dealt with them quickly and found our way to 
Santa. He was a very nice jolly sort who really believed in the spirit of christmas! He saw Interfector was not very 
Christmasy so he cast some kind of "cheerful" spell on Interfector which made him act a lot like biscuit. I would like to 
have his powers so I could make all the elemental Mages stop doing spells! Wow what a present THAT would be!

We delivered he Barons letter and made our Merry way Home!


Borderlands: Guild of Artifacers (26/01/2003)

Torrent's Report

Torrents Journal entry regarding the events at Carefree. 

It was widely advertised that the village of Carefree would be hosting the artificers craft faire. Having read of this a 
party of interested people set out to view the items. The party included many members of the previous party I had explored 
the borderlands with as well as some new faces. 

These new faces included an elf by name of Haven who dressed all in white and appeared to be searching for knowledge, but 
what knowledge he wanted he did not seem sure. He also appeared to be following voices in his head which was slightly 

There was also Brend the gladiator, Arduin the scout and an elf who's name I did not catch. The latter was a strange 
character - an elf fighter who wore armour and utilised bound earth magics in items. Also joining us to travel to the 
borderlands was a guard called Caenum Solaris. He was in some kind of disgrace among the guards so was being sent to the 
borderlands as a penance. 

The other members were Interfector, Humact Verin and Biscuit. 

Ours was the first group to arrive at Carefree where we were met be a distraught member of the guild of artificers and told 
that the caravan of items had been overrun by a local bandit family. This attack had killed the two guards assigned to it 
and among the stolen goods were ten items of power. Our party was joined by the artificer and immediately set out in pursuit. 

Upon going a little way we were met by Silvanus who was raving wildly about trees and indeed probably still is. He seemed a 
little changed by his time in forest but joined with the party and we continued on our way. 

Shortly after we were attacked by a band of Skaven - evil beings half rat half man and imbued with great strength as well 
as chaotic powers. After a large fight the party beat off the skaven and set about tending the parties many wounds with the 
sphere of healing carried by Verin. He was to use this many times throughout the chase. About quarter of an hour later 
Solaris collapsed exhibiting signs of extreme weakness which was cured using the healing sphere although it appeared to 
cause some damage to its wielder when used to cure disease. 

After this we travelled through he forest where we encountered a restless spirit which Verin laid to rest, A bandit look 
out who was swiftly slain and a number of small Skaven attacks. One of these was worthy of mention. We allowed a large but 
not huge cat to attack the ratmen whereupon it showed great athletic and martial prowess and with our aid the two skaven 
were dispatched. The cat then started to eat the Skaven and we left it so as we could meditate or pray. When we finished 
playing the cat was dead near us and two of our number were afflicted with the disease which was cured at great cost to 
Verin. All this mixed with frequent sightings of a bandit scout. 

It was after all this that we met up with the main bandit party and after attempting to persuade us that they were hunters 
not bandits they were dispatched after the fight a few prisoners were left as Verin had cast a weakness upon them but 
unfortunately they still died so all that was left to do was take the items and heal our wounds. 

We continued home for a bit but as we were descending into a valley we were attacked by a large number of Skaven who proved 
almost a match for us. 

My own end came about as I had drawn heavily upon my lifeforce to power spells and was hit by a dark crackling weapon. I 
lay there for a short while in extreme pain until losing consciousness. It is not an experience I wish to repeat. 

In that combat although the party prevailed there were many casualties as both Haven and Interfector were struck down. As 
usual Interfector was right at the front of the party although still heavily injured from previous encounters as he will 
never ask for healing. This led to him becoming a casualty very rapidly. By the end of the battle apparently there were 
very few party members left on their feet but after doing what they could they left bringing the heads of the casualties 
back with them and carrying the items. 

I awoke in a room filled with light. I was as cold as Ice and with a headache that made me feel like dying again. Gradually 
my strength returned but I fear I will never regain it fully. 

My thanks must go to the party for bringing me back and to the artificers for funding it. 

Agnellus' Report

[Personal Diary - Shown to no one, hidden, and bound with a lockable cover] 

Yesterday I died. Struck down by the blade of a beast. As the pain coursed through my body I knew this was the end. My 
sight faded from the light of life into the darkness of oblivion, then I departed my body. My soul floated tentatively 
between damnation and salvation, my senses muted, as if suspended in water, yet there was no sensation, no need to breathe, 
only the feeling of unending indifference. In the Balance my Guide came to me. The spirit looked upon me and I knew I had 
failed, the questions would gain no answers, and my life would gain no meaning. I knew my fate did not end this way, yet I 
saw no hope of return. Then the balance was shattered, a rift opened in the void. Like a sinkhole from death into life, I 
was drawn by an irresistible current. With all my strength I held onto the Balance and my soul was torn. From eternal peace 
I was forced back into my lifeless corpse. Yet not all of me returned, my fight to remain was not all in vain. A portion of 
my soul remains in the Balance and will wait for me to return. Maybe then will I be able to answer the questions and 
complete my destiny. Perhaps my answers can be found in death, for in life, so far, I have found nothing. Yet, abandoned by 
my Guide, I cannot risk death again, perhaps in study I can find a solution. 

The other events of the day were overshadowed by my death but are not without interest. There are men and women called 
mages and wizards, who can produce projectiles of ice and flame. Others have faith in "gods" and somehow draw power from 
them to produce wholly terrible effects. One inflicts a debilitating lack of strength, similar to the illness that the rat 
men carried. Another, Biscuit, can cause great wounds to open upon creatures that he touches. Also it seems this 
"borderlands", that I spent so long travelling though, seems to be feared for some effect it is reported to have. It seems 
all that enter within its boundaries begin to suffer from some form of selective amnesia. Anything that is learnt elsewhere 
is slowly forgotten. The only one among the group that had any difficulties with this was the Artificer that we had come to 
see. After helping one of our number, a part of his knowledge seemed simply to slip away from him. Strange indeed. Yet the 
others continued fearless, apparently, all that is learned within the borderlands is stuck fast within ones mind and is 
free from its effect. 

I have made many friends here, many knowledgeable and powerful individuals. I do not know the questions for the answers I 
seek, but answers I shall find. Now to study... 

Interfector's Report

Returned to life! 

I died in glorious combat and was brought back to fight again! The Almighty truly smiles upon me, and will not let His 
servant die until his tasks are accomplished. 

The mission was simple, retrieve stolen magical items for the Guild of Artificers. Some fool in the barony sent a Guard to 
lead the party, did they not realise that my leadership skills were far better than any guard unaffected by the borderlands 
could possibly achieve? 

There appeared to be a prevalence of rat-men in the area we passed through, they were truly worthy adversaries, though no 
match for my skills. We retrieved Silvanus, who appears to have lost his grip on sanity, it would be useful to know if High 
Master Vortex had anything to do with this. 

The foolish guard promptly managed to become weakened somehow, based on estimates of time periods and the general appearance
of the beasts, I would say he was diseased. The representative of the Artificer's Guild had to strengthen him to enable him 
to carry on. And they think he can lead a party! 

The next encounter was with a ghost controlling a being of earth. I demonstrated my might to the party by destroying it, 
though others sought to share my glory by attacking it at the same time. The fools seem to believe they can match my skill 
with weapons! Though the gladiator Brend showed some skill. Maybe he is a follower of Might.... 

With the monster destroyed, the ghost disappeared. Although a cat was discovered prowling around the party. Silvanus 
attempted to freeze it, but it was too fast to catch. When we encountered the next group of rat-men, however, the cat leapt 
for them, ripping them to shreds, leaving no enemies for me to kill. I feel as if the Gods do not wish me to demonstrate my 

After the party rested and prayed, a member of the family of bandits we were hunting made an appearance. I gave chase, but 
by some dark power he was able to dodge my blows and escaped. 

With the party ready to move off again, we moved off. There was nothing eventful until we reached the lair of the bandits. 
The foolish Guard led them into a valley, ignoring the bandit skulking around the skyline. I left the party at this point 
and chased after the threatening figure. 

This bandit was also able to dodge my blows. I feel that the Artificer was lying when he claimed the items stolen could not 
produce this effect. My skill with weapons is well advanced. He taunted me and insulted the Temple, so I dropped my weapons 
and charged him. I had the satisfaction of draining the life from his body, before he knocked me to the ground. I had emerged
victorious, even though unarmed. 

At this point Brend arrived, telling me the rest of the bandits were dead. At least the party shows some signs of competence
without me around to protect them. Brend felt he could give me orders, and told me to leave the bandit alive. His time had 
come, however, and I killed him. No-one may insult th Temple and live. 

Almost as soon as we set off again, we encountered more of the rats. I fought, but was struck down by one of the cowardly 
creatures armed with a bow. After which, I know nothing. 

Solaris' Report

Report to Guard Captain Kylar Tyrell concerning events at the artefact demonstration at Carefree 

Attending the demonstration to observe these artefacts it turned out that they had been stolen and the Guards assigned to 
escort killed. When I arrived at the village of Carefree I and several other travellers in this region where employed to 
search out the bandit family thought to be responsible. As we approached the edge of the area a strange man appeared who was
babbling about trees? The others appeared to know him and so he joined the group. 
When we reached the borderlands we where assaulted by strange creatures with dark powers. These where dispatched after a 
fairly short battle and the party regrouped. Shortly after this engagement I was afflicted with a strange weakness and was 
rendered unable to move, fortunately craftsman Jones appeared able to cure this affliction. As we continued the scout spied 
one of the family of bandits involved, we quickly dealt with this individual, unfortunately she did not survive for 
questioning. Near here there was a strange mound of earth that attacked us at the command of a strange, pale creature when 
we defeated the beast the pale being simply faded away. I am told that this was some sort of animated grave. At this time 
we also spied a strange, cat like creature. At about this time we were assaulted from behind by another member of the bandit
family who injured the scout, we gave chase but he escaped. 
Apart from one of the priests trying to kill the cat the journey was quite uneventful for a short time until we came on a 
pair of large, rat like creatures, at this point the cat attacked them and quickly slew the pair, it then began eating them.
Near this point there was sheltered hilltop and so we rested for the spell casters to regain their strength. During this time
we spotted the elusive bandit many times, however his superior knowledge of the terrain showed through and we could-not 
capture him. When the spellcasters awoke we found the cat, dead and several members of the party had comedown with some 
kind of disease, this was quickly healed and we again sighted the bandit, the Priest of might attacked him with completely 
no effect and I gave chase, unfortunately he escaped again. When I returned to the party several members had given chase to 
the bandit, but when they returned they reported no success. The scout soon found more tracks and led us to the bandit's 
hideaway. As most of the party approached the Priest known as Interfector turned to attack a bandit who was trying to draw 
us in the wrong direction, at first I tried to make him stay with the group but he would not listen, I made the decision to 
protect the main body of the party and so returned. When it was confirmed that these were the bandits who stole the artefacts
we reclaimed them efficiently and with no severe injuries. As we returned to Carefree with the recovered artefacts we were 
set upon by yet more strange creatures that attacked without warning. Regrettably I was knocked unconscious early on and 
could help little. When I came round the battle was over and we had one, but with serious loss. All members were injured to 
an extent and, most regrettably three of the members had died. I accept full responsibility for these deaths and will try 
not to allow it to happen again in the future. 

Once again I take full responsibility for the fatalities suffered and will endeavour not to allow such an occurrence to 
repeat itself. 

Guard Caenum Solaris

Silvanus' Report

High Druid Entarn of the Druid Council, 


Trees have shown me the truth! 

Trees have been looking out for me in the days I have spent in the wild. They have protected me from danger, and shown me all
kinds of wonders. 

Alongside all other information the trees have given me, they also told me the whereabouts of a special Item that had been 
hidden by a member of the barony. It was a healing sphere I had seen before, and using the wisdom the trees departed upon me
I found out how to get far more healing out of it by linking it to the trees power through myself! 

After a few days in the forest with the wonderful trees, I noticed a strange band of travellers enter a nearby villiage, 
shortly followed by another smaller band. After a while the second band headed off in rather a hurry. They seemed rather 
pensive. The trees told me they were up to no good. 

A while after this I met up with a barony patrol who were apparantly tracking these nere'do-wells, who it turned out were a 
band of robbers who had stolen many items from a merchants guild that had been visiting the barony. 

The trees told me to help them. 

I learned soon after that the defiler known as \torrent\ has in fact given up his un-tree-friendly ways and is in fact no 
longer harming nature! He is obviusly smarter than he looks, and the trees told me to thank him! 
There was in fact an amazing lack of elementalists in the patrol, which I found quite refreshing. Perhaps they have been 
listening to my tree teachings after all! 

After a few small encounter with some un-treelike rat creatures and strange earthly mounds, we were ambushed by one of the 
bandits. I managed at one point to freeze him, but the trees obviously smiled upon him, as he still managed to escape! 

Our search continued, and soon enough we met up with the band. They tried to convince us that they were only a group of 
hunters, but the trees told me differently! 

We dispatched the robbers with superior tree-ness, and headed back with the recovered goods! Unfortunatly on the way back 
we encountered a large group of the rat-like creatures, and many of our number could not find enough favour in the trees to 
survive, and we lost three people! Luckily the trees saw to it that they could be brought back to life, so we were all 
blissfully blissfully happy! 

Biscuit's Report

we were invited to the village of carefree to see if they had happy dancing artifacts, so it was very suprising to discover 
that they didn't, so we set off to find some. I chatted to haveny elfy person in white, quickly stepping in to stop him from
having to talk to torrent for too long, and told him a bit about the borderlands, but I forgot to say about the ballancy 
man we met when we came with mister marshel mathonway, so I didn't.Then we found silvarnus, and he hugged some trees, and 
some rat-men things, who didn't. they had big wibbly sticks and hit us with them, so I pocked them with my shiny new sword. 
its ever so shiny. yay! unfortunately the guardsman leading the party, who had been determining who was the alpha male with 
interfector then came over all lame and fell over. Then we met some grumpy people who had the artifacts only didn''t want 
us to see them, and one of them chatted to our funny little scouty man and I called for the artfactor bloke who knew what 
the people with the thingies lookedlike. I called and I called and I called and he didn't take any notice and then the 
grumpy man hit the scouty bloke lots and ran away ever so fast. I chased him up a hill and round a bit and then the others 
caught up with me and complained! I'd done ever such a lot and they didn't like it and they complained and then I got upset.
and there was a little ghost with a rock-person friend who attacked us ever so much, but then he fell apart and she vanished.
i think she needs lesons in comunication; and thee was a lady who attacked me for no reason. I only sad hello and the others
wen't arround, so it cant have been interfector being grumpy at her. then I caused massive tiissue damage to her head until
it fell apart in a sort of fine red mist. I found a kitty to play with, the others were all like 'I'll deal with the cat, 
because it's a threat to barony secrity, it might drink all our milk', only they couldn't, and I had a good idea and played 
with it and with string it was cute and purry and lovely and leaped around like a leapy rat-eating thing, and ate rats and 
things. I wonder what happened to it? it wandered off while we were waiting for people to pray and hug trees and I made 
angels and felt lame and things. i liked that catowmeowmeowmeowmeow meowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meow meowmeow meow meowmeow
meowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meow meow meow meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow
meow meowmeowmeowmeow meow meowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeow meow meow meowmeowmeow meoand then we 
found some more rat people who were ever so grumpy and one of them burst my ballon and then it got a bit confusing and I 
remember tieing a bandage on some one, possibly me and then there were all lights and dancing things and things. then 
mister humacti type man was standing over me and I felt a bit better. and I felt jemmy wave at me. 


Arduyne's Report

I apologise for the death we had... I wish I could have done more. The fates not smile for me this time... But I expected 
no combat today. Only one man die at my hand today... this is blessing as much curse, no? The one who trick me is still... 
how you say?... At large. I shall find him someday. I do not forget... 


Brend's Report

Grand Champion Slash, 

Report on the items produced by the Guild of Artificers. 

Unsurprisingly, on our arrival in Carefree it transpired that said items had been stolen. Party was dispatched to recover 
items from bandit family at large in Borderlands. During the hunt, we encountered several bands of rat-men. Fighting skills 
of rat-men were variable, ranging from very poor to very good. According to other members of the party, rat-men used a 
variety of miracles to aid their fighting. Didn't help them - all are now dead. 

Appears that Artificers' items are based upon magic and miracles, and so of little value. Hopes that they would be able to 
supply high-quality weaponry would seem unfounded. The items themselves did not seem to be much use to those who stole them,
for they fell to my sword easily enough. All stolen items were recovered, and are back in the hands of the Artificers. 

On return journey, encountered further rat-men, including one who I took to be their leader. He fell to my sword, and the 
remaining rat-men fled. 

I looked among the warriors of the party for any who may have been potential Gladiator material, but there appeared none 
whose fighting abilities would get them through even a basic training session. 

Honour to your sword,
Gladiator Brend Arturus 

Borderlands: Double Vision (02/02/2003)

Biscuit's Report

Last night I did not sleep. I lay awake think of how I could have saved her. How I could have been faster, or more creative,
or more careing. I never even realised how injured he was. 

All day we had met people at war with themselves, and it depressed me; With her, I had hoped to prove that there was a better
way, and that these battles were a result of a failure of immagination; there had been one pair who saw their duplication as
a chance to engage in deviaent congress, and their willingness to experiment with new things had given me hope that all was 
not violence and death. She was myself, and I failed her. If I'd cared I'd have seen her injuries and would have asked a 
Marshel Llienna to heal him; if I'd been happier, we could've have played tag, and it would have been even odds on 
Interfector hitting me, who had been healed. If I'd have been more immaginatve, we'd both have got breeze and breeze to put 
interfector to sleep the moment we saw each other. 
Another self, another chance at life, to see grow in unexpected ways; another set of the infinte possiblites to explore. We 
could have had so much fun together. They say she was a plant and a magical construct, and that I should not moarn her 
therefore. the first and second of these assertions certainly appear to be true, but I fail to see how they are relivent to 
the third. I'm human; a little bag a walking water held togeter by fragile accumulations of carbon. How are we different? 
how was he less worthy of affection? I shall remeber him until the day I die for the last time, then perhaps, to meet her 
again at jemmy's party.
[to CoC only] 
Last week I found squueky grumpy rat-men in the borderlands. The Temple of Freedom can't find anything that big and squeeky 
and hairy in their books, so they're proberbly a forced mutatrion or a true-breeding effort at genemeld. 
Was it us? if not, who? what? 
Oh! I know! it was 'the borderlands effect' making unlikly parings viable. So why arn't I knee-deep in Orc/sheep? 

Agnellus' Report

[Personal Diary - Shown to no one, hidden, and bound with a lockable cover] 

My research goes well, as does my survival instinct. Yet, despite my caution, I was dealt a grievous wound. In the grip of 
death a desperate blow was swung and connected with my leg. With the splintering of bone my leg was taken from under me, I 
collapsed to the ground unable to move. In the haze of pain, such exquisite pain, I saw a figure above me. For the briefest 
moment I saw my guide then my delirium cleared in a stab of pain and there knelt Biscuit. Nausea spread though my body as 
Biscuit straightened my leg. Bone ground against bone and the wound was torn wide open, yet it did not bleed. Then, before 
my very eyes, the wound twisted and diminished, the bone knitted together and the swelling reduced. Such magic, such power 
yet it is still not enough. Whilst others stand fast before the mightiest of blows I crumble beneath a final death throw. 
Perhaps prevention, not cure, is the way to concentrate my research... 

This Barony confuses me greatly, every day I see new powers, unbelievable magics, and creatures beyond description. 
Invisible mages with possessed shadows, followers of nature who can heal from trees and create duplicates of people from 
enchanted mirrors and Priests in such perfect Balance that they have traveled beyond this plain of thought. Yet, even whilst
expecting the unexpected, I was surprised yesterday. A group of peasants, humans no less, accosted me and worshiped me as a 
God. Others within the group dwarf my strengths, but still, they came to me. Sorin insisted that I am not a God, and I am 
inclined to agree with him. Though, even now, the truth of my destiny is a mystery to me, perhaps I am a God, perhaps I am 
Divine. My disciples, as I have named them, claimed my omnipotence, surely this can not be true, for my sole motivation is 
the search for answers, answers a God would know, but maybe my ascension is still to come... 

My research moves apace yet there are simply not enough waking hours to learn all I need to learn, never the less research 
I must do.

[Personal Diary - Shown to no one, hidden, and bound with a lockable cover] 

Dispite my doubt and my initial rebuke of these disiples, their faith persists. Passages, as if from some great tome, 
contain my name and descriptions of my likness, and yet I know nothing of these worshipers. They believe I am God, in mortal
form. Could this be true? Perhaps they are correct, perhaps I am God, taken mortal form and my memory surpressed so that I 
may walk amoung my subjects, my creations, and judge their deeds with unbiased eyes. 

These thoughts detract from my studies, I must not allow these, unfounded, claims to slow my education. If I am not God I 
will need the power that I seek more than ever... 

Solaris' Report

Report to Guard Captain Kylar Tyrel concerning the supposed training meeting 

I reported to what was supposedly a training session by Guard Sergeant Thorfen Skullsplitter. Shortly after he introduced 
himself another Guard Sergeant Thorfen Skullsplitter appeared and cut him down, the first Sergeant then crumbled to rotting 
plant matter. The Sergeant explained that the first was some kind of clone and the training exercise was a trap, so the 
group gathered for training set off to find the cause. 
When we reached the borderlands we met some strange bards who were apparently quite good to those who know about such 
things, however they are of little concern and so we moved on. Next we encountered a group of `pairs` some armed and some 
not, after a short discussion fighting occurred and we detained a number of the armed individuals, it turned out that these 
were the strange plant creatures. Next we encountered some wandering villagers who appeared to believe that Haven was a God,
this made it fairly simple to see if they were plant clones, they were not. After a short time the party was set upon by a 
large group of cloned plant beings, these were dispatched with minor damage to the party, although the mage who appears 
afraid of his own shadow was grievously wounded, thankfully he could be healed. One of those who survived was questioned and
gave us directions to some balance priests who may help us so we turned after them. The priests in-fact were the same 
person, just twice, this was quite perplexing as neither seemed to be hostile like the previous clones, they healed the worst
harmed members of the party to `restore the balance`. 
Moving on we met some members of the Pathfinders who warned us about possible Orcs ahead so we proceeded with caution. We 
were able to avoid some minor conflicts as we progressed and came upon a couple whose daughter had been afflicted with some 
kind of disease, while we could not cure her we directed them towards the barony to seek assistance. Next the party rested. 
Soon we came upon some Orcs, these were extremely tough but fortunately we were able to defeat them, unfortunately this 
victory had great cost in that afterwards Seeker Gish was found to be dead. I accept full responsibility for this and hope 
that he will be able to forgive me when he is resurrected. Again the party rested since all people were quite badly injured. 
After this we proceeded and found a dark druid who had somehow made these plant clones, before he could be arrested he made 
a group of clones of the party and we had to fight ourselves, fighting myself was an interesting experience seeing as how I 
was perfectly matched with myself, this all gets quite confusing but in the end only one of each of us was left, I hope that
all of us were ourselves and not our cloned selves. We captured the dark druid and the mirror that appeared to be the 
source of the cloning and returned. 

Again I offer my most sincere apologies to Gish who I could not save and hope I can earn his forgiveness. 

Adepts' Report

To Archdruid Tempest 

As we feared, the Borderlands effect has attracted the attention of various Dark druidic factions. Fortunately I was on 
hand to witness this particular villain firsthand and he has been brought back to the barony for questioning. Both He and 
one of his creations should be held in the Baronies Temple of Justice. 

The tale goes as follows. 

It had been several weeks since my last venture into the Borderlands. I had kept myself busy, collecting tales of others 
who had been sent into the area on various missions, cataloguing their stories and reports and trying to make sense of it 
all. I had, however been getting restless. And so, when I read of a session of combat training on the edge of the Borderlands, 
I decided to go and meet some of these adventurers in person, and get more information from them firsthand. 

As it turned out, we ventured into the Borderlands anyway, on the trail of something that was creating copys of people from,
seemingly, plant matter. Instantly, I thought of the reports we have heard of the dark druids and their corruption of nature. 
we encountered many copys of people and people themselves, some at odds and some at ease with the doppelgangers. This magic 
was obviously unstable and unreliable. 

We also encountered a family of druids, whose little girl had some sort of disease, no doubt caused by the dark druid, who 
they knew as Wolfgang. I decided at this point that if he chose not to come peacefully, then I would take him by force of 

I find myself fascinated with the weapons and armour of the party. In particular the crafting of metal. I find it interesting 
that such things can be made from the natural earth, forged in natural fires and quenched in the air and water. I plan to 
explore this further. 

We finally found this Wolfgang, and we defeated him, but not before he tried to create copies of me and the party. He had 
some sort of magic mirror, to copy people. This now resides at the temple of balance, with priest Feran Stormwatcher. 

I continue to investigate. 

an Adept 

Seyenne's Report

Memo to the commanding officers of the Pathfinders. 

Dear Sirs, 
You may remember me, I was a member of your guild until about a month ago. I appologise for leaving without notice but was 
somewhat out of sorts and needed to find something else to do as a distraction from the ridicule I recieved after 
accompanying Ranger Orchid on his first mission. 
Having spent the interim studying druidic texts and failing utterly to make head or tail of them, I returned to the patrol 
group a few days ago after hearing of a combat training day they were planning. Unfortunately the message was a fake, sent 
out, evidently, by a carbon copy of Guard Seageant Thorfen, and shortly after mustering for the combat mission the *real* 
Thorfen came running out of the woods and cut down the imposter. The terminology I use is oddly appropriate, as the wounded,
rather than bleeding to his death, instead was reduced to a pile of dusty plant matter. Of course, with a party assembled so 
readily, we were sent out immediately to find the source of the problem. As the only scout there I was asked to continue in 
such a capacity, and, aided by Breeze and Adept, was able to fulfill my duty to what I felt was a much higher standard than 
my last mission. This was agreed upon by several members of the group. We also came accross a group of pathfinders out 
investigating the Borderlands Effect and it was suggested to me that I reapply and simply take on more training time, as the
guild needs to be training up more people. 
To that end I wish to reapply to the Pathfinders and take on training times in all skill areas. I hope you will forgive me 
for straying and I resolve now to take responsibility for myself and my actions.


