Cult Wars 4 (19/07/2002)

Vortex's Report

I really cannot articulate what I wish to say. Even for one as mighty as myself the words avaid me. Even 'cretin' will not 
do these events justice. Be warned after such a draining experience I will no longer be able to put myself in great danger. 
Fortunatly my definition of great danger is incomprehenable to the likes of you. Indeed the 36hrs that I have spent in draxia 
have made me more mighty than you can ever imagine. The power I possess would warp your fragile little minds. Cretins. (it 
works after all!) 

Grand Master Hark (only), 

Grand Master, I cannot bring myself to elaberate greatly on the mission, such pedestrian events bore me. 

Day 1- 

Arrive in the Prancing Pony Inn to meet the party and recive orders. Recive orders and travel to Scumbles cave for 
transportation to Draxia. Kill some Drow, they really are not as powerful as they are described, I belive this to simply be 
active propaganda. Rescue Scumble, escort him to his cave, enter portal and arrive in Draxia. Once in Draxia we made our way 
to the camp and kill some of the local wildlife on our way. Upon arrival to camp I die. Camp taken, initial mission a 
complete success. 

Day 2- 

I am ressurected by Mathonwy (sp?), at great cost to him, the weak fool muhahahahahaa. Given further orders........ 

I tire of all this paper work. Yes yes I know it is all very ordered and therefore good but enough. While I am writing this 
irrelevent report I could be doing something useful. Like killing or training or researching. I refuse to have my power 
stunted further by mere 'protocal'. You and I both know I can serve the temple better if I do things my way. 

Buffy (only), 

What you may have heard isn't true. Now really, dear, do you really think that I would do anything like that with a primitive 
not to mention a priestess of Amen. Hahahahahaha (note lack of "Mu-" therefore not evil laugh, more a laugh of disbelive) 
surly you see how unlikly this is, don't you? 

Hunter's Report

Bonjour Mr Arkteer. *rattle* Zank you for thee prompt payment of me services, duringa this reecent meesson. *rattle* Aye 
hope theese ees an eendeecation of ayer, *rattle*, noo trend in thee waye the Baronie is treeting its volunteer murcenaries 
and reesearchers. 

*rattle* *rattle* 

Aye would bee happie *rattle* to asseest with the commooneecassons with the babumba tribe, *rattle* as Mr Alkadeerieese 
suggested. *rattle* If that ees reequired, *rattle* ah, *rattle* pleese getting in contact with mee via the usuale manner. 

*rattle* I would like to breeng special attention to thee golden tactical nukelar babumba that e *rattle* was summonede 
dureeng our staye at the babumba tribe. The prieste, *rattle*, stated, that theese device was capeable of wiping oute all 
of Draxia. *rattle* I do not knowe how reliable he is, *rattle*, but I would not like to be around when that babumba is in 
the being of detonation. *rattle* Note that it is not cleare whethure the device will explode of its own accorde, *rattle*, 
or if it is only capable of being detonated by being throwne. *rattle* *rattle*. *rattle* *rattle*. 

I was very happie that we manageed to resuce Dryake, *rattle*, although Kaleen's continued abscense worries me. *rattle* 
Aye was very deesappointed *rattle* to heare that the Barony lied about Kaleen's whereabouts during the last yeare, 
*rattle* but it is not my place to comment. *rattle* I herebie voluntear for anie rescue attempt that may be performede to 
find Kaleen. *rattle* 

*rattle*. *rattle* *rattle*. 

Yours in *rattle* peace, and *rattle* looking forwarde to further deelingse with the baronie *rattle*, 

Eric Chasseur, *rattle* *rattle* *rattle*, 
Small Shorthaire Wylde Cat Animale Druid, *rattle*, 
Researcher of All Things. *rattle* 

Alqadiris's Report

[Alqadiris (as you formerly knew him) has written this and sent it to Annias by carrier pigeon, written in Order runes.] 

Grand Seer Annias be hale in Flesh and Soul!

