Grey indicates that the characters are dead, retired or 'missing'.
Red indicates evil characters.

AdrianC Orchid Human Priest/Scout
Orchid is a 16 year old graduate from Pathfinder School. He is not yet a 100% fully qualified pathfinder, hence the title Ranger. As with all 16-year olds, he is naïve and has a lot to learn. Hopefully one day he will meet up with a couple of his hero's from Pathfinder School, namely Kendall and Tethlyn. He has a habit of sneaking round where he is not wanted, and successful infiltrations range from the College of Mages, through to the Temple of Might, and even the Humacti Lectures. He thinks he can take on the world, but is willing and eager to please those who will take him out on further missions.
Reg Elf Mage(Water)
Reg is an extremely old elf, who was once extremely powerful. However, due to old age, or possibly the curse that was cast upon him, he now has difficulty remembering how to do his spells. He really should have a hip replacement operation too. He is an exceptionally friendly and jovial elf and whenever on a mission, thinks that enjoying himself is of paramount importance. One day he hopes to be as powerful as he remembers himself to be, so that people will once again give him the respect he will deserve.
Thorfen Skullsplitter Human Warrior(Guard)
Thorfen is a from a family of Vikings, although he was himself born in the barony. He is instantly recognizable with his large blonde hair and beard to match. He is a stoic warrior who always seeks to defend the whole party at any cost to himself. He believes that death should be avoided wherever possible, although he accepts that at times it is inevitable. When he leads, he leads by example, and would never ask anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself.
AlexT Darke Human Scout(Darkblade)
No-one really knows if he exists or not, but what else would you expect from a darkblade!
Iilson Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
A generally friendly bloke, Iilson is an experienced and talented Elven scout - combatant in many adventures, champion of none. His incompetent swordsmanship coupled with his very competent short-distance sprinting led him to choose the Pathfinders for his career, and he's never looked back. He recently trained in Water magic too, after noting when the fighting breaks outs, the Mages leg it even sooner than he does. Iilson hates caves (no running room), has met so many undead he fears the Barony is running out of graveyards, doesn't think the barbarian is all that bad, and his favouritist companion is Kendal; a subordinate with loads of healing.
AnthonyF Doken Human Druid(Animal)
Brought up in the forests of the Barony, Doken was known for his care for animals; bringing them home and trying his best to heal any ailments they had. Having jumped at the opportunity to become a druid Doken has dutifully cared for the forests and animals of the Barony. He combined forces with Aramis to slay a Demon, saving the forests creatures and the party.
Dougal Human(Barbarian) Shaman(Balance)
Normally avoiding combat, Dougal has been known to scream insanely and charge at only the most dangerous of foes. With his veritable artillery of miracles Dougal walks fearlessly into almost any situation. He has, perhaps, come closest to 'taming' Mad Jim. At the least he is the one who scrapes him off the floor. Dougal can easily be bribed with exotic reagents - just don't ask what they'll be used for.
ArwenP Mogwyn Human Priest(Balance)
Mogwyn is a priestess of balance and joined the patrol a few times in order to offset the amount of time she had been spending on her studies (the temple felt she should get out more). She is now back in the temple studying further having "had enough excitement to balance a good few months of study thankyou very much".
Twinkle Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
Twinkle is a member of the pathfinders and is currently teaching at 'scout school'. Contrary to popular rumour Twinkle is still single and has no plans for marriage - despite the matchmaking attempts of other patrol members. While she hopes to return to active duty eventually, especially should a mission be mounted to locate her cousin bunty, at the moment her duties keep her away from the patrol.
BenjaminD Dewdrip Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
Probably gone the traditional way of the elven scout, namely dead, as he has not been seen for many years. He was most obvious because of his green hair!
BethM Hermione Human Priest(Freedom)
After living in the barony for a year, she decided to return to her homeland across the seas.
CarinaS Amalthea Human Warrior(Guard)
A human warrior whose aim in life is to purge the Barony of the incessant influx of monsters and undead which continually plague its borders. Recently she has participated in recruitment and training, but she hopes to soon be transferred back to the border partols, where she hopes to meet the Fire mage Mara, whom she has heared so much about ;)
Lanfear Human Warrior(Paladin)
Rumoured to have gone missing during the hunt for 'The Skull'
Marajadeannira Elf Mage(Fire)
Proud and fearless, with unshakable aims for her place in society (at the top) and a strong sense of self-worth, this beautiful elf-maid ;) has the ambition to become the most fearsome offensive mage the College has yet seen. With this in mind, she is training not only in magic, but also in sword-use, and rumour has it that she is looking for a worthy fighter to stand by her side...
Rowanne Human(Amazon) Warrior()
The Great Waste, which lies south of the barony, is the home of the legendary Amazon tribes - a nomadic people who, through a freak twist of nature, cannot bring forth male children. Among the Amazons this is universally regarded as a blessing from the Great Mother Goddess, and therefore their whole culture is based upon the concept that females are superior to males in every way. Rowanne is the first Amazon to venture forth from the plains of her homeland in the hope of enlightening the women of the Kingdom to their destiny in life, and to show the men how fighting should *really* be done.
CarlD Trunk H. Caralom Half-Ogre Warrior(Guard)
ChrisG Physog Human Warrior(Guard)
After a number of sorties covering such diverse food topics as fighting cheese, fighting custard and fighting ming's s'pies. Physog is taking a food break and studying at Guard School. Once his December exams, set by the dreaded "Ofsted-ius Inspector-ate" are over he will return to the fold with renewed vigour to take up his sword and stand at the side of his fellow Guardsmen, G'Mord & Bowen.