Diary which has been gathering dust in a locker in the Pathfinders Guildhouse, but looks to have recently been reopened: 

That mission was certainly odd. Keep it brief, these are my own notes after all... 
There was a bloke with a mirror that made copies of anyone who looks into it. Wierd. We kept meeting pairs of people. The 
copies were constructs made from plant matter so we worked out the bloke was a dark druid. As we got further on, deeper into
the borderlands, the pairs seemed to get on better together, ranging from the first set of pairs fighting for their lives 
to a group of 5 pairs working together to bait us into a fairly enclosed area to fight. Ran away from that one but I didn't 
get hurt the whole day so it was worth it. Formed a theory that some sort of charm spell accompanied the device and the 
nearer you were to it the better the pairs got on together. This theory was disproved to some extent in the final encounter 
where we met the druid in question and he copied all of us. The alter-Seyenne and I agreed not to fight as we were equally 
matched and not terribly good fighters, but then Breeze sent me to sleep, It might have been the alter-Breeze but I couldn't
tell. Interfector cut my cheek to make sure I was me then kicked me awake - all I could see around me were dead bodies and 
two Biscuits annoying Interfector. The *real* Biscuit went off on one when Interfector killed the alter-Biscuit, and blew 
his head up for the second time that day. It got better, though I'm not sure either of them saw that as a good thing. 
Hmm... gave me a lot to think about, perhaps I should do some research on this and see what I can come up with. We couldn't 
destroy the mirror... I'll look into it. Memo to self - find out who has the mirror and ask to help with investigations. 

Liana's Report

Report to Guard Sergeant Skullsplitter, 

As a member of the party who travelled into the Borderlands for investigations following the revelation that you had been 
impersonated by a plant creature I thought it best to report to you our findings. 
After several further encounters with plant-based doubles, we managed to discover that these doubles had appeared after a 
bearded man in a brown cloak had passed by. We later came across a druidic couple who tentatively identified this man as one
"Wolfgang", a fellow druid, though they knew not his sect. Eventually, the party found this man, and although he attempted 
to distract us by creating doubles of ourselves, we were able to detain him and under my control he was returned to the 
Temple of Justice. I am unable to tell you whether my superiors have since placed him in the custody of the Guards or whether
he remains there awaiting trial. 
Do you recall seeing such a man in Draxia, probably carrying a mirror of some kind? (The mirror we found him with is held 
currently in the Temple of Balance). It may be possible that the security in Draxia has been compromised. Furthermore, did 
members of the Pathfinders report to you on our mission before our return? We met a number of men claiming to be Pathfinders
but they gave several members of the party reason to believe that they were lying, and were therefore refused information. 
I would apologise to them if they were unjustly suspected in this matter. 

If there is any further information you require, I will do my best to provide it. 

Yours in Justice, 

Marshal Liana


To Knight High Marshal Justen, 

I am a member of the Borderlands patrol and we faced a mission yesterday on which I have much to report. Members of the 
patrol group turned up expecting combat training following a notice allegedly posted by Guard Sergeant Thorfen Skullsplitter.
I say 'allegedly' because moments after this 'guard' began to prepare us for this training an identical man arrived, claimed
the first was an impostor and immediately attacked him. The party would have attempted to stop this were it not for the fact 
that the first "guard' crumbled into plant matter under the attack. The true Guard Sergeant Skullsplitter then told us that 
there was no combat training and that he had been recalled from Draxia upon the discovery of his double. He then requested 
that we journey into the Borderlands to investigate this matter. 
We did so, encountering many more instances of such doubles appearing. Furthermore, we encountered a number of innocent 
civilians who had travelled into the Borderlands clearly unaware of its dangers. Firstly, a group of wandering minstrels, 
accompanied by a man who informed me that he couldn't go to the Barony as 'they don't like me.' I suspected him to be a 
criminal of some kind but unfortunately was bound by this mission and couldn't return him to the Barony for Justice to be 
dealt. If you know of a tall, blond man who may be some kind of trickster, then he might be found in or on the edge of the 
We also met peasants who seemed confused over whether they were looking for 'artefacts' or lost sheep. These were also the 
first set we found who had been replicated and when their doubles turned on them we fought them and discovered them to be 
more plant creatures. We also discovered at this point that we could determine whether one was plant or living being by two 
methods. One, determining whether they were magical or two, discovering if they bled from a cut. 
As we moved further into the Borderlands we faced more such encounters, and were later attacked by a large group consisting 
of the original beings and their copies. The one survivor of this group told us of Balance Priests that might be able to 
give us more information. 
Unfortunately, when we met them, although they were willing to assist in healing the party, they also seemed quite mad. They
appeared identical, despite one being male and the other female, and we were able to ascertain that neither was a plant 
creature. It may be that this was just some strange coincidence but they reported seeing a bearded man in a brown cloak 
before they 'became two' and others had already given a similar tale. 
Proceeding on, we encountered a group of Pathfinders. Or at least so they claimed. They told us that they were weak because 
they had not believed in the so-called Borderlands effect, which seems unusual for a Pathfinder. They then demanded 
information about our mission and our discoveries. I referred them to Guard Solaris Caenum, assigned to our party, and moved on. 
Further into the woods we were hailed by a man asking for help for his ill daughter. I was able to determine that she was 
suffering from a disease and though I could not cure it I cast a life shield upon her to prevent the damage that was being 
done. The couple then told us that they were druids and they identified the man we had heard about as potentially being 
'Wolfgang', a druidic friend of theirs, who had been speaking about creating a mirror or pool of reflections. I recommended 
the couple take their child to the Temple of Justice within the Barony and it would put my mind at rest if I could find out 
whether they arrived. The party then moved on, now believing that the culprit was a dark druid. 
After an encounter with powerful orcs, including a mage, which killed Seeker Gish and badly wounded many other party members, 
we rested for a while and speculated over what this 'Wolfgang' was capable of and how we feared we might be facing plant 
copies of ourselves. We moved on and indeed came across this 'Wolfgang.' Unfortunately he was behind some sort of magical 
or miraculous barrier before we could reach him he had waved a mirror at us and doubles of ourselves appeared. Fortunately 
though, it appears that this mirror was incapable of exact replication and certainly those spells and miracles that were 
running on the party at the time were not replicated. This aided recognition in a number of cases as a number of us had had 
'auras' cast upon us by our Illuminati. Additionally, as he was invisible the mirror was unable to produce a copy of him. 
With the aid of the druid, Adept, I was able to bring down the dark druid but even the combined efforts of the party was 
unable to destroy his mirror. Our mission complete, we returned to the Barony with Seeker Gish's head - returned to the 
Temple of Freedom; Wolfgang and his plant copy of myself - returned to the Temple of Justice and Wolfgang's mirror - taken 
to the Temple of Balance by Guardian Feran Stormwatcher. 
The party seemed both more effective and more divided than before. The addition of Sorin Catar, a charming man and former 
Lord of these lands and Haven, his quiet friend, who I believe to be warlocks increased our powers of healing whilst the 
destructive arguments of the Priest of Might, Interfector and the Priest of Chaos, Biscuit were a drain on the same. On at 
least two occasions myself and Guardian Feran were forced to attempt to separate them and I had to heal the damage they had 
done to either other. 
As always, I hope the information I provide is of assistance in investigating the cause and effects of the Borderlands. 

Yours in Justice, 

Marshal Liana

Interfector's Report

Grand Master Hark, 

I believe you should know of the events pertaining to the recent 'combat training' purported to have been drawn up by Guard 
Sergeant Thorfen. I went to the meeting place to inform said Guard that it was offensive to a Prist of Might to be offered 
weapons training when our own practices were of such high quality. On arrival, however, we discovered that the message had 
been sent by a fake Thorfen, and the real Thorfen appeared to cut down the imposter. 

It was decided to hunt down the creator of this imposter, who appeared to have been constructed from plant matter. We 
encountered several groups of doubles, the party foolishly attempting to interact with the first group, complaining volubly 
when I destroyed the first. Their stupid cries dying in their throats when those I cut down crumbled as had the fake Thorfen. 

The party showed more respect on this mission, and I graciusly allowed them to heal me as a demonstration of thanks for my 
protection. I did not need the healing, but I felt that my inferiors needed to believe they were useful. 

A band of foul orcs menaced the party about halfway through the mission. They had a wielder of foul magics among them who 
removed my ability to fight. I believe that the Almighty wished his servant to allow others to demonstrate whether they were
worthy of admittance to his worship. As a result, however, I believe my skills dropped in the estimation of the party. If 
they are to truly recognise my Mightiness I must show true power on the next patrol. 

Finally we reached the Dark Druid who had been creating the plant clones. He somehow cloned the whole party. The false 
version of me was no match and I cut him down in an instant, but the others of the party were too weak. I personally 
destroyed the clones of Solaris, Seyenne, Feran, Adept and Biscuit. 
The Druid was captured. The mirror he used to clone people now resides in the temple of balance and the druid himself I 
believe has been detained within the temple of justice. 

I have to report a grevious concern. The foul Chaos priest Biscuit attacked me twice over the course of the mission. The 
first was when I removed unknown humans from our midst, since they were allowed in to the point where they could have cut 
down the mages were they so inclined. I was only restrained from destroying him utterly by the reminder that inter-party 
fighting is unacceptable. The second time occurred at the end of the mission. When I cut down the false Biscuit he attacked 
me while I was distracted, giving me no chance to retaliate. I was left unconscious until after He had left or I would have 
cut him down where he stood. I understand the laws of the barony are very strict on these matters, and that Biscuit should 
be disciplined for his actions in some way. If he is not, my only option is to mete out the justice myself. 

Gish's Report

Fellow Seekers of Freedom 

I write to you concerning the actions of a certain Priest of Might known as Interfector. Mister Interfector (note the i and 
not a as I doubt he can master even his own temper). On my outing to the proposed combat training he used violance to 
threaten and oppress both the party and those we met along the way. I will proceed to explain each of these events in turn. 

1. On meeting with some wandering minstrels he threatened them with his sword to their necks whilst they sang us their 
lovely songs. This was a completely pointless display of "might" considering they were harmless. Incidentally they seemed 
to know Rasputin, though we moved off before I could talk to them about him. 

2. On meeting twins, which turned out to be the hostile plant creatues, he immediately attacked whilst we attempted to 
resolve the arguments with diplomacy. On this occasion his actions were for the best in the long run but he acted without 
any proof and would have attcked even if they were citizens of the Barony 

3. On meeting with some travellers who appeared to worship Haven as their God he used his strength to restrain and bully 
both members of the party and those worshipping Haven. He even had the check to throw me down. Biscuit most sensibly 
quitened Interfector with a kindly miracle to incapacitate the meddlesome Master. Interfector appeared much less mighty 
without his weapons, much like a small child without his toys. 

I have also reason to believe that it was Interfector that cut off my head, and even more disgracfully caried me back by my 
hair! Interfector bhaves like an adolescent having strops when he cannot get his own way, permanently relying of violnec 
rather than intelligence. At his pettiest he is merely a nuiscence but at his most dangerous he is a threat to the freeedom 
of the Barony. We should keep a carefull eye on him as a possible thret to what we hold most dear. 

Yours Gish 

PS thankyou to all those of you who expressed concern over my health, I am now almost fully recovered from the experience of
ressurection after my death preserving the party's freedom (even Interfectors, though I doubt he would recognise that I 
aided him, it would bellitle his "might") 

Aurinyan's Report

Report to Guard Sergeant Skullsplitter, copies available form the college library. 

Sorry to disturb you here is my report on the events of the 'training mission' 

I had arrived with the aim of testing my new spells effectiveness in combat training and was suprised as was everyone to 
see two of you. Having ascertained the true nature of the training mission that it was in fact a fake myself and the party 
set out as you instructed to investiage further. 

The details of the mission have been well documented both with the clones and the various effects so therefore i will focus 
purely on my own research on to the cause. 

Firstly, the spell invisibility is most useful especially when it is used in scouting. However it should be noted that one 
people have a tendency to prod you or be terrified and believe they are go mad. Either way it has prooven a most effective 
way of dealing with my demon, much more effective than my previous disguises even when i pretended to be Torrent (something 
i would not like to repeat i must add as not all the peasents acted that kindly when they saw me coming. 

On the nature of the mirror firstly thats its power on the clones seems to be proportional to their distance from it. As 
seyenne noted the further away from the mirror we got the more violent and unstable the clones and the less willing they 
were to coperate with the originals. Secondly that it uses light and necomancey to power itself, a most disturbing 
combinatiopn and one i thorougly disapprove of. This conclusion was drawn from the fact that the clones were made from dead 
plant matter and the mirror that created them could only clone things it could see. Hence it could not clone me. 

As far as the party was concerned I wish to commend the actions of Biscuit, Solaris, Martial Liana, Adept, Haven, Sorin, 
Breeze, Feran, Seyenne and the unfortunate Seeker Gish. All acted exceptionally though Seyenne did seem to forget her 
pathfinder training in protecting Barony Citizens. I was most grateful for the oppurtunity to work with all these people and
the way they kept me alive. I am also grateful to the druids that healed me after the unfortunate incident when i was 
attacked. I was most please to make Feran's and Sorin's aquaintance though i do wish Feran had no stopped me for jumping up 
on down on the vile bastard who attacked may he suffer eternal torment. 

I suggest that some method of permentantly restraining Interfector is found or the Temple of Might should teach them the art
of diplomacy as, as has been clearly shown in the past, violence does not make you mighty or everything that attacked us and 
was defeated could be counted as such. 

Personally I helped the party by providing my usual 'auras' and through my attempts at scouting. Additionally during the 
final battle i was able to use my 
ability to recognise magic to acertain who was the real one without the need to use violence. Unfortunately the Biscuits 
were continuosly swapping round and dancing about so i could never tell for very long who the real one was. However as I 
liked both of them i saw no reason why the clone could not remain. Unfortunately Interfector did not see like wise and i 
offer my condolences to Biscuit on his loss, and fully commend and support all his actions. 

If the Dark Druid Wolfgang is currently in custody i would like the oppertunity to talk to him about his mirror as there are
certain demon related acts of cloning i would be interested in attempting. 

My humble aplogogies. 


Feran' Report

High Guardian Fabian, 

I have spent much time musing the events of my last foray into the borderlands. 

The training mission turned out to not be so and 'Guard Thorfen' also was less than he appeared, as another Guard Seargent 
Thorfen (the real one, I think) appeared soon after we arrived. 

The mirror carried by the druid Wolfgang and used to create doppelagangers is an item about which I cannot be sure. The 
balance priests encountered in the Borderlands claimed that since they had become two rather than one, they had reached a 
'higher sense of Balance', however when this Wolfgang used the mirror upon the Barony patrol, I did not feel the same about 
my double. Maybe I will visit the Temple of Justice to find what they have learnt from the captured Wolfgang. 

I am also concerned about the imbalance within the Barony's borderlands patrols. My main concerns relate to Master 
Interfector of the Temple of Might and the chaos priest Biscuit. On more than one occasion, I was forced to attempt to 
restrain Master Interfector from needless violent actions (although on one occasion his actions were indeed shown to be 
correct, his persistent attitude of always attacking before talking prevents me from condoning his actions). Biscuit has 
become a far more dangerous individual than he appeared when he met with the last patrol I travelled with. On two ocassions 
he somehow caused serious wounds to Master Interfector, rendering him unconcious, once when said Priest of Might harrassed 
peasants who somehow believed the elf Agnellus Haven to be some kind of deity and again when Master Interfector killed the 
Biscuit doppelganger. However, Biscuit also used talents to aid the party greatly at times, for instance, setting a broken 
leg sustained by the guard Caenum Solaris. 

I will continue to do whatever is necessary to restore and maintain Balance within the Borderlands and the Barony patrols. 

Guardian Feran Stormwatcher 

Borderlands: The Ruins (05/02/2003)

Solaris' Report

Report to Guard Captain Kylar Tyrell concerning the strange ruins on the edge of the borderlands 

As instructed I provided guard to the party investigating these strange ruins, as soon as we reached the entrance one of the
missing pathfinders approached us clearly in a blind panic and very nervous. He babbled something about undead and a small 
daemon of some kind then fled the area. I hope he returned without coming to further harm. Shortly after this some foul 
undead rose from the ground and attacked us, the fight was short and bloody but we prevailed, their rotten corpses falling 
back to dust. After some healing administered by Marshal Liana we moved on and swiftly found another pathfinder, seriously 
injured and on the verge of death, he spoke more about undead and daemons and passed out, as we could not carry him with us 
we left him there with some protective spells. I am pleased to report that when we returned he was safe and we were able to 
return him to the barony. 
Shortly thereafter we found a small prancing daemonic creature, when he was approached he summoned some foul undead which 
attacked, eventually we dealt with both him and his minions, unfortunately 2 of our number were injured and required 
extensive healing, so we paused the exploration to recover our strength. When we continued we came upon another, but larger 
daemon, I tried to distract it and allow the party to take care of the ritual that appeared to be going on in strange, 
circular ruins. The beast was more than I bargained for however and he knocked me to the floor, when I recovered he was 
frozen in place and was quickly dealt with. The final group was very dangerous and regrettably I was seriously injured and 
paralysed early on, again I would like to thank Marshal Liana for healing me as I believe it saved both my, and the rest 
of the parties lives. Fortunately the ritual was ended and we manage to return safely. 

Biscuit's Report

we went to the great deamon-haunted and cyclopodian ruins thrown up out of the ground the night before. The vast structures 
leaned against each other without any sane pattern, obayng an unknown and alien geomatry. From faint far corners came 
strange un earthly music, to which I bopped. Yay! There were grumpy undead and grumpy demons. Maybe no one ever did anything
nice for them? people are so all 'I bind you to my will' and 'slay them, my minions' and 'bring me nude virgins' it must get
quite depressing. If I had a demon I'd ask it to make cups of tea, and I'd let it have some and everything. the first demon 
we met was small and cute and looked at us igratiatingly, like a lost puppy, but once we got closer, we could begin to make 
out that it was muttering insults at us very quietly. 

Maybe it had been ordered to taunt us and then react to attacks, but didn't want to and had found a loop-hole? If so, I'm 
very sorry that we killed it when it was all enslaved poor thing. 

It paralised boring Torrent man, and I didn't think to ask jemmy to make me so I couldn't be paralised *kicks self* shouty 
scout sayenne and torrent kkept getting hit by things, and misses marchell Liana kept healing them, muttering bitterly. 
then we rested while she preyed to justice, which was nice, because it gave me time to listern to the music. 

Oh we'd met both the lost pathfinders by this point; they wen't losted after all, one was leaving and the other was bleeding
all over the place. they said ther was some sort of space with bizare cabistic sigals all over it, so we went to look. 
There was another, larger demon who tried to stop us but torent made it all frozen, then I got jemmy to hurt it.and everyone
hit it with sticks. 

There were big slow zombies and one of them, paralised me and when I started moving again, Lienna was tending to the injured,
She and Gish showed me some bits of paper that they'd got off the necromancer and the death priest inthe circle. I'll have 
to ask gish if theres anything about summomning friendly cute demons in it. they could be really sweet. 

Liana's Report

To Knight High Marshal Justen, 

cc'ed to Barony officials, and Guildmasters of the Temple of Life, Temple of Order, Humacti and Pathfinders 


I am Marshal Liana, a member of the Borderlands patrol group. Today, our group was requested to investigate some strange 
ruins discovered on the edge of the Borderlands which were reported to contain feelings of invisible presences and where 
some Pathfinders had recently gone missing. A small group was gathered and we headed towards these ruins. On arrival, I had 
a strange sense of being watched although I could none other than the party. 
We met one of the missing Pathfinders, Pathfinder Leese, who seemed quite distressed and told us that a number of undead 
creatures had appeared and that he had been separated from his colleague. We proceeded onwards, then suddenly a group of 
skeletons and zombies appeared before our eyes. We were able to fight them off, though at some cost to the party as several 
were non-combatant. 
Continuing on with some trepidation we came across the other Pathfinder, Pathfinder Leaf, who seemed badly injured. He 
warned us of demons and a ritual being performed, then fell unconscious. Unfortunately, I had not the power to cure him as 
he was suffering from a disease. We then encounter a small demon who would not approach us. Unfortunately, we were fooled by
this non-aggression as then another group of undead appeared and we had a fierce battle to fight, especially as one of the 
undead monsters was attempting to paralyse members of our group. 
We found a small courtyard where I could pray to regain my power and the druid found a tree of sufficient size to heal 
himself. We then moved on, following tracks our scout found and encountered another demon. Again this one did not attack 
instantly, but we had learnt and dealt with it quickly. 
Moving on quickly we saw a circle at the bottom of a slope where it was evident a ritual was being performed and between us 
and it more undead. We fought hard, with eventually only myself and Wizard Torrent still moving. As I knew he would be of 
little help in a fight I attempted to heal up the fighters of the party but all but Seeker Gish were paralysed. The two of 
us rushed into the ritual circle, disrupting the ritual and killing the necromancers/ demonologists. On their bodies we 
found many papers, including a lengthy document which we took to be their ritual. Additionally, there was a symbol drawn on 
a rock within their circle. 
The papers have been handed to my superiors for further investigation and translations. The bodies of the two necromancers/
demonologists returned to the Temple of Justice for trial and the body of Pathfinder Leaf returned to the Temple of Life for

As always, I hope my reports are of use. 

Yours in Justice, 

Marshal Liana 

Gish's Report

Fellow Seekers 

Just this morning I decided to take a walk into the countryside, losing all sense of time and direction I ended up in the 
Borderlands and met with the party investigating the Ruins and missing Pathfinders. I learnt that they had encountered the 
unliving but strangely on my travels I had not seen the corpses they had returned to death. I agreed to help them, despite 
my bad hair day and the frankly shocking state of my neck. 

We moved out and were greeted by a demon of some kind which the party dealt with without my help. We then ran forwards to 
meet the oncoming zombies, which were particularly viscious and knocked me unconscious. Marshal Liana brought me round and 
together we acted to disrupt the ritual that a foul necromancer and a demonologist were working. On their bodies we found 
various writings pertaining to the raising of the dead and the summoning of demons. These have been sent to the Temple of 
Balance for translating. 

It seems that the menace of necromancers returns, I may have to cut short my studies on orc death by fungus on the brain 
and return to work on the undead. 

Torrent's Report

The ruins we discovered were of great interest. unfortunately, they were infested with undead and demons. Shortly after 
entering the confines of the habitations we encountered a pathfinder by name of Leese. He was almost incoherent with terror 
about the undead and we had to leave him to make his own way home. 

Presently we encountered a large force of powerful undead who caused the party, myself included, great harm. After Marshal
Liana had called upon her temple for healing we continued, and after following a trail of blood, we found pathfinder leaf 
who was in a bad way. He informed us of a dark ritual taking place and then died as he was beyond the marshals aid. 

After that encounter we found a smallish demon who attacked along with undead - these were successfully banished. 

After resting, meditating and praying the party moved on and found a slightly larger demon which was taken down with a lot 
of help from timely freezes from Silvanus. 

Therafter it was a hard but straightforward fight to kill more undead and stop the ritual. This was accomplished but many 
party members were paralysed or wounded. I believe it was omly myself and Marshal Liana left standing and I was drained. 

We returned via the body of pathfinder Leaf who's body was returned to the temple of life. 

Maybe oneday we will return and the ruins may or may not still be there. 

Silvanus' Report

High Druid Entarn, 

It would seem the trees wish me to use some of their other abilities, as I encountered many creatures I could not freeze 
today. I did manage to freeze a demon though, and the trees told me to do that. 

Wow, the trees are very nice, even if I do say so myself! 

If I cannot freeze creatures and I cannot rust their weapons, then I shall have to start hitting them! Thats what the trees 
tell me anyway! 

They also tell me that they will allow me to ask them to use their roots to manipulate the ground and trap people soon! that 
will be handy! 

Today we visited some ruins that were full of dangerous undead, and the scarcity of trees is quite worrying! There were also
some demons, whom one of which could not be frozen! 

Maybe he was from the 7th layer of hell. 
I donna really know about other-worldly thngs, as there are few trees there. 

I also nearly died, and it was only thanks to the trees of course, and one of the Marshals of the Temple of Justice that I 
survived. I must remember to thank her, as I canmt protect the trees if I am in the ground! Although I seem to recall some 
people dieing and being ressurected! Most unnatural, and I will have to find out more on this. I hope it is not done by those
corrupters, or the trees will be upset greatly! 

Yours, in natures hands, 


Seyenne's Report

Memo to the Pathfinders, found posted in the foyer of the guildhouse 

Fellow Pathfinders, 
I trust Pathfinder Leese returned safely to you, and Pathfinder Leaf should be completing a full recovery at the temple of 
life at this time. 
I was with the patrol group that went out to find them. I must practice my dexterity skills as I was unable to get out of 
the way of the undead hoards and demons which riddled the ruins. It is small surprise to me that the scouts sent out before 
were unsuccessful as the area does not lend itself to scouting. The stone floors in the area meant the only tracks were of 
blood, the open layout meant we were surrounded at every encounter, often with the creatures simply appearing from thin air. 
It seems to me that if I am to continue to work with the patrol group I need to improve my combat skills. In most situations
I can run away but this mission taught me that I cannot always rely on that, particularly if there are only a few combatant 
members of the party. 
I owe my life to Marshal Liana, as I was beaten to unconsciousness on two occasions and at the last encounter would have 
bled to death had it not been for her life-shield. 
We did manage to defeat the monsters such as they were, but extreme caution should be excersized in future when scouting 
the area.

Borderlands: Guild of Artifacers II (09/02/2003)

Seyenne's Report

Private Memo to Commander Drift 

Dear Sir, 
I write to you today to voice my concern about a member of the guild. This is a serious matter and an opinion shared to 
varying degrees by the few members of my patrol party I spoke to. 
Ranger Orchid is young, naive and insolent. He Outranks me so I must by law follow his orders, and he took great pride in 
highlighting this fact earlier today. To add to the list I must attribute the fact I was alive at the end of the mission to 
his actions. I should note at this point he did not save my life, rather he returned it to me using a glove given to him by 
Master Craftsman Leafson, who had summoned our group in the first place. 
I find it exceedingly difficult to concentrate and do my job properly with this adolescent elf-fancier trying my patience at
every turn. 
On a appier note I have discovered that I have much to learn from Pathfinder Arduyne Montoya, who seemed more than willing to 
give me a few pointers. I feel that I work well with him. Perhaps his aloofness and similar viewpoint on orders helps us 
understand each other. With Orchid any order given by the party leader is a hassle and is met with such comments as *oh all 
right then* and *you're just like my mum*. He seemed to take great pleasure in complaining at anyone who wouldn't listen 
about being grounded again. In my opinion he would benefit from time spent on one of the more strenuous retreats on offer 
to the collage. It might beat some sense of pecking order and dignity into him. 