The Necessity of inviolate Security mandated the scripting of this Missive in ancient Mode of CentreGlyphs and Transmission 
by Columbine. 

The LandReaver Device be treated with utmost Care; Destructive Power suspected sufficient to destroy the Barony and outlying 
Regions by Reference to known Size of Draxia and the Description of  the Landreaver Device's. Capabilities as presented by 
Aborigines. Nonpassive Experimentation is thus strongly devalued in Relation to Interrogation of the local Aborigine Bumba 
Specialist/s. A satisfactory Explaination for the Gift of the Landreaver Device to the Mission Group is unavailable to 
Light-Bringer. Perhaps they presume that We would also be destroyed by the Landreaver's cleansing Flame and that We would 
therefore not think of activating it. Alternatively, it is likely enough that the Shaman who gave It us thought we would 
never discern how to activate it.

Only the Babumba Tribe of Abotigines is suspected to comprise Entities with the Capability to produce baseline 
nonsacred/nonmagical Bumbas. This suspicion based on Awe held for Babumba Tribe Aborigines by nonBabumba Aborigines 
specifically due to the Babumba Tribe's Ability to generate Bumbas. 

The Relation between Nonmagical Bumbas and Magical Bumbas unclear. Olfactory Evidence in Aftermath of Detonation of both 
types, plus Memetic Theory, suggests that Nonmagical Bumba Creation Knowledge was developed first and later a Religion was 
formed (or reformed) around the Power of Bumbas. As Bumbas appear to be the chief Protection and Might of the Babumba Tribe 
this appears extremely plausible. It can only be expected that all magical/sacred Discipline and Devotion is channeled into 
Bumba Talismans.

If the Babumba Tribe has the Capability to create items of this Magnitude of Destructive Power then the situation mandates 
that we first make unquestionable Allies and Friends of the Babuma Tribe. The Acquisition of the Knowledge requisite to 
create both types of Bumba would be the desired End. 

When such knowledge has been acquired, further steps may be considered. In the case of our Acquisition of the ability to 
create further Landreaver Devices, Elimination of non-quantitative moral Considerations would mandate Detonation of a 
Landreaver in Draxia to eliminate all Knowledge of Landreaver and Bumba Creation outside the Barony. Less morally problematic 
would be the Liquidation only of the Babumba Tribe, if it is confirmed that only they have such Knowledge and the Knowledge 
has been acquired from them. This would carry practical Complications, however.


Thus ends my official addendum to what I have already told you in person. I have kept emotion out of it, yet I feel I must 
express something of what I feel which may be inappropriate for a written accounting.

Grand Seer Annias, I am afraid. In my Awe at the Might and the incredible Possibilities of such Power, I was too indiscreet 
about the Abilities of the Landreaver. It puzzled me that the others were so slow to realise the incredible Potential of 
such a Device, and I fear too many know of it, now. Too many know of it, and too many know the Way to Draxia. And even if the 
Barony keeps the secret safe for Itself and no-one learns it of the Babumbas, can we handle the Responsibility of such Power? 
Can any man be trusted with the Power of a God? If not, are we in the Right to liquidate other Peoples in order to prevent 
such destructive Power from being unleashed upon the Land? I do not know. Rationality and Morality are in Tangles for me. 
Actions I would have accepted as necessary only a Year past now cause me no little Pain to contemplate. 

You are famed for your Wisdom, Grand Seer Annias. I feel cowardly relief to know that this Question is no longer in my Hands, 
but I can at least Believe you will choose well. 