DanJ Black Wing Human Warrior()
In recent years Black Wing's reputation has risen from a nameless soldier in the Sca'ara Fo'uld war to a widely known "hero" of the Barony. His past, as ever, remains unknown; for he places no value in it, believing the past has no impact on the future, thus he will not reveal it to anyone. He entered the military as a scout, preferring the freedom provided by the absence of armour, but became frustrated with the lack of combat training provided and left the Pathfinders to find his own warrior's path. Without a master, he found himself lacking direction and drive and ultimately swore allegiance to the clan of Morrigan Von Angstein, thus also ensuring their support when needed. He spent some time seeking skilled opponents in order to advance his own skill, considering the greatest opponent to have been Sephiroth. After defeating Sephiroth in single combat, no other opponent seemed to hold as much interest. He now finds his skill with his knives to be unmatched by all save one; the man he now considers his nemesis and single worthy challenger; Tybalt O'Hannigan. Black Wing now seeks a final duel with Tybalt, knowing that, whomever emerges victorious from the battle, the result is acceptable to both.
Darkwolf Human(Barbarian) Warrior()
The last surviving member of a primitive clan of highlanders. Even amongst other highland clans, this one was considered uncivilised; wearing no tartan and having no shamans nor witchdoctors of any notable power, as most other clans have. Instead they dedicated themselves to an ancient, mythical Jaguar God they believe protected the clan. After their annihilation by a single mage of considerable power, the survivor took up the mask of a champion of their God and sought retribution. Fate, however, was not kind. Bitter experience led him to believe his God was uncaring as to the fate of his clan and he lost his faith. He recently returned to the Barony, seeking to start anew and make a life in the south. He also discovered the advantages of armour at the front lines; hard learned, but a valuable lesson.
Janus Hawk Human Warrior(Guard)
DarrenE Gish Human Priest(Freedom)
Citizen Comrade Gish, Hero of the Barony, Champion of Peta, Protector of the Fungal Kingdom, Pope and Seeker of Knowledge are just a few of the titles Gish has given himself. He used to charge into combat to protect the weak, stubbornly refusing to wear armour which commonly left him with broken legs. Recently he has taken a more sedate role in protecting mages who tend to have the most interesting conversations. His ultimate goal is to reach transcendence, when his soul will be removed from his body allowing eternal life. To do this he has devoted his life to the study of the texts, the worship of the goddess Peta, to the spreading of free love and the use of mind altering drugs.
Storm Skyla McLeugh Human(Barbarian) Shaman(Balance)
The son of Tyler McLeugh Laird of the McLeughs, Skyla entered the Barony to assess the threat of the lowlanders culture on the highland way of life. To his surprise he found that there were a large number of perfectly acceptable people within the Barony and his distrust of the Kingdom has eased. He has studied to find the precise nature of the evil elf magics and has come to decide that demons are the ultimate source and has begun the hard path to becoming a shaman so he can destroy magic at its source.
DavidG Cortez DeRedvers aka Red Elf Mage(Fire)
Shortly into his career at the college, Cortez was dismissed once his activities as Captain of the Red Corsair (flagship of a notorious pirate fleet). However following a certain incident in which his magics went awry burning down The Red Corsair's sail rather than the enemy ship, he was forced to leave the Corsairs and applied to the college again, hoping to put his past discretions behind him. After a dubious start Cortez was accepted and formed a close friendship with Fuegan who helped teach Red to control his powers through the creation of Red's goggles. Now Red is an active member of barony patrols, with his natural powers tempered and controlled through his enchanted goggles.
Simkin Elf Mage(Water)
Simkin isn't so much a mage, as an entertainer. He is skilled in the arts of rhetoric, humour, song and dance. These skills has taken him to far off lands to the courts of the highest nobility. Curious, carefree and fearless Simkin walks the land seeking adventure and fun wherever it may be found. Simkin has great ambitions for life, considering himself an honory Pathfinder (detective and journalist 1st class) and is aspiring to be a Knight of the Realm, hence his recent training to develop his magic and skills from the realm of entertainments to weapons of war, which led to his defeat of the Avatar of Talon.Yes, he did that single handedly didn't he :>)
Verence Human Warrior(Guard)
Verence has only recently returned to the Guard barracks somewhat worse the wear, after being held captive by a band of Brigands following. He is currently nursing his wounds and trying to re-aquire suitable arms and armour.
Zanthris Half-Orc Warrior()
Zanthris was shunned by da big bosses of his tribe for being too wimpy. He tried to be a big tough warrior but his orc brothers beat him and sent him away. Hurt and alone, Zanthris found refuge in the Barony where he has since learnt to follow his new bosses. Although a trained warrior Zanthris does not feel himslf worthy to be a fighter so has taken on the role of Scout. He hopes someday to be strong enough to show his tribe that he is a great warrior.
DavidS Carabas Human Priest(Freedom)
Carabas is currently researching for his book. Tagging along with border patrols and missions, primally as a healer, he is finding out that his sword is getting as much use as his pen.
Sural Elf Mage(Air)
The only known mage willing to charge into combat without any thought of personal danger. Which is a shame really. Life expectcy of about 4 months.
DavidW Gerard Stormbringer Human Warrior()
Gerard has been wandering around looking for his place in life for a while. For the moment he has settled on being a warrior and even denounced magic by becoming a Gladiator. As time passed, and after a nasty encounter involving a sword named Benedictus, he decided that the Gladiators are not the place for him and now muses about becoming a ranger or perhaps even a Paladin. Who knows what the future holds...
Telann Elf Mage(Water)
Telann is a mage who studies the element of water. He used to be quite nasty but after a decidedly enlightening trip to the land of Whimsy he has been a much nicer sort, perhaps still with a small evil streak left in him. Since having seen the mighty warrior G'Mord fight he has started experimenting with swordplay and wishes one day to be an equally mighty warrior.