Found posted on the noticeboard of the guildhouse: 
Fellow Pathfinders, 
I have once again had the *pleasure* of an afternoon spent in the Borderlands. The rat-creature problem seems to be growing,
and they appear to be getting stronger, not to mention multiplying. Excersize caution when out on patrol. Also, the area 
was today ridden with undead, many of them skeletons. For those who have not come across them in combat, they can only be 
killed with blunt or powered weapons, so the favoured daggers many of you carry should if at all possible be blessed before 
setting out. 
It is also worth mentioning I came across a being, humanoid in form, made from mud and dust. It was accompanied by a spirit 
being, which could not be hurt - I did not recognise either of them and would be greatful if anyone has any information they
could pass on to me. 
I will pass on any updated information I can gather to you. 
Pathfinder Seyenne

Orchid's Report

"What I Did On My Third Mission - Ranger Orchid's report to the Pathfinders, filed under the Ratmen section of the 
Pathfinder Library. 

I was being told off by my mum and so was late to the mission. When I arrived at the meeting point, Mister Leafson gave me a 
glove and took me up a hill and pointed at the rest of the party. They were being hurt lots by ratmen. I ran down the hill 
to find that Pathfinder Seyenne and someone called Sorin Cater were dead. The item seemed to bring them back to life. I don't 
know how. It was scary. I thought they might be undead, but they weren't. If they were, I would have killed them again. Some
people were ill with diseases, but I was able to cure them. Anyway, we went on, and met lots of undead. I was really good in 
the fights we had against undead things. I now have the power to hurt all undead. It's cool. Anyway, we met a necromancer. I 
don't understand why I wasn't allowed to kill him because raising undead is illegal and that's what necromancers do. It was 
unfair. Anyway, the undead that were around turned on us and killed Guard Philo. I took nearly all of them down on my own, 
but one of them was sneaky and hit me unconcious with his dying blow. I was made better again by Marshal Liana though. 
Anyway, the item that Mister Leafson gave me still worked, although I really didn't like it that much. I don't understand 
how it managed to get them back alive without them being undead.
Anyway, after that, Pathfinders Seyenne and Ardwin Montoya (I think that's how you spell his name. he sounded foreign.) and I 
scouted on ahead. Seyenne and Montoya found some humans so I reported back to the party coz that is what a good scout does. 
Seyenne didn't want to do it so I did it. Anyway, as we came back to the Barony, we were attacked by more skeletons and 
zombies. I killed nearly all of them, well, except when I couldn't hurt them. Then I made sure that they couldn't hit the 
party while the party killed them. Unfortunately, Gish died in an attack, but the glove still worked, so he is alive again. 
I still don't understand it. Then, Guard Philo was bleeding to death again, so I heroically sacrificed my conciousness so 
that he could stay alive. Marshal Liana picked me up again. We got almost back to the barony, when one of the party who I 
didn't recognise suddenly fell over and fell to bits. I don't know why. Then we were attacked by ratmen and the party split 
up. I managed to shout at them a bit and we formed a battle line. It worked. It was really cool. However, I was taken down 
by a ratman thing as I killed it. I then woke up in the barony without the glove, and with mum shouting at me again. I don't
know who bought me back." 

Silvanus's Report

High Druid Entarn, 

The trees were especially helpfull today, as they guided me when I would have otherwise been sightless! They helped a great 
deal with getting me out of danger, and managed to keep me alive to serve them in future with the help of the tree-woman 
known as Liana. She used her treelike abilities to heal me on more than one occasion. I think there is anothere tree in the
party as well, as someone else healed me when I was Unconscious, and I dont think it was Liana as she was elsewhere. 

We fought many rat-men and undead on our last patroll. I enjoyed using the trees abilities to pull the ground apart and trap
people as well as their ability to freeze people! These did not work too well against the undead, and perhaps the trees 
like them, as they were reluctant to let them die! No matter, we still managed to prevail and save the trees. 

Oh, and a necromacer died, but we didnt kill him. I think he was just not very tree friendly. 

I also did not like ranger Orchid very much, as he was very rude, and I AM NOT A LOONY! The trees would tell me if i were, 
and they say I'm as sane as the next tree, and that I am the next tree. 

There were many trees out there, and the trees were helpfull. Trees like me. Trees trees trees trees! 

And so we treed the trees and trees with trees and trees. Trees trees trees trees. 

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees . 

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees ? 

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees. 

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees! 


Yours Treely, 


Gish's Report

Fellow Seekers 

Yesterday I ventured out with the courier party into the lands near the village of Carefree. Initially we found ourselves 
attacked by rat men against whom I avoided to allow the better fighters in the party to deal with. This encounter lead to 
several deaths. Luckily for us Ranger Orchid appeared with a most powerful artifact that enabled ressurection on the spot. 

We than headed into the realm of the necromancer who we were to give an item in return for the instructions for some kind of
ritual. I was not entirely happy with this arrangement for necromancers remove the freedom of the dead, but given the size 
of the party, and the blind faith they put into their superiors I had very little choice but to follow and intervene with my
knowledge if need be when we met the misguided raiser of the dead. Unfortunately I had no chance to speak with the 
necromancer because almost as soon as he was in posession of the payment for the ritual he died unleahing the hordes of 
undead from his control. My recent studies into the undead were useful and in blessing my sword and body in the name of 
freedom i was able to succesfully attack the restless dead. 

After a period of rest we were attacked once again by the living dead and in this encounter I fell away for the second time.
My death this time was quite foolish as I should have realised that just because all my limbs were in full working order I 
was not neccesarily capable of attacking the enemy. It appears that Orchid's glove brought me back to life where I fell and 
i was able to continue in blessing the party's weapons to aid them with the removal of the undead threat. 

The most interesting point of the mision was the find of two miraculous spheres on the body of a ratman. I was asked to 
investigate these and they were obvously very powerful though they appeared to be very similar to the harming sphere that 
was seen in a mision previously. I sugested that we not investigate the spheres further til we were in a more healthy 
position back in the barony. Later when we were trying to leave the borderlands the spheres were prevented from leaving by 
a powerful miracle. Feran, Haven and myself were left to the important task of investigating the spheres whilst the others 
engaged some rat men. More enraged rat men and chased us away from the spheres which I regretably say were lost. I would 
suggest we return to the Borderlands as soon as physically possible to set up a mobile laboratory to test these artifacts 
which could be of very high importance in the so called Borderlands effect. 

Yours Gish

Agnellus' Report

Personal Diary - Shown to no one, hidden, and bound with a lockable cover] 

Despite my extensive studying I still cannot truly protect myself and, worse of all I cannot protect my friends. Sorin has 
died. Whilst I fled from the vile claws of these "rat men" Sorin was overwhelmed and fell from many vicious blows. Not even 
the most potent of our powers could protect him, and without him I could do nothing. There must be something, some way to 
stop this from happening. Sorin does not seem to have an answer and my most dedicated studying cannot yield any worthwhile 
results. I can find nothing but offensive powers, great powers to deal death and destruction, at best powers of unwilling 
subdual. Useful in self-defense? Maybe. What I am looking for? No. The Thorn Knights have harnessed great power yet only 
through the ultimate sacrifice of their own life, a sacrifice I cannot make, I have too much to do. I have heard of priests 
and, more importantly, mages who can bestow great wards upon an individual, this is how I can prevent my, and Sorin's, 
deaths, perhaps this is the prevention I am looking for. Yet I have no leads, and if Sorin knows of anything he has not 
revealed anything to me, perhaps Sorin's mentor can be of assistance... 

Oh, how I miss my Guide. For years you lead me through the most perilous dangers, lighting my way and allowing me to never 
deviate from the safe path. Yet, now you leave me defenseless and weak. I beg of you, return to me, I long to hear your 
voice once again. 

I grow increasingly concerned about these Borderlands. The 'rat men' plague the entire area. Now, with the death of the 
Necromancer Allister, I fear there will be an uncontrolled force of unliving roaming the area and the tribe of orcs may be 
forced to move from the borderlands and come into conflict with the Barony. Maybe this activity will thin the numbers of 
the rat men in the area, but it will doubtless lead to suffering and death. Maybe more concerning is this Leafson, in 
consort with Allister, from what I gather, a known criminal, or at the least an exile. Most interesting were the shimmering 
forms somehow linked to and, perhaps, contained within the borderlands and somehow made visible to the possessor of strange 
orbs, which also cannot be removed from the area. It seems that not only do these "images" become visible but also material 
to the bearer of the orbs, the one who held the items was set upon and dismembered by these invisible beings. I suspect 
mages of the "school of light", they seem to posses all the abilities to be these "images". Yet somehow, it seems unlikely. 
I would have liked more time to study this, and I would have if it weren't for those insatiable rat men. Despite the dangers 
of the Borderlands my skills are improving, but my strikes are meager in comparison to my enemies. However, I cannot afford 
to waste time with physical training, I must study. 

No sign of my disciples this week, though even with their absence their words still trouble my mind. Now even powerful 
strangers have taken an interest in my divinity, the Gladiator Li wishes to disscuss the matter and shows some distrust of 
those who claim I am a God. He also speaks of priests of Amen, I assume another God, though not one who I have heard of 

Biscuit's Report

Report to the CoC 

Taking a rat-man apart 

despite upright posture, tool use, and opposable thumbs observed on complete specimins, the head I recoved had a truncated 
brain pan, the matter inside weighing no more than would be expected form a pig. 

The teeth were a fairly clasical set of rodent incisers, with typical one-sided enamaling attached to a nearly human jaw. 

The specamin was all of one piece, tissues overlaping in a coherant matter; this is no chimera or collection of bits tied 
together and animated, but a complete creature, albiet one which i suspect is of manufactureed origin. 

poking the tissues with such forms of power as are avalible to me has not produced any out of the ordinary reactions; if 
this species has a weakness, similer to the trolls' vanerablity to fire, I have yet to find it. I may have to ask other for 

Next week: more wobbly bits!

Personal journal 
Ideas that I dare not tell anyone, in case they do it. 
Genocide section. 
germ warfare subsection 

Every now and then someone from the CoA will try somthing like this on a diserted hamlet, or a really dumb guy from the CoA 
will do it to a city with damn great ToL in it. Against the rats... I can't do this, death is dull, and life so wonerfully 
messy... if they nest like their cousins... this could cripple or kill most of their population. 

Proposal: Rat men present in huge numbers because local ecology unbalanced by 'boarderlands effect' 

Problem: Ratmen have no known natural enimies 
Worry: Boarderlands will produce rat men preditors: catmen or similar, who will be infintly harder to defeat. 

Proposal: we supply population check, so as not to provide prey base for such creatures. 

Disease. Spreading Disease. Lots of Spreading disease. Keyed to Rat physiology, not to Ratmen- there would almost certainly 
be some loss of effectiveness, but theres less of a chance of the disease spreading to the human population. 

Worry: we produce a strain of super-ratmen immune to disease. 
Hope: building up immune system will divert energies from physical strength, endurance, etc- such rats will be weaker. 

Sorin's Report

Letter to mentor: 

It seems that the powers that Haven and I have developed whilst without your tutelage have not been enough. Please speed 
your return as I have fallen prey to the forces of the Borderlands and now both Haven and I are in need of the new powers 
you and I were working on before you left. 

I would happily test the most powerful of our life magics as soon as possible.

Other items of interest include some strange magical orbs which Haven knows more of than myself. They pose great risk to the 
bearer but presumably carry great power with it. Tis usually the way. 

Also the son of a necromancer called Austin is now in possession of what Haven and I surmise to be a book carrying the 
secrets to eternal life. Obviously possession of that book would be desirable but a sizeable expedition would be necessary 
to retrieve it as the Borderlands is filled with more Ratmen every day.

Frankly, old man, the fur is flying. 

Also am including a parchment that may be of great interest. I must stress that we obviously do not possess this parchment or 
any knowledge of such skills as it may contain. I await a translation with eagerness and curiousity. 

Ever your able assistant, 

Sorin Catar 
Lord of Twilight Manor 
Acolyte of the Healing Magics

Liana's Report

[Personal diary - most pages blank until...] 

10/02/03 (OOC: or whatever date it is in the Barony) 

Well, it's the day after a mission and usually about now I'd be writing up a report to the Temple. Today, however, I'm too 
confused to even begin to decide what to tell them. 
Yesterday a number of the Borderlands patrol members and a few new faces arrived to meet Master Craftsman Leafson as arranged. 
He then informed us that our mission was to deliver a package to a necromancer by the name of Austin, who had apparently 
been exiled from the Barony some years before. At first I felt reluctant to accept such a charge but then I thought it would
be wrong to judge this man on something that had happened a long time in the past. 
We left the meeting place and headed into the Borderlands. Almost immediately we were attacked by large number of rat 
creatures. I attempted to protect some of the weaker members of the party, namely Sorin and his companion, Haven, but I was 
soon forced away from them to heal the fighters. By the end of the attack Sorin and Pathfinder Seyenne had both fallen and 
many other party members were diseased. I was ready to turn back then when Ranger Orchid arrived with an item gifted to him 
by Leafson which was able to resurrect those killed. 
We moved on, soon reaching Austin, who turned out to be an elderly human male, and a half-orc whom he introduced as his son.
Having deciding to wait and see before attacking against him I held back from attacking and assisted Guard Solaris in 
holding back others such as Ranger Orchid, knowing that not only were we outside the Barony's jurisdiction but furthermore 
had seen no evidence to condemn him. However, as he led us to his home to complete the exchange, we passed several undead 
who were clearly under his control (not that that's a crime in itself). In addition, this particular type of undead was 
described to me by a member of the party as being a vengeful spirit with an animated grave and so it seemed to me that 
Austin was protecting the party from their attack. 
Unfortunately this protection didn't last and shortly upon taking the item Austin collapsed dead and the undead attacked. 
At first I thought his death might have been the intention of this mission but after discussions with Sorin we concluded that
it was not so. We managed to fight off the undead until Austin's son was able to regain control of them and he then assured
us the safety of this place for us to pray and regain our strength. During this time Sorin and Haven again proved themselves
of great worth to the party by using their powerful magics on those most wounded. I must discuss this further with Sorin so
as to discover how capable they are of this healing. 
We moved on to return to the Barony, taking a different path through the woods as Austin's son had suggested that it might 
be safer. We still faced a mumber of undead but they were all eventually defeated and finally passed out of the woods. At 
this point we formed up as a party, expecting another attack by the rat creatures. However, instead, Bob Little, one of the 
new additions to the party, claimed to be under attack although the rest of the party could see nothing. His claims were 
proved to be true as he fell down as if under attack and he was quickly slaughtered. We could discern no reason for his death, 
other than the explanation of invisible attackers and many of us recall the effects of the strange spheres discovered in 
the Borderlands. Bob and his paladin friend had recovered two spheres off the rat creatures in the first battle which they 
had asked me to discern whether or not they were miraculous. I had warned of the dangers of touching the spheres and had 
considered the matter no further. Now, however, it was clear that this attack was linked to the spheres and that the attack 
on certain members of the party during our first journey into the Borderlands was also related. We prepared to hurry back to
the Barony and the paladin picked up the bag containing the spheres only to discover that he was prevented from moving by 
some kind of forcefield. Several members of the party, including myself, staying with him, studying this effect and the rest
moved on. They were soon attacked by a number of rat creatures but feeling we could not leave either the paladin or the 
spheres unless we had no other choice we stayed. Eventually, I realised that several members of the party had been dropped 
and so ran to help them. Then another wave of creatures appeared and those with the spheres were forced to leave them behind
and run. 
Although for the most part there was little I could have done to prevent the deaths of party members, I feel that I hold 
some responsibility for Bob Little's death as there was much I knew about the spheres which I failed to share with him and I
didn't think to tell the rest of the party about them. Furthermore, I feel uncomfortable about having dealt with a necromancy 
and having left the Borderlands knowing that there were undead still standing and under someone's control. I will leave 
filling my report for a few days until I've had time to think this all over. 


Arduyne's Report

My great Friend Drift! 

I enclose sealed reporting... and many thought on the rat! 


The area we patroll is... well known to me now and I take opportunity to explore... please see well the nest area. Also see 
well how the lake have nowhere to flow... My friend biscuit say that rat defend territory, but that not like rats. Cat and 
dog have territory yes... but not rat. 
I think it like rat on sinking ships. Their home is flooding, and they know not what to do. A friend thought to poison river... 
but I say not work... I think what city rat can eating and... no... 
Then I think maybe we not need to kill the rat. Why all people think of death? Suggest dam of river to... what is word?... 
pacify! But how to build damn in borderlands? 

I finally meet comrade scout in the field. Friend Lady Seyenne is... interested to learn good... though she must learn to 
move more... too slow and die fast! Not pleasant to see. I too should have to die... I fear reaperman sharpen his schythe 
for me no? Friend Orchid is skill, but young for command no? I must apologise for... intolerance. 

Once more my life was in Lady Liana's hand... She save me many time... She Laugh at reaperman when I only gravel... I must 
thank her, and reccoment her. 

I forget motto of eldar on map! 

"Distance and hiding forge the strongest armour" - Old Saying of Enrico 

Arduyne Montoya 

Atarax's Report

To Knight High Marshal Justen
Report on Borderlands Patrol/Courier Mission

I reported to Master Craftsman Leafson as requested, together with what I gather is an unusually large patrol, certainly it 
was bigger than first one I attended. This large party however was proved necessary in the events that were to follow as we 
were heavily beset at every turn. 

Our brief was, if you will excuse the pun, brief. We were given a package to take to a necromancer, known to live in the 
Borderlands region, by the name of Austin and exchange for a ritual of some kind. We were given details of neither the 
package nor the ritual. Leafson also gave us an amulet that was supposed to protect us from the necromancer's undead guards,
at which point he vanished into thin air. 

Immediately upon entering the borderlands the party was attacked by a large number of ratmen, creatures that the other 
members of the party reported seeing on previous excursions to the area. This first fight caused heavy losses to the party. 
I myself spent most of my standing on keeping party members on their feet for the fight. Despite the best efforts of myself 
and the other party healers (Marshals Liana and Ffyon, and a balance priest by the name of Feran) two members of the party 
were killed outright. Many others were weakened or diseased, including myself and were fortunate to receive the attentions 
of Marshal Liana. 

At this point we were fortunate to gain the services of Ranger Orchid who brought a gift from Master Leafson, an item which 
I feel should be investigated by the Temple. He brought a glove with the power to resurrect the dead; it was used four 
times during the patrol with no observed ill effects to those it was used upon or the wielder. Ranger Orchid retained the 
glove for the entirety of the mission, as he appeared unable to remove it. I do not know where it went after the mission; 
presumably Ranger Orchid still has possession of it. 

With our party all restored to life, if not to full health (many were still wounded). We proceeded to the area in which we 
had been told we would find the necromancer with little difficulty. The amulet was used once to allow us to pass a grave 
spirit that was attempting to prevent us passing, though it did not attack us. We followed Austin (the necromancer) to his 
home, an experience that I did not enjoy as I cannot feel at ease in the presence of such a man, and exchanged the package 
for the ritual as was required of us. Shortly after receiving the mysterious package the necromancer left us to investigate 
it. Those that followed him say he perished, although I did not hear if his death was related to the package. Unfortunately,
Austin's death released the undead from his control and also, evidently, from the control of the amulet. The undead then 
attacked the party, with grave results as we were scattered and unprepared for the attack, shortly after the start of the 
fight I was paralysed as I attempted to tend the wounded. My view of the fight after this point consisted mostly of Philo's 
arm and the grass underneath it, but from what I could gather, the undead were eventually brought control with the help of 
Austin's lieutenant and led away. I was freed from my paralysis by Biscuit and used up the last of my standing healing the 
party as much as possible, before resting and praying to regain my strength. 

After this fight we meet a strange group of individuals who claimed to be from a world far more advanced than our own. They 
consisted of a group of extremely excitable (one might say immature) children and one who claimed to be their teacher. The 
only notable point of this encounter was that the teacher appeared to have very strong healing capabilities. I was healed 
almost completely by him, a very useful occurrence, as I was keen to save my standing for others in more need. He healed 
one other member of the party before leaving. At the same time the elves Agnellus Haven and Sorin Cater were using their 
ritual magic to heal members of the party, something was not fortunate enough to witness. There followed several encounters 
with undead in which my skills were not much used as I had no method of harming most of them. This is something I intend to 
remedy before I next enter the borderlands. I also need some way of enhancing my combat abilities. I have several miracles 
of use in this area, but had no opportunity to use them, as my healing was much required. Upon vanquishing the last of the 
undead we were about to leave the borderlands when one of our party fell victim to some strange effect that killed him in a 
mysterious manner, leaving his limbs severed as if under many sword blows. The other members of the party spoke of 
invisible foes that had been observed on previous patrols. I saw nothing to either prove or disprove this theory. Having 
recovered the body of the unfortunate, and some spheres similar (possibly the same) as the healing and harming spheres 
mentioned in many previous reports, we attempted again to leave the borderlands. 

At point the party was split, with one half stuck by the impossibility of removing the spheres from the borderlands, an 
effect which Marshal Liana tells me has been seen before. The other group had gone on ahead, possibly without realising they
left anyone behind and where ambushed by more of the ratmen we observed when entering the region. Leaving Marshal Liana to 
guard the first group, I went to aid the besieged party members with my healing skills and expended virtually all my skills 
in a very short space of time while under constant attack from the rat creatures. The ratmen were eventually vanquished 
though again at grievous cost to the party's strength. We were joined by most of the sphere group at some stage in the fight
with only Haven and Seeker Gish (I believe) left behind. Leaving them without a guard proved unwise, however, for another 
party of ratmen found them. Luckily I was able, with some other members of the party to come to their aid in time and prevent 
a massacre. This fight was considerably easier for the party. I believe this was due to a more cohesive structure in out 
fighting, rather than the skirmishing approach we had been using previously. It did however mean that those separated from 
the party could be aided less easily. I had to leave the group at one point to protect Pathfinder Seyenne and another who 
had been wounded. I was knocked unconscious shortly after driving off their aggressors and remember nothing until Marshal 
Liana revived me and the battle was over. We returned to the Barony immediately afterwards and met Master Leafson who was 
surprised by the news of Austin's death and simply left after receiving his ritual and mentioning payment. 

I hope my report is useful and not overly long. I have tried to provide all the detail I can that you might make most use of 

In the light of Gladhir 

Marshal Atarax 

Solaris' Report

Report to Guard Captain Kylar Tyrell concerning the courier mission for the Guild of Artificers 

I was instructed to provide assistance to a mission for the guild and so arrived at the area to collect the package. 
Craftsmaster Leafson instructed us that the parcel had to be delivered to a necromancer hiding in the borderlands! This was 
most unexpected but I am not to question orders so we proceeded to deliver the item. Enroute we encountered large numbers of
rat beings which where prodigiously dangerous and caused grievous harm to many members of the party, alas including a 
number of fatalities. Unexpectedly at this point Ranger Orchid arrived with a glove from Craftsmaster Leafson, it appeared 
to have the power to revive the dead, much like the magics of the Temple of life, the Ranger appeared most uncomfortable at 
this. We moved on and entered the necromancers realm, it was guarded by what appeared similar to the animated grave I 
mentioned in a earlier report, if this was the necromancer who was animating them then I am truly glad he is dead, but I am 
getting ahead of myself. I used an amulet given me by Leafson to gain passage past the undead and the exchange took place, 
unfortunately at this point he died of unknown causes and the undead he had created attacked, thankfully these were defeated
despite the wounds many of the party were carrying from the encounter with the ratmen. 
When these foul creatures had been dispatched we set up a defensible position to rest and for the mages to recuperate their 
abilities. Also the scouts attempted to discover the lay of the land and spotted some people at distance, since many were 
resting I instructed them to stay on lookout. After most of those resting had finished a very strange thing happened, a group
of what appeared to be school children appeared, apparently on a field trip. They had many strange devices including 
something called a camer-ra which produced pictures they called photo-graphs. They did appear to be basically friendly so I 
allowed them to use this device on me, it was indeed harmless though there was no picture produced. As well as this they kept
referring to us as primitives and mentioned such strange things I do not wish to mention, however we moved on and left them,
they were from, elsewhere, and so would be surely be able to keep care of themselves. Strange though. 
After this we fought our way past the freed undead which were indeed numerous. However we survived and reached the edge of 
the borderlands relatively unscathed. Then a most peculiar thing happened, one of the party was torn apart by unseen forces 
as we were being attacked by unseen forces we decided to leave the area with haste, however something stopped some of the 
party leaving the area, as if to confound the problem we were then attacked by several waves of ratmen who were eventually 
dispatched and the group could leave the are. 
I am uncertain as to what occurred but apparently the items preventing us from leaving the area where simply left behind, I 
urge that a research station is set up within the borderlands to investigate these items as apparently they are most 
interesting and magical. 
Again I offer my most sincere apologies for the loss of life this mission entailed. I will do better sir.

Borderlands: The Draining Sphere (16/02/2003)

Agnellus' Report

[Personal Diary - Shown to no one, hidden, and bound with a lockable cover] 

Oh how I hate these vile lands. Why, my Guide, did you bring me to this place? Am I to be punished? I do not deserve this 
cruel fate. The pain I have experienced, the sights I have seen, the horrors I am yet to face, this cannot be my destiny. I 
recall the pain I felt when I first broke a bone, I thought I was dead. All feeling of life drained from me and the world 
became faint. Yet now, barely a bone in my body goes unscathed, the shattering of bone and the rending of my flesh is now 
disturbingly familiar to me. Even as I write the journal the knife I draw across my wrist is almost comforting, the warm 
throb of my lifeblood and the sharp sting of pain is the only thing that tells me I am still alive. 

[written in blood]
Guide, I beg of you, please return to me, I am so alone without you. Yes I have friends, Sorin and Job have been most kind 
to me, Biscuit, Orchid and the others all treat me as one of their own, but I am nothing without you. I have delved deep 
into study and filled my mind with vast contemplations, yet there is not a passing moment when I don't feel the vacume in my
soul where you used to be. I miss your everlasting presence and your comforting voice, I took you for granted and now you 
are gone. I do not know if I can live without you, I do not know if I will survive without your guidance. 

