Benedictus (10/05/1998)

*** Mission ***


A group of bandits fell upon the Temple of Life, slaying the guardians and making off with a holy sword, Benedictus. The 
bandit group responsible were hunted down and slain, and the sword tracked to a group of necromancers attempting to summon 
and bind an otherworldly creature known as Talon. A brave patrol from the Barony assaulted the necromancers as the final 
ritual was underway, disrupting the ceremony, and causing the creature to inhabit the necromancer who had been summoning it. 
With the aid of the sword Benedictus, the creature was driven off, back to it's home plane, it is assumed...however, since 
that encounter, strange priests using clawed gauntlets have been reported with bands of undead, and are causing trouble for 
the patrols, even to the point of slaying woodland creatures (including trolls and ogres) and raising them as undead...The 
Pathfinders are investigating these occurrances further, with a view to dealing with the cause of the problem...Benedictus 
is currently in the keeping of the Temple of Might until the Temple of Life is restored to full strength.

*** Points ***


Base 10

MarcusO [G'Mord] 10


Base 5

GavinL 10
- Monster Ref.

*** Comments ***