Turnip McFeegle Human(Barbarian) Witchdoctor(General)
Turnip McFeegle is an apprentice to the necromantic witch doctor of Clan McFeegle. Having sat in the highlands all his life, his master has now sent him off to see the world. Now with his fetch, Carrot, he travels with the Barony's men in search of adventure.
DominicD Aurinyan Elf Mage(Light)
A sixth son of a minor elven noble, he spent a large part of the last 300 years as a fopp. He spent most of his time being 'witty' and taking long walks in the more peaceful areas of the kingdom with young elven women, often taking them back to his fathers hunting lodge for an evening. All that changed about 6 years ago when he encountered a huge shadow demon, that charged him and appeared to leap in to his shadow. Two years were spent as a agrophobic nervous wreck, disowned by his family, and terrified the demon was in his shadow waiting to get him. Eventually he heard about the rediscovery of the school of light, and left in the hope he could gain the power to save himself from his fear. Joining the Illuminati he took the name Aurinyan, and broke the battered ties to his family. He got involved in sorting out the Borderlands problem, after he wanted to try and make the Illuminati more active, and his experiences taught him the military weren't worth listening to and to never say 'Hail in name of the Barony'. Following the disbandment of the college, an incident with a village with light and shadow magic, and the rapid weakening of light magic he left the Illuminati to join the Tower of Light in the hope he could learn enough about the nature of light magic to return it to it's former power. Now he spends most of his time teaching, and trying to create a golem army to wipe out the drow.
Blaine Human Warrior(Guard)
Not to be confused with the Guard turned Paladin. He was a gladiator until he realised he couldn't parry. Then a guard till they arrested him for a crime he didn't commit. Then a mercenary while war raged on all borders of the Barony. Was, is and always will be an alcoholic and a drunkyard. He did a job for a wealthy client (though he'll never tell you what it was) and used the proceeds to buy three pubs. He can now be found in either the Gladiator's Arm, Guard's Head or Mercenary's Blade challenging all who enter to a drinking contest.
Harold Cumberland Human Priest(Freedom)
At the age of 55 he has spent nearly the whole of his life within the Temple of Freedom, and as a devout follower of the Goddess Peta. Filled with a boundless curiousity, and a very hands on approach to research, he's boiled, powered, dissolved, distilled, fermentated and occasionally exploded anything and everything he could get his hands on. Following many years of research he has spent the last 30 years lecturing to anyone and everyone who would turn up to his classes; past pupils including Seeker Gish, Seeker Juilin and Captain Maximilian Loukakis. Over the years he's created everything from drugs and medicines to perfumes and sweets often from some very unusual substances. At the core of his belief that life and knowledge are sacred, is his practise of experimenting on the remains of the dead left after Barony patrols, believing that by learning all that he can from the remains he has helped to lessen the waste of life. Now he has decided to go on patrol partly so he can pass his knowledge on to more people, but mostly because it's safer than being in a small poorly ventilated room, with a group of drug addled freedom priests playing with volatile chemicals and fire.
Lucien the Swaeger Elf Warrior(Guard)
A goodly warrior brother of arms and ever enfellowship with a warrior of passing skill who hight Oolong. Gat of elven blood, they dost seek to win worship akin to their fathers before them who hath slain many a fell mature drow in goodly and fair combat, as hast their forefathers before them. In fine harness, he pight camp with the Baron Scara'fold, so that he may go forth and win great worship with his goodly brother Oolong. To his great dole Scara'fold was without worship and so didst join enfellowship with the warriors of Van Heusen. His squire was a ruffianly miscreant, but hast yielded his sword unto Lucien to become an elf of goodly ken. Lucien as a slayer of many a foul beast and scorcerer of malengine, hast brung worship upon his name.
DoriB Zephyra Elf Mage(Water)
Zephyra was raised in the college, the only daughter of two air mages. Although they hoped she would follow in their footsteps, naming her Zephyra as a wish for those hopes, she discovered a proclivity for water, and so studied it instead. Through her intense love of learning, she quickly rose through the ranks of the college water mages. She became deeply involved in a plot by a group of rogue mages to create items out of living beings, learning general magic in an effort to learn more about them, and becoming an expert in the process. She is devoted to the college and considers herself lucky to be so well known and regarded.
DougS Daenaram Fearsbane Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
Daenaram is a skilled and extremely nimble scout, dedicated to the cause of the Barony and willing to follow the order of any superior, often bringing him into conflict with his more "freeform" colleagues. How he found this particular path is unknown, and conversation that has turned to his past has been met with lowered eyes, a mumbled excuse and a hasty exit. After a year of piling unarmoured into combat directly behind his commander and friend, Thyreous Blaine, he has learned the hard way that the only way to survive is to make sure you don't get hit. He has also fallen very much in love with the fire mage Phoenix, and the two of them are currently enjoying a relationship while on part time service to their respective guilds.
Juilin Fortrayre Human Priest(Freedom)
Juilin is a fan of wine, song and saving the world. He quite likes women too, but is far too much of a gentleman to indulge in some of the more promiscuous dealings of some of his colleagues. During a short time on active service (from which he has since retired holding the opinion that patrols are less about killing bad guys than constantly defining the pecking order) he cultivated a happy, stable relationship with the Pathfinder Anneri Ambar and has returned to the Temple of Freedom library, waiting for a chance to genuinely fight for the liberty of the people.
Nimbus Human Druid(Weather)
Nimbus appears to be a highly autistic, highly introverted individual - he will rarely speak or acknowledge anyone else's presence, let alone their own words and has been seen carrying out random acts that may or may not have a higher purpose, though in moments of lucidity has named the weather god Karana as a patron. His presence on patrols stems from certain aspects of his unusual personality that his druidic superiors believe may be put to good use in the more martial aspects of the war against the enemies of nature. His motivation and capabilities are a mystery.