My research is a joke, I put all my energies into this work, barely a moment spared in preparation and, even now, with the 
power of Sorin's mentor Job, nothing. Our healing is enhanced but the perverse Borderlands are intent to stem our power. 
These "spheres" are a curse, yet the fools are more than willing to greedily consume their power. This vast army, these 
"shimmering forms", the warriors of this blasted land, why do they harass us? Their home, it seems, is nothing but a vast 
wasteland, nothing but dead and dying trees. Perhaps that is their aim, to leave their dead world, to force their very forms
into this untouched land. They do not realize the fault in their aims, this world is as damned as theirs, it is only a 
matter of time. 

I will do all I can do, I will continue my study. The elf Xandriel spoke of thaumalogical inductions called thaumalogical 
duration augmentation, if we can activate our powers whilst under no threat and then lengthen their effectiveness then 
perhaps our efforts will not be wasted after all. Increasingly I wish to be able to once again be able to converse with my 
Guide but my research has yielded nothing of relevance, nothing of any help, perhaps I should widen my search... 
[the writing turns into little more than a scrawl and blood smears across the page]

Adepts' Report

Attention all druidic groves and conclaves in and around the Barony. 

I have witnessed an area of destruction inside the region called the Borderlands. I saw a forest, burnt to the ground and 
blackened skies above. Visions of this wasteland availed the patrol group I was studying, as if it were a cry for help from 
nature herself. In light of this information I suggest the following. We must step up our interaction in this matter and 
solve this mystery. Somewhere, Nature is hurting and we must respond. I believe we should send more of our people with 
patrols to obtain firsthand experience of this region. Druids and their patrols should be careful however. My patrol and I 
encountered large platoons of organised warriors. They were similar to the fighters I reported on in my first report to you 
all, this time I could see them clearly, however, not as the 'shimmering forms.' Other druids must encourage the Barony's 
forces to take up the spheres to investigate further. 

They are strong and they fight without quarter given or asked for. They are clad in heavy metal armour, wielding strong 
blades and maces. But they are all too mortal, and can be beaten back. I believe it is they who have destroyed the land I 
saw, and will attempt to destroy the land we protect as well. To counter this threat, it is time I took up my calling and 
joined the ranks of the Elemental Druids of Stone and Earth. Clad in the metal gifted by Earth, shaped by Fire, quenched by 
Water, I shall go forth as again as soon as permitted.

I am no longer an adept. I am Forge.


To the Druidic Council 

The Borderlands Situation - The Burnt lands 

I have returned to the Borderlands Area to discover the source of the visions of nature ravaged. I believe I may now know 
more and report it to you all. 

The Burnt forests, the dark skied world, that I and the Druid Storm witnessed last time have been explained to me by some 
new travellers I have met in the Borderlands. They claim to be from another Barony, removed from this one, not by distance, 
but by high magics. These magics are being made weaker in the Borderlands area, not by accident but by malicious intent by 
this Other Baron. 

While the Baron in our Barony follows Justice, this Other Baron follows the teachings of Might and, according to the 
travellers we encountered, has ravaged and pillaged his own Barony, draining it of it's elemental forces. Then he has turned 
his conquering gaze outwards to other Baronies and ours is next. 

If we wish to save our world from the ravages of this Might Baron, then I believe we will have to talk to the travellers 
more. I will send more information as I get it, however, I request more help in investigating the Borderlands further. 


Orchid's Report

What I Did On My Fourth Mission - Ranger Orchid's Report To The Pathfinders, filed under blurry in the Pathfinder Library.

We met Major Darius who asked us to go find a mage and a barbarian and also to go on a patrol route for him. He gave us a 
map to follow. Ardwin Montoya and I scouted on ahead to make sure that the party was safe. We met some more rat men. We 
found a defensive position, and we fought them off easily coz a couple of us were watching out for other people and shouting
whenever a rat was sneaking up behind them. Guard Solaris got diseasled in the fight, but I was able to cure him. We then 
went on and then half the party started claiming that they were being attacked by invisible things. If they were invisible, 
how could they see them. Something strange did happen though, coz I was standing next to Storm whilst she was giving the 
invisible things a good blow and suddenly a huge dent appeared in her leg. Don't know how that happened. Anyway, we went on 
and met some stone goblins. They tried to trick the party into thinking that they were nice, but I saw through that right 
away. However, I lost my temper in the fight, and was careless. I didn't follow Mr Sorin Catar's lessons, and I was knocked 
unconcious. I must have been out for some time coz when I woke up again, the stone goblins were gone and we had found the 
Barbarian. While I was recovering, Adept put one of those nasty spheres in my pocket. I didn't want to touch them coz I had 
heard that they got you killed. I got upset, but Mr Catar came over again and reminded me of my lessons with him. Adept 
didn't apologise though. He claimed that I would now be able to see the enemy. I don't know what he was talking about coz I 
had seen all the enemies so far, and I carried on seeing the enemy for the rest of the day. He seemed to be a druid, like 
Silvanus. It seems that male druids is slightly odd. Female ones are ok, coz Storm is a druid too, and she isn't a looney. 
Oh, sorry, I mustn't say looney coz Mr Catar says that it is disrespectful and if I call people loonies, then they won't 
respect me. We went on, and saw some more stone goblins and sprites. There was one called Ben who appeared to be in charge. 
We moved on, and I saw a vision of a dead forest. I thought it was just me at first, but everyone saw it. Then we got 
attacked by sort of undeady things, though they weren't undead. Mr Xandriel the Elf was very good at making the swords and 
shields melt away. Once we beat them, we met some more druids. I scouted on ahead and saw some more guards. They must have 
sensed me there, coz when I went away again, they all went to the bush I was hiding behind. They appeared to be talking to 
it. Not sure why. Anyway, we fought them, and beat them, with the help of the Barbarian who had come to us. Then we met the 
mage. He ran away from us, but we caught up with him again. Then we fought some more guards. Then we carried on round the 
map and met a strange man in the middle of the path. I tried to distract him so that the party could go past, but the man 
tried to hug everyone. Then we fought some more guards. Mr Haven had both his legs broken, but it was ok, coz I could set 
them, and then he could heal himself. Mr Haven, Mr Job and Mr Catar then wanted to do a ceremony which they said could help 
everyone, but as they started, we were attacked by more guards. These guards were wierd coz before they had attacked as a 
group in rank and file formation, but these ones broke rank and all ran around all haywire. I couldn't hurt them, but Mr 
Xandriel could blow their weapons up. So, one went to attack Mr Xandriel, but I bravely ran in front the attacker so Mr 
Xandriel could have time to cast off his spells. I hurt a lot after that battle, but was able to go and pray to get my power
back. I still hurt, so Mr Catar and Mr Job healed me. We then met two trolls, who we beat easily, and met more guards on 
the way back to the barony. Mr Solaris was dropped in the fight, but I was able to pick him up, and we were able to run away
with the group.

Ranger Orchid

Liana's Report

Major Darius,

I am a member of Borderland patrol group 1 whom you assigned to patrol sectors 15-18 this Sunday past. We did indeed 
encounter a large number of the shimmering forms as expected. Furthermore, we found both the missing barbarian, MacFingle, 
and the mage, Squall, along the patrol route although both insisted that they were fine, and that they could return safely 
to the Barony without the patrol group's assistance. I hope that both have since returned uninjured.

As far as the "shimmering forms" are concerned, we found that different members of the party saw them differently, seemingly
dependent on the amount of contact they had had with the various spheres that have been found within the Borderlands area. 
The discovery of two new spheres in this area suggests that the usual patrol's sightings may be due to their discovery and 
handling of one of these. Some of our group, myself included to begin, could only see these forms as shimmering outlines and 
faint shadows. Others, including myself later, saw armoured figures, although they were still quite blurred as if we were 
seeing them through a veil. We also seemed to be protected from the full weight of their blows. Finally, those in the party 
who had handled the spheres for substantial amounts of time saw clearly heavily armoured warriors. It was noted that none 
among these warriors used any magics nor did they seem to have a healer with them, falling quickly before our strength. We 
were able to capture one, but on reaching the edge of the Borderlands he seemed to disappear and we could not bring him back
for questioning.

On the subject of the spheres, as I mentioned above we found two new spheres on this route. The first we heard was when a 
group of rock goblins attacked us for stealing their 'shiny thing.' Then, as some of our party attempted a healing ritual, 
a sphere appeared which seemed to drain their power. It further transpired that this sphere could drain mana from any mage 
who got too close and later it seemed to be spontaneously jumping to the person with the most mana. On encountering 
MacFingle he told us that he believed Squall to have another sphere with the opposite effect, in that it enhanced his 
magical abilities and indeed, when we met him he did have such a sphere and after some persuasion allowed our mages to take 
possession of it. However, as previously observed with such spheres we were unable to remove them from the Borderlands.

Hopefully this report has been of assistance and I will help in any way I can should you require further information.

Yours in service,

Marshal Liana
Temple of Justice


To Knight High Marshal Justen,

Again I report to you from the Borderlands patrol group. Recent missions have seemed to suggest that activity within the 
Borderlands is increasing and have begun to shed light on the cause of this area. More of the strange spheres have appeared 
and many groups of 'ethereal guards' have been encountered. Firstly, I must apologise for not immediately reporting on our 
previous mission. Much happened regarding the spheres which I did not realise the full importance of at the time. As is 
becoming increasingly common we were attacked by a number of rat creatures, one of which I noted was carrying a pouch that 
seemed to contain some manner of healing item. When we finally defeated him I removed the pouch from the body but was 
prevented from investigating further due to a call for healing. Later in the day two of the new party members, a fighter by 
the name of Bob Little and his friend, a paladin, approached me with a similar pouch and requested that I discern whether it
was miraculous. This I did, and assuming the contents to be spheres as found before and attempted to warn them of the 
dangers. Unfortunately I wasn't cautious enough and as we moved to leave the Borderlands Little claimed to be under attack 
from warriors the rest of the party were unable to see. His claims were proved to be true as he fell down as if under attack
and he was quickly slaughtered. We could discern no reason for his death, other than the explanation of invisible attackers
and many of us recalled the effects of the strange spheres discovered in the Borderlands. Taking up the pouch we again 
attempted to leave the area but the carrier was prevented from leaving by what he says felt like a forcefield. Myself, along
with Seeker Gish, Guardian Feran and Haven tried to find a way around this phenomenon but were thwarted by another attack 
of rat creatures and had to flee leaving the spheres behind.

Then during the following week Major Darius contacted our patrol group to change our patrol route as another group had been 
encountering shimmering forms and so this Sunday past we took that route. Here we repeatedly encountered groups of 
"shimmering forms" which were visible to different members of the party in different ways, seemingly dependent on the amount
of contact they had had with the various spheres that have been found within the Borderlands area. The discovery of two new
spheres in this area suggests that the usual patrol's sightings may be due to their discovery and handling of one of these.
Some of our group, myself included to begin, could only see these forms as shimmering outlines and faint shadows. Others, 
including myself later, saw armoured figures, although they were still quite blurred as if we were seeing them through a 
veil. We also seemed to be protected from the full weight of their blows. Finally, those in the party who had handled the 
spheres for substantial amounts of time saw clearly heavily armoured warriors. It was noted that none among these warriors 
used any magics nor did they seem to have a healer with them, falling quickly before our strength. We were able to capture 
one and, despite his unwillingness to speak we discovered that he had no mana nor standing not even that untrained in such 
ways. We attempted to bring him back to the Barony however on reaching the edge of the Borderlands he seemed to disappear.

As mentioned above we also discovered two new spheres, one that drained mages of their power and another that enhanced their
magical abilities. It did not seem necessary for the draining sphere to be in contact with someone for their power to be 
taken although the gifting sphere acted as expected. Again, we were unable to remover these spheres from the Borderlands area
and as previously Humact Veran secured them before leaving.

From our observations I believe that these 'ethereal guards' are the forces of whoever is causing the Borderlands. On three 
occasions myself and other members of the party saw visions of a blasted and devastated world shortly before the 'ethereal 
guards' attacks and on the edge of the Borderlands saw what appeared to be a sizeable encampment of troops. I have heard 
speculations that the area is the result of two realities colliding (indeed, this was one of the things we were told by the 
Avatars of Order and Chaos) and it seems that these guards are still for the moment in the other reality though I fear what 
might happen if the veil between the two worlds is torn and it becomes possible for forces to pass through. If it were possible I would encourage further study of the spheres as little as been ascertained so far.
Hoping as always that my information is of use.

Yours in Justice,

Marshal Liana

Torrent's Report

Torrents Report to Major Darius 

Major - Having only shortly entered the borderlands I was perturbed by the parties strange behaviour. 
Most of the party seemed unaffected but some of the party started behaving as if they were under attack. Storm let loose a 
horrendous gale and blew several of our party away. It was only as wounds started opening up on the party members under 
attack that we realised they were not insane. 

After that unpleasantness we encountered what were identified as rock goblins which are fell variants of the normal goblins 
and having great strength. The part managed to fight these creatures off but at hideous cost. The wounded - myself included 
were healed although the healing sphere was used on me. The fell beings were in some way linked to the spheres as after its 
use I could see the invisible foe as ghostly shimmers which could then, as it seems, see and attack me. We also encountered 
a sphere which could jump to wherever it sensed a mages power and drained the energy of several magical healing rituals. 
This was a great shame as never before have I come across such magical powers as those possessed by Job, Sorin and Haven. I 
have never before seen magical healing. The sphere drained all the mages in the party - myself included of our power. 
Fortunately we found the barbarian in our fight against the rock goblins as he aided us well. He did however take a dislike 
to all the mages in our party. 

We moved on a ways and at various points were attacked by these Guardians of the spheres and the more contact we had with the
spheres the more clearly we could interact with these guardians. After a while we found the other mage and after pursuing 
him, losing him and finding him again we managed to recover the sphere of mana granting. He then left us as had the barbarian 
earlier and nothing we could say would keep him with us. My colluege Xandriel, myself and the other mage recovered our mana 
and we continued to yet more encounters with the guardians. At one point when Haven, Sorin and Job were attempting an 
intriguing ritual they even broke ranks to attack and try as we might we could not stop them. They broke the ritual and 
Haven's legs and fled with his book. This we recovered from a pair of trolls we then encountered. 

As we were leaving the borderlands we were set upon by particularly strong guardians and my arm was broken. As this left me 
unable to cast I ran and kept out of the way until the party were able to destroy them. 

We then returned to the barony. 

Breeze's Report

*Stiffled by the heat produced by his experimentations with fire-based magicks, Sarith opens the window to his study. A small 
piece of paper flttuers on the wind and is blown through the window. It twirls elegantly through the air and lands on one of
the few areas of the desk which arent currently onfire. Quickly dispelling the flames, Sarith picks up the message and begins 
to read* 

Most exhalted Archwizard Sarith, Master of the Four winds and Mind of the Kingdom. 

As you may know new series of artifacts know as the spheres has emerged from the Borderlands. 

As has already been catalogued there is one that heals bodily damage and one that damages the body have been located and in 
turn left within the Borderlands due to the as yet unidentified magical force field that prevents any further investigation 
of their magicks with the safety of the Barony. 

I feel that although these spheres posses great power the seconds two spheres that we recently located sends shivers down my
spine. The first of these was a sphere whose mere presence drained the mana from a person. Further more it possessed two 
very starling abilities. The first being the ability to innately blink to the largest source of mana in its vicinity. Both 
the Wizards Xandriel and Torrent were affected more greatly by this sphere than so it may be best to talk to them about it. 
The second more worrying trait was that as it absorbed mana from people the radius effect increased. Thankfully, to an extent, 
the magical field also prevented the sphere following us. However we cannot ignore that this draining effect may begin to 
spread further and if enough mana is absorbed the ENTIRE Borderlands could potentially become a magical dead zon. As you can
guess the ramifications for such a possibilty are unthinkable! If the barrier were to eventually be rained away the whole 
barony may be stripped of its magical energies. We must mount an expedition to locate and DESTROY this sphere before it 
posses any further threat. 

To compound these dangers a final sphere was foun. This one held a greater and more potentially deadly power than the others
i have encountered. 

A shere of ever abundant mana. 

Merely by holding this sphere, I felt my energies renewed as if I had never spent them. The power was like nothing I'd ever 
felt before. As you are aware I specialise in wind-borne slumbers and with the sphere aiding me all that stood against me 
collapsed at my feet! You may see this as a boon but it is a more powerful curse in the hands of evil or the greedy. As a 
wise man once said "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutly". Already the taint of power has affected both me and the Torrent. 
Upon relinquishing the previous owner, Torrent ran cackiling in to the forest. In the hands of a powerful mage this sphere 
will be a dealy weapon. This is why I believe that we should seek out this sphere and either contain it or destroy it before
its too late. 

I have to go and scout out the borders to see if i can locate the sphere, I will guard or bury it until you give give us 
guidance on what our next action should be. 

I would also like to mention that the Wizard Xandriel had a more indepth chance to investigate the spheres. My knowledge of 
the base composition of magic is miniscule compared to his. He may have more infomation of the spheres which may aid us in 
concocting an appropriate course of action. I can only offer my opinions. 

May the wind be behind you. 


Solaris' Report

Report to Guard Captain Kylar Tyrell Concerning Patrol of new regions of the Borderlands, Copy Also sent to Major Darius. 

As instructed I provided escort to the patrol in these new areas as well as the search and rescue for missing members of the
previous party. As we entered the borderlands a most peculiar thing happened, roughly half the party appeared to be attacked
by invisible creatures, they described them as armoured Guards in heavy plate mail, this would have been unbelievable if 
they did not repeatedly become wounded from nothing, I tried to assist but, even striking where they where, my weapons hit 
nothing but air. 
Those of the group who could see them were victorious and were healed before we moved on. Shortly after we encountered a 
group of stone goblins, these were extremely resilient to harm and appeared to continually heal themselves as well as merge 
with the rocks, eventually they were defeated but with great cost. Many of the party were badly injured or unconscious and so 
we attempted to rest and heal while I conversed with the barbarian who had gone missing. It appears he was chasing the mage 
who now had apparently infinite spell casting abilities. Alas during the ritual another sphere appeared and drained all the 
energies that had been summoned, causing great problems. 
At this point I decided to expose myself to the spheres so as to defend the party from these shimmering guards, also using 
them to heal myself. Moving on the party encountered yet more ethereal guards as they we began calling them, and were able 
to defeat them, they appeared only partially harmed by my blows and I also felt only half the force of there attacks, those 
who saw them clearly appeared to be more capable of harming them, and of being harmed by them. Moving on we eventually 
recovered the mage and turned onto the return leg of the patrol, on the return we met more ethereal guards as well as some 
trolls, who were defeated and half melted into the ground. As we were leaving the area we were attacked by yet more 
shimmering guards and I gave the order to withdraw since most of the party was in poor shape, alas that included me and I was
briefly struck unconscious, recovering we escaped the borderlands, oddly enough the ethereal guards appeared incapable of 
leaving the area, if they were forcibly removed they merely vanished, very strange. 
Other encounters of note were some friendly druids, a group of sprites who were quite harmless and a colourful man who was 
quite helpful, I am unsure what happened to them but they all seem to call the borderlands home to some extent. 

Sirs, most worrying throughout this mission both myself and the rest of the party had visions, of the land destroyed and 
burning, of ranks upon ranks of armoured warriors preparing for war, of destruction on a truly apocalyptic scale. These 
warriors, are not all here, they are partly there. If they manage to cross fully into what we call reality, if they manage 
to leave the borderlands, the destruction would be devastating. I therefore urge that at least an entire garrison is placed 
on guard around these lands to protect incase such a thing does occur. 

Guard Caenum Solaris 

Arduyne's Report

Friend Drift 

My report... I apologise for delay... I have been of distraction... 
I report many death at my hands... Can you believe I used with keeping counts?.. 

I am sorry... please may I request absence of leave... I am ill at ease and need rest... in one week I will make returns... 
Until here I be at place of many druids... 

I have two concern... Please make notings I observe migritrartry birds... They not fly straight... but at angle... I fear 
borderland upset nature in bad way and consequence in future by far... 
Other... like many I see viision of death... but also many many tent... like army campings on edge of borderland... I suggest 
riding a forceto guard leave... if spirits grow real... 

Again... I wish commendings of great friend Liana, who save my life many time more... also of friend breeze, who make effect
and... stay alive with skill... 

now... My work is done... I must leave... 

Arduyne Montoya 

Deeply Hollow (23/02/2003)

Hunter's Report

The Barony
Sunday, February 23rd

Dear Kestrel,

How goes the search for Kailyn? I have been trying to find more information from the Pathfinders Guild over here, but to no 
avail. I hope I am able to join you in Draxia soon!

Today I was forced, through lack of funds, to join the Barony Patrols once more, in an effort to track down a headless 
horseman. I really will have to find another way of funding my research I nearly died today! Actually, I have you to thank
for staying alive. When I was last in Draxia, you purchased some maracas. They compelled you to rattle them? You probably 
remember. I took them off your hands for you, so that you could keep your sanity! Well, it turns out they are actually a 
little Druidic! I have found that if I shake them and do a little dance, my wounds heal themselves. It is only a small effect, 
but today they just helped me stave off an orc attack, so I am not complaining.

It was a very eventful day first we wiped out an orc camp, including their holyman, and then we destroyed some undead, at 
which point we met up with a certain Mr Crane, who claimed to be a humacti, but, as we discovered later on, was actually a 
necromancer. I knew there was something odd with that guy from the moment we met him, but Mathonwy ap Gwydion (you probably 
know him... he's one of the more competent Priests of Justice) didn't really believe me. I couldn't tell what path this 
so-called Humacti was from... and as you well know, I never like not being able to tell what something is!

He was very well camouflaged though, and nothing I could do could give me a hint as to his true nature. In any case, we 
continued on, past some centipedes, wolves and bears, and eventually reached the village of Deeply Hollow. Or something 
hollow, anyway. I never bother to remember the names of the places I visit while on patrols, since you can almost guarentee 
that there'll be nothing left if you visit it later. Actually, this party was very competent, they didn't even kill a single
villager. Although G'Mord married one of them, and Vortex kept scaring the kiddies, so maybe "competent" is the wrong word,

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I tried speaking with one of the centipedes. It wasn't very successful. ? I guess I 
shouldn't expect too much intelligence from insects, however huge they may be! I didn't even bother chatting to the wolves 
and bears, they didn't look like they'd appreciate it. I just jumped up the nearest tree and looked on! At the village I 
looked around for some good equipment I could take to sell back in the city, but it seems they are quite poor over there. 
They did give us enough information to find a Priest who was controlling lots of undead and a Witch who kindly agreed to help
us, although not without a price.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, and skipping past what I am told was an interrogation with a dead man's spirit (I 
unfortunately missed this incident as I was communing with my cats), the party eventually came to the conclusion that I was 
right all along, and that the "humacti" was actually the one who summoned the headless horseman.

Altogether, quite a harrowing experience, and more than a little disturbing. Thankfully, we returned safely, and I am looking
forward to receiving my pay cheque shortly.

In the meantime, I don't know if you've heard of the activity in the Borderlands near the Barony recently they've been 
sending out lots of small and relatively inexperienced parties to investigate some strange happenings. Some of my Weather 
Druid friends think it's the usual elementalist fuss... they say that the equilibrium has finally been disrupted enough that
a storm has formed.

I don't buy it myself. But who knows. Anyway. I hope this letter reaches you well, and hope we meet again soon,

Yours in friendship,


Eric Chasseur

PS. I hope my spelling has improved I finally got myself a dictionary! E.C.

Vortex's Report

[High Master Vortex reporting to Grand Humact Buffy, curled up together in front of an open log fire, in their quaint little
cottage with its white picket fence, in the middle of the infinite wasteland that is, The Plane of Tortured Souls. Obviously 
only Buffy hears this...] 

Hahahhaahahhahahahha! Orcs! What a joke, a complete waste of our time. From what I hear my head was still attached when I 
fell! Fools. They are irrelevant now anyway, their Tribe is all but destroyed. Ha! We must have butchered nigh on 50 of these 
pitiful creatures! That was barely an hour after we set off! Muhahahahah! Ahem, ummm, well, even though they were utterly 
pitiful and a total walk over for a Mighty warrior such as myself, I, ummm, died /again/. I know, I know, I said I would be 
careful but you know me, I just got carried away. *disapproving glare from Buffy* 

Soon after this we saw our first hint of Deeply Hollow, its graveyard. A nice friendly place, graveyards always seem rather 
homely to me. The "residents" were very welcoming, pathetic undead! How can so many of these fools be so weak as to allow 
their souls to be controlled in this manner. I would never yield to such control. Anyway, we destroyed them totally, they 
were even easier than the Orcs. 

Well it seemed a Humacti, by the name of Quentin, had fallen to the hands of these Undead though, judging by what we found 
out this seems unlikely. His "apprentice", Icobad Crane, was near the Humacti's body when I approached. He introduced himself 
and after some discussion, joined the party as he was also travelling to Deeply Hollow investigating the horseman. Ha! You 
can never trust Humacti, the bunch of...*SMACK!* [interrupted by Buffy's fist] 

Ok, ok. Right, anyway, then a pair of huge centipedes burst from the forest, they weren't really a problem, once I got 
involved. Well by this time I had all but drained the party of their standing, so they decided to pray to their irrelevant 
God's. Whilst we were sitting around waiting for the fools, a couple of elementals attacked us. I have no idea where they 
came from, not that it really matters, they were dealt with soon enough. [Buffy gives a"look"] What!? Ok, ok, I got dropped 
again *looks guilty*. Well, you can't blame me, that damn Mathonwy always whines when he has to heal me, "oh no, not you 
again" or "oh no, that's almost all my standing gone" he never shuts up. 

Once Mathonwy had stopped moaning, we carried on towards Deeply Hollow. We came across three hunters from the village who 
agreed to lead us back. One of them was a bit of a gold digger, asking all of us if we were rich heroes from the Barony. 
Somehow she got the ridiculous idea that G'Mord fitted her requirements, and he didn't seem to argue much. The husband can't
have been too impressed. During this "interesting" conversation, the headless, image stealing bastard, *SMACK!* WHAT!? Its 
true! He's a pale imitation anyway. Ok, the "horseman" rode across a field, comically decapitating one of the hunters friends. 
[Buffy *glares*] It was funny! He deserved to die anyway, you wouldn't have seen me running away like that, I would have 
dragged him from that substandard mount he's got and told him just how much of a joke he is. But no, the pathetic hunter ran
away and had his head lopped off for his weakness. Serves him right. Then the rider rode off into the forest.