Samael, Apostate of the Temple of Law Erstwhile Known as The Fire Wind 

[Who's idea was it to introduce explosives, let alone nukes, to Barony people? Is this, then, the justification for no longer 
playing Barony games? Is the Barony to end in flames? Just curious. ^_^ By the way, before more people ask, "The Fire Wind" 
is what "Al Qadi Ris" means in Order Runes. It's not official by any means as far as the TL system is concerned, but since I 
played the only Judge (and knowing my fellow players, presumed I would be the last) I decided that the name one was given 
when one entered the Temple of Order described one's worst character flaw, so that one might always be reminded of it and 
seek to improve oneself. Those of you who remember Alqadiris in his Templar days may also remember his rather un-mellow 

Derrus Morgan's Report

From the very start, our journey to the portal connecting the barony to draxia was under threat from undead, paralysing most 
of the party to several encounters with the drow. I'm not sure whether they were specifically trying to prevent us getting to 
the portal or were just preying upon the people (and Skumble's tribe of goblins) who lived or were passing through the area,
but it would prudent to send some patrols to the area, to consolidate it, to guarantee the safety of our link with Draxia.

After passage through the portal, although attacked several times by bands of Kaarth, and Saar being controlled by the 
Kaarth, we quickly defeated these bands, and frequently managed to disarm the Saar, and freed them from the mind control by 
killing the Kaarth controlling them. However, on arrival at the Saar encampment we were attacked by a large group of Saar, 
who decimated and captured half the party, and the other half fleeing. After taking injury, I was no longer able to fight, so 
I jumped into the bushes and worked my way around to do a surprise attack from their rear, but found myself alone as the 
battle soon finished. Their scouts found me hiding and I was led to where the others captured in the battle had been brought. 
Having exhausted my healing abilities and close to the limit myself, there was nothing I could do for the injured and 
paralysed so I just sat there despondent, wondering what would happen to us and the mission. One of the Saar, approached us, 
assumed we were all paralysed and started to take an interest in the soul orb Kestrel carried, who was sitting paralysed 
beside me. To prevent the capture of her soul orb, I grabbed it, damaging it in the process (was cursed as a result) and fled 
the camp, making my way back to rejoin the others. I decided to hide in the bushes, and pray when the other 3 came past me 
and headed back for the camp. I crawled through the bushes back into the camp and was surprised to find the rest of the party 
talking in a friendly fashion with the Saar. I later discovered that the Saar examining us was T'nesh, who had slipped into 
the encampment and slain the Kaarth mage controlling the Saar there, thus freeing the Saar from the mind control.

The next day, a merchant by the name of "Dodgy Geezer" approached our camp. He sold us several items of questionable value, 
some with some very nasty side effects. One of these items was a spider glove, which none of us bought. The following day, a 
scout entered the camp bent over in agony, complaining of how a spider glove he had bought from Dodgy Geezer had turned into 
a real spider, crawled up his arm attached itself to his face (and was still there). The spider eventually detached itself 
and we killed it, but soon afterwards, a huge spider burst from the poor man's chest and attacked us. The man died fairly 
instantly, and the spider was quickly destroyed. Dodgy Geezer entered the camp later that day but was not apprehended by 
Thorfun, and was eventually run out of the camp by one of the members of the party, not under his direct control. I would 
like a warrant for his arrest put out immediately for 1st degree murder and for the scout's body to be identified.

In addition, I would like to state that I never wish to directly serve under command of Guard Thorfun ever again. Not only 
did he continuously question my abilities as a scout (a higher ranking pathfinder than him), and constantly shout orders such 
as "scout ahead" when I was already on my way, but he also proved himself to be a kleptomaniac, boasting of and displaying 
several stolen several items from "Dodgy Geezer". One such item was a mask that had him looking at himself in a mirror, and 
inflating his ego to such a degree that the party had to make a group decision to countermand his orders and forcefully 
remove it from his face twice. The mage Aurorylis was then assigned the mask to make sure he didn't get it back.