Vaexarius Firestorm Elf Mage(Fire)
Described by various sources as "insane", "demonic" and "a raving psychotic", and with a penchant for barrelling into the enemy with his flaming staff, this decidedly darker side of Clan Firestorm is kept locked away in the asylum of the College for the safety of the Barony's apparently decent citizens. Behaving more like a priest than a mage, he is a fanatical devotee of the fire God Solusek Ro, and his spells carry with them the full might of the Burning Prince's blessing. He attends missions for the simple reason that nowhere save on a Barony patrol could he wreak such carnage and not face disciplinary action. While on patrols he seems to have cultivated - if not exactly friendships - good working relationships with several supposedly unlikely colleagues.
FlorianS Calamity von Angstine Human(Barbarian) Shaman(Balance)
He arrived in Barony lands after travelling for three years from the frozen north. Believing most of his trusted clan friends dead, he was overjoyed to learn that both Morrigan and Travesty von Angstine are both alive and well. He has now settled in and lives in the von Angstine manor, to which he will return once he has killed everybody on that stupid continent the Avant-Garde is investigating...
Doctor Wolfgang Human Priest(Balance)
An expert in healing and one of the early adopters of eXtreme healing (doesn't exist - Ed). He has somewhat retired from patrol life and has opened the St. Belldandy Hospital in the centre of town, providing a nice alternative to the Temple of Justice by curing all and asking no questions. He sometimes still joins patrols, teaches classified miracles to others or organises illegal betting in blood fights when the need for extra money arises.
Rain Elf Mage(Water)
After arriving in the Barony lands from across the western seas, the first area he settled down in was Sca'ara Fo'ulds Barony. After being involved in the successful rebellion against the Sca'ara Fo'uld regime he decided sandy lands are not really his thing and travelled to Van Heusen's Barony. After a decisive meeting with certain highlanders he has decided the correct way of magic is ritual magic and dealing with enemies involves beating them to death with a huge zweihander instead of casting at them. He also maintains a dodgy item shop which sells just about anything as long as the price is right. Now, if only the annoying necromancy investigators would go away...
GavinL Aramis Human Priest(Justice)
Aramis is an ideallistic soul, who begins every day with a fresh outlook, willing to believe in the general goodness present in everyone. This is however generally eroded throughout the day by those around him until cynicism takes over by evening time. He likes to think of himself as a crusader, and armoured up, with the power of his Patron, the Sun, beside him, and staff in hand, he takes the fight to the barony's foes (with varying degrees of success...). And tomorrow is another day...
Stalker Human Druid(Animal)
Recently promoted to Snow Leopard Druid, Stalker was one of the first animal druids to wander into barony lands. Dislikes people who waste his time (lounging in the sun is very important, after all!), along with peasants, mages and crowds, in roughly that order. However, he usually tries to protect the local villagers, as long as they treat their animals well. Can often be found lounging in the sunniest/warmest spots, when not otherwise occupied...
Torquillian Elessedil Elf Mage(Warlock)
Torquil, meanwhile, is a little bit disillusioned. Sworn to protect all elves, he's only just above the age when young elves are let out on their own (ie he's about 50...), but is already amazed at the sheer numbers of creatures that seem to consider elves to be a great addition to their everyday menu. Well, we'll just see about that won't we...
GregP Feyd Raytha Human Warrior(Gladiator)
Feyd views life as a series of challenges, when this is not the case he becomes bored quickly and looks to other things. This does not mean that he has a death wish, as such, after all he will go toe to toe with any single opponent, but draws the line at seriously bad odds. He is a master swordsman and will not hesitate to tell you as much, as such he is not always easy to get on with, therefore it is not particularly surprising that he and Mad Jim are best of friends.
Galen Human Scout(Pathfinder)
He's a man who loves his job, that's why he wears lots of armour (as such) and carries a big sword... He's spent a good deal of time away from the barony learning dubious things, and has returned with the powers of chaos at his fingertips (literally). He'll tolerate all sorts of nonsense, as long as it's silly enough, and enjoys nothing more than party "discussions" as they allow him more time to disappear off and "play" with the bad guys.
Llandriel Silverbranch Elf Mage(Warlock)
Llandriel is a snob, mostly. He ponces around telling the world how much better elves are than humans, as humans are virtually indestructable and breed like rabbits. However, much to his chagrin he finds that it doesn't take much for him to like them. Wears garish (but to his mind, stylish) clothing for two reasons: to prove his superiority and to make him a bigger target than any other elf. He does have a soft spot for a pretty elven face with a fiery temper...
IanH Eric Chasseur (aka Hunter) Human Druid(Animal)
Eric Chasseur (known to people in the Kingdom simply as Hunter) is a French-speaking foreigner who was happily being a tourist in a small village near the edge of the Kingdom when everyone capable of working in a Party was called upon to help capture a particularly vile member of the Brethren. He was mildly shocked by the total incompetence of the party during that mission, but decided that he quite enjoyed the mission overall and so would delay his Druidic Training while he helped Prince Lazar's forces some more. Hunter is not exactly the most sensible of druids, favouring the fun and mischievous approach to the more sober and planned attacks. For example he is likely to use his Animal Leaps at the most amusing moments, and may try to find out if an animal is hungry or not instead of clawing it to death.
JamesA Ezekial Human Priest(Justice)
Ever since he was a child, Ezekial felt strongly about the unjustices within society and would often be found preaching to the other children, who he held in awe. He joined the temple of Justice at the age of eleven and threw himself into his studies. Now 15, he is often seen on patrols, seeking to right the wrongs of society wherever he encounters them.
