Organise games, avoid clashes, co-ordinate everyone (including general requests from players which aren't covered by the character ref), equipment/weapons/costume maintenance and acquisition, make sure EVERYONE has fun, and if they don't, find out why and resolve the situation happily. Must be willing to be moaned at a lot (Until you've tried it for 6 months, you really have no idea...)
Balanced rules/game play. Considering new ideas with a view to potential inclusion based upon these tenets - when he has the time! :-)
Pretty much as stated. Make sure there aren't any big plot clashes, be aware of the big picture, check stating of with any campaign issues, and campaign/real life clashes...Make sure EVERYONE has fun.
Make the LARP rep's life easier by keeping track of character/monster points and also any character owned items. Also handles requests for higher level abilities/spells and any other character details. (Liase with TonyC if unusual requests...most will be standard unless the character is in his/her guilds bad books...) Must be contacted if players wish to spend their monster points - before they do - so the bookkeeping is easy...Make sure EVERYONE has fun. Seeing a trend here...? ;-)
The Monster Refs are people who have (bravely) volunteered to run games, which requires a lot of work and is a great deal more tiring than most people think. If anyone wants to volunteer to run a game, they're more than welcome to. Policy is that they must monster at least one game beforehand to get an idea of the trials and tribulations involved. Its also suggested that they co-author their first adventure with an experienced Monster Ref. Monster Refs have access to the "secret" Master Rules which contain extra information on creatures, Necromancers and all the other nasty stuff.
The Player Refs are people who do the battle boarding. They also have a say in the Character Point awards for the game as a consequence of which they can only earn the base player points for the game. Player Refs are experienced players who know the rules and have also run a few games.


AdrianB Adrian Blagg
AdrianC Adrian Cooper
AilsaB Ailsa Bown
AndyT Andy Tripp
AlexT Alex Towers
AnthonyB Anthony Bliss
AnthonyF Anthony Freeth
ArwenP Arwen Pearson
BenjaminD Benjamin Diamant
Beth$ Beth $
BethB Beth Ballingall
CarinaS Carina Stubenrauch
CarlD Carl O'Dwyer
CarolineC Caroline Childs
CatherineH Catherine Hoare
ChrisG Chris Gladstone
ChrisN Chris Naden
ChrisH Chris Hyde
ChrisR Chris Rock
DanielB Daniel Burton
DanJ Dan Jones
DanM Dan Moass
DarrenE Darren Edwards
DavidG David Greenhill
DavidS David Steinhausen
DavidT David Tregurtha
DavidW David Wright
DominicD Dominic DeCesare
DoriB Dori Bore
EdwardR Edward Rogers
ElizabethG Elizabeth Gould
EmmaM Emma Millington
FlorianS Florian Schanda
GaryE Gary Edwards
GavinL Gavin Lyndon
GregP Gregory Page
HelenB Helen Brewser
IanH Ian Hickson
JamesA James Adamson
JamesB James Ballingall
JamesBl James Blundell
JamesH James Harper
JamesS James Shannon
JamesT James Trimble
JamesW James Wiggins
JoeS Joe Sutton
JohnB John Birt aka 'Hobbit'
JonT Jon Thurtell
Katie$ Katie $
KatieB Katie Bowring aka 'Cat'
KatieM Katie Murphy
KimB Kim Bond
KimM Kim Montague
KojiB Koji Benstead
LawrenceH Lawrence Hone
LudwigK Ludwig Kayser
LukeG Luke Gimblett
MarcD Marc Davies
MarcusO Marcus Olliver
MatthewA Matthew Austin
MatthewD Matthew Dennis
MatthewG Matthew Gillespie
MatthewH Matthew Hart
MatthewJ Matthew Johnson
MatthewW Matthew Wolfe
MikeH Mike Horrill
MikeT Mike Tunnicliffe
MilenaP Milena Popova
NatalieW Natalie Watkins
NeilA Neil Ashton
NeilH Neil Harvey
Paris$ Paris $
PaulT Paul Torrington
PaulW Paul Wady
PaulWat Paul Watkinson
PeterO Peter Oliver
PeterW Peter Woodhams
PiersEW Piers Eyre-Walker
RachelS Rachel $
RachelSt Rachel Strong
Rebecca$ Rebecca $
RichardB Richard Barnes
RichardG Richard Griffin
RichardH Richard Hill
RobertB Robert Buck
RobinD Robin Day
RoyA Roy Ashworth
RuthS Ruth Steinhausen
RyanL Ryan Ladd
SarahG Sarah MacGillivray
SarahW Sarah Wadelik
ShaunG Shaun Gibson
StephenE Stephen Earle
StephenG Stephen MacGillivray
StephenM Stephen Moore
SyedZ Syed Zaidi
TimB Tim Britton
TimS Tim Steer
TonyC Tony Cruickshank
TonyCu Tony Cuningham
TonyP Tony Porteous
VictoriaH Victoria Heathcote
VictoriaM Victoria Money
WarrenJ Warren Jones
YvonneC Yvonne Cunningham