Continuing on, on the second day, we attacked the Kaarth encampment to free the Saar. Along the way, we met the Boom-ba 
tribe. Although there was a language problem, we eventually communicated with them as Hunter talked to one of them via a 
snake. They were living in fear of some Dracken that were living close by and Thorfun agreed we would take care of them after
attacking the Kaarth encampment. At the Kaarth encampment, we rescued Dryak, who was barely alive and had been tortured by 
the Kaarth. We healed him and convinced him to join us, and made our way back to the deal with the Dracken. Along the way we 
met another tribe of Dracken Hunters and the some priests of Amen. The priests were killed trying to convert the Dracken 
despite our best efforts to persuade them otherwise peacefully.

On the third day, we met with the Soul Cultists. Using a ritual that killed 3 of them, they attempted to call the dark ones. 
The ritual was interrupted by 4 of their minions attacking us, and the soul cultists was unable to make himself the avatar of 
Ny'darch, but instead became one of a lesser demon. We fled the camp and made our way to the Boom-ba village where we were 
gifted with a golden boom-ba. This bomb is apparently capable of destroying an entire continent and I would suggest that it 
is never brought back to barony lands, but is instead sunk to the bottom of the sea. In addition, the unpredictable boom-ba 
tribe are unreliable as allies due to their apparent fascination with these boom-ba bombs and frequently blow themselves and 
everyone around them up, sometimes healing, sometimes damaging everyone there. Any further ambassadors to this tribe are thus 
recommended to have sufficient protection from any of these bombs.

On the way to the village, Master Vortex was killed chasing after some Kaarth, and the Boom-ba shamen resurrected him with a 
Dracken head??? His inability to talk led to some minor complications but nothing he couldn't get past. We finally 
encountered, defeated and captured the dark ones after that. In the process, Thorfun, Master Vortex, and the remaining Soul 
cultist were killed. The soul cultist's body was completetly destroyed, and I remain sceptical whether he can be resurrected 
as I believe he used his soul make himself an avatar of Ny'darch in the end, and there is nothing left of it. Since then, 
Methonwyn has resurrected Thorfun, and Master Vortex back to life (and Vortex even has his real head back). In addition, most 
of the party has vowed to help Kestrel and Dryak find Kaylin, and I would like to join any such expedition to repay their 
invaluable help.

Pathfinder Derrus Morgan

Thorfen Skullsplitter's Report

Guard Captain Vareen,

This is a report of the mission to Draxia to attempt to defeat the Dark Ones who it appears might be controlling the Kaarth 
forces. You know most of this already as it was reported to you at the time, but this is a formal report of the whole 

We left the barony for Skumble's cave and the portal to Draxia late into the night. We met little resistance, and the 13th 
Duke of Wimborne needs to be reminded that barony missions are not there to be used as his messenger service to his women. 
However, a group of Drow had overrun Skumble's Caves, and we were forced to get rid of them before we could access the portal. 
Once in Draxia, we proceeded to a Saar encampment where we could set up base camp. On our way we encountered some Kaarth 
controlling some Saar, and also some hungry Wolves. I would like mention the superb role that Eric Chasseur played with all 
the animals that we met during the mission as he was able to communicate with nearly all of them, and a lot of pointless 
suffering was saved because of him. I would like to officially record the insubordination of Pathfinder Scout Derris Morgan 
at this point. During the fight with the wolves, I told him at least 5 times to leave the battle and to carry on the path 
that led away from the wolves looking for signs left by Pathfinder Seargant Weasel. The first four times he dis-obeyed the 
order, and it was only on the 5th occasion that he finally obeyed them. Upon nearing the Saar camp, there were some strange 
flashes and banging in the sky overhead. The camp had been overun by Kaarth, and we were obliged to deal with the Kaarth 
before we could set up camp. I was knocked unconcious during this fight, so I am unable to give details, but we apparently 
were victorious as when I came round, the camp had been set up and there were no sign of living Kaarth around. Sadly, Master 
Vortex was killed in this battle.