Hawkeye Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
Ellilorinelle, also known as Hawkeye to his human friends is one of the longest serving members of the patrol and since his beginning has become a distinguished senior officer in the Pathfinders. However due to an incident with a group of bandits, which left him emasculated, he has developed a deep hatred of bandits. Several months later he was healed of his injury, only to find his betrothed had heard of his accident and wed another. He returned a bitter, brooding man. Since then he is seen only rarely, choosing the solitude of more dangerous assignments, searching for answers, answers to the questions that plague his soul.
Shug McTavish Human(Barbarian) Warrior()
Shug McTavish was born and was raised in the hills to the north of the kingdom, into a harsh life, every day a struggle to survive. He entered the barony seeking an easier life and quickly took to the adventuring lifestyle. His career was unexpectedly cut short when on an adventure he killed a patrol mage in self-defence and was executed for the crime. He then wreaked his revenge on the barony, by killing a second mage and since then has become a wanted man throughout the barony. Recently it has been rumoured that he is looking to reconcile his differences and has been seen several times near the Barony border, although no contact has been made.
JamesB Dethanious Elf Mage(Earth)
Quiet, stable and reliable like the Earth he so loves, Dethanious has given up adventuring to spend time in study. He spends his time reading, discussing magic and carefully making sure he never over-streches his abilities. He is often seen in discussion with a female elf, who used to be a dagger, who used to be a male elf about topics such as 'metaphysical organic to inorganic essence transferal'. Content with his life, he will not be called back to the fray, usless something /really/ bad happens.
JamesBl Fleidre Elf Mage(Water)
Coming from the island of Aleria, Fleidre joined the barony when he heard how good the water college was there. Since crossing the seas to join the barony fleidre enrolled in the college and has been part of many adventures. Having seen the trend amongst other mages to indulge in sword-play and such like, Fleidre has decided that he should keep a safe distance from the enemy and if possible run away! Sometimes more aloof than the high-elves, Fleidre acts before he thinks. His spell book is lost somewhere in barony lands and some day he hopes to find it once more.
JamesW Nab McFeegle Human(Barbarian) Warrior()
Younger brother of 'Mad' Jim McFeegle. Nab turned up in the barony looking to become a stronger warrior, and escape some areas of his past. On his first patrol he encountered a pair of highlanders with odd accents, and has not looked back since. Now found in the company of Morrigan, Nab seeks to show himself a breed apart from Jim. Blessed with a keen intelligence he fights on seeking new strength at every turn, his compassion for others shows a new aspect of the Highlanders to those in the South. He also won the 10th Annual contest of arms unpowered contest and scouting contest, the first ever person to do so.
Senshi Human Priest(Might)
Coming from the far east, Senshi is a ronin. He came to the barony after his village was wiped out by a Death Knight, or a Dark Warrior as he calls them. He seeks to fight and gain power, to one day reek vengeance upon the dark creature which left him with a scar over his left eye. Currently helping with weapons training in the chapel of Humact, Senshi bides his time.
Thyreous Blaine Human Warrior/Priest(Paladin & Guard)
Hailing as a child from the court of the Prince, a fresh faced guard recruit, sort to help tame a wild land. Then he was put in charge. From that day forward Blaine took a more serious edge. A chance encounter with a justice priest, named Fawkes, set him on a new path. After serving in the Sc'ara Fo'uld lands for a year he was granted Paladinhood in his fight against the evil High Master Slaine. He now resides on the Scarab Border, running the paladin training there, whilst still fulfilling his guard duties. But at a moments notice, he'll drop everything to fight in justice's name.
Jones Father Fate Human Priest(Life)
A formidable healer, unfortunately he was never usually close enough to combat to offer battlefield healing. The adventuring life proved too much for him and he has returned to the quiet life of the temple.
LawrenceH Salogel Elf Mage(Fire)
A former hunter with a complex history; Salogel first joined the Guards and then the College, where he is now a fire mage and Defender of the College. He has taken on a life alignment since meeting the Avatar of Life, but still carries as many swords into battle as he can get away with. He loves magic, and will throw himself in front of a water mage under attack before you know what's happenning.
LudwigK Al-Qadi-Ris Human Priest(Order)
Having left his vacillating father and his wishy-washy sensibilites behind at the Temple of Freedom, the young boy who would one day be designated Al-Qadi-Ris stormed into the Fortress of Law and pledged allegiance. Ever restless, however, he soon demanded to be allowed out on patrols, and his superiors, worried by his stormy temper, nonetheless reluctantly agreed. Many perilous missions later, now hardened by constant adversity, he still does not regret his wish, but is beginning to question his own loyalties and priorities.
MarcusO Cranial Elf(Drow) Mage(Necromancer)
Always seen in the company of an animal dark druid, known as his 'Ratz'. He can often be seen ordering his pet to attack members of the temple of life, as he enjoys seeing their guts being ripped out by his beasts savage claws and then raising them as his undead minions to take over the world...BWAAHHH!
Fazer McFadden Human(Barbarian) Witchdoctor(Earth)
Son of Gates McFadden, a mighty shaman healer, Fazer was much picked on as he was the only male in the family, having many sisters and no father to look up to. So he has joined the barony in order to seek out a new life and prove himself a man.
G'Mord Half-Orc Warrior(Guard)
G'Mord is the the highest ranking warrior in the party and he knows it, as he attempts to take charge of every mission. However nobody seems to obey any of his orders (usually because they're not stupid, as he's not known for his intelligence). Well known for his 'love' of the forest and attempting to slay most things in sight ...including higher ranking members of the Temple of Might. He is well known for his horned helmet, which is such a prized possession everyone seems to want it.