After that amusing event, we assisted the hunters with some hunting, we managed to take down a number of bears, were wolves 
and large rats. I'm not convinced about the safety of eating were wolf, I'm sure that entire village will end up a little 
hairy next full moon but what do I care. Once we had helped them find some food, the hunters led us to Deeply Hollow. The 
village was a pit of filth and fear, a blemish in otherwise a beautiful forest. The villagers had set up a negligible ward 
against undead around their village, and it seemed a life ward too. Just a bunch of common peasants. It was obvious that 
these weaklings could never be in control of, or be the true target of the horseman. I soon discovered that there was a 
powerful Priest of Might nearby, who famously defeated a Necromancer and his hoard of undead. Obviously everyone took this 
Priest, Brutus, to be the main suspect. I, of course, knew otherwise, after all, what sort of Might Priest would get another
to do their work for them, especially when it looks so much fun. Hahahahah...*SMACK* [*mumbled* heal wounds 4] 

After much talking and resting (for the weaker party members), oh, and G'Mords wedding, we headed out to find this Brutus. 
As we approached Brutus' estate we were attacked by more undead. I told you to come, didn't I, you would have loved it. 
Anyway, we smashed them into dust and soon came to the main gates. From his unfriendly and abusive greetings I knew at once 
that this Brutus was indeed a Priest of Might. Once he described his past in a little more detail I recalled a Priest by his
name, somewhat from before my time but powerful enough to be remembered. He had forced the undead he had taken from the 
necromancer to work on his lands to grow crops for the villagers, why he had taken the village into his care is beyond me, 
let the cretins rot is what I say, *Buffy raises hand* WOW wow, ok, ok, it was very nice of him to help them, he must have 
seen their weakness and decided they needed protecting. The "Humacti" and some of the others were unwilling to take him at 
his word that he was not responsible for the deaths, so we went with him to see a "witch" that the villagers told us about. 

On our way to see the witch something strange started to happen, Talon began spouting utter nonsense and wouldn't respond to
anything, after some time Caffary blessed him, forcing, what was described as a spirit, out of his body. It then, along with
another spirit I think, possessed others in the party. They seemed to be retelling a tragic story of love and betrayal, 
really soppy stuff. It brought a tear to my eye, but fortunately it was dark so no one noticed. 

After these confusing events, Brutus guided us to the witches hut. She was quite obviously insane. Are all witches insane? I 
mean, your friend, Willow, what was with her? That thing with the demonic alter and the end of the world, what a nutbag! 
*braces for impact* *waits* Oh, so you agree? *SMACK!* ANYWAY, the witch said she had no answers for us but that she could 
contact a spirit that would. The spirit required sacrifices of blood and power before it would answer our questions. I thought 
the party would be up in arms at the summoning of spirits and blood sacrifices but they didn't seem to object, maybe they're
a bit more open minded than I give them credit for, or perhaps they are just stupid. 

Eventually, Mathonwy got the answers he wanted, well, he got the answers the spirit gave him, but he seemed happy enough. 
She told us many things which, mostly, I ignored, I was a little busy trying to hold her still. She got a little feisty when 
the sacrifices were made, ummm, but she was nothing compared to you dear *glare from Buffy*. Well, ahem, we did find out 
that Brutus' servant knew the identity of the person controlling the horseman, unfortunately we found this out just in time 
to see him cut down. Blatantly not a coincidence. Brutus then insisted that his servant could not be raised and he would not 
allow the priests to try. This just put more blame on Brutus. If I was as powerful as Brutus thinks he is, I would have told 
the party to sod off, or killed them all and let them rot, ummmm, of course I wouldn't /actually/ do that, but I might think 
it, for a second, hahaha *nervous laugh*, ahem, but instead he decided to clear his name by undertaking a trial. 

We returned to the village to perform the trial but it soon became obvious that the evidence was all circumstantial and 
guilt could not be adequately determined. Then the "humacti" disappeared using an item of some description. With Icobad gone, 
Brutus called his undead minions to bring the corpse of his servent to the village. The other priests attempted to raise the
body, to no avail, and then Brutus performed an advanced form of speak with dead to recall the servants soul and then 
interrogate it. This revealed that Icobad was in fact the son of the deceased Necromancer and was controlling the horseman. 
Eventually the rest of the party realized their mistake and we all rushed off to the graveyard. Surly enough, there he was 
the fool standing in the middle of the graveyard performing a ritual. *yawns* Damn Necromancers, so predictable, no sense of 
origionallity. Anyway, as soon as he saw us, with the man who killed his father, he summoned the horseman and ordered it to 
kill Brutus. At last, I was face to face with the horseman, well not /face/ to face, but you know what I mean. Unfortunately, 
being under control and ordered to kill Brutus, he wouldn't fight me. It didn't take long for him to kill Brutus. I really 
dont think Brutus can have been as good as he thought, the horseman was hitting like a girl *SMACK* alright, alright, like a, 
ummm, child. 

Anyway, Manthonwy thought it would be a good idea to try and put the horseman's head back on, but he really didn't seem that 
interested. Apparently there were some "vocals" that had to be said, something like "Horseman! Here is your head, if you 
want it come and claim it...", like he really needed to be told. In any case it seemed to work, and he took his head in both 
hands and placed it on his shoulders. Normally I would have used this opportunity to take his sword, think of the carnage...
ummm, "good" I could have done with that sword. But, alas, he put it into a sheath of some sort. Even after he had his head 
back, and the Necromancer was subdued, which I missed, I was rather busy with the horseman, he was still not willing to fight. 
I don't know what his problem was, he just rode off on that mangy horse of his without even a little fight. He was soooo 
obviously scared of me. Soon after leaving, he decided that being controlled was really not a good thing, and came back for 
the Necromancer. It seems they then rode off together, inevitably going to the Plane of Tortured Souls. Come to think of it 
there is a new arrival a couple of streets down, perhaps its Icobad, do you think we should take a house warming gift?..... 

Vortex & Buffy

Borderlands: Ethereal Guards (09/03/2003)

Biscuit's Report

Report to Major Darus 

uh... upon enterifiying the borderlands, the patrolie procedicated along the route discribeificated by the map. we 
encountedified some rather cuteicate goblinoids and a bunch of undead. 

This posified no problemitude, and the group continuicated to move in the manner suggesticated by the map. previous to 
enticating rthe forrest, a goup of 'etherial guards' were encountericated. they were in combatitude with another goup of 
equally etherial fugures, all of whom exibited the same high quality of shimiritude. this group of guards was weasilly 
defetified due to their lack of wepons. 

The other shimitcting figures explanified that they were a group of freeification fightereres fighting against a crual and 
oppresivcating regime of evil. they then buggerified off, and we left the guard captin, enweakned into the floor with a burst 
ballonicator to defendify himself with. 

The next group of 'etherial guards' was ran away from buy myself, forge and feren. Humact Veren, Wizardifyer Torrent and 
Elemtalizer Breeze refused to join us on our noble flight; Pathfindicator Sayanne and Masticator Interfector, being 
unenableified to see the 'etherial guards' stayed where they were. 

After defeticating a group of grumpy goblinators, and extractifing from them a spheroid, the party made a sewrch for 
wizarifiyer torrent, and claiming his head from a ghoule who was feastifying on his paralized flesh, Demonstifying with 
exatiude the necessity of following the mad who shouts 'run' 

Continuing along the patrolicating route, we encounterated a small horde of undead, apprently collectified together of their 
own free willitude. Upon analilizing the bodies I found that they had been attracted toi the green sphere, which, extensive 
tests confirmified, caused tthe touchifiers life to drainicate. 

Reguardless of ordifcates to the otherwise, we declined to touchicate something that would killify us, and contiuatd along 
the patrol route. nextly we met a group of people with similer apperance to the resistance fighters but with less simiritude. 
they spoke to us, claimicating that the borderlands was an beachhead for an invasion from another world. Dismisicating such 
crackpoticated theories, we agreed to escort them to saftitude, and they acompincated us for the rest of the missionte 

We assiticated in the destryification of a number of undead in a natural bowl-like depression in the forrest and again in a 
plesent green vally. here, we captured a man who, for no reason whatsoever, we decidicated to be a necromancer. he was sent 
bacck to the baronie acompnified by a preist of humactification that Veren introducated us to. 

On quarrlious insistitude of seyanne, we then commenced on the final leg of the patrol, bypassificating a den of wolves, and 
destroying with utterification a group of 'etherial ghurads' that attempticated to preventify our peaceful exit 

It is safe to say the 'etherial guards' seem incapable of defeaticating any group with a couple of decent spells, save with 
huge advantitude of numbers.


Report to Datrian Keller, Darrius' boss 

Good day sir, I'm Biscuit, one of the borderland patrol members I'm writing to you in prefferance to mnajor darrus because I 
hope the line of command has some form of mertiricy to it, and competance is to be found in greater quantites nearer the top. 
This bits importent. 

During a routine patrol, we encountered a goup of people claiming to be of the same nature as the 'etherial guards' although 
of opposed principles. These were willing to talk to us, and tried to explain the nature of themselves, the spheres, the 
etherial guard and the borderlands themselves. 

Its another world. Through the workings of powerful ritual magic, another world has imposed itself on ours. The borderlands 
are to serve as a beachead, the 'etherial guards', however strong and well trained they are, are but expendable shock troops. 

Both the guard and the 'resistance' as they name themselves are currently confined to the area of the borderlands, but the 
resistance claim that further rituals will either spread the borderlands or remove the restriction on movement. They further 
claim that this has all happened once before, and that the invaded land was utterly laid to waste. 

We have made arrangements concerning communication with the resistance.


Report to CoC 

I was in the borderlands poking around and I met some people who claimed to be from one of the alternate realities predicted 
by Feynman's interpretations of the holy vision of Scherdinger. well, they didn't but that's what I think they would do if 
they knew about Feynman, but they don't, so they didn't. 
They claim to be from a pair of worlds very like this one, although their barony was Might or Freedom aligned, which is 
either a bad thing or a better thing, depending on who you are. Despite this substantial difference in local politics, they 
still apparently have with overlapping populations ,a combination that i think is wildly unlikely, but reality rarely accedes 
to my beliefs 
Anyhow, they oppose the current government (Might), on the basis that its rather mean and grumpy. 
They claim that the Might aligned barony is doing the expanding-through-the-spaces-between-the-dimentions-known-to-man thing, 
and has utterly destroyed the Freedom barony, and is now invading the one on our world. In this case, I feel that we will be 
more free to express our worship under the current administration. I call for volunteers to come to the borderlands and fight, 
or at least fuck things up badly. 
The resistancey blokes that we discussed matters with claimed that they could show us a way to reach the might world, 
although once there the powers granted by your gods would fade. if this is true, does anyone want to do it? it'd be 
dangerious; you'd be fighting Might with out the support of youre gods; do we need the intervention of holy chaos? I have 
imagination, and a taste for bad practical jokes; I know lots of you do too. 
The soldiers currently across the beachhead appear to be completely lacking in casters, although I have found a couple with 
very badly protected swords. I'm sure any of you can disable 10 or so of them... wanna splatter some arrogant grumpy boring 
Oh you need to know that in the borderlands itself, you can only use skills you've learnt within them, and there are the 
normal worries of the wild around. Its all a bit shitty, but also a great equalizer if your on the lam from somthing powerful.
write back soon, 



Interfector's Report

*Message from the Temple of Might* 

I am High Master Celeratus. 

Master Interfector will not be returning any reports to the barony. He is under observation in our Temple nad unavailable for 
such foolish chit-chat. It is obviously unnessecary for you to have reports from every member of the party unless you are 
truly inept. 

Several items of note reported to me by Master Interfector will, however, be relayed. 

1:- Major Darius does not appear to understand what he is talking about. If he does, he fails to convey this understanding to 
the party. I demand he is replaced. 

2:- It appears that Master Interfector encountered one of his former allies on the patrol, a wizard by the name of Torrent. 
When a wave of invisible creatures attacked, Master Interfector told a certain Pathfinder Seyenne to follow this fleeing mage 
to protect him since he had no means of physical combat. He assures be the mage had no option to flee or this matter would be 
trivial. The Pathfinder refused to follow the mage, a direct result of which was the death of the mage. He also reported that 
said pathfinder was unable to read the map she was given and did not pass said map on to the party to counteract her failiure. 
I also demand she is tested again by the Pathfinders to ascertain whether she is actually capable of the tasks expected of 

3:-Master Interfector has recently been altered by myself and other priests to make him more Mighty. He, and the Temple of 
Might, are not responsible for any occurrences stemming from this surgery. 

Seyenne's Report

Report to Darius 

The map you gave me proved difficult to read at best, a fact which did not help my situation of being held in already low 
esteem by the group as a pathfinder. There are several matters which arose on the mission in which I found myself having to 
answer to the more *ahem* self-confidant members of the group. As a scout I was more or less useless for the first half of 
the mission, as the ethereal guards I have been hearing about made an appearance to, it seems, everyone BUT me. Needless to 
say, seeing other members of the patrol group fighting (and in some cases losing to) mere shadows was unnerving at best. This 
situation was later rectified when I was given a small sphere which was able to heal the few wounds I had recieved from the 
undead who also roamed the borderlands as you said they would. After holding the sphere for some time I would have been able 
to see any ethereal guards we came across, except that we didn't until a lot later. When we entered the forest there was a 
contingent of these guards blocking our way and advancing at some speed. at that point I still only saw shadows. The group 
decided to retreat up a path leading away from the route marked on the map, and as the faster and more adept fighters ducked 
around them and took many of the guards with them down the correct route, the wizard Torrent, Mage Breeze and Master 
Interfector ended up still going in the wrong direction. I am not sure what happened to master interfector, I saw a few 
shadows go past me and towards breeze, but he seemed to be doing an admirable job of holding them off with gust of wind 
spells. As I could not see the guards and knew I could not hurt them, I left to find the rest of the party to get help, what 
I found was master interfector sitting by the side of the path. He told me to go after the mages, evidently thinking there 
was something I could do to help them if they were in trouble. I disagreed with this, but did start to head back. I met 
Breeze coming towards me, and he told me that Torrent had gone round the other way with the humact. I took this as being a 
satisfactory state of affairs. Then the humact returned and told us that he'd lost Torrent on the way because the wizard had 
been unable to follow him down a rather dangerous short-cut over a cliff edge. At this point breeze, interfector, the humact 
and myself set off to find torrent. Unfortunately we arrived only in time to see him being eaten by a ghoul, and by the time 
we got to him he was already dead. The rest of the party caught up with us at that point, and we continued on our way. Some 
wolves gave us a little trouble but compared to the next encounter it was mearly a distraction. A larger hoard of undead than 
we had previously encountered, and much better trained for battle, blocked our way back to the field on the edge of the 
barony. They hit hard, and I remember nothing after that until I was revived back in the Barony.


Memo to Hazelwick, cc Drift: 
sir, I would like to request a place at the next mapcraft seminar. I was presented with a badly made map on my most recent 
mission and it proved to be an inexcusable hindrance to my duty as a pathfinder, in that finding the correct path seemed far 
too complicated to be acceptable. I will bring along the map in question, perhaps with some assistance it will become more 
I should add that my patrol group are likely to bring charges of some degree against me for being inept in mapreading, and if 
the map in question is declared substandard by those of a more credible position it would help my case. 

Torrents Report

We set out as per usual and shortly after setting out we happened upon a woodland where some creatures later found to be 
wood goblins appeared as if out of nowhere. These creatures then attacked but proved susceptible to judicious use of the 
trip spell. 

We then proceeded upon our way and after a short distance were set upon by waves of undead and ratmen. These, having 
proceeded to cause great harm to the party, were dealt with expeditiously. The party then utilised it's healing and rested. 
We then continued upon our way and entered some woodland. 

Upon entering the trees we encountered a group of the aforementioned ethereal guards. The party being not strong on fighters 
retreated to the higher ground. The ethereal guards pursued but the bulk of the party moved around the guards and past them.
The guards moved to cut off this route leaving Breeze, Verin and Myself stuck on the other side of the guards to the party. 
The ethereal guards then split leaving a number of them to deal with us and the rest pursuing the bulk of the party. Breeze 
being swift as his namesake managed to break through the guards and rejoin the party. That left Verin and myself so we 
retreated a way and there he left me via a route that I am not agile enough to follow. I must charitably assume that he left
to get aid but shortly after his departure a ghoul happened upon me. As an ice dart did not seem to deter it and it was fast 
I was soon caught. Its first attack sent all my muscles into tetanus and from then on I was helpless to prevent the ghoul 
eating my flesh which was moderately uncomfortable. As I lost consciousness my last sight was of the party appearing in the 
distance. I was resurrected in the temple of life once more and must offer my thanks to them, and he who returned my head. 

Yours through ice Torrent. 

Feran's Report

For the attention of Major Darius: 

As you requested, we have analysed the undead in the area of the Borderlands. Encountered many skeletons and zombies + none 
too few ghouls. From observations, have noticed the following - skeletons are tough opponents and incredibly difficult to 
kill with a sword, ghouls have ability to "cause paralysis", that is they somehow make people unable to move. Decided that 
after studying undead they were of little use so dispatched of all, with exception of one ghoul which displayed most unusual 
characteristics by hurling itself over a shear precipice to escape the patrol. Humact Verin most capable of dealing with 
undead, if a little slow. 
Still large number of Ethereal Guards in Borderlands - large well organised groups. All currently collating all information 
obtianed reguarding nature of Ethereal Guards. Were unable to deal with all encountered. 
Not many goblins encountered - all dealt with in necessary manner. 
Report loss of Wizard Torrent and Pathfinder Seyenne, through incompetence. Request either better maps or better Pathfinders 
so do not have to listen to pathfinders moaning continuously about quality of maps. 

Feran Stormwatcher


High Guardian Fabian 

At last, I have the beginnings of answers to the mysteries of the Borderlands. A group of strange travellers, met whilst on 
patrol claim to have answers...; they claim to be from a world that is somewhat parallel to our own and indeed in the 
location of the borderlands now overlaps. Two of these travellers (who named themselves as "Victor" and "Iilson") accompanied 
the party for much of the patrol and provided us with much new insight into this other plane. Apparently there is a 'Barony' 
much like our own. Seemed to be trying to say that their 'Baron' and his High Mage (curiously enough by the name of Torrent)
had somehow managed to drain magical and miraculous properties from this other 'Barony'. It would certainly prove one 
explanation for the apparent lack of mages and priests among the 'Ethereal Guards', although without further evidence to 
support such, it cannot be assumed that this is the case. 
Apparently the formation of the Borderlands from the intersection of their plane and our own, signifies that this other 
'Baron' intends to invade. According to information obtained from Victor, this is not the first time it has happened - one of 
their companions whom I think they referred to as "Illustrious" they claim to be from yet another plane, which has previously 
been invaded by their 'Barony'. 
It was also claimed that the two planes will continue to merge until they somehow become joined, allowing the 'Baron's' 
troops, that is to say the beings previously referred to as "Ethereal Guards", to overrun the Barony. 
Planar joining has not yet been fully accomplished though, as it seems only those who have been into contact with the spheres 
can see those formerly known as Ethereal Guards - according to Iilson or Victor, I cannot remember which - what we are seeing 
is what occurs on the other plane, effective contact with said objects somehow makes you bi-planar. 
Regarding the spheres, it seems that they come from this other plane. Considering the nature of the spheres and Victor's 
information on the lack of magical and miraculous powers on this other plane, I have come up with the possible hypothesis 
that somehow this 'High Mage Torrent', whom I must also add bears an uncanny resemblance to the rather incompetent mage known 
as Torrent, whom I encountered in the Barony patrol, has managed to implant the magical/miraculous powers of the plane 
within the spheres - explaining the inability of the party to dispel their properties. 

Still request any information regarding to the item obtained from Lomax, would like to discern its properties. 

I intend to fully question the 'Torrent' who accompanies the party and if possible take him into the Borderlands, so these 
members of the 'Resistance' may also question him (his incompetence had managed to get him killed before we encountered the 

I am concerned about the capability of Major Darius to deal with situation in hand and would greatly appreciate it if you 
could pass on all information gathered by the patrol to the Baron or one of his staff. 

Guardian Feran Stormwatcher

Judge Lectus (16/03/2003)

Gish's Report

Demons, Dragons and Rabbits. A report by Gish the disowned. 

Copies freely available by request. 

Yesterday I accompanied the most boring Judge Lectus on his mission to meet a contact with information concerning a 
demonologist. In the party were Arduyne, Aurinyan, both of whom I have had the pleasure meeting before, Ventus (a human mage
like Torrent), Reg (a slightly annoying old elf who found it intensely funny to confuse me by pulling my hat over my face), 
Adiuvo (an earth mage who allowd me to fill my natural role as liberator with his magics) and the curious Mr Lame (a member 
of the Guild of Artificers). I donned my pristine new armour and took to protect this unusual party by the will of my 

Initially we encountered goblins whose threat we removed quite easily, they had some kind of tribal marking, badger pelt 
according to Arduyne. Lectus was incredibly boring didn't say much and wore brown! Because he was so stuck in his ways he 
found some reason to dismiss Adiuvo, and consequently there was some confusion over who was continuing with the mission and 
who wasn't (I think he got the wrong idea when I stated I wasn't under his command, I was fully wiling to carry on but I 
won't be commanded by any one). 

All this order nonsense was becoming very uninteresting so I decided to continue my experiment into mushroom concentrates, 
which yielded the most important of results. The potion as normal expanded my senses so I could see what is not possible 
without the potion. Whilst some of the party meditated I noticed a number of figures in the distance that fitted the 
description of the ethereal guards encountered in the Borderlands. I have not been able to see the guards before due to not 
having touched the spheres but the potion allowed me to see them. The area we were adventuring in was not that previously 
classified as the Borderlands but if the guards were there the area covered has expanded. I did not mention this to the party 
as it would have disturbed them I'm sure. I lost sight of the guards when an apparently friendly demon attacked me and made 
me incredibly ill. 

Some time after this I noticed the smell of the blueness around me becoming more and more unpleasant. It was mentioned to me 
that this would be the sky, what a stupid clour for the sky to be, purple would be more appropriate for it smells like 
chocolate. It was at this time I noticed the pink rabbit, which looked like Fluffy, my pet rabbit, except Fluffy is white. I 
wondered if this rabbit was actually a furry Dragon in disguise like Fluffy is. I tried to follow the rabbit but I lost it. 
We were attacked by more demons which I was able to counter quite capably with the help of the elven magics. It appears that 
one of the demons the rest of the party could not see, perhaps this was from the alternate reality that Biscuit talked about 
(surely though Arduyne and Aurinyan have touched the spheres so they would be able to see a Boderlands creature). 

Soon after this fight I saw the rabbit again, the rest of the party couldn't see this either, clearly the potion would be 
very useful in enabling the party to see invisible creatures. The party then went to rest and I saw the rabbit reveal its 
true identity as a small dragon. Unlike Fluffy this dragon was violent and attacked me but I was able to kill it with the 
help of the Goddess. Sometime after this the Priest of Bordedom met his friend who was much more interesting and we then 
went to meet the contact or deomologist or somebody, I wasn't quite sure by that stage. 

When we reached the vale we were attacked by a number of demons and whilst attacking one I blacked out. When I woke the fight 
was over and I felt considerably nauseous and had a bad headache I beleive that the black out and the sickness were side 
effects of the potion which I will try hard to remove. 

The conclusion of this report is that I would strongly advise that the rest of the party take my potion once it has reached 
a reliable and safe formulation in order to protect us from attacks from invisible enemies 

Adiuvo's Report

Concerning the activities of the Temple of Order.

It seems the Temple of Order are harboring outlanders with links to previous temples or groups of a similar form. As evidence 
consider my previosu escort mission to the outlying lands. We escorted a Judge of the temple to a meeting, which turned out 
to be a trap laid by a chaos priest for the Judge. All very typical human infighting so far, but the twist comes from the one 
who warned us of the trap. Another human, wielding a large blade yet claiming to be a Priest of Order and clearly being an 
old acquaintance, if not necessarily friend, of the Judge.

They discussed briefly the scattering of their group to all the corners of the world and how they were still hunted, were 
once hunted or were hunting their foes. I lost track of which. I'm not certain there is much of a distinction with humans, 

In conclusion, it seems the Temple or Order is drawing allies from the outlands, and thus new strength. This is of course a 
threat to elven supremacy as the Temples have always been a bastion of human strength, even prefering to recruit half orcs to 

We should pay close attention to their actions.

The Bronze Skeleton (23/03/2003)

Gish's Report

Fellow Seekers I write to tell of the recent events concerning the resurfacing of an ancient set of religions. 

Having heard rumours of oppression occuring in the region close to the Borderlands I headed to off to liberate those whose 
freedom was at risk. Upon reaching the area I was surprised to meet with High Master Vortex and Guard Captain G'Mord who it 
seems had been sent to retrieve the cows stolen from the farmers who were oppressed. When we entered the village the farmers 
seemed to be afraid of Master Vortex, we assured them they were safe and found out that a number of figures in black and 
their lackeys had been terrorising the area. 

We met with some resistance from those the villagers had spoken of but they were dispatched quickly by us after they demanded 
we leave "their" lands. We carried on in an attempt to find the chief oppressor and were met by a controller by undead. 
Master Vortex and G'Mord told me I should stay back, clearly they had not heard of my prowess in fighting the undead. We 
fought valiantly and I was temporarily incapacitated, but received healing from a priest of the Temple of Life 
(unfortunately I forgot to question him on the matter of my shoddy resurrection). Soon after my healing we found some more 
controllers of the dead who followed an ancient god called Elim. They confessed to worship of death and Master Vortex dealt 
with the infringement of Barony law in the way he saw best, dismemberment, decapitation, mutilation of bodies' etc. I would 
not usually condone such action but my limbs probably wouldn't have been intact if he hadn't patched me up during the course 
of the day. 