The following morning, we set out on a rescue attempt to rescue the brothers Dryak and Kailyn Truesholt. Before we left, the 
great Guard Captain G'Mord, 'Mad' Jim McFeegle, Guardian Fabian, and Marshal Mathonwy visited our camp. Mathonwy was able to 
raise Master Vortex from the dead so that he was able to join us on our mission. On our way to rescue the brothers, we came 
across a tribe of natives who did not speak our language. In an attempt at diplomatic communication, Eric Chasseur found an 
animal that both he and a member of their tribe could talk to and the snake became a translator. It transpired that this 
tribe was slowly being eaten by 'Drokun', and in return for some information and knowledge in "Babumba's", we promised that 
we would return and dispose of the 'Drokun' so that they were no longer a threat to the village. We came across Dryak 
Truesholt in a Kaarth encampment where he was tied to a post and was being tortured. Miss Kestrel was especially pleased to 
see him, although it was a bit confusing watching her embrace him, and then slap him twice round the face. We were 
successful in rescuing Dryak, but of Kailyn there was no sign. We returned to base camp with Dryak to report to yourself of 
our success.

After some food, we set out again to dispose of the 'Drokun' as we had promised the villagers. On our journey, we encountered
some helpful sprites, as well as some priests of 'Amen'. The priests were more annoying than anything else, and they also 
managed to invade our encampment later on in the evening. We disposed of the Drokun and took evidence with us back to the 
village. We appear to have pleased the villagers, and we were getting on well with them.

The following morning, our camp was raided by some Kaarth, but I was about to come on watch, so was fully armoured, and 
Samael was finishing his watch and was able to raise the alarm before the Kaarth managed to do any damage. Having woken up 
and eaten, we readied ourselves to defend the Soul Cultists while they did a ritual to summon the demon N'dyark. This failed 
however, but we managed to destroy the beings that were created. As you know, our overall mission was to stop the Dark Ones 
and have the Soul Orbs capture their souls. Therefore, we set out, via the 'Babumba' village to find the Dark Ones, and also 
to give the remaining Soul Cultist a chance to do the ritual again. As far as I know, he was not able to complete the ritual
fully, but once we found the Dark Ones, there was something slightly strange about him as he managed to keep getting up and 
fighting, even though he looked very dead. When we arrived to where the Dark Ones were, those who were holding the soul orbs 
were powered up by Aurelius so that they were immune to the particular Dark One whose soul they were trying to capture. I'm 
afraid that I do not remember too much about the fight because I was apparently killed in combat. I am told that Master 
Vortex died fighting as well. I was apparently taken down by an earth mage who was in earth form and was swinging an 
extremely heavy staff. The next thing I knew was being revived in the camp by the portal by Mathonwy. Then came the episode 
between Dryak and yourself.

Here ends the report. I would like to praise all of the party for working with me and not against me, even though at one 
point I came under the influence of a magical mask that affected my mind. Samael, formerly known as Al-Que-Diras, was of 
much help in organising the party into effective form. High Master Vortex and Master Talon were good at supporting the front
line and Li is a good fighter who gives a great deal of credit to his training at Gladiator School. Given his huge lack of 
experience compared with the rest of the party, he was a good at holding the front line with myself. Kestrel once again 
proved her worth at patching up the badly injured and those with broken bones, and when her, Master Talon, and High Master 
Vortex combined to slay a Kaarth, it was a sight to see. Eric Chasseur was invaluable as I have mentioned before, and 
Derrus Morgan, insubordination aside, was a good scout. However, there were too many times when his scouting was not up to 
standard, and I believe that he should take some lessons of Tethlyn Sharpsight before he goes on a mission again. It was a 
pleasure to fight alongside Dryak Truesholt as I have heard many good things about him.

Samael also managed to get a good deal of information about "Babumba's" from the Babumba tribe, and I believe he also has in
his possession the Land Reaver bomb which has enough power in it to destroy the whole of Draxia. He seemed very interested 
in learning about how Babumba's are made.

I do not know what was decided about what happens next as I was very confused as to where I was when I was revived. However, 
I would like to  request that I remain here in Draxia with Kestrel and Dryak. We found no sign of Kailyn Truesholt during 
our mission, and I gave my word to Dryak that I would help him find his brother. As such, I will not rest properly until he 
is found. I sincerely hope my request is not turned down.