"The Raven" Human Priest(Justice)
(Zebedee) More well known than his father "The Zebra", who handed over his cowl to him, he is known as the 'Hero of the Peasants'. In fact he is even more well known for his 'liberating' of female peasants. He can often be seen out 'dispensing' his own brand of Justice. Although other people seem to think he's all mouth and no trousers. (Zebedee)
Traci (with a star) Elf Mage(Water)
Brought up by a minor merchant family, Traci seeks wealth and power wherever she can get it. She is currently residing in the college of water, being taught the magical arts. Though she is more frequently found in "Gish's Beauty Salon" having her hair done or wandering around town doing shopping, followed by her lacky, Ginlin. She views patrolling as a good source of income and an opportunity to find a wealthy husband.
MatthewA Darius Human Scout(Pathfinder)
Ex thief, turned scout, turned thief, turned corpse (hanging is very fatal). Enough said really.
Fugan SilverBranch Elf Mage(Fire)
Fire Elemental, and Honorary Illuminati, Fugan is a Mage with an aggressive streak. Using his short-staff bokkan, more than his magic he could well be on the way to a swift grave. However, his arrogant attitude prevents this ever posing a problem to him, and after all, if you can't beat someone to death with a flaming bokkan, what's the point of being a mage.
'Mad' Jim McFeegle Human(Barbarian) Warrior()
As Subtle as a Seige Tank, and with all the grace of a Rhino, Jim is the party's "Spell Magnet, Suicide Machine". Ignoring damage, infuriating party medics and causing diplomatic disasters wheverer he goes. However, if there is carnage needed and a swift, "run over there and kill them off for us would you Jim" line of action needed, Jim's Your man. Favourite Battle-crys : "FREEDOM!" "GIE YOU SUCH A KICKIN!" and "I AM INEPT!!!!"
Rathias Human Druid(Dark/Animal)
A vicious, high intellegence, high aggression animal druid. Has a high loyalty code to people he wants to, and will follow his current 'masters' commands selflessly. Enjoys ripping enemies apart, but also using the classic "i'm a nice druid" tactic to fool the goodie two shoes - evil will always win because good is dumb (Dark Helmet - SpaceBalls). Currently his incarnation is at Mark II due to a BA*D of a rock goblin, but he has lots of clones from the tree of slime to take his place...His current master escaped due to a selfless sacrifice (how unevil).
MikeH Finn MacHumbal Human Scout(Pathfinder)
Only ever seen on one mission, it is believed he has moved 'up north'.
MikeT Kendal Lightfoot Human Scout(Pathfinder)
Kendal is a pathfinder with a deep sense of duty. Recently achieving the rank of Leuitenant he dislikes being in command of others and prefers the freedom of being responsible for no-one, but if it is a matter of his duty then that will win every time. He rarely gives orders, only makes suggestions on the basis of his knowledge and reasoning at the time and is always open to further discussion. He can be sneaky and quiet sometimes and occasionally distracts enemies by a carefully executed surprise attack. Also he has some skill at healing and recently magic under the steely-eyed tutalage of Pathfinder Leuitenant Iilson his long time friend and superior officer. He has recently forayed into the area of map-making although it seems he has difficulty transferring the image of the world in his head to parchment :)
MikeR Saldor Human Priest(Balance)
Saldor is... er... interesting, yes that's it! A coward by nature he was sent out by his temple to ascertain the nature of equilibriums of this plane. He manages to get by and when members of the Temple of Freedom don't get him drunk has often been on hand to cower and generally save his band of fellows' rumps.
PaulW Biscuit Human Priest(Chaos)
A bouncy brightly coloured cute thing, Biscuit is always the first to offer someone or something a baloon. These have been dismissed as 'mundane and shit' by any number of vile creatures, but by this point biscuit has generally been distracted by something shiny and skipped off. Greatly enamorred of the messyness that is life, Biscuit is rumoured to be researching a chaos-based approach to healing. Other interests include sparklies, fluff, and the emergance of complexity from simple rule-based systems.
Li Human Warrior(Gladiator)
Li is a generic samuri type thing, honourable and skilled. Generally to be found discussing the nature of reality with anyone intelligent enough to be interesting. Having encounterd the mercenary priests of Amen in Draxia, Li now has a minor issue with gods in general.
Mid Atlantic Depression [MAD] Elf Mage(Air)
A torrent of screaming abuse in the face of his superiors, fellow party members and enemys, MAD is the most effective caster-killer ever to stride bellowing obscenities into the face of death and beyond. He is currently searching for some fuckwits' mother, in order to shove bits of him him back where they shouldn't have come from.
PeterO Tarack Ironheart Human Priest(Might)
Tarack views most of the warriors in the group as lacking in discipline and sometimes afraid of their own shadows. He has developed a good working relationship with several Priests of Justice but is fed up with cleaning up other peoples mistakes. These include the Temple of life for losing their sword and the College for setting fire to everything.
PeterW Aurelius Elf Mage(Air)
Aurelius has finally received permission from the college elders to receive higher level training after defeating the dark ones (well three out of the four). Now seen blasting targets all over the college, electrocuting trees and sending anyone vaguely hostile asleep he's looking to prove the superiority of elves (and mages in particular).
Fiddilo Human Warrior(Guard)
Having survived a trip to the plane of tortured souls and then dying at the hands of drow, Fiddilo now has bright red hair - if you catch him before the weekly re-dying of it. Escorting a group of new recruits with Mathonwy resulted in a flaming sword to match his soul empowered sword from Elvis (a Shadow lord), and he's looking forward trying it out on enemies of the Barony.
Obsidian Elf Mage(Earth)
Closer to a warlock than a traditional mage, Obsidian walks round in metal armour wielding a double handed sword generally ignoring damage. He prefers the front line and beating monsters to death than talking about research and rituals with the other mages. Currently exploring the Borderlands with any parties going out, looking in particular for any green meteors lying around.
