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Guard Captain T'Anan Elwood
Pathfinder Lieutenant Jusa Natayelle
Warden Lieutenant Brilyn Darkforge
Archer Lieutenant Eriss Farstride
Marshal Flynn Medar
Lorekeeper Tobin Whitt
High Master Fornax
Guardian Lomax Sorenar
Lomax has ceased working for the 'Lomax Emporium' and is currently working for the Avant-Garde as the Temple of Balance liaison officer.
Paladin Aureole
Thorn Knight Banedon Bladesinger
High Wizard Ceryste Mindwhisper


Pathfinder Over-Captain Hazlewick
Hazlewick began his career at the Pathfinder College teaching tracking. He soon became known as a disciplinarian, although there was always a compassionate side to him. After three years teaching tracking, he was promoted to head of the map-reading and writing skills department. After five years as head of department, he applied for the post of Headmaster of the College as the previous incumbent had recently retired. With his reputation for discipline, and the respect he had gained from his fellow teachers, there was no real competition for him and so he became Headmaster. He has been in his current role for about 4 years, and is responsible to the Pathfinder's Guild for producing high quality graduates from the college. He has an absolute conviction about respect and responsibility, and sees to it that all new graduates from the college have this respect and responsibility drilled into them. He was never a spectacular success whilst on patrol, but his teaching abilities are second to none. He takes great pride in seeing his graduates be successful in the field, but is never more upset than when his graduates fail to follow the code of the Pathfinders.

Draxia Campaign

Guard Captain Fulcram
Very much a "by the books" officer, however he is keen to let his subordinates learn their own leadership style themselves, promoting a largely "laissez faire" approach, in which he is happy for his sub-ordinates to fully consider and question orders, thinking that discussion is key. When it comes down to it however, he has full faith in the command hierarchy and he expects final orders to be followed. He is currently stationed at a barony border outpost near to Skumble's tribe, overseeing the defence of the portal.
Guard Over-Captain Vareen
Like Fulcram he is also a stickler for rules and regulations, apart from this similarity however the two couldn't be more different. Vareen expects orders to be carried out instantly and without questions, he is loud and quick to punish those that do not comply with his instructions. He generally works as a training officer at Boot camps, but was assigned to Captain Arkteer for the Draxia Campaign. With Arkteer's resignation Vareen has taken over command of the outpost at Draxia.
Knight Guard Lieutenant Major Arkteer
Recruited into the Guards as a gladiator in the barony, Arkteer began to demonstrate organisational and informational gathering skills that propelled him through the ranks of the guards and at the same time became a member of the pathfinders and is now active in the intelligence arm of the guards and often heads the visible level of more covert operations. He has recently been assigned to deal with the concerns of the Draxia campaign, primarily in the organisation of guerrilla operations and in overseeing Vareen's training operations for Draxia. He has been criticized in the past for his largely informal approach to his work and the amount of information that he divulges to those under his charge. However, with the capture of Kailyn Trueshot he found himself required to hide the truth from Dryak in order to protect the security of the Draxia portal. Following the successful resolution of the Draxia campaign Arkteer was granted the status of knight of the realm. With the safe return of Kailyn, Arkteer has accepted an early retirement.
Grand Seer Annias
Annias is a first rate academic and scholar. Never seen away from his books for any period of time (unless some new source of knowledge pops up that he needs to travel to reach), he is adept at multiple forms of divination, both through his training as a wizard at the college and through his studies at various temples. Interested in all forms of knowledge he has been known to spend a long time in the company of druidic groves and even to take great interest into the activities of necromancers, and demonologists. These interests have understandably drawn some degree of scrutiny from the more zealous members of guilds such as the Humacti, such that many view his work to be too dangerous, particularly as it was his work in banishing Ny'darch that released both the Dark Ones and the Kaarth against the Barony. Annias however, found a common mind in General Arkteer who has accepted Annias as his closest advisor. Annias and he have since proved instrumental in repelling the Kaarth and defeating the Dark ones. Annias was recently slain by an infiltrator from a previously unknown race. Despite multiple searches his corpse has not been found.