Guard Thorfen Skullsplitter

Li's Report

{in exquisitely brushed pictograms}

In the warmth of the 
Pony we meet, and exchange 
thoughts of the mission 

We, through evening rain 
make haste. To the borders of 
Safety and beyond 

Creatures of shadow 
strike from darkness; I fall as 
lost cherryblossom

A man without honor 
Stands on our path pointing 
true ways for price 

Drow strike below 
Skumble is captive; goblins 
scatter in panic 

Portal shimmers 
With eerie light the others 
Vanish; into where? 

The Draxian jungle 
is vast, strange, lonely with 
wilderness and wolves 

Following signs 
left by Weasel we thread through 
danger; time our foe 

Samael rages at 
entropy as his patterns 
crumble to nothing 

Our camp is held from 
us; huge figures hissing scorn: 
Sa'ar mind-blasted slaves. 

Kaarth mages with power 
To control the intellect 
In battle I fall 

Recover surrounded 
by sound of reptilian 
triumph; Kaarth are dead 


Awaken at dawn 
in the still light, we plan our 
mission of rescue 

Walking in jungle 
a sudden chance encounter 
with native peoples 

They speak in language 
strange; of lizards huge with 
claws and great big teeth 

The people we meet 
use fire crackers in war: 
things called baboombas

Al Qadi Ris asks 
and studies, learning of their 
suicidal art 

I too would know more, 
though watching the artisan 
closely would hurt lots 

We leave with promise 
of friendship and mutual aid 
we return to hunt 

Our foe, Kaarth and Sa'ar 
hold a camp, fortified with 
magic, fence and ditch

The fight is fierce 
Kaarth spit poison which splatters 
harmlessly on maile 

Returning to the 
tribe, we try again to speak 
Hunter talks to snake 

Wandering jungle 
to fulfil obligation 
We speak with thirst-Sprites 

word puzzles they ask 
searching for nimble thinkers 
granting unearned power

in clearing we meet 
followers of Amen, god 
of unthinking love 

Denizens of second
village were once warriors 
following their path 

Missionaries of 
Amen have preached virtue 
of selfless giving: 

The obscene mindless 
sacrifice of unthinking 
slaves. Despair grips me.

There priests joined 
us to take Amen's word 
to the great Dracon. 

Priests of Amen hug 
the Dracan; desire to 
convert all things 

Priests die. In pain. 
The drackon are mighty but 
soon fall beneath steel 

soul cultists tell 
of returning with the lost 
soul sword in hand 

upon the morrow 
they will perform the ritual; 
spending their own lives 

to summon and bind 
within mortal flesh, N'dark, 
the soul-cult's patron 


Dawn attack. Sa'ar howl 
The gates fall. In chill dawn 
We dance the blades 

Dodgy Chris sidles 
into the camp loaded with 
gaudy magic tat.

His thefts noted, 
we drive him from the camp 
but can not hurt him 

Guarding ritual when 
mages appear mighty with 
elemental power 

Summoning N'dark 
has failed, the body is claimed 
by a minor imp 

Decision: retry 
the ritual in a safe place, 
The native village

High Master Vortex 
falls, before we reach shelter 
struck down yet again 

he wears death lightly, 
and his body stands once more 
a new soul driving 

warded by fields of 
babboombas, Hunter and Snake 
hiss conversation 

The shaman dances 
life into Vortex, and more 
gifts us LandReaver 

power beyond use 
a weapon made useless through 
lack of precision

Terror given hard 
Metallic form, assuring 
mutual destruction 

dark ones, threatened 
by the soul-ritual must close 
on us time presses 

Outside the Kaarth camp 
where Dryak was held captive, 
We find enemies

Mages as before, 
we are already weary; 
they, still more mighty 

This evil fortune 
is not enough to check our 
painful victory