The villagers had told us there was a man in white following the men in black who had been oppressing them and we found him 
spying on some more of the priests of Elim. He explained that he worshipped a god of light that was opposed to the dark god 
Elim and he was kind enough to give us life healing. We dealt with the dark priests and Master Vortex went off to pray to his 
heathen deity. G'Mord and I rested and by chance met with a passing bard. He sang a song about G'Mord and agreed to partake 
in my experiment on the mushroom concentrate. While he was talking to us a ghoul snuck up and attacked us, paralysing G'Mord 
and the bard Flatyfuss. With the power the Goddess has granted me I was able to free them from that terrible affliction and 
we dealt with the ghoul in the appropriate way. Flatyfuss followed us, clearly to write a song about my valour in combat, 
sadly he died before my potion could take effect so I still have no record of the effects on other persons. 

Then we found the cows, the priests of Elim had them and threatened to kill them if we moved closer... we did...and they did. 
They raised the cows and used them as an unliving shield to prevent us from disrupting a ritual they were carrying out. We 
removed the cows from the equation, causing G'Mord much grief, and went forth to stop the ritual. Master Vortex strode 
forwards but fell over at the last moment allowing the ritual to be finished. I'm told that a giant bronze undead figure was 
created but I appear to have been incapacitated once again. Luckily the priest of light came back and healed me and brought 
the soul of Daisy the cow back and G'Mord led her back to the Barony. 

These new/old gods are very interesting as they followed a tripath arrangement of Life, Dark and Light unlike the nine paths 
that are conventionally agreed upon. Is there anything on these gods in the Library? or is this new knowledge? 

Yours Seeker Gish 

Vortex's Report

[To Buffy only]

Hello dear, you'll be glad to hear that I survived this mission. It seems your advice to concentrate on armouring miracles 
really helped. 

It was a rather odd mission, actually, now that I think about it, it was rather insulting too. With this rather unbelievable 
"Borderlands effect", it seems the pointless peace keeping missions are being left to such powerful individuals as myself. 
Not only that but Guard Captain G'Mord as well. Oh and a Freedom Priest, don't really know how he ended up there, guess he 
must have heard about the repressed villagers, or perhaps he was on a "bad trip".

Anyway, it seemed to be a rather standard affair. Go to village, scare off thugs, go home. But when we were briefed the 
mission suddenly became much more complicated. Well, as you may know, G'mord has a "thing" for cows, and during our brief it 
was revealed that a number of cows had been scared off by these thugs. From then on it was a personal mission for G'Mord. In 
any case I had little better to do so I decided to get some excersise and continue the mission.

As expected, when we found the village of Lower Twerton, the majority of the remaining villager ran away from me, however, 
G'Mord did manage to "persuade" a couple of them to hang around. It seemed other than the thugs and missing cows, there were 
a number of men in black robes being followed by a man in white. Obviously, I instantly thought Death priests or Necromancers, 
which is great, just the sort of people I like to kill. G'Mord was still far more interested in the cows but it seemed we 
were both going the same way anyway. The Freedom Priest was hanging around somewhere I think.

Soon we came across the thugs, they told us to get off their land, G'Mord assured them that it was his land, speaking for the 
Barony, and then we killed them. A couple ran off to get their friends and when they came back we killed them too. 
Essentially that was the mission complete but there were still the men in black, and, of course, the cows.

After venturing into the forest we came across a man who seemed to "summon" undead. Thats right, he didn't raise them from 
corpses, they just appeared from nowhere. Seemingly a necromancer, but he seemed to use the name of a deity, Alum or Elum 
perhaps. He was trying to fight until the bitter end, so I broke his arm. He still wouldn't tell us anything and then some 
more of these odd undead came along chasing a Life Priest, so I killed him, the necromancer that it. Then for some reason one 
of the undead cast a powerful dart against the necromancers corpse, somewhat like the magic the Shadow Lords used from what I 
can remember. We dealt with these undead, the Life Priest did what they do best, moan. He did, however, tell us about these
people on black stealing from graves. They were obviously looking for something. We then ventured further down the path from 
where the undead came.

Soon we came across a small group of men who claimed to be doing nothing wrong, a sure sign of guilt, and then admitted to 
following this Alum that the last "Necromancer" invoked in. G'Mord the used his /vast/ intellect to justify killing them all, 
it took some time but he got there eventually. Sure enough they also summoned these undead, so we were perfectly justified.

A little further on I noticed a very conspicuous patch of white, obviously the man in white, hiding off the path watching a 
number of the undead. I thought it best to have a word and find out just what was going on. It turns out that these men, and 
the man in white, don't use the 9 paths as we do, but follow three instead. From what I can tell the paths are roughly 
equivelent to Life, Anarchy, and Justice, though he called them Life, Dark, and Light. This seems rather accurate however, 
since the followers of Dark seemed to have limited Dark magic as well as Necromancy, whether this was true magic or divine 
miracles I cannot say. This man in white said that it would probably be a good idea for him to return to the Barony to warn
everyone about the followers of Alum. He was a much better healer than Mathonwy, by the way, either he was far more powerful, 
or his god didn't care about who was getting the healing...

After we had sent the man in white on his way and dispatched the undead I decided to rest, and see if I could drag any more 
power out of the Almighty. Apparently whilst I was aside praying, G'Mord managed to persuade a passing Bard to join the group. 
I, as you can imagine, wasn't best pleased about this, however, all G'Mord had to do was say one word, "bait". Perhaps he has
more intellegance than he demonstrates.

Fortunatly, our bait didn't last long, again, fortunatly, taking a song about G'Mord with him. I didn't kill him, it was 
another group of undead. We dealt with them too and then came across an open grave. As I approached the skeleton that was 
besides the grave predictably began to move, and many other corpses burst from the ground and started to attack us. It 
didn't really take much to finish them off, but it was obvious that something had been taken from the grave.

We moved pass the grave and up a hill and then in the distance we saw the cows and a figure in black. Unfortunatly, the man 
in black had a knife to the cows throat threatening to kill it if we came closer, I didn't have a problem with this, but 
G'Mord was not happy. It seems the man in black grew impatient and killed the cow anyway, and then proceeded to animate it.
This was amusing briefly until the zombie cows started attacking us. It tool a /long/ time to finish them off, especially 
with G'Mord initially refusing to attack the cows. But they fell eventually.

We turned the corner to witness a ritual being performed by a number of these men in black. Almost as a reflex, I charged 
past the guard in an attempt to stop them, but I fortunatly tripped just before they finished. I say fortunatly because had 
I got any closer I would surly have been caught in the death dealing blast that eminated from the centre of the group killing 
the ritualists and animating them as undead. A lucky escape. Unfortunatly, however, the ritual formed a large swirling black 
hole where undead repeatedly rose from. I couldn't see anyway to close it, so I just went about killing the undead as they 
appeared, after all there couldn't have been that many where ever they were coming from and I could have gone on for hours. 
Then a 12 foot bronze armour clad skeleton came out of the portal. It wasn't a huge problem, but I couldn't seem to hurt it. 
It didn't manage to hurt me either, but there wasn't anything I could do, so I let it walk off. It seems I was right about 
just fighting until the undead stopped coming, eventually the portal closed and everything was finished off, other than the 
giant skeleton.

Soon after, the follower of life returned chased by a number of undead, we dispatched them and proceeded to inform him what 
had just happened. It seems that once 4 of these enormous skeletons have been released they can work together to summon their 
god, Alum. I guess you will probably think this is a bad thing, so I thought I would tell you first. Well, that was it 
really, the only other thing that happened was the "re-consecration" of one of the cows and then its ressurection. A gross 
waste of power, but it seemed to make G'Mord happy. The others were beyond help. I think he said he was going to put the cow 
in his back garden, and seemed totally oblivious to everything else.

[from outside]

"Mooo! Mooo! MOOOOO!"

Oh no, it can't be...

[looks out of window]

NO! GET OUT OF THE F*CK#NG FLOWERBEDS! I wish sodding necromancers would be more carful about what they animate, the Plane of 
Tortured Souls is no place for livestock. Cretins.

[Grabs greatsword and mace and stomps into the garden...]

Borderlands: Guild of Artifacers III (30/03/2003)

Orchid's Report

Orchid's report to Craftsman Yang

Mr Yang, 
The sword that I got from your artifissers is really cool. I made it go all flamey like this: 
*invokes sword for third time that day*. 
*looks up with a beaming smile on his face which is quickly replaced by a grimace as if in pain* 
I'm sorry, I'm not feeling too good. I hurt all over, except for my legs, and mum's not going to be happy with me for making
my clothes all dirty. Anyway, we saw ratmen, and big plants out today. The fire from my new sword seemed to hurt them a lot 
though. We delivered the message for you, but some people said they weren't going to come. I don't know what they weren't 
going to come too, but I assume you know what that's all about. 
*sits down whimpering due to aching arms, aching chest, and feeling really bad due to low life*. 
Sorry if my clothes leave bloodstains everywhere. I let too many people hit me. 
*curls up in ball on chair, still feeling ill* 
(OOC - he's not diseased or poisoned or anything, it's just that if you are on 1 life, you aren't really going to feel at 
your peak of health are you!!) 


What I Did On My Fifth Mission - Ranger Orchid's Report filed under cakes in the Pathfinder Library

It was my birthday, and mum gave me cakes to take along to the rest of the patrol group. I think they liked them, although I
did end up with one spare at the end. They also liked the look of my new sword. While we were eating cake in Carefree, the 
buildings started falling down around us, and everyone started running and screaming and stuff. I didn't, coz I have advanced 
training in "how not to panic" so I was able to stand there and watch. I think the rest of the patrol group must have been to 
those lectures coz they stood and watched too. 

After the buildings all fell down, we went off to find the heads of lots of druid folk as Mr Yang had asked us to. Soon after 
we had left the village, we met some things I had never seen before. Murderer Montoya said that they were Gazelles, and he 
tried to teach me how to track them, and how to tell which were male and female coz males have big shoulders and are thin, 
and females have small shoulders and are fat. Then we met some Rat men. One of them made my arm bleed, although Marshal 
Liana and Marshal Attarax were able to patch it up for me. After fighting off the rat men we went into the forest, and we 
met an animal druid. He was sleepy, and I don't think he wanted to read the message we had for him. A bit further on, we met
some hard planty things. I was hitting them, and blocking them, and hitting them some more, but then one nearly knocked my 
arm clean off, and the next thing I remember is sitting in a tree, and Murderer Montoya telling me not to get up until I was
fully healed. It was scary coz I didn't know where I was. There were some friendly druids around who had apparently made the
tree heal me. My right arm and left leg were covered in blood stains though, and mum had told me not to get covered in blood. 
She hasn't grounded me yet, but I bet she will. After that, I went back with Murderer Montoya to the party. He then murdered
one of the druids who wasn't hurting him. I asked the party if I could not follow his orders any more, and Marshal Liana and
Marshal Attarax said that I didn't have to anymore. Mr Stormwatcher said that I didn't have to either. I still followed 
their orders though. I went back to the druids to say thankyou to them for saving my life, but they weren't happy to see me 
anymore, although I can understand that. I also apologised but they didn't want to hear it. We went round the grove, and 
moved on to see another druid. He read the letter, although I don't know what came of it. 

After that, we moved on, and were attacked by more Rat men. We beat them easily, and met a druid in what is called "Cloud 
Form" and he read the note. We then followed him to his cave so that other party members could meditate and pray. I kept 
look out, along with Rawlra, and we took down about 5 or 6 Ratmen on our own who threatened the party. Rawlra got a disease,
but I was able to cure it. After that, we left the cave and started making our way back to the Barony. We were attacked by 
more ratmen, and also a big ratty thing that was three rats with their tails tied together. I don't remember much about that 
fight, but I woke up covered in more blood (mum really isn't going to be happy) and with a disease. I had just got up when 
the disease took hold, and I fell over again. I was lying on the floor for about 25 minutes while Marshal Liana, Marshal 
Attarax and Mr Feran tried to work out how best to pick me up. They eventually managed it, and we came back, meeting a druid 
called Furfoot on the way. 

I know I'm supposed to follow everyone's orders at the moment, and I know that Mr Montoya is a pathfinder, but I would like 
to request that I do not have to follow his orders any more because he is a murderer who murdered the druids who saved my 
life. Marshal Liana isn't happy with him either. 

Ranger Orchid

Rawl'ra's Report

[Verbal report to Cold Front and the other Druids. After going back to the healing tree.] 

*mew* *mew* 
*licks paw and cleans face* 
*licks paw and cleans face again* 
*lays down* 
*remembers the other Druid standing there* 
*gets back up* 
*brushes self down* 

Ahem, Rawl'ra have bad news. Baron people meet with Druid Furfoot and make friend with him, they say he Dark but they make 
deal and promise he safe with them. 

They all carry metal, one of them even made of metal and one of them killed the Tree Druid, even after they helped him and 
friends. I don't know what happened but, they're bad. 

Rawl'ra watch Baron people so they not hurt nature or Druids more and report back to groves. Rawl'ra keep eye on the black 
forest in the storm lands, Baron people know much but respect nothing, need guidance. 

The wild calls Rawl'ra. Rawl'ra hunt now. 

*runs off* 
*sees nice soft patch of grass in the sun* 
*lays down* 
*falls asleep* 

Atarax's Report

Verbal Report in conversation with Craftsman Yang 

Firstly I wish to ask, does and did the Guild of Artificers welcome Dark Duids and Necromancers to their cause? This is the 
second of your missions in which the party has been asked to engage these characters in a friendly manner. (Although I 
appreciate that to do so today was our own choice and somewhat forced on us by circumstances) 

Also, you may be interested to know that the flaming sword you sold to Ranger Orchid appears to have the power to either 
banish or consume in some way demonic creatures. I witnessed myself a fire demon touch the weapon and disappear. Apparently 
the same effect was observed in another fire demon and in some earth based demonic creature. 

The other information about the patrol I guess you have from elsewhere, please feel free to contact me later if I can be 
of any further assistance.

Liana's Report

Verbal Report to Craftsman Yang

*hands somewhat crumpled piece of parchment back to him*

Well, we delivered the message to all the druid sects in the area. Most of them weren't interested. There was an... 
unfortunate incident... with the tree druids. There was a misunderstanding and one of them was killed but I think I managed 
to sort things out. The only druid interested in your offer came back with us as far as what used to be the Borderlands edge
but I have to inform you that he's a dark druid. Some of us have encountered him in the past using the name Furfoot but he 
says that he doesn't answer to that anymore. We wouldn't have dealt with him except for the fact that we're in such a state 
that we couldn't have survived if we'd fought him. Those woods are full of shambling mounds and rat creatures.


Knight High Marshal Justen

Once again I report to you regarding a mission into the Borderlands on behalf of the Guild of Artificers. As before, the 
patrol group met the guild's representative in the village of Carefree. Just as the craftsman had finished briefing us about
their mission (the delivering of a message to the various groups of druids settling in the area) a terrible thing happened. 
A strange feeling passed over me, as when crossing into the Borderlands and then buildings began to fall apart before my eyes. 
It was as if the Borderlands was extending its reach further into the Barony. Priests from the local temples quickly 
organised the villagers and guided them away from the area - it seems that somehow, despite the destruction there were no 
casualties - and the patrol group was requested to continue with its mission regardless.

We headed away from what had once been Carefree and quickly encountered a strange, almost cat-like being by the name of 
Rawl'ra. It transpired that he was a druid and he told us he could lead us to the other druids. Shortly afterwards, we again 
encountered a group of the rat creatures that seem to plague this area but they were quickly dealt with.

We continue onwards, meeting another animal druid and then were attacked by demons. Except, they didn't fully attack anyone 
but merely dealt subdual damage to those wielding magical weapons from the Guild of Artificers and disappeared as soon as 
they touched said weapons. This happened again later in the day with much the same results. However, then came the first 
attack from a number of plant creatures. Ranger Orchid was badly injured in this fight and we met the next group of druids 
as they came to find if we needed assistance. Explaining that they were intending to create a healing tree by ritual the 
tree druids carried Orchid away, accompanied by Pathfinder Montoya whilst others of the patrol prayed or meditated.

Then, came about a dreadful tragedy based on a misunderstanding. The druids explained to us that they would prefer it if no 
metal entered their grove and as most of us wore metal armour or carried metal weapons we entered into some discussion. Then 
Master Interfector decided to ignore their request and walked straight past them. The druids followed to prevent him entering 
their grove and I heard them 'entangle' him. However, Pathfinder Montoya, who had not been party to our discussion returned 
from where he had been scouting to see one of the druids standing over Master Interfector's prone body. Not realising what 
was happening he attacked the druid in what he must have thought was defence of a patrol member. Unfortunately, he used the 
most lethal of his attacks and slit the druid's throat, killing him outright. I was able to prevent him from doing the same 
to the druid's friend and then had to deal with the consequences of his hasty actions. Removing my armour and laying aside my 
sword, I went to speak with the druids, trusting in the powers of Justice to protect me. Despite their obvious grief for 
their friend and anger at Pathfinder Montoya, they seemed to accept my apologies and I told them that if they required 
assistance they should travel to the Temple of Justice. Let me take all responsibility for this should I have informed them 

This regrettable incident passed, we move on to meet with elementalist and weather druids, dealing with more of these plant 
creatures, or 'shambling mounds' as one druid described them. Also, we encountered more rat creatures, some protecting what 
looked like three ratmen with tails tied together, which Wizard Xandriel said was a rat-king. This fight left much of the 
group injured and the priests with no further healing.

It was at this point that we came across a familiar face. Some of us had encountered the druid, Furfoot, on an earlier 
mission and we knew that he was a dark druid. Remembering what he and his friends had been capable of previously, and 
guessing that he was the creator of the shambling mounds we had fought I felt that our only option was diplomacy. I passed 
him the Guild of Artificers message and promised him protection for the rest of the journey back to the Barony providing he 
offered us the same. I had hoped to be able to bring him to the Temple but he insisted that he'd wait on the edge of the 

Unusually we encountered none of the ethereal guards in this area. I wonder if this fact and the seeming expansion of the 
Borderlands region are related.

Hoping that this is of assistance.

Yours in Justice,

Marshal Liana


Statement regarding Pathfinder Montoya

Several members of the patrol group were talking to the tree druids whom we had been sent to meet whilst Pathfinder Montoya 
was off scouting ahead. The tree druids were explaining to us that they did not want metal brought into their grove and, as 
most of us wore metal armour or carried metal weapons we were trying to work out how best to get past. Then Master 
Interfector decided to ignore their request and walked straight past them. The druids followed, presumably to prevent him 
entering their grove, and I heard them 'grip' or maybe 'trip' and then 'entangle' him.

At this point, Pathfinder Montoya, who had not been party to our discussion returned from where he had been scouting to see 
one of the druids standing over Master Interfector's prone body. Clearly not realising what was happening he attacked the 
druid in what he must have thought was defence of a patrol member. Unfortunately, he used the most lethal of his attacks and 
slit the druid's throat, killing him outright.

I was able to prevent him from doing the same to the druid's friend and then went to try and make amends with the druids.. 
Removing my armour and laying aside my sword, I went to speak with the druids, trusting in the powers of Justice to protect 
me. Despite their obvious grief for their friend and anger at Pathfinder Montoya, they seemed to accept my apologies and I 
told them that if they required assistance they should travel to the Temple of Justice.

Obviously this is where your inquiry comes in. In defence of Pathfinder Montoya's actions I must reiterate that he was 
unaware of how the situation had come about and therefore could only make any decision based on what he could see. I realise 
also that what he would have seen must have looked suspicious, especially as many of the group were concerned about the 
presence of dark druids following earlier attacks on us by shambling mounds.

However, Pathfinder Montoya had also seen this very druid taking part in a ritual which healed Ranger Orchid and the druids 
had shown us nothing but friendship until this point. Furthermore, Pathfinder Montoya chose to use an attack which he must 
have known would have killed the druid rather than any of the other things he could have done which would have been less 

In conclusion, I do not feel that I can entirely condemn Pathfinder Montoya's actions as he was simply acting within his duty 
as a pathfinder to protect other party members, but neither can I condone the method he used or his lack of forethought in 
this action.

Yours in Justice,

Marshal Liana

Borderlands: The Magic Box (06/04/2003)

Silvanus's Report

As the last remaining life rains out of his body, readily given in defence of the forest, Silvanus's soul begins its ascent 
into the afterlife. Confused as he was, a Druid he forever remained, and as such had always led a good life, one that surely
deserved rest. It was not long until Silvanus found himself among the trees, truly one with them. A serene feeling of 
contentment he found here, while he knew all his trees were going to be alright. Strange to Silvanus was why he could not 
sense Tree-Marshal Liana or Tree-Friend Montoya, as all trees reside in this ethereal plane in some form. No matter, the 
feeling of bliss was such he had no worry for their wellbeing. 
Suddenly, an invading force. Not evil, but unwelcome nonetheless. Tendrils of supernatural, belonging to a being of 
inconceivable power invaded this home-of-trees, reaching for Silvanus, inescapably reaching and tearing him from paradise.
Silvanus wakes in the Temple of Life, where Healers explain how he has been resurrected at the request of the Barony Patrol.
The only thing that converts Silvanus's rage and distress into words of gratitude are the constant reminder of the last 
words he heard/read/saw from the trees: Protect and Serve us well. You will ascend again!


Now that I have recovered from my brief visit to tree-heaven, it is time to plan vengeance on these so-called Jackals. Such 
abuse of tree-kind cannot be tree-lerated. Unfortunately I have underestimated their abilities. I am not a tree of combat, 
and I rely on nature to slow down threats and neutralise enemies. These Jackals however use their dark incantations to aid 
them against nature's wrath. 

Today I hunted down some of these Jackals, and one in their number remembered me from last time. He began with his insults on 
how useless I was, and then started on the trees again. He had a different view of me when he and all his friends were on the 
floor, with all their limbs engulfed in the earth however! I took all their weapons and was just about to destroy them when I 
noticed another approaching. On gripping him however he merely waved his hand and the earth let go! I the tried freezing him, 
but that didn't work either. He rushed up to me, grabbed hold of my arm and his mere touch nearly tore my arm off entirely! I 
made a tactical retreat, and as I looked back I saw him using his evil powers to free his brethren. I tried to call on the 
trees to heal my arm, but I could not concentrate enough to ask them nicely enough, so all I could do was stagger to the 
barony for aid. Granted they do have their uses, even if they do hurt nature on occasion.

I feel I will need help if I am to teach these horrid un-tree-like people a lesson!

Today went much nicer for the trees and not so nice for these Jackal people. They did not have their treeless priest with 
them today! 

I found a small band of them hiding behind some trees to ambush a travelling merchant! HOW DARE THEY USE TREES FOR SUCH EVIL! 
Maybe they will become dark druids one day, and them I will have to kill them. Until then, they are still natures creatures,
so I only punished them. They made a dash for the merchant, but all four of them found out they were stuck to the floor 
before they even came close! Then I rusted all their nasty weapons and left them to comtemplate their actions. 

The merchant was very startled, and thanked me for saving his life. He offered me a reward for my "heroic actions", but I 
refused, informing him that I serve only the trees, and that is reward enough! 

He then insisted I take a small bag of coins for my troubles. He was indeed a good man, for I know how much these shiny 
things mean to most people. I had to accept the bag, although what exactly I should do with them I dont know. after all, the
trees see to all and any needs /I/ require... 

Borderlands: Anarchy (13/04/2003)

Seyenne's Report

Report to Drift: 
Firstly I am aware that it seems I have been absent for some few days now. Perhaps in explaining the events of the mission 
on which I was sent I can clarify the reasons for this. Then again perhaps not. 
The mission started off reasonably quiet compared to some I have attended. The first few groups we encountered were nothing 
more out-of-the-ordinary than humans and half-elves.
They were well equipped for the wilds of the borderlands, indeed claiming that the land we wished to traverse was in fact 
theirs, but they proved to be only a minor threat. Once into the forest the waves of undead started to appear. An unusally 
large number even for the Borderlands. However with two Humacti and a paladin we had little to worry about even then. 
As we reached a large clearing, we saw something that was truly unnerving. There were more undead here, but they appeared to 
be fighting ghosts, invisible opponants, and losing. Somehow one of the party members discovered that by writing on a fallen
body with a knife we could communicate with these unseen adversaries, who turned out to be the hunting party we were sent to
search for. 
Even stranger was that after sitting around this body having a carved conversation for a few moments, we were suddenly able 
to see the pathfinder sergeant who had been talking to us, as well as the rest of the hunting party. They also claim they had 
been away scant hours, not days.
Eventually we worked out that by getting our group's attention with "floating" rocks, messages in pebbles and twigs and in 
some cases picking up the fallen undead and waving at our party with the bodies (that was the paladin, incidentally) we were
able to "bring them through" to whenever we were.
I say whenever, because clearly we were in the same geographical location, we just couldn't see each other and if the hunting 
party was telling the truth, time was running differently for them. 
I am as yet unsure what caused this effect. There were chaos priests operating in the area, or so we were told, and perhaps it was their doings but I have no idea how such a thing would be possible. 
I also would like to discuss certain matters concerning Ranger Orchid with you, but this should perhaps be done privately.
For once I do not wish to simply complain about lack of discipline, as apart from one or two major but isolated incidents, he 
did significantly better this time than I have seen before.
I imagine that by now he has spoken to Hazelwick, and possibly also yourself, about certain events which transpired at the 
end of the mission, and it is this matter I wish to discuss. If you would contact me or let me know when would be a good time 
to talk, perhaps over a drink, I would be grateful.

Borderlands: Guild of Artifacers IV (04/05/2003)

Biscuit's Report

mad healing autonima. presumably vekk's tower continues to decay under the borderlands effect and it escaped from its normal
rest routine... maybe vekk had it on hand to heal him if his researches went wrong and he hurt himself certainly seamed of a
single purpose... was the only one which actually stopped- the 'warrior' autonima just sunk into 'unconscious' state. insane
healer broke utterly. 

autonima making autonima out of nothing and carrying a sweetie box. 
Urgh? waste of power, waste of sweeties. 
Unless manufacture autonima was most advanced and vekk used it as a sort of butler, lab tech and lieutenant. That kinda fits.
I had hoped that the sweetie box was something to do with its autonima-making power. but no luck. 

Order priest. WTF? 'get off of my land'. I didn't get the impression /he/ knew why he was saying that. I checked and one of 
his minions was there of free will, or at least of obligation and fear, and not mental domination. from the hits he was 
giving, not a Judge, might still have a boss somewhere... 
seemed to have some argument with the barony. Very boring in his way, we couldn't really get him tto say anything more than 
‘get off my land'. 