PiersE Brogan $ $(Warden)
RachelSt Bunty Elf Scout(Pathfinder)
Bunty is Twinkle(who was never going to marry G'Mord)s younger cousin and Lady Flames daughter. She was really quite naive but after a few adventures (that led to her hearing voices at strange times) was thought old enough to be allowed out without the guidance of her cousin. She enjoyed scouting and avoiding the many elf eating creatures (orcs) around and was fast heading towards becoming a high level pathfinder. Unfortunately she was last seen disappearing in the company of a vampire lord....
Solity Elf Mage(Light)
Solity (formerly know as Phosphor) who changed her name to try and shed the 'short, fat, elf' image (you know who you are...) is in training to be an illuminati, having been recruited by the College to study this new school of spells. She is a generally happy character who has always enjoyed sun worsip and felt it would be an obvious calling in life for her.
RobertB Jarak Human Scout(Pathfinder)
A raw recruit to the Pathfinders, he quickly proved himself competent in basic scouting operations. Unsatisfied with this he joined Special Operations Command, an intelligence gathering unit, as a field operative. He was soon given command of an SOC mission which proved a disaster after it transpired that Healer Amelia had been raised as a death knight. Jarak privately considers himself a hero, and has sacrificed his own life to save fellow party members on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, his reputation precedes him and has been compounded by his rather over-zealous approach to throat slitting as well as other unfortunate heat-of-battle decisions. This has resulted in his promotion being delayed as well as the requirement to fill out forms after every throat slit.
RoyA Destarn Human Warrior(Gladiator)
Was a welcome addition to many early barony patrols, but hasnt been seen now for many years. Probably still in hiding from the 'mighty' joseph after been caught with his whore wife mary & a tin opener.
RyanL Vortex Human Priest(Might)
Vortex is a mostly dead Priest of Might. From his first outing he set a trend for getting killed, and calling people cretins. He has been hit by almost everything and regularly ends up a headless smoking corpse. He has died so much that he seems to have picked up one or two unliving qualities. He also seems to have picked up Buffy, the leader of the Humacti. They now both reside in a nice little cottage with a white picket fence...on the plane of tortured souls. A match made in hell, quite literally.
ShaunG Monty Human Warrior(Gladiator)
A spiffing young chap, Charles Montgomery Montague-Smith the Third (or 'Monty' as he is more commonly called) extends from a long line of Kingdom aristocracy and has only ever known the better things the Kingdom has to offer. Rather than training in those awful gladiator rings, he enjoys private tutoring from experienced gladiators employed by his father for him. Seventh in line for a hereditary knighthood and related to the hero known as Gish, Monty intends to prove his superior breeding, and skills with the sword to all who know him by adventuring on barony patrols.
Eagleson Human Warrior(Guard)
Brought up in the roughest part of the capital, Eagleson left to join the Guards for an easier life(!) The free board as well as ample pay more than makes up for the dangers found on patrol which, as far as Eagleson is concerned, is a fair bit safer than inner-city life... Mainly because they give him armour to wear! There is also the fact that life as a Guard demands that he enforce the law rather than break it and this appeals to him greatly, being rather order-aligned in nature. Once described as a small grumpy man that ‘barks' orders at people, this is really only the case when he is in command and when someone has done something against his orders.
Geoffrey Human Mage(Light)
A few years ago, Geoffrey was one of the first elves to study the newly discovered book of light, but soon after he disappeared on his own adventures with some of his very good friends: A bear druid, a pigmy hippopotamus (who can also talk) and his felt-golem familiar. Due to unfortunate circumstances however, he has now lost contact with these good friends and his travels have brought him full-circle as he now joins Barony patrols in the hopes of finding clues to the whereabouts of his friends. Geoffrey is also well known for having a flare for unusual attire...
Mantis du Filzworth Human Priest(Freedom)
A somewhat sarcastic, but essentially tolerant devout of Freedom, Mantis was often found on Sca'ara Fo'ulds patrols doing his 'job' as a patrol member, but also doing his best to convince the leading guard not to kill some goblin or other, or not to dictate to peasants on how to run their lives. A strong advocate of magic, he admires the skill and power that mages possess, and would very like such powers himself. He realises however that even with the Temple of Freedom's vast library he will never be able to do more than dabble in the art. These days Mantis spends most of his time in the temple libraries doing research on a variety of unrelated topics, though his presence on future patrols would not be out of the question should the mood take him.
Silvanus Human Druid(Tree)
Silvanus grew up in a recluse elemental grove with an almost barbarian attitude towards elemental magic. As a promising acolyte, the elders chose him to investigate the Borderlands phenomenon on behalf of the grove. Unfortunately, after a few excursions in the area, he suffered delusions in which the trees began to 'talk' to him. These days, Silvanus administers the ‘trees wishes' in the best way he can: By listening to them and doing what he believes they tell him to do... It has recently been reported that he has now been granted the /actual/ ability to speak to the trees, though it doesn't seem to have made him make any more sense. Silvanus can be found living under the enormous branches of an incredibly old oak tree, with his tribe of (friendly!) Tree Goblins.
StephenE Adiuvo Elf Mage(Earth)
Born and raised in the College of Earth, Adiuvo has long studied the outside world and has decided it is time to see how accurate his researches have been. Armed with an array of combat spells and a capacity for violence and death matched only by the pleasure he takes from it, he has stepped forward to add his powers to the Barony's patrols.
Anspar Human Priest(Might)
After an embarrassing patrol in the shadow of the mighty Tarrack Ironheart, Anspar has retreated to the Temple of Might to learn more before venturing forth once more.
Bregan Eltanick Human Priest(Life)
No longer the fresh faced recruit of the Chapel of Humacts, Bregan now wields considerable power upon his undead foes. Still, he feels inadequate to the task, swearing he will only be happy when even the mightiest of vampires and liches tremble at his name. Also, could the werewolves stop biting him please.