Skeletal hand grabbing thieving guy's 'talisman'. might have been some sort of basic anti-magic item defence made by vekk...
from the rest of the autonima, doesn't seam his style though... 

uhhh yeah, met a strange order preist claiming the land around the ruins of Vekk's tower. smolt him mightilly for being a 
very boring man, but he got away. He was hitting things so I don't think he's Temple of Mediority member... still he didn't 
really seam to have any sane reason for wanting to life in the borderlands, and I can't think of any of the other type for 
anyone wanting to life there... its interesting certainly, but I don't think anyone could possibly be powerful enough to 
live there... I'm not, and I've been trining there for as long as its existed. 

any news I need to hear? anything on the ordery people? 

Vernon's new arm- I want a look. and a poke around, hopefully while he's unconscious. poking may hurt him. or not; dunno if 
pain is wired up. 

Magical Healing- The autonima playing O's and Xeses could heal people. it was not miraculous, unless I checked wrong, but 
auriniyan said highly magical. something to tell Haven and Sorin if I ever see them again. 

So did the mad healing autonima, although I didn't get aurinyan to check it for magic. 

No wild animals around at all. there /were/ a surprising number of bandits, all of whom claimed to live there. for people who 
could survive out there, they were remarkably weak, like not capable of taking the eight of us single handed in less than a 
minute. it must be the lack of wild life making the living easy. wussy bandits.

Aurinyan's Report

To Pathfinder Commander Drift, 

I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the actions of one Pathfinder Derrus. 

The pathfinder had particularly failed in two regards: 

1) He aggravated an already angry but not aggressive group of treasure hunters putting the patrol in danger and Paladin Flash 
in a difficult moral position. 

2) and more seriously he decided to scale and then jump of a 40 ft wall and thereby preceeded to break both his legs and 
therefore totally incapacitate himself. To make matters worse the party had already gained safe passage throught the guardian 
golems, so there was no need to climb over the wall, and was just afterwards attacked by a series of very hard golems. This 
lack of judgement not only made the fight more difficult but also resulted in the loss of a potential sourse of healing. 
Which was vital to the party. 

I leave it up to you to decide the suitable course of action. 

On a side note Pathfinder Arduyne showed great improvement in more difficult situations and showed a more intelligent use of
force. Using the minimum force required to deal with a dangerous individual. 

Sorry to disturb you. 


[shown to Biscuit ONLY] 

(written on paper with a series of multicoloured light spells running on it as well as an aura) 

Biscuit I am so very sorry for accidentally having a go at you when i was annoyed with the party on sunday. 

I apprieciate that you were in a difficult situation and had done exceptionally well to stay upright. Something that even i 
failed to do. I guess you can probably understand why i was annoyed but thats no excuse for my actions. 

So to really apologise for my actions i am giving you featherfoot (attached) but would ask that if you can ever not make it 
on a patrol that i am on that you could lend it to me on the saturday to use. 

Very very sorry again 


[shown to Aduivo ONLY] 

Hello, sorry for bother you. 

I am beginning to see what you mean about these humans with only a couple of notable exceptions my opinion of them has 
steadily dropped with time. To think that on my last mission i was of the few left standing during a major fight, and thats 
to say i had done my best to power up the rest of the party. 

If you have some time I would like to dicuss this matter in more detail 


Borderlands: Orchid By Any Other Name (11/05/2003)

Seyenne's Report

Memo to Hazelwick: 
We found Orchid, as by now you presumably already know. He was not in a good way when we found him, and I refer not only to 
the visible bruises but to the deep running emotional scars this week will have left on him. Usually I am less than 
sympathetic to his sulking but I think given the state he was in and what he appears to have been through, he could do with 
a little lee-way at least for a few days. It appears this particular predicament was not one he was capable of getting 
himself out of. 


Memo to commander Drift: 
A brief report on my latest foray into the Borderlands. 
The ratman infestation continues, though they seem to be somewhat scarcer than on previous missions. It is possible that the 
rather large party of bandits taking refuge in the area we were patrolling had something to do with this. 
We also encountered a group of dark druids apparantly associating themselves with snakes. We took out those we saw, but I do
not know if there are any more out there. It may be worth investigating. 
Perhaps most importantly, we came across some people impersonating Pathfinders. They were facing off against the patrol group
sent out shortly after us, and we took a while to identify the genuine patrol as both groups claimed to have the same brief, 
sent by the same commander. I believe the imposters have been delivered to the temple of justice for questioning, and I would 
suggest talking to the genuine patrol group be consulted upon their return as they may be able to yield some more information. 

Brend's Report

Guard Captain Anonimous,

I am pleased to report the return, in reasonable health, of Pathfinder Sergeant Orchid, along with the whole of the ransom. I 
believe that the gang who kidnapped him were all killed, although I did not witness the completion of that part of the 
mission, having been left to guard Pathfinders Orchid and Seyenne, and some of the local druids. 

Yours, with honour,
Gladiator Brend Arturus


To: Major Darius, High Master Celeratus


I write to you with regard to Master Interfector, of the Temple of Might. I am concerned that his behaviour in the field 
shows a remarkable lack of discipline. He appears to take a delight in bullying certain members of the patrol group, and a 
tendency to ignore the designated chain of command. I am sure that as gentlemen experienced in the arts of warfare, you will
understand my concerns in this area, since Master Interfector's behaviour is approaching the point where it could be 
considered to pose a threat to the success of missions in which he participates. 

In particular, Master Interfector's attitude to Pathfinder Sergeant Seyenne is a matter for some concern. During the recent 
expedition to rescue Ranger Orchid from kidnappers in the Borderlands, I witnessed an incident in which Master Interfector 
took a noticeable detour en route to a fight, apparently for the sole purpose of pushing Sergeant Seyenne from her feet. He 
then shouted at her for taking up too much of the party's healing. At that point, Sergeant Seyenne had neither needed nor 
requested such healing. I can understand his frustration at the incompetence shown by some of the Pathfinders in the 
Borderlands patrol group, but Master Interfector's actions were those of a surly child, not of a noble warrior. 

My understanding (having seen some of their members in action) is that the Temple of Might values discipline, propriety and 
fighting ability in at least as much regard as does my own guild, the Gladiators. Master Interfector, good as he is with a 
weapon in hand, lacks both honour and discipline. 

I am told (and forgive me if my information is incorrect) that two of the tenets held in high regard by the Temple of Might 
are showing respect to superiors, and taking responsibility for inferiors. Master Interfector falls short on both of these 

Master Interfector shows a lot of raw talent. However, just as steel must be forged into an effective weapon, so, I feel, 
does Master Interfector need shaping between the anvil of honour and the hammer of discipline. 

Yours, with honour,
Gladiator Brend Arturus

Interfector's Report

To Pathfinder Commander Drift, 

It has come to my attention that two of your pathfinders, Orchid and Seyenne, are unfit to be allowed on patrols, indeed, 
expulsion from the pathfinders seems necessary if the party is to be allowed to carry out its missions. 

Orchid has been childish and irrational on patrols for some time, acting more like an infant rather than an adult. This 
situation was exacerbated on the mission to rescue him, to the extent he was acting very aggressive to those attempting to 
cure him of the poison he was afflicted with. He appeared in no condition to fight and yet started yelling at the party when
we fought the enemy in a location removed from him. 

Seyenne has apparently no skill at all, blundering through the undergrowth like a herd of wild trolls on the rampage. She has
no skill with the weapons she carries, and no grace at all. How she manages to dodge anything faster than a speeding snail is 
frankly beyond me. Despite all this, she charges straight at the enemy, demonstrating none of the enviable skirmishing 
prowess demonstrated by those such as Arduyne, and takes damage she is not equipped to deal with. I am sure you can 
understand that without the armour and miracles to protect herself she takes more damage than the warriors or priests do in 
combat, with far less result than said fighters. 

She also appears attached to Orchid to the point where she is unable to carry out anything even with her complete lack of 
ability when he is in distress. When he was at his most sulky and aggressive, rather than forcing him to act in a matter 
befitting his status, she pandered to his whims and held him in her arms. I do not know the rules of your organisation on 
affection between comrades, but I feel that these two should be kept separate while on duty to prevent their affection 
degrading their all too meagre abilities. 

Do not take these words as criticism of the pathfinders. But you must act to prevent needless loss of life among those who 
defend the barony. 

Silvanus' Report

This Message can be found scrawled on trees by anyone who is lucky enough and takes walks into the borderlands... 

Dear Trees! 

Yes, Terday was not a very happy day for me and ewe! The man who calls himself 'flash' got almost violent when I tried to 
explain that the trees were the root to his Gods powers! I was told by other tree druids that he was a heathen and should be
given up on, but I no you want me too spread your word... He does not have the will of the trees Eye think. 

Also, after rescuing Little Orchid from certain doom, he proceeded to threaten me with violence because I brought a flower to 
heal his poisoning. He is not the boy I thought he was, and I now sea why he is not allowed on missions. He is not at all one 
with nature. 

It just goes to show that Rawll'wa is right. These barony folk are a murderous and violent bunch who really have know place 
with nature. I will continue to show them your greatlyness, but they I am sure will soon turn to violence against me - they 
have already murdered one tree druid, but I no you want me too at least try! 

These transgressions are of little consequences when compared to the FAR GREATER EVIL ANS SCOURGE FOUND YESTERDAY THOSE DARK

further ramblings about how all dark druids will die follow 

Borderlands: Guild of Artifacers V (18/05/2003)

Orchid's Report

What I did on my First Practical Examination for my Final Exams at Pathfinder College 
- Ranger Orchid's report to the Pathfinders. 

We met Craftsman Yang, who was slightly disappointed that the bodyguard party wasn't bigger, and set off into the Borderlands. 
We first encountered some undead, who I didn't charge at. Paladin Flash and Feran Stormwatcher were good at dealing with them,
and I was ordered to stay with Craftsman Yang to make sure that he didn't get hurt. After that we met a Demon who was 
ordering some Goblins around, and he was making them attack us. He then attacked us, and kept making people slow or frozen. 
Again, I was mainly with Craftsman Yang having been ordered to protect him, but I tried to get the Demon's attention 
occasionally so that Mr Interfector and Paladin Flash could get clear shots at it. After that, we met some earth elementals 
who after taking a bit of a beating from us, disappeared into the ground. Xandriel said that he could tell us where they were 
if we wanted and that he could get them out of the ground again, but Paladin Flash and Craftsman Yang decided it would be 
better if we moved on. We went into some woods, and met some plant creatures. They were dealt with swiftly and efficiently, 
although Paladin Flash did tell me off a bit for not getting out of his way in time as he was backing up the path. I was 
parrying for him though so that he didn't get hit much. After that, we met a Demon who had a sprite and two earth elementals 
near him. Whilst he was talking with Craftsman Yang and Paladin Flash, I scouted round the nearby area to make sure it was 
safe. I almost ran headlong into another Demon who was hidden in the bushes, but I think we were both surprised by me 
suddenly getting there that I was able to get away before the demon could do anything. 
The sprite then came with us in the party for a bit, although he was getting thrown around a lot by Mr Interfector, so it 
came as no surprise that a bit later on the sprite attacked Mr Interfector and killed him. Just before that happened, we met 
up with the demon who I had seen earlier, and it appeared that she was the one that Yang wanted to talk to. They disappeared, 
apparently for 4 hours, and then we were attacked by more undead. Xandriel and Torrent were soon paralysed, and Paladin Flash 
ordered my to guard them and keep my eyes open to make sure that were weren't attacked from behind. However, a shadow soon 
turned up and started taking people down. At one point, it was only Breeze, Feran and I still standing and Feran's arms 
weren't working either. Since the Shadow was investigating the bodies on the floor, I decided that I had to try and do 
something in case he did nasty things to them. I got a few hits in and managed to hold the shadow off for a moment, but then 
stumbled and got weaknessed and diseased at the same time. Once Xandriel had recovered from his paralysis and weakness, he 
got rid of the disease from me, and I was able to use my limited healing powers to help get the party standing up again. 
Then a goblin came down and said that there was a nasty fire demon up a slope that was burning her village. We went up to 
help, and not only was there demons, but there was a troll as well, and zombies. The troll broke my leg with one hit, and I 
don't remember much more of the fight, except for invoking my firefriend sword for Paladin Flash to use against the troll. 
The goblin then set my leg, as I couldn't reach the break myself, and the pain subsided. This was strange as I had not 
actually been healed at the time. 
Then I saw bandits coming towards me again. They were the same ones as before, with green neckerchiefs and everything, but 
they suddently disappeared when Feran slapped me round the face. They came back once more, but disappeared again. I'm not 
sure how I got healed, but I saw an Angelic figure before me who appeared to pump me full of healing. My leg was mended again 
afterwards, and after a little more healing we were able to move on. Mr Interfector was also resurrected by the Angelic 
figure apparently. After that, we moved on to rest and pray. Before I could do that however, we were attacked by a fire demon 
and an air demon. The fire demon stole my sword. I wanted to go get it back, but Paladin Flash wouldn't let me coz he said it 
would be too dangerous and I would only get myself killed. I was upset about it coz it was my birthday present not too long 
ago, but I followed Flash's orders and didn't chase down the demon. After Praying and resting, we started back to meet Yang 
and the demon. 
However, we met some more zombies and another Demon. We were able to defeat the demon only with the help of Yang and the 
Demon who he was talking with, and after that we set off back home. We saw the Demon who had the sprite and the earth 
elementals with him again, but this time they just attacked. The sprite turned towards Torrent and Breeze, and I shouted at 
them to run coz I knew the sprite was dangerous. I started running towards the sprite to try and get it's attention, but 
Torrent failed to run and tried to fight it, and fell over, dead. I tried to get to him in time, but he was too far away from 
me. Breeze thankfully managed to escape. Thanks to Xandriel constantly blowing up the Demon's weapon, we were able to defeat 
it reasonably easily. Then we came home.

Torrent's Report

Today the party escorted one Craftsman Yang of the guild of artificiers into the borderlands to meet with a demon. This 
occurance was occasioned to the revelation that master Craftsman Leafson turned out to be a domonicist of some considerable 
power and was using the force of demons to create his artifacts. 

This being said we fought off several waves of enthralled goblins and undead as we approached the forest. We also encountered 
a powerful water demon on whom spells to trip had no effect. Also encountered were some earth elementals on whom the powers 
to trip did have an effect. These creatures fought fiercely until wounded nigh unto death whereupon they sank into the earth 
and thus escaped us. 

In the forest the party was occasioned to fight with some plant creatures as well as too treat with an elamental demon. The 
elamental demon retrieved from master Interfector his mace and returned it's powerto himself. It then requested, nay demanded, 
that we recover the other items made by his power. 

We passed on from that place accompanied by an accursed sprite of which I will tell more later. We guided Craftsman Yang to 
the Demon of war he was supposed to be meeting and the pair of them withdrew themselves to talk. 

It was after this that the real trouble began. We were attacked by waves of undead including ghouls which paralysed many of 
the party including myself. As the paralysis wore off a shadow attacked causing many of us, again myself included, to fall to 
the floor having no strength to stand. It was after this that the real trouble started as master Interfector, who had been 
repressing the sprite since it joined tha party, was attacked and killed by the said sprite while resting. The sprite fled 
our retribution as we were too weak to do more. 

It was during this incident a curious thing happened, for as i was paralysed Biscuit put his cloak about me and I was dragged 
next to Xandriel who was in the same state as was the sprite. However the cloak appears to have some protective property as 
both Xandriel and the sprite were attacked while unable to move yet I was spared. I must ask Biscuit about this and thank him 
for his deed. 

Thereupon a goblin appeared and used much power to heal many members of the party while informing us of fire demons in it's 
home valley. 

Upon reaching said valley we were attacked by several waves of fire goblins and a troll. These were repulsed with great cost 
and then a wall of fire appeared being driven by an air spell. Myself and other party members being in a poor way were 
rescued and dragged to safety while Breeze cast a similar air spell to halt the flames. While the flames were halted the 
caster of the air spell was killed but Breeze dropped into a deep Coma. Then as the party were collecting themselves together 
a group of foul crows attacked the party causing some damage before being driven away by an angel who provided healing and 
revived Breeze and resurrected Interfector before departing but being visibly weakened. 

Then after we were attacked by air elementals and fire demons who were driven away the only noteworthy occurance being their 
theft of Orchid's sword. 

After resting we were attacked by foul undead who caused several of us to once again feel great lack of physical strength. 
These were defeated and Craftsman Yang appeared. Then entered the Earth Demon with the sprite who exhorted them to attack. 
He himself then chased me down and cut me in half and then all I remember is being resurrected by Craftsman Yang.

Biscuit's Report

by the time the effects of being lame wore off, a little goblin thingie had come up to us and was bouncing about its village
being destroyed by some sort of firey thing. We said we'd try to help, because it was lovely and it did heal us lots, but 
only try because we felt rather lame and xandrial was oiout of power. 

anyhow, there were angery goblins that wern't from the vilage and were doing firey things. I threw dice at them so they 
didn't finish their spells. and a troll, which kept getting back up again. and then there was a big wall of fire that we all
ran away from it, for no particular resason, taking the troll with us. one of the firey goblin-things stole my cloak, but it
seams to have turned up again. breeze stoperd the fire for a bit, but then he fell over... we must find a way to stop him doing that. 

met water demon that was bullying goblins, which were unfortunately lame and incable of resisting its power. I wonder why it
wanted to do that? its hardly a productive way to spend your time. 

I ran round the back of the fire and poked the fire goblin things and the greumpy gusty thing ran past me; the little goblin
healer had hit it. she was all balancy, and it had hurt her i guess. 

then some big birds flew overhead and pelted us with shit and my armour became crap, oh and torrent fell over and an angel 
turned up. he was friendly but well up himself. Anyhow he smolte the birds mightilly kept healing people, which was nice. 

we ran off to find somewhere safe to pray for a bit but then some demons came along and blinded us and threw stuff at us and
one of them hit me with a sort of airblast thing and they made us all blind and nicked some of the stuff from the artificers. 
Then we prayed for a bit... it was fun. 

grumpy so-called preist of evil... i think orchid said he recognized it as being a deamon... it was rather mean and all 'my 
minions this' and 'my minions the other' 

well, the dark shadowy thing was rather nasty, but yang turned up and hit it, the demon he'd been chatting with turned up to,
she seemecdd rather rushed... maybe she didn't like this plane much. 

met water demon that was bullying goblins, which were unfortunately lame and incable of resisting its power, i was dumb- i 
thought they were being mentally controlled, and din't even think to ask xandrial maybe could have broken the spell. then 
theyed still be alive. we attacked the deamon, which wasn't the one yang wanted to talk to. After all, it started it. 

I wonder why... it started out really slow, and then it made flash and interfector slow and we hit it lots and then they all
got faster again. 

torrent and lang move incredibly fast in that fight. i wonder how they did it? 

the demon was making the grumpy mud things and it seemed to want iots stuff back too, so we saidd okay, and flash promised 
we'd get it its bits, and interfector gave it his mace, which was a bit of a surprise. i was kinda waiting for him to hit 
somthing. and then we went off. 

some undead were around. Orchid saw them and pointed out that the one on the left was a ghoul and the rest were lame zombies,
and then didn't charge any of them, which was nice to see, coz Liana wasn't there to pick him up again. feran controlled the 
ghoul, which made flash decide he was a power-crazed death prest for a bit, but he got over that. then we skirted around a 
small patch of land not noticably different from any other patch of land we'd carelessly walked on, and went back, pretty 
much the way we'd come. 

i found out that xandrial's very good at breaking magic. its somthing to remember, he's also very clever about how he uses 
it, which is nice. 

there was a lovely little sprite that met us it seamed to be some demon's bitch, it was really sweet and bouncy and liked 
baloons so it gave it a couple, it was cute. after a bit it smacked interfector up and ran away... he was mean to it, but 
killing him was a bit harsh. 

Undead. some sort of death demon thingie...Flash decide it was a preist of evil, but he does seem to have a tendancy towards
thinking things like that. Not very fleexable is our flash 

Interfector picked everyone up after we became all weak. He's getting more helpful from what i've seen of him. admittedly, in 
torrent's case he then threw him down a hill. anyhow... i took down one of the sort of underling things... it was picking up 
the undead every time we 'killed' them ... apart from the ghoul. Xandrial delt with the ghoul. Feran tried to, but the mean 
bloke was better at it than him. 

anyhow yang seems to have got home okay, unless its some borderlands creature wearing his skin as a suit. 

mud demon turned up again and hit things. stupid mud demon. its axe was very breakable. and the sprite was with it again, but 
it was really angery and broke torrent.

[shown to Xandrial ONLY] 

All objects can be modelled either as a wave or a partical. The energy of the partical determines the frequency of the 
corresponding wave according to the relationship e=hf where h is plank's constant. 

Paladin Flash runs in combat at a rate of approximately 8 m/s, as such he has an energy of 
KE=1/2 m*v^2 = 2560J 

Therefore paladin Flash has a frequency of 3.86*&10^36 Hz, which has a corresponding wavelength of 7.7*10^-29 yards 

Waves passing through openings of approximately their own wavelength or less are observed to diffract, that is spread out. If 
twin slits are used, this results in some very interesting effects. 

In order to fit Flash (height 6 foot approx) through a hole of side length 2.27*10^-27 inchs (approx) will require a very 
large hammer.

Borderlands: The Green Brigade (01/06/2003)

Trantis' Report

*to the tune of the star trek intro*
These are the journals of the Anubis priest Trantis. My continuing mission, to explore strange valleys and caves, to seek out
new kingdoms and new sentient species. To exterminate at least one member of them all!

Didn't die. None of those I set out to preserve died. 19 new souls dedicated to Anubis.

My attempts to kill a tree goblin I don't need continue to be frustrated. The little beggars are infernally quick so getting
the drop on them is very hard. If only I could use a water mage to freeze one or similar... never mind.

Not sure I should qualify the Green Brigade as a separate nation to the Barony, but I've now killed some to add to the list 
of humans. Not sure they count due to insanity, but what the heck. 

Ironically, have had some fascinating conversations with Paladin Flash, a representative of the Temple of Life. Have begun 
attempts to undermine his belief structure and stretch him into gray areas. His temper should give me a way to turn him to 

The mage Breeze seems generally pleasant, however he suffers from a tendency to become drunk with power when casting lots of
spells. With careful nurturing this thirst for power could create a way into his heart for the Goddess.

The priest Gish, of the temple of Freedom, seems beyond hope. He actively seeks his death by disregarding even the most basic 
protections. It's like he's one of the members of one of these insane cults you hear about who have the life expectancy of a
small lemming in a pre-heated blast furnace (and that's not long. I should know.) Maybe I can prepare him enough so that he 
can at least serve well in the next world.

Gish's Report

To Captain Winklebottom-Codwangler III 

I was in the party that met with the rogue druid, he should be brought to justice as soon as possible he had no respect for 
us, he was insolent and his acolyte destroyed the "Emancipator" and inconvenienced me greatly. If I had been fully prepared 
his powers would have been useless and was about as dangerous as those pathetic Might Priests. His monstrous sons broke my 
legs, and most terrible of all were very stupid! 

Secondly the Green Gaurd must be told what destructive evil creatures Orcs are. Having destroyed the Fungal empire and 
mercilessly attacked man and elves Orcs must be educated or feel the full wrath of the Goddess. 

I trust you will act on my advice. 

Yours Seeker Gish

[shown to Silvanus ONLY] 

I feel I must tell you of an insolent and stupid druid who I met recently who believed the Orcs to be hard done by. You 
obviously know what the orcs have done to the trees and the beloved mushrooms. He had bred with orcs as well! His powers 
appeared to be similar to yours in his capacity to bind and freeze his foes.

Borderlands: The Dark-Blade Traitor (08/06/2003)

Biscuit's Report

Darkblades. Yes. ummmmm hastle.

Well we were on danger time which was well earnt. I got to heal people for the first time. Its just like cats only they don't 
purr or scratch your eyes out.

Okay well the Justicy people hired us to go for a walk in the woods and find solis, who was described as a man called solis 
who would die if we asked for solis too much. This w/\s less than useful, but we set out anyway. 

We found some balancy people who were tending to a peasent called ...ummmm I forget, anyhow he told us his tale of how some 
guys in black had 'touched him, that his very essance was drained from his body' I advised him to take up a carrier as a poet,
but I don't think he was convinced. The balancy people said there were a couple of death preists in the ares, and to leave 
anyone else we found proped up somewhere where they'd find them, which was nice.

Then we wandered along the field a bit more and there were a couple in black that claimed to be worst nightmare, but Trantis
held me back and I saw they wern't pink socks. After they poked us a few times, we charged in (why do people /do/that?), and
beat them to the ground. I checked and they wern't even wearing pink socks. Liers.

Then some guy charged out of the forrest followed by another topless guy in tartan. Praxis seems to have somthing against 
barbarians, although the ones I met were lovely. They vanished into the distance and we carried on. 
Just inside the forest was a meditating elf who after finishing his meditations without being torn to pieces (*which what 
always happens to /us/), told us he was a warlock who should be looking after some wandering wizard. we told him abut the 
guys running past and he ran of after them. It was all rather slapstick.

Couple of bandits. Tantris rather bent on starting fights rather than letting the otherside do so, which works, but not if 
your as underprotected as he is. hopefully Auriniyan will like him enough that this won't be a problem in future. They seem 
to have similer attitudes to people who attack them. Poor ogre-mage. it was unique and we seem to have destryed it.

Actully something I overheard him say got me thinking... apprently he was some sort of temple-child, raised to his beleif and 
bribed with offers of power from an early age. Its not anything like as poor as the 'I created you. you shall obay me' sort 
of god, but all the same, theres something reassuring to being created and, apprently, left to get on with it. Jemmy's a 
sweetheart and I'd never turn from her, but only coz she's lovely. Primal forces of chaos, not that you care, but Thank you.
I promise I'll do the same for anything I make. Actully I really sould have revised that since I met the avatar. 

Bunch of bandits. They kept treating praxis like she wasn't a vicious dyke, which lead to predictably emacitated bandits. 

Carp chaos preistess, worshiping chaos in a 'I'm crap and will help a bunch of warriors assult passers-by' sort of way. I 
giues someones got to do it. Rowl'ra snaped her head off and I encrouged the enthropy of ther head a chest to increase a 
little. There wasn't enough of her left to raise, and hopefully no one will go to the effort of reserecting her. Why is it 
that I've only met 2 other chaos preistesses out here and they've both tried to spread chaos in a way that reflects a basic 
lack of immagination? 
Next time I will leave them with a copy of the parable of the boring crap man, who was boring and crap. Either that or cast 
them from the fellowship of chaos with a ritual, a jar of icecream and some butterflys.