Lomax Sorenar Human Priest(Balance)
Lomax is a wanderer of all the paths, owing absolute allegiance to no one. Walking the path of his goddess, She'lagh, Lomax has travelled far in his time, through the Highlands of the northern barbarians, the islands of Draxia and beyond to the plane of Shadows. In his time, Lomax has fought for the Barony against the Avatar of Talon and the Evil Temple Tomb of Elemental Horror, but was also outlawed for just over a year for disrupting the Kingdom's alliance with the Druidic sects. Recently Lomax has expanded his vision of Balance, turning his talents to the creation of Lomax's Emporium, working hard to undercut Kingdom magic item prices. To advertise the Emporium he entered the Powered heats of the 10th Annual Contest of Arms, emerged victorious and was named Champion in a ceremony which involved poisoning him with vampiric blood.
Trantis Arenstar Human Priest(Death)
Trantis is at first glance a wanderer, however he's a man on a mission. Anubis, the dark god of Death, Guardian of the Door, master of the scales upon which the hearts of the dead are weighed, has charged him with the task of slaying a representative of every single group of sentient or semi-sentient creatures on his plane of existence. An impossible task, only Trantis's absolute devotion to his god keeps him travelling, always searching. To further his mission, he seeks out the companionship of the planes most accomplished killers, and so, naturally, he joined the Barony patrols...
Susan Alisa Human Warrior(Guard)
Only ever seen on one mission, obviously the life of a guard was not for her.
TimS Bowen Human Warrior(Guard)
A warrior of the old code, dedicated to bringing order to the frontier lands, Bowen is a product of the Guards strict training programme. As a master of all armour types, Bowen believes in wearing as much armour as humanly possible. He follows orders without question, although he is often seen rolling his eyes heavenward in despair at the latest orders from G'Mord.
Chase Human Warrior(Paladin)
Raised in a temple dedicated to the preservation of Life, Chase believes in every creatures right to live. However this belief has suffered since his posting to the Barony where every manner of creature seems to believe in denying him his right to live. After being killed, and a brief spell as an undead, Chase has returned northward to meditate, although he has vowed to return to help free fellow paladin John-Paul.
Cryptic Human Priest(Chaos)
This unusual character was once a member of the Barony College of Medicine, training hard to become a skilled surgeon - however while he excelled in the dissection of corpses of all species, he had a tendency to not want to put them back together, and leave their internal organs spread randomly around the lab. This led to his eventual dismissal from the College and placement with the border patrol, where he continues his passion for learning with the help of numerous homemade items.
Uklor Half-Ogre Warrior()
No-one is quite sure what to make of this foul-smelling, small brained, sex obsessed, mountain of a Half-Ogre. Great friends and drinking companion of G'Mord, Uklor tags along with barony patrols in the hope of finding something to kill, to eat and to breed with...not necessarily in that order. Uklor is something of a lady-killer and all female monsters dread the inevitable shout of "UKLOR BREED".
TonyC Agincourt Elf Mage(Warlock)
Agincourt was named after a great battle where brave, noble, valiant, courageous, good looking and quick witted Wood Elves defeated an army of cowardly, treacherous, lying, ugly and dumb Barbarians despite being greatly outnumbered (He has two brothers called Hastings and Waterloo and a Sea Elf cousin called Trafalgar). He considers Wood Elves to be true Elves and all the others to be offshoots who have branched off and forgotten their roots. Though this doesn't stop him defending them as necessary, he will give priority to other Wood Elves. As well as personally defending all Elves that he is with, Agincourt takes a more long term view and prefers to pre-emptively strike against Goblins who harm the forests and woods which are the Elves true natural home. Recent events have made him realise that Dark Druids are at least as big a threat and have been added to the list of "Those who shall not be suffered to live".
Caffrey Human Priest(Justice)
Caffrey is one of the few brave Priests who goes out adventuring. His efforts to keep the party alive despite the bad guys and themselves are often under appreciated, as are his efforts to keep everyone amused with his witty jokes and puns. Often seen throwing fighters into combat or leading with his Staff, he considers it a challenge to bring everybody (and every body) back.
WarrenJ Anemon Thornals Human Scout(Pathfinder)
Here's a simple test to find out if Anemon is a member of your party: 1) Has your scout remained unseen for the entire mission? 2) Do you receive information on what you'll encounter ahead through notes pinned to trees? 3) Do your enemies frequently die from arrows appearing in their throats, apparently from nowhere? If you answered "Yes" to all three of these questions, then congratulations! You're the proud member of a party that has Anemon doing its scouting.
Brend Arturus Human Warrior(Gladiator)
Oozing confidence and charm, Brend had three simple aims in life; wealth, fame, and to be acknowledged by the entire world as the greatest swordsman who ever lived. He comes from a profession whose members often achieve immortality through dying in impressive ways; however, he has decided that he'd much rather achieve immortality by the simple expedient of not dying.
Mathonwy ap Gwydion Human Priest(Justice)
Although an eternal optimist, Mathonwy's recent experiences on the Barony patrol team have left him with serious doubts about the survival prospects of the populace as a whole. His usual role as party healer (he once described his job as "Hit things, heal things") has given him a very low opinion of the parrying abilities of most of his comrades, and a tendency to run screaming at anyone who casts a dart spell at a party member. He can often be heard expressing regret at the way the numbers of extraordinarily powerful healers wandering the Borderlands at random appears to have fallen off alarmingly in recent months. Following a run-in with the rogue Balance Priest Lomax in the Borderlands, Mathonwy is currently aiding with research into ways of circumventing the Borderlands Phenomenon, in the hope that Lomax can be brought back to the Barony.