Anyhow another, rather more impressive 'bandit' attack, and some little guy turned up claiming to be solis. We finished that
with Torrent and Trantis on the floor, my leg hurt alot; Interfector healed it, but was unable to control his own grimice of
pain as he did so. Oh dear. Anyhow, I found out that people are very similer to cats. Also the varient I wrote based on the 
life book, that mentioned the less-than-popular theory that life was an accident or a joke of the the Great Old Ones seemed 
to work. I hope it worked because of someone else taking the piss, really I do. Worried now.

Some guys turned up, I wonder how they were still alive...Cactus appears to be some sort of freedom god. a witnessing one. 
They didn't get on with our random hired guard, but they did work out a way of making spiky baloons, so they can't be all 
bad. They did give me sticks and then demand them back which was very mean of them. Still they healed people up quit a bit, 
which we rather needed. Then we prayed and breeze and xandrial meditated on their inner chi or whatever it is that they do. 
After that interfector was in a state to heal up trantis, who'd had his head broken.

Solis told us that his boss had guards at the top of the hill, so we snuck up it very quietly, I made our new bandit friend 
faster but he still died in the ensuing fight. Solis got his throat slit, but breeze screamed at me and interfector to help 
him, so we did. with about a second to go.

Solis's boss turned up with some minions, and cut Torrent in half. Now standing perfectly still looking there wrong way while 
some huge guy with a whopping great axe stomps towards you is silly, so i try not to do it too much, but sometimes its 
unavoidable, which is why he broke my arm.

Eventully we dropped his followers and he escaped, but Rowl'ra, Solis, and Trantis had all died in the excitment. We must get 
less breakable patrol membors somehow. Maybe I should make them faster more often? that might work, although I did offer.

On the way home we met some more of the Cactus-liking people and they got attacked, possibly by mis-informed hirelings after
us. One of them looked a bit like the leader who got away, but ardwin thought that one of the others did. I thought he was 
ment to be observent. maybe he isn't and has been bluffing the whole track-following thing. He might be; I wouldn't know.

Anyhow, we kinda caught up with him but he ran away and interfector dropped Row'la'ra's body and me and Xandrial dragged it 
after the rest. Apprenty he got away, and then we went to barraks for tea and something alomst but not entirly unlike cake.

Borderlands: The Resistance (15/06/2003)

Silvanus' Report

*Silvanus sits down with his new-found Tree Goblin friends* 

Yes my tree-like friends. Let me tell you a story of trees and destiny! 

It was not long ago by tree terms at least, well yesterday in fact, that I set out on a journey with those barony fellows on
a mission of most treeish-ness! 

ooooo! treeees 

We met some most unpleasant people from a world with out trees! and they were very upset because of it and wouldnt let us 
pass, so we unfortunatly had to kill them! 

no treeees?? Trees! 

Then, we met some more of those naughty people who came from a world without trees, and then some more horrid zombies.... 

nooooo, nooooo, they cut down treees! nooo noooo 

But we dealt with them my friends, and the trees were on our side! hurray for the trees! We also did an experiment with some
ghouls - they are like zombies but faster and when the hurt you you cant move afterwards! Feran took control of one of them 
to see if it could be used to stop the other undead, but alas it failed and it did not work... oh well, we destroyed them all 
in the end anyway, and the naughty man who raised them! 


We then met some naughty Jackal people, the ones from before who could not be held by the earth. Oh well, it was funny to see 
them fall all over the place by the will of the trees! 

and this is then when I met you my tree-loving friends... and the rest, as they say, is treeness! 

oooooooo, treelike! trees trees trees! 

And now my friends, it is time for us to leave this place, and I will take you to a far better area, with a much bigger and 
nicer tree! There I will give you another tale of past exploits and treeness, and I will warn you and inform you of the evil
that is..... 


Borderlands: Elym (22/06/2003)

Lomax's Report

Animal druids. 
Just when you think everything is going to work out okay, there's animal druids. And weather druids. And tree druids. 
Everywhere, there's druids. The intake to the temples seems to be half what it was, though the average intelligence of 
supplicants is rising. 

Probably something to do with dumb people finding it really easy to act like squirrels. 

And Chaos priests. Since when have we had chaos priests in the Barony patrol? Didn't anyone learn after that Cryptic guy? And 
Chaos priests in general - I hate them too. 

Okay, getting seriously worked up here. What do we like? 

Mages. Water and Fire. Both were useful, albeit a bit old and crotchety. 
Scouts. Patrolled with an elven scout called Tethlyn, who reminded me why Iilson was so good. Must introduce him and Kendal,
if I can every track Kendal down. If Kendal is alive... 
No - stay on happy thoughts. Guardian Feran is an interesting individual. Quite pleasant to actually have someone around who
was interested in similarly negotiating with those we met. Think the elves were upset we negotiated with Dire, the racist 
Anarchy priest. Why did we go back and kill him? In my gut, I know that shouldn't have worked... 

Oh well, just another day in the Barony patrols. It's still safer than the Borderlands.

Biscuit's Report

stupid anarchists
stupid chaos worshipers.
near- stupid seekers.

Depressed now.

Dire the racial supremist had more in common with Reginald than I think either of them realised. Arrogent annoying squirrel 
druids *sigh* I like the druids who join the patrols, but they do seem to be the exception, even though Row'l'ra's only along
coz he doesn't trust us anywhere near his people, he's less of an arrogent nut-throwing basted than the squiarrls we met. 
He's also a lot less animalistic, which might be part of it. I do wonder what Dawn would have made of them if she hadn't 
wondered off?

I guess its the same as the morons of my path we met. I told Dawn that the guys who turn up at the CoC arn't generally so 
mindlessly killing as the ones we met today. When you get down to it, for every verb which means "kill", there are a 
thousand others, so one does wonder. I didn't tell her about the temple complex, although she isn't barrony, it still didn't
seem a wonderful idea to mention that.
Its not even that they attacked when outnumbered 2 to 1, and unarmoured, its not even that they didn't have any schemes, 
and wern't working on anyone else's, pro or con. Its that they were mindless little jerks. Its just unplesent to be 
associated with them.

When someone like Dire decide that all greenskins must be exterminated due to some prophacy, I do begin to wonder if I've 
been doing something wrong in not encouraging them to breed enough. Arrogent areshole.

The freedom guys were running. They'd herd there was a 'revolt' happening, and decided to pile in on the side of anarchy 
rather than justice. Its not even that their beliefs are more compatable, its just that they heard the word 'revolt' and 
thought that people were being oppressed. I'll ask at the temple and see if they arrived. I do hope they did, although they 
of all people should know that an informewd decision is better than the other sort. 

I don't like necromancer bloke with the scaryness. I ran away. So did Dawn and Tethlyn. It was unrerasonable, it was the 
mind-killer, it was a little death. I really must think of what to do. Think about it now while my mind is clear of terror.

Ash, who we met later, claimed that the bloke had tried to scare her, but hadn't been able to and she'd blown him away. I 
wonder why not, it wasn't racial- Tethlyn was as scared as anything, maybe it takes a state of advanced senility to be 
immune? I certainly didn't see Reg running away anywhere. Maybe a courseness of mind, however attained? it would make sense,
but doesn't apply to Feran or Lomax, even if Reg really is too set in his ways to be scared to anything, which I have 
difficulty believing. Maybe if I saw it done to someone else I'd have a better idea. If I'd have thought, I'd have checked 
for Tethyln and Dawn being possessed. *kicks self*

Ohhh I finally got to chat with guardian Lomax who doesn't seem to be hiding the the Borderlands any more and was able to 
offer further evidence for the "planes of reality theory" I hope for more information before we go there. 

The fire-troll was entirly gratuitious and had no business being there at all. Wretched thing. Still it was nice to meet a 
second something that wasn't there becasue it was intelligent enough to be stupid, that wasn't there because of some cause, 
but was just going about its life.
The ogre was a fine example of its species too. Note to self: never have a pet that can rip off my head. 

The Dungeon (13/07/2003)

Biscuit's Report

I must not wander into mansions' cellers again; catacombs are very dark and contain evil sofa ladies. Also, there was beige. 
Mister Flash got very authoritarian at one point, and promptly spent 1/2 hour or so arguing with Vortex about a stick. It was 
kinda funny, but vortex did seem to be the more well balanced of the two. Claiming that the catacombs were holy ground seems
to be a staggering act of denial, as does thinking that the number of eviscerated zombies we left lying around made the place
clean. Still we gave the humming lady her book back and then went home for tea.

Borderlands: Spores (06/07/2003)

Flint's Report

To Knife, head of the college Enforcers. 

Recent mission to delete the failed experiments a success. 

College mages Xanderial and Hex showed no signs of subverting to practise of the forbidden arts. 

The Druid Silvanius, while vocal against elementalists in general, would pose little threat. We can have him removed at any 

I will be watching them all.

Borderlands: Trouble in the Vale I (03/08/2003)

Biscuit's Report

ummm... the important part is that the undead are under control for now, and keep attacking the deomons, and we got the Drow,
but I think the bigoted little humacti men are planning to set the undead loose again to rampage everywhere.
The graveyard between the two villages seems to natrully spewing forth its dead. Maybe theres some underlying cause, but I 
don't know what it is. Anyhow, there was a friendly death preist man who found the graveyard and its inhaboitents giving 
death a bad name and controlled all the undead there for ever such a long time. He seemed to be meaning to use them to hunt 
deer. He was happy for us to stay, not shifty at all so we took that as evidence that he had nothing to hide and wandered off.
Anyhow, the patrol unit in upper wigglebottom took exception to us leaving a horde of living death at the bottom of the hill
and were going on about reporting to their superiors and destroying things and if there s a fight they might end up killing 
the nice death preist bloke. I hope he's okay I really do.

Oh he spat upon the church of death quite a bit, and we saw him set the zombies and things on one of the deamons and kill 
it... it was a bit odd actully, other demons i've met have kinda gone all swirly and a vanished, but this one just sort of 
lay there, like you or I would.
Could you please send someone to stop fights from kicking off for no reason, and I'm sure feran can get one of his collegues
along to mediate? Is mathonway in? I kinda name droped a bit and it'd be nice to make sure he knows. Yes? no? I'll tell him 

Anyhow, the rest of what happened.... err...
We went wizzinging throught the air on the wizzing through the air spell, which was very fast, and was a bit hurty... I'll 
talk to the collage about that later. any how when we arrived interfector was missing and there were little fire goblins, who 
thought we were deamons.
We wern't demons but they did't really understand and kept insisting that we were. and then the big one who was muttering to
himself starting throwing great firy balls around and one hit Feran and he fell over. I was ever so worried for him, but then 
interfector turned up unconcious and healed feran's head, so we bounced off top lower wiggle bottom and chatted to some 
blokes and some thistles they were tending,. and they said that there were between 1 and 100 drow, upper wigglebottom kept 
sending hordes of undead at them and there was no such thing as deamons, which made me rather suspissious... I mean how did 
they know there were no deamons? its like saying there no such thing as ooogle flumps
So we weant off to upper wiggle bottom, being detained by some fire goblins on the way, we found an angery swearing thorn 
knight who'd cornered a renagade drowI think we were a bit stupid about it because we blundeered into the cave intent on 
destroying him. maybe if we'd been nice and maybe subdued the thorn knight a bit, we could have chatted with the drow and 
he'd've been friendly. I mean even the Warlock admitted he had been all cast out of drow socity.. it might have been for 
secretly liking kittens or somthing.
The drow bloke is dead now, and the villagers did say they were harrased by drow and people had been dragged off...I hope we
did the right thing.

And there was a half-Ogre bloke in the woods and some bandits,. They were really tough and nasty, and killed Feran... oh we 
met some gladiator bloke and a couple of justice preists who were escorting him after that... do you know about them, I can't 
remember their names but they were all fairly lovely, although their ritual for reserecting people was /very dull/.
At upper wiggle bottom we got told about the existance of the grave yard, so we went there and I already told you that it 
didn't really seem to be a problem, but it will be if the humacti storm in all over the place.
The pathfinder bloke at upper wiggle bottom sez it looks like the demons are working in a search pattern, and this guy we met 
at lower wiggle bottom when we got back sez they were looking for him... we put 3 deamons on the ground outside lower wiggle 
bottom and went home.

The Rules (17/08/2003)

Biscuit's Report

How odd. Silvanus has been going on about the evils of drark druids for ages, how they pervert the power of nature to their 
own gain i was never really sure what he ment and then we met the twink he was manging to pervert order despite it being all
dull and boring to start with, he made it worse. i think i understand silvanus' problem with dark druids better now. 

anyhow, i saw the Rules torn up and burnt by a fire sprite and i met a really friendly demon, much better than the other ones
i've met. i'll say somthing nice about him to jemmy tonight. 

actully i'll do a little ritual and chaos lace him on the way home. i think he'll like that. and i've finally got better at 
breaking things, which seems to mean that silvanius won't do it anymore. sigh.

I think i confused a pair of order preists wwe met on the way to get the Rules. at least they were still not there when we 
went past the spot on the way back. 

Silly order preists. I hope they no longer have the immagination to work out whats happening :D 

Trouble in The Vale II (24/08/2003)

Biscuit's Report

To pathfinders only: 
I made contact with some orcs form the Two Swords Drawn Clan in the Vale of Wigglebottom. they want to have a formal treaty 
saying that they can be guardians of the vale. I suggest a probationry period while the current batch of disasters unfold, 
follwed by ratification, granting most-favored trading status, and the rest of it. 


PS Oh yes- Two swords drawn clan already oppressing local Stone goblins into not attacking me as I walk past. They were 
willing to exchange healing with wandering travelers, too.

Aurinyan's Report

To Pathfinder Captain Mekrath, Special Branch

This report will be in two parts. The first will be all the information we discovered about the Bandits, the second will be 
the events of the mission and details of other groups we met.

The bandits.

The bandits have been working in the area in any real numbers for about the last three weeks. There numbers consist of 
bandits who were local the valley, bandits from other regions, mercenary's who enjoy banditing and followers of the cause. 
The bandits are easily recognisable because they fall into 3 distinct groups but with a variety of abilities. The three 
groups are the tall long haired men, the average sized men, and the short curly haired men (I would like to investigate this
particular phenomenon further). The bandits are mostly humans with a few elves, trolls and maybe a couple of half orcs. They
are either warriors, scouts, skirmish fighters or priests. The priests are primarily chaos priests but there maybe the odd
anarchy, death or might priests. They work primarily in groups of threes when robbing/attacking travellers, each group 
typically consisting of one of each of the above mentioned bandit types.

The actual banditting is a cover for a much bigger organisation with larger goals. I can only assume they are banditting for
the following reasons: to earn capital to fund their plans and gain equipment, to be able to bring a largish group of men 
into an area without raising too much suspicion and to attract more like minded individuals to the cause. They appear to be 
fairly competent fighters who are inflicting some serious casualties on the guards who are sent into the area, which is 
firming up their opinions of the difficult of their goal and their resolve. At the camp there is an estimated 30 bandits but 
the total numbers are unknown.

The organisation running the bandits calls itself the 'Council of Six'. The council consists of the following:

A might priest named Zhentarim, I can only assume he is a high master. Myself and Biscuit ambushing him as he was brought out 
of his withdraw were not able to stop him. He was able to protect himself at least as well as I can protect myself from both
my and Biscuit physical and magical attacks. He was also able to make biscuit terrified of him, even considering his large
amount of adventuring experience.

A death priest, I assume of similar power.

An Anarchy priest, again must be of similar power though I was surprised to learn he would work in such an ordered 

A Dark Druid, powerful enough to cause great discomfort to a powerful wood sprite who lives in the forest in the vale.

A necromancer, no more is known or can be assumed about him.

A demonologist, I'd assume he is as powerful as the rest, but the one demonologist we met in that wood, while good at 
summoning demons could nether get them to last in this plane long or in the case of more powerful demons control them. He 
also knows very little about the nature of demons as he summoned an Angel, a demon of light who is opposed to the summoning 
or existence of other demons. The name of this demon is known to us and the demonologist but he may be getting changed. Both 
the demon and the demonologist may or may not still be in the area. The Demonologist was able to collect seven drow who he 
had made unconscious for the ritual to summon the angel. Due to all the collected information it is not possible to ascertain 
how powerful the demonologist is, and if he is one of the six whether or not he is equally as powerful or the weak link in 
the organisation. 

They are also looking to recruit a powerful priest of chaos.

Biscuit raised queries about why chaos priests were willing to work in an organisation so ordered, I do not know.

The aims of the organisation are to bring down the Barony and then possibly the kingdom as a whole. Having brought down the 
kingdom they intend to place themselves in power. Considering their various natures I can only assume they would proceed to 
fight each other after gaining power. Considering what they could do and the current threat from the Borderlands this could 
destroy the land entirely. They believe they have the necessary power and resources and I can only hope our attempted 
infiltration does not accelerate their plans.

The bandits themselves know very little of there bosses and their plans. In fact their have almost superstitious beliefs 
about them (i.e. they are 12ft tall, able to fire jets of flame from their eyes etc). However it is certain that they fear 
their lives are forfeit if they fail and fear what their leaders could do to them. The bandit group I met and I can only 
assume this is one of many working in different areas, were working for someone named Cecil. This middleman appears to 
effectively be the local unit commander, however, the appointment and terminal loss of these positions is at the discretion 
of the council. There was a lot of ill filling to Cecil within the bandits and if all groups share a similar distrust and 
lack of respect for their direct superiors this could present a weakness worth exploiting.

That is all knowledge I was able to obtain about the bandits, an approximate guide to the location of the camp can be found 
at the appendices to this document.

The mission:

We arrived outside the thistle village after travelling via the two way teleport spell the college of air are experimenting 
with. The spell still causes physical injury but the effects have been lessened (I intend to talk to them about improving the 
spell). After helping a wounded villager we met with some 'sloth' druids who's grove is located in a small copse of trees not 
far from the village. They were friendly and healed us but moved with great slowness. They also made biscuit move slowly 
through some druidic ability. They are a generous and helpful group, though slightly narcoleptic, and I recommend 
negotiations are entered into with them to produce useful links with the barony. I would point out however the talks may take 
several months to complete due to the nature of the druids.

On entering the village we were greeted happily and were able to obtain a herbal healing potion from them. The potion was 
capable of massively rejuvenating the body and to a lesser extent the soul. It was known as up7 and had been handed to a 
potion expert myself and Biscuit know who resides at the temple of freedom.

I made myself invisible and protected as we proceeded into the forest. On its edge we encountered a nature sprite who 
informed us of a great darkness lurking in the woods and requested help in dealing with it (I now believe that darkness to be 
the dark druid of the council of 6). We agreed but to our later misfortune did not mention we were going to infiltrate the
bandits. I have noted the sprites ability to smell me out for future reference.

Further in we encountered some Rock Goblins who were unaware of my presence and were complaining that some 'mean green and 
brown things like you but bigger' said they couldn't attack stuff any more. The goblins asked Biscuit to deal with the green 
things so they could have fun attacking him. The green things we later discovered to be Two Swords clan more on them later.
Despite the goblins claims however they were mysteriously inspired to enter a nearby and kill the seven unconscious drow that 
the demonologist had captured.

From this point on I wandered ahead of Biscuit to inform him of what potential ambushes etc lay ahead. Invisibility is clearly 
the best thing for this but it would have been helpful if I had the knowledge to recognise what it was I was seeing.

A little way on we encountered a small group of bandits who did not understand Biscuits intention of joining them and instead 
demanded money. They paid for their ignorance with their lives as would almost all bandits that followed. This was about the
time we met the aforementioned demonologist. After he helped us slay a solitary bandit we met the angel he has summoned and 
resolved the situation.

We travelled on encountering more of the same type of bandits though with a chaos priest. Unfortunately I had to remove them 
myself due to the way the situation unfolded and if possible would appreciate a chance to apologise to their next of kin for 

Before entering the bowl like area, we decided to change our tactics and biscuit met the next group of bandits by destroying 
their weapons, in by now typical style, and demanding their money. This also didn't work. They died and we collected the head 
of the chaos priest we had met previously attempting the same being bound in the centre of the bowl ambush tactic. I suspect 
he regretted being bound. I assume you will resurrect and question him, having first removed his standing with his god.

It was just past this point we found the camp of the order worshipping half-orc/orc clan two swords. I was most confused how
the bandits were able to operate a permanent ambush and 'troll point' so close to this clan who were out to get them. The 
clan apparently wish to restore and maintain order in the region in return for being allowed to make it there permanent home. 
I suggest that matter be turned over to the Barony's diplomatic core.

It was after this point we were finally able to make a successful attempt to join the bandits. Biscuits successfully beat a 
bandit in a one on one challenge and was taken to the camp. I followed of course out of sight. Here Biscuit was told to kill 
the guards at the village at the top of the hill and get their helmets as proof. He prayed in the camp giving me time to 
listen to conversations and gather information. 

At the village we met the guards one of which was Worst-Day-Ever the half ogre who we had met previously (I still for some 
unfathomable reason want to call him Marvin). The guards gave us their spare helmets, after we explained the situation, and 
got out of sight. Please thank them for this as it made the successful completion of our mission possible.

On our successful returned to the camp, Biscuit was ordered to kill the orcs and get their dirty loincloths as proof. Again 
the orcs consented, providing us with their dirty laundry, after we explained the situation and I was able to meditate in 

While we were returning to the bowl to get some blood stains for the loincloths via some bandit bodies, we were attacked by 
the wood sprite who saw our efforts to join the bandits as proof we had lied to it. After it wounded me and seriously wounded 
Biscuit we were able to talk it down and it let us go but watched us to work out what we were doing.

It was then we returned to the camp, Biscuit was properly indoctrinated in, and we were sent out to steal while we waited for 
one of the 'Council of Six' to arrive and make his speech. At this point we encountered some vigilantes who though we were 
bandits, we convinced them otherwise. I recommend, however, they are removed from the region lest they aggravate this 
potentially dangerous situation.

The might priest Zhentarim arrived made his speech and after ordering Biscuit to kill Cecil made him the new bandit leader, 
before withdrawing. The plans of the Council as detailed above were mentioned and then the might priest withdrew. Biscuit 
sent as many as troops as possible away. Then we prepared to kill the might priest the second Biscuit brought him back to our 
plane. As previously mentioned we were unable to stop him and fled.

I apologise for the lack of detail in this report.

Aurinyan, Illuminati

Appendix A 

[details of how to get bandit camp as written by a mage with no idea of how to do it]

Appendix B

[map of some of the Bandit patrol routes copied from the copies I made while spying on the bandits, so accurate and more 
useful for finding the bandit camp than appendix A]

Borderlands: Across The Border (29/08/2003)

Interfector's Report

Private Musings of Interfector 

The borderlands interface is destroyed, the evil Torrent vanquished, and my mission accomplished. 

I have discovered an aspect of the Path of Might from High Master Vortex, the power of a larger weapon allowing me to 
vanquish my foes all too easily. Yet he himself is dead and gone, perhaps his refusal to wear armour was his downfall. I can
only think that the true Path is that of the biggest weapon and best armour available, with the miracles to grant the 
required power. I must diversify so that I am truly a High Master of the Path. I have a weapon consecrated by the Path of 
Might, I have items of power recovered from that other world, and I have much time to learn. 

From the extended patrol, I have come to realise that bringing death to my enemies is only part of true Might, for how can I
be considered Mighty unless all my fellows are alive to sing my praises? The creatures I battle against are no match for my 
power, it would be easy for me to save the lives of others, to better enable them to bring death upon those who deserve it.

Death requires sacrifice, but the call in my mind is for the deaths of the Barony's enemies, and not those of warriors who 
can carry on the battle. I must be an example to those who accompany me and smite evil in the name of the Almighty. 

But what of Order? It's presence defines me as much as Death. I must obey those above me, but I must first identify them. 
Those in the Temple who outrank me? Certainly. The Baron? Without a doubt. Those placed in charge of missions? A far more 
tricky question. If they are Mighty, I will follow them. If they are Wise, I will follow them. But I am not entirely of 
Order, and if an unsuitable candidate is placed in command, I will not tolerate their commands. Order must be revered, yet 
blind obedience to an incompetent leader can cause Chaos. I must be careful, for Order must be preserved, yet the trials of 
the Path can be hard, and Chaos is always ready to strike. 

There are many who follow the Path without realising it, and many who do not, but aid the disciples of Might. 

Liana, the Justice priest, keeps us alive so that we may prove ourselves mightier than our foes. She is no fighter, but is 
willing to protect those requiring it. 

Feran also aids in healing, but is no mean warrior when he desires. He has some problem with Order, though. The extension of
miracles and spells is abhorrent to him. I must investigate this and persuade him of his folly. 

Gobshite is a true warrior of Might, though I doubt he realises it. He is strong and tough, and merely requires the 
application of the Almighty's favour to become a powerful ally. 

the Gladiators follow the Path, though edging towards Death. They train and fight in a highly ordered manner, yet their 
preoccupation with their own skill is tantamount to a death wish. Their refusal to accept the favour of a God is bordering on 
the heretical, but they worship the twin Principals, and must be granted a small measure of respect for the fact. 

Silvanus is a strange one. He is indeniably useful, for he prevents the enemies fleeing before I can fight them, and he 
appears to require little to no healing from the priests. He is, however, insane and must never be relied upon. Perhaps a use 
for him can be found. 

The mission: 

The mission was a success. The Borderlands interface is gone, evil Torrent is dead, and her servants scattered. The party 
only lost one member permanently, and High Master Vortex died in a manner befitting a Priest of Might, though the fact the 
enemy was defeated lessens the glory somewhat. There were deaths, of course, but such things were not a problem since an item 
of resurrection was found. The resistance leader was rescued, and the resistance saved from their own cretinous ineptitude. I 
lost count of the number of rat-things I sent to their deaths. The Paladins , Priests and Warriors of false Might I beat into 
the ground with the Almighty's blessing glowing black on my weapons. Truly it was a great time. Finally, to make the mission
a success, I slew Torrent in single combat, using the skull of the already deceased Torrent to weaken (her? him?) To the 
point where they could be finished off. The necromantic bone she was using was gone, but none of the servants survived to 
remove it. I must therefore assume that it crumbled to dust along with the body. I shall have Torrent's skull encased in 
gold, made into a masterpiece, in honour of this victory. 

May Might continue to bless me